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    Special Character Class FAQ by CyricZ

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    Ogre Battle 64 - Person of Lordly Caliber
    Special Character Classes
    An In-Depth FAQ by CyricZ
    Version 1.0
    E-mail: cyricz42@yahoo.com
    There are many characters in the game that can't be picked up with 
    normal means.  These guys are usually quite a bit more powerful than 
    your average Joe, and they have story potential, as well...
    So, why did I create this?  Well, it's definitely one of the things 
    people are most often looking for, and many of the other topics in this 
    game are covered in In-Depth FAQs, so I thought "Why not?"
    This info can be found in my bigger FAQ, along with a more in-detail 
    description of what these guys can do.  I've taken out Attacks, 
    Equipment, and pretty much everything except how to pick them up and 
    what they look like.
    Okay, note that I mention Chaos Frame a lot throughout this.  This is 
    NOT Alignment!  Chaos Frame is your Reputation.  To increase your 
    Chaos Frame, you must liberate strongholds during missions, as opposed 
    to capturing them.
    To liberate, you need to check a Stronghold's info during the mission.  
    Note the number for Morale.  To liberate the stronghold, you must 
    roughly match your unit's Alignment with the Morale of the stronghold.  
    High alignments can liberate towns of high morale, and low alignments 
    can liberate towns of low morale.
    To this end, you'll probably want to keep one or two units with around 
    Neutral alignments for the purpose of liberation, since it's really 
    tough to keep fighting and stay Neutral.
    Liberating a Stronghold: CF +1/2 point
    Capturing a Stronghold: CF -2 points
    Enemy Recaptures a Stronghold: CF -2 points
    As you can see, if your CF is in the gutter, you're not going to be 
    able to rebuild it in one mission.  It's a long process.
    Well, that said, let's get to the characters.  It's all bare minimum.  
    Just how to get them, so let's do it.
    Magnus Gallant
    Starting Class: Gladiator
    Appearance: Purple-haired guy in armor, with his sword behind him.
    Second Class: Vanguard
    Final Class: General
    Appearance: The same old Magnus, with heavy armor on.
    How to get him: Start a new game.
    Diomedes Rangue
    Appearance: Looks like a Knight without a helmet, and wears a blue sash.
    Starting Class: Gladiator
    Second Class: Warrior
    How to get him: He automatically joins before Scene 1, Tenne Plains.
    How to lose him: If you agree to fight him before Scene 1 starts, and if
    you say "..." when Rhade orders you to kill Frederick, he'll leave.
    Leia Silvis
    Appearance: Valkyrie without wings and having a long blonde ponytail.
    Starting Class: Blaze Knight
    Second Class: Rune Knight
    How to get her: She automatically joins in Scene 3, Crenel Canyon I.
    Troi Tyton
    Class: Phalanx
    Appearance: Gold-armored Phalanx
    How to get him: Go to Elgorea, Mylesia in Scene 4, Mylesia (The Path 
    Diverges).  Troi will walk right up to you and ask to join.
    Katreda Birall
    Class: Cleric
    Appearance: Pink-robed Cleric
    How to get her: Go to Cayes, Gunther Piedmont during Scene 7, Gunther
    Piedmont (A New Beginning) and she will ask to join so that she can 
    help her father.
    Asnabel Birall
    Class: Berserker
    Appearance: Purple-clothed Berserker
    How to get him: Have Katreda when you finish liberating Gunther 
    Piedmont in Scene 7 (A New Beginning).
    Aisha Knudel
    Class: Priest
    Appearance: Pink clothed, hoodless Priest.
    How to get her: You must not have said "..." at Frederick's execution.  
    Go to Puld, Audvera Heights during Scene 13 (Thoughts), and she'll ask 
    to join your party.
    Liedel Klein
    Class: Archer
    Appearance: Archer wearing red and having blonde hair.
    How to get her: You must have a high Chaos Frame.  Beat her in the 
    Sable Lowlands mission (City of the Past) and she'll ask to join your 
    Vad Orok Zlenka
    Class: Grappler
    Appearance: Dark-skinned warrior wielding claws.
    How to get him: In the Mount Ithaca mission (Uncertainty), don't go east 
    at all at the start.  Vad will march towards the nearby stronghold to 
    the east, and will not move, and you must avoid attacking him.  Do this, 
    and he'll offer to join after the battle.
