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    License to Kill FAQ/Walkthrough by Jimbo007

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     / ____/  __/ /  / __/  __/ /__/ /_   / /_/ / /_/ / /  / ,<
    /_/    \___/_/  /_/  \___/\___/\__/  /_____/\__,_/_/  /_/|_|
    L i c e n s e   T o   K i l l
    Original - 10/18/02
    Update 1 - 10/21/02: Format totally sucked, fixed that, and added some Air
    Force One Stuff.
    Update 2 - 11/03/01: Format is perfect. I overall fixed a lot of things. We
    need to beef up the recognitions. I'm sick of seeing only 7 or so names down
    there, I know there's more talent out there. Please tell me somehow on the
    message boards if you've beaten more than 5 LTK levels.
    Update 3 - 11/11/02: Actually took the time to make a somewhat decent strat for
    the Villa Shock Troopers. I had almost nothing there before, so hopefully that
    helped a little for you.
    Update 4 - 11/13/02: Cleaned up the Villa, Chicago, and Rescue walkthroughs a
    little, also browsed through the whole thing, fixing stuff, etc. Hopefully,
    this should be the last update unless I'm bored. I am desperate for some ASCII
    art displaying a large "PERFECT DARK" for intro of this FAQ. I will happily
    mention you with a big thank you if anyone is willing to lend me some, I suck
    at that sort of stuff. Thank you VERY much.
    Update 5 - 11/15/02: It was a must. I finally have a decent ASCII intro to this
    beast. Thanks VERY much to Nightcom for this.
    Update 6 - 1/23/03: I just overall fixed some stuff, improved the Rescue
    walkthrough a bit, and decided this will most likely be my last update, nothing
    else to do. With no one being interested in LTK anymore, I'm calling it quits,
    this is the final version, enjoy.
    Table of contents:
    A. Legal Stuff
    B. Explanation of what LTK is
    C. FAQ
    D. The Walkthroughs
      * dataDyne Central - Defection
      * dataDyne Research - Investigation
      * dataDyne Central - Extraction
      * Carrington Villa - Hostage One
      * Chicago - Stealth
      * G5 Building - Reconnaissance
      * Area 51 - Infiltration
      * Area 51 - Rescue
      * Area 51 - Escape
      * Air Base - Espionage
      * Air Force One - Antiterrorism
      * Crash Site - Confrontation
      * Pelagic II - Exploration
      * Deep Sea - Nullify Threat
      * Carrington Institute - Defense
      * Attack Ship - Covert Assault
      * Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine
      * Mr. Blonde's Revenge
      * Maian SOS
      * WAR!
      * The Duel
    E. Recognition
    F. Comments, suggestions information, etc.
    Legal: You may do anything you want with this Walkthrough, just make sure you
    label that it was done by me (Jimbo007), and what site you got it from
    The FAQ
    These walkthroughs is going to be devoted almost 100% to LTK.
    1. What exactly IS LTK? License to Kill "LTK" is the hardest possible adventure
    in Perfect Dark, testing the skill of even the best players in the world. When
    you complete the 17 regular Solo Missions on Perfect Agent, under that
    difficulty is something called "Perfect Dark Mode", this is almost the exact
    same thing as 007 from Goldeneye. The requirements for License to kill make you
    go through hell, requiring you to have a ridiculous amount of patience, and
    enough skill to last you through the levels. The Enemy Health is set to 10%, so
    when you shoot an enemy, they WILL die in one hit; Enemy Damage is set to
    1000%, which means every time you are shot, you will die; (There are some
    extremely rare instances that if you are shot by a Shotgun from a good distance
    away, you will not die, but rather your Health will be reduced to full red,
    sparing your life) Enemy Accuracy is set to a ridiculous 1000%, meaning if any
    enemy sees you out in the open, just kiss your sorry ass goodbye.
    2. What do you think the toughest levels on LTK are? Well, I personally think
    Air Base and Deep Sea are the hardest; but for any normal LTK player, they will
    most likely say all of Area 51. Mostly Infiltration.
    3. Reminder - Levels that involve Skedar are different. They have more Health
    than a human does, so it takes 3 shots to the leg to kill a Skedar, 2 Shots in
    the chest, 1 to the head, and 1 to the snake.
    4. Now, I'm going to assume that you're already good at Perfect Dark because
    you already have beaten the game on Perfect Agent, and because if you're crazy
    enough to do this, then you HAVE to be good; so I'm not going to explain how to
    do EVERYTHING, just the basics to beat the level on LTK, and the easiest ways
    to do so.
    5. How do I know if I'm good enough to play LTK? If you're good at Combat
    Simulator (Skill of a PerfectSim), you can easily conquer at least 5 levels.
    You don't know how much your LTK skill revolves around Combat Simulator.
    6. This is NOT meant to be a Perfect Agent Walkthrough!!! Sure this might help,
    but you'll end up having times of like 15:00 for each level! You'll end up
    doing a lot of crap you won't do on Perfect Agent, and I don't explain
    everything in this walkthrough. Go find Marshmallow's FAQ if you want a highly
    detailed walkthrough on... PERFECT Agent (Even though this is actually Perfect
    Agent if you think about it, lol. You have to be perfect to survive)
    dataDyne Central - Defection
    1. Disable Internal Security Hub
    2. Obtain Key Code Necklace
    3. Download Project Files
    4. Disable External Comms Hub
    5. Gain Entrance to Laboratory
    There really is nothing hard about this level in general, but things like the
    tight hallways, lack of places and cover, and the LOADS of friggin' Shock
    Troopers at the bottom can be a hassle. Or, if you find it acceptable, just
    glitch your way to victory, this can be a lifesaver. *Take note I am not going
    to explain the Defection Glitch in this walkthrough*
    Start the mission right away and walk forward, you'll see a guy patrolling the
    area, kill him as you are up here and drop down. Find a set of double doors,
    walk through and kill the guard just standing there (What were these guys
    thinking?). Go down this ramp and look left as you come to the end, you'll see
    a computer; dig out your ECM Mine and put one on this hub. Go down the stairs
    here, and take out the 3 guards guarding Cassandra's office. You'll want to use
    a CMP150 to execute them. Once their done (killed), find the desk with the
    switch button and press the action button on your controller (Whichever one
    opens doors for you). Go inside and Knock Cassandra out using your Pistol Whip,
    or your fists...Doesn't matter. Go left as you exit her office and go down the
    stairs, you'll come to your first challenge. As you come to the middle sets of
    stairs, you'll encounter some guards; switch to your Disarm to easily whip
    these guys. When you go around the corner, do NOT enter any doors, you want to
    minimize the encounters with guards in this level. Take out the camera here and
    go back to the stairs you came off of and go to the bottom floor. This part can
    be tricky, kill the guard here, and no matter what you do, you'll encounter 3
    more around the corner, so disarm them if you want, but be SURE to kill these
    guys. Keep turning right, and you'll come to a door, go left and eliminate the
    camera, the alarm is CERTAINLY not needed in this type of situation. As you
    come down the long hallway, go inside the first office door you see, and kill
    the man with the Double Falcons. Now, you'll have to listen on a conversation
    with a man on the phone in the next office. Wait, and he'll come out shouting
    for security. LET HIM RUN!!! Follow close behind him, and he'll lead you to a
    previously locked up room, this room contains a Laptop Gun! Now, follow him as
    he leads you to a computer; when you reach your destination, he'll start to
    babble. When he says "I'm in", knock him out and use your Data Uplink to
    download your files. Now, take out your Laptop Gun and make your way to the
    very bottom floor by taking the Elevator. This takes skill, so listen...
    When the fast music starts playing, shoot the windows in front of you like a
    madman, fall down, and kill the 2 shock Troopers here with insane speed...These
    guys make me sick on how well they seemed to be trained to nail your ass as
    you're falling off that platform in front of the Elevator. Go around stealthy
    and attract as little attention as possible, these guards have no fear. But,
    for you people who hate Stealth, go around shooting like a friggin' madman and
    attract as MUCH attention as possible, this might be good because then the
    guards will come after you, you can just shoot them as they come into view, or,
    you can just deploy your Laptop Sentry gun on the wall and watch as idiot after
    idiot goes into your Laptop Gun fire. When you have all these guys killed. If
    so, make your away with Falcon in hand and head to the stairs, and go into the
    room on the RIGHT. Shoot the computer terminal on the right as fast as you can
    and back out. Do the same thing by firing as they come out (Obviously snipe
    them, you don't want to take on 2 other guards on 2 different sides, or you'll
    surely be killed) Dig out your ECM Mine, and plant one on that computer to your
    left as you enter. You can FINISH the level in 2 ways.
    1. You can take the time to eliminate every guard using your tactics above,
    2. You can run through Kamikaze style to the elevator, this might be better if
    you're trying to do it fast, because the Guards will most likely be surprised,
    run around and do that other crap, never really aiming their gun at you, but I
    strongly suggest the first method; why?
    *Cough1000%accuracyCough*. Mission Complete, on LTK
    dataDyne Research - Investigation
    1. Holograph Radio Isotope
    2. Start Security Maintenance Cycle
    3. Shut down Experiments
    4. Obtain Experimental Technologies
    5. Locate Dr. Carroll
    Again, there really is nothing hard about this level at all, just have a quick
    shot, and you'll do fine! The CMP150 and it's rapid fire will be your best
    friend, and the guards have NO chance if you're fairly good at using the Lock
    Don't watch any of the cinemas, it takes too long. Walk to your left here, and
    keep going until you encounter your first guard. Kill him, and walk through
    that door, now, use your head. 4 Guards will come after you, and since you
    cannot shoot through the glass, they have to be in front of you; Shoot them as
    they come into your view. Exit here, and go to your right, go through the doors
    and easily kill these guards. Now, use your CamSpy to take a picture of that
    thing there...(What is that anyway?) Now, this is optional, but recommended. Go
    as FAST AS YOU CAN around the perimeter of the isotope and you'll get a Proxy
    Mine, this will be very good later in the mission. When you exit here, go
    straight, then right. You'll encounter the most idiotic guards on the face of
    the Earth. Go down this hallway and without any effort, kill these guys. When
    you come to the end, shoot the window out and drop down. Kill the 2 guards
    patrolling here, and activate the computer modules here. Go back up the hallway
    you came from and advance on. Take your Falcon and shoot him in the chest. Take
    your CMP150 and nail as many guards as you can here, and retreat behind the
    door. Once you kill all these idiots, go down the big hallway looking down
    every alcove and killing the guards standing here. Go back to the very start of
    this hallway, and go down the unusually long hallway. In here are 2 guards,
    take out your CMP150, and murder these guys Kamikaze style. In here in little
    alcoves are boxes, get these for your K7 Avenger you're eventually going  to
    use coming up later in the level. Make the stupid Scientist in here shut down
    his experiment. Go back up the hallway and go almost straight in the next one.
