• ABA Ball

    If you want to use the ABA ball, hold right on the D-Pad and hit the following buttons: Shoot, Turbo, Pass, Shoot, Turbo, Pass while you are at the Tonight's Matchup Screen.

    Contributed By: PS2pcGAMER.

  • Big/Huge Heads

    For big heads, hold Up on the Control Stick, Turbo, and Pass as you enter the Matchup screen.

    For huge heads, press Up, Up, Pass and Turbo on the Matchup screen.

    Contributed By: FByies.

  • Change Dennis Rodman's Hair Color

    Go to the Chicago Bulls at the team selection screen. Choose any squad that has Dennis Rodman. Then hit C-Right to change his hair color.

    Contributed By: PS2pcGAMER.

  • Change Dennis Rodman's Hair Color

    At the team-select screen, go to the Chicago Bulls and while Dennis Rodman is on the screen, press the steal button to cycle through different hair colors.

    Contributed By: Retro.

  • Hidden Players

    Enter these codes at the Screen where you type in your name and PIN number. Listed below are hidden characters. To get these hidden characters enter the name and the PIN number listed below.
    Kidd: 0000
    Glennr: 0000
    Hgrant: 0000
    Kemp: 0000
    Smits: 0000
    Pippen: 0000
    Motumb: 0000
    Webb: 0000
    Stackh: 0000
    Malone: 0000
    Rodman: 0000
    Ghill: 0000
    Ewing: 0000
    Cliffr: 0000
    Webber: 0000
    Mursan: 0000
    Davidr: 0000
    Starks: 0000
    Dream: 0000
    Johnsn: 0000
    Rice: 0000
    Mourng: 0000
    Ahrdwy: 0000
    Elliot: 0000
    Miller: 0000
    JC: 0000
    Danr: 0000
    Mortal: 0004
    Kombat: 0004
    Japple: 6660
    Minlife: 6000
    MXV: 1019
    Jason: 0729
    Nobud: 1010
    Divita: 0201
    Jfer: 0503
    Marty: 1010
    Jamie: 1000
    Patf: 2000
    Quinn: 0330
    Marius: 1005
    Turmel: 0332
    Johney: 6000
    Carlos: 1010
    Nick: 7000
    Perry: 3500
    Munday: 5432
    Daniel: 0604
    Morris: 6000
    Shawn: 0123
    Root: 6000
    Nfunri: 0101
    Borde: 6000
    Eugene: 6767
    Amrich: 2020
    Eddie: 6213
    Mednils: 6000
    Sno: 0103

    Contributed By: matt91486.

  • Match-Up Codes

    Enter the following codes at the Match-Up Screen.
    025: Baby Mode
    048: No Music
    111: Tournament Mode
    120: Fast Passing
    273: Stealth Turbo Meter
    284: Maximum Speed
    390: No Pushing Allowed
    461: Unlimited Turbo
    552: Hyper Speed
    616: Maximum Blocking (2 player only)
    709: Maximum Steal
    802: Maximum Power
    937: Legal Goal Tendings

    Contributed By: matt91486.

  • Multi-colored Ball

    Hold right on the d-pad when entering the match up screen then press shoot, turbo, and then pass

    Contributed By: HackDemon.

  • No CPU Assistance

    Hold right on the D-pad while entering the Match-up screen, then press Pass,Pass,Pass

    Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz.

  • No Drift

    Hold down the D-pad when entering the matchup screen, then at the match-up screen press Shoot, Turbo.

    Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz.

  • No Pushing

    Press turbo (3), shoot (9) at the Matchup screen.

    Contributed By: Hydraulix989.

  • No Tag Arrow

    At the Match-Up screen press Left,Left,Pass,Turbo,Left,Left,Pass,Turbo

    Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz.

  • Rooftop Court

    During the Tonight's Matchup screen, while the voice is announcing, press the following:

    Hold Left and press Turbo, Turbo

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

  • Secret Court

    Hold left on the d-pad when you enter the match up screen then at then press turbo 3 times.

    Contributed By: HackDemon.

  • Shot Percentage

    When entering the match up screen hold up on the D-Pad. Then move the joystick 360 degrees clockwise.

    Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz.


  • Random Teams

    At the team selection screen hold turbo and then hit up and a team will be randomly slected.

    Contributed By: PS2pcGAMER.

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