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    FAQ/Walkthrough by marshmallow

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    *** Ultimate Guide for - Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon ***
    Author: marshmallow (m_mallow@hotmail.com)
    It was Friday...you know what that means? BLOCKBUSTER TIME! In a matter 
    of seconds I found Mystical Ninja, 10 copies were there...only two were 
    missing. So, I picked it up for the first time, not knowing what to 
    expect. I've heard A LOT of good things about it. And I'm here to tell 
    you, that...
    IT RULES!!
    Ok, so it's September, and it's been out since March, or sometime around 
    there. But hey, better late than NEVER, right? Right...? Yeah, I thought 
    1) Characters
    2) Regular Items
    3) Walkthrough
    4) Shops
    5) Mini-Games
    6) Enemies 
    7) Bosses
    8) Codes, Tricks, and Secrets
    9) Fortune Doll List
    10) Memorable Quotes/Coversations
    11) Credits
    12) Legal Stuff
    13) Farewell/Final Notes
    1) Characters
    ~ Goemon ~
    Magic Power: Sudden Impact - You learn this from the muscle trainer in 
    Oedo Town, after you witness Kyusha fly away. It doubles Goemon's 
    strength, so he can push metal boxes and other heavy objects. Even his 
    attack power doubles, but forwarned, the damage you receive from enemies 
    also doubles!
    Pipe: Smash some baddies with a lead pipe! Throughout the game, this 
    weapon will increase to level 2, and then level 3 near the end. Press 
    attack rapidly while spinning the control stick to do a 360 attack which 
    will surely destroy any enemies around you!
    Chain Pipe: Similar to Zelda's hookshot, it allows you to attack enemies 
    from a distance. But it's also a lot like Metroid 3's Grappling Beam, it 
    can attach to Star Blocks and let you be pulled to them. 
    Ryo: Throw your money at people! Costs 1 Ryo each time used.
    Fire Ryo: Hold down "B" to charge up a Ryo so that it's on fire! This 
    costs 3 Ryo.
    ~ Ebisumaru ~
    I'm going to try avoiding saying "Ebisumaru" as much as possible, 
    because it's so difficult to type, let alone remember. So if I say 
    "He..." and you don't know who I'm talking about, well, it's "him." :) 
    Or, I may just say Ebisu...just go along with me. 
    Ebsimaru (I did it!) is a fat guy in blue clothing who has more than 
    just a passing resemblance to Mario, save the mustache. He's a funny 
    guy, who makes most of the jokes in the game. 
    Magic Power: Get this by playing the Mini-Game at the Golden Temple! 
    With the Mini-Ebisu, he can shrink down to just a few pixels on the 
    screen! Now you can go through small holes, and walk along skinny tight 
    ropes. You can't attack while small, though, and you can't regrow while 
    in an confined area. 
    Saw-Hammer: No biggie, just a hammer. It doens't have much range, but 
    it's good enough. Throughout the game, this weapon will increase to 
    level 2, and then level 3 near the end. Press attack rapidly while 
    spinning the control stick to do a 360 attack which will surely destroy 
    any enemies around you! 
    Meat-Saw Hammer: Everytime you defeat an enemy with this, it leaves 
    behind a heart restoring dumpling! It's found in the Festival 
    Temple...now if I could only find it...
    Windup Camera: Found in the Ghost Toy's Castle, it allows you to reveal 
    hidden paths and items. Heck, it even makes Ghost's visible!
    ~ Yae ~
    Yae is a pretty woman found in Zazen Town, she is with some Special 
    Ninja Agency, and she is investigating the strange UFO that came into 
    Japan. Seeing that both parties have the same goal, they join each 
    Magic Power: This one allows Yae to turn into a very...se-
    ...ahem..."motivating" Mermaid, which allows you to swim underwater. 
    Previously, you could only swim ON it. "B" Attacks, and "A" swims 
    normally. Personally, I use attack because it's a lot quicker!
    Katana: Has a wide-range, nothing more. Throughout the game, this weapon 
    will increase to level 2, and then level 3 near the end. Press attack 
    rapidly while spinning the control stick to do a 360 attack which will 
    surely destroy any enemies around you!
    Sword Shield: When your Katana is upgraded to level 2, you can do this 
    move! Just press and hold "B." This will create a shield in front of 
    you, but you can't move (Unless you get hit, but that's more of a 
    glitch). Only useful in one situation, and that's in the Gourmet 
    Submarine place when you must ride across platforms with Foxes spraying 
    you with fire!
    Yae Bazooka: This is the best long range range weapon in the game! Too 
    bad it's not that useful...each shot costs 1 Ryo, and if you press "B" 
    it will charge up and lock on to one enemy...that costs 3 Ryo. 
    Koryuta's Flute: Summons Koryuta, the son of the Dragon God. Allows you 
    to visit places you've already been to. Press "B" before the tune ends 
    to cancel the affect. Remember, it only works OUTSIDE!
    ~ Sasuke ~
    Sasuke is a mechanical robot made by the Wise Man, which is like a 
    father to Sasuke. Sasuke is unlike other robots, he has feelings and 
    emotions. In this adventure, it is mainly revenge...sorta :) Overall, I 
    think Sasuke is the best character in the game!
    Magic Power: Super Jump! Wheee! Seriously now...near the end of the 
    game, Sasuke gets to strap a jet pack on his back so he can jump really 
    high! After you get this, long gaps shouldn't be a problem!
    Kuai: My favorite, has great range and is easy to pull off. Throughout 
    the game, this weapon will increase to level 2, and then level 3 near 
    the end. Press attack rapidly while spinning the control stick to do a 
    360 attack which will surely destroy any enemies around you!
    Fire Cracker Bomb: Not overly useful, you use it to knock down cracked 
    doors. It's Ok as a weapon, but I wouldn't use it much. It takes 1 Ryo 
    to use...
    Hair Attack: You have this from the start! Press "Z" (To lay down) and 
    then attack! If you hold attack, and then "Z", you can do this upwards!
    Kunai of Severe Cold: This will freeze enemies and hot platforms. It 
    costs 1 Ryo each time fired. Hold "B" to shoot three shots at once, but 
    this costs 3 Ryo...what, you were surprised? :) 
    ~ Impact ~ 
    Impact is a..."unique" robot that is about 500 feet tall, he's filming 
    movies in France and America, as well. You use him against four giant 
    bosses, which heavily reminds me of the Power Ranger Fights (Don't worry 
    though! This time it's cool!)
    Here are the controls for him...
    Right Punch: A - Not very strong, but it's fast. 
    Left Punch:  B - Slow, but very powerful
    Nasal Bullet: Z - The number of these is dertimed on how good you did on 
    the Mini-Game before the fight. Very weak, but useful for shooting 
    abstacles and projectiles.
    Chain Pipe: R - Hook it to the boss and rapidly tap B or A to reel them 
    in like a giant fish. When he gets up to your face, you can pretty much 
    do anything to him you want! But do it quickly...
    Guard: C <, C <,  or C >, C > - You must hold down the second button. It 
    doesn't make you invincible, it just lessons the damage. 
    Laser Mouth: This causes the most damage, but is difficult to aim, let 
    alone pull off in the few scant seconds you get to judge where the boss 
    will move. Just press the C buttons in a clock-wise fashion, then press 
    and hold Z. To shoot it, the laser guage must be flashing rainbow 
    colors. It rises everytime you attack and damage an enemy (Even if you 
    barely scratch him, that's where Nasal Bullets come into play).
    One-Two Punch Combo: B, B, A 
    Super Punch: C ^, C down, C ^, then A - Very powerful attack, but you 
    barely get anytime to pull it off and if you screw it up, you're screwed 
    as well :)
    Punch-Kick Combo: B, B, B, A 
    Super Punch and Kick: Super Punch + A
    Spring Kick: C down, C down, and then A - Just a kick
    The best combo is this: Chain the guy in, do the Super Punch, and then 
    kick him so he get's on his back. Then do the laser mouth! This does 
    about 770 points worth of damage, but it's hard to pull off. 
    2) Regular Items
    What do I mean by "regular items"? Items you can find all the time, 
    unlike the Super Pass, Cucumber, and the special key to the gym. So...
    Standard Items...
    Ryo: If you haven't figured it out by now, this is the currecy of the 
    game. You can get it from enemies, find it on the ground, vases,  or 
    trigger something to make coins appear. 
    Dumpling: These look like little colored balls on a stick. Usually given 
    off by enemies or found in vases, they restore one heart. 
    Sparkling Dimpling: Restores all hearts!
    Silver Fortune Dolls: Collect four of these cat-like dolls to increase 
    your Heart Bar (energy) max. by one! 
    Golden Fortune Dolls: There are only five in the game, they 
    automatically raise your max. Heart count by one!
    Vase: Break these open and see what's inside!
    Recovery Items...
    Plain Rice Balls (Bought from store): Automatically refills your Heart 
    Count to four when it falls to zero.
    Plum Rice Balls (Bought from store): Automaticlaly restores 10 Hearts 
    when the guage falls to zero.
    Fish Rice Balls: Same as above, except it replenishes them all.
    Surprise Pack: 1-up! You can have 9 at one time. Surprisingly, these can 
    be bought in some stores...for a high price, of course.
    NOTE: When it says "shot" that means projectile. When it means "attack" 
    it means making contact with an enemy. If you have something that 
    protects you from attacks, you can still be hurt from projectile 
    Japanese Somberero: Protects from three enemy shots
    Metal Helmet: Protects against five enemy shots
    Gold Helmet: Protects against eight enemy shots
    Straw Raincoat: Protects against three enemy attacks
    Metal Armor: Protects against five enemy attacks
    Gold Armor: Protects against eight enemy attacks
    Castle Items...
    Silver/Gold/Diamond Key: Opens up correspoding padlocks. The Diamond 
    door is USUALLY before the boss. 
    Mr. Elly Fant: Also the face of the narrator, finding this guy will give 
    you access to the map of the castle!
    Mr. Arrow: Shows you where the boss is on the map (It's a large skull 
    for the icon, if you didn't know).
    3) Walkthrough
    There may be some spoilers, so if you haven't played it yet...
    = mean the start of a cinema, then another when it ends
    First things first, crank up the volume! The music is really good in 
    this game (Especially the intro!). Ok, after that, select a new game. 
    = The intro shows a bird flying high in the sky, and then the camera 
    pans down to peaceful Oedo Town with people in the streets. Then 
    suddenly, Goemon and an almost naked Ebisu come running out of a store, 
    followed by the owner. After a humourous discussion, there is a loud 
    rumbling and the camera fades back to show an AWESOME view of a giganitc 
    (can't stress that enough) Space Ship coming in, shaped much like a 
    peach. As it goes into the Horizon, Ebisu asks if that is the direction 
    to Oedo Castle. Then it shows the Ship coming in close to a castle, and 
    then we go INSIDE the ship where a tall man and woman are talking about 
    what to target. The Ship fires a beam at the castle, turning it into a 
    strange European Caslte. Goemon and Ebisu decide to go see what the $%*! 
    is happening... =
    - Oedo Town -
    Exit his house by going through the door. Turn left and get the coins in 
    the lake. Now, talk to everyone in town you can. Just beware the 
    Pickpocket in the beginning, he'll take 50 (!) of your coins! Just smack 
    him if he comes close (And he will). Putting all of the stories 
    together, you get this: The bridge to Oedo Castle has been damaged 
    beyond repair, but luckily there are star blocks, just for emergencies. 
