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    FAQ/Walkthrough by FunkyLizard

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/03/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The almost ultimate guide for:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                       Legend of the
     _ _ _                                      _
    | | | |         _____    _              _  | |
    |     | _   _  / ____| _| |_-  ___   __| | | |
    |     || |_| ||_____  \_   _||| __| | _  | | |___
    |_|_|_||____ | _____/ / |_||_||___| |____| |_____|
           |_____||______/          _   _     
                                   |  \| | _  _       _    _
     /</\\/\/\\/\-                 |   | | _ | |___   _  _| |
     ///\\/\/|\/\>)                | |\  || ||  _  | | || _ |
     </</\\|/ \\\/\\               |_| \_||_||_| |_|_| ||___|
     //|\/\/\/-\/-\\                               |___|
      /   \  /    \
     |  /()  ()\  |
     | O  |_|  O  |          Starring Goemon  
     |  \_____/   | 
    (more ASCII Art at very bottom)
    Legend of the Mystical Ninja
    Nintendo 64
    Funky Lizard (flizard64@yahoo.com)
    v 1.0 4/3/99
      Well, it's Easter Sunday right now, when I am finishing up my FAQ, 
    nibbling my Cadsburry egg, when I try to add onto this FAQ. It's hard, 
    so exept for the ASCII art scattered around, I need help. So for any 
    suggestion or codes, etc. E-mail them to me at flizard64@yahoo.com.   
        Anyone like my ASCII art of Goemon? If so, then you have _really_ 
    bad taste in art!!! But still, it is kinda good for a face...
        Well, this game isn't so popular. But it is the most AWESOME game on 
    64, exception for Zelda. Why isn't it popular?  (1) It has Japanese 
    style characters, sometimes distracting buyers/renters (2) Goemon looks 
    very... disturbing, in some peoples mind. (3) It is a pretty short game.
    But what the heck! Well, here is my review on it.
    ~Style 5.0- Cute characters. Yech.
    ~Gameplay 7.0- Awesome Impact battles, but only a 1 player game
    ~Graphics/Sound 9.5- Best music in any N64 game yet. Awesome enemies and 
    characters, got to see it to believe it.
    ~Overall ???- Matters with your style, and if you have a friend who 
    wants to play, because this game can break up a friendship fast like 
    that. ;D
     If you like games like this, buy it!!! But if you are low on cash, rent 
    the game for at least a week. 7 days. It is better if you buy, of 
    course, because it is fun (and challenging) to try to get all the cat 
    dolls. You will get and awesome secret if you do.  
     I have a sort of complete walkthrough on this game, but it isn't the 
    best ever. I do have some cool information about the characters, and 
    other stuff that you can't find anywhere but here.
    Table of Contents=|
    1. Introduction
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Characters
    4. Items
    5. _VERY_ Brief Walkthrough
    6. Walkthrough
        a. "The Beginning"
        b. Oedo Castle
        c. Oedo Town
        d. Zazen Town
        e. Follypoke Village
        f. Ghost Toys Castle
        g. Chugoku Region
        h. Festival Temple Castle
        i. "The Witch"
        j. Submarine
        k. "Cucumber"
        l. Gorgeous Musical Castle 1
        m. Gorgeous Musical Castle 2
    7. Bosses
    8. Impact Battles
    9. Stores
    10. Funny/Cool/Weird
    11. Secrets
    12. News/End 
    This is the guide to the character, their powers, where you get them, 
    etc. If anyone can get the pronunciations right, send them to me!!! Oh 
    yeah, and if an E has a U over it, it is one of those upside down E's 
    (like in the word "m(u)d").
    ~Goemon (go mohn)
       To get him: you start out with him
       Main Weapon: Pipe 
       Ryo Item: Ryo! (throw money, eh?)
       Special Weapon: Flaming Ryo
       Special Item: Chain Pipe
       Magic Power: Sudden Impact
                       U     _
    ~Ebisumaru (ee bis e ma ru)
       To get him: you start out with him
       Main Weapon: Hammer
       Ryo Item: None
       Special Weapon: Meat Hammer
       Special Item: Wind-Up Camera
       Magic Power: Mini-Ebisumaru
    ~Yae (yee OR ya?)
       To get her: After you beat Kashiwagi go 
                   ahead into Zazen Town
       Main Weapon: Katana Blade
       Ryo Item: None
       Special Weapon: Lock-On Bazooka
       Special Item: Warp Flute
       Magic Power: Mermaid
    ~Sasuke (sa su kee)
       To get him: Beat Benkei, get further, and 
                   then collect the batteries.
       Main Weapon: Fist Daggers
       Ryo Item: Bombs and Ice Daggers
       Special Weapon: Bomb
       Special Item: Ice Daggers
       Magic Power: Super Jump
       Other Attacks: Z+B= Horizontal hair shot  B+Z= Vertical hair shot
    Commonly found items:                
    Ryo- The form of money in this game; used to buy items and use magic. 
    Dumplings- Health. There are gold ones, which restore all of your 
    health, but most of them restore 1 heart.
    Silver Fortune Doll- When you get four, they increase the amount of 
    heart containers you have.
