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    Combat Simulator Stat Boosting Guide by Hyena

    Updated: 05/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Stupid but Fun Ways to Boost Player Statistics
    (Multiplayer/Combat Simulator)
    GAME:         Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64
    AUTHOR:       Hyena <trwhite@fgbc.org>
    Last Updated: 2002/May 19
    Table of Contents:
       I.   Updates 
      II.   Introduction
     III. Increase Distance
      IV. Increase Kill Count
       V. Increase Accuracy
      VI. Increase Head Shots
     VII.   Credits
    VIII.   Contact
      IX.   Disclaimer
    I. Updates
    2002/May 19 -- Started and finished first revision.
      II. Introduction
    In the Combat Simulator, you can save player statistics either
    on the game pack, or a memory card. After playing for a while
    and having difficulty with challenges, you'll notice your stats
    will start to become a little disappointing. Many of the
    challenges can be quite difficult and your stats can end up going
    really downhill. Your accuracy can go down from 74% to 35%
    before very long. Luckily, there are some stupid but fun ways to
    raise these stats.
    Now, in a way, you can consider this to be cheating. But player
    statistics aren't really a huge part of the game, and it doesn't
    really give you any sort of an edge against other human players.
    Really the whole statistics thing has nothing to do with
    gameplay. It's just a fun way to waste your time. That being
    said, allow me to enlighten you in ways in which I've wasted
    mine. :)
      III. Increase Distance
    Okay, this is one of the most worthless statistics to bother
    with, but if you're in the mood for it, that's what this is for.
    The "Distance" in your player statistics refers to how much your
    player has walked, ran, jumped, and etcetera while playing in
    the combat simulator. If you feel like showing off that your
    player has walked for over four thousand kilometres, here's how
    you can accomplish that little feat.
    It's actually rediculously simple. Enter the combat simulator's
    "Advanced Setup". (Remember to load your player before doing
    anything) You should pick an arena that doesn't have pits. I
    would recommend the Car Park or Skedar arena. Weapons are not
    important. Make sure there are no simulants. Change the limits
    to something reasonably long. 10 minutes is usually fine for a
    quick run. I'd recommend 60 minutes, or unlimited.
    (Just remember for the latter that you have to quit the game
    yourself. And you may get bored of playing for 60 minutes, so
    you'd probably consider quitting again after a while.)
    Now, before you actually start the game, unplug your controller.
    Hold the analog stick to the very bottom-left and hold it there.
    Plug the controller back in with your other hand before you
    release the analog. If you did it right, the cursor will
    move continually up on the menu screen. Press start.
    Now your player will move around continuously in a circle.
    Leave the game running and come back when it's over. Your
    character will have walked the entire time and earned you a lot
    of distance with no effort whatsoever.
      IV. Increase Kill Count
    This one makes a little more sense than distance.
    "Kills" in your player statistics refers, of course, to how many
    times you've killed another player in the combat simulator.
    If you want to boost this, there's a really fun way to do that.
    Enter the combat simulator, and advanced setup. As always,
    remember to load your player or your statistics won't change.
    Pick "Temple" from the list of classic arenas. If you don't have
    temple yet, then pick something wide open. Skedar is reasonable,
    but Temple is preferable.
    Next, set weapons to all mines. Proximity mines and timed mines
    will work the best for this, but remote mines work well too.
    Example set-ups:
            A                     B                     C
    1. Proximity Mines    1. Proximity Mines    1. Timed Mines
    2. Proximity Mines    2. Proximity Mines    2. Timed Mines
    3. Remote Mines       3. Proximity Mines    3. Timed Mines
    4. Remote Mines       4. Timed Mines        4. Timed Mines
    5. Timed Mines        5. Timed Mines        5. Timed Mines
    6. Timed Mines        6. Timed Mines        6. Timed Mines
    Now, add some simulants. You'll need PeaceSims. These guys won't
    shoot. They collect weapons, and they chase you and try to disarm
    you. Pick as many as you can. Usually the limit is eight, but if
    you haven't progressed very far in the challenges you may not be
    able to add so many. And make sure to go to each one afterwords
    and set its difficulty to "meat". A meat PeaceSim will chase you
    all over the place but due to its short range will never quite
    catch up unless it traps you in a corner. That's partly why you
    want a wide open area.