    The only way to get across is to get the Chain Pipe from this guy 
    (Forgot his name), he used to live right next to you, but he moved up to 
    Mt. Fuji. Go to the place where there is a man talking abiut his "atomic 
    stick" (don't ask), he's in front of a red looking thing. The door next 
    to him leads to Mt. Fuji. You can always ask the policeman if you get 
    Turning the corner you see a dog. "Surely," you think, "if I talk to 
    this dog he'll just say "bark bark!"!" Surpringsly, all dogs in this 
    game talk to you! Well, anyways, go through the only gate there to get 
    to the next area. Before going, however, you might want to purchase some 
    armor or supplies.
    - Kai Highway -
    All this place is is a big hill with a path around it, and a bridge that 
    leads to Mt. Fuji. On the hill is a Coffee Shop, go into it. Inside 
    you'll find a merchant, tell him you want the map. He'll give it to you, 
    free of charge. This is map a Japan! Whoohoo! :) 
    In the distance you'll see a bridge, follow it to a large field with 
    lots of enemies. Jump up the natural steps to find a large gate.
    - The Largest Moutain: Mount Fuji -
     Keep going up the ladders, avoiding the enemies and falling rocks, 
    until you find that the ground is spinning, to get by these platforms 
    just jump on when they STOP, then get across as quickly as possible. 
    Next stop is the inside of Mt. Fuji, with steps with slinkies! To get 
    past the first one, wait until it's at the bottom and jump over the 
    railing and onto the stairs. Across the rotating bridge, there are even 
    more! Get under a step and duck to avoid the first one, then there's the 
    2nd one. Hmmm...Impossible as it may seem, you can try to jump over it! 
    After a narrow path and some more obstacles, you'll find yourself at 
    Mokubei's shop (Ah, I remember now ;)) Ask him about his pipes, and 
    he'll give you Goemon's Chain Pipe! Explore the doors around his shop to 
    find some treasures. Then go to the door that seems to lead to no where. 
    Jump off...20 seconds later you'll hit the ground, unharmed and in front 
    of the exit. Return to Oedo Town, it's just a short walk.
    - Oedo Town -
    Now you can enter the castle! To do this, go straight and keep turning 
    left until you see a door with the policeman in front. Enter it, cross 
    the bridge, and there it is! Use the Chain Pipe to enter the castle 
    path. Follow it until you get to a sign, read it if you want to save 
    before entering the castle.
    - Transformed Oedo Castle -
    The first room has 6 vases with money in each (120 coins in total) so 
    this is a GREAT place to do the Coin Trick! You will want to build up 
    your funds to AT LEAST 1000 coins, so do so. When you're done, enter the 
    door to continue. 
    Key 1: Turn left and get over the chasms by using the Chain Pipe, at the 
    end is a Silver Key for you! Return and un-lcok the door with it. 
    Key 2: Go forward and enter the first room you see. Destroy all of the 
    enemies in this room and a Silver Key will appear, grab it! I suggest 
    using the Chain Pipe to get rid of the baddies, though. Return to the 
    previous room and make your way down the barge, at the end is Mr. Elly 
    Phant. Cross the moat using the platforms (Or your swimming skills) to 
    reach the once locked door, but you have the key...
    Key 3: Go into the large dojo room and tiles will start to attack you, 
    defeat three of them and the key will appear, right in front of the 
    locked door, too! My, how convient! :)
    Key 4: Turn right and go in the door, make your way through the enemy 
    infested hall until you get to another room. Defeat all of the creatures 
    (I suggest the Pipe for this) and the Golden Key will appear. Return to 
    the main room and this time go left, after the Star Blocks there will be 
    the locked door. But before that, you may want to pay a visit to the one 
    next to it...it has a lot of coins and stuff!
    Key 5: Go forward and get on the lift, then go forward some more. Avoid 
    the Dumplings and go through the next door. This room is full of large 
    machines that attempt to crush you. Get on one and ride it up to the 
    ceiling, the one that is inactive has the key. Fall down and enter the 
    once locked door.
    Key 6: Walk across the submerged path until you get to a door, avoiding 
    the whirling spiked balls, enter it. Down the path and past the nasty 
    Star Blocks (Not really, just jump and grapple! Simple.), here you will 
    find the Key, guarded by many-an-enemy. Return to the water room, before 
    the locked door you'll find Mr. Arrow!
    To the Boss: After some insane Dumplings and your first encounters with 
    Ninjas, you'll find an open room: Take the farthest door (Not to mention 
    the only one!) to find some more crushing platforms above a bottomless 
    pit. Wait for them to come down, hop on, wait for it to get up, hop on 
    the next one, etc., etc...until you get to the end of the room. Hop on 
    the lift and...
    = Now you will be introduced to the "weirdo" as he will now be forever 
    known as. Each castle has a different one, just a pallette swap. Well, 
    this one's name is Baron, and he wants to make Oedo Castle a stage, for 
    some reason. After some humor, he will escape through some doors. =
    Follow him!!! Go through the white doors and you will meet up with the 
    Boss [See "Boss Section" for more information]. After it's over, grab 
    the Moon that falls, this is your first Miracle Item! What does it do? 
    You'll find out...later, much, much later. Anyways, go through the next 
    door to find the Lord and the Princess. After some chit-chat he'll give 
    you the SUPER PASS, which will allow you to get by the guards guarding 
    the door to the next section. After this you will save, and be warped to 
    the front of Oedo Castle.
    - Oedo Town -
    To get to the bridge with the guards, go through the door tha the woman 
    is by. Want directions? Just keep going right after you enter town, 
    you'll find it...hopefully =) Anyways, talk to the guards and they'll 
    let you through in no time. Try talking to them again after you do that, 
    it's pretty funny!
    - Musashi -
    Enter the door...
    - Tunnel -
    Run through this straightofrward tunnel that is infested with enemies 
    until you get to the end! Shouldn't take long.
    - Shinana: Iga -
    Go up the hill and go up the natural steps in the big moutain, or a 
    small hill if you want. At the top is a looong field filled with dasies. 
    Run...RUN I TELL YOU! After a minute of that...
    = You reach Wise Man's House, the creator of Sasuke, a good friend of 
    yours (Well, Goemon at least ) Suddenly, the house explodes and all that 
    is left is some rubble and a pink shell...it's the TRITON SHELL. With 
    this, Goemon can call Impact, the giant Robot, to his aid! Then 
    suddenly, Baron, the weirdo from Oedo Castle, comes in in all of her 
    (his?) blue glory, and naturally, gets made fun of by Goemon. =
     After a humorous sketch, you'll find yourself fighting Baron in his 
    giant Boss Robot [See "Boss Section" for more information]. After that, 
    it's time to keep on going! You'll reach a door that leads to:
    - Zazen Town - 
    After walking into Town, Yae will greet you (With a flashy entrance, of 
    course), and start to talk to you. Since you both have the same mission, 
    Yae joins your party! Yay! You learn that your enemies name is "The 
    Peach Moutain Shoguns." Of course, there is much laughter...
    After talking to everyone in town, you get this: All of the children in 
    the village with dancing talent have been captured by some large, blue 
    dragon that can fly! You also learn that the bridge to the next section 
    is being blocked by Benkei, and will only let you pass if you have some 
    Treasure! Well, go to the bridge (Easy to find, only one door in the 
    place) and talk to him. After that, jump off the birdge to below, take a 
    left and hop up on the platforms. 
     Talk to Ushi...something or another, and ask him about Benkei, he will 
    offer to help you if you cacth some fish for him! Then go back to the 
    river, and fish will be everywhere! Get the correct amount of the 
    correctly colored fish and bring them back. After a bit you will receive 
    the ACHILLE'S HEEL. Return to Benkei and compleet the Mini-Game [See 
    Mini-Game section for more details]. He'll give you Sasauke...only 
    problem is that he doesn't have any batteries, so right now he's 
    Behind Ushi...something is the next section of town (Can also be reached 
    by going through the center of the first part of Zazen Town), so you may 
    want to buy some supplies. Enter the gate to go to...
    - Yamato -
    The main thing here is the Yamato Shrine, but since this is a 
    WALKTHROUGH I will tell you about it in the SECRETS section, not here. 
    Go into the next section, it's not far away. In fact, it's just a short 
    - Bamboo Forest -
    Talk about short!... Just a straight path that leads to this place...
    - Kii: Awaja Island -
    Go forward and get some information at the Coffee Shop, then go to the 
    Tourist Center across the loch, talk to the lady and agree to help her 
    with her missing dragon. You'll enter the machine and be warped to the 
    blue dragon. 
    - Blue Dragon -
    Not much to talk about, really. Just follow the path and avoid the 
    enemies. If they get in your face, just smack 'em! :) At the end is a 
    Boss, controlled by Colon the weirdo! [For more details, see "Boss 
    = A boy drops down with Goemon, it appears to be Koryuta, son of the 
    Dragon God!! After much talk, it seems that the Peach Moutain Shoguns 
    were using the mind control machine so they could use him to kidnap 
    children. He says he left them at the hot springs, but it's been closed 
    for some time, so getting in might be tough. He gives you Koryuta's 
    Flute at the end. =
    - Sanuki: Kompra Mountain - 
    Climb up the looong stairs until you get to the top. Talking to the 
    people here, it seems that the Money God likes money, and will reward 
    anyone who gives it to him. Using Goemon's Coin attack, shoot five Ryos 
    into the chest at the shrine and the Money God will reward you with the 
    Flaming Medal attack!  Run down the stairs, and keep going until you 
    stumble upon a town.
    - Folkypole Village -
    Talking to everyone in this weird town, you see that children have been 
    kidnapped here as well! Upon entering, go to the other side and enter 
    that door. Follow the path, go up the stairs, and through the door. You 
    may even want to talk to the dog before going...
    - Tosa -
    All this really is is a long path with a few enemies along the way. Near 
    the exit is a hidden pot behind a tree. At the end is a door, which 
    leads to...
    - Vine Bridge -
    A bridge and there is a lake under it, no biggie. While crossing the 
    bridge some sections will fall, these are indicated by the lighter 
    colors. Also beware of the enemies, they can make you fall off! After 
    the bridge is...
    - Iyo -
    A cement path leads to a Coffee Shop, talk to the people inside and then 
    use Yae's flute to go back to Zazen Town. You'll be able to get back 
    here because you were in the Coffee Shop, so don't worry!
