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    Multiplayer Scenario FAQ by ProtectorOne

    Version: 2.8 | Updated: 08/22/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    P  P  E     R  R  F     E     CC      T      D  D  A  A  R  R  K  K
    P  P  E     R  R  F     E     C       T      D  D  A  A  R  R  K K
    PPP   EEEE  RRR   FFFF  EEEE  C       T      D  D  AAAA  RRR   KK
    P     E     R R   F     E     C       T      D  D  A  A  R R   K K
    P     E     R  R  F     E     CC      T      D  D  A  A  R  R  K  K
    P     EEEE  R  R  F     EEEE   CCC    T      DDD   A  A  R  R  K  K
    by ProtectorOne
         This FAQ was the brainchild of a topic on a message board where people
    shared their favorite combat simulator setups. The boards kept going away, so I
    decided to make a permanent home for all of the various scenarios in an FAQ. It
    includes a plethora of scenarios, both my own and contributed by others. It
    also includes a section of reference information about the various option that
    are available for your perusal in the combat simulator. Enjoy!
         If you would like to contribute, send your scenario to me via e-mail at
    killian@mintsol.com or, preferably, post your scenario on the MB at Game FAQs
    along with a message that says that you would like me (ProtectorOne) to use it
    in my FAQ. Proper Credit will be given, of course.
    Section 1- Multiplayer Options
    1.1 Main Menu
        -Load/Preset Game
        -Quick Start
        -Advanced Setup
    1.2 Advanced Setup
        -Advanced Setup Options
    1.3 Scenarios
        -Hold the Briefcase
        -Hacker Central
        -Pop a Cap
        -King of the Hill
        -Capture the Case
    1.4 Simulants
    1.5 Weapons
    1.6 Arenas
    1.7 Character
        -Statistics and Rank
    Section 2- Multiplayer Scenarios
        -Created Scenarios
        -The RossDude Collection
        -Solo Missions in Multiplayer
    Section 3- Legal Stuff
        -Version History
    1.1 Main Menu
    Challenges are premade games that pit humans against simulants. They start out
    ridiculously easy, but by the time you reach Challenge 30, you'll become very
    frustrated. They are good practice, but the real reason to play them is to
    unlock the weapons, arenas, scenarios, and preset games that you'll be awarded
    for beating each of them. There are plenty of good challenge FAQs out there,
    so I'm not going to go into detail about those.
    In this mode, you can just select any of the preset games that come with the
    game, or you can load any game that you have saved to either the game pack or
    to a controller pack in advanced setup. The presets that come with the game are
    listed below. When you select one of these games, it transfers you over to the
    "Quick go" menu. (note, not all the presets are available immediately, some of
    them must be unlocked in the challenges, like the weapons and arenas.)
    No Shield
    Rocket Launcher
    King of the Hill
    Complex Farsight
    Hold the Briefcase
    Pistol One-Hit Kills
    Capture the Case
    Temple Explosives
    Slow motion.
    The quick start menu is an easier way to set up a quick game,
    When you start, you are first are asked to select teams from one of these:
    Players only (free-for-all with only humans)
    Players and Simulants (free-for-all with humans and sims)
    Player Teams (team game with only humans)
    Players vs. Simulants (duh)
    Player-Simulant teams (allows you to assign a certain number of sims per team)
    Once you select one of these, you will be taken to the Game Setup menu, where
    you can adjust the following things:
        -One hit kills
        -Slow motion (on, off, smart)
        -Fast movement
        -Display team
        -No Radar
        -No Auto-Aim
        -No Player Highlight
        -No Pickup Highlight
    Weapons (allows you to choose from any of the weapon presets)
    Limits (time, score, team score)
    Number Of Simulants
    Simulant Difficulty
    Finished Setup (takes you to the "quick go" menu, where you can start the game,
         load your player, alter you player's settings, or drop out.
    1.2 Advanced Setup
    The Advanced Setup menu is where the real fun begins. You can customize almost 
    every aspect of the game here, and there are 4 sub-menus, accessible by moving
    left or right.
        -One hit kills
        -Slow motion (on, off, smart)
        -Fast movement
        -Display team
        -No Radar
        -No Auto-Aim
        -Kills Score (in all modes except combat, this is an option)
        -No Player Highlight
        -No Pickup Highlight
    Weapons (this time you can choose from one of the sets, create your own random
         set, or even select a random set.)
    Limits (time, score, team score)
    Player Handicaps
    Simulants (you have 8 slots for sims, and you can choose whatever personality
         and dificulty you want, or leave them blank.
    Teams (allows you to assingn any player, human or sim, to any of the 8 teams,
         and also allows you to switch between teams and free-for-all)
    Load Settings
    Save Settings (saves the current settings as a preset.)
    PLAYER SETUP (these setting effect only you.)
    Control (what style control you use)
    Player Options
        -Highlight Pickups
        -Highlight Players
        -Highlight Teams
    Statistics (displays your statistics
    Load Player
    Save PLayer
    Team Names
    Lock (allows you keep certain players from changing the settings)
    Ratio (Normal, 16:9)
    Split (Horizontal, Vertical)
    Start Game
    Drop Out
    Abort Game
    CHALLENGES- You can load one of the premade challenges in this mode.
    1.3 Scenarios
    This is the most common mode to use, the classic shoot-em-up, in either free-
    for-all or teams. A kill scores a point, and a death loses a point.
    In this mode, THere is a briefcase on the ground, somewhere in the arena. You
    gain points by finding the briefcase, and holding it. For each 30 seconds, you
    get one point. Additional Options include Kills Score, Highlight briefcase, and
    show on radar
    Here you objective is to first find the Data Uplink, then take it to the hidden
    terminal, whip it out, and download the virus while sitting there completely
    unarmed. This can get tricky for obvious reasons. Options again include Kills
    Score, Highlight Terminal, and Show on radar.
    Search and destroy is the goal here. At the beginning of the game, a random
    player is selected as the victim. Players are either told "Get ___!", "Protect
    ____!", or "You are the victim!". If you are the hunter, find the green "cap",
    and bust a cap in him for two points. If you are on the victim's team, or the
    victim yourself, you get a point for every minute the victim stays alive. The
    additional options are pretty much the same.
    This is a team game, and is played by claiming a certain area. When the game
    starts, a certain room is selected as the "hill," and is highlighted green. If
    a player wanders into that room, it changes to the color of his/her team, and a
    timer begins to count down. If the time expires, the team gets a point for each
    player in the hill at that time. If they all leave the hill, the room turns
    green again and is anybody's claim. The timer is also reset. If an enemy enters
    the room while it is under someone else's control, the timer stops and does not
    continue counting until the enemy is killed or leaves. If the enemies take the
    hill, it changes to their color and the timer starts over for them. Options
    include Kills score, hill on Radar, Mobile hill (hill moves after time expires)
    and Time (anywhere from 10-120 seconds per point)
    Pretty straightforward, the idea is to go find the enemy's case, and bring it
    back to your own case. The area where a team's case is located is highlighted
    in the color of that team. You can't return another team's case to your area if
    your case has been captured, and if you kill the person carrying a case, that
    case returns to the team's base area.