    Set the limits high. Time limit shouldn't matter much, but make
    sure you set score and team score really high (preferably
    unlimited) If you play long enough, you could get hundreds of
    Now start the game. Find the most wide-open, easily accessible
    area in the arena. If you're playing Temple, that will be the
    main area on the second floor, just above the skylight.
    There should be plenty of mines lying around, but don't worry
    if there aren't. The PeaceSims won't attack you unless you're
    armed. Once you've got some, let the nearest sim chase you.
    Don't kill it. Just run circles around it. This can be done
    the most easily by strafing or sidestepping. For instance, hold
    the analog stick left, while holding down the right C button or
    hold the analog right while holding down the left C button.
    If you do it right, you should be circling the sim but
    constantly facing it.
    Keep this up for a while. Soon enough, more simulants will enter
    the room and start chasing. Your circle motion will soon have
    all of them bunched together. Once you have three or four (or
    all eight if you have the patience) bunched together, it's time
    to throw a mine. Toss it right into the crowd. It should land
    right on one of the PeaceSims and fasten in place. The Sim will
    continue chasing as if nothing's wrong. Back up.
    You should be able to get a safe distance before a proximity or
    a timed mine will go off. If its a remote minee, detonate it
    once you're far enough not to get killed.
    The explosion should kill most if not all of them. If some
    remain, just continue the same procedure. The regenerated sims
    will come right back into the same room without too short of a
    wait. Don't worry about running out of ammo. There's plenty.
    And when the game ends, you can a "Quad Kill" award.
    V. Increase Accuracy
    This one can be pretty fun too.
    "Accuracy" in your statistics will be the percentage of hits
    to number of shots fired. This can be tricky to gain because it
    means you have to miss very few of your shots. And this includes
    punches, mines, grenades, etc. Every punch you miss will have
    a negative effect on your accuracy. So you need some very
    accurate semi-automatic weapons.
    I think by now, you'll have gotten the hint that you need to
    remember to load your player settings so this will be the last
    time I mention it.
    Enter Advanced Setup. First pick the "Complex" arena from the
    Classics. It needs to be the complex, so if you don't have it,
    you'll need to unlock it before this will work.
    Set Limits high. I've done 60 minutes before. It can get really
    boring, but if you really want to boost your stats, this works
    the best. But 20 minutes is a good all-around alternative.
    As for the simulants, put the maximum number of PeaceSims and
    change their skill to "meat"
    And finally, change the weapons. You'll need lots of Falcons.
    Preferably with scopes.
    A couple of other decent weapons to toss in can be proximity
    mines and the sniper rifle.
    Example set-ups:
            A                     B                     C
    1. Falcon 2 (scope)   1. Falcon 2           1. Falcon 2 (scope)
    2. Falcon 2 (scope)   2. Falcon 2           2. Falcon 2 (scope)
    3. Falcon 2 (silenced)3. Falcon 2 (silenced)3. Falcon 2 (scope)
    4. Falcon 2 (silenced)4. Falcon 2 (silenced)4. Falcon 2 (scope)
    5. Sniper Rifle       5. Falcon 2 (scope)   5. Falcon 2 (silenced)
    6. Proximity Mines    6. Falcon 2 (scope)   6. Falcon 2 (silenced)
    And before you start your game, you'll need to go up to
    "options" and select one-hit-kills.
    This works best if you can get double falcon 2 with scopes.