    - Zazen Town -
    Talking to everyone, you get the feeling something is up, because there 
    are rumors of dwarfs...Go talk to Benkei, and he'll meantion seeing a 
    MUCH smaller Ushiwaka! Go to where you saw him last time, and yes, it 
    does look like he's done some dieting...Tlak to him, and he says that he 
    got it from the Golden Temple, which just happens to be in the 2nd part 
    of Zazen Town. Follow him, and through one of the doors there it is! 
    Complete the Mini-Game to get the Mini-Ebisu Power! [For more 
    information on Mini-Games, see "Mini-Game Section"] After getting it, 
    warp back to Iyo's Coffee Shop!
    - Iyo -
    Walk to the closed down springs, and note the small hole. Using the 
    Mini-Ebisu Powers, go through the small hole. 
    - Iyo 2 -
    Here is the hot spring! Stand in it while holding "Z" for 10 seconds and 
    you'll regain ALL of your hearts! Now, see the red bars? Use the Mini-
    Ebisu Powers to get under there. Climb the ladders to reach an upper 
    section. Now you have to use Goemon's Chain Pipe to get across the main 
    gaps, and be careful of those enemies! :) At the end of all of this is 
    the entrance to the next castle area...might want to save at the sign 
    before going in, though!
    - Ghost Toys Castle -
    Key 1: To pass the first room, use Goemon's Fire Medal on the two pots 
    with faces on them, the door will open! Pass the next room, there is 
    nothing in here...for NOW! The next room has a lot of spikes coming out 
    of the ground; just jump over them the best you can. Pass the next room, 
    nothing in it, and then you come to a really big room with lots of 
    water! Get past the spikes to get Mr. Elly Phant, and then come back to 
    the start. To the right is a platform, get on it and it'll carry you to 
    the end of this room! Now all you have to do is detroy all of the 
    enemies! Oh, in the corner of the room is a strange bud, carry it to the 
    the vase at the top and throw it in; you'll get a lot of items! Exit 
    with the key in hand...
    Key 2: The next room is the one with the locked door, but we'll come 
    back here soon. Exit through the only other door! Use the elavator to go 
    down to the basement, which is really just a long series of wooden 
    platforms on water, if you fall off just jump back on! After that you'll 
    be on the other side of the room with "nothing here...for NOW!" Hit the 
    giant switch to actviate the Crane Game. Go up the platforms, collecting 
    the key!
    Play the Crane Game to receive The Wind-up camera for Ebisu [For more 
    information on Mini-Games, see "Mini-Game Section"] Return to the room 
    with the lock, and enter the door (duh)!
    Key 3: Collect Mr. Arrow, but be careful of the Ghosts! Exit the room 
    and go up the path, turn left and enter the door. Use Ebisu's Camera to 
    make the Ghosts's visible, when they'll all dead the key will appear! 
    Return to the previous room and go past all of the spikes and hot water, 
    which will zap your life away as you swim in it. 
    Key 4: Go up the stairs, avoiding the Hot Potatoes and Mr. Peoples, to 
    find an elevator that will lead to the next room. Turn left and enter 
    that door, go up the ramps and jump across the moving platforms. If you 
    fall, you'll take a bath in some hot water, so quickly swim back. To 
    make the first jump, you must be on the start of the ramp. At the other 
    side is the Key you're lookin' for! Go un-lcok that door!
    Key 5: Go to the opposite side of the room, which is directly in front 
    of you. Use Ebisu's Camera to make the Ghosts visible...kill all of the 
    enemies and the key is yours! Now that was the EASY part, now you have 
    to get to the locked door...go back to the previous room, at the other 
    side is a series of spinning platforms. If you fall too much and land in 
    the hot water, get the Sparkling Dumpling so you don't die! Run out of 
    that? Just exit and re-enter, it'll appear! Ok, at the final jump, when 
    you must get on the last colored platform, you MUST use Ebisu. I've 
    tried and tried, but he's the only member of your party that can make 
    it! Ok, now you're there...
    Key 6: Thankfully, this one is a bit more forgiving. This hall is filled 
    with ropes that swivel up and down, touching them makes you be 
    damaged...so AVOID them! :) There are two rooms, one with the Key, and 
    the other has some coins. Naturally, the Key is the longest path! In the 
    Key room, take a picture with the Camera to reveal the path, follow it 
    to the GOLD Key. Go back to the room with the spinning platforms, and 
    use the key on the door!
    Key 7: Now you're in a large room with A LOT of enemies, one door is 
    locked with a Diamond Lock and the other is wide open, so take the 
    obvious one. In here you'll play the Pool Game [For more information 
    about this Mini-Game, see "Mini-Game Section"]. After completing it 
    you'll get the Silver Key, which opens the locked door that's in the 
    same room as the game.
    Key 8: This room is crowded with Ghosts, spinning spiked balls, and 
    white-faces. Use your Camera to take care of the Ghosts RIGHT AWAY or 
    they will really hurt you., Get past the balls and then jump over the 
    edge, there's the DIAMOND KEY!! Ok now, get the Sparkling Dumplings 
    before leaving, and go un-lock that DOOR!!!
    Now you will face the Boss [For more details, see "Boss Section"]! After 
    defeating it, you will receive the Miracle Flower.
    After the little comedy sketch with Dancin' (Hehe) and Colon, Colon will 
    slip and mention that they're heading towards the Chogoku Region! Well, 
    you're off...to Zazen!
    - Zazen Town -
    Go to the 2nd part of Zazen Town, one of the doors goes to the Chogoku 
    - Bizen -
     Go across this Italy like setting until you find a bridge and a door, 
    choose the bridge. 
    - Izumo -
    Turn right and keep on going until you hit a door!
    - Inabu: Dunes -
    This is the only part in the game that you might get lost in because of 
    repeating textures! Check out the map, and head for the giant lake. I 
    can't give you directions, because there are no "paths." Just wander 
    around, you'll find it. In the lake is Sasuke's # 1 BATTERY. Ok, exit 
    the Dunes and go back to Izumo.
    - Izumo - 
    Head left (only place to go, actually) and go up the hill, save at the 
    Coffee Shop (so you can return there if you need to), and keep going up 
    the hill. At the top is a door, enter it.
    - Izumo 2: Island with a Big Tree -
    Take a snap-shot with the Camera and a Sasuke's # 2 BATTERY will appear 
    at the top! Go across the lake and, using the wooden platforms, climb to 
    the top. When you collect the batteries, a coversation will begin with 
    Finding out about his Old Man's Fate, he vowes vengence and joins your 
    team. Lots of other stuff happpens to, too, but I don't want to spoil 
    it. Exit to the door nearest the Coffee Shop.
    - Hagi -
    Go up the hills and turn right, go through this door...
    - Akiyoshiadai -
    Go along the right wall, you will eventually find some brown fences. Hop 
    over these to find a path that leads to a dark, smelly ol' cave!
    - Shushodo -
    One long cave that leads to a door, another castle...!!! But you'll have 
    to have Sasuke use his Fire Cracker Bombs, it's a cracked door after 
    all. Save at the sign before entering, and a way we GOOOOO!
    - Festival Temple Castle -
    You'll need the Kunai of Severe Cold to move past the first room, so...
    Key 1: Turn left and go inside the gate thingie, turn in the next 
    section and jump over the gaps while avoiding prjectiles and LARGE 
    boulders. Swim past the spinning spiked balls, and ride the wooden 
    platforms up to find Mr. Elly Phant! Exit through the door, stage right. 
    Turn left and go through that door, then turn left again and follow the 
    path to yet another door. Inside you'll find some stairs with another 
    door...enter it! :) Now here's something interesting; These stairs will 
    go DOWN if you stand on one side, and up on the other...it's difficult 
    to put into words, but if you've seen it you know what I mean. Go up the 
    right side, and continue along your not-so-merry way. Enter the door at 
    the dead-end. 
    Avoid the Knights and head up the ladder, enter the door (Or continue 
    for some coins). Turn left and fall down the gap, enter the door. Don't 
    go up the stairs and onto the platform, it just leads to a few 
    dumplings. Next go across the brown platforms, noticing that you are 
    across from the Knights and the ladder. Enter the next door to finally 
    find the Silver Key! 
    Backtrack until you find the silver lock, it's hard to miss. 
    Kunai of Severa Cold: Head left towards the Armored Tank, behind it is a 
    door. After a few enemies you'll find it! JOY!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem...now, 
    return to the very start of the level...
    Key 2: Go up the stairs, and turn right. Be careful of the stomping 
    pillars, because they WILL KILL you! :0 Ok, after that go in the door at 
    the end. Using your Kunai of Severe Cold, freeze the fire platforms to 
    across the gap. In the next room, get on the wooden platforms, and 
    freeze the fire platforms to get up to a higher section. Be careful of 
    the Knight at the top, though. Get past the Fox's fire, to the next 
    room, and then freeze the fire platform to get the GOLD Key. Backtrack 
    to the area before the area before the area with the Kunai of Severe 
    Cold...it has the Gold Lock! You'll find it... =)
    To Boss: Past the Foxes and the Armored Tanks, this next section seems 
    almost impossible the first time around, but you'll get the hang of it. 
    Giant Socks shaped like fish will come down from a central pillar, get 
    on and take a ride up! If you fall it usually means starting the entire 
    room over, which is a pain in the ass...believe me. After this room is a 
    little altar, and then the BOSS!
    [See "Boss Section" for more details]
    After this, Kitty Lily...where do they get this names?...will come in, 
    say some funny things...it's COMEDY FOLKS! :)
    Then we all go "bye bye," to quote Sharon.
    - Shushdo -
    Exit this place!
    - Akiyoshiadai -
    Follow the right wall to get to your destination.
    - Gateway Viewpoint -
    = Follow the path and a COOL cinema will follow where Omitsu (Remember 
    her from the Coffee Shop in Oedo Town?) is delivering some dumplings, 
    and then she crosses the bridge to Kyusha, but then it suddenly breaks 
    off from Japan and floats up into Outer Space =...Hmmm...what to do? Go 
    back to Oedo Town!
    - Oedo Town -
    Go to Goemon's House, or at least near it. See all of those houses? One 
    of them was vacant, and the new person has moved in! Seems it's a gym 
    Complete the Mini-Game to receive the Sudden Impact Power for Goemon 
    [For details on Mini-Game, see "Mini-Game Section"]! 
    Now go to Musashi, it's right outside of Oedo Town, remember? This time 
    head left, see the Metal Box? Use Goemon's Power to move it!
    - Tunnel to the NorthEast 1 -
    Go up the platforms, some are spinning, some aren't. Enter the door.
    - Tunnel to the NorthEast 2 -
    Go up the ladder and across the platforms. Attack the Red Button and 
    it'll activate some wooden platforms that go back and fourth. Follow 
    them to the exit.
    - Mutsu -
    Just go straight!
