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    Boss FAQ by Neo Qwerty

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                              MYSTICAL NINJA STARRING GOEMON
                                       Boss Guide
                             Created Wednesday, July 16, 2003
                                      Version 1.00
                                       Neo Qwerty
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         1) Introduction
         2) Legal Info and Copyrights
         3) Quick Game Brush-Up
         4) Playable Characters and Advantages
         5) Controls of Characters
         6) Boss Help
    I'm all new to the guide writing stuff. I am also a fanatic of cutesy games. 
    Ganbare Goemon IS a cutesy game, but exeptionally fun to play and easy to 
    understand. I beat the game once and will beat it twice, and some of the 
    bosses need more info. Note that these strategies are based on the different 
    things I tried, so they are MINE. You can publish your work, just e-mail me
    to notice me so that I can see your website and so that I can publish your
    website's URL. This guide appears at www.gamefaqs.com.
    ///Legal Info\\\
    This game is copyright Konami and licensied by Nintendo. This game is intended
    for the Nintendo 64 and should not be used unless the console you want to try
    it in has a death wish. There is also a ROM Elmulator of Mystical Ninja, but
    I will not cover it, the game's the same aside from the funny Intro Sequence.
    ///Quick Brush-Up\\\
    You play as Goemon, a thief, and Ebisumaru, self-entilted "Ninja of Justice"
    and get Yae, the Secret Ninja Investigator after the first IMPACTBOSS. Sasuke,
    the Mechanical Ninja, is found much later in the game, and is required for
    entering Festival Temple Castle, the third dungeon. Your mission is to rescue
    the Mystical Japan from being transformed into a perfoming stage by the Peach
    Mountain Shoguns of the Flake Gang with your four characters, abilities, and
    ///Playable Characters Info\\\
    You can play four characters team-tagging to advance through Japan and the
    massive robot Goemon Impact.
         Goemon: The generous hero-type thief who is the main star. He's just
                 average due to his weapons and quick steering. He can make a very
                 sharp turn at the last second and not slow a bit. His base
                 weapons are the Ryo and the Pipe. The Ryo is a long-range weapon
                 while the Pipe can be used for a 3-moves combo. Make a circle
                 with the Control Stick while doing the combo and you get a 360
                 degrees Ninjetsu attack that get rid of enemies all around. You
                 later get his Chain Pipe for long-range attacks, but it is hard
                 to steer. Stick to Ryo is fine if you're not out of funds. He
                 gains the Medal of Flames just before Ghost Toys Castle, the third
                 dungeon. It's a powered up version of the Ryo. Switch to Ryo, hold
                 the attack button down, and release once the Ryo is in flames in
                 the little box. It uses 3 Ryo instead of only 1 tough. And for 10
                 Ryos, a little before the Gourmet Submarine, the fourth dungeon,
                 Goemon can uses a power called Sudden Impact that doubles his
                 attack and halves his defense.
         Ebisumaru: This is a sneaky guy with an overly-sized ego who thinks
                 himself beatiful. Cute, yes, but beatiful and sexy... No thanks.
                 He's the best for getting the stronger enemies that goes slow. He
                 too has a combo to use with his basic weapon, the Mallet. 3-moves
                 again. He also has a Meat-Saw hammer that produces Dumplings from
                 every enemy killed. He can uses a Wind-Up Camera the same way
                 Goemon uses his Medal of Flames, and it makes invisble things
                 appears. He's best for close-range attacks that don't require
                 jumping and dodging. Weirdly, he's the best for QUICK things.
                 Quick throwing and quick short-range jumping. He uses a magic
                 power named Mini-Ebisu to shrink to dwarf size. Useful for 
                 crossing tightropes.
         Yae: The beautiful Secret Ninja joins the gang early in the game. She's
                 a very good runner, and her katana is the longest-ranged basic
                 weapon. Once it's upgraded to level 2, she can uses it as a shield
                 with the Blade Shield ability. She's one of the best runners. She
                 also gains the Yae Bazooka in the fourth dungeon. For 1 Ryo it
                 shoots, for 3 it activates a Lock-On mode. Good for spotting
                 enemies when you can't see well. She can also use Koryuta's flute
                 to call him in Dragon form to warp to an already visited location.
                 Her power is Mermaid magic. She can swim and attack underwater 
                 with the standard button configuration in wich jumps becomes swim.
                 But think 3-D, please. And glitches are common in underwater 
                 overworld areas. Don't freak out if she's on the wrong side of the
                 wall, in a 'No Man's Land'. Try and figure where you got there and
                 go back, or just reset if you really panic.
