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    Date: 26 Aug 99 16:12:07 PDT
    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Neon Genesis Evangelion for the Nintendo 64 is one of the most
    graphicallybeautiful and complex games for the N64. Unfortunately, it suffered
    the"Zelda" syndrome, incredible graphics, but it's way too easy tobeat, even
    in the Hard level. Although that doesn't make my view of thisgame change any.
    This is definitely one of the coolest games in'99!
    Eva 64 follows the entire (almost) sequence of events that happened in the TV
    series all the way to the Movie. What surprised me the most aboutthis game is
    that it has graphics that I thought I'd never see in a Nintendo64 game: "Full
    Motion Video" OK, not really but it does have somealbeit a few seconds worth!
    Another is the detail of each single model in the game. So far, no other game
    released has this much detail.
    Author: ThrustMaster
    E-mail: loserb@usa.net
    URL: http://kei.animenetwork.com/mecha/index.html
    Menu Screen
    After the opening cinema you are presented with the Menu Screen (aka the MAGI
    System) You have three options: Simulation Mode, Story Mode, and Option Mode.
    Simulation Mode
    This is a training level. You choose between all The five children:
    Rei, Asuka, Shinji, Toji, and Kaoru.
    The First Option is Test Program. Test Program is a simulation of anAngel
    attack and you have to shoot it with whatever weapon your Eva isequipped
    There are six levels (0-5) and the more Angels you destroy with theminimum
    amount of ammo within the amount of time allotted (00:59 sec.) you get a
    higher ranking.
    Simulation 00
    Target: Angel 03 "Sachiel"
    Weapon: Pallet Gun
    Objective: Shoot down 10 Sachiels with under 400 shots to get an A ranking.
    Aim for his core.
    Simulation 01
    Target: Angel 04 "Ramiel"
    Weapon: Positron Rifle
    Objective: Shoot down at least 10 Ramiels with 10 shots to get an A ranking.
    12 Ramiels with 12 shots would get you an S ranking. Remember to shoot Ramiel
    directly at the center or you'll miss the first shot.
    Simulation 02
    Target: Angel 09 "Matariel"
    Weapon: Pallet Gun
    Obective: Shoot down 10 Matariels with under 300 shots to get an A ranking.
    Aim for Matariel's "eyes" and because the buildings are in the way, you don't
    have much time to aim and shoot.
    Simulation 03
    Target: Angel 12 "Reriel"
    Weapon: Handgun
    Objective: Shoot down 10 Reriels with 200 or under shots to Get an A ranking.
    Start shooting as soon as it starts fading in.
    Simulation 04
    Target: Angel 14 "Zeriel"
    Weapon: Grenade Launcher
    Objective: Shoot down at least 8 Zeriels as you can with under 50 shots to get
    an A ranking. It only takes three or four direct hits to the core take him
    down, but aiming the grenade launcher and scoring a direct hit is a different
    Simulation 05
    Target: Sachiel, Ramiel, Matariel, Reriel, Zeriel
    Weapon: Pallet Gun
    Objective: Shoot down 10 Angels with 400 or under shots to get an S ranking.
    Remeber that the same rules apply to whatever Angel you're facing.
    Accessed afterfinishing the Hard level Mission is all the Missions in the game
    (01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07,08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 12.5, 13)
    See below for the Missionsguide.
    Story Mode
    The Story Mode is all thirteen (fourteen if you count mission 12) in
    thesequence of events that happened in the TV series all the way up to
    theMovie. Go HERE for my Missions guideand tips.
    Options Mode
    Depending on if you beat the game in all the different levels (Easy toHard)
    more options pop up.
    Level Change game settings from Easy to Hard
    Third Impact Erase all data (Pretty cool option to erase thedata right?!)
    Sound Accessed afterfinishing the Easy level the Sound Option lets you
    listento all the Background music, Voices and Sound Effects.
