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    Neutral Encounter Guide by Rumo / Magnus_

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 10/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ogre Battle 64 Neutral Encounter Guide
    Version 0.7    Last updated 10/08/02  (DD/MM/YY)
    Created by Ryan "Rumo" Hill (nayrllih@hotmail.com) and Alex "Magnus"
    You can –always- find the most updated version of this guide at
    |Table of Contents |
    I. Revision History
    II. About this Guide
    III. What's a Neutral Encounter?
    IV. Neutral Encounters
    A. Prologue
           a) Tenne Plains
           b) Volmus Mine
    B. Chapter 1
           c) Crenel Canyon
           d) Zenobian Border
           e) Mylesia
           f) Volmus Mine*
           g) Gunther Pidemont
           h) Dardunnelles
           i) Alba
           j) Crenel Canyon*
           k) Mylesia*
           l) Soathon Highlands
           m) Sable Lowlands
           n) Audvera Heights
           o) Mount Ithaca
           p) Azure Plains
           q) Mount Keryoleth
           r) Dardunnelles*
           s) Gules Hills
           t) Fair Heights
           u) Vert Plateau
           v) Tremos Mountains
           w) Capitrium
           x) Celesis
           y) Tremos Mountains*
           z) Berthe Temple
    V. Quotes
    VI. Items
    VII. Thanks
    VIII. Legal Stuffing
    |Revision History |
    Ver. 0.7
      -Added items to defeated neutral encounters list
    Ver. 0.6
      -Added items to defeated neutral encounter chart
    Ver. 0.5
      Yay! Finally an update *watches all
      three of their fans cheer*
      -Updated encounters section to Celesis
      -Added and organized quotes
    Ver. 0.4
      -Updated items section
      -Updated quotes section
      -Updated encounters section
    Ver. 0.3
      -Added items section
      -Updated quotes section
      -Updated encounters to Mount Keryoleth
    Ver. 0.2
      -Added quotes section
      -Updated Encounters to Audvera Heights
      -Added Note and Note2
    Ver. 0.1
      -Created guide
      -List of neutral encounters
       from Prologue and Chapter 1
    |About this Guide |
         This is (obviously) a guide to the neutral encounters in Ogre Battle 
    64. If you're reading this, you probably know what Ogre Battle 64 is, and 
    how to play it, so I won't explain that (unless otherwise convinced). The 
    purpose of this guide is to inform people all about neutral encounters. I'll 
    try to complete it as soon as possible, and I'd appreciate if no one e-mails 
    me about areas I haven't already explored. I'll try to keep it as 
    spoiler-free as possible, which shouldn't be too hard. But I'm warning you 
         What should be in the next update? Well...
    Organize the items and encounters sections
    Add more encounters and items
    |What's a Neutral Encounter? |
    A neutral encounter is an encounter with a character you can possibly
    recruit. While wandering around on the Mission Map, occasionally one of your 
    moving characters exclaims something to the effect of "A [insert character] 
    encountered !?" The screen then changes to battle mode, where the neutral 
    character appears. You can then interrupt the battle by pushing the 
    interrupt button (X), and select 'Talk'. Now, one of three things can 
    happen. One, the character will join your group. Two, the character will not 
    be persuaded and get a free hit. Or three, the character will flee. As David 
    brought to my attention, to have the greatest chance of recruiting a large 
    character, let your unit hit
    it a few times. To have the greatest chance of recruiting a small character, 
    try to persuade it without hitting it at all. But be warned, if you kill the 
    neutral character, or all your characters use all their moves, you won't 
    recruit the character. But you will get an item.
    Neutral encounters are randomly initiated while on the map, although the
    chances of them happening are greater when you are revisiting the area.
    Neutral encounters don't happen to units that are at strongholds, camping, 
    or aren't moving. Your unit has to be heading towards a destination for them 
    to occur. You can only get in neutral encounters with non-human classes 
    (demi-human, beast, golem, etc). Remember, you CAN'T use your Elem-Pedras in 
    neutral encounters.
    |Neutral Encounters |
    Note: Mature Dragon means any one of the six second stage dragons (Blue,
    Black, Earth, Thunder, Platinum, Red). Undead means Skeletons and Ghosts.
    Note2: Hawkmen, Ravens, and Vultans can be found on the highways of every 
    level. Their level is based on the level of the other encounters there.
            -Tenne Plains-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                   2     Young Dragon   Forest
                   2     Wyrm           Barrens
                   2     Golem          Highlands
            -Volmus Mine-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                   2     Young Dragon   Forest
                   2     Golem          Highlands
    --CHAPTER 1--
            -Crenel Canyon-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                   3     Hellhound      Barrens
                   3     Griffin        Highlands
            -Zenobian Border-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  ??     Hellhound      ??
                  ??     Griffin        ??
                  ??     Young Dragon   ??