    - Mutsu: Festival Village -
    Talk to everyone in this little town to learn of Sea Monsters, strange 
    noises, handsome bell tollers, Mount Fear and it's blocked front AND 
    back entrance, and more! Talk to Plasma the Fortune Teller and he'll 
    tell you to go back to Mount Fuji...Well, are you going to disobey a red 
    alien that says "PLASMAAA!!!!"? Good choice...
    - The Biggest Mountain: Mount Fuji -
    Climb to the top again, and talk to Mokubei. He'll upgrade your weapons 
    to level two! Also, Yae can now use the Sword Shield!! Yay! Return to...
    - Mutsu: Festival Village -
    Go down the stairs and straight, follow that road to find Mt. Fear!
    - Mount Fear -
    Turn left (Only way to go, actually) and go until you see a Stone, this 
    indicates the Back Route. See the giant stone? Smack it with your 
    powered up weapon! It will go flying and crack in half...amazing, 
    really, with so little force =) Well, we can argue about pyschics 
    Go up the ramp and up the ladders, over the bridges and anything else 
    that gets in your way. At the tippy top is a house, inside is a witch. 
    Give her 300 Ryo and she'll call back Sasuke's Ol' Man's Spirit back! 
    After some..."strange" coversations, we find out that Kyusha and Omitsu 
    are up in Outer Space. The only way to go up there is to go to the Stone 
    Circle, near Mount Fear, when you have collected the four Miracle Items! 
    Well, you have three, only one more left...
    Yes, you must visit the witch to beat the game...(Nelson voice from 
    Simpsons) HA HA!!
    Ahem, anyways...
    Return to Festival Village, and exit to Mutsu. Go forward and turn 
    right, go through the door there.
    - Muzen: Tunnel -
    Basically...follow it to the end! No traps, no cunningly layed out 
    devices...just a few enemies.
    At the end you will find a waterfall. Change to Yae and walk up to the 
    sign, accept the challenge from the Narrator. If you win the Mini-Game, 
    you get Yae's Mermaid Powers [For more information on this Mini-Game, 
    see "Mini-Game Section"]!
    After THAT, return to Mount Fear.
    - Mutsu: Mount Fear -
    Head left until you find a door.
    - Mutsu: Shoreline -
    The door to the far right leads to the Sacred Stone Circle, which we 
    will get into a little later. But for now, dive into the cold ocean! Use 
    Yae's Mermaid Powers to go under and flick the giant Red Switch, it will 
    cause a large door to open a little bit away. Swim into it!
    - Japan Sea: Underwater -
    Not a very large area. Swim until you see a large Submarine in the ice. 
    On the side is a small hole, swim into it to enter another castle level! 
    Well, it's "supposed" to be a castle...
    - Gourmet Submarine Castle -
    Key 1: Swim straight up (as if you had a choice!) and go to where the 
    bright lights are coming from, keep swimming until you see a hole in the 
    ceiling, go up there. When you reach the surface you can go back on 
    land! Get on the elevator to go to a big room with lots of lights. Go up 
    the wooden ramp, jump on a few platforms, and you have Mr. Elly Phant! 
    Go through the far right door. After an enemy filled room there will be 
    one with lava, jump on the next platform to find a door. In here is a 
    water-filled room with platforms. 
    One of the doors is locked, and we need the Key for it, obviously. So go 
    through the door adjacent to it, and hop through this lava filled room! 
    You can be scorched in the magma, it doesn't kill you, and make your way 
    across faster. Next room: Just get on the carpets and jump until you 
    find the Key! Go back to the room before the previous room and unlock 
    Key 2: Hop on the stick and fall in the bowl of...maybe I don't want to 
    know, but whatever it is, it looks disgusting...Ahem, the last bowl has 
    Mr. Arrow! Ok, hop on the elevator and hop in the water. Use Yae's 
    Mermaid Spell to get past this long, underwater hallway. Soon you'll be 
    in an open room with a Locked Door with A LOT of enemies...just swim to 
    the corner, and *GASP!* Guess what's there? The key! =)
    Key 3: After taking a dip in the pool, then getting out and drying off, 
    you'll be in a large room with a lot of Foxes and lava, plus the added 
    incentive of conveyor belts that move in the opposite direction you want 
    to go...Well, go straight to find the Key, and then follow the wall 
    behind it to the locked door! Simple, yes (Hint: Say "yes" and I won't 
    say COOKIE!...sorry, I'm typing this at 4:00 AM...Don't you see the 
    patience? The dedication...THE COOKIES?!?!?)?
    Key 4: This next room has a Crab and two Flying Dolls, so be careful! 
    Climb the ladder to the left to find the GOLD Key which opens the Gold 
    Lock in the very same room. 
    Key 5: Inside the "gold locked room" is the Yae Bazooka, plus the Key to 
    the Silver Locked door in the previous room (The one with the Crab and 
    two flying Dolls). Well, what are you waiting for? 
    Key 6: Once again you must swim in a little pool of water, and then 
    emerge to find an Elevator that will take you to a water room that seems 
    to have no exit...WRONG! Take a picture with Ebisu's Camera and a yellow 
    path will appear! Follow it to the end, although there is some tricky 
    jumping invlolved. At the end is a room with two Steam Baskets, fry them 
    both for the Key!  
    Now all we have to do is finded the Locked door...Exit through the other 
    side of the room to find a large bi-section with Bowls with crap in them 
    for platforms, which move, in the way of a Fox, which will, of course, 
    blow you to hell with his flames. So what do you do?! Use Yae's Sword 
    Shield!! YES! This is the only part in the game when it's *really* 
    Key 7: Ok, the other end has the locked door, and in it is a dead-
    end...or is it? Use the Wind-up camera and pick up the DIAMOND Key on 
    the other side of the room, via the newly found path. Return to the 
    previous room and use it...
    To Boss: Hop on the Lift, and then run across the VERY THIN path as tons 
    of white faces spew balls at you...
    After a hilarious session from Dancin' AND Lily, you will be put into a 
    Boss Battle. Beat it and...you get...NOTHING! IT seems Poron dropped the 
    Miracle Item at Zazen Town when he was vacationing...never the less, you 
    still must fight!
    [For more details on this boss, see "Boss Section"]
    Go check out Zazen Town!
    - Zazen Town -
    Talk to Bekei, who will mention that Kanachi, the great water imp, has 
    an even GREATER Collection than he does, so he miight have the 4th 
    Miracle Item. Go to the Center Pond and stand on the stone near the 
    water, he will come out, and after some talk, will agree to give it to 
    you if you bring him his favorite food. Talk to him again a few times 
    and he says it's the cucumbers the Priest's Son makes!
    Well, head on over to the Golden Temple on the other side of Zazen Town 
    to find the Priest. Ask him about his son, and he says he's at Mount 
    Nyoigatake, but to get to him you have to be able to jump HIGH. If you 
    say you're up to it, he'll give you a key to the training gym over in 
    Bizen, you know, the place with cracked doors? Yeah, now you remember! 
    It's the first place in the Chugoku Region! Well...go on!! He gave you 
    the key to the locked door, so get motorin'!
    - Bizen -
    Open the door and complete the Mini-Game inside to receive Sasuke's High 
    Jump Powers [For more information on this Mini-Game, see "Mini-Game 
    - Mount Nyoigatake -
    Go up the bridge and jump up the cliff, using Sasuke's powerful new 
    spell. Take the platform across and talk to the Priest's Son. Buy the 
    Cucumber for...800 Ryo! Whew...must be pretty good ;) Well, once you 
    have that give it to the Water Imph and then, you have...ALL FOUR 
    Return to the Shoreline at Mount Fear. Remember that door? Yeah...go ito 
    - Ugo: Stone Circle -
    With all four Miracle Items in hand, go up to the altar. The Gods will 
    warn you that once you go into Space, you may (will) never come back 
    again...so in OTHER words; before going in, make sure you've done 
    EVERYTHING you want to do! With some neat little effects, 
    - Gorgeous Music Castle -
    Awesome music, eh? I'm not from Canada (Indianaplois, IN actually) but 
    it's fun to say and makes you look smarter...I think...eh? ;)
    1st Key: Dodge the hammers from the WakWaks and go through the only door 
    available. After a Fire Stalker you get to a room with some PHREAKY 
    looking platforms, so just use Sasuke's Magic to clear them. Right by 
    the locked door is the Key, so it shouldn't be much of a problem...
    2nd Key: Well, hop on the fans (Not mechanicl ones, ones those Oriental 
    people use to cool themselves...I think...) and use Sasuke's Magic to 
    clear them all! At the other end of the room is the GOLD Key you want! 
    Return to the very first room and un-lock it!
    3rd Key: Keep going until you get to another fan room, fall down into 
    the lava and look around for a door; enter it. Keep on going and you 
    will eventually find a place where you hop on drums and you fly up like 
    a trampoline...Well, at the top is a door that leads to a previous room; 
    but at a different plane. Ok, get Mr. Elly Phant and then use Goemon's 
    Magic to push the Metal Crate on the ground. Then use Sasuke's Magic, 
    while standing on the fallen box, to get the GOLD Key at the top! Fall 
    down to the lower section and un-lock the door!
    4th Key: This room is a little complicated to describe...there is a Gold 
    Locked door in front of you, and in front of it is a small hole, then to 
    the side a ladder which leads to an upper section with another locked 
    door...whew, what a mouthful! Ok, enter the small hole using Ebisu's 
    Magic, inside is a GOLD Key! Obviously, use it on the Gold Lock...
    5th Key: Defeat all of the WakWaks and move on to the next room. 
    Sasuke's Magic will help IMMENSLY here! Get on the flipping platforms, 
    at the top is a DIAMOND Key. Return to the room before the WaksWaks; 
    climb the ladder. Follow the path to a Red Button, attack it and it will 
    activate a staircase which leads to the locked door!
    Moving On...: Move past the moving obstacles, and then hit the switch 
    that activates the second staircase; go up it. This water room is also 
    home to Mr. Arrow, look on the very rim of the tank. Exit the door to go 
    Outside: Just follow the looonnng path, it's not hard at all...except 
    those cursed Rose Throwers...Anyways! When you get to a dead-end, go 
    into the General Store, Omitsu is there! Talk to her, and she will tell 
    you to go to the restaurant, someone there will help you...!
    It turns out to be Wise Man! After some discussion, he'll be mad that 
    his house, and his beloved car magazines, were detsoryed by the Peach 
    Mountain Shoguns that he'll upgrade your weapons to Level 3!! Now you 
    can bust down that rigid door...
