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"This is One SOLID Basketball Sim!"

NBA Courtside sold so many so it was added to the Player's Choice List, so the game sells for less than $39.99. Now the sequel, NBA Courtside 2 is even better, it is one of the most solid basketball sims, rivaling NBA Live, and NBA 2K1. If you have a N64 and you like basketball, this is a fantastic addition to your gaming library.

The game is just solid! You can start a new season or playoffs or maybe play a few preseason games. There is also an NBA Draft! After you get bored with that(Quite A few months from now) you can play arcade mode, or make a new player. If you create a Career Player then you start with some light stats and you build them up as you go, so the player gets as good as the way you like to control your character. You can also create a non career player a maybe Max Out all his stats.

The graphic are not bad, but then again, not good. Don't expect anything shocking. A bad problem with this game is the frame rate, because is you play for a while, then the games goes in ''Slow Motion'' for a few plays or two. But other than that, ''It's All Good''.

Okay... The games has almost no music, the only thing good is the great announcers and the sound effects/

Pretty good! It will take a while to get used to but once you get it you will be dunking like Shaq or flying like Jordan. Also you can set the controls to Pro or Rookie depending on your skill with the different controls.

Having up to 4 players on one team or even a little mix and match is fun. With some of character you can make, will make the game even will raise the fun factor! Also there is also a Practice Mode where you can practice on an open court, plus a three point contest! Also you can set the difficulty to make the game more challenging or easier.

Just a good basketball game! If you are a fan just go out and buy it! If you don't like basketball, then rent it, I am sure it will make a basketball fan out of you!

The Bottom Line: If you like basketball: Buy it
If you don't like it: Rent it

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/05/01, Updated 07/16/01

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