    Go to the right in this room and you'll find a little elevator. Go down and get
    the K7 Avenger and come back up. Go left when you exit this containment lab, to
    come to another lab. Shoot the middle glass and grab the Night Vision for the
    next level. Go the other side, and do the same things here. Kill the guards,
    and have the scientist shut down the experiments. Make your way to the lasers
    killing the guards, and wait for your robot to come by.
    Now, get ready for the last part of the level. Open the 2 doors and let the
    guards here see you, then hide as they come. Go through here, and as you go
    through the other double doors, go to the left as much as possible until you
    can see the guy on the right's gun. Be fast about this now, shoot the gun out
    of his hand, back up, shut the door, and place your aimer in the middle of the
    door, and shoot the guy on the left. Now finally kill the helpless man on the
    right. Now, grab your Proximity mine, and go behind the door you just came
    from, close it, put the mine on it, go back into that room, and close it. (Got
    that?) Now, as you're using your Data Uplink on the computer, you'll hear an
    explosion because 2 "magically" appearing guards have just come, but your Proxy
    has just saved the day! Enter the now "unlocked" door with your K7 Avenger, and
    as you get to the end, open the door, and aim for some nice/lined up shots.
    Head back and kill the guards as they come after you (When an enemy sees his
    fellow man die, they're going to do something about it) When you're done, go to
    the left door and travel through here killing the Shock Troopers here (When you
    kill the first one, the other 2 will come, but you can kill them easily, since
    they're still RUNNING when they open the door) At the end, pick up the Shield
    Tech item. Go back to the big room you made your nice bodyshots in, and open
    the final door. Now, take your K7 Avenger, and take out the mounted drone guns.
    Now run to the end and Celebrate! Mission complete, on LTK
    dataDyne Central - Extraction
    1. Access Foyer Elevator
    2. Reactivate Office Elevator
    3. Destroy dataDyne Hovercopter
    4. Defeat Cassandra's Bodyguards
    5. Rendezvous at Helipad
    Well, you start off in the deepest, darkest area; wow, what could this do? A
    LOT! Put on your Night Vision Goggles and kill the first guard that seems to be
    blind, get his CMP150, go to the RIGHT of the door, open it (Never letting the
    guard see you, duh) and go as far back as possible. If you go back to where the
    first guard was, the next guard can't see you (No Night Vision). Basically, so
    I don't have to type a bunch a bunch of repetitive crap, Stand as far back as
    possible when you kill the bottom guards, for they cannot see you until you
    come pretty close to them. (But once the lights go on, all bets are off) Once
    you step off the Elevator shows TRUE speed and skill.
    When you turn around to go activate the other elevator, there's a guard there,
    and he KNOWS when you're about to come over; what you have to do, is activate
    the shooting cycle by leaning out there to get his attention, but only showing
    the absolute BARE MINIMUM of your body so the trooper doesn't get any easy shot
    on you (Shooting cycle is when a guard shoots his gun, and pauses) If you are
    fast enough, (and lucky) he will miss and you can kill him when he gets done
    shooting; if you are even a tad slow, you will die. Anyway, take your FALCON
    and go out, destroying any guards with Shotguns (Their Accuracy hasn't seemed
    to improve, but you still HAVE to kill them to complete all the objectives).
    Now, just about when you activate the Elevator, comes this Helicopter from
    hell, hell bent on killing you...This might be the only time you'll ever do
    this, but do it anyways, or you'll die later in the mission...Take your CMP150,
    find some cover, and shoot the crap out of that dumb Chopper, you might not
    have enough CMP ammo, when you run out, use your Shotgun, and the Helicopter
    should fall to it's eerie death. (Fireball style) Anyway, go up the newly
    activated Elevator and step out and do that stupid "shooting cycle" on the TWO
    GUARDS sitting here waiting for you. (If you're good, just use a Double blast
    shotgun to blast them both away) Take your CMP150 and any ammo you might have
    to exterminate the female guards in the area. (Note, if you are shot from a
    shotgun from FAR away, you will most likely not die, remember, a shotgun shell
    shoots 6 BB's, and a separate BB will not kill you as a bullet would, just
    thought I'd say that) Alright, go up, and as you're listening in on the
    conversation about the Rocket Launcher, shoot the Shock Trooper with a
    greetings shot...Preferably to the head (Just for fun). Get the Launcher, and
    head on up.
    As you're talking to Cassandra about you being a Nuisance (What nerve she has),
    Line up a Rocket shot right to the guards sitting by the Cylinder, but as
    you're doing that, try to shoot one so it will kill the above guard also, RIGHT
    as you shoot the rocket, run as fast as you can BEHIND the stairs for cover.
    Peek out EVER SO SLOWLY so you can get a foot shot on the girl bodyguard by the
    Light switch, and do whatever you can in your power to kill the girl bodyguard
    standing by the start of the ramp (I stand up and blare my CMP150 at her,
    usually works) *Notice how I call them girls, not women. Women have common
    sense, girls are stupid most of the time...HA HA*  Head up to the Helipad and
    voila. Mission complete, on LTK
    Carrington Villa - Hostage One
    1. Eliminate Rooftop Snipers
    2. Reactivate Wind Generator
    3. Eliminate dataDyne Hackers
    4. Capture dataDyne Guard
    5. Rescue Carrington
    WHAT??? WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THIS??? You start off with 2 guards with Guns
    aimed at you with 1000% ACCURACY?!? How in the blue hell are you going to get
    past this? Easy...Heh heh, get out your Laptop Gun and aim it at them, they'll
    be surprised, and won't fire their gun for several seconds, so just nail them
    at this time when their "vulnerable" (AKA stupid).
    Run up the ramp, turn around and shoot the Sniper way out there on the Dam,
    even though he makes no attempt to kill you at all, it's best to take him out
    at this time, no point in risking death in going out of your way to kill him
    later. Head up the wooden path and hide behind the walls of the Villa itself,
    peek out ever so slowly and kill the Sniper guard above you on the roof (How
    did they get up there?). Go right and estimate about where the location of the
    Sniper is on the roof and shoot; watch in fascination as they fall off the roof
    screaming as they fall to their death. Keep going right past the staircase and
    shoot the guard standing like a retard here. To save ammo, switch to unarmed as
    you enter the Villa, punch out the guard with his back to you (to complete
    Objective 4), turn right, and punch out the guard with HIS back to you. Go to
    the opposite side and shoot the 2 moronic guards here (This is all purely to
    gain ammo, you only need to knock out one at the minimum).
    Go up the stairs and use your Laptop Gun to scope out the guards that WILL see
    you here, you'll most likely want to use full auto fire to Blast them. When you
    look down the tunnel passageway, duck down (to increase Accuracy) and peck at
    the trigger, making the best of it, and shoot all 4 guards that will come after
    you. Get the Sniper rifle in the master bedroom bathroom, and prepare yourself
    for one of the hardest things to do in this level. When you finally go up to
    the top level, you'll see 2 guards in the distance, kill them, turn to your
    left and take out the dudes by the Hacker's computer. Now for the Nightmare. 6
    Guys will now invade your ass coming in from the door that leads outside, and
    it's really hard to kill them all, Soooo...Just use the Coward's way. Throw a
    Laptop Gun out there, and Snipe the guards that manage to get through (You
    might want to duck down behind a wall to kill the remaining ones, they'll still
    shoot you as they're being fired upon by your Laptop Gun) Anyway, go out the
    door the Guards came through and shoot all the Snipers from here (Use your
    Perfect Agent tactics to kill these guys, shouldn't be a problem, unless you
    don't know how to shoot, then you have a problem).
    Head on down to the basement and kill the guards that can't exactly see you
    unless you expose yourself (You can shoot their arm) Go inside and walk along
    the metal walkway cautiously as you come into the room with the 2 activation
    switches. You can either shoot them like a man, Deploy a Laptop Gun, or play a
    game of "Draw the Guards". Draw the Guards is a game in which you shoot lots of
    bullets, then back up behind a door, and when you hear the sound of a door
    opening, you back up inch by inch so you can see them through the little itty
    bitty crack between the 2 opening doors, but they can't see you. You can do
    either of these with the guards in the main Generator room also. At about this
    time, you'll want to go up to shoot the Hackers (That really shouldn't be a
    problem, all they do is just sit there unless you blatantly ruin their private
    time by storming in front of them, acting like a clown, most likely getting you
    Now for the Shock Troopers. The 3 on the right at the intersection shouldn't be
    a problem, just do as you would on Perfect Agent and storm them, never checking
    for a pulse or ANYTHING. When done, open the Door on the LEFT and blast your
    Laptop Gun, the first Trooper should die a horrific death with blood all over
    that expensive wine. Almost immediately after blasting him, turn 90 degrees to
    the right and blast your Laptop Gun aimlessly in THAT direction to bloody up
    and kill the Shock Trooper just standing here. Go around the wine shelves and
    corner and as you come to the turn, look right and aim your Laptop Gun down the
    alleyway of wine shelves, the guard behind the shelf farthest away from you
    should've have died (if you aimed in the right direction), and you should've
    also gotten the attention of the 2 guards stationed "behind" the 2 wine shelves
    on the side of this alleyway, just watch the scene unfold as they try to stop
    you as your Laptop Gun is in full auto...Ooooh, messy messy. When this
    bloodfest is over, head to the last shock trooper and send him to hell once in
    for all. Get his Keycard and open the room to Carrington's room. Mission
    Complete, on LTK
    Chicago - Stealth
    1. Retrieve Drop Point Equipment
    2. Plant Tracker bug on dataDyne Limo
    3. Prepare Escape Route
    4. Create Vehicular Diversion
    5. Gain Access to G5 Building
    This is a ridiculously easy level, but I'll still give a walkthrough.