    1.4 Simulants
    This section goes over the different bots available in multiplayer, and how to
    defeat them. For the special simulants, the normal difficulty is described.
    For a normal simulant, the mission is clear; win the game. A bot assigned no
    special personality will do everything in its power to beat you, or to help
    you if it's on your team. They have difficulties ranging from cakewalk to
    headache to death on a stick.
    MeatSim: How do you beat a meat sim? Well, you can stand in one place, take a
    good 10 seconds to set up your aim, and shoot. They will rarely ever hit you,
    and they're horrible at avoiding fire. Seriously, if you can't beat a meatsim,
    then I strongly suggest you start a stamp collection because video games are
    not your thing.
    EasySim: A good step up from the Meatsim, but still far from formidable. These
    bots are still horrible shots, and they will only occasionally move with some
    degree of intelligence. They actually will kill you if you stand in one place,
    so just move around, and shoot at them, and you'll be fine.
    NormalSim: These are supposed to be the level of the average player, and they
    do a good job at that. They are the first real match you will face. They will
    fire shortly after they see you, and with decent accuracy, so don't screw
    around. Headshots help, but just be the quickest on the trigger and you'll
    usually come out victorious against these guys. Movement helps, also.
    HardSim: Here's some competition for ya. These guys have good accuracy, are
    rather fast, and are pretty smart. The biggest difference between these sims
    and the normalsims are that they almost never stop moving, while the normals
    usually stop to fire their gun. You can beat them by using you radar to know
    when they're coming, and keeping on the move, always. If you see them, strafe.
    If you're rounding a corner, strafe so that you're ready for the sim because
    their reaction time is GOOD. Take cover from them when you need to, because if
    they catch you reloading, you're dead.
    PerfectSim: This sim is the ultimate enemy without being cheap. They are smart,
    and they will strike with blinding speed and near-perfect accuracy (80-90 %,
    depending on the gun and the range.) The main difference between these and the
    hardsims in that the perfect sim will always go for the headshot. Solution? you
    must also go for the headshot. This means turn auto-aim OFF unless you REALLY
    trust your reaction time. Precision aim and the speed-strafe is a must. The way
    to get better is to practice. Play a falcons-or-magnums-only game with no 
    auto-aim against hardsims and when you have slaughtered them sufficiently, move
    on to the perfectsim. When you can beat the perfectsim, move on to the...
    Darksim: These things dress in the tuxes, because they posess the skill of a
    00 agent, if not better. They will respawn with the most powerful weapon, and a
    shield, and are cheatingly fast. I've even seen them walk through walls. Their
    one flaw is that they are (fairly) predictable. They will come flying into a
    room while speedstrafing, scoring 100% headshots the entire time. The way to
    beat them is by being unpredicable. That, and get lucky. That's right. Lucky.
    You need a fair bit of luck to beat the CheaterSim.
    These sims have been assigned an odd personality trait, as described below. The
    description is for a sim of normal difficulty level, but they can also be set
    from meat to dark.
    KazeSim: This sim will stop at nothing to get the kill, and will fly into a
    battle headfirst, completely willing to take himself out as well. The way to
    take them out is to back up, firing the whole time, just as you would with a
    charging Skedar. They will get up close to you and melee, so try to take them
    out from far away. Best weapon is something with good accuracy and stopping
    power (like a laptop gun).
    CowardSim: These guys will run away from you if they are outgunned, so just peg
    them in the back as they run away. Be wanred, though- if they are attacking you
    then they have either a better gun and/or more health than you, and will almost
    always attack from behind. This makes them pretty dangerous, so pay attention
    to them, then score some headshots and move on.
    PreySim: More dangerous than the previous two, these guys will attack the
    weakest players in the game, but unlike the cowardsim, they have no fear. To
    combat them, know the weapon locations and grab one as soon as you respawn then
    head for the shield immediately (which you should do anyway) so you can give it
    a surprise when it ambushes you.
    JudgeSim: This sim will always go after whoever's in the lead, so use this
    distraction to your advantage, and if you're in first, watch out. It will
    attack you and you only, so either have a teammate knock it out or simply be
    prepared for it. Attacks like a KazeSim with slightly better judgement.
    FeudSim: Similar to the JudgeSim; it picks one player and chases it for the
    entire game. Use this to your advantage when it's not chasing you. If it is
    hunting you, expect it, and keep killing it, there's nothing else you can do.
    Vengesim: This spiteful sim atacks whomever killed it last. You might want to
    leave it alone, because if it is chasing you, then it's like a feudsim until
    someone else kills it.
    FistSim: When facing a fistsim, don't be anywhere that you can be ambushed from
    behind, because that's what they do. Carry the weapon that has the greatest
    stopping power, but don't worry about accuracy too much. (Cyclone is a great
    example.) Make sure to carry a spare weapon. If you get ambushed, speed-strafe
    away for a while, find him on your radar, and mow him down from far away.
    PeaceSim: This Sim does nothing but disarm people and go around collecting guns.
    So, if you kill him, you'll be rewarded with a stockpile of goodies! Just like
    the fistsim, don't let him get too close. If he attacks you, however, you want
    him to run away from you, then peg him in the back.
    RocketSim: When you're fighting this sim, stay away from tight spaces. This sim
    will always use explosive weaponry when available. Stay in areas where you can
    take evasive action. Also, fight fire with fire. Blow up their explosives in
    their face for maximim hilarity.
    SpeedSim: This sim has about twice the speed of a normal sim, so you'll need to
    count on power, not accuracy to bring him down. Use automatics, and try to get
    it cornered with nowhere to go. Don;t try to chase it, rather attack it when
    it's charging at you.
    TurtleSim: This sim has a shield that's about twice the strength of a normal
    shield, so you need some serious firepower to bring it down. It's also really
    slow, so go for power over accuracy. (DY357-LX, maulers...) They're slow, but
    they're not stupid, so run circles around them or they'll waste you.
    1.5 Weapons
    Here's how each weapon will be described:
    Ammo: type, rounds per clip (total capacity)
    Zoom Level, (Double)
    Primary Fire (PF) type: see descriptions below
    Secondary Fire (SF): lists secondary fire
    Strategies: This describes how best to use each weapon, when and when not to
    use it, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
    Primary fire types:
    Single- Rounds can only be fired (or thrown) one at a time before reloading.
    Pump- Gun needs to be cocked between each pull
    Manual- Fires one round per pull of the trigger, has some sort of recoil
    period before you can fire again.
    Semi-auto- Fires one bullet at a time as fast as you can pull the trigger,
    will also keep firing if trigger is held.
    Auto- Keeps firing until trigger is released, or runs out of ammo.
    Melee- Is slashed with, used in a point-blank range attack
    Abbreviations Used:
    rof: rate of fire
    PF: primary fire mode.
    SF: secondary fire mode
    Falcon 2 
    Ammo: Light, 8 rounds (800)
    No zoom, double
    PF type: Semi-auto
    SF: Pistol whip
    Strategy: Use this gun with a good degree of stealth. The falcon 2 is very
    accurate, but weak. This gun is good at close to medium-long range, so sneak
    up on a guard, pop him, reload, and move on. This gun reloads and fires fast,
    but don't try to take on packs of pad guys with automatics on with it. The
    secondary function is OK in single player for knocking out civillians, but
    totally useless in multi. 
