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    Character Alignment Guide by -Xenocide

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    InDepthFAQ for Ogre Battle:Persons of Lordly Cailber on N64
    Character Alignment Guide
    version .1
    written by `Xenocide (jld5445@ksu.edu)
    Version History
    v.1 Initial Version
    v.2 Fixed Length, added ali viewing, changed ali influences to a chart
     What is Alignment?
     Where can I View Alignment?
     What Influences Alignment?
     What Does Alignment Influence?
     Tips on Making Low Alignment Units
     Rumors concerning Alignment
     Ogre Battle 64 is the latest sequal to a largely complex Strategy Game with 
    RPG influences. I do not intent to cover all aspect of the game here, but 
    rather focus on the depth of Alignment. Alignment is ultimately important in 
    unlocking all the endings. 
    What is Alignment?
     Alignment(Ali) is the mental state of the character in question. A low ali 
    represent a chaotic nature, commonly associated with evil, and a high ali is 
    associated with Lawful. In between Lawful and Chaotic is Neutral. Ali 
    can only change after battle in the field. "ALI UP" means the character's
    alignment moved towards lawful, and "ALI DOWN" means the character's 
    alignment moved towards chaotic.
    Where can I view Alignment?
     Alignment can be seen on the stats quickstats window, in the lower left corner, 
    just left of the character's name. The icon consistist of two things: a Letter
    (C-N-L) and a scale. The scale tips with the severity of a character's alignment.
    It tips left to indicate a chaotic nature, and right to indicate a lawful nature.
     You can get a better view of alignment at the Change Class Screen. At the center
    top of the screen should be a green and yellow bar, with C on one end and L on 
    the other, and and "ALI" arrow in the middle. The arrow indicates the units 
    current ali, and if its pointing in the yellow region, then the character meets
    the ali requisite. Otherwise the arrow and "ALI" will be in red.
    What Influences Alignment?
     Alignment is influenced by a couple of factors. 
    Note that ali will not change during Training.
    1. Level Disparity Changes
       Characters raise their Ali for killing enemies with a higher level tham 
       themselves, and lose Ali for killing enemies with a lower level than 
    2. Alignment Conflict Changes
       A character's Ali will move away from the Ali of the enemy upon killing them. 
       This means if you kill chaotic enemies, the Ali may go up, and vice versa.
    3. Unit Equalibrium
       Over time a unit's Ali will level out, meaining that characters' Ali 
       affects the rest of the group's Ali.    
    4. Battle Strategy 
       The strategy the unit is using has a minor effect on Ali. At the time of writing,
       I am unsure which ones are postitive ali boosters versus negative ali modifiers.
    What Does Alignment Influence?
     Many things. One big thing it influences is the classes avaiable to be promoted 
    to. Another is the plot. It also influences capturing versus liberation. The 
    more cities you liberate the more soldiers and Goth you will earn for map 
    completion. Cities are liberated when the unit's overall alignment is on the
    same end of the scale as the cities' morale, and captured when the morale is 
    opposite of alignment. Low morale compares to chaotic Ali and hi morale to 
    lawful Ali. 50 is a neutral morale.
    Tips on Making Low Alignment Units
     If you need some character to drop their Ali for certain classes, the best way 
    to do this is to place the characters you need to drop in Ali, preferablly with 
    some soldiers and another low Ali character. Then proceded to send them into 
    battle and kill things with 'em. As their levels rise, the Ali will fall. It 
    may be wise to train them before battle, so they have a jump start at losing
    Ali in the field.
    Tips on Making High Alignment Units
     If you need a unit with a high alignment, the best way to accomplish this is
    to first get together a group of characters with a relatively low level. Note 
    that they can't be too low, since level disparity alignment changes and have them 
    garrison a stronghold with plenty of enemy traffic, until they are at par with
    the level of the enemies on the map. After that, try not to kill enemies with 
    that unit, as it will drop the Ali. It is recommended that you set the Battle 
    Strategy to Leader or Strongest to avoid killing many people.
     This section is merely hypothetical in nature, and must be taken by a grain of 
    salt. Most of these were taken from the Ogre Battle 64 board, and will be 
    recognized as such.
     Hobbess noted that being attacked versus attacking units may influence Ali,
    with defending tending towards lawful, and attacking tending towards chaotic.
     This work of art is copyrighted. Do not distribute without my express written 
    permission. Ogre Battle 64 : Persons of Lordly Caliber is probably trademarked 
    by Atlus, Nintendo or Quest. This is not an "official" guide. The official 
    added suckage and pictures to the content. 
    You should have found this guide at www.gamefaqs.com

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