    Start off doing your normal mission by punching the first guard, punching that
    damn civilian that likes to get in the way of your gunfire, and punching that
    God forsaken FBI Guard. Make your way down to the dumpster, and look down the
    left alleyway, quickly line up a shot using your Falcon Scope and take ONE shot
    to one of the guards, preferably the FBI guard standing right in front of you.
    If all went good, the ones on the left will have come to investigate his death
    and become a nice targets for you, kneeling down on the ground wondering what
    the hell just happened. So as your reward, whip out your CMP150 and blare your
    gun at them with everything you got and make sure they all die and burn in
    hell. Goddamn LTK SWAT guards don't deserve to live. After doing all this, be
    sure to go back and retrieve your precious BombSpy.
    Once all clear, check outside into the streets to see if the Robot is anywhere
    in sight, if so, just sit back and wait until it passes by. Once clear, take
    out your Tracker bug and toss it on top of the Limo. (Why couldn't I have a
    hoverlimo?) Backtrack and head into the storm drain and arm yourself with a
    Remote Mine. Go back to the stairs of the G5 Building, and toss a Mine onto the
    Middle door from the ground.
    Now, get out your BombSpy that you found in the Dumpster at this time to create
    the vehicular Diversion (You should know how to do that). Get the drop point
    equipment, plant the Remote Mine on one of the blocked up doors, and enter the
    G5 Building. Mission Complete, on LTK
    G5 Building - Reconnaissance
    1. Shut down Damping Field Generator
    2. Deactivate Laser Grid Systems
    3. Holograph Meeting Conspirators
    4. Retrieve Dr. Carroll Backup Disk
    5. Exit G5 Building
    Now, the key to winning this level is knowing the pattern of the Cloaked guards
    in the first 2 rooms; if you've seen World Record videos, skip this next part,
    because you should know where the guards go.
    Alright, when you start the level, you see that 2 guards go completely
    invisible that go in 2 separate directions, one goes right to the left of where
    you start, and one goes completely on the other side of him. The Best way to
    kill these guys, is to quickly move in front of the Dumpster right past the
    pillar after you start, turn right and take 3 shots in that direction, no more,
    or the other guy will uncloak and kill you. If you kill him the guy on the
    right, turn around and kill the other guy, he ends up being RIGHT behind you.
    Collect 30 Bullets and Keycard and move on to the part of the level that can
    make or break your luck. When you exit, you can see that a guard is patrolling
    below you on the right; this is tricky now. OK, sometimes if you are a little
    too fast, the guard patrolling is way down there, and you usually miss when you
    try to kill him (If that happens, he'll either kill YOU, or run at the base of
    the stairs when you go down to shut  down the Generator), so DON'T miss. You
    can also get lucky here, if the guard is  walking away from you, nail him with
    ONE shot, if all goes well, another guard will come to investigate, kill him
    and another guard will come to investigate his death, kill him, and the LAST
    guard will come a strollin' by; Give him a welcome shot to the back!
    Alright, lets move on to the next cloaked room. OK, lets picture this room as a
    clock | The Door is 12:00, aim at 3:00 when you're about to get locked in, a
    guard will appear here; now, you should know that you can sometimes see the
    guards, aiming in the same spot, wait 1.3 seconds and shoot another couple of
    rounds and you'll kill a second guard, now Blare your CMP150 at 12:00 to kill
    the 2 remaining guards. (I made that sound easy) Collect the nice 40 rounds and
    Keycard and move on.
    You really shouldn't have a problem with the guards in the next couple of
    rooms, just blare your CMP150 at them for easy clearance. When you're done with
    the Killfest, make sure to kill the guard standing in front of the locked door
    that is under the main catwalk, he'll cause trouble later in the level. Go down
    and if you had the lucky beginning, just go down and press the Action button on
    the Generator, if not, do this. 1. You want to make sure that the guards will
    not immediately kill you when you come into view, so lean into view, inch by
    inch.  2. If good, just creep up and Aim, and shoot when your cursor aims Red,
    do that for the 2 other guards waiting under the slope. (Did that make any
    sense? lol)
    Go up on the catwalks and activate your CamSpy, but don't let it go in (You
    should know how to do the CamSpy trick), just leave it there for later in the
    level. Kill the standing guard from on top, and kill the guard walking around
    from the window in the door, and head on up the stairs. When you come up, go
    nuts with your CMP150 to kill the 2 guards guarding the safe room (Shouldn't be
    a big hassle) Do the same for the 2 guards in the left intersection (Again,
    just blare your CMP150, and they should die within seconds) Put the Decoder on
    the door as you're about to activate the CamSpy, highlight the Remote Mine too.
    Watch the Cinema all the way and stop it as Cassandra says "Ha, If Carrington
    pieces together enough of this, he will have called for reinforcements"
    (Doesn't that alarm make you want to kill something?) Anyway, as you become
    Joanna, blow up the Remote Mine, retrieve the Disk from the Safe and sprint
    outside (There should be no guards around if you're pretty fast about this)
    Mission complete, on LTK
    Area 51 - Infiltration
    1. Shut Down Air Intercept Radar
    2. Plant Comms Rider on Antenna
    3. Disable all Robot Interceptors
    4. Gain Access to Hangar Lift
    5. Make Contact with CI Spy
    Let me put it this way, THIS LEVEL SUCKS! It's practically impossible if you're
    not good, you have to have insane luck, and you have to be FAST. Anyway, on to
    this Piece of Crap walkthrough for this Piece of Crap level.
    Start the Cinema when Carrington starts explaining about the main wall, this
    will let the patrolling guard have his back to you. Shoot the 2 nice men that
    have their back to you and run quickly to that Drone gun the like to activate,
    why? Because the guard that was patrolling is on his knees waiting for you to
    come, he's not moving, so creep up and find him, then cap him :) Move on
    destroying the Drone guns as you would on PA and stop, look at the Sniper
    Tower, and wonder..."How am I going to get past THAT?" Simple, duck down twice,
    and aim your Falcon until the cursor goes red, it's crucial that you hit one of
    the guards with only one shot; if good, the other guard will come running after
    you and will viciously kill you if he had the chance, but you shouldn't give
    him that chance, wait around the corner and kill him as he comes into view of
    your Falcon.
    Alright, continue on and take a nice long shot at the nice man in the tunnel,
    it's fun; done now? OK, now throw a Grenade into the pit of mines (Them
    heartless bastards), or if you know the pattern to take, just walk on through
    and steal the nice Launcher and head through that little hole there. When you
    get to the other side, don't actually come out of the hole, as a safety
    precaution, wait for a guard to come by and shoot him, because they can't see
    you when you're inside your shelter ;) Go around the left side and shoot the 2
    guns here, (they have their "backs" to you) and if you're lucky, the Guard will
    be walking away from you, shoot him in the back. Now Go around the right side,
    shoot the Mounted gun here, and take a nice shot at the Technician, then blow
    up the Robot Interceptor (The Phoenix sucks in the next level), pick up his
    nice Keycard, and activate the Elevator on the Right. Take your Magsec and be
    prepared to shoot the 2 guards in here; you'll want to kill them because when
    you set the Explosives, their clones will come after you, and you DON'T want
    that. Alright, the best thing you want to do when you set the explosives, is to
    throw a Grenade in the middle of all them switches, if you threw it in a good
    place, they should've all blown up, giving a nice, clean escape, when you get
    out, backtrack ALL the way back to that hole in the fence you came here from.
    This is where you're going to need some luck, when you are at the end of the
    tunnel, there is a Drone Gun there (Which you shouldn't worry about), and there
    are also about 4 guards; get their attention in any way possible and run as
    fast as you can to the beginning of the tunnel, luck needed here. If you're
    lucky, the guards will just come running after you, giving you easy kills, but
    sometimes the Guards shoot at you, giving Instant Death, so if you want, hide
    behind the wall and kill them when they're close to you I guess. Go back down
    the tunnel and shoot the Drone gun here by any means possible, and relentlessly
    shoot in the direction of the guys by the Locked door; after you do that, hide
    behind the Antenna. Now, you have about 3 guys, coming from 2 sides, what do
    you do? Alright, take a Grenade and throw it in the direction of the closest
    Robot Interceptor, but keep the Explosion sort of in the middle between the
    Structure holding the Antenna, and and the Interceptor, but make sure it blows
    it up, you want to make sure that at least one of the explosions will kill the
    guards (A second explosion and more cover is always good) In the 4 seconds of
    explosions, go on the other side and shoot any guards like a madman here,
    hopefully, by LUCK (and a little bit of skill), you will have killed them all.
    Alright, here's another tricky part, but this is all skill man. Blow up the
    last interceptor and plant the Comms Rider, but as the Rider is flying in the
    air, Pause, and Select the Rocket Launcher and look at the locked door,
    IMMEDIATELY when you see that door open, blast your rocket over there,  you
    should have killed 3/4 guards, and destroyed that Drone Gun. Use your sniping
    skills (Maybe with a Dragon) to kill the remaining guard(s).
    NOTE: There is a MUCH easier way to kill the generating guards that come out
    from the locked door under the Drone Gun. Grab the Hoverbike, and place it
    right in front of the door. When they actually DO open the door, they'll be
    there, running around trying to get around it, but they CANNOT hit you, nor can
    they even SEE you. Take advantage of this with a Grenade Explosion, or 4 well
    placed Falcon shots, just make sure to get the Double MagSecs afterwards
    As you all know, at the end of the tunnel going back up, you're going to be
    greeted by 4 nice guards (2 sets of 2 guards appearing in 2 different places
    ~Confusing isn't it?~) My best tip is to judge the exact time they're about to
    generate and backtrack to the beginning of the tunnel, and kill them as they're
    running down after you...Dumbasses :). The next 2 guards are different, take
    your Double Magsecs and shoot like a ****ing Kamikaze, don't give them any
    mercy! (Your bullets spread, increasing your chances of a kill) You can't
    backtrack, because you have to get pretty close to them before they generate,
    and no one is fast enough to get away from their 1000% accuracy from a
    pathetically inaccurate gun.