    Falcon 2 (silencer)
    Same as Falcon 2.
    Strategy: The silencer makes this a deadly, stealthy weapon, which allows
    you to take on enemies one at a time. If it were up to me, there would be a
    melee attack button, and the silencer would be a SF, but it's not. This gun
    has the same strengths and weakness as the Falcon 2
    Falcon 2 (scope)
    Same as Falcon 2, plus a 2x zoom
    Strategy: The scope is a far useful tool than the silencer. It allows for
    greater precision, and greatly extends the effective range. With the scope,
    try to aim for effective headshots instead of using the auto-aim or the red
    box for someone in the distance, like you would with the other guns. This
    conserves ammo and assures you a kill. In multiplayer, the extra features
    give you little or no advantage.
    Ammo: Light, 9 rounds (800)
    2.4x zoom, double
    PF type: Semi-auto
    SF: 3 round burst
    Strategy: This gun is horribly innacurate, so use it only at close range.
    The secondary function in great for nailing close-up headshots, but it eats
    ammo quickly, so be careful. Loads of fun in the multi, especially double,
    but not so hot as a single player weapon. Use as a backup, only for if you
    run out of Dragon ammo.
    Ammo: Light, 20 rounds (800)
    No zoom, double
    PF type: Semi-auto
    SF: Charge-up shot
    Strategy: This is a fairly accurate, fairly powerful pistol in its primary
    fire mode, but the secondary fire is where this gun really shows its stuff.
    Charge up 5 shots (takes about a second) and you get a perfectly accurate
    one-hit-kill weapon. This gun is amazing in both the single player and in
    multi. Use whenever you have it, unless you really need to conserve ammo,
    or if you need a zoom lens for some reason.
    Ammo: Light, 8 rounds (800)
    No zoom, double
    PF type: Semi-auto
    SF: Explosive Shells
    Strategy: On PF, this is an alien version of the Falcon 2. The secondary fire,
    however, is like a rocket pistol. It's powerful, and unlike the Mauler, it 
    doesn't use up any extra ammo. The downside is that it's loud, inaccurate, and
    dangerous in SF. Use if you need a hall-clearer, or if you're fighting someone
    with explosives, but use in PF or put it away if there are any allies or 
    neutrals in the level.
    DY357 Magnum
    Ammo: Magnum Bullets, 6 rounds (200)
    No zoom, double
    PF type: Manual
    SF: Pistol Whip
    Strategy: Even in multi, one headshot from these will put anybody down (except
    for Skedar) but be careful of the slow rate of fire. Much better in pairs, but
    still useless against an asssault rifle. Use for taking on weaker guards, or for
    killing people one by one. Great for the G5 level (fire through doors) but not
    so hot in the airbase. A useful tactic is to shoot someone through a door.
    Ammo: Magnum Bullets, 6 rounds (200)
    No zoom, double
    PF type: Manual
    SF: Pistol Whip
    Strategy: These guns are absolutely deadly. You don't get to use the LX in 
    single player, but they have perfect accuracy, and are always a one hit kill.
    Use the auto-aim to drop someone dead from across a room, or use your radar 
    to kill someone before they open a door. Just always be careful of the lag
    between shots and the long-ish reload time. Aim with care.
    Ammo: Medium, 32 rounds (800)
    No zoom, double
    PF type: auto
    SF: Follow Lock-on
    Strategy: An innacurate, fast-firing SMG of mid-strength. Because of its quick
    reload and high output, this gun is great for taking on packs of weaker guards
    such as the shockies in the first level, or the bodyguards in the third. Use
    the secondary function on enemies that like to jump around a lot, or the
    annoying ones that cloak.
    Ammo: Medium, 50 rounds (800)
    No zoom, double
    PF type: Auto
    SF: Magazine discharge
    Strategy: Weak gun. Also has horrible accuracy, doubly so on SF. It's only
    redeeming qualities are its large magazine and fast RoF, which make it a
    good gun for cleaning corridors. Double them up and switch to SF for a
    game-high 60 combined bullets per second, twice as fast as the reaper.
    Use only at close-mid range.
    Callisto NTG
    Ammo: Medium, 32 rounds (800)
    No zoom
    PF type: auto
    SF: High impact shells
    Strategy: Always keep this gun on the secondary function. Your magazine
    will last 3 times as long, the shots are twice as powerful, and you get
    near-perfect accuracy in SF mode. It doesn't cost any extra ammo AND
    you can fire through things. Use whenever you have it, always.
    Ammo: Medium, 120 rounds (800)
    No zoom
    PF type: auto
    SF: cloak
    Strategy: This gun is powerful, shoots at lightning speed, and has a HUGE
    clip. Use for taking on strong enemies, even in packs. Burns ammo,
    especially un the useless secondary function, but a wonderful all-around
    piece of equipment. Use at close to long range, especially effective
    against assault rifles. In multi it's a great gun to use, but watch out
    for sims using the cloak function
    Laptop Gun
    Ammo: Medium, 50 rounds (800)
    2x scope
    PF type: auto
    SF: Deploy as sentry gun
    Strategy: The most underrated gun in the game. It has a large magazine, fast
    rate of fire, powerful bullets, and good accuracy. It's even got a scope.
    Use this gun in solo for effective shooting down those packs of Pelagic II
    guards, much better than a single CMP150. Did I mention, it's got an
    awesome secondary function? Throw it anywhere, and let it do the dirty work
    for you. (uses 200 ammo every time, however.) Great gun.
    Ammo: Heavy, 30 rounds (400)
    2x scope
    PF type: auto
    SF: proximity self-destruct
    Strategy: This is the weakest of the assault rifles, but it's a good gun.
    It's the best for taking on groups of guards because it takes the longest
    time to drain the clip. If it's stealth you're after, this is NOT your gun.
    You can even get detected if a guard fires one at you. Good gun in single,
    but won't stand up one-on-one against a K7 or AR34 at close range, 
    especially in multi. It's pretty mediocre, but I'd choose it over a K7 or
    an AR-34 in solo. Use the proxy mine in multi for a nasty trap.
    K7 Avenger
    Ammo: Heavy, 25 rounds (400)
    3x scope
    PF type: auto
    SF: Threat Detector
    Strategy: Don't try to use this on more than two people at a time, it just
    won't work. This gun loses its clip in a really short amount of time. It's
    best for taking people on over mid to long range, because it's pretty
    accurate and very powerful. The threat detector highlights autoguns, proxy
    mines, etc... Useful. Be careful, because this gun is deadly in the hands
    of a Mr.Blonde or stripey. Use with care- don't get caught reloading.
    Ammo: Heavy, 30 rounds (400)
    3x scope
    PF type: auto
    SF: use scope
    Strategy: Despite what the game says, this rifle is horribly innacurate.
    It's the best gun at close range, when used for prowling halls in the G5
    multi, or for saving hostages in the CI. This is a really good gun, it's
    magazine lasts a good while, and it's more powerful than the Dragon, but
    you have to know how to use it. By that, I mean whip around a corner,
    drop everyone in the room, and reload. Do not try to do this in rooms like
    the big one in the temple, it won't work.