         Sasuke: My personal favorite. He's a quickie. Runs EXTREMELY smoother than
                 even Yae, and he's a quick jumper. He loves green tea. And his
                 weapons are fast, twin Kunai blades. His combo is powerfull and
                 more long-range than Goemon's or Ebisumaru's, but it's mainly
                 a hormizontal swipe, another horizontal, and then one vertical. He
                 also has the Kunai of Severe Cold,that he gets at the Festival 
                 Temple Castle, which at the cost of 1 Ryo, throws a Kunai of iced 
                 metal, enough to freeze an opponent or to stop and cool burning 
                 hot platforms in their tracks. It's a good weapon against Armors.
                 If he holds the attack, it will, for the cost of 3 Ryos, fire the
                 Kunai Intense Hail Beam, which is three Kunais of Severe Cold in 
                 three directions forward at the same time. His magic power is a
                 hover-pack assisted Super Jump. He already jumps high... And he's
                 the best swimmer due to both speed and maneuverability.
         Impact: This is the robot you'll control while fighting giant robots or
                 when destroying towns and villages. He has a big list of controls,
                 see the IMPACTBOSS controls for Impact's moves and combos.
    ///Control of Characters\\\
    Goemon and Allies:
                               A = Jump
                               B = Attack
                           B,B,B = 3-moves Combo
                            C-Up = Activate/De-Activate Magic Power
                               Z = Crouch
                   Control Stick = Tiptoe, Walk, Jog, Run, Swim
                 Z,Control Stick = Crawl
                D-Pad Left/Right = Camera Line-Up while still
    -Mermaid Yae:
                               A = Normal Swim
                               B = Attack Dash
                             Z,B = Horizontal Hair Attack
                             B,Z = Vertical Hair Attack
    Impact-Style Skating:
                               A = Jump
                               B = Pipe Swing
                               Z = Nasal Bullet Throw
    IMPACTBOSS Controls:
                   Control Stick = Move Sights
                               A = Fierce Punch (Reel-In after Chain Hook)
                               B = Quick Punch (Reel-In after Chain Hook)
                               Z = Nasal Bullet Throw
                               R = Chain Hook
              C-Up,C-Down,C-Up,A = Super Punch (A after for Spring Kick)
                         B,B,B,A = Three Punches + Kick
                           B,B,A = One-Two Punch
    C-Up,C-Right,C-Down,C-Left,Z = (when Radar flash) Impact Beam/Laser Mouth
                My Special Combo = Chain Hook, Reel-In, Super Punch + Kick,
                                   Impact Beam/Laser Mouth, Nasal Bullets, Chain
                                   Hook, Reel-In, One-Two Punch, Nasal Bullets
    ///Boss Help\\\
    Here you are, how may I help you?
       A) Boss 1: King Robot [Congo]
       This one isn't too hard once you got the trick. Stay away at first to study
       him. His weak point is the self-destruct red button on his chin. When he
       seems to be taking a breath, he's throw fire at you. For the first shot,
       run around, then once you've scored eight hits on the weak point, he'll
       shoot yellow lasers out of his base and spin them around. Note where they
       appears!!! Run along with them or jump over them! For the second shot,
       stand really close to him, a little ways off where the lasers shoot out,
       and let him come at you with his Flame Thrower. Stay right under and you
       won't get hurt. Whack your heart away and jump over the lasers. Repeat until
       he's defeated. Voila!
       B) IMPACTBOSS 1: Wartime Kabuki Robot [Kashiwagi]
       A few thinks to say, this is the time to get used to Impact's controls.
       Try the Super Punch combo and the Impact Beam/Laser Mouth. If you pull
       them off, you will win easily against the next IMPACTBOSS. Okay, for this
       guy, B-E agressive. Stay in his face. Don't let him use that Clone attack.
       It is a pain in the neck. I can tell you. The best way to get him is to use
       Chain Hook, Reel-In, and the either Super Punch or One-Two Punch him. If
       your aim is good, use the Impact Beam. If not, blast him with Nasal
       Bullets. Don't fire the missiles and the saucers, Quick Punch them for Ryo.
       When he's starting to go immobile, NOW would be a good time to Chain Hook
       him or to pelt him with Nasal Bullets, because he might try and unleash his
       Clone attack! If it does, punch the duplicate when it's about to punch you.
       He should stop after a few hits.