    Finally, head down the big elevator and duck down behind a box, [Tricky part
    now], Judge the exact second the Elevator is going to close, and stand up
    before it closes, you want to get everyone's attention here. Now, take your
    Dragon and as you're going back down, throw one in the middle of the floor by
    the door, and it should explode, killing everyone around this area. Look in the
    direction of the Second elevator and shoot the nice guard here, kill the guard
    laying on the floor (it takes him a while to line up a shot) and shoot the
    clueless guard on top of the Catwalk by the ramp. Alright, use your skill here;
    Go by the part of the catwalk where it separates from the wall and heads to the
    small elevator, and throw your Dragon up there as a Proxy mine. When you're
    heading to the Elevator, you should hear an explosion almost immediately after
    going up the ramp (2 regenerating guards, 1 that is Grenade happy) Alright, as
    you're going down to meet Jonathan, be prepared to use every bit of skill,
    luck, and strafing skills you might have. As the Elevator door opens, there are
    2 guards in plain site, you can do 3 things
    1. Take a Dragon and kill them by judging their exact whereabouts before the
    Door opens
    2. Open the door, and close it as soon as they both see you, and kill them as
    you go back down (They'll be right there)       3. If you're going for a fast
    time or something, run right past them, only shooting the one closest to the
    Elevator, and hope they roll or something (I suggest the 2nd one)
    After you kill them, just sprint to the finish, because the guard that's in the
    corner always runs around. Hardest mission complete, on LTK
    Area 51 - Rescue
    1. Destroy Computer Records
    2. Locate Conspiracy Evidence
    3. Obtain and use Lab Technician Disguise
    4. Gain Access to Autopsy lab
    5. Rescue the Crash Survivor
    Alright, the key here is S-T-E-A-L-T-H, remember Bunker II from Goldeneye? If
    you were to shoot more than a few rounds with a loud gun (The KF7 Soviet), then
    about 8 or 9 guards would be on you? Well, use all your skill you used in
    Bunker II, to complete the beginning of Rescue.
    Go out, stopping the cinema whenever you wish, and make your way into the big
    storage room. Take ONE shot any guard walking away from you about 100 feet
    away, and immediately turn right around the corner; you'll see 1 or 2 more
    guards, but since you surprised them, it takes them a little while longer to
    get things together and start to shoow at you. You should have no real problem
    killing these guys. I strongly suggest getting the Double Falcon 2 Silencer,
    please do so, but remember, some guards might hear you, so look around before
    actually diving in and stealing your weapons. When all clear, head up the lift
    and before you exit, take a couple of shots all the way across the catwalk
    going left to kill the guys guarding the door leading to the next lift. You
    also might want to turn left around the corner after exiting the large lift and
    check if a guard is standing there. (You can choose to get the Phoenix here if
    you wish).
    Head to the next door and shoot a couple of warning shots to scare the guards,
    this is actually quite fun! The Elevator should be up on the higher floor at
    the moment, so take some time to Throw a Proxy Dragon in there! During the time
    the Elevator is at the top, guards are piling inside, so when the Elevator
    comes back down, you can hear screams from a mile away! It's too
    funny...Anyway, make sure to pick up another Dragon and blow up that hole with
    the X, and at about this time, there should be a guard to your right. So when
    you actually enter the complex itself, start shooting and walking to your
    right, keep going until you reach the top of the main ramp, there WILL be a
    guard blocking your entrance to the compartment needed to destroy the Computer
    Go back down the way you came and continue past the hole to the Cyro room and
    take some nice shots at the guards inside through the glass; at this time when
    you go through the 2nd doorway itself, there will be a just-spawned guard
    behind you, you may want to kill him, or things may turn red quickly. Find the
    right module, activate it, and use your X-Ray Scan and bring the Alien up.
    Proceed to stare at it until it says "Mission 2 completed".
    Alright, head out of the Cyro room and take the nice long trip back up the
    Tunnel,  take a right and head on down the other way. At this time, you'll want
    to throw a Proxy Dragon in the middle of the 2 guards in the middle part of
    this tunnel (You should know what I am talking about) guarding the entrances to
    the computers you need to hack. Shoot one of them, and the other will run out,
    only to incounter an incinerating death. Switch to Unarmed and head in the
    right one room. When you get in, don't be afraid of the inactive drone gun,
    just punch out the guards, but if you let them activate the computers, then
    that Drone gun IS a threat, and will probably kill you. Take your Data Uplink
    and hack the computer, obviously this will make the doors go crazy, which is
    good for you >:) Go inside the room with the Computer Records and go crazy with
    your God given SuperDragon Grenade Launcher, and everyone and everything should
    go up in flames >:)
    OK, go all the way down to the end of the tunnel and go out for about, oh I
    don't know, 3 seconds, and head back in and go up to the middle part where the
    2 guards were; duck down and use your Dragon Scope, making sure to kill FIVE
    GUARDS. (You don't want to die from someone you didn't even see) Go up the
    catwalk that leads to the showers with the lab clothes, and kill the guard
    patrolling here if needed; and obviously get the Tech uniform. Put it on, and
    head on over to the first Autopsy lab. When you enter, put your function on
    Unarmed, and as you are heading to the lab itself, make sure to knock out every
    guard in this large room for Ammo, and to minimize any threats. Head on in,
    wait for the Doctor's speech to be over with, barge in and knock him out, do
    the same for Mr. "It's not Harry it's an intruder!". Finally, take your
    SuperDragon, and take out the guard doing nothing inside the operation lab room
    to get his Keycard. You probably know by now that when you try to leave the
    lab, some guards and some Bio Technicians will spawn and fearlessly try and
    kill you, so bomb them with some Grenades! You have nothing to lose! When all
    clear, exit the lab, and STOP. You see them brown wall type thingies? Blast a
    Grenade at each of them (chuck a Grenade right at the base of them) And since
    the guards are right behind them, they should die pretty easily, but sometimes
    the other guards hear you,  and you have to take them on like a man (Even
    though Joanna is a woman ;)	
    Exit the lab, and finally head on into the final lab that has Elvis. When you
    enter, you should effortlessly see 2 guards behind the diagonal structured
    pillars. Take one shot to one of them, and when the other guards starts running
    after you, blast him in the chest. Don't go in the lab YET, there is still one
    more Biotechnician. When you are going down the metal walkway, keep looking
    right, and towards the end of this large room, stands a lone biotechnician
    guard, make sure to take him out. Alrighty, continue on and head in to Rescue
    Elvis. If you've played this level a fair amount of times, you probably know
    where to bomb your Grenades, but if you don't, open the door and bomb ONE guy
    (or at least bombard the room with Grenades to get some serious attention),
    back up and shut the door. When the guards come to open the door, blast 1 or 2
    grenades again and shut the door, keep repeating until all the guards are dead,
    pick up the Keycard and Rescue Elvis. Mission Complete, on LTK
    Area 51 - Escape
    1. Locate Alien Tech Medpack
    2. Rendezvous with CI Spy
    3. Locate Secret Hangar
    4. Revive Maian Bodyguard
    5. Escape from Area 51
    The hard part about this level is protecting Jonathan, who thinks his life
    means nothing to Joanna. But what he fails to realize, is that serious Game
    Rage can result from him taking bullets for you, so why don't use be a nice guy
    <or girl>, and kill the guards for him so he doesn't THINK he has to take
    bullets for you? Thank you! Alright, enough of my complaining and lets get on
    with my babble!
    Alright, immediately turn back into the Operating room itself and pick up the
    nice selection of Falcon 2 Scopes that the Doctors seemed to have left behind,
    this WILL help. Anyway, push Elvis along and keep going until you get to the
    Bio Technician, you might want to kill them now, so you can save yourself some
    trouble when you come back up from putting Elvis in his place (Sounds like
    Murder :p) Leave Elvis in his little room and make sure you did it in under 38
    seconds, if you did, you get Remote Mines, REMOTE MINES ARE GOOD! Anyway, there
    are 3 guards in the area after the ramp leading downstairs to your next
    destination, do as you please when trying to kill these guards, they're
    pathetically stupid.
    Get the Mines and head on out the door. You are about to be greeted by Blinding
    lights, and guards that have nothing better to do but threaten you, you know
    what? I think you should kill them, teach them a lesson! Keep going killing
    guards as you go (They're not hard you know, do I have to hold your hand all
    the time?) Get the Alien Tech Medpack and head in the direction of Jonathan; as
    always, stationary guards take about 3 seconds to start shooting you, leaving
    them vulnerable, so kill them however you wish.
    When you reach Jonathan, let him talk and blast a couple of Grenades at the
    "suddenly appearing" guards behind the door. Backtrack, and when you come to
    the intersection, look left and blast a couple of Grenades here, and get a
    ridiculous amount of ammo (40 bullets, or 16 Grenades...You pick by the
    function you have the SuperDragon on at the moment) Go left and be cautious
    because there is a guard around the Corner by the Alien Tech Medpack. Continue
    on past the catwalk and blast a Grenade in the middle of these sets of guards
    At this time, you should take note that Jonathan is totally vulnerable, so
    protect him with everything you have. Anyway, as Jon is planting the bomb, look
    at the door you came from much earlier in the level, and shoot a couple of
    Grenades there, you should hear 3 screams (And they thought they could trick
    you...Shame shame) Do what you would usually do to protect Jonathan and as the
    Music is starting to return to normal, plant ONE Remote Mine on the Door that
    the guards are coming from, but don't detonate it. Take your SuperDragon and
    SHOOT (Don't try to blow him away, you'll probably miss) the guard standing far
    away on the Catwalk, activate the Alien Tech Medpack on Elvis and head back up
    to the whole in the wall so Jonathan doesn't start taking on some guards. Stand
    in front of the door the guards were coming from and keep shooting them until
    it says "Alien Medpack has been administered", then watch the Cinema. As you
    come out of the Cinema, select a Remote Mine, wait THREE seconds, and Detonate;
    believe me, that did a lot of damage :) As you're listening to Elvis's and
    Jon's speech, go by the hole in the wall and bombard it with Grenades,
    regardless if Guard's are there or not. Plant a Remote Mine as you leave to
    activate the Computer consoles, and as the Music gets faster, detonate it, then
    leave to activate the Consoles. Mission Complete, on LTK
    Air Base - Espionage
    1. Obtain disguise and Enter Base
    2. Check in Equipment
    3. Subvert Security Monitoring System
    4. Obtain Flight Plans from Safe
    5. Board Air Force One
    The only real difficult part about this level is the end, in which it seems
    hundreds of dataDyne Morons flood the area, not to mention with K7 Avengers.