    Same as Dragon
    SF: Grenade Launch
    SF ammo: 6 (40)
    Strategy: In PF, same as Dragon. In SF, the grenades are wonderful. The
    guards in solo never use them, but they can be useful in taking down groups.
    Just fire one, and they fall like dominos. Be careful, because if you miss,
    it could hurt. A lot.
    Ammo: Shells, 9 rounds (100)
    PF type: pump
    SF: Double Blast
    Strategy: The shotgun is absolutely deadly at close range, and this is why.
    With each pull of the trigger, the shotgun fires 6 individual pellets. These
    pellets each deliver roughly half the damage of a Falcon 2, but if you hit
    with all 6, the total damage is equal to that of 3 normal bullets. Ouch.
    This is good, but these pellets spread out, so the farther away you are, the
    less likely all of the pellets are to hit. This gun's effective range is
    therefore severely limited. However, when set on double blast, with one pull
    of the trigger you can empty the rough equivalent of 6 falcon 2 bullets into
    your opponent's chest, provided they all strike. Turn those into headshots
    and you're absolutely deadly in ant close-range encounter, even against one-
    hit-kill weapons, as the shotgun doesn't really require time to aim. Be
    warned, though, because the reload time will kill you if you don't time it
    right, so reload every chance you get, especially with SF on.
    Sniper rifle
    Ammo: Heavy, 8 rounds (400)
    Variable scope, 1x-30x
    PF type, semi-auto
    SF: crouch
    Strategy: I love this gun. It's an absolute wonder in the solo mode, (just
    pop a stripey in the head and watch the snow turn red with his blood) so
    it's a pity that the multi doesn't really have any good sniper spots. Don't
    try to use this gun in multi, you'll get yourself killed. The same applies
    to close-quarter combat in the solo levels. Always crouch if you can, this
    steadies your aim significantly.
    Farsight XR-20
    Ammo: Orbs, 8 rounds (100)
    X-ray scope, zoom=?
    PF type: manual
    SF: Target locator
    Strategy: If you have this gun, find a place to hide and ALWAYS use the SF.
    This gun was meant to be an anti-camper device, but it just made the problem
    10 times worse. Thus, camping is the obvious strategy for this gun. Set up
    either a laptop sentry, proxy mines, or a teammate nearby, stand on top of
    an ammo box, and go to town! Farely useless in the solo except in PA for
    the pillar things. Whatever you do, don't let your opponent see you face to
    face with this gun in your hands. If you miss, he will waste you.
    Ammo: Reaper Ammo, 200 rounds (800)
    PF type: automatic
    SF: Grinder
    Strategy: Whatever you do, do not try to take on the skedar with this gun.
    While its rate of fire is blindingly fast, this is IMO a slow gun. If you
    need to burst into a room where you're outnumbered, go in spinning at full,
    and mow them down. Grinder would be cool, but the effects are pretty bad.
    Ammo: Grenade Rounds, 8 (40)
    PF Type: manual
    SF: Wall hugger
    Strategy: For use of the grenades, see the superdragon entry. For some
    reason, even easysims seem to have pinpoint accuracy with this in multi, so
    I avoid this gun if I can. The wall hugger is good for blowing holes in
    walls, knocking down pillars, shattering Carrington's wine collection, etc.
    Again, take great care with this gun whenever you use it.
    Rocket Launcher
    Ammo: Rockets, 1 (3)
    PF type: single
    SF: targeted rocket
    Strategy: Use for dropping the dD hovercopter right out of the sky. Also
    useful in the same level for taking out the two bodyguards near the pillar
    in the ECM room. In multi, it's nice for completely wasting an enemy, but
    the timing is hard. Use the targeted rocket if you can't aim, but beware-
    this makes it much slower. (you can actually outrun a rocket on SF)
    Ammo: Rockets, 1 (3)
    PF type: single
    SF: fly-by-wire rocket.
    Strategy: The PF rockets are the same as the rocket launcher, with a bit
    faster reload. The SF is where this rocket really shines. Use it to camp
    or launch a pre-assault on the hill in multi, just be careful, because
    you are vulnerable when you are seeing throught the rocket. Set up like
    a far-sight, or use it to sneak into a camping spot that may have been
    booby trapped. In solo, it's mildly useful, but hardly worth the effort.
    Combat Knife
    Ammo: combat knifes, 1 (10)
    PF type: Melee
    SF: Throw poison knife
    Strategy: The poison knife throw is a nasty weapon, but be careful, they
    can still shoot at you while they're dying. For a dirty trick, throw a
    knife into a dead player's body, and they'll respawn poisoned! In PF,
    the knife is much better than your fists. Held double, they're deadly.
    Go for the head, and you will soon hear the "swish-UUH-thud" of a foe
    dropping dead. When up against a gun, always try to hit from behind, and
    zig-zag or circle your victim.
    Ammo: bolts, 5 (69)
    PF type: manual
    SF: instant kill
    Strategy: This gun is great in the solo mission, because the sedate effect
    puts guards right out. Always sedate in the solos, because if you kill too
    many alaskan guards, you'll fail the mission. Also a wonderful stealth gun,
    the only thing to be careful of is the long reload and the small magazine.
    The SF is the fastest rof of any one kit kill gun, but see above.
    Ammo: darts, 8 (200)
    PF type: semi-auto
    SF: lethal injection
    Strategy: how to use this gun in single player- don't. this may seem odd
    after the crossbow strat, but trust me, the sedatives are much weaker,
    and the SF is useful at point-blank range only. This gun may not look it,
    but it can be deadly in multi. There's a specific way- you need to use both
    modes; tranquilize someone until they're stoned, 4 darts usually does it,
    then switch to SF, sneak up to them and give 'em the lethal injection.
    Ammo: N/A
    PF type: Semi-auto
    SF: Short stream laser
    Strategy: In the solo mission, this gun is absolutely useless. Do not use
    it, except to break open the safe. Even in multi, the beam is OK if you aim
    for the head, or in a one-hit-kills match, but otherwise don't use it unless
    you're out of ammo.
    Ammo: grenades, 1 (12)
    PF type: single
    SF: proximity pinball
    Strategy: Pretty standard in PF. Pull the pin, toss it at your intended
    target, and after about  seconds, it explodes. Grenades are great for
    taking out something that you'd otherwise have trouble aiming at, like 
    mines in the ground, or someone below you when you're up on a catwalk. The
    SF is crazy. Toss it into a room, and watch it bounce around until it hits
    a human, the BOOM! They're toast. Great for large, heavily populated rooms
    like the ones in temple or car park, or the hanger in A51.
    Ammo: n-bombs, 1 (10)
    PF type: single
    SF: proximity detonation.
    Strategy: This grenade-like device has 2 things that are cool about it;
    It disarms people and it dizzies, even through a shield. It only does
    minimal damage, but can give you a huge advantage over a whole crowd.
    Use the proxy function to lay nasty traps in hallways, some even wait
    until someone is weakened by the bomb, and pop in and kill them while
    they're unarmed and dizzy. Nasty.
    Mines (timed, proxy, remote)
    Ammo: __ mines, 1 (10)
    PF type: single
    SF: Threat detector, detonate (remote)
    Strategy: The mines are all the same in the way that you throw them and
    the damage they cause, the only difference is the detonation device.