    Golden Fortune Doll- Equal to four Silver Fortune Dolls
    Surprise Package- 1-Up. Get a free life with one of these.
    Castle Items:
    Silver Key- Many are found in each castle, opens the silver key door.
    Gold Key- Opens gold key door, usually leading straight to the boss.
    Diamond key- In the few castles it is in, leads straight to the boss.
    Mr. Elly Fant : Collect this little elephant to get the map for the 
    castle you are currently in.
    Mr. Arrow : Collect him, and a skull will appear on the map which is the 
    location of the dungeon boss.
    Brief Walkthrough=|
    This is the very basics of the game. This is the shortest possible way I 
    can put it, and if you want every little detail, see the next section.
    Oedo Town - Mt. Fuji - Oedo Castle - Kashiwagi - Zazen - Dragon - 
    Follypoke - Golden Temple - Hot Springs - Ghost Toy's Castle - Chugoku 
    Region - Festival Temple Castle - Akiyoshidai - Oedo Town - Musashi - 
    Festival Village -  Mt. Fuji - Mt. Fear - Submarine - Zazen Town - 
    Golden Temple - Bizen - Mt. Nyoigatake - Zazen Town - Gorgeous Musical 
    Castle 1 - Sogen Town - Gorgeous Musical Castle 2 - Balberra - D'Etoile 
       If you don't know where to go, then check out the previous section. 
    But this section is a super-duper more detailed section of the last. 
             Now, the part you have waited a whole three sections for, The 
    Walkthrough!! I will include some Cat Doll locations here, therefore I 
    need no Cat Doll Section! YEAH!!!
    You start out in Goemon's house, exit through the door up top. Yes that 
    is a door! Here are some controls to get used to while wandering around:
    A- Jump
    B- Weapon or Item
    C Down- Change characters
    C Left- Change weapons
    C Right- Town Map
    C Up- Magic Power (can't use yet)
    Start- Status screen, map
    Start, Z- map (can't use yet)
    Now go west, outside of the town and you will be at a field. Yes, the 
    first enemy! These are "Cupcake Girls 1" and "Dragons." This is Kai 
    Highway. Go inside the house and get a map from the traveling merchant. 
    Go outside and over the bridge. Look for a Silver Fortune cat doll. Go 
    up and into the door. This is Mt. Fuji. Climb up the ladder and go right 
    for another Silver Fortune cat doll. Go up for awhile and through the 
    curtains. There are some undefeatable baddies named "Slinkers." Avoid 
    them and proceed, cautiously crossing the moving bridge. Go outside and 
    back up, proceeding until you find a door. Go inside it and go into the 
    house. Talk to Mokubei and receive the Chain Pipe. Fall (yes fall, you 
    don't get hurt, no matter what height) back down the mountain.
    ~Oedo Castle~ 
    Go back to Odeo Town and exit north. There will be star blocks on the 
    other side. Hit them with your newly attained Chain Pipe and you will 
    fly to the other side. On the left there is a Silver Fortune cat doll. 
    On the right, go into the door and you will be in Oedo Castle! Go thru 
    the first room and go left. Chain Pipe across until you get the Silver 
    Key. Chain Pipe back and open the silver key door. Get Mr. Elle Fant and 
    a Silver Fortune cat doll. Now go back and head into the other door in 
    the hallway you just came in. Kill everything to get the key and head 
    back into the room with Mr. Elle Fant. Open the key door, kill three 
    flying floors, get the key, and exit. The door ahead is locked, so go 
    right and kill the enemies. Get the _Gold key_ and open the locked door 
    across the star block. 
    Jump on the block and be risen up. Jump over the ball guys and then hop 
    on a chained block and jump on the other one to get the key. Go into the 
    unlocked door to get a Silver Fortune cat doll. If you haven't found 
    out, if you get four of these, you get and extra heart. Go and jump over 
    the spike balls and open the door. Chain pipe your way over and go 
    through the door on the left.  Grab the key, go back to the spiked ball 
    room, and open the locked door. Get Mr. Arrow on the way. Go ahead, past 
    the ball dudes, and the ninjas. Go out, and there will be chain blocks, 
    so use them to get across into the door. Take the elevator up and talk 
    to Baron. He is the "Blue Weirdo," or as I call him, "Gay Guy #1" After 
    a while, he will leave, so go through the doors in the wall. Alot huh? 
    On the way there, grab the health and the Silver Fortune cat doll. You 
    will be in a room with Congo.
                      1st Boss- The King Robot: Congo
                     See the "Boss" Section for details
    The lord will give you a super pass. Now go back to...
    ~Oedo Town~
    Go where the two guards were blocking you before and talke to one. They 
    will let you through. In Musashi, just go into the door on the left. Go 
    through the tunnel and exit. Run up the hill and after a while you will 
    see a cinema. You will see a house blow up, Baron appear, you talking to 
    Baron about the house (thinking that HE blew it up, so also being 
    wrong...), and then be "transported" into Impact's mouth.