    Who needs them? (Certainly not Joanna) Follow my walkthrough, and you should
    theoretically get by them without too much trouble, but there's a lot that
    COULD go wrong (Luck is a big factor in this level)
    Start off whenever you wish and let your Crossbow come out fully before doing
    anything; turn left around the corner and sedate the nice Alaskan Guard
    stationed here. As the guard patrolling the area is walking away from you, line
    up an arrow shot to his back using Auto Aim and shoot one arrow at him, you
    don't want that other guard to set off the alarm, once he's sedated, knock out
    the other guard as well. (You realize that you don't actually kill these
    guards, I'm just trying to sound professional by using Technicalities :p) Head
    through the tunnel and as you round the corner, line up a shot behind the
    Stewardess and take out her bodyguards before you do anything with her, she's
    not important at the moment. As you're heading to get the Proxy Mines (Do it,
    you have nothing to lose) Ms. Stewardess will be saying "Is he OK?", but as you
    come back, cap her with an arrow and QUICKLY put on your disguise (A Guard
    patrolling the area will have come after you, but if you have the disguise on,
    he won't recognize you, so knock him out without trouble).
    Head over to the Base and make sure the Office Secretary opens the Door for
    you, then head up the Elevator that leads to the Briefcase you need. As you're
    taking your path to the Briefcase, get out your Proxy Mines (Actually use them
    here) and take a little detour. Instead of going down to plant the Briefcase,
    take the Escalator to the right of the Alaskan Guard and as you reach the base,
    punch out the "You shouldn't have come here, Girl" guard and plant a Proxy Mine
    in the left hallway. Later in the level, guards will regenerate here. This will
    solve those problems giving you a better chance to beat the level. Go back up
    the escalator you came down, and go down the Escalator that leads to the
    Security checkpoint. Now, plant the Briefcase and bolt to the Security
    computer, and subvert it, here comes the hardest part of the level.
    As you disarm the man with the K7 Avenger, lots of guards will fill the level.
    This is where luck will be a major factor; sometimes (usually if you're fast),
    If there's only 2 guards on your first confrontation, no guards on your next
    (Thanks to your Proxy), 2 in the room with the sign and the big blue floor in
    the middle, none in the hallways, and 3 by the safe; you got Lucky. But, if
    you're not, you'll have 4 on your first confrontation, none on your second
    (Again, thanks to your Proxy mine), 4 on your third, and 6 by the safe. If you
    ARE lucky, you probably don't need a walkthrough, just shoot 3 rounds at a time
    for each Guard, but if you're unlucky, you probably want to restart, unless you
    want to fight like a woman. (Hey, Joanna IS a woman!) Head down to the safe to
    get the plans, and try your best to blow up the mine as you are running, so you
    can blow everyone away in there instead of shooting everyone (Which can result
    in Death if not careful) Grab the plans and head on down the Elevator (All the
    guards should be gone if you were LUCKY), as the Elevator door opens at the
    bottom, close it and head up one floor. When the back door opens, turn left and
    head towards the plane. Mission Complete, on LTK
    Air Force One - Antiterrorism
    1. Locate and Retrieve Equipment
    2. Locate President
    3. Get President to Escape Capsule
    4. Secure Air Force One Flight Path
    5. Detach UFO from Air Force One
    This level really isn't hard on LTK, the only real trouble is the Blondes, but
    I can solve that problem >:)
    Head down as you would normally to retrieve your Equipment and as you come back
    up, do your best NOT to be spotted by the Cook down below. Here's probably the
    only time where you'll want to piss off the Bodyguards. Go into the room where
    the Blondes will be later in the level and place a Laptop Sentry Gun to the
    right of the room (As if you're looking at the Blondes), and as you're doing
    that, try to get a Bodyguard to pull out a Cyclone and knock him out; you'll
    only have 10 bullets now, but you'll NEED it to kill the guard in the UFO
    Passage Tunnel. Talk to the President, and as you're done watching the Cinema,
    take out your Cyclone. Head down and be sure to kill the guard in the UFO
    tunnel and when he's dead, plant your Timed Mine in there and head up to Secure
    the Flight Path. Easiest thing to do is disarm the guard (They're close enough
    to knock out) and when they're (All three) unconscious, secure the Flight Path
    by pressing the nice Auto Pilot Switch on the Controls of the plane.
    As you're going back down, activate both of your Combat Boosts. Take your K7
    Avenger and the 30 bullets you ripped off from the President's Bodyguards and
    go ahead with the level as you would on Perfect Agent; open the door with the
    Blondes and quickly get out of the way, you should start to hear your Laptop
    Gun going off (When you open the door, the game quickly places Trent and the
    two Blondes in their places). After your Gun has stopped firing (Signaling the
    Blondes are dead), pick it up for the rest of your ammo (Which should be about
    an extra 60 bullets) and kill the other guards as you would on Perfect Agent
    (Not to mention you should still be in Slow Motion, which makes it even
    easier). When the President goes into the escape pod, you can say Mission
    Complete, on LTK.
    *Note / Update* - Planting your Laptop Gun is actually a very useless tactic to
    use. Although it works, you can also just show a bare minimul amount of
    yourself when taking out the Blondes, they aim for your chest anyway, so they
    won't actually hit you if your gun, and ONLY your gun is showing. This is a
    very good timesaver, and it helps in the ammo situation that results in
    deploying your Laptop gun, which takes away every single bullet that you have.
    Crash Site - Confrontation
    1. Retrieve Presidential Medical Scanner
    2. Activate Distress Beacon
    3. Shut down Enemy Jamming Device
    4. Retire Presidential Clone
    5. Rescue President
    Why do you have to start this level AFTER everything is set up? The guns, the
    Blondes...They suck!  Anyway, this isn't a really hard level, but as other
    levels go, luck is involved here.
    Go in the direction of the Hoverbike, and find the entrance that leads to
    Elvis' ship, but don't actually go there, kill the 3 guards here, and do your
    best to get a Sniper Rifle from Mr. Blonde.  When you're done, go back to your
    starting point and head to the President's capsule, as you're going there, take
    the time to take out the guards that seem to be guarding it(They both have
    their back to you) Activate the capsule, and head over to some of the remains
    of the plane to find the Medical scanner, and kill the guard way down there (He
    also has his back to you) Come back up by the Capsule, get out your Sniper
    Rifle, and duck down (Assuming you have head roll on for some strange reason)
    and Kill the 3 guards coming your way (Their walking very slowly, so take your
    time to line up your shots) Go past the piano until you can see EVERYTHING, and
    shoot a full clip into one guard, this should attract every guard in the area,
    back up a ways, and shoot them as they come into view (Snipe them). When you're
    done, be prepared to kill some Blonde guards, but DON'T go into the Blonde Cave
    for God's sake! Take the path 2nd from the left and go left at the intersection
    and keep going on going until you reach a place with an obscenely large hole in
    the middle. When you get there, Kill 1 guard here from quite a distance away
    and run back, VERY far back.
    As they come after you go crazy and kill the 3 guards that have come to avenge
    the other guard's death. When done, go on top the hole and shoot ONE shot into
    the president's clone, and get out a Remote Mine. Since you "quietly" took only
    1 shot, 4 Blonde's will come to see what's going on, throw a mine down there to
    kill them all with no problems whatsoever. Go in the direction of the Jamming
    Device and when you come to the cliff, find a guard, shoot as loud as you can
    and slaughter him. This will attract all guards around here, so find cover
    (Back up) and kill them as they come into view (This helps because on your
    journey back to rescue the president, no threats will come up, usually as you
    are going to the President, 2 guard will see you and kill you before you can
    even see THEM). Continue on and set your K7 Avenger to Threat Detector so you
    know where them damn drone guns are, and destroy them at your convenience.
    After this, Run up to the ship until you can see the Bare minimum of the top of
    it, and shoot the crap out of it, you don't want them 2 guards down there
    coming after you. Go find Trent and take out the Robot interceptors as you
    would normally on PA. Go down, and disarm Trent. Then rescue the President,
    there's a slight chance that you'll have to fight a guard, but he'll usually
    say "Come on men" and run, but he'll most likely die because of Elvis. When Mr.
    President reaches Elvis's ship, it's Mission Complete, on LTK
    Pelagic II - Exploration
    1. Disable Primary Power Source
    2. Secure Laboratories and Research Data
    3. Deactivate GPS and Autopilot
    4. Activate Moon Pool Lift
    5. Rendezvous and Escape with Elvis
    This level is actually one of the easiest on LTK, you just have to know how to
    score shots through glass, and how to use your X-Ray Scanner :)
    Start the level and as you would on Perfect Agent, kill the guard through the
    glass, and please, don't miss, lol; you really don't want an alarm going off.
    Continue on and kill the nice man standing around the corner, if you're
    standing, you should see everything on his body except his head, so shoot him
    in the leg and if you want, and enjoy the classic Goldeneye Death as the guard
    grabs his leg in horrific pain and wishes he would've never tried to set off
    the alarm.  When you come to the next door, shoot the guard stationed in the
    opposite room with a nice, clean headshot; and take another nice, clean shot at
    the other guard that comes to mourn the death of his mate (Australian style).
    Turn the corner and shoot the guard in the leg as you did on the guard towards
    the beginning of the level. Head in the Generator room and head downstairs,
    you'll want to shoot the guard on the other side of the door, because even if
    you're quiet; after completing Objective 1, he'll come in and shoot at you,
    most likely killing you, so destroy your threat before he tries to destroy you.
    Once completing objective 1, go up the Golden Hallway staircase and go straight
    eliminating the guards before the Main HQ of the ship as you would on Perfect
    Agent (They really have no line of sight, so shoot them in the chest) Take the
    Pilots hostage, and complete objective 2. Head over to the Scientists room and
    as you get their attention, they'll start to run and can become VERY annoying;
    so get their attention, and stand in the way of the doorway and knock them out
    as they come to you. Head back down finally and kill the nice man standing
    straight out there and at this time, another guard will have come to mourn his
    death. You can see his leg barely to right of the pillar, shoot it to kill him,
    and another guard (maybe 2) should've come, 1 setting off the alarm and 1
    coming after you. Kill them through the door (God, aren't doors with windows 
    awesome?). Anyway, from this point on, just start shooting the guys through the
    doors. Now take your CMP150 and start exterminating these guards as you would
    on Perfect Agent to get this task done faster, it's still easy.