    The timed mine simply has a 4 second timer, stick it on to someone to
    really give them a hard time. The proxy mines detonate when anyone comes
    near them (including the one who set the mine) and are absolutely wonderful
    for laying traps. The remote mines are my favorite, and operate with a remote
    detonater (duh). Either switch to the SF and press Z, or press A and B at
    the same time to blow up all of your mines. The SF is the same as that of
    the K7, except you can't throw the mines while in this mode.
    The shield protects against all attacks except the N-bomb and the Skedar's
    melee attacks. The additional bonuses are that every hit counts as a limb
    shot, and you can replenish shields over and over again (in multi). Take
    the time to find the shield, they can save your life.
    Data Uplink
    This has a link back to grimshaw at the CI, and is used for hacking into
    computers and other devious tasks. Use it to score a point in hacker central
    Night Vision
    These goggles are used to see in the dark by enhancing visible light, Don't
    use them in normal light, because they will wight out.
    X-ray scanner
    These can see through walls and cloaking devices, but be warned, as their
    range is limited. They lose objects at point-blank and after about fifty
    video-game feet.
    Combat Boost
    Use the combat boost to slow down time and give you a better reaction time
    than the sims in high pressure situations
    Use the radar to track either the hackers, the three special pillars,
    or your enemies. In multi, you are the dot in the middle. Something at
    12 o' clock in relation to you is also shown as 12 o' clock on the radar.
    Little half-circles mean that the object is not on the same floor as you,
    little squares mean you are on the same floor. Game-important objects like
    the hill are usually shown as hollow, and the color of an object indicates the
    team. If it has no team, it is shown as yellow-green.
    Cloaking Device
    Seen in: Mr. Blonde's revenge, multi. (used by guards in G5, deep sea, attack
    ship and Skedar ruins.)
    The cloaking device is wonderful, but can be foiled by an IR or X-ray scanner.
    It deactivates when you fire, use that to your advantage. Also, It doesn't
    make people totally invisible, they can still be seen as "wavy air blobs"
    1.6 Arenas
    Area 52
    This area shares only a little in common with the in-game levels. It's a lot
    like the skedar arena with its wide open areas linked by tight hallways, but
    bigger and more complex. Be careful not to get ambushed in the wide open areas
    and use the bottlenecks and dead ends in the arena to your advantage. Snipers
    seem to like the towers in the big open area, but I never did. Unless you're
    going for a weapon, avoid the afformentioned big area, it's too easy to get
    mowed down in. If you know someone is in one of the two rooms with only one
    entrance, don't go in through the door, but either shoot through the glass
    or open (yes, you can) a window and surprise them.
    This Arena is surprisingly mazelike, and is a wonderful place to get sniped
    from above. Assault rifles are best in this arena, because they are good up
    close in the hallways as well as in the long room. Don't get caught trying to
    shoot someone on the pathways above you, because if they don't drop down and
    kill you, someone else will. Similarly, if someone's on the floor below you,
    drop down on them while firing for a nasty surprise.
    Car Park
    This arena is great practice for distance combat over the wide open floors. If
    you find yourself outgunned, use the boxes or pillars for cover, and retreat
    into a stairwell. Use some of your short-range weaponry to surprise your
    attacker, but be careful not to get surprised yourself. The stairwells are the
    number one spot to get mowed down from above, so avoid them if you can. Use a
    gun with a scope on the big floors.
    This level is.. well.. complex. The way that the rooms link up never made any
    sense to me. Often in this level it's simply the player with the best reaction
    time that wins, because the rooms are so small, and the halls are so tight. If
    you know your way around, you are much better off. The hiding spaces are also
    key, like the nook over by the ladder, and the shadows under the ramps.
    Being a Goldeneye player, I find the misspelling deeply offensive. This level,
    while medium-sized, has several distinct levels that give it a big feel. There
    are many little cul-de-sacs where campers LOVE to hang out, so take care of
    the annoyances with some anti-camper weaponry. (a proxy mine on the door, the
    laptop sentry gun thrown into the room, a well-fired slayer rocket...) weapon
    of choice for this arena is the Callisto NTG. It fires through doors, and has
    good accuracy for those across-the-hall battles. Some find it awkward, so the
    Laptop Gun is another good choice, especially if you like the scope. Avoid the
    K7 avenger or the CMP150, they drain their magazines too fast.
    Ugh. The colors on the walls do nothing more than encourage screen-looking.
    The rooms with the elevators on these rooms are camper heaven, so look out.
    If smeone's using one of the sniper platforms, sneak up behind them and kill
    while they're defenseless. This is a big arena, but hard to get lost in. Go
    for a scope in the big central area, range doesn't hurt in the halls either.
    not much else to say about this level, except to shoot people while the SLOW
    doors are opening.
    G5 building
    Close quarters combat, anyone? This is an arena that takes a lot of skill, and
    if you get lost, you are doomed. That being said, choose power over accuracy in
    this arena, and keep moving, as there aren't any good camping spots. There are
    several spots where you can fire into another room without actually being there,
    so lob a well-placed explosive for some dishonorable kills. Pillars are good for
    cover from sims, not so much for humans.
    For some reason, this is the most common slo-mo arena. Maybe it's the feeling
    of being "the one" Don't, however, do the "strafing behing pillars while firing
    move," all it does is wastes ammo. Instead, sneak across the room, slip behind
    the pillars and blindside your opponent while he tries the same thing. (like in
    the VR room in CI:defense) This is the only arena where look ahead is useful,
    for those flying attacks. If you can't find a good weapon, or if you need a
    breather, then head for the hallways, but otherwise stick to the main drag.
    The main thing in this arena is not falling to your death. Often the good gun
    is down on the pipes, but be careful. Lots of weapons have powerful kickbacks
    that will send you falling to your death if you get hit by the bullets. (or
    someone else if you hit them.) Like in the ravine, the red walkways can be shot
    through, so use that to your advantage. THe place to be is in the narrow halls,
    carrying a powerful weapon.
    The main thing to avoid here is falling to your death. Scoped, accurate weapons
    are best for anywhere here. Don't try anything short-range, you'll usually get
    mowed down before you get close enough. The elevator is great for surprise
    attacks. There are no real camping spots, so movement is key here. Stick to the
    walls while strafing, and you'll be aple to pick off opponents as the walk
    through the room.
    This level is small, but it's a maze. The hallways are the favorite of darksims
    because of all the holes in the floor. If you're looking to camp, this is not
    your arena. There is more than one entrance to almost every room in this level,
    and you'll only get mowed down if you stay in one place. Wasting people through
    doors is a common practice here for those who use the radar wisely.
    Ugh. The easiest level to get lost in by far. The layout is symmetrical, and
    the wall textures will tell you what floor you're on, but it's still easy to
    get lost. Close-range weapons and good reaction time is key.
    This arena is really easy, and is a good spot for beginner players. There's no
    pits, very few ambush spots, and the layout is fairly simple. The camping spots
    are the places where the shields show up in the weapon presets. Survive by
    keeping moving in the hallways, and don't get caught in one of the open areas,
    rather surprise other people. There are usually a couple good cover objects in
    each of the rooms, so use these to your advantage. The spots to avoid are the
    "snowy" rooms with the weird terrain and tunnel entrances.
