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Reviewed: 02/25/01 | Updated: 06/18/01

The game that made the Ogre Battle series great.

Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen.

Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together.

As if these legendary cult classics weren't enough, Quest had to go ahead and make a
third game in the Ogre Battle Saga, Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber.
And it is the best one so far, if you can believe it. What makes this game so good? Let's
see here...

Story: 9

The game takes place roughly one year after MotBQ, and adds to the already epic saga.
You gotta love true sequels... Anywho, this is the first paragraph of page 9 of the
instruction manual. But believe me, it gets a whole lot deeper than this...''The Holy
Lodis Empire, rumored to be planning the domination of the entire continent of
Zeteginia... The main character of this game, Magnus Gallant, is an 18-year old born to
a noble family and assigned to the Southern Division of the Palatinean Army. There he
witnesses the plight of the lower class, oppressed by the Empire and treated as
And that's all you get for now. It does get quite complex as you
progress through the game. It also has some of the most memorable characters, who say
some of the most memorable things I've ever read. A very well written script.

Gameplay: 10

Absolutely brilliant. You control your own army, or battalion. Your battalion is split up
into units, and you then dispatch your units onto the battlefield. But once on the
battlefield, this is no ordinary hack n' slash. Reminiscent of OB: MotBQ, you must make
major decisions and liberate cities, all under the watchful eyes of the citizens. If the
people don't like you, it shows. To enter a battle, you must do no more than bump into an
enemy unit on the field map. But the battles are not waged in the typical RPG manner, in
fact, each and every battle is fought automatically for you. But it is not as simple as that,
in fact, a great deal of strategy is involved.

You may choose a basic attack strategy for each unit, including ''attack leader'' and
''attack weakest''. Depending on where in your unit you place a certain character, they
will do get more attacks, or do a different attack altogether. You must arrange your units
so that each character does his or her own most effective attack for that situation. After
both you and the opposition have gone through all of your attacks, the fight is over. The
side that dealt the most damage is declared the winner, and the loser gets pushed back the
opposite direction on the field map. Don't worry, you'll get used to it pretty quickly. The
controls are very easy to master, especially if you take the time to go through the tutorial.
The numerous menus are not too difficult to grasp, and you can even push the start button
during the game for descriptions of each menu. So if you don't know what something
does, push start on it.

The greatest thing about this game, without a doubt, is the incredible amount of
customization allowed. Have you ever wanted to have control over 90 different
characters, each with their own class, equipment, alignment, and name? You heard me
correctly, you get to name each and every individual member of your battalion! Did I
mention that you even get to make up a name for your battalion? You can even choose
the gender of your upgraded soldiers! And recruit neutral characters to your forces, and
rename them(if you want)! The options are endless!!!

Sound: 7

Some classic tunes from the original Ogre Battle make a return, as well as a few new
ones. The music is by no means great, but it matches the mood of the game very
well. The only drawback is that it gets repetitive. The sound effects are not of the highest
quality, but definitely don't hinder the game in any way. All in all, a job well done.

Graphics: 7

Clearly a step up from its Super Nintendo predecessors, although not as eye-popping as
some of the recent PlayStation or Dreamcast entries. But as we all know, graphics do not
make a game. The sprites in this game are surprisingly well detailed, although they still
don't have mouths. The 3D battlefields and overworld map are easy on the eyes. The
battle animations ain't too shabby either, and there are some very cool looking spells and
attacks you may be able to pull off. The only flaw, albeit a minor one, is during the
cutscenes when the doors magically close by themselves.

Replay Value: 10

The replay value of this game is through the roof! And it's not artificial replay value,
either. It isn't a 3 hour game, and you don't play it again just because it is so short. This
game takes a long time to beat, the average gamer will take 50-60 hours his first time
through. Personally, my first trip took 80 hours, but I'm a perfectionist(probably close to
30 hours of that was spent editing and customizing my army, just the way I liked it). The
game has 3 main endings, depending on if you were good or evil during the course of the
game, with different variations depending on what special characters you recruited. Most
people feel compelled to play this game through at least twice. There are also
multiple sidequests, that will provide background information on many of the heroes, and
reward you with special characters, special classes, and rare items. There are also hidden
treasures scattered across the land, some of which may prove to be very helpful. For an
added challenge, try to recruit at least one of every class in the game! It's not as easy as it

Rent/Buy: I would rent first, if you have never played an Ogre Battle game. But
if you played and enjoyed OB: MotBQ for SNES(or PSX), then buy buy BUY! Do
not pass this gem up, as you will most likely spend in excess of 100 hours playing it.

The epic Ogre Battle series is now in position to do some great things, as this game left
plenty of story to work with at the end. Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber shall be
remembered as the game that saved the series from fading away into obscurity, and not
only that, but made the series truly great. Ogre Battle, we salute you.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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