    Go into the control room and activate the Moon pool lift, and at this time,
    head up to the big Lift door and use your X-Ray Scan to unlock the door from
    the other side, this will make your adventure through the Golden Hallways,
    leaving you with a chance to live.
    Head down and just kill the guards through the doors (A Walkthrough is totally
    useless here, just use your Perfect Agent tactics)
    As you get to the final big square room before reaching Elvis, throw a Laptop
    Gun down there to attract attention, and not only that, kill them. Take out any
    remaining guards with your DOUBLE Falcon 2 Silencer (You should've gotten these
    at the beginning) Finally, head down to the lowest floor and shoot one of the
    guards before he sees you, then blare your CMP150 at the other guard, then you
    should easily kill the LAST guard through the glass in the window.
    Get Elvis and head ALL THE WAY BACK UP to the main control room (With the Moon
    lift and open the big <unlocked> Door, go right and Mission complete, on LTK
    Deep Sea - Nullify Threat
    1. Reactivate Teleportals
    2. Disable Cetan Megaweapon
    3. Secure Control Room
    4. Restore Dr. Carroll's Personality
    5. Escape from Cetan Ship
    Cloaked guards really tick me off.
    Alrighty, you have 2 weapons to choose from as you make your way down the long
    tunnel-like structure; Your Falcon 2 Scope, or a Shotgun. I suggest the Falcon
    2, because since the Shotgun is so inaccurate, the Falcon can insure a hit if
    you know how to use this bad boy. OR, you can use your Shotgun inaccuracy to
    your advantage, as the bullets scatter, they create a bigger chance to nail
    your opponent; so in conclusion, take your weapon of choice and move on.
    When you enter the Cloaked guards room, turn on your IR Scanner, take your
    weapon of choice and nail the guard heading to the LEFT and back away, let
    Elvis take care of him, since they never aim for Elvis. Do the same thing for
    the other 2 guards pretty far back away in this room. Continue ahead and as
    you're heading to the next door, you'll notice a guard that runs away (cloaked)
    really early, so nail him when he least expects it and turn around and nail the
    guard on the Opposite side of the door (Did you get all that?) Take your
    Shotgun and shoot a double blast right in the middle as you open the second
    door, your inaccuracy should've killed the 2 guards that cross each other. Take
    your Falcon and help yourself to kill the guard with the Proxy mines (Comes
    from the left) and the normal guard (Comes from the right) They are both
    cloaked, so do whatever you wish to eliminate them.
    Take off your IR Scanner and take your Falcon and eliminate each and every
    Pelagic II guard around, you want as much ammo as possible. When you have about
    30 or 40 bullets, take out your CMP150 and blare it down the hallways that seem
    to be filled with hundreds of guards (I can't really help you here, there's no
    cover, so do whatever YOU can do accomplish the "tunnel task") Finally, when
    you're about reach the main control room, slowly but surely make your way into
    view, the Blonde should see you, but since the gun is in his RIGHT arm, all the
    bullets should nail the wall, and not you; when you kill him, barge in and kill
    the guards on the right and left. They can't exactly shoot you very quick
    because they'll be "surprised" at their friend's death, so take, advantage of
    this. Usually after Elvis reactivates the Teleportals, there are 2 cloaked
    guards dressed in Purple that appear on the entrance to the ditch, but as Elvis
    runs to activate the Teleportals, Speed strafe to the teleportal itself and if
    you're fast enough, the guards shouldn't generate in time, saving you lots of
    When you warp through, take the FarSight and use the target locater to kill the
    closest guard to the next door, and use your Shotgun to kill the guards running
    for you (They take a long time, so use your inaccuracy to nail them, shouldn't
    be too hard) Keep going along and kill the seemingly retarded guards (They take
    forever to line up a shot, and you have Accuracy and Damage on 1000%, why else
    would I call them retards?) and as you pass the whole that would lead you down
    to the Megaweapon on Special Agent, take your FarSight and head on through the
    Immediately when you step out the door look around and nail the 6 light-like
    fixtures on the wall, head on through the next hallway and nail the Glass
    structure in the middle. Before you head through the next hallway, Look through
    your FarSight and shoot the Cetan auto gun on the wall, they might not be a big
    harm to you, but they'll eat up Elvis like a Cheetah going after a Gazelle.
    Anyway, keep looking through with your FarSight and take out the Glass
    structures before actually entering the room, Remember, even them stupid Skedar
    kill you in one hit, so if you wish, you can plant a Proxy mine on the door,
    then nail the Glass and the Skedar will be blown away when they come after you.
    After all this repetitive crap of blowing up strange structures, after blowing
    up million year old Auto guns, and killing them obnoxious Skedar; Use your
    Target locater to disable the Cetan Megaweapon, and look UP in that room to
    destroy ANOTHER million year old Auto Gun. Finally, as you take out your
    CMP150, head on through the next warp.
    As you come to the door that leads to Dr. Carroll, line up a shot to one of the
    Blondes and open the door, kill him, and immediately close it. This will have
    the other Blonde come up to the door, resulting in an easy kill. Remember those
    purple guards earlier in the level? They're on the other side of that Giant
    hole in the room, and they will kill you if you're standing up, so duck down as
    you're going to insert the Disk into Dr. Carroll.
    As the timer begins, take your CMP150 and left strafe all the way to the
    finish, and as you pass the large group of hillbillies, blare your CMP150 (Now
    be cautioned those Purple guards can appear at anytime, and since they have
    1000% Accuracy, bad things can happen, but also remember that this happens
    rarely, so it might not happen...Yeah, you know what I'm saying) Anyway, run
    past and open the doors...Mission Complete, on LTK
    Carrington Institute - Defense
    1. Reactivate Automatic Defenses
    2. Release Hostages
    3. Retrieve Experimental Weapon
    4. Destroy Sensitive Information
    5. Deactivate Bomb
    Oh my God, this level is EXTREMELY easy on License to Kill, I'm dead serious!
    You'll have almost no trouble at all if you're fairly good at the level. But
    this IS a walkthrough, so I'll go sort of in depth in what to do.
    As you exit from the Cinema, very quickly peek out and get the Skedar's
    attention; he'll turn around to shoot at you, but your Institute Soldier behind
    him will have killed the Skedar. He he, dumbass Skedar :) Make your way down
    the ramp and make a 180 degree turn at the bottom. Make your way past the
    barrels and keep going until you reach the door, fly in, activate the drone
    gun, and stay there until the Drone Gun kills the guard that's coming for you
    (If you're fast enough). Go back through the door and shoot out the glass to
    your left and drop down, go left, back into the Institute and activate the
    Drone Gun here. Take your AR34 and peek through the Window of the door and kill
    the 2 guards that will try to kill you here. Go through, back to the first
    Drone gun and 2 things can happen:
    1. Nothing, your Institute guard will have killed your last threat.
    2. Your Institute guard got killed, and you need to take out the last K7
    Avenger you'll encounter by hiding behind the boxes, and charging him instantly
    as he comes nearby.
    Make your way through the Institute *coughHellcough*, and get ready to rescue
    your first set of Hostages. Take the Elevator up and open the office door on
    the right and take your shots at the hostage holders. Do the same for
    Grimshaw's room on the left, but make SURE you get his Devastator he drops for
    you after he's rescued. Take your newly found Devastator and blast a Grenade
    inside Carrington's room by the safe, this will save you LOTS of trouble in
    case you didn't notice :p Go down the elevator and head into the Holo Training
    Room. Head right to the side of all 3 hostage takers and fire an AR34 clip down
    the side, since this IS LTK, they'll die rather easily. Go back out and take a
    trip into the firing range (I'm assuming you can make it to the Firing Range by
    2:20, otherwise you're screwed) and do your best to save the hostages, it's all
    random, and it doesn't matter how fast you are. Once you kill them, you'll
    complete Objective 2 and have access to the Mother of all weapons, the RC-P120
    anyway. After observing the deaths of your foes, take out your Combat Boosts,
    activate them both, take out your Beautiful RC-P120 and head on down to
    Jumpship Matrix Style! [Quote Marshmallow - Perfect Agent Walkthrough] This is
    very easy. Since it's 1-hit-kill, you have the abilities of a God, they CANNOT
    defeat you unless you stay still for a ridiculous amount of time! Anyway, when
    you reach the Jumpship, look through the tunnel leading past and make sure to
    kill any guards that are luring here.
    Take out your Data Uplink, head behind the Jumpship and wait. After you're
    finished, take your RC-P120 and head to the finish (Cloaked by the way).
    Mission Complete, on LTK
    Attack Ship - Covert Assault
    1. Disable Shield System
    2. Open Hangar Doors
    3. Access Navigational System
    4. Sabotage Engine Systems
    5. Gain Control of Bridge
    This level is a big luck-depending stage, you need very good accuracy, quick
    reaction speed, and a decent ability to speed strafe. Now I want to remind you
    the differences in Health the Skedar have. If you look at the very top of my
    FAQ, you'll see the explanation. Alright, here we go...
    Start the cinema anytime you wish and fly out to the second door which should
    be closed. Open it, and check out the Skedar as he runs to see Cassandra die
    some strange death, and as he has his back to you, go out and wait about 5
    seconds. As the other Skedar moves to check out Cassandra, go behind him and
    Slice him for a nice 20 bullets. Use your Charge up shot (Yes, even on LTK) and
    prepare to pull off a really cool shot! Stand to the left of the Elevator and
    line up your shot to the Skedar hiding by Cassandra, and when you're ready, go
    out and BAM, first shot hits the target. Turn back and destroy the Shield
    systems with halfly charged shots, the more ammo the better.
    Go down the Elevator and as you're heading up to the main deck, peek out ever
    so slowly JUST enough that the Skedar shoots at you, but doesn't hit you
    (Because you're on the ramp, and you're body shouldn't be exposed too much)
    Now, as he's shooting at you, line up your Crosshairs at him and BAM, take him
    out in 1 shot as well. As you're peeking out to kill the other Skedar, he'll
    mysteriously see you before you even come into view, so once you hear him
    growl, peek out, let him shoot. One thing about these damn Skedar, is when they
    miss, they run like wild animals (No pun intended ^_^), take advantage of this.