    Model Accessed after finishingthe Normal level the Model Option lets you see
    all themodels that are in the game. Look at how much detail they put into each
    model. Its just Incredible!
    Action Accessed afterfinishing the Hard level the Action Option lets you
    seeany animation that you already uncovered.
    Before Engaging The Enemy
    Learning your Units full potential is the key to success. (I cant believe I
    just said that!)
     Umbilical Cable
    Since the Evas cannot operate for five minutes on low power mode or one minute
    on full power mode, The Evas need the Umbilical Cable connected on their backs
    to supply them with power indefinitely. In the game, the moment you are
    grabbed or knocked down (conditional in some missions) you lose your umbilical
    cable and will only have the ability to fight for five minutes. 
     AT Field
    The Angels have a barrier known only as the AT (Absolute Terror) Field which
    makes them almost impervious to some conventional weapons. Nerv incorporated
    that capability into the Eva Units making the Evas the only thing that can
    stand up to an Angel attack. 
    The vertical bar to the left of your live screen is the ATF gauge. Orange
    means you can raise your ATF and You cant when its green. It takes time to
    charge your ATF so the longer your ATF is up, it takes twice as long to charge
    it. Pressing and holding down C-down button will raise your AT Field. Useful
    when you can't dodge or attack in time. If you're close enough, you can tear
    through an Angels AT Field if you raise it when you're close enough and if its
    own ATF is up (true in Missions 01 and 02.) Tap A and C-down rapidly when this
    happens. Your ATF gauge will show how much longer till the Angel's ATF can
    hold, but if you fail, you are open for a counterattack from the enemy.
    In Mission 08, use your AT Field to block you from Unit 03's jumping attack by
    raising it after you throw or kick him away.
    In Mission 12, Unit 02 can throw its AT Field at the Seele troops by pressing
    A after raising its AT Field.
    3D Action Battle: Missions 01, 02, 08, 12, 12.5, 13
     Watch this gauge! Its not there for decorations you know!
     Synch Ratio
    The Synch Ratio determines how well you can fight inside an Evangelion unit.
    The higher synch ratio you have, the more attacks are at your diposal. Below
    is a list of what attacks are available at different synch ratios for
    different missions.
    Missions 08, 12, 12.5, 13
    Though the Synch Ratios are shown, they only go down a few points whenever you
    are hit, or if you're idle for a few seconds and go up a few points for every
    successful hit.
    Missions 01, 02, 08, 12, 12.5, 13
    When grappling an Angel, rapidly press A + C-down to raise your synch ratio.
    Do this even though it is just an animation that you can't control.
    Mission 01
    Basic Attacks
           0-39 Punch A button.
           40-79 Double Punch A, A.
           80 or higher Double Punch and Kick Combo A, A, A.
           100 or higher Great Punch Up on Analog stick + A.
           100 or higher Great Kick Down on Analog stick + A.
           0 - 10 Below 40% means you can't pilot an Eva PERIOD! You can't grab
    and you can only attack once.
           0-39 High toss Up on Analog stick+A+B, Body Blow Up on Analog stick,
    A+B. Tearing through AT Fields are possible, though very hard.
          60 - 99 ??? Up on Analog stick+A+B, Knee kick Up on Analog stick, A+B.
    Tearing through AT Fields are easier.
          100 or higher Bone Snap Up on Analog stick+A+B, Unforgiving Arm Snap Up
    on Analog, A+B.
    When you go into berserker mode, your synch ratio goes up 100% and if you
    haven't broken through his AT Field yet, it will go up another 50%.
    Running Attacks
           0-59 Tackle Up on Analog + A, Jump Kick Up on Analog + A.
           60-99 Tackle 2 Up on Analog, A, Jump Kick 2 Up on Analog+A.
           100 or higher Tackle Strike Up on Analog, A, Leap Up Strike Up on
    Mission 02
    Basic Attacks
           0-39 Punch A button.
           40-79 Double Punch A, A.