                    2nd Boss- Wartime Kabuki Robot: Kashiwagi
                      See the "Impact" Section for details 
    ~Zazen Town~
    After you beat Kashiwagi, go ahead until you get to Zazen Town. You will 
    meet Yae there and she will join you. Switch to her with C-Down and you 
    will find she has a pretty good weapon and she runs alot smoother. But 
    just wait until you get Sasuke...   You are in Zazen Town, the biggest, 
    most main city that is right in the middle of Japan. Find a guy named 
    Benkei blocking the bridge. Talk to him and jump into the river. heading 
    left. Find a girl named Ushiwagi, and catch her fish. She will then give 
    you the Achilles' Heel log, so go back and fight Benkei. As soon as he 
    jumps, throw it, so he lands on it when he comes back down. After two 
    hits, he will block the log, so you must make him land directly on it. 
    When you win, you will be able to pass, and you will also be given 
    Sasuke, the mechanical robot. Don't be exited, he doesn't have batteries 
    just yet.
       Go into the door and then down the hill in the next area, and go 
    across the bridge to the right. Go ahead and you will be at Turtle Rock. 
    Here is the order in which to push it:
    - South, to receive a Silver Fortune cat doll
    - North, to go into the temple that was locked. Climb up to get a 
    surprise package, and look for two Silver Fortune cat dolls in there.
    - West, for some coins
    - East, to be transported to a new area. Just walk into the red gates, 
    swim over onto the "Husband and Wife" rock, and climb to get a Silver 
    Fortune cat doll and a teleporter back.
       Jump off the island and swim to land. Check out the coffee shop, and 
    go behind it for a surprise package. Go up the cliff and into the house. 
    Talk to the lady and ask to help with the dragon business. She will 
    transport you onto the dragon's back, so run up it until you reach a 
    weird enemy. This is the Control Machine.
                       3rd Boss- The Controller Machine
                        See "Boss" section for details
    ~Follypoke Village~
    You will talk to a girl/dragon named Koryuta and Yae receives the Warp 
    Flute. Any time you "check in" at a Coffee Shop, you can warp there with 
    the flute. Cool! Climb up the mountain, checking in the coffee shop on 
    the way. When you get up, switch to Goemon and fire 5 ryo at the box in 
    the center of the altar. The god of cash will give you the Medal of 
    Flames. Switch to your ryo and hold B to use them.
       Now go all the way back down the mountain and into the door. Follow 
    the path up into another door, leading to a vine bridge. The lighter 
    colored boards will fall, but if you fall at the third set of loose 
    boards you will get a Silver Fortune doll. When you cross the bridge, 
    you'll be in Iyo, so _check into the Coffee Shop_ and then look at the 
    Dogo Hot Springs entrance. You can't go into it right now, but warp to 
    Zazen Town using Yae's flute. After riding the dragon, go check out 
    Kashiwagi, the girl  who loves fish. Whoa! She is tiny! Talk to her, and 
    then go. Follow her around the corner down to the small waterfall. Go up 
    the ladder and through the door. Go into the second door on your right 
    and you will find the fisher standing in front of a door. Switch to 
    Ebisumaru and talk to her.  
                       Mini-Game #1- The Cupboard 
       =You have to get eight food cakes that fall from the sky, but=
       =watch out! Every 10-15 seconds or so, a giant will peek in. =
       =If you don't hide behind an obstacle, bombs will drop from  =
       =the sky! Also, some cupcake girls will fall. This is easy!  =
      After you beat this game, you will receive the Mini-Ebismu magic 
    power. Now warp back to Iyo, and go to the Hot Spring's entrance. Use 
    Ebisamaru's power (C-Up) and walk under the small hole on the far side 
    of the place. Go under the red gate with Mini-Ebismu and climb the 
    ladder. Use the chain pipe to get across. There is a sign before the 
    door which allows you to save.
    ~Ghost Toys Castle~
    The two torches need to be lit with the Medal of Flames. When so is 
    done, the door will open. The next room has a large machine, ignore it 
    now, and go ahead into the door. Go down the elevator and go through the 
    many rooms. In most of them you just jump across platforms (actually, 
    they are some kind of Japanese chess pieces!) but in one room with the 
    evil McDonalds workers, there is a flower bulb. Carry it up the platform 
    for some ryo and health! Now you are in a room with a switch, well 
    switch it (!), and climb up the platforms, collecting the key, and jump 
    over. Play the crane game until you get the camera. It is hard, just 
    keep on trying. When you get it, use your key on the silver key door in 
    the next room. Use the Wind-Up Camera to make all the ghosts appear. 
    Destroy them, grab Mr. Arrow, and go into the door. Go across into the 
    first door to your left. Kill all the ghosts after making them appear 
    and get the key. Go back and go into the key door. Ride the elevator up 
    and go into the door. Go up the ramp, across the tops, and back into the 
    elevator arrival room to open the locked door. Go into the unlocked exit 
    and you'll be back into the top room, so go into the next room. Kill 
    everything to get a key, and go back. Open that door and go into the 
    door in the ahead. Here get some health and ryo, then go back out and 
    cross the ropes. In this next room, kill the ghosts for the Gold Key and 
    surprise package. Go back to where the Gold Key door is, and use the 
    key! Go to the first door on your left into a pool table room. You must 
    hit the ball with the arrow over it until all of them are gone. You 
    don't have to aim, if you hit them they go in a hole automatically. Sink 
    all the balls to get the Silver Key, and exit. Get the Diamond Key here 
    and go back to the room before the pool table. Open the Diamond door and 
    you will be on a platform with the Evil McDonald Worker!
