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"A good, yet underrateed game"

A good game which was avoided by many, Mystical Ninja was a great 3D platformer which played a lot like Super Mario 64.
It has four main characters in it which makes it more interesting. there is..
GOEMON the main hero of the game with the pineapple hair and the Pipe
EBISUMARU A fat ''Ninja of Justice'' who is Goemons friend and runs around with a hammer
YAE A female secret agent who carries a kitana blade
SASUKE A robotic ninja whom carries Bombs and a Kunai (somewhat of a dagger)

Graphics: 7
The graphics are good considering its early posistion on the N64. The character designs are done well also. Each of the characters have animations of their own, such as when you take damage, hit an enemy etc. their facial expressions change. The backgrounds are good also but nothing too special.

Sound: 8
The music in this game is pretty upbeat, the opening song is in japanese with the dialouge at the bottom as with some other songs in the game. The background music gets repetitive at times though. The sound effects are good but nothing really special

Control: 7
The control in this game is good, but at times it seems a tad slow. As with most 3D platformers it suffers from mainly THE CAMERA. It just makes it hard to line up jumps at important parts and its harder to fight enemies.

Gameplay: 8
So you run around whacking people with a pipe at the beginning. Doesnt seem like much. But later on in the game you will have to use your 4 peoples abilities to pass certain stuff. And to add to it, you get to pilot one of those large japanese robots at certain points in the game. This game has corny humor at parts, complete with a laugh track. The enemies are uhm o.o; odd..

Story: 7
So you and your friend just got kicked out of a store. Suddenly, some giant spacecraft shaped like a large peach (yes folks, a peach)piloted by some odd guys who plan to turn Japan into a stage. So off you go, attempting to stop them. Some of the dialouge in the game is corny humor, complete with TV show style laugh thing.

Replay Value: 5
The problem is, the game is too short and after youve done everything theres really nothing else to do but its worth going through another time or so

Overall: 8
Short but worth the time, this is a game that is worth your time and money.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/16/01, Updated 04/16/01

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