           80 or higher Double Punch and Kick Combo A, A, A.
           100 or higher Great Punch Up on Analog stick + A.
           100 or higher Great Kick Down on Analog stick + A.
           0-59 Finger Strike Up on Analog + A+B, Body Blow Up on Analog, A+B.
           60 or higher Arm Hold A+B.
           0-99 (With Progressive Knife) Body Cut A+B.
           100 or higher Body Demolish Up on Analog + A+B, Penetrating Cut Up on
    Analog, A+B.
    Running Attacks
           0-59 Tackle Up on Analog + A, Jump Kick Up on Analog+A.
           0-59 (With Progressive Knife) Running Tackle Up on Analog + A.
           60-99 Tackle Up on Analog + A, Jump Kick 2 Up on Analog + A.
           60-99 (With Progressive Knife) Running Tackle Up on Analog + A, Jump
    Kick Up on Analog + A.
           100 or higher Mounted Strike Up on Analog, A.
           100-119 (With Progressive Knife) Running Tackle Up on Analog + A.
           120 or higher Running Mount Up on Analog + A.
    Mission 08
    >From this pont on, your synch ratio doesn't go below 100% 
    Basic Attacks
           0-39 Punch A button.
           40-79 Double Punch A, A.
           80 or higher Double Punch and Kick Combo A, A, A.
           100 or higher Great Punch Up on Analog stick + A.
           100 or higher Great Kick Down on Analog stick + A.
           100 or higher Arm Snap Up on Analog + A+B, Face Grab Up on Analog +
    Running Attacks
           0-109 Tackle Up on Analog, A, Jump Kick Up on Analog + A.
           110-119 Jump Kick 2 Up on Analog + A, Mounted Strike Up on Analog + A.
           120-129 Leap Up Strike Up on Analog + A, Mounted Face Mangle Up on
    Analog + A.
           130 or higher Leap Up from Face Grab Up on Analog + A, Mounted Twisting
    Face Mangle Up on Analog + A.
    Mission Strategy
    Shinji Ikari, a boy of fourteen years of age is forced to pilota machine known
    only as Evangelion Unit 01.
    Action 01: Destroy the Third Angel!
    If you want to beat him real quick, just keepgrabbing him. If you're close
    enough, press C-down to put up your AT Fieldand tap button A and C-down to
    break through the Angel's ATF. If you wantto follow the events in the anime,
    play this on Easy mode first and watchthe pattern. If he grabs you and the
    animation is like in the Anime, thenEva 01 will go berserk. Breaking through
    the ATF is much more effectivewhen Eva 01 is Berserk.
    Remember the pattern to go berserk is: Eva 01loses Umbillical Cable, Angel
    breaks arm of Eva 01, Angel grabs Eva 01'shead, destroys right eye, and throws
    him back.
    Tip 1: When Berserk and far away from the Angel(like after grabbing him), if
    you hold the R button and right on the analogUnit 01 will start running. If
    the camera angle changes to Unit 01's face,wait till his eyes glow and press
    A+B. Unit 01 will tacle the Angel.
    Shinji's second bogey, he has to fight an Angel inthe center of Tokyo-3.
    Action 01: Destroy the Fourth Angel!
    Same technique with the first angel, wait forhim to attack then move in to
    grab. In hard mode, you have to break throughthe ATF first. If you want to
    follow the storyline, wait till the powergoes down to one minute before
    finishing it off.
    Tip 2: If Unit 01 is still attached to the UmbilicalCable, you can still use
    the same tackle technique as in Mission 01. Thisstill works if you have the
    knife and if the Angel's ATF is still up orif throw him far enough when you
    grab him. Be careful though, sometimeswhen you tackle him, he can still
    retaliate damage you pretty good so itsbetter to jump kick him instead.
    An impenetrable new enemy has emerged, and Shinjiis powered by the entire
    country of Japan to destroy the new Angel.