                  4th Boss- The Surrender Robot: Dharumanyo
                     See "Boss" section for information
    ~Chugoku Region~
    After you beat Dharumanyo, warp to Zazen Town and go across the bridge 
    into the Chugoku. Ignore the doors and cracked walls for now, and go 
    across the bridges into Izumo. Head down the path to your right and 
    through the door, into a large desert. Find a pond and in the center of 
    it is a battery. Now exit and climb up the mountain to a big tree. Climb 
    up it, use the Wind-Up camera, and retrieve the battery. Now you can be 
    Sasuke, the mechanical robot!
    ~\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\You have Sasuke!/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\~
    {{{[[~~~~~`````Oops, got a bit carried away``````~~~~~~]]}}}
    Ok, stop the decals...
       Go back down the hill and check in at the coffee shop so you can warp 
    back here. Take the door to Hagi Village, and head into the northwest 
    corner. Go into the door, ignore the one on the left, and head down the 
    path to Shuhodo cave entrance. Shuhodo cave is pretty simple, walk 
    through it, blow up the door with one of Sasuke's firecrackers, and on 
    the other side is Festival Temple Castle! 
    ~Festival Temple Castle~
    Head left at the start and inside the fenced in section. Walk around and 
    into the door, then jump over the gaps avoiding the rolling thingies. Go 
    into the next door, collect Mr. Elle Fant, head back around, and fall 
    down into the next door. Go into the unlocked door and climb up the 
    ladder for a Silver Fortune doll, then jump down into the other door.  
    Head left into the unlocked door and go strait into the next door, 
    avoiding the enemies. The platforms here are weird. Just stay in the air 
    as much as possible by jumping alot. Here is a map:
                  "Platform Room"
        |   |@@@@#               #@@@@|    |    ~~ = door
        |   |@@@@    @@@@@@@@@    @@@@|    |    @@ = see-saw platforms
        |   |@@@@    @@@@@@@@@    @@@@|    |    #  = enemies
        |~  |@@@@    @@@@@@@@@    @@@@|   ~|
        |~  |@@@@    @@@@@@@@@    @@@@|   ~|
        |   |@@@@       __        @@@@|    |
        |   |@@@@      |  |       @@@@|    |
      Head into the door on the right, and here head up the ladder for a 
    Silver Fortune doll. Jump down and head on the door to the right, using 
    the wooden platforms. Get the key and head out, to last locked door you 
    saw. Go into it, and look for a ladder to your right. Walk on the roof, 
    and go up the next ladder for a free man. Come back down and go into the 
    door here. Grab the Kunai of Severe Cold, and come back the way you came 
    and then into the first door on the left. Dodge and jump over the 
    barrels into the next door, and take the door on the right. Here grab 
    Mr. Arrow and go back out. Head onto the platform with two doors, and go 
    into the on on the left. Cool down the platform on the right with the 
    Kunai of Severe Cold and go under the pagoda to get the Meat-Saw hammer. 
    If you kill an enemy with the Meat-Saw hammer, if the enemy was going to 
    give off anything in the first place, you will get health. No more ryo, 
    just dumplings! Now go back to the VERY start of the castle. All the way 
    back. Yep, back to the outside. YES, I AM SURE!!!
      When at the start, go up the stairs and into the door on the right 
    side of the building. Go across the hot platforms, in the door, freeze 
    the platforms and go up them, then go into this door. Get the Gold Key 
    here, then fall down and go out the door to the right. Go to the end of 
    the porch and jump over the balcony for a Gold Fortune doll and some 
      Go AAAAALLLLLLLLL the way back to the Gold Key door (actually it isn't 
    that far...), and go into it. Use the giant fish to climb up to the top 
    here, then go into the door at the top. Go strait ahead then jump down 
    inot the pit with
                     5th Boss- The Ghost Robot: Tsurami  
                        See next section for details
    ~The Witch~
    Exit the cave and go into the door you skipped before, the one in 
    Akiyoshidai. You'll find Omitsu, and see her get sucked up into a giant 
    metal blob, along with Kyushu! Yes... er, wait that's bad, huh? Switch 
    to Yae and warp back to Oedo. Go into the place across from Goemon's 
    house, middle door. Switch to Goemon and talk to the guy.
                  Mini-Game #2- That $%#^@!% game! 
       =How can anyone stand this? You must keep the people from   =
       =popping the balloons for 99 seconds. Always keep spinning, =
       =because one is always up to pop one. Just whack them alot  =
       =with the boxes. This takes about 10 tries for me, and I    =
       =have beaten it 3 times before! Just don't give up!         =
    Go to Muhashi, and head left to where the metal box is. Press C-Up to 
    use Goemon's magic power to push the box. Also, under the gate is a 
    Silver Fortune doll. Here go across the tunnel area, until you see a red 
    switch. Hit it with any weapon and ride the platforms across., then go 
    into the door. You will emerge in the snowy lands of Mutsu. Go into the 
    do and you will be in Festival Village. Check into the Coffee Shop here 
    and mess around a bit. Now talk to everyone. When you find a guy that 
    mention's Mokubei, use Yae's Flute to warp to Oedo Town. Go up Mt. Fuji 
    and talk to Mokubei. He will give you your first weapon upgrade. Warp 
    back up to Festival Village. Make sure you have at least 300 ryo. Go 
    find the Mt. Fear place, and go up the hill until you see a huge 
    glacier. Use your newly-upgraded weapon's to crack the Glacier in half. 