       C) Mind Control Machine
       Just a hint: The bullets are not your friends, nor is the Machine, and 
       neither is the Dragon for now. Use Goemon and his Chain Pipe. Also, don't
       get hit or you're done for. While flashing, your character will teleport 
       all over the dragon (another glitch).
       D) Boss 2: The Surrender Robot [Dharmanyo]
       Before entering, get Ebisumaru, and change to the WInd-Up camera. Now
       you're ready for the boss. At the beggining, charge up the Wind-Up Camera
       and run to the RIGHT. ALWAYS run to the right with the boss. It's easier.
       Now you see the heart that Ebisumaru discovered? That's the weak point.
       Change to Goemon and get the Ryo ready. Charge it up and don't release it,
       but run! Keep running! He turns transparent? Face him and release the Medal
       of Flames, then charge another one up as you run right and in a circle. 
       Keep it up until he dies. There. Good job!
       E) Boss 3: The Ghost Robot [Tsurami]
       This one seems easy, I hear you say. At the end, yes. Okay, start by
       changing to Sasuke, he's the smallest that can attack. Run to the left, the
       game itself will make you run in a circle. She goes over to you and locks
       on. Keep running. She throws a few blue plates at you, keep running but
       keep an eye over the top of the screen where she throws the plates. As soon
       as you see red plates, stop, jump up and hit them back. This might take a
       little practice, but as long as you've got 4 lives and over 10 hears, you're
       all right. Yeah, she's that hard. Continue until there's a small breather
       cutscene. Run and don't mind the flurry of dishes on your tail, watch out 
       for the red plates again. Hit them back. After enough of that she does a
       little dance and go nuts. The dishes are explosive!!! Stop running and keep
       an eye out for both the red dishes and explosions. Just run a little to the
       left or the right, and it's allright. Jump up and hit the red plates back.
       If you still have 5 hearts or more, you're fine and a good gamer. Do the
       same run, freeze, jump, hit and run tactics until she's dead and gone! You
       beat the hardest and worst boos of the game!
       F) IMPACTBOSS 2: The Charming Mermaid [Thaisamba 2]
       She's not too hard. Hit her with the Fierce punch when she's close and Chain
       Hook her when away. The second part is underwater. Keep a close eye on the
       radar. You're the yellow arrow, she's the red one. When she starts a Tornado,
       it would probably be a good time to get your eyes sharp, and to shush the
       talking people around you for more focus. Super Punch and Impact Beam as
       much as you can, but don't overdo yourself, you'll start missing everything.
       G) IMPACTBOSS 3: The Great Peach Mountain Battleship [Balberra]
       She's the best target practice you'll have in the whole game, so it's sweet
       before the final boss. Destroy the Peach UFOs, the big red button and the
       metal base. The Peach Beam (the red button) should be the first one to go,
       then the metal base and then try getting the UFOs. Use the two leaves to
       stock up on Ryo by punching the balls, then destroy them and get ready for
       the Impact Beam and Nasal Bullets. Impact Beam the core when it opens as
       often as you can. Otherwise, Nasal Bullet it. Either shoot or punch the
       little guys as soon as you can. Balberra opens when there are no more
       on the field. The Great Peach Battleship is easy compared to the uber-hard
       boss after, so stock up on Ryo and don't lose oil.
       H) IMPACTBOSS 4: The Fairy of Love and Dreams [D'etoile]
       A little tidbit, the guy who named the last boss knew some french. Etoile
       is "star". This guy is the longest. As soon as he raises his arms, pelt
       him with Nasal Bullets before he launches annoying little bomb balls.
       When he curls up, look intensely and get your sighs on where he's last
       dissapeared, then Fierce Punch him, followed by a swarm of Nasal Bullets.
       Chain Hook him when you can, and don't try the Super Punch. One-Two Punch
       him or Three Punches + Kick him, the rest aren't fast enough. If he
       dissapears, and reapears holding his shield, Fierce Punch and the pelt him
       with Nasal Bullets. Once he starts his Meteor Summon and becomes invincible,
       launch the Impact Beam as he won't dodge and you'll be invincible while
       charging it up. If you can't yet, Fierce Punch the asteroids until you have
       enough in your gauge and then release it quickly. If he dissapears by going
       up, keep a close eye on the radar, and Chain Hook him to avoid his Tail Whip
       as it is the only way to avoid damage. You'll get the hang of it by your
       second life, hopefully.
    Well, that was it! I gave all of what I can give to someone! Thank you for
    reading my guide, good luck, and goodbye!
                        This guide is copyright 2003 Lydia Bouchard

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