    Action 01: Penetrate the enemy's defense!
    Possibly the easiest mission in the whole game,even in Hard MOde. Use the
    Analog Stick to aim the Positron cannon. Keepit steady on the center and
    shoot. It is possible to shoot down the Angelbefore it has the chance to shoot
    itself. If you miss the first time, Reiwill sheild you from the second
    A new mecha was made to replace Nerv's expensivefighting machine. When it went
    out of control, it was up to Shinji andMisato to stop it.
    Action 01: Stop Jet Alone!
    Tap A+C-down to make Unit 01 run and catch JAbefore it reaches the maximum
    safety limit of the city.
    Action 02: Keep Jet Alone steady while Misato disarms the nucleardevice.
    Press whatever direction it shows on the screenon the analog while tapping
    A+C-down. Stop when it reaches safety.
    Shinji and Asuka faces a new enemy that can divideinto two separate beings.
    Action 00: Synchronize!
    Choosing the left option will take you to training.You can train as many times
    as you want.
    Action 01: You'd better not screw up Shinji!
    This is the coolest mission in the entire game!It's almost like Bust-A-Move
    (the dancing game.) You have to press theC buttons in whatever order to be in
    When prompted, press C-button:
    1: up, left, right
    2: right, left, down
    3: down, down, up
    4: up, up, down
    5: down, left, up
    6: up, right, down
    7: down, down, down
    The secret last command: up, up, up
    You don't have to input the last command, itsmuch funnier that way!
    Nerv dicovers an "egg" of an Angel within an activevolcano and Asuka's chosen
    to retrieve it.
    Action 01: Capture the Sleeping Angel!
    Move around until you find the Angel and pressthe Z button. Align it with your
    Eva until the gauge on the bottom of thescreen is on "center." If it's not
    centered, it will hit you. When youcan't find it in time, press B to dodge but
    you have to time it just asthe red alert message goes up.
    MISSION 07: SHE SAID, "Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred."
    A new Angel is found over the Earth's atmospherewith the capacity to destroy
    Tokyo-3 and the Geofront on impact.
    Actions 01 to 03: Misato's Revenge
    Press A when you reach the green line, althoughyou don't have to. Just press A
    on the final one.
    Another tip: Jab on the A button when it reachesthe first three lines so the
    last line will give you more space, but ifyou make a mistake, it will make the
    last line smaller.
    Action 04: Catch the Falling Angel!
    Tap A+C-down to keep the Angel from impact.
    The newly completed Eva Unit 03 was contaminatedby an Angel and has to be
    Action 01: Defeat Eva Unit 03!
    Same technique as in the first two missions.When you grab Unit 03 and throw
    him away, set up your ATF and hold C-downto keep it up so that he wont jump on
    Tip: Tackling Unit 03 has its perils too. Ifyou don't raise your AT Field in
    time, he'll jump kick you. This will also happen if you are just in range for
    a jump kick.
    A powerful new Angel has invaded the Geofront anddefeated both Eva Unit 02 and
    Unit 00 and Shinji must decide if he willever pilot the Eva again.
    Action 01: Shinji, Don't Run Away!
    One of the more difficult missions since thisdoesn't give much error space,
    move the Analog Stick in whatever directionand either the A or B buttons when
    it tells you to. Be careful though,it only takes three mistakes to finish you
    off. It is possible to finishthis stage with Unit 01 intact.
    An Angel of Light appears above the Earth's atmosphereattacking Asuka's Mind.
    Well out of reach of any conventional weapon, Gendocommands Rei to use the
    Lance of Longinus to destroy the 15th Angel.
    Action 01: Guide the Lance
    Use the Analog Stick to aim the Lance straightinto the center of the Angel.
    Action 02: Penetrate it's Absolute Terror Field (ATF)
    Tap A+C-down till you penetrate the AT Field.