    Go up the hill, and pay the witch 300 ryo for some humor and the 
    liscense to progress in the game. Go back through Festival Village and 
    find the place where you entered. Go into the only door you haven't been 
    through, and pass the tunnel there. Go into the door and read the sign 
    to enter the third Mini-Game.   
                      Mini-Game #3- Up the waterfall!
       =This is a break from the last one, especially if you have a=
       =super control. Tap A or B very quickly to get up it, while =
       =avoiding the men that fall down. There is a meter on the   =
       =left hand side that tells you have far you are.            =
    Exit the cave and run through Festival Village. Go past Mt. Fear, and go 
    into the door leading to Mutsu shoreline. Use Yae's power to sink to the 
    bottom and hit the red swtich, and then go into the underwater cave it 
    opens up. Go under the glaciers, and in the next-to-last place is a 
    submarine. Forget it for now, and go to the next place, for a Suprise 
    Package and a Silver Fortune doll. Go back into the submarine.
    ~The Submarine~
    Go ahead torward the fan- but not all the way- and you will find a 
    passageway up. Go up there and turn off the magic power. Climb out to 
    find an elevator, and in the next room take either door (it does'nt 
    matter at all) and then take the door on the left. Jump across the 
    platforms to the door to the right (make note of the Silver Key door to 
    the left) Go across here with the Chain Pipe, go ahead, and use the 
    moving platforms here to get a Silver Key. Watch out for sushi-looking 
    enemies on the way. Go back to the Silver Key door and go into it.  Get 
    Mr. Arrow here above one of the bowls and take the elevator down. Swim 
    through the next hallway into the door, go into the corner of the next 
    room for the key, and go back to unlock the door. Go up onto land and 
    then use the Chain Pipe for tons of dumplings, then exit through the 
    door at the foot of the ladder on the other side. This room is hard. 
    Jump onto the first conveyor belt, jump strait across, and get the 
    Silver Key. Use it to unlock the door in the other corner. Here grab the 
    Gold Key, and unlock the door. Jump across and get the Yae's Bazooka and 
    a Silver Key. The Bazooka is cool! You can lock on by holding down B and 
    then releasing it. Go back into the Silver Key door in the last room. 
    Jump into the water pas the silver key door and use Ebisamaru's magic 
    power to go into the tiny doorway. Here get a Suprise Package and then 
    go back. Go up the elevator in the underwater place, and here use 
    Ebisumaru's camera to show the path. Walk on the yellow bridge until you 
    see a door. Go into it and ride in the bowls straight across to the door
    on the left. Kill everything here for a key. Go back to the bowl room 
    and unlock the Silver Key door. Here use the camera to find the path to 
    the Diamond Key! Go back into the bowl room and use it!! Go up the 
    elevator and go through this room and you are finished!!! 
                  6th Boss- The Charming Mermaid: Thaisamba 2
                       See "Impact" Section for details
    Use Yae's Flute to warp back to Zazen Town. Go talk to Benkei, and then 
    go into the middle of the city, where the pond is. Here run between the 
    two sticks to get Kihachi to submerge. Also, if you hit the stick thingy 
    in the corner a few times, a Silver Fortune doll will fall down. After 
    talking to Kihachi, find that kid who locked the door. He will say 
    something about a priest, so go check out the place where you got Mini-
    Ebisu. He will give you a key to the locked door in Bizen, so go there 
    and use it on the door. Turn into Sasuke and talk to the guy. 
                      Mini-Game #3- Up, Up, Up!
       =This is almost as easy as Mini-Ebismu. The object of the   =
       =mini-game is to get to the top of the tower. You will need =
       =to use spinning platforms, retracting platforms, and other =
       =stuff. When you get pretty high, be careful not to fall or =
       =else you must start all over again at the beginning!!!!!   =     
         Now you can jump super-high! Make sure you have 800 Ryo, and if 
    not, check out the Infinite Cash code in secrets section. Go back to 
    Zazen and go into the Mt. Nyoigatake door. Go up the hill and buy the 
    cucumber from the priest's son. Go back to Kihachi, and talk to him. Now 
    you have the last Miracle Item!! You probably don't know, but now you 
    can go into outer space. Warp to Festival Village and then goto the 
    Mutsu shoreline, then find the big pot thingy. Make sure you have 
    everything you need, 'cuz you can't go back. Go onto it and you will be 
    launched into outer space! 