    Saradin Carm
    Class: Warlock
    Appearance: Non-hooded white-haired wizard-looking gentleman.
    How to get him: You must not have said "..." at Frederick's execution.  
    Beat Scene 15, Mount Ithaca (Uncertainty) and he'll ask to join your 
    Sheen Cocteau
    Class: Hawkman
    Appearance: Brown-haired Hawkman
    How to get him: You must have a low to neutral Chaos Frame.  Go to 
    Coppermine, Azure Plains, during Scene 17 (Visitors from the West), and 
    he'll ask to join your party.
    This is the only character I don't have a definite read on.  Your 
    chances of getting him could be different depending on whether or not 
    you send a male or female character to meet him.
    Ankiseth Gallant
    Class: Solidblade
    Appearance: Similar to Magnus only taller and older looking.
    How to get him: At the beginning of Scene 18, Wentinus (The Grim Path), 
    you must choose to meet with your father.  Keep him alive for the 
    battle, and, if you have a medium to high Chaos Frame, choose to have 
    him join you after the battle.
    Meredia O'Keife
    Class: Siren
    Appearance: Blue-haired, white-clothed Siren
    How to get her: At the beginning of Scene 21, Fair Heights (The Eastern 
    Orthodox Church), Meredia will show up if Leia is still alive.  She'll 
    ask to join your party.
    Europea Rheda
    Class: Centurion (Female)
    Appearance: Red-haired Centurion without the goofy hat.
    How to get her: Take Magnus to Fort Hillverich during Scene 22, Vert 
    Plateau (Suspicion).  You'll speak to Europea and she'll head for the 
    enemy headquarters.  Make sure she doesn't die, and she'll offer to 
    join you.
    Paul Lukische
    Class: Enchanter
    Appearance: Silver-haired Enchanter
    How to get him: In Scene 23, Tremos Mountains I, (The Mercenaries), go 
    to Condrio to learn about Paul.  Go to Coongul and you will meet Paul.  
    Say "Is that what you want?" and you'll leave.  Beat the scene (answer 
    the question Kageiye asks either way) and Paul will join you.
    Biske La Varet
    Class: Lycanthrope/Werewolf
    Appearance: Gruff-looking blonde man with little armor/Grey wolf man
    How to get him: You must not have Aisha, Saradin, or Ankiseth, nor can 
    they have asked to join your battalion.  Fight him during Scene 24, 
    Capitrium (The Rebel).  If you beat him, ask him to join you, and he 
    will do so.
    Quass Debonair
    Class: General
    Appearance: Tall guy with long, blonde hair and a rather big sword.
    How to get him: You need Aisha, Saradin, and a high Chaos Frame.  In 
    Scene 26, Tremos Mountains II (No Man's Land), take Magnus to Ibu Deli.  
    You'll run into Debonair there.  If the requirements are met, he'll ask 
    to join.
    Destin Faroda
    Class: Lord
    Appearance: Orange-haired guy with a rather large sword.
    How to get him: In Scene 29 (The March to Latium), take Magnus' group 
    to Kurashino, Gules Hills.  If you have all the Zenobians (Aisha, 
    Saradin, and Debonair) up to this point, Destin will join you.
    Gilbert Oblion
    Class: Beast Master
    Appearance: Yellow-clothed Beast Master
    How to get him: In Scene 29 (The March to Latium), take Magnus' group 
    to Kurashino, Gules Hills.  If you have all the Zenobians up to this 
    point (Aisha, Saradin, and Debonair), and a high Chaos Frame, Gilbert 
    will join you.
    Carth Forleizen
    Class: Black Knight
    Appearance: Black Knight with a red cape with a cross on it.
    How to get him: You must have a low to medium Chaos Frame, and no 
    Zenobians can join your party.  In Scene 32 (The Disillusioned), go to 
    Furge, and a young boy will tell you that a soldier is fighting all 
    alone in the forest.  Go to Torab Ni, and you'll meet Carth, where 
    he'll take his unit and assault the Enemy Headquarters.  Make sure he 
    stays alive, and you can ask him to join.
    Well, that's it.  Thanks to Adiroth for finding out the Chaos Frame 
    End of Cheese

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