    MISSION 11: THE BEGINNING AND END OR "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
    Kaoru Nagisa, the Fifth Child is actually the lastAngel. He commondeers Eva
    Unit 02 and is only moments away from startingThird Impact.
    Action 01: Stop Third Impact!
    This fight is mostly countering each others attacks by tapping A+C-down.
    Normal attacks don't take out as much life as grappling or overpowering Unit
    02. The controls are:
    A: Horizontal slash
    B: Guard or dodge
    A + Up: Overhead stab
    A+B: Grapple 
    Here's a tip: If you feel tired from tappingA+C-down, press start to pause,
    then unpause it and continue tapping A+C-down.
    Seele is attacking Nerv and Asuka, still catatonicis put in Eva 02 and ejected
    into the lake. All of a sudden she awakensand her sync ratio is up again and
    pilots Eva 02 once again!
    Action 01: Destroy all Seele Ground and Air troops.
    Nothing much to do here, just waste time until the 3:30 time marker. Hold or
    tap down the analog stick to step or kick the tanks at your feet.
    Tip: If there is a hovering VTOL in frontand back of Unit 02, grab one and
    she'll knock it into the other. Also,If you press C-down to raise her AT
    field, press A to throw it.
    MISSION 12.5
    After seeing Eva 02 in action, Seele sends the EvaSeries Unit 05 to fight
    Asuka by herself.
    Action 1: Destroy all nine Eva Series Unit 05s.
    You have three and a half minutes of power leftto beat the Eva Series.
    Grabbing them is the fastest way to beat all nineEvas. You can still use the
    weapon, but it will take you longer to beat allof them because you have to get
    the right animation.
    Tip: The Tackle technique still works here, butonly on the first one she
    faces. Since Unit 02's eyes don't glow (it exposes its "real eyes"), wait for
    an audio cue to press A. If done correctly,she'll leapfrog over the first one,
    stabbing him in the head with her progknife.
    MISSION 13: MAGOKORO O KIMINI (My Purest Heart For You)
    With Unit 02's internal battery exhausted, theEva Series regenerate themselves
    and take to the air, destroying Eva Unit02. Back at Terminal Dogma, Shinji
    pilots Unit 01 and grows "wings of light."
    Action 1: Destroy all nine Eva Unit 05s.
    It only takes three hits to finish you off, soback off till you see them
    attack then move in for the kill.
    Action Sequences
    MISSION  01
    000: Eva 01 launch
    001: Shinji is trying to walk in Eva 01
    002: AT Field tear
    003: Dash Animation
    004: Dash Berserk Animation
    005: Grab 1 animation
    006: Eva 01 picks up and throws Angel
    007: Grab and throw
    008: Grab break left arm, kick
    009: Grab both arms, kick
    010: Eva 01 grabs bone of Angel and pulls
    011: Grab, twist face, kick
    012: grab, knee kick
    013: dash, throw back
    014: dash, push back, hit when down
    015: berserk dash, pull face
    016: dash jump, pound face
    017: berserk dash jump pull face
    018: dash jump kick
    019: dash jump kick 2
    020: dash bounce back
    021: Dash jump with Angel AT Field up
    022: Angel breaks arm and neck of Eva 01
    023: Angel breaks both arms of Eva 01
    024: Angel stabs Eva 01 in left eye
    025: Angel Throws Eva 01 upwards
    026: Angel blasts Eva 01
    027: Eva 01 berserk
    028: Berserk dash rips AT Field
    029: Eva 01 dies
    030: Angel dies standing up
    031: Angel dies lying down
    032: Angel wraps Eva 01 then self-destructs
    MISSION 02