    ~Gorgeous Musical Castle 1~
    Take the first door on the left and through the next hallway. Get the 
    Silver Key after a bit of climbing around, and then use it to unlock the 
    door. Go across the fold-up fans in the next room and take the Gold Key 
    back to the start of the castle, where the Gold Key door was. Go into it 
    and then use the fans to get a Silver Fortune doll. Jump down and go 
    into the door, then use the drums to bounce up to the next room. Go 
    ahead and grab Mr. Elle Fant and use Goemon's strength to push the 
    block. Chain Pipe across for the Gold key, and head back inot the 
    folding fan room, unlock that Gold Door. Grab the Silver Fortune doll, 
    and use Min-Ebismu for the tiny door, then grab the Gold Key. Use it in 
    the last room and use Sasuke's power to get past the rotating blocks to 
    the Diamond Key. Go back into the room with the tiny hole. Hit the 
    switch on the top balcony, and climb up the steps it made. Dodge the 
    waves and go into the next room, in which you hit a switch at the start. 
    Go through the door and you will be in Kyushu! 
          Now go through the maze of hedges, watching out for the roses. If 
    you touch one, it will stick onto you and will take 2 hearts! Avoid them 
    and go into the General Store. Talk to Omitsu then find the resturant. 
    Talk to the Old Man for some laughs and upgraded weapons! Head back 
    through the gates and find the boarded up door. Slash it up and go 
    ~Gorgeous Musical Castle 2~ Ah, it's almost over! Go up the stairs and 
    jump into Dancin's picture for a Gold Fortune doll. Go onto the door on 
    the right and head across the platforms. Go across the conveyor belts to 
    the switch, and go into the door it made accessable. This room use 
    Goemon's super strength to push the blocks over the fire, or just run 
    across the lava. Hit the red switch and ride on the moving platform to 
    get a Diamond Key and stairs. Go up them and then slide down the ledge, 
    collecting as many coins as possible. Go across the rotating platforms 
    and go under the balcony for the Diamond Key Door. Here you can take the 
    path straight down for a Silver Fortune Doll, and then take the other 
    one for a door. Inside it is a rotating tunnel. Cross it without falling 
    into the holes and go into the door. After the hilarious dance (Sharon, 
    Baron, Colon and them doing the Funky Chicken) you will be transported 
    into Impact, for the final boss battles!
          7th Boss- The Peach Mountain Battleship: Balberra
                  See "Impact" Section for Details
          8th Boss- The Fairy of Love and Dreams: D'Etoile
                  See "Impact" Section for Details
    *After you beat D'Etoilet -errr- D'Etoile:*
    ///////////////\\YOU BEAT THE GAME//\\\\\\\\\\\\
    YOU HAVE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    BEATEN THE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    AWESOME GAME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    YOU COOL PERSON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    YOU USED MY GUIDE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    THANK YOU FOR USING~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    THIS GUIDE VERY MUCH~~~~~~~~~~~~
    BUT YOU DIDN'T? OH, OK!~~~~~~~~~
    1. Congo: The King Robot- When he snaps his head back, watch out, as he 
    is about to shoot out flames. Circle around to avoid them. Next he will 
    shoot 4 lasers. Watch out and jump over these, and after he stops, hit 
    him. You can hit him around 8 times each time he pauses, so he isn't 
    that hard.
    2. Impact Boss: Kashiwagi
    3. Control Machine- When you get to him, back off while he is spinning. 
    When he stops, smack him once. Not hard, but using the Chain Pipe is 
    recommended. 6 smacks and he's out.
    4. Dharumanyo: The Surrender Robot- Make sure you take a picture with 
    the Wind-Up camera, to show his weak point and make him vulnerable. 
    Watch out for his attacks: (1) He slashes you with his claws (2) He 
    shoots three fireballs at you, just run nonstop here (3) His most 
    useless attack is slamming his fist into the ground, trying to impale 
    you. When he stops smack him, and this boss should be done in no time.
    5. Tsurami The Ghost Robot- To beat him, simply hit the RED plates back 
    at him. He has three plate-throwing modes: (1)Throws blue plates, then 
    two reds. (2)Same thing, but this time faster (3)Now he is MAD. He will 
    bombard you with explosive plates, occasionally red ones to knock back.
    Hit him with both plates 3 times on each mode to win.
    6. Impact Boss: Thasisamba 2
    7. Impact Boss: Balberra
    8. Impact Boss: D' Etoile
    That's all, folks!
    Impact Battles====|
    Here are Impact's moves, rated from * to ***:
    ~Weak punch*: B
    ~Strong punch*: A
    ~Nasal Bullets*: If only I could shoot bullets out of my nose! Press Z
    ~Super punch**: C-Up, C-Down, C-Up, A
    ~Laser mouth***: Awesome! When the bars beside the radar are flashing, 
    press C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, Z
    ~Chain pipe**: R, then tap A or B quickly to reel them in
    ~One-Two Punch*: B, B, A
    ~Punch-Kick**: B, B, B, A
    ~Super Punch + Kick***: Super Punch, tapping A the whole time
    ~Kick*: C-Down, C-Down, A
    ~Super Pipe Combo ???: B, A, R, R, A
    ~Super Duper Mega Combo Death**************- First, reel them in with a 
    Chain Pipe. Then do the Super Punch + Kick, immediately followed by a 
    Laser Mouth! This is worth many, many points of the enemy (see below).
    Weak Punch- 30
    Strong Punch- 80
    Nasal Bullets- 5
    Super Punc- 210
    Laser Mouth- 400 (!)