    The Temple from Goldeneye is back, and this time you can actually fall through
    the big hole! Yay. This level has one big, gaping, main room, a couple of
    smaller rooms, and a bunck of hallways. You'll want something fairly accurate
    for over the long distances here. You can lay a trap for someone throughout the
    entire level, so use your proxy mines and laptop sentry guns. Often I'll just
    camp in the main room, but this doesn't usually work againts multiple sims. Try
    to find the good weapon, and guard it.
    This place feels huge. It's big, but its mostly open spaces, multiple levels,
    and twisted layout give it the most vacant feel of any level. Also, it doesn't
    have any cramped hallways at all so people tend not to get frantic, even bots.
    Keep a quick trigger finger, and keep moving so you don't get surprised. A good
    weapon is usually on the little pedestal thing that you can only get to by
    falling off of the catwalk, so get it.
    The Warehouse consists of one huge room, and several other smaller rooms linked
    by hallways. The big room is the most common place to get mowed down, and the
    smaller rooms are the best places to camp. Where, then should you spend your
    time? Find a good weapon, and patrol the hallways. Oh, and there is no 6th
    weapon slot here for reasons known only to Rare.
    1.7 Character
    The character that you use is somewhat important, some make a bigger deal of
    it than others. I'm not going to list all of the multiplayer characters
    available, because you can see them all in the game, and I can't really
    provide any additional information. I can tell you that all the characters
    differ in three ways; size, shape, and color. There may be minute differences
    between the speed you can travel at, but barely enough to make a difference.
    Other than that, nothing else is different. All characters have the same
    health, (provided no handicaps are used) and any difference in skill lies all
    in the player using it. About the three traits that can be changed:
    Size and shape: The size of a character determines how hard it is to hit. For
    example, Joanna is a smaller target than, say, Mr.Blonde. You might want to
    consider using one of the smaller players to get that extra edge. The extreme
    of this is the superfreak. A Maian body with a Human head. Very hard to hit,
    but I never use it because it's slow and hard to score headshots with. The
    shape of a player matters, because if you have a big head, then headshots are
    more likely when you get hit. I just choose the coolest looking player.
    Color: Color determines how hard you are to see. If you pick in a color that
    blends in with the environment, you will be harder to distinguish, that's why
    the army uses camouflage. Of course, none of this matters if you're playing
    with bots, or screen-lookers, or auto-aim, or random arena, or people who don't
    want to have to wait for you to change your character...
    As you play more and more games in the combat simulator, you will obtain more
    impressive statistics. As your statistics advance, your rank will progress from
    Beginner:21 to, eventually, Perfect:1. There is some fancy method to your
    advancement through the ranks, but I will not try to either explain this or
    copy an explanation from somebody else. There are plenty of decent explanations
    available online, just googe "Perfect Dark Statistics." 
    I can list the ranks for you, though.
    21: Beginner
    20: Trainee
    19: Amateur
    18: Rookie
    17: Novice
    16: Trooper
    15: Agent
    14: Star Agent
    13: Special Agent
    12: Expert
    11: Veteran
    10: Professional
    9: Dangerous
    8: Deadly
    7: Killer
    6: Assassin
    5: Lethal
    4: Elite
    3: Invincible
    2: Near Perfect
    1: Perfect
    The game also keeps track of a number of statistics for each saved player. Some
    of these inlfuence your rank (marked with an asterisk) and some of them don't.
    Most of them are pretty obvious.
    Name- Duh... Your name
    Kills*- How many players, human or simulant, you have killed.
    Deaths- How many times you have seen the red screen of death.
    Accuracy- The percentage of shots fired that have actually hit their target.
    Head Shots- The number of headshots you have
    Ammo Used*- The amount of ammo that has left your barrel.
    Damage Dealt*- The amount of health that you have taken from other players
    Pain Received- The amount of health that you've lost.
    Games Played- The amount of games you've played
    Games Won*- The number of games you've won
    Games Lost- The number of games you've lost
    Time Spent*- How many real-time days, hours, and minutes you have logged.
    Distance*- How many virtual kilometers your character has traveled
    Accuracy Medals* (green)
    Head Shot Medals* (yellow)
    Kill Master Medals* (red)
    Survivor Medals* (blue)
    Your Current Rank
    Section 2- Multiplayer Scenarios
    This is probably the section you came here for. These are all games that need
    to be created in advanced setup, not the presets that come with the game. For
    a list of those, or a list of the challenges, there are plenty of other FAQs.
    Weapons are listed in order of which slot they should go in. (1,2,3,4,5,6)
    Fear (Created by me)
    Scenario: Combat (free for all)
    Options: OHK, no radar (perfect darkness makes it even more hellish.)
    Sims: 2 Kazesims, normal or higher, I play with 1 hard and 1 dark
    Weapons: Farsight, Dy357, Magsec 4, Shield, Cloaking device, Shotgun.
    Limits: anything
    Arena: Any, my favorites for this one are G5, ravine, and ruins.
    This one it a very fast-paced adrenaline rush of a scenario, and is my personal
    favorite when I'm on my own. Turning off OHK takes away a bit of the panic, but
    can add a different strategic twist to the game.
    WAR! (me)
    Scenario: Capture the case
    Options: no radar
    Sims: 3 maians, hard, normal, and perfect, against 3 Mr. Blondes, hard, normal,
    and perfect. (you can use an easy or darksim if you want)
    Limits: 10 points, unlimited time.
    Arena: ruins, area 52, and villa are best, but anywhere works.
    Weapons: Phoenix, Mauler, Reaper, Callisto NTG, Farsight, Slayer.
    This gives you a great opportunity for a team battle, and allows you to use the
    command functions. (Hold A, press Z three times to bring up the menu.) Plus, it
    has some fun fights between the sims, but it's not recommended for more than
    two human players because of the framerate.
    The Ultimate King of the Hill (me)
    Scenario: King of the hill
    Options: set the limits high, the time per point high, and turn mobile hill OFF
    for best fun, but the hill can also move to avoid camping if you wish.
    Sims: Any (see below) Try giving a turtle and a speedsim to each team.
    Teams: 2 equally matched teams
    Arena: The best are Area 52, villa, car park, temple, and pipes
    Weapons: K7 avenger, DY357-LX, Laptop Gun, Proximity Mine, Slayer, Farsight
    This is a wonderful team battle as well, and calls for some extreme strategy.
    The key to winning this scenario is making the best use of the weapons for both
    laying traps and for seige tactics. Have fun!
    Ragdoll Physics (me)
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: OHK off, Radar, free-for-all
    Limits: Time only, points unlimited.
    Sims: Kazesim (easy), FistSim (normal), MeatSim
    Arena: G5, sewers, or complex
    Weapons: Magsec 4, Shotgun, and Cyclone in any 3 slots you like, with the other
    3 slots disabled.
    What a riot! I love the absolute bloody mayhem that this scenario creates. The
    lack of weapons only adds to the chaos, and once you throw in some crazy bots
    as cannon fodder, then the fun really begins.
    Stealth (me)
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: no radar, free-for-all
    Limits: first to 10 points, unlimited time.