    As he's running around like a madthing, take shots at him,  you really need to
    take him out before he starts lining up a shot on you. Collect all the ammo and
    take a trip up the opposite elevator, and make another lined up shot to the
    Skedar in this room. Peek out, and let him shoot at you, but once he's done,
    he'll start to run at you; so as he's running, line up a shot. He always runs
    in a straight line, so you shouldn't have too much trouble with him. Go and
    open the hangar door.
    This is the hardest part of the level. When the Elevator opens, run as FAST AS
    YOU CAN past Elvis and up the ramp, so you can position yourself to be able to
    shoot at the doors closest to the Elevators that take you up later in the
    level. As the invasion begins, the door should begin to open, take some shots
    at the Skedar there, and IMMEDIATELY place yourself in a position to take out
    the Skedar on the opposite door. One thing you need to do, is have faith in
    your Maian Buddies, they are usually pretty good about taking out the Skedar on
    the other side, but YOU NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON YOUR 2 DOORS! When the beeping
    stops, don't move, 2 more Skedar should poke their head out, kill them, and now
    you can turn around to help your Maian Buddies. About now, the last 2 Skedar
    will be coming out, take out the one on the left, while your Buddies take out
    the one on the right.
    Finally, take the Elevator up and place yourself in the middle of the door,
    open it, and quickly back up. Now you can see a Skedar, but he can't see you (I
    love doing this). Kill him, and take another easy kill on the Skedar on the
    opposite side. Take their Mauler Ammo and head left. As you come into contact
    with the next Skedar, position yourself (I recommend ducking down) so you can
    shoot the spike of the Skedar's head, that way, he can't see you. Continue on,
    and ignore the Star map room. As you would probably know, there is a Skedar
    placed outside of the door that leads up into the heart of the ship, to take
    your AR34 and as you open the door, WAM! He should die before he even knows
    what hit 'em. Now, go into the hallway, and look up the left hallway and before
    you're actually looking down, hold Z and kill the Skedar that will be
    patrolling this area. The reason why I say to do this now, is because if you
    activate the Star Map thingy or whatever, that Skedar will be right around the
    corner, and they usually have faster reaction speed than you, so this will save
    you trouble, and your life (Unless you have really quick shot). Go back to the
    Skedar Star Map room and again, peek out slowly and pick off the spike of the
    Skedar's head for both of them and let Elvis do his work.
    Head up the first hallway freely, turn the second hallway freely, but as you
    reach the 3rd corner, blare your AR34, because there are 2 Skedar on Patrol;
    one walking to the right into the "Christmas Light Room" [Exerpt from
    Marshmallow's PA Walkthrough], and one on the VERY opposite side of you, but
    you can ignore him if you miss him or something. Head into the "Christmas Light
    Room" and duck down ONCE. Peek in and look to your left, the Skedar here should
    start going ballistic, but he can't hit you because you have lots of cover ^_^
    so kill him. Head left and as you open the second door, start shooting your
    AR34 at the stationary Skedar here. Now, duck down twice and expose the
    absolute bare minimum or yourself and take out one side of the Engine, and run
    back and repeat this same exact process of wiping out the Skedar, and wiping
    out the remaining Engine. As the Engine is exploding, make your way up to the
    top floor. As you actually reach the top of the ramp, turn right and blare your
    AR34 at the Skedar positioned here, you need to be quick, he has a good shot!
    Open the door and attract the attention of both the Skedar placed on the
    platforms, and as they open the door, take your chances and open fire on both.
    Shouldn't be too hard unless you have crap accuracy or something.
    Head up the elevators, and when you FINALLY reach the very top and when the
    music starts to hype up, floor it to the right for cover. Duck down, and peek
    out ever so slowly to take out the farthest Skedar on the left. As you kill
    him, the Double Mauler Skedar will start going ballistic, when he stops
    shooting, peek out and nail him! Same for the other Skedar on the right, but
    just peek out S L O W L Y to pick him off, you have all the time in the world.
    When Elvis enters the Bridge, stand in way of the doorway, and when the first
    Skedar uncloaks, kill him instantly. Go to the other door, and you should start
    to hear footsteps of Angry Skedar, and when he opens the door, there will be 2
    Skedar, kill them both and you'll complete the objective. Mission Complete, on
    Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine
    1. Identify Temple Targets
    2. Activate Bridge
    3. Gain access to Inter Sanctum
    4. Destroy Secret Skedar Army
    5. Assassinate Skedar Leader
    What makes this level so easy, is the large number of unarmed Skedar. Although
    some Skedar can be very dangerous, this level overall is one of the easier
    Exit the cinema any time and do something you've never done before :) Take out
    your Falcon 2 Scope and use it the rest of the level (Until the Skedar Army).
    When you reach the very first intersection, a Skedar will appear at random on
    either side, I suggest looking to the right first, because that's where he is
    most often. Go around this wall and peek out slowly and pop a cap in the head
    of the Reaper Skedar far away from you, then close in on the first temple
    target to uncloak the hidden Skedar, then take him out with a Falcon shot to
    the head. Put on your R-Tracker and if this is one of the hidden targets, plant
    a tracker bug on it. If it isn't, just ignore it, the Phoenix isn't worth it.
    Move on around the strange twists and turns and as you come to the end of the
    round path, kill the uncloaked Skedar, and immediately turn around to take out
    the uncloaking Skedar behind you. Take the long path down after the round path
    and when you reach the intersection, peek out and quickly start to backtrack. 2
    Unarmed Skedar will start to come after you, so pop a cap in their "skulls" and
    move on. If there's some dots to the right on your R-Tracker, head right and
    plant your tracker bug on the pillar here, and if you are skilled at throwing
    over walls, take a chance and let one fly at the Huge pillar on the other side
    of the wall. (If you've seen World record movies, you'll know what I'm talking
    about). If not, fun as fast as you can past the path that turns right and let
    the Reaper Skedar shoot at you, but when he stops, peek out and kill him. Take
    a Tracker bug and throw one on that pillar behind him if you need to. As
    before, run quickly past the 2 Reaper Skedar here and blast a Devastator round
    between them both, problem solved. Again, if you need to, head around all this
    crap and plant your last tracker bug.
    Note: You should know that you can save a LOT of trouble if you have your
    Targets in the same places as the World Record movies. I HIGHLY suggest doing
    Edge very slowly to the end of the cliff and take a nice shot towards the
    stationary Skedar by your ladder, then, as slow as possible peeking out; duck
    down twice, and take 2 shots at the other Reaper Skedar's leg below you. Now,
    as fast as you can, run left and as your path runs out, make a suicide run off
    the path hugging the right wall, if you did it right, you will have just popped
    out by where you need to activate the bridge! Anyway, since you got here so
    fast, there will be no baby Skedar, except for the lonely one waiting for you
    by the stone you need to push. Kill this Skedar, and push the Stone in place
    and exit.
    Head across the bridge with your IR Scanner equipped and kill the annoying
    little Skedar with your Falcon, if they kill you, I laugh at you! (Sorry, but
    seriously, they are extremely stupid creatures, so kill them, geez) When you
    get to bottom of the ramp, head up killing the baby Skedar here. Alright, open
    the door, peek out slowly and take aim at the left Skedar. Once you shoot him,
    immediately drop off to the side and strafe behind the Skedar (Remember,
    they're slow with Slayers) and shoot him in the back. Pick up both of their
    Slayers and be sure to kill the Skedar guarding the door above you with a
    Reaper; then when you're done, leave your Falcon as a sacrifice to the God of
    Since you have no time limit, you'll want to take your time for about the next
    2 minutes. Once you enter the Skedar Army room, immediately start heading to
    the left, blasting High Impact shells to the Skedar inside, once you kill him,
    enter his capsule and close his door. Now, taking your time, just wait for the
    Skedar to come after you, and before they're even close to you, just kill them
    with your High Impact Shells.
    Head over to the Skedar Leader and kill him as you would on Perfect Agent. Just
    use your Callisto High Impact Shells, his Shield will die out in one hit, so
    have fun. You'll have him dead in less than 30 seconds if you're good. Mission
    complete, on LTK
                     SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS!
    Mr. Blonde's Revenge
    1. Plant Explosive Device in Lab Lift
    2. Eliminate dataDyne Captain
    3. Locate and Escort Cassandra to Helipad
    NOTE: This is the ONLY level in which you MUST adjust the enemy health. Instead
    of 10%, change it to 11%. If you disarm Cassandra on 10%, she will be
    incapacitated, failing the mission.
    I've never cherished a BombSpy in my life! Same with the Cloaking device, but
    that's not the point, lets move on to nearing the end of our adventure.
    Let the entire cinema go, and as you make your way to the laboratory lift,
    activate your Cloaking Device. When you've planted it, go by your Elevator, but
    before you enter, leave your BombSpy out by the other Elevator. As you're
    making your trip up, activate the BombSpy and blow it up by the other Elevator,
    the dataDyne captain doesn't even need to be in there, just go right next to
    the Elevator, and blow it up. (She's a phantom guard at this time, but you can
    still kill her with your BombSpy) Your Elevator will only stop for about 1.8
    seconds. When you're about to reach your destination, activate your Cloaking
    Device and head one flight of stairs, ignoring everyone. If you're fast enough,
    the other Elevator should be wide open to you, enter it, and equip your newly
    discovered Double Falcon 2's. When you go up one more floor, there will be a
    shock trooper with his back to you, so nail him. Ignore Cassandra for now and
    head up to dataDyne Extraction Bodyguard room, there are 2 shock troopers
    you'll want to kill before you take Cassandra to the Helipad. (They have slow
    reaction speed + a DY357 Magnum, while you have quick reaction speed + Double
    lightning fast Falcons...please don't die) When you kill them both, head back
    down to Cassandra's office. Go in cloaked and go right up to her, punch the air
    and as she's threatening you, disarm her (If you disarm her when she's
    threatening you to get out of her office, she won't sound the alarm, so no
    guards will come after you) From here on, just escort her to the Helipad,
    you'll have no threats. Mission Complete, on LTK
    Maian SOS
    1. Sabotage Enemy Medical Experiment
    2. Destroy Captured Maian Saucer
    3. Activate Distress Signal
    A very serious note that can result in life or Death: Get EVERY PSYCHOSIS GUN
    BULLET as possible! You'll need it when you make your suicide drop out of the
    warehouse hole.