    033: Eva 01 launch
    034: Eva 01 tears AT Field
    035: Running Animation
    036: Eva 01 grabs and throws down
    037: eva 01 grabs tentacles and throws
    038: Eva 01 breaks "arm" of Angel
    039: Dash Attack
    040: Dash Attack 2
    041: Dash Jump kick 
    042: Dash Jump kick 2
    043: upwards stab on Angel
    044: downwards stab on angel
    045: Eva 01 stabs through Angel
    046: Dash stab
    047: dash attack with knife
    048: failed dash attack
    049: dash jump with Angel AT Field up
    050: Angel stabs Eva 01 with tentacles
    051: Angel throws Eva 01 to ground
    052: Eva 01 lands on mountain
    053: Angel counters Eva 01 dash attack
    054: Angel 04 destruction standing
    055: Angel 04 destruction on ground
    056: Eva 01 stabs Angel to death
    MISSION 08
    057: Eva 01 dash animation
    058: Eva 01 breaks neck of Bardiel
    059: Eva 01 breaks both arms of Bardiel
    060: Eva 01 dash charge
    061: Eva 01 dash attack
    062: Eva 01 dash attack 2
    063: Eva 01 dash jump kick
    064: Eva 01 dash jump kick 2
    065: Eva 01 dash jump attack
    066: Eva 01 dash jump attack 2
    067: Bardiel breaks both arms of Eva 01
    068: Bardiel grab and throw
    069: Bardiel long arm strangle
    070: Bardiel long arm throw
    071: Bardiel jump kick
    072: Bardiel jump attack
    073: Bardiel dies
    074: Bardiel dies 2
    MISSION 12
    075: Eva 02 kicks tank
    076: Eva 02 kicks tank 2
    077: Eva 02 steps on tank
    078: Eva 02 steps on tank 2
    079: Eva 02 throws VTOL to ground
    080: Eva 02 throws VTOL to ground
    081: Eva 02 grabs VTOL into another VTOL 
    082: Eva 02 grabs VTOL into another VTOL 2
    MISSION 12.5
    083: Eva 02 grabs Prog Knife
    084: Eva 02 running
    085: Eva 02 jumps over Eva 05 head, stabbing with prog knife
    086: Eva 02 stabs through Eva 05 with prog knife
    087: prog knife breaks after second Eva 05
    088: Eva 02 picks up blade
    089: Eva 02 cuts neck of eva 05 
    090: Eva 02 slices Eva 05 stomach
    091: Eva 02 takes down Eva 05 with blade
    092: Eva 02 cuts neck of eva 05 
    093: EVA 02 stabs Eva 05 in stomach then throws
    094: Eva 02 kills two Eva 05
    095: eva 02 drives eva 05 head to ground
    096: eva 02 grabs eva 05 from behind breaking back
    097: eva 02 picks up and breaks eva 05 back
    098: Eva 02 bear hugs Eva 05
    099: Eva 02 drives hand into eva 05
    100: eva 02 breaks eva 05 neck
    101: eva 02 breaks eva 05 mouth
    102: eva 02 and 05 blades bounce
    103: eva 05 knocks blade off eva 02 hands
    104: eva 05 bites eva 02 neck
    105: eva 05 grabs eva 02 chest
    106: eva 05 breaks back of eva 02
    107: eva 05 stabs eva 02 with blade
    108: Eva 02 shoots spikes into eva 05 head
    109: Eva 02 victorious
    MISSION 13
    110: Eva 01 slices neck of eva 05
    111: Eva 01 slices neck of eva 05
    112: Eva 01 slices chest of eva 05
    113: Eva 01 slices chest of eva 05
    114: Eva 01 slices side of eva 05
    115: Eva 01 slices neck of eva 05
    116: Eva 01 stabs eva 05 in chest
    117: Eva 01 stabs eva 05 in neck
    118: Eva one slices longinus spear
    119: Eva 05 down
    120: last Eva 05 destruction
    121: Eva 01 failed
    122: Eva 01 victorious
    If you're going to publish this in your site, get permission from me first.
    Author: ThrustMaster
    E-mail: loserb@usa.net
    URL: http://kei.animenetwork.com/mecha/games/eva64.html
    Check my webpage for further updates.

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