    Sims: none if you're playing against a human, otherwise use a shieldsim set to
    normal or above.
    Arena: Base or warehouse (you'll lose weapon #6, so put the item you like least
    in that slot)
    Weapons: Falcon 2 (silencer), cloaking device, sniper rifle, shield, combat
    knives, crossbow.
    A fight for the "most dishonorable" award. Camp, ambush, and surprise like your
    life depends on it (which, in fact, it does) in the ultimate spy-oriented
    The Matrix (common knowledge)
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: slow motion ON, fast movement
    humans vs. bots, or free-for-all if you're alone
    Limits: 5-10 minutes
    Sims: 2 normalsims, 2 cowardsims (normal)
    Arena: Grid
    Weapons: Falcon 2, CMP150, Falcon 2, CMP 150, AR34, K7 Avenger
    There are about five thousand different versions of this scenario, but this is
    my personal favorite, and the one I feel best emulates the matrix.
    4th of July (me)
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: player handicap 200%
    Teams: free-for-all
    Limits: 15 min.
    Sims: 2 easy rocketsims, 1 normal kazesim. Any more will freeze the game
    Arena: Skedar, temple, or ravine.
    Weapons: Grenade, remote mine, devastator, phoenix, rocket launcher, shield
    Kaboom. There will be many explosions in this game for sure, so don't play it
    unless you're willing to die often. If you play in paintball mode, it will look
    like someone bombed the paint section of a hardware store.
    Goldeneye (me)
    Scenario: Combat or Pop-a-Cap
    Options: Radar, Kills score
    Teams: You can do "good vs. evil", or just no teams.
    Limits: 20 team points, 10 individual points.
    Sims: Any you want, I've tried to create various characters like Bond, Natalya,
    Boris, Valentin, 006, Jaws, Oddjob, and Goldeneye guards, but have never quite
    been able to work it out.
    Arena: any of the classic arenas.
    Weapons: Falcon 2 (D5K Deutche), Falcon 2 silencer (pp7), CMP150 (ZMG), RC-P120
    (RC-P90), K7 avenger (KF7 Soviet), Remote Mines (duh)
    Aaaah, the good old days. This will really remind you of Goldeneye. That is, if
    you've played Goldeneye. For best results, breathe heavily when hit.
    The Man with the Golden Gun
    All of the options are the same as in "Goldeneye" except for the weapons.
    Weapons: Proxy Mines, Combat Knives, N-Bombs, Shield, Cloaking Device, DY357-LX
    This one, obviously, becomes a mad hunt for the golden magnum. (golden gun)
    You can really play it in any arena, but the classic ones are actually the most
    fun. Play with 4 humans for total man-hunt effect.
    "Heroes" Battle (me)
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: No radar, no highlights.
    Teams: good vs. evil, you pick which team you want to be on.
    Limits: 100 team points
    Arena: Temple
    Sims: DarkSim (Joanna Combat), Dark PeaceSim (Carrington), Hard KazeSim
    (Johnathan in pilot disguise), PerfectSim (Elvis Waistcoat), Normal PeaceSim
    (President), Hard CowardSim (Trent Easton), Perfect Kazesim (Mr. Blonde), Hard
    FistSim (Cassandra DeVries)
    Weapons: Anything you want
    This is based on a scenario from Battlefront II, where you get to play as and
    against the heroes from the series. It's a long battle, and it's full of really
    powerful characters. So is this battle, and it's always a really fun game,
    especially since the temple adds to the whole "epic" feel of the game.
    The Martix- Escape from Agent Smith (me)
    Scenario: Hacker Central
    Options: No highlights, show on radar, kills score off, fast
    Limits: 1 point
    Arena: Complex
    Weapons: Falcon2, CMP150, Magsec 4, AR34, Shield, laptop gun
    1 perfectsim- Dinner jacket 2 with Trent's head (Agent Smith)
    The story is simple. You are Neo, and you are stuck in the Matrix. Agent Smith
    has discovered you, and is trying to kill you. Remember that if you die in the
    Matrix, you die in the real world. (If you die, you fail). Don't try to kill
    Agent Smith, he will only respawn, just keep him at bay long enough to escape
    by finding the phone, and completing a call (hacker)
    Shotgun Fun (me)
    Scenario: Pop a Cap
    Options: No radar, no highlights, fast movement
    Limits: 15 minutes
    Arena: Facility (Oops... I mean "Felicity")
    Weapons: N-bomb, Nothing, Shotgun, Nothing, Grenade, Shield
    Sims: Easy kazesims so that there are 4 total players, human or simulant, sims
    dressed in office clothes.
    This is, obviously, a battle for the shotgun. Don't think you're safe if you
    have it, though, because you can lose it in a heartbeat. The Grenades are very
    hard to use here because of fast movement, but the N-bombs are a good way to 
    nab the gun, as is strafing up to someone and disarming them. The Shotgun 
    appears in two places that are impossible to camp in, so don't try. The cramped
    halls and long reload time just add to the panic and fun.
    How Not to Be Seen (me)
    also known as:
    and What the Hell?
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: no radar, no teams
    Limits: 20 points, 15 minutes
    Arena: Ravine
    Weapons: Cloaking Device, Farsight, Proxy Mines, Laptop Gun, Shield, K7 Avenger
    Teams: 3 or 4-player free-for-all.
    This is a killer scenario, where people are pretty much told to camp. Players
    will set up base camp areas, where they have proxy mines and sentry guns, and
    go Farsight-camping. There are disadvantages, though. The
    All of the scenarios in this section were created, tested, and improved upon by
    RossDude at GameFAQs, and are included in this FAQ with his permission. All of
    the stories, commentary, etc, that go with the scenarios is are also his work.
    Slow Down ***
    This scenario took me 40 minutes to think up, test, and modify. The weapons are
    all placed correctly so that you can get doubles easily and so on. Also, the
    Combat Boosts combined with Fast Movement make it like Bullet-Time, from The
    Matrix. It's so fun, even if you don't like Combat Boosts or hand-to-hand
    combat, use the Combat Boost then take out a gun to use. Trust me; the Combat
    Boosts add a very nice touch to the game, and the inclusion of radar allows you
    to trigger a Combat Boost appropriately. And now for my final words - this is a
    very well thought out game and I really enjoy playing it. I hope you all do
    Warning: Do not activate a Combat Boost after the ten-second countdown starts,
    or else the game will freeze.
    Players: 1-4
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: Fast Movement, No Auto-Aim, No Player Highlight, No Pickup Highlight
    Arena: Grid
    1. Falcon 2
    2. Combat Boost
    3. CMP150
    4. Combat Boost
    5. Laser
    6. AR34
    Limits: Your choice
    Simulants: Your choice
    Teams: Your choice
    Soundtrack: Your choice 
    Kidnapped *
    I worked for about an hour on this scenario. It's really fun to play. All of
    the weapons are in good places, and are spread out from each other so that you
    don't get annoyed by picking the same one up several times in a row. I think it
    has a really good plot too. Well here it is, I hope you enjoy it!