    Last Diamond Key: Go up the stairs and take the door on the left, jump 
    on the platforms and go to the other side. Take the door that's in 
    front, not to the side. Get on the conveyor belts and hit the red button 
    to make the door reachable, now go throigh it! The easiest way to hit 
    the next switch it to just fall in the lava, then hit it, and get in the 
    lava and "bounce" outta there! :)
    Go through the hall with all of the Dolls, and then into the room with 
    the Key; Hit the switch and get on the platform as it goes up...THERE IT 
    IS!! The DIAMOND Key! Get it and jump on the stairs to exit. Take a 
    sled-ride-esque ride down a hill, while grabbing coins, to get through 
    the next room. The final room in this giant loop tests your patience and 
    your intelligence...
    Intelligence: To use Sasuke's Magic
    Well, it shouldn't be that hard. Just wait for the middle one to stop 
    turning, use Sasuke's Magic to jump on it, then outta there!! Now you're 
    in the main room again, use the DIAMOND Key on the used-to-be-locked- 
    door, so it opens. Go down the hall into a maze like section, but it's 
    easy to get out of. 
    The final room in the game is a large cylinder that rolls every few 
    seconds, and some of the sections are missing, plus there are a few 
    enemies to spicin' it up! Not even Sasuke's Magic can get past the gaps, 
    so just wait patiently for them to pass.
    Well, what are you waiting for?!? An invitation?!? GET GOIN'! >:-)
    After ALLLLL of this, you come right down to the final 'bout...After a 
    nice play...ewwwww...
    After beating the last two bosses [For more details, see "Boss Section"] 
    guess what?
    Y O U 
    H A V E 
    B E A T E N 
    T H E  G A M E
    Oh my @#$%^&*!!!!
    Whoops, sorry, got a *little* carried away there...
    Ahem, well...watch the funny ending, and enjoy the credits!!
    4) Shops
    When you visit each twon, there are several different places to visit! 
    Here's a run-down...
    General Store: Here you can buy armor and food.
    Inn: Save your game or spend the night to re-fill your hearts. The more 
    expensive the room, the more hearts are re-filled (Not to mention the 
    cut-scene changes).
    Resturant: Want a quick fix? Look no furthur. 
    Fortune Teller: Stuck? Don't know what to do? Too lazy to sort through 
    all of this text? Well my friend, you're in luck. For a mere 10 Ryo, 
    PLASMA the Fortune teller will tell you what to do. Of course, he's a 
    little vague...
    Police: The stuff that's happening, anything important can usually be 
    found here (Information-wise).
    Coffee Shop: These are usually in the middle of no-where, not in a city. 
    After the hard battles, these will give you a quick fix...for 30 Ryo. 
    These places are also a good place to pick up gossup and stories, since 
    each one usually has a least half-a-dozen people in it.
    Tourist Center: Let's you....um...Travel places! :)
    Now, it's on to the prices of stuff...! Note: In Restaurants, the first 
    item heals 2 Hearts, then the next one heals 3 Hearts, and the last one 
    Heals 5 Hearts (unless otherwise noted).
    All Inns In Game:
    Room                 Price
    Bronze Room   .......60 Ryo
    Silver Room  ........100 Ryo
    Gold Suit ...........200 Ryo
    Bronze = 4 Hearts
    Silver = 8 Hearts
    Gold = ALL Hearts
    - Oedo Town Shops -
    General Store:
    Item               Price
    Plain Rice Ball...50 Ryo
    Plum Rice Balls...120 Ryo
    General Store 2:
    Item                 Price
    Sombrero..........50 Ryo
    Straw Raincoat ...80 Ryo
    Metal Armor ......200 Ryo
    Item                Price
    Dumplings .......15 Ryo
    Oden   ..........25 Ryo
    Sushi  ..........45 Ryo
    - Zazen Town Shops -
    General Store:
    Item                Price
    Plain Rice Balls...50 Ryo
    Plum Rice Balls...120 Ryo
    General Store 2:
    Item                 Price
    Sombrero     .......50 Ryo
    Metal Helmet .......150 Ryo
    Metal Armor ........200 Ryo
    Item                 Price
    Rice Crackers ....15 Ryo
    Sauced Dumplings..25 Ryo
    Hot Tofu .........45 Ryo
    - Folkypoke Village Shops -
    General Store:
    Item                Price
    Plain Rice Balls...50 Ryo
    Plum Rice Balls....120 Ryo
    Surprise Pack......500 Ryo
    General Store 2:
    Item                Price
    Metal Helmet......150 Ryo
    Metal Armor.......200 Ryo
    Item                Price
    Orange.............15 Ryo
    Noodles ...........25 Ryo
    Fresh Bonito ......45 Ryo
    - Festival Village Shops -
    General Store:
    Item               Price
    Plain Rice Balls...120 Ryo
    Fish Rice Balls ...200 Ryo
    Metal Armor........200 Ryo
    Item               Price
    Apple ............15 Ryo
    Bowl of Noodles ..25 Ryo
    Kinitanpo  .......45 Ryo
    General Store 2 (Hidden):
    Item               Price
    Gold Armor .......350 Ryo
    Gold Helmet ......250 Ryo
    Surprise Pack ....500 Ryo
    - Outspace: Kyusha Shops -
    General Store:
    Item                Price
    Plum Rice Balls....120 Ryo
    Fish Rice Balls....200 Ryo
    Surprise Pack .....500 Ryo
    General Store 2:
    Item               Price
    Metal Armor......200 Ryo
    Gold Helmet .....250 Ryo
    Gold Armor ......350 Ryo
    Item               Price
    Sponge Cake ......15 Ryo
    Round Radish......25 Ryo
    Chanpon Noddles...45 Ryo
    Whew...well, that's it! Wait...I bet you want what the Restaurants tell 
    you about their food, am I correct? Well...since I'm such a nice guy...
    When you walk up to the counter the main talks to you. If you talk to 
    the woman, she talks to you. But they each talk about the food 
    DIFFERENTLY, so there's two for each!
    - Oedo Restaurant -
    Dumplings: 1) 3 colored dumplings, not too sweet!
               2) It's great for a dessert!
    Oden: 1) The soup is well absorbed by the Oden!
          2) The traditional hot dish of Japan!
    Sushi: 1) The best Shushi in town!
           2) It's fresh Sushi from the Edo area!
    - Zazen Town Restaurant -
    Rice Crackers: 1) There's nothing like the taste of soy sauce on these  
                   2) Even the deer of Yamato love these crackers!
    Sauced Dumplings: 1) Hot and tender, straight off the grill!
                      2) The octopus pieces in our dumplings are huge!
    Hot Tofu: 1) It's got that smooth uperclass taste!
              2) It's very hot, be careful.
    - Folkypoke Village Restaurant -
    Orange: 1) Fresh and natural, with no chemical additives!
            2) Sweet and juicy!
    Noodles: 1) A perfect harmony of noodles and soup!
             2) There's nothing like a hot bowl of noodles!
    Fresh Bonito: 1) Very fresh and very tender, delicious!
                  2) We just caught it this morning!
    - Festival Village Restaurant -
    Apple: 1) Look, it's red and cute, just like my cheeks!
           2) Sweet yet sour, the taste of a freshly picked apple!
    Bowl of Noodles: 1) I bet I could eat more than you!
                     2) The cute little bowls they come in make the meal 
                        more delightful! 
    Kiritanpo: 1) It's good by itself, or in a hot bowl of soup!
               2) A well known dish from the Northeast Region, where the 
    rice is  
    - Outer Space: Kyusha Restaurant - 
    Sponge Cake: 1) So sweet it will make your cheeks melt!
                 2) A soft and sweet snack from the Netherlands.
    Round Radish: 1) It's a super huge radish
                  2) Wow, a fat, and healthy radish!
    Chanpon Noodles: 1) Lots o' vegatables, lots o' seafood!
                     2) Delicious noodles with plenty of vegetables.
    5) Mini-Games
    Mini-Game # 1: Golden Temple 
    Reward: The Mini-Ebisu Spell
    Objective (s): You are in a large cupboard, and there are four objects 
    in it (Three salt shakers and and something else). Your mission is to 
    collect EIGHT of the sweets that come falling down every other few 
    seconds. There's a twist, however. Every ten seconds or so, a giant will 
    open the doors and look in. If he sees you bombs will rain down on you. 
    Each time you get hit you lose one heart, and you only have three hearts 
    at the start. Run out of hearts and you fail the game. To hide from the 
    giant, you must stand BEHIND one of the objects in the cabinent. Also, 
    some Dolls will warp in, so be careful. 
    Time to complete: About 90 Seconds
    Mini-Game # 2: Benkei
    Reward: Access to next area
    Objective (s): He's on the opposite side of the bridge from you, and 
    you're on the other side. By pressing "B" you can throw one barrel at 
    him. But you must time it right, because he is jumping up and down. Hit 
    him three times, and you win!
    Time to complete: About 60 seconds
    Mini-Game # 3: Building Muscles
    Reward: Goemon's Sudden Impact Magic
    Objective (s): You're on a large platform, with holes all around. You 
    can not move, but you can swivel the view by using the control stick. 
    Above each hole ia a balloon, and in each hole is a little man (There's 
    a name for 'em, I've forgotten) with a spike on his head that will 
    slowly raise; if he touches the balloon it will pop, and the game is 
    over. To complete it, throw boxes (Using "B") at them; each time they 
    get hit they'll fall down. It would be a GOOD idea to throw multiple 
    boxes at the ones that are getting higher.
    Time to complete: About 90 seconds
    Mini-Game # 4: Learning to Swim
    Reward: Yae's Mermaid Magic
    Objective (s): You're at the basin of a waterfall, and you must make it 
    to the top by tapping "B" or "A." But several enemies will come falling 
    down, if they hit you'll fall down a few feet. Use the control sitck to 
    avoid them. The meter at the left shows how close you are to the top.
    Time to complete: About 60 seconds
    Mini-Game # 5: Lots 'O Platforms
    Reward: Sasuke's Super Jump Magic
    Objective (s): Jump up the platforms until you get to the top. It's 
    pretty difficult near the end, because if you fall you'll have to climb 
    alllll the way back up :(
    Time to complete: About 90 Seconds
    Mini-Game # 6: Crane Game
    Reward: Ebisu's Wind-up Camera
    Objective (s): Just press the buttons so that the crane moves, stop when 
    the shadow is "near" the Camera, so it picks it up and gives it to you. 
    Simple, huh?
    Time to complete: Depends
    Mini-Game # 7: Let's Play Pool!
    Reward: Silver Key to next room
    Objective (s): You're in the middle of a GIANT Pool Table, and your goal 
    is to shoot all of the balls into the holes. You can only affect the 
    ball that has an arrow on it, and it can also damage you if it hits you. 
    Try using Goemon's Chain Pipe, it's easier to use. When you hit a ball 
    it will automatically go into a pocket, so it's not that tricky.
    Time to complete: Foreveeeerrrrrr!
    Mini-Game # 8: Smashy Smashy!
    Reward: Nasal Bullets, Oil, and a Boss!