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                   5     Fairie         Plains
                   5     Gremlin        Forest
                   5     Wyrm           Highlands
                   5     Golem          Barrens
            -Volmus Mine*-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                   6     Gremlin        Plain
                   6     Wyrm           ??
                   6     Undead         ??
            -Gunther Piedmont-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                   7     Young Dragon   Plain
                   7     Griffin        Barrens
                   7     Blue Dragon    Marsh
                   7     Golem          Highlands
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                   8     Skeleton       Forest
                   8     Ghost          Forest
                   8     Young Dragon   Barrens
                   8     Thunder Dragon Barrens
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                   8     Hellhound      Barrens
                   8     Young Dragon   Highlands
                   8     Earth Dragon   Forest
            -Crenel Canyon*-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                   9    Platinum Dragon Barrens
                   9     Hellhound      Forest, Barrens
                   9     Griffin        Highlands
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  11     Faerie         Plains
                  11     Gremlin        Forest
                  11     Wyrm           Highlands
                  11     Black Dragon   Forest
            -Soathon Highlands-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  11     Pumpkinhead    Forest
                  11    Platinum Dragon Highlands
                  11     Hellhound      Barrens
            -Sable Lowlands-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  12     Faerie         Plain
                  12     Blue Dragon    Highlands
                  12     Skeleton       Forest
                  12     Ghost          Forest
            -Audvera Heights-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  12     Stone Golem    Barrens
                  12     Red Dragon     Highlands
                  12     Cockatrice     Forest
            -Mount Ithaca-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  13     Faerie         Plain
                  13     Gremlin        Forest
                  13     Griffin        Highlands
            -Azure Plains-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  14     Earth Dragon   Forest
                  14     Red Dragon     Highlands
                  14     Stone Golem    Barrens
            -Mount Keryoleth-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  15     Earth Dragon   Forest
                  15     Thunder Dragon Barrens
                  15     Cockatrice     Highlands
                  15     Goblin         Forest
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  16     Skeleton       Forest
                  16     Black Dragon   Barrens
            -Gules Hill-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  16     Cerberus       Highlands
                  16     Blue Dragon    Forest
            -Fair Heights-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  17     Red Dragon     Highlands
                  17     Earth Dragon   Forest
                  17     Gremlin        Forest
                  17     Faerie         Plain
            -Vert Plateau-
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  19     Earth Dragon   Snowy Forest
                  19    Platinum Dragon Snowy Highlands
                  19     Thunder Dragon Snowy Barrens
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  18     Black Dragon   Snowy Barrens
                  18    Platinum Dragon Snowy Highlands
                  18     Ghost          Snowy Forest
                  18     Skeleton       Snowy Forest
                 Level  Character      Location
                 -----  ---------      --------
                  20    Platinum Dragon Snowy Highlands
                  20     Thunder Dragon Snowy Barrens
            * Yep, you have to visit this place again. The old encounters will
    be gone, these will be in their place.
    |Quotes |
    This section shows you what your characters say when they encounter
      Aisha- "...!! A wild [name]?"
      Ankiseth- "What a coincidence... A wild [name]."
      Asnabel- "An enemy!? ... No, a wild [name]!"
      Chaotic Unit- "Right on! A wild [name]!"
      Debonair- "A wild [name]? ... That caught me off-guard."
      Dio- "A wild [name] huh... I can handle this."
      Europea- "A wild [name]... Can we avoid a fight?"
      Katreda- "A wild [name]... Can we avoid the fight?"
      Lawful Unit- "We encountered a wild [name]!"
      Leia- "...!! A wild [name]?"
      Liedel- "A wild [name]? Um... H, How cute..."
      Magnus- "A wild [name]? Here!?"
      Meredia- "How cute! A wild [name]!"
      Neutral Unit- "A wild [name]... What should we do?"
      Paul- "A wild [name]... This is going to be fun."
      Saradin- "A wild [name]... Can we avoid the fight?"
      Sheen- "Cool! A wild [name]!"
      Troi- "Cool... A wild [name]!"
      Vad- "An enemy!? ...No, a wild [name]!"
    |Items |
      It seems that if you kill a neutral encounter instead of recruiting it or
    having it run away, you get an item from it. This is a (small) list of what
    you can get.
      Black Dragon - Kerykeion, Heal Seed
      Blue Dragon – Cyanic Claw, Heal Seed
      Cerberus – Flag of Unity, Goblet of Destiny
      Cockatrice – Scroll of Discipline
      Earth Dragon – Axe of Wyrm (get multiples of these!),Heal Seed
      Faerie – Silver Hourglass,Heal Leaf,Heal Seed
      Ghost – Torn Cloth
      Gorgon - Love and Peace (a definite must get!)
      Griffin – Power Fruit
      Hellhound – Heal Seed, Power Fruit
      Platinum Dragon – Heal Seed, Ytival
      Pumpkinhead – Dowsing Rod (worth picking up!)
      Raven – Armet
      Red Dragon – Sword of Firedrake,Heal Seed
      Skeleton – Halt Hammer, Torn Cloth
      Stone Golem – Kite Shield
      Thunder Dragon – Sum Mannus,Heal Seed
      Vultan – Hachigane
    |Thanks |
    Me,Ryan, for making this guide
    Alex,for helping me put this faq together
    GameFAQs, for putting this guide up
    Atlus, for making this awesome game
    Starmie Knight, for info on Platinum Dragons, Soathon Highlands, Sable
    Lowlands, and Audvera Heights
    DeniseLFarr@aol.com, for info on the first visits to Volmus Mine and Crenel 
    "David" Rize_@email.msn.com, for pointing out that you should weaken large 
    characters and immediately talk to small characters
    Deranged, for most of the quotes
    "cornelius einstein" hotkid100@hotmail.com, for info on Dardunnelles and
    Want your name here? You can send me quotes or items!
    |Legal Stuffing |
    This document is copyright 2000 Ryan Hill (Rumo)
    Ogre Battle 64 is copyright Atlus
    The only sites with permission to have this are:
    If you find it anywhere else, please notify me immediately

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