    Chain Pipe- 20
    One-Two Punch- 140
    Punch-Kick- ????
    Super Punch + Kick- 310
    Kick- 100
    Super Pipe Combo- ????
    Super Duper Mega Combo Death-  730 (!!!!!!!!!!!)
    These bosses are SUPER fun! So therefore I am not spoiling how to beat 
    each individual boss. Sorry!!!
    !~~All the information in this section is from Marshmallow's FAQ. 
    !~~Thanks, Mallow Man! Look in the Special Thanks section for details.
    Now, it's on to the prices of stuff...! Note: In Restaurants, the first 
    item heals 2 Hearts, then the next one heals 3 Hearts, and the last one 
    Heals 5 Hearts (unless otherwise noted).
    All Inns In Game:
    Room                 Price
    Bronze Room   .......60 Ryo
    Silver Room  ........100 Ryo
    Gold Suit ...........200 Ryo
    Bronze = 4 Hearts
    Silver = 8 Hearts
    Gold = ALL Hearts
    - Oedo Town Shops -
    General Store:
    Item               Price
    Plain Rice Ball...50 Ryo
    Plum Rice Balls...120 Ryo
    General Store 2:
    Item                 Price
    Sombrero..........50 Ryo
    Straw Raincoat ...80 Ryo
    Metal Armor .....200 Ryo
    Item                Price
    Dumplings .......15 Ryo
    Oden   ..........25 Ryo
    Sushi  ..........45 Ryo
    - Zazen Town Shops -
    General Store:
    Item                Price
    Plain Rice Balls...50 Ryo
    Plum Rice Balls...120 Ryo
    General Store 2:
    Item                 Price
    Sombrero     .......50 Ryo
    Metal Helmet .......150 Ryo
    Metal Armor ........200 Ryo
    Item                 Price
    Rice Crackers ....15 Ryo
    Sauced Dumplings..25 Ryo
    Hot Tofu .........45 Ryo
    - Folkypoke Village Shops -
    General Store:
    Item                Price
    Plain Rice Balls...50 Ryo
    Plum Rice Balls....120 Ryo
    Surprise Pack......500 Ryo
    General Store 2:
    Item                Price
    Metal Helmet......150 Ryo
    Metal Armor.......200 Ryo
    Item                Price
    Orange.............15 Ryo
    Noodles ...........25 Ryo
    Fresh Bonito ......45 Ryo
    - Festival Village Shops -
    General Store:
    Item               Price
    Plain Rice Balls...120 Ryo
    Fish Rice Balls ...200 Ryo
    Metal Armor........200 Ryo
    Item               Price
    Apple ............15 Ryo
    Bowl of Noodles ..25 Ryo
    Kinitanpo  .......45 Ryo
    General Store 2 (Hidden):
    Item               Price
    Gold Armor .......350 Ryo
    Gold Helmet ......250 Ryo
    Surprise Pack ....500 Ryo
    - Outspace: Kyushu Shops -
    General Store:
    Item                Price
    Plum Rice Balls....120 Ryo
    Fish Rice Balls....200 Ryo
    Surprise Pack .....500 Ryo
    General Store 2:
    Item               Price
    Metal Armor......200 Ryo
    Gold Helmet .....250 Ryo
    Gold Armor ......350 Ryo
    Item               Price
    Sponge Cake ......15 Ryo
    Round Radish......25 Ryo
    Chanpon Noddles...45 Ryo
    Whew...well, that's it! Wait...I bet you want what the Restaurants tell 
    you about their food, am I correct? Well...since I'm such a nice guy...
    When you walk up to the counter the man talks to you. If you talk to 
    the woman, she talks to you. But they each talk about the food 
    DIFFERENTLY, so there's two for each!
    - Oedo Restaurant -
    Dumplings: 1) 3 colored dumplings, not too sweet!
               2) It's great for a dessert!
    Oden: 1) The soup is well absorbed by the Oden!
          2) The traditional hot dish of Japan!
    Sushi: 1) The best Sushi in town!
           2) It's fresh Sushi from the Edo area!
    - Zazen Town Restaurant -
    Rice Crackers: 1) There's nothing like the taste of soy sauce on these  
                   2) Even the deer of Yamato love these crackers!
    Sauced Dumplings: 1) Hot and tender, straight off the grill!
                      2) The octopus pieces in our dumplings are huge!
    Hot Tofu: 1) It's got that smooth upper class taste!
              2) It's very hot, be careful.
    - Folkypoke Village Restaurant -
    Orange: 1) Fresh and natural, with no chemical additives!
            2) Sweet and juicy!
    Noodles: 1) A perfect harmony of noodles and soup!
             2) There's nothing like a hot bowl of noodles!
    Fresh Bonito: 1) Very fresh and very tender, delicious!
                  2) We just caught it this morning!
    - Festival Village Restaurant -
    Apple: 1) Look, it's red and cute, just like my cheeks!
           2) Sweet yet sour, the taste of a freshly picked apple!
    Bowl of Noodles: 1) I bet I could eat more than you!
                     2) The cute little bowls they come in make the meal 
                        even more delightful! 
    Kiritanpo: 1) It's good by itself, or in a hot bowl of soup!