    The Complex has one area over in the corner that you can find
    without too much exploring. There's a metallic grating floor
    and a ramp that leads up to a somewhat thin ledge, also metallic
    grating. There are a few crates scattered around. On the ledge,
    in the corner furthest from any of the entrances into the room,
    there's a bit of an alcove with a metal texture. You can climb
    it onto another ledge for the room's third floor. There's a
    weapon and ammo on top of it, so it's not particularly secret.
    The PeaceSims flock to this area. And because there's only one
    way in, it's a fun and easy place to pick off helpless victims.
    At the part of the ledge where you first climb up, you have to
    make your way to the first corner and turn around so you're
    facing the place where you climbed up. Take out your pistol(s)
    and aim for it. The scope really comes in handy here.
    Keep it just a little bit above the floor and centred between
    the wall and the edge.
    PeaceSims will keep climbing directly into your crosshairs. A
    quick squeeze of the trigger will drop them back down as quickly
    as they come. This will be very comical for a while, although it
    will get boring fast. Heads will pop up and get blasted down
    again. It's essentially the Perfect Dark equivilent of
    whack-a-mole. It's especially fun watching the simulants' guns
    splatter all over the place. And they never quite learn from it
    As for the proximity mines, you can place them near the weapon
    and ammo that the sims are trying to get to, on the third floor.
    The point to this is that occasionally you can accidentally miss
    and sometimes the PeaceSims will get close enough to disarm you
    and run away with your guns. If this happens, they'll walk right
    into your mine and you can quickly sweep it all up again.
    As for the sniper rifle, you can use this instead of the falcon.
    But if you zoom in too far, they'll move too quickly.
    If you keep this up long enough, you should hit them about 75%
    of the time. If you're really good, you can go the whole twenty
    minutes without missing a shot. And that will be a serious boost
    to your stats.
    Keep in mind, it's generally a good idea to have more than one
    type of weapon. If you get disarmed, you need to have a backup.
      VI. Increase Head Shots
    This is one of the weirder ones, but it works very well. It also
    will do wonders for your accuracy, although it's not as
    fast-paced as the one mentioned (ie, it will take longer)
    "Head Shots" refers to the number of times in the combat
    simulator that you have hit another player in the head with
    a projectile weapon. As far as I know this does not apply to
    rockets, grenades, or mines. Throwing knives and crossbow bolts
    however, do count.
    Enter advanced setup again. This time, make sure "one-hit-kills"
    is *off*. This is very important. It takes two head shots to
    kill an opponent when this is off and that means twice as many
    as otherwise. You can find this under "options"
    For the arena, pick the Grid. This should work with any arena
    but Grid is the best. If you can't pick it, go for a small
    For weapons, pick all sniper rifles. A falcon 2 with scope can
    work well too, but just make sure that all the weapons are the
    same. They have to be.
    Example set-ups:
            A                     B
    1. Sniper Rifle       1. Falcon 2 (scope)
    2. Sniper Rifle       2. Falcon 2 (scope)
    3. Sniper Rifle       3. Falcon 2 (scope)
    4. Sniper Rifle       4. Falcon 2 (scope)
    5. Sniper Rifle       5. Falcon 2 (scope)
    6. Sniper Rifle       6. Falcon 2 (scope)
    Of course, you can do this just as well if you set only one
    weapon and leave the rest empty, but it just means you'll have
    a harder time hunting down your weapon at the beginning, or
    finding ammo later.
    And finally, add some simulants. As many PerfectSims as you can.
    No, I'm not crazy. PerfectSims work the best for this. I'll show
    you why in a second.
    Now, set some limits. Don't put any score limits or you'll be
    doing this all night. (Explain why in a second)
    Definitely put a time limit, but give yourself plenty.
    Once that's all done, you need to pick "teams", and here's the
    odd part. Set all the sims to the same team. And put yourself
    on this team as well. Just so there's no confusion, it should
    look something like this:
    Player 1      Red
    PerfectSim:1  Red
    PerfectSim:2  Red
    PerfectSim:3  Red
    PerfectSim:4  Red
    PerfectSim:5  Red
    PerfectSim:6  Red
    PerfectSim:7  Red
    PerfectSim:8  Red
    Once this is done, go ahead and start the game.