    Objective (s): Before each Impact Boss you must knock down buildings, 
    robots, flying enemies, larger buildings, debris, walls, and laser trip 
    wires, amoung other things. Just smash everything by running into it, 
    knock down the larger objects with your club (Use "B") and jump over 
    things that trip you (Hit it with a Nasal Bullet for extra points)! 
    There are also a few gaps...
    You will face three of these in the game.
    Time t complete: Depends on if you go slow (Hold back control sitck) or 
    just go with the flow.
    6) Enemies
    Name: Doll
    Description: A pink doll-like creature that looks like a little girl. 
    These are the Goombas of Mystical Ninja! So many different varieties...
    Attacks: It just walks around, when you get near it chases you around.
    Name: Ball Doll
    Description: A Doll with, what looks like, a Christmas Present in their 
    Attacks: When you get near it will take aim and shoot one ball at you. 
    Name: Fire Doll
    Description: A doll with a Chistmas Present, but is yellow
    Attacks: It shoots a wave of fire at you when you get close! Very 
    Name: Hopping Doll 
    Description: A blue Doll
    Attacks: When you get close it tries to jump over you, so it can be hard 
    to hit.
    Name: Rocket Doll 
    Description: A darker blue Doll
    Attacks: It starts to hover and then comes after you like a heat-seeking 
    Name: Shrinking Doll 
    Description: Only a few of these exist, they look like Chaimber Maids, 
    Attacks: They get small, and then get big in front of you. Strange, and 
    not even very effective...
    Name: Dragon Heads 
    Description: Well, floating Dragon Heads...
    Attacks: They try to bump into you!
    Name: Scare-crows 
    Description: Purple Scare-Crows
    Attacks: Shoots two balls at you at once, the enemy itself is 
    Name: Dark Ninja 
    Description: A ninja in black with big eyes on their head
    Attacks: They drop down in the Transformed Oedo Castle and shoot 
    multiple saws at you, just jump and move around A LOT!
    Name: Pyschoticlly Enhanced Dumplings
    Description: Big Dumplings with eyes!
    Attacks: Hits you
    Name: Drummers
    Description: Guys with large drums in their hands
    Attacks: When they hit their drums, a lot of balls come bouncing out, 
    Name: Flying Brown Balls 
    Description: Well...read the name and you get an idea ;)
    Attacks: They try to bump into you; like to swarm in you in hordes
    Name: Fire Stalkers
    Description: Small pillars with mustaches
    Attacks: They shoot flames at you like a flamethrower, hard to avoid
    Name: Ghost 
    Description: A flat, paper like ghost
    Attacks: By hitting you! They can only be destroyed if you use Ebisu's 
    Name: White Faces
    Description: Well, white faces. They like to settle down in large 
    groups; stationary.
    Attacks: They shoot one ball at you
    Name: Hot Potatoes 
    Description: Red potatoe shaped creatures with small eyes!
    Attacks: They jump up and down and try to bump into you!
    Name: The Little People 
    Description: Small little people...
    Attacks: They try to bump into you
    Name: Piranha Fish 
    Description: Very small, red fish
    Attacks: Only in water, of course, they follow you and try to snap at 
    Name: Green Eels 
    Description: Well, green snake-like creatures that inhabit the waters!
    Attacks: See above creature
    Name: Knights 
    Description: Large knights made up of small plates, they also have a 
    long, thin sword
    Attacks: They stand still, and when you get close, they will charge 
    forward, sword drawn. Hit them and they'll collapse into a heap of 
    metal, and then come back in a few seconds. Drybones, anyone?
    Name: Fox 
    Description: A cat head, but the game calls them Fox.
    Attacks: Stationary, it shoots fire at you. Usually found in rooms with 
    narrow edges and cliffs
    Name: Tentacle Bush 
    Description: A bush will three arms. 
    Attacks: Shoots three balls at you...AT ONCE!
    Name: Armored Tank 
    Description: A white tank with a small, orange ball for a driver
    Attacks: Well, it shoots bombs at you! Try to use Goemon's Chain Pipe to 
    attack, it's the best way to kill 'em!
    Name: Dragon Fish 
    Description: Small, green Dragon Fish.
    Attacks: It shoots balls at you. Of course, it is only found deep 
    underwater (Except for one place in the Festival Temple).
    Name: Mines 
    Description: Small orange balls with blue spikes all over them.
    Attacks: Well, they try to bump into you
    Name: Steam Baskets 
    Description: Only a few of these exist, they look like large barrerls 
    with eyes and knives jn their hands.
    Attacks: They try to hit you. After the first hit they speed up and get 
    harder to hit! 
    Name: Bomb Birds 
    Description: Birds that carry bombs in their feet
    Attacks: Well, they try to aim their bombs so they fall on YOU!
    Name: Pink Pookie 
    Description: Small pink creatures that live in sand and dirt
    Attacks: They get up, shoot a ball, and then go back underground and 
    scurry away quickly.
    Name: Kites 
    Description: Not-so-colorful kites!
    Attacks: I'm not even sure if they DO attack...they're just kinda 
    Name: Big Bertha 
    Description: Giant Dolls
    Attacks: By running over you, very hard to avoid, but easy to hit =)
    Name: Red Big Bertha 
    Description: Red Big Bertha
    Attacks: Well, same as the above.
    Name: WakWaks 
    Description: Men with hammers in hand
    Attacks: Hanging out in large masses, they each chuck bouncing hammers 
    at you! Hard to avoid.
    Name: Flower Shooters 
    Description: Flowers...in...something
    Attacks: They throw out roses onto the ground; touching one will result 
    in a loss of TWO HEARTS!!
    Name: Winged Wonders 
    Description: White, flying thingies...found im the Festival Temple.
    Attacks: They try to land on you, very hard to destroy because of their 
    erratic patterns.
    Name: Dancers 
    Description: Legs that kick...and a 1, and a 2, and a 1,2,3...FOUR!!
    Attacks: Uh, they kick you? Yeah, that's it!
    Name: Crabby Crabs 
    Description: Red Crabs in a bowl of..."stuff." Found in the Gourmet 
    Submarine Castle.
    Attacks: Well, they have large claws, so...whadya' think?! 8)
    Well, there ya go! I think I got them all, but if not, feel free to 
    correct me!
    7) Bosses
    A note on Impact Bosses (Except the Peach BattleShip): If you use the 
    same attacks over and over, they will be able to block it! So it's a 
    good idea to mix it up a bit. 
    In order of apperance...
    Boss # 1: The King Robot - Congo
    Type: Normal
    Driven By: Baron
    Description: A large bust (i.e. A giant stone head) that is red! It 
    takes up nearly the entire room! 
    Attacks: It will pause for a few seconds, and then it will spew fire. 
    Run around the room to avoid! Then it will shoot some kind of acid 
    lasers out of it's guns and twirl around the room. Either run with it, 
    or jump over the beams as they come.     
    To destroy: When the red spot on it's chin is facing you, smack it with 
    your staff! Just keep tapping the attack button! If you have a lot of 
    money, I suggest using Goemon's Ryo; it has a higher firing rate. 
    Total Hits Until Destoryed: About 60
    Boss # 2: The Wartime Kabuki Robot - Kassiwagi
    Type: Impact Boss
    Driven By: Baron
    Description: It has rockets for lift, four missile launchers on it's 
    back, a head, and two arms. And a chinese-like face...
    Attacks: He doesn't seem to follow any pattern, so I made a list.
    1) It will fire missiles at you, use Nasal Bullets or Quick Punches to 
    2) It will charge, firsts first, at you. Very damaging! Punch him before 
    he hits, or use the Laser Mouth.
    3) When his energy gets near 1000, he will create a purple copy of 
    himself and it will try to punch you (Which really hurts). Follow him 
    with your control stick, and when he stops, do a Fierce Punch! Good time 
    to use Laser Mouth, as well. 
    4) He will fly away and create large flying saucers to come attack you. 
    While he's flying away, try to grapple him! If that fails then just 
    punch the saucers, or use Nasal Bullets.
    5) He'll come at you with his fist, changed red, and try to knock you 
    over. VERY powerful. Use the Laser Mouth, because he isn't dodging!  
    Energy: 2000
    Boss # 3: Mind Control Robot
    Type: Normal
    Driven By: Colon
    Description: A spinning top with eyes!
    Attacks: Well, he'll shoot a lot of balls at you, pause for a few 
    seconds, and then do it again. Be careful, because the Dragon is swaying 
    back and fourth and it's easy to fall off!
    To Defeat: Just use Goemon's Chain Pipe when he pauses!
    Total Hits until Destroyed: 6
    Boss # 4: The Surrender Robot - Dharmanyo 
    Type: Normal
    Driven By: Colon
    Description: Well...A red robot with white, pupil-less eyes, a mustache 
    of sorts, long arms with claws, and some mean lookin' legs! :) He looks 
    about 15 feet tall.
    Attacks: He doesn't follow a strict pattern, but you can usually predict 
    what he'll do next. 
    1) He'll fire three balls, one at a time, at you. When they land they 
    give off a very large explosion. 
    2) He'll pause, to show you his Heart, and then jump and almost land on 
    you.  Then he'll take a swipe at you with his really long arms.
    3) He'll jump around like a mad-man!
    To Defeat: Well, the first thing you MUST do is take a picture with the 
    Wind-Up Camera! This will reveal his Heart, which is the target. When he 
    becomes clear, and it shows it, hit it somehow! If you have lots of 
    money, use Goemon's Medal of Flames, because this does more damage than 
    any other weapon, plus you don't have to get close! Or, if you're low on 
    funds, you could always use his Chain Pipe.
    Total Hits until Destoryed: About 12
    Boss # 5: The Ghost Robot - Tsurami 
    Type: Normal
    Driven By: Sharon
    Description: A Genie Ghost Robot...well, that's the best I could come up 
    with! :) You have to see it to believe.
    Attacks: It has three phases.
    Phase 1: It will toss three sets of plates at you. The fourth set will 
    be red. Hit it and it will go back to the Robot and damage it! After 
    three hits it will move on to the next phase.
    Phase 2: This time she gets a bit more excited; there will be a barrage 
    of plates being tosses at you, just run away! At the end some red plates 
    will come, hit them back and it will damage her. After three hits it 
    will move on to the next phase.
    Phase 3: Now she's pissed! After a little dance, plates will just rain 
    down everywhere, and they explode on conact with the ground! The 
    explosions are large, and very difficult to avoid. At the end some red 
    plates will be thrown at you, hit them back and it'll be damaged. After 
    three more hits the robot will be defeated.
    To Defeat: At the end of each attack, she will throw two homing red 
    plates. Now, simply jump up (Don't do anything with the Control Stick or 
    you might get hit) and attack them! They'll go flying back and hit her 
    in the face! 
    Total Hits until Destroyed: 12
    Boss # 6: The Charming Mermaid - Thaisamba 2 
    Type: Impact Boss
    Driven By: "The Mighty" Polon
    Description: A big red robot fish! The neat thing about this robot is 
    that she can't block attacks, so you can use the same moves on her over, 
    and over and over...!