               2) A well known dish from the Northeast Region, where the 
                  rice is excellent!
    - Outer Space: Kyushu Restaurant - 
    Sponge Cake: 1) So sweet it will make your cheeks melt!
                 2) A soft and sweet snack from the Netherlands.
    Round Radish: 1) It's a super huge radish
                  2) Wow, a fat, and healthy radish!
    Chanpon Noodles: 1) Lots o' vegetables, lots o' seafood!
                     2) Delicious noodles with plenty of vegetables.
    //Funny Quotes:\\
    "What, is my fly unzipped?" "NO! I am not looking there!"
                                         -Ebisumaru and the witch
    "I gave them the mechanical robots and Instant Stage Beam for a muscle 
    car poster and five car magazines!"                       -Old Wise Man
    "What did you just say? They blew up my home! Grrrr... all those car 
    magazines I collected over the years!                            
                                   -Old Wise Man
    "Then I'll huff, puff and blow the door down!"
    //Other stuff:\\
    What is with the "weirdos"? Uggghhhh...  dum, de dum, de dum, de dum de 
    dum.  :D                                                                                                                                        
    Who actually understands the story line? It is so weird...
    You can tell if your game is an older version or a newer version:
    First Versions: The Old Wise Man is obsessed with girls
    New Version: The Old Wise Man is obsessed with cars
    When I first beat the game, I thought it was short. So when they said 
    they forgot about Kyushu, I thought there was more, so I was pretty 
    happy. Of course, it was too good to be true, and Kyushu came falling 
    Kyushu is one of the smallest places in the game, right? Well, actually 
    it is the second biggest is land in Japan!! 
    The bosses are like, cutesy! I mean, Mystery Women and Mystery Man have 
    dorky names like Tiger Lily and Sping Breeze Dancin'!!??? 
    Some Haikus
    Goemon and his friends
    Will their kick enemies' butt
    If they use this guide
    Instant Stage Beam, now!
    Given to them by the wise man
    His mind is with cars
    Dancin' and Lily
    Are two freaky enemies
    Why not someone cool?
    After it's over
    I write this very huge guide
    You'd better use it
    Boss Battle Mode- If you collect all 45 Silver Fortune dolls, you can 
    get a secret mote in options, called boss battle mode. Here you can 
    battle each Impact boss succesively. If you beat them, you will get some 
    awesome art.
    Rumble Pak- In the Impact stages, the Rumble Pak works! It adds a nice 
    little touch and can't be used anywhere else in the game.
    Infinite Cash- If you enter a place (like Oedo Castle's first room) get 
    all the coins, then re-enter, the pots will be back. If you do this in 
    Oedo Castle first room, you get 120 ryo each time!!!
    New Harido- While using Goemon's magic power, get killed by an enemy and 
    you will have golden hair when you come back!
    I know there is more, but I am just lazy. Lazy, lazy lazy. Send them to 
    me and I will post most of them up!
    Special Thanks====|
    Nintendo- They made the system
    Konami- For making awesome games like this one
    Marshmallow (m_mallow@hotmail.com)- He let me use his store list
    Ummmmm....- ummmmm...
       Other stuff: My web page is still being created... I am working on my 
    ASCII art skills at this time, which is obvious because I used them 
    about 80 times in this faq. This is one of the largest faqs I have 
    written. Pretty good, huh?
    Here is some little ASCII art I whipped up:
    ~~~~~The Cast of Legend of The Mystical Ninja~~~~~
        Goemon                           Sasuke
     /</\\/\/\\/\-                    |\/|/\/\//|
     ///\\/\/|\/\>)       Ebisumaru   | \| /|\/\|       Yae
     </</\\|/ \\\/\\    __________    \\\//\///      ________   
     //|\/\/\/-\/-\\   /_________ \    \|/_/_/      /        \
      /   \  /    \   || /\  /\  ||    ___||__     / /_/_\\__ \
     |  /()  ()\  |   |\___   ___/|   / \\ // \   / / \   /  | \
     | O  |_|  O  |   \____|_|____/  |  (| |)  | | | |) _ (| | |
     |  \_____/   |  /      o     \  |         | | |    _    | |
      \__________/   \____________/   \___o___/  | |\__|_/__/| |
                                                 | |__       |_| 
    ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc c    
     This FAQ is copyright Tony Emerson, 1999, and cannot be used on any 
    faq, web page, or your sister's boyfriend's forehead, without written 
    permission from me. You can, of course, print it out.
    ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc c
    See Ya-
    |  ____              _  _                      |
    | |  __| _  _  ____ | |/ /  _  _               |
    | |  __|| || ||    ||   |  | || |              |
    | |_|   |____||_||_||_|\_\ |__  |              |
    |     ________________________| |              |
    |    |__________________________|              |
    |             | |                          _   |
    |             | |   _  ___    _   ___     | |  |
    |             | |   _ |_  | _| | |  _|  __| |  |
    |             | |_ | | / / | _ | | |   | _  |  |
    |             |___||_|/___||___| |_|   |____|  |
    The End
    It's The End!!!
    Since it _is_ the END, GO AWAY!!
                            Stop Reading this 
             Thanks for reading, but why all the way down here!?

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