    Start off and go in front of the lab technician in here, and since you have no
    possible way of getting more than one Falcon from him, let him pull one out,
    and kill him. Go by the other technician and kill him as well, picking the
    Psychosis Gun as well. Go out to the glass portion and push the stretcher as
    close as possible to the wall, and shoot the minimum of five shots at it to
    blow it up. (I suggest using auto aim the rest of the level by the way) Open
    the first door and WAM, one shot, one kill with a Falcon. Open the next door,
    WAM, one shot one kill.
    Equip your Dragon and use your scope to look down the hallway, you'll see 2 men
    coming after you, kill them as they're running at you. Pick up all the ammo and
    head on out. If you're lucky, there will be a man to the very right, so nail
    him. Hug the right wall, and line up a shot to the guard in front of the left
    containment lab. As the door begins to open, start firing at him and
    IMMEDIATELY turn right to kill the next guard, stationed in front of the right
    containment lab. At this time, Mr. Gold Magnum will make his way out, you
    actually need to kill him, for you own good; when you kill HIM, take his Gold
    Magnums and move on. When you go back the way you came, ignore the next lab
    hallway and charge up the ramp, firing like crazy so you can kill the guard
    stationed up here, if you leave him there, he'll come from behind as you
    destroy the Maian body, possibly killing you. Anyway, after killing him, go to
    the next lab hallway and enter, but STOP after you pass the doorway. Slowly go
    to the right, and inch by inch, creep up looking diagonally to the left and if
    you're good at creeping, you should be able to see a man sitting, so take a
    shot at his head. At the same time, you should be able to see the guard sitting
    behind him, again, you must get a headshot on him to remain "stealthy". Move up
    to the next wall panel and look diagonally left again, you'll see the 3rd guard
    just sitting there, so shoot him in the head. For the last guard, move forward
    and charge into his area, he'll be surprised you're there, giving you the
    perfect opportunity to slaugher him. Pick up every bullet and head into the
    next lab. As you open the 2nd door, scope in and destroy the body, hopefully
    killing both surgeons as well; when you kill him, go in and take their
    Psychosis ammo.
    Head back out and make your journey up the tunnel-like ramp and head right.
    When you reach the middle, you'll see 2 guards stationed here. Throw your Proxy
    Dragon slightly in front of the guard on the right, and shoot the guard on the
    left with your Falcon. When you kill the left guard, the right one will run
    out, only to be burned to a crisp >:) Now you have a choice here, you can
    actually get every Psychosis bullet, but you're risking your life; OR, you can
    skip getting only one bullet, and carry on the rest of the mission, you make
    the choice. Continue to go down, and when you reach the bottom, fly out very
    quickly getting lots of attention and head back, throwing a Proxy Dragon on the
    ground by the door as you're retreating. When you've layed your Dragon, take
    out your Falcon and position yourself far enough up the ramp to see the door,
    but far enough so they can't shoot you right away, they'll have to run to nail
    you. As you hear the Explosion, get ready to take out the remaining TWO guards.
    When the frame rate starts to get really crappy, start shooting the center of
    the door, you will have just killed the 2 remaining guards without actually
    seeing them. I love cheap tricks like that :)
    Make your way up and as you get to the little hole in the wall, get out your
    Psychosis gun, this is where the war begins, and you have to use MAJOR
    strategy. Do not do anything until a guard passes by below you, and when he
    does, let him shoot at you, but when he's done, pop out and nail him with the
    Psychosis gun. Don't even stay to check, charge to the left of the boxes and
    try to nail a guard far away with a Psychosis bullet as well (You'll need to be
    fast, as your other buddy won't realize he's a friend until the bullet takes
    full effect) If you want, charge up by your 2nd buddy, look to the left, and
    try to get a 3rd buddy. You'll NEED at least 2 buddies if you want a fair
    chance at surviving, so once you get all your buddies, charge left with your
    seconds guy and take out the guys behind the boxes, and if you're lucky, your
    first buddy will have successfully taken out the guys lurking on the other
    side. Here's another good thing about the buddy system. If an enemy kills your
    friend, they will start walking towards their dead carcass very slowly, and at
    this time, they have VERY slow reaction speed, it takes a long time for them to
    see you, so take advantage of an alleged death if possible. Anyway, take the
    giant Elevator up and if you're lucky, there should be no guards waiting for
    you up top. If you want insurance that no guards are up there, just wait by the
    Elevator and watch it go up and down, and if no guards are actually in the
    Elevator, you're good to go. Anyway, go up and when the door opens scope in no
    the 2 stationary guards on the left with your Dragon, and make a 90 degree turn
    to the left and take out the Stationary guard at the dead end; then, lastly
    turn in the direction you have to go, and pick off the guard that seems to be
    miles away. Go by that "far away" guard and equip your DY357-LX. As you open
    the door, you'll be behind a blind guard, this is good; look straight ahead,
    you should see the very right tip of the Alien Ship, line up a shot and
    BOOOOOOM! You have just incinerated every enemy in this area, except the one in
    front of you, but he STILL doesn't know you there, so kill him!
    Head up to the final Elevator, and as you're taking your journey up, line up a
    shot on the man stationed right in front of the Elevator, you should kill him
    very quickly. Go left through the tunnel door, and when you get out, creep up
    and send one bullet to the leg of the soldier on the left, then send a half
    clip into the guard coming after you at this moment. Move on and suicidally
    charge the Tranquilizer guards, they take a long time to line up shots on you,
    and sometimes even the darts won't kill you in one hit! (Rare though) When you
    kill them, go and destroy the wall panel on the other side, below the windows
    and kill the other guards from behind. When all good, activate the Distress
    Signal and Mission Complete, on LTK
    1. Kill Skedar King 1
    2. Kill Skedar King 2
    3. Kill Skedar King 3
    The only real threat to this level, is the nearly unlimited Skedar in this
    level, but follow my walkthrough exactly, and you'll be fine.
    Start out by immediately committing friendly fire and get a Callisto by one of
    your Regenerating Maian buddies. Strafe all the way until the first door and
    blast a Phoenix Explosive Shell all the way across the bridge onto the other
    side, you will have just killed Three Skedar. Keep firing your Phoenix across
    the bridge until your Maian Buddies catch up and when they do, whip out your
    Callisto. Group up and take on Each Skedar one by one, be warned you'll need to
    be a man and back your buddies up, they die in one hit as well. When you enter
    the door that eventually leads to the first King, keep to the right side and
    blare your High Impact shells to the other side, 4 Generating Skedar will die
    from your bullets that travel THROUGH fellow Skedar, and with the same clip,
    kill the Skedar King.
    Before going back the other way, look up to the walkway above you, you'll start
    to see Skedar making their way by you...Take some shots with your High Impact
    bullets and take out at LEAST 3 Skedar, insuring that your way up there will be
    When you're right above the Sacrifice place in Skedar Ruins, shoot some rounds
    through the closed door (Assuming it's closed) and keep firing all the way
    until you reach the next door. Take your Phoenix Explosive shells and fire your
    gun like crazy on the second door that leads to the Second King to kill the
    Generating Skedar here, then take a nice shot to the Blind King as well using
    your Phoenix.
    With your Phoenix explosive shells, go to the RIGHT of the pillar after the
    door and fire your gun at the 4 Skedar that seem to be "trying" to get through
    the door, one shot will kill them all (Explosive), then take a shot at the King
    from long Distance...Mission complete, on LTK
    NOTE: This is very cheap, but there is a trick to make this level so simple,
    you'll laugh. It's called the "Jimbo Sissy Way", because I am the first to find
    out the exact times of this trick, use it at your own convenience. If you wait
    7:00 (7 Minutes), the Skedar from the first King will stop Generating. If you
    wait 12:20 (12 minutes, 20 seconds) The Skedar from the 2nd King will stop
    Generating. And if you wait 19:59 (19 Minutes, 59 Seconds) The Skedar from the
    3rd King will stop Generating, and your Maian Buddies will stop Generating as
    well. So now, all you have to do is take out the 3 Kings, no Skedar/Maians will
    be anywhere in the level to bother you!
    The Duel
    1. Defeat dataDyne Guard
    2. Defeat Jonathan Dark
    3. Defeat Trent Easton
    Oh gosh, do you REALLY need a walkthrough for this? This is the only level
    where you can have 1000% health, and still pass it with flying colors! Anyway,
    I guess I'll give a walkthrough, lol.
    Start out and Strafe behind the dataDyne guard, he always jerks in another
    direction giving you a chance to nail him. Then, as Jonathan steps in, find him
    and kill him. He CANNOT hit you, Rare screwed up here by placing the Jonathan
    from Area 51 Escape into Duel, but never changing him to an enemy, so Jonathan
    CANNOT hit you, he can only punch you.
    As Trent steps in, go where Jonathan was behind the wall, and fly out quickly,
    and fly back in. Let him shoot his gun, and when he finishes, pop out and kill
    him. Mission Complete, on LTK
    *The recognitions*
    This is the part of my walkthrough that will give credit to those who deserve
    it. Anyone who e-mails me, or informs me on the GameFAQs Message Boards that
    they've completed more than 4 levels on License to Kill, will have their name
    displayed on my FAQ, along with the levels they've completed. I will start with
    myself, then putting down people who respond first. First come, first served,
    first seen. (I will NOT count the Duel, even a baby can do that)
    - Defection, Investigation, Extraction, Villa, Chicago, G5, Infiltration,
    Rescue, Escape, Air Base, AF1, Crash Site, Pelagic II, Deep Sea, Institute,
    Attack Ship, Skedar Ruins, MBR, Maian SOS, WAR!
    - Defection, Investigation, Extraction, Pelagic II, and Skedar Ruins
    The Steel Phantom
    - Defection, Investigation, Extraction, Villa, Chicago, G5, Infiltration,
    Escape, Air Base, AF1, Crash Site, Pelagic II, Institute, Attack Ship, Skedar
    Gold Leader
    - Defection, Investigation, Extraction, AF1, Attack Ship, WAR!
    - Defection, Investigation, Extraction, Villa, Chicago, Infiltration, Air Base,
    Pelagic II, Institute, Skedar Ruins
    - Defection, Investigation, Extraction, Villa, Chicago, G5, Air Base, AF1,
    Pelagic II, Institute, Attack Ship, MBR
    -If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, death threats, etc. Please
    E-mail me at Nintendo_Ruler@hotmail.com
    This document is Copyright Jimbo007 2003 (c)

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