    Attacks: First she (I think it's a she) will drop out of the water, much 
    like a whale. This is the perfect time to grapple her; at least if you 
    have good aim. If you let her go one, she'll toss some mines at you, 
    then get in your face and give you a good smack! When her energy gets 
    near 1000 the battle will go underwater...
    Now this part can be a bit tough, so pay attention! The view is very 
    blurry, and you can barely see 10 feet in front of you (What did you 
    expect? You're like 200 feet beneathe the water!).  When she goes out of 
    your view, keep your eye on the radar (It would be the red arrow, and 
    you're the yellow one). She'll try to bang into you, which is the 
    perfect time to use the Laser Mouth. Her special attack is the Cyclone, 
    which is very furstrating. Now you can't see anything except blue! And 
    now she rolls out some very bad attacks...Again, keep your eye on the 
    radar, because she will attack you with her eyeball, just punch! Another 
    great time to use Laser Mouth is when she's preparing the Cyclone 
    attack, or when she's coming in for a punch. She also has a fake out, 
    where she'll charge at you from one direction, and then suddenly, at 
    thelast possible second, change directions and hit you!
    Energy: 2000
    Boss # 6: The Great Peach Mountain Battleship - Balberra 
    Type: Impact Boss
    Driven By: ???
    Description: A giant, peach shaped UFO. In the center is a large, red 
    ball, and to the sides are three cannons. At the bottom is a large metal 
    machine, and to the sides of the UFO are two leaves.
    1) It will fire bombs through it's cannons.
    2) One of the leaves, or the metal machine, will fire a lot of balls at 
    you. Very dangerous. Great time to get Nasal Bullets, though.
    3) The Red Ball is actually the "Instant Stage Beam" that Baron was 
    talking about. It will charge up and shoot GIANT balls of energy at you, 
    punch them! Each hit takes 50 damage!
    4) It will unleash a few Peach Ships, which are small peach shaped 
    spaceships that shoot balls at you. Destory them all.
    To Defeat: Destory all of the parts: The cannons, two leaves, the 
    machine under it, and the Instant Stage Beam (Which should be the first 
    to go). After that it will send a few ships after you, destroy them all 
    and the Ship will open up to reveal it's core; DROP EVERYTHING AND FIRE 
    AT IT! This is the only way to damage it! If you're a good aim, you 
    could easiley destory this ship with the Laser Mouth. If not, use tons 
    of Nasal Bullets. 
    Energy: 1000
    Boss # 7: The Fairy of Love and Dreams - D'Etoile
    Type: Impact Boss
    Driven By: Spring Breeze Dancin' and Kitty Lily
    Description: A large robot with a mask of black and blue, yellow eyes, 
    and a tail instead of legs. 
    Attacks: It doesn't follow any sort of pattern, so here's a list.
    1) The roll attack is where he will go off into space and just roll 
    right into you at a blinding speed! Almost impossible to avoid, it will 
    cost you 50 in Oil, which is NOT good. The only way to avoid it is use a 
    Fierce Punch, but it has to be timed JUST right.
    2) He'll spin across the screen leaving a trail of balls which are going 
    to hit you unless you hit them first. If they all hit you you take on 
    about 250 points of damage. 
    3) He'll disappear and return somewhere else, then he'll smack you with 
    his tail; very painful! Check your radar if you can't find him.
    4) He'll spit balls at you, one at a time.
    5) He just charges with his shield, use a punch
    6) He'll disappear, and come back somewhere else just to charge at you.
    7) When his energy gets near 700, he'll do this little trick: He'll be 
    in the middle of the screen, stationary and invunerable, and large 
    asteroids will come towards you. Either use the Mouth Laser on him (You 
    won't be damaged AND it's easy to aim since he's not moving) or use the 
    Fierce Punch on the asteroids!
    Energy: 2000  
    8) Codes, Tricks, and Secrets
    This is DIRECTLY from the N64 Code Center (www.n64cc.com), so don't sue, 
    ok? :)
    Slow Fall
    By: Robert Slack (lslack@wolfenet.com) 
    To make Goemon or Sasuke fall at a much slower rate than normal first 
    get to a high place such as
    the top of Mt. Fuji or the top of the inside of the Yamato Shrine, then 
    equip your self with Sasuke's
    ice attack or Goemons coin throw and jump off. While in the air press 
    the B button as fast as
    posible. This trick works best with Goemon instead of Sasuke because he 
    attacks faster. 
    Extra Songs in Sound Test
    By: Michaelthom@webtv.net 
    IGN say's you have to beat the game to do this. All you do is go the 
    first Impact Battle and save it.
    You don't even have to beat the robot! Go to sound test, and the Impact 
    song will already be there.
    As for the song "Gorgeus my stage" you have to do a little work. Get to 
    the very end of the game to
    the part that they have the little play using the stage song. At the 
    end, right before you summon
    Impact for the last time, you will of the option of saving. if you do, 
    press reset and go to sound test.
    "Gorgeus my Stage" saved on there! You DON'T have to beat the game to 
    get the extra songs. 
    Jumping without landing
    By: Michael Foster 
    This is a little trick you can do to jump from high places and not have 
    to stop to land. First, you have
    to find a high place to jump from. Next, get any character and be ready 
    to jump. Then , JUMP.
    Finally, in the middle of the air hit the B button at least once. When 
    you hit the ground, you should
    be standing up, not stopping to land. This trick is very helpful when 
    there are many enemies on the
    ground and you don't want to stop to get hit. Also, this trick can 
    lessen the splash in the water if you
    are high enough. 
    Glitchy Room
    By: Eiksirf (eiksirf@warwick.net) 
    In the underwater submarine, swim up to the spinning blade in the first 
    room. Swim past the exit in
    the ceiling. Now head straight up. Eventually you will pass through the 
    ceiling and will not be able to
    get down. You can move around in a little cube of water, but can only 
    see what is around you. 
    Yae's Blade Shield
    By: Eiksirf (eiksirf@warwick.net) 
    After getting the upgrade to level 2, take out Yae's sword. Hold down 
    the B button and eventually
    she will spin her blade around. There is a way to move in this position 
    (See corect code below.). 
    Big Boss Fighting Mode
    By: Robert Slack (lslack@wolfenet.com) 
    To access the Consecutive Fighting! Large Boss Mode, first get all of 
    the 45 Fortune Dolls and
    then beat the game. After you do this a new option will appear in the 
    options menu allowing you to
    fight all of the Goemon Impact bosses in consecutive order. 
    Mini-Ebisu Glitch
    By: Max Bitter (Maxtendo64@aol.com) 
    To do this, you must first do the following two things: 
       1.Pass the Golden Temple challenge in Zazen Town to receive 
    Ebisumaru's magic power of
         shrinking and 
       2.Defeat the dragon boss to obtain Koryota's flute. 
    Then use the flute to warp to one of the two "tourist centers" (the 
    buildings with the teleport
    machines in them-one is in Follypoke, the other on Kii/Awaja Beach) and 
    enter it. Switch to
    Ebisumaru to activate the shrinking power. Now talk to the woman in 
    front of the machine. Pay her
    10 ryo to go in the machine. If done right, you will walk up to it in 
    shrinked form-but will not enter!
    Mini-Ebisu will not be able to enter it but will jump at it repeatedly. 
    It will take off as if he had
    entered it! However, when it arrives at the other tourist center's 
    machine, you will walk out back in
    normal form! Pretty weird..... 
    Festival Village Glitch
    By: siston1@viconet.com 
    In the Festival Village, go to the Stairs that lead you to all of the 
    people near the man with the drum.
    Go up at least two stairs and then jump off the right side. Your 
    character will go flying in what seems
    to be outer space. Eventually you will die. This glitch is not much, but 
    it is kind of cool. 
    Ninjitsu 360ø Blade Slash
    By: Jaime Wilkins 
    Rapidly rotate the control stick in a 360ø motion while rapidly taping 
    the B button. This produces a
    Ninjitsu 360ø Blade Slash that will kill all the enemies around you. 
    Infinite Money Glitch #2
    By: sLipDog 
    First, go to the top of Mt. Fuji and get the chain pipe. Go to the gate 
    of Oedo Castle and swing
    across. Enter the first room of the castle and there should be six pots. 
    Break the pots and inside are
    four coins each accounting for five ryos. Go out and back in. The pots 
    will be back with the money
    in them. This way you get 120 ryo each time you go back in. 
    Hidden Store
    By: Max Bitter (Maxtendo64@aol.com) 
    First you must have Yae's mermaid power, which you get by passing the 
    Waterfall of Kegon
    challenge in Uzen Tunnel. Then go back to Festival Village. Go to its 
    main shopping district (the one
    with the pond) and switch to Yae. Jump in the pond and press C-Up to 
    activate her power. Now
    look for an underwater tunnel in the pond. Swim through it to reach 
    another area. There is a special
    store where you can buy Gold Helmets (250 ryo), Gold Armor (350 ryo) and 
    extra lives (500 ryo).
    Extra Lives
    By: Max Bitter (Maxtendo64@aol.com) 
    Hidden throughout Japan are several extra lives just waiting to be 
    found...... First, look behind the
    coffee shop near the dragon boss. Next, head to Yamato and use the 
    Turtle Stone's power of the
    North to open up the Shrine. Enter it and climb to the top for another 
    extra life. Head now to
    Follypoke's general store, they can be bought for 500 ryo each. You can 
    also head to the hidden
    general store and buy them there (see above). Next, go to the Japan Sea 
    and look around near the
    sub for another life. Finally, enter the Gourmet Submarine and get to 
    the room with the hidden path
    that Ebisumaru must find with the camera. Cross that to enter a room 
    with another life in it; get it by
    climbing the wooden stairs and proceed along the narrow path that goes 
    around the room. Those
    are all the hidden ones that I found - there could be more.... 
    Exorcist Impact
    By: Christopher Ganir via IGN64.com 
    At the end of the Impact cinema sequence, you can rotate Impact's head 
    with the control stick.
    Wait until it shows Impact's full body with the yellow and orange 
    stripes, and then use the control
    stick to turn his head Exorcist style! 
    Infinite Money Glitch
    By: Ryan C (rcorb@nac.net) 
    When you first start out you should be able to go to this place where a 
    board is floating which has 3
    ryu (money). To be able to get more money there go through the door 
    where the two guards are,
    then return to the place where the money is and you the 3 more ryu will 
    be there, and it works all
    the time. 
    Walk in Air Glitch
    By: Chris Adams (BomberMa64@aol.com) 
    On your way to Oedo castle you'll enter a double door. When you come to 
    the other side of the
    door you will see a sign in the middle of the screen. There will also be 
    a fence behind it. Go over to
    the fence and jump on it. If you are on the fence the character will 
    start to wabble like he/she is
    going to fall, but they won't. Slowly walk to the back of the sign still 
    on the fence. Face away from
    the sign, Jump torward the sign while holding the A button. You may have 
    to do this a couple of
    times before he/she will go up into the sky like they are on ground. You 
    can go through doors while
    in the air. 