    The simulants have a built-in function that sets priorities for
    them. Their first priority is to gather some shields, weapons,
    and ammo. Then they have to go looking for the nearest enemy.
    If they can't find an enemy, they'll follow their nearest friend
    until they can find one. They also try to strengthen their
    position by heading to the largest group of allies they can find
    and help defend.
    Now, because everyone is all on the same team, the sims will get
    confused. Their objective to find the nearest enemy will leave
    them aimless. After snatching up all the ammo they can eat and
    surrounding themselves with their friends, they won't have a
    single thing to do. So they'll stand around motionlessly and
    wait for an enemy to somehow materialize. They're sitting ducks.
    Now, you won't get any points for kiling teammates. But you'll
    still get points for accuracy and headshots in your stats.
    It's impossible to win, of course, because every kill will take
    your team's score down. The end score will be a negative number.
    The reason you want them to be PerfectSims is because they will
    move faster. The faster they gather all their ammo, the faster
    they'll be ready to sit around and invite a head shot.
    And the reason you need to make all your weapons the same is
    because it will mean less for the sims to gather. Once they
    get a sniper rifle (or falcon 2) they'll have nothing more to
    look for except ammo and a couple of friends to hang around
    While they're doing this, go to the Grid's elevator. You can't
    do this in any other arena, but don't say I didn't already warn
    you. Sims will run in and out of the elevator all the time and
    they're easy targets once inside. 80% of the time, they'll get
    inside and then stand still until the other door opens.
    Wait inside the elevator. Once they're perfectly still, aim
    your scope at their head. Fire. Adjust aim if necessary and fire
    again. Two shots will do it and they will not fight back.
    Keep an eye on your radar. If a lot of the little dots are
    stationary it means that some of the sims have run out of things
    to do and are sitting still. You'll probably find a group of
    four to seven of them, standing there. Eerily enough, you'll find
    the sims start copying your actions as you get closer. They'll
    look in whatever direction you look and move wherever you move
    robotically precise. They won't shoot, though, so don't worry
    about that. Aim for someone's head, shoot twice. Now turn your
    gun to the next closest. Sometimes you can kill the whole bunch
    of them without any of them moving. Other times they'll suddenly
    decide to go look for more of their friends and will head out
    single-file in search of whatever it is they want.
    It takes a while to get anywhere, but remember that you have to
    wait for them to be motionless or close enough. You want to use
    only head shots and you want to improve your accuracy while
    you're at it. If the game doesn't end before you get sick of
    this, just quit. Your stats will be saved.
    And although your score might be -300, your team will still win.
      VII. Credits
    Thanks to Metalhead <metalhead_@hotmail.com> for initially
    coming up with the way to boost accuracy.
    Everything else is original work. If I have inadvertantly left
    someone out, e-mail me plase. See contact info for details.
      VIII. Contact Info
    My e-mail address is <trwhite@fgbc.org>
    Feel free to contact me about anything, but I should warn you
    that I'm likely to ignore any of the following:
    1. A two-page message that explains to me why I'm stupid.
    2. A link to a site that has no relevance to Perfect Dark,
       porn banners, ten pop-ups, a request to vote for a top 100
       video game site that is required to proceed, and a bunch of
       broken links to x-rated fanfiction.
    3. Leetspeak, excessive acronyms, or insanely bad grammar.
       Example: "ur WWW r0><0r5 3y3 wlil mail u a TFAR XPO opkay"
      IX. Disclaimer
    Okay, I'm not a nazi here, people. If you want to use it for
    something, go ahead. All I ask is:
    A. Credit me
    B. Keep it completely intact
    C. Tell me about it.
    You can do it after you've already put it up on your site if you
    want, but as long as I find out from you before someone else,
    I'll be 100% fine with it.
    D. Buy me something nice (optional)
    Thank you.
    Tom "Hyena" White

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