    Blade-Shield Usage
    By: TheN64Fan
    When Yae uses her blade-shield, she normally can't move. However, if you 
    have the armor or
    shield and receive damage from an enemy when using the blade-shield, you 
    can move. 
    Unchangeable Hair Color
    By: TheN64Fan
    In the middle of using Goemon's touch-and-go skills, get killed by an 
    enemy (if you have more than
    one life). If you do this, you will come to life again with golden hair. 
    However, if you want to change
    the character, you can't change the hair color. 
    And something not mentioned: If you collect all 45 Fortune Dolls you 
    will get a new option in the Options menu: Here you can battle all of 
    the Impact Bosses! If you defeat them all, you get a little art from the 
    designers. Nice, huh?
    9) Fortune Doll List
    With the permission of my good friend MetroidMoo, I'm using his Fortune 
    Doll List that he used in his own Mystical Ninja FAQ. 
    Odeo Town :
    Silver Dolls : 2
    How to get the Silver Dolls -
    #1 : Found near the gate to Musashi in the water on a platform.
    #2 : Found in the area that has the Star Boxes. Use the boxes that lead 
    to the left wall to get to the doll.
    Kai Highway :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll - 
    Go accross the first bridge, go right, then go accross that bridge. Then 
    it will be in a corner on a little hill. 
    Mt. Fuji :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    As soon as you are on the first ladder and get up, keep on going 
    straight ahead.
    Oedo Castle 1st Floor :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    Go to the room with Mr. Elly Fant, the doll will be nearby.
    Oedo Castle 2nd Floor :
    Silver Dolls : 2
    How to get the Silver Dolls -
    #1 : The room where you find the 1st Silver Key, don't go straight, take 
    a left. It will be in the room.
    #2 : Once you beat Congo, go to where the giant hand was. Now it is 
    gone, go accross and through the door.
    Oedo Castle 3rd Floor :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    You will see it right before the door to Congo.
    Musashi :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    Found near the Metal Box.
    Zazen Town :
    Silver Dolls : 2
    How to get the Silver Dolls -
    #1 : Go into the corridor that leads to the other section of Zazen. Near 
    the little pond, you will see a little pipe thingy (I don't know what it 
    is!). Hit it, and the doll will land right by you.
    #2 : Go to Duck Creek. One section you will see a platform. Once you 
    have Sasuke's Super Jump, use it to get on the platform. The doll will 
    be near the platform but not on it.
    Yamato :
    Silver Dolls : 4
    How to get the Silver Dolls -
    #1 & #2 : Push the Turtle Stone to the North, and the Yamato Shrine will 
    un-lock. The dolls will be inside the shrine.
    #3 : Near the path to the Turtle Stone, in the water there is a cave. 
    You must have Yae's Magic Power to swim under to the cave and get the 
    #4 : Push the Turtle Stone to the sign that says about some fortune. 
    Then the cat will fall on the middle of the Turtle Stone section of the 
    Kii-Awaji Island :
    Silver Dolls : 2
    How to get the Silver Dolls -
    #1 : It will be to the left on the path to the Kii-Awaji Tourist Center.
    #2 : This one is on Husband & Wife Rock, on the top of the taller one. 
    To get there, push the Turtle Stone to the sign that says about a red 
    gate. You will teleport in front of the Red Gate. Go through it and you 
    will be there.
    Vine Bridge :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    When crossing the bridge, fall through a section close to the gate to 
    Folkypoke Village :
    Silver Dolls : 1to get the Silver Doll - 
    Go the area that has a bunch of haystacks. Once you have the Min-Ebsiu 
    power, srhink and go under one of the haystacks that has one under it.
    Ghost Toys Castle 1st Floor :
    Silver Dolls : 2
    Gold Dolls : 1
    How to the Silver Dolls -
    #1 : The doll is near the Power Switch that turns on the Crane Game.
    #2 : This one is two rooms straight ahead of #1.
    How to get the Gold Doll -
    The first Gold Doll in the game! It is in the biggest room in this 
    floor. Walk accross the tightrope, and the doll is yours.
    Ghost Toys Castle Basement :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    About halfway through the basement you see a little platform under the 
    water on the bottom. Use Yae's Magic Power to get it.
    Ghost Toys Castle 2nd Floor :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    This one is found near the center of the big room with the hot water and 
    spining tops.
    Iyo 2 :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    It is found in the area that has the red bars in it.
    Chugoku Region - Aki-Nagato :
    Silver Dolls : 2
    How to get the Silver Dolls - 
    #1 : This one is on the Red Arch with a moving platform. Use that 
    platform to get the doll.
    #2 : From the bridge, make sure you are facing the long wall not the 
    water. You should a area that you can get to on. Go there, and keep 
    going on the path. Then you will need to shrink to get under the wall 
    sticking out. Then you will see the doll.
    Chugoku Region - Inaba Dune
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    Go to the little lake at the one end of the area. You will see it near 
    the little dam.
    Chugoku Region - Bizen
    Silver Dolls : 1
    Gold Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    It is behind one of the cracked doors.
    How to get the Gold Doll -
    It is behind the other cracked door.
    Festival Temple Castle E Area :
    Gold Dolls : 1
    How to get the Gold Doll - 
    First, you must get past the very first area that needs the Kunai of   
    Severe Cold. Then, keep going through the doors until you are outside. 
    At one end of balcony area, look down and you should see the doll. If 
    not try the other end. Then jump to it and it is yours.
    Festival Temple Castle W Area :
    Silver Dolls : 2
    How to get the Silver Dolls -
    #1 : Found near the 1st door you come to with a Silver Lock. You reach 
    it by climbing among the roofs. Need Super Jump.
    #2 : This one is found near the Kunai of Severe Cold.
    Festival Temple Castle S Area :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Dolls -
    #1 : It's in the long corridor area above you. You don't need Super 
    Jump, you need to enter from  another door. Then take the platform 
    accross to it. 
    Festival Temple Castle N Area :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    Go to the area that has those things that look like fish that swing 
    around. The doll is found on  the highest platform on the pillar. Not 
    the one with the Sparkling Dumpling but above that.
    Tunnel to Northeast 2 :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    Found in the open area near the gate to Mutsu
    Festival Village :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    Where the little lake is, use Yae's Magic and swim under and through the 
    tunnel underwater. There is the hidden shop, and the doll will be 
    Waterfall of Kegon :
    Gold Dolls : 1
    How to get the Gold Doll -
    Once you obtain the Mermaid power, change Yae into one, then swim 
    underwater and find a tunnel. You will find it in back of the waterfall.
    Uzen (Tunnel) :
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    Go into the water and swim to the ladder on the dry area of the tunnel. 
    The doll is near the ladder.
    Japan Sea:
    Silver Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Doll -
    Found at the other end of the area from the entrance.
    Gorgeous Music Castle :
    Silver Dolls : 4
    Gold Dolls : 1
    How to get the Silver Dolls -
    #1 : It's in the room with the fans and a Gold Lock. Found on a platform 
    against the wall, use the fans to get it.
    #2 : Found in room that has a Diamond Lock and a Gold Lock. It's in the 
    open. No problem.
    #3 : This one is confusing. It's in the room that has Mr. Arrow in it. 
    When you activate the platforms, you will see some bars near the water. 
    There is a little plaform on top. Go on it using Sasuke's Magic. The 
    doll will be on a platform nearby.
    #4 : This is the only one in the Basement. Found in the maze-like area 
    with the baddies that shoot those spiky roses at you. You will see it at 
    a dead end.
    How to get the Gold Doll -
    Found inside Dacin's picture. The room that has his picture, just jump 
    inside of it. The doll will be in the hidden room.
    10) Memorable Quotes/Conversations
    Goemon: But I thought Wise Man died.
    Wise Man: You couldn't be furthur from the truth! Just look at me, I'm 
    as healthy as ever!
    Goemon: Then WHO was that spirit the Witch called for us? <audience 
    Yae: Yes, there is something strange about that, but let's not worry 
    about it now. <audience laughs>
    Yae: But what are you doing here?
    Wise Man: Well...I was caught by the Peach Mountain guys.
    Wise Man: And...I gave them Mechanical Robots and an Instant Stage 
    Beam...Well...in exchange for a muscle car poster and five car 
    magazines... <audience laughs>
    Goemon: WHAT?!? <audience laughs>
    Wise Man: Oh, ah, I mean I strongly resisted but they FORCED me to make 
    them <audience laughs real hard>
    Kid: My dad was trying to dance like Jichael Mackson!
    Dancin': Welcome!
    Lily: Welcome to our stage, la, la...
    Dancin': Fernandez!
    Goemon: I'm not Fernandez!! <audience laughs>
    Dancin': Behave yourself! This will be your last stop anyway!!
    Goemon: What do you mean?!
    Dancin': Today is the day you get to...experience our...SECRET POWERS!
    Ebisumaru: What's this extra cofidence I sense? <audience laughs>
    Yae: I don't know what secret powers they say they have, but they can't 
    defeat us!
    Sasuke: Yes, you're right. I don't see any way that they can beat us!
    Lily: O-o, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho (My note: Yes, they also had it in audio 
    Don't be so sure of yourselves!
    Dancin': All we have to do is join our two forces together, la, la!
    Lily: And it will be history for...YOU GUYS!
    Dancin': Starting right now, we will make you our...Die hard fans, 
    yes...DIE HARD FANS!
    Goemon: What?! <audience laughs>
    Lily: Listen, la, la! To this so-ong, la, la...!
    Dancin': Observe, la, la! The dance, la, la...! Of the PEACH MOUNTAIN 
    *Shows funny play*
    <audience laughs REAL hard>
    Goemon: Whew! What was that...<audience laughs> 
    Ebisumaru: I, I can't believe it...I don't know...but I think 
    I'm...becoming a die hard fan...of Dancin' and Lily... <audience laughs>
    Goemon: So, why do you think you were kidnapped?
    Kid: Maybe it had something to do with me being named Dancin Alnite...
    ~ More to come if you send them in!~
    10) Credits
    Nintendo: Well, I always have to give them credit in my FAQS because I'm 
    playing it on THEIR machine =)
    Konami: For making such a strange game. Oh, and thanks for bringing it 
    over here!!
    N64cc.com: For letting me use their Codes list.
    MetroidMoo: He let me use his Fortune Dolls list. Hey MM, wanna chat 
    sometime on ICQ? =)
    11) Farewell/Final Notes
    Well, did ya like it? Yes? No...? I hope it was the former...
    If you have any comments, suggestions, corrections, or anything else 
    that my wacked mind can't come up with, send me an E-mail at 
    m_mallow@hotmail.com (Also found under the title of this FAQ).
    C-ya on the flip side!!
    Or should I say...guide?

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