    Players: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: Fast Movement, No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Player Highlight, No Pickup
    Arena: Base
    1. Nothing
    2. Combat Knife
    3. Cloaking Device
    4. Cloaking Device
    5. Combat Knife
    6. Laser
    Limits: Team Score: 10
    Simulants: 2 EasySims and 2 NormalSims - all with regular Maian bodies and
    white Biotechnician masks
    Teams: Player 1 vs. all
    Soundtrack: Attack Ship
    Story: You work for the government and maintain a steady job at low management.
    One night, right after you've fallen asleep, your house is suddenly broken into
    by half a dozen men, dressed in black, wearing masks and body armor, and also
    carrying CMP150s. They knock you out before you have a chance to actually
    realize what's going on. When you come to you find yourself in a strange
    looking, brightly lit place. You hear a voice come on over the PA system - "You
    are here to test out our newest biological experiments! By checking your
    background records we have found that you are skilled in hand-to-hand combat
    and weaponry. Good luck, you shall need it!" Suddenly you hear doors opening
    and footsteps everywhere. The chase is on…
    Isolated *
    Players: 1
    Cheats (Must use!): DK Mode, Small Characters
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Player Highlight, No Pickup Highlight
    Arena: Ruins
    1. Combat Knife
    2. Nothing
    3. Nothing
    4. Laser
    5. Laser
    6. Shotgun
    Limits: Time: 10 minutes
    Simulants: 1 Perfect-TurtleSim – Presidential Security body with white
    Biotechnician mask
    Teams: Disabled
    Player Costume: dataDyne Shocktrooper
    Soundtrack: Skedar Ruins
    Story: You are an astronaut on a mission to Mars. You’re well on your way, and
    almost there when one of the engines blows. The fire begins to spread
    everywhere. The crew scrambles around the shuttle trying to find a way to
    survive the catastrophe...
    You crash land in a small canyon on the planet. You’re the only survivor out of
    the whole crew of four people. You check the consoles and send an emergency
    call from your area. Shortly after you send the signal you receive a reply
    saying they're sending a rescue shuttle after you, using a new, and faster,
    propulsion system to get there quicker.
    You let out a sigh of relief. That's when you notice fuel leaking into the
    shuttle from the second battered engine. Knowing that is not a good thing, you
    go out in your space suit and explore for any kind of shelter, a cave,
    anything. What you find puts you into shock. You have found the old ruins of an
    alien base. Carefully, you start exploring the base, unaware of the surviving
    alien that makes his living there…
    Arrowhead – A Game of Intense Combat *****
    Players: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: Slow Motion, Fast Movement, No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Player Highlight
    No Pickup Highlight
    Arena: Grid
    1. Combat Knife
    2. Cloaking Device
    3. Nothing
    4. Cloaking Device
    5. Shield
    6. Crossbow
    Limits: Team Score: 20
    1. PerfectSim
    2. Hard-KazeSim
    3. PerfectSim
    4. Hard-CowardSim
    5-8. Blank
    Teams: Player 1 vs. simulants 1 and 2 vs. simulants 3 and 4
    Soundtrack: dD Research
    This scenario was inspired by spxiii’s “Arrowaei!!” I went for a completely
    different feel for this setup, and it’s noticeable. It requires strategy and
    good use of cover. The slow motion makes combat very intense. Everybody will be
    going for the Crossbow, but it’s a treacherous journey to reach it. However,
    you can still win the game without it. You can take the more stealthy approach
    by cloaking and carefully knifing people. This is one setup where it’s actually
    more useful to slash someone. The Shield will give you a second chance when
    taking Crossbow fire, but it will also give the simulants an extra chance too,
    so you need to be watchful. This is a much slower paced game when compared to
    my other scenarios, but it’s still very tense and challenging.
    Heightened Senses **
    Players: 2
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Options: No Radar, No Auto-Aim
    Arena: Fortress
    1. Falcon 2 (silencer)
    2. CMP150
    3. Laptop Gun
    4. AR34
    5. Shield
    6. Cloaking Device
    Limits: Team Score: 30
    1. Hard-CowardSim
    2. NormalSim
    3. NormalSim
    4. Normal-TurtleSim
    5. MeatSim
    6. Hard-KazeSim
    7-8. Blank
    Red: Player 1 and Player 2
    Blue: Hard-CowardSim, NormalSim
    Yellow: NormalSim, Easy-TurtleSim
    Magenta: MeatSim, HardSim
    Soundtrack: CI Operative, dataDyne Action
    For the simulants, I chose all those types and difficulties because it makes
    the teams more even. A Hard-CowardSim just may run from you, but he has a
    NormalSim on his team to back him up. The NormalSim and Normal-TurtleSim are
    very hard foes. NormalSims can be tough and the TurtleSim's shield is a real
    pain, but the TurtleSim is extremely slow. The MeatSim is right out pathetic,
    but the Hard-KazeSim makes up for a lot of his mistakes.
    As for the weapons, I chose all of those because the game is about stealth,
    speed, sniping, and some straight out combat. The Falcon 2 (silencer) is there
    to add to the stealth effect. The CMP150 was put in there as a standard
    automatic weapon. The Laptop Gun was added as helpful protection to guard the
    case. The AR34 is in there because of its power and good scope. The Shields are
    all located in the sniping boxes and you have to go out of your way to get
    them. Lastly, the Cloaking Device was added to sneak around.
    Slow Down 2 ***
    Players: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: Fast Movement, No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Player Highlight, No Pickup
    Arena: Grid
    1. Falcon 2
    2. Laser
    3. CMP150
    4. Combat Boost
    5. Combat Boost
    6. AR34
    *Note: You may think the AR34 to be a little too powerful. If so:
    Change the AR34 to a Combat Knife.
    Limits: Time: 15 minutes, Team Score: 50
    1. EasySim
    2. EasySim
    3. One Easy-TurtleSim
    4. One NormalSim
    5. One Normal-SpeedSim
    6-8. Blank
    Teams: Only the two EasySims should be on a team together
    Soundtrack: dD Extraction, End Credits
    This is a different version of another one of my scenarios called Slow Down.
    Fast Movement coupled with Combat Boosts makes the game seem like Bullet-Time
    from The Matrix. Without radar or auto-aim you can expect to be caught off
    guard and surprised often.
    The two EasySims are in there to even things out since they are on a team
    together. The Easy-TurtleSim has a high chance of surviving because of its
    shield. Do not encounter it in close quarters. The NormalSim was also added to
    even things out since he’s got one of the highest difficulty levels in the
    scenario. And the Normal-SpeedSim is everyone’s biggest foe. It’s fast and has
    a high difficulty level so it will be hard to bring down. It also moves faster
    than the other simulants when you’ve got a Combat Boost in effect.
    All the weapons are in their correct slots so do not switch them around. The
    Falcon is in there to use in collaboration with a Combat Boost, because you can
    fire it at any rate (as fast as you can pull the trigger) while regular
    automatics fire at a slower rate. The Laser is in there as a last resort
    really. It’s weak, but its secondary function combined with a Combat Boost
    makes it deadly. The CMP150 is your only form of auto-aim so use it well. The
    Combat Knife was added for extra fun with the slow motion effects. And the AR34
    is a sort of equalizer. With slow motion, its reload is incredibly slow. Also,
    it is pretty hard to come by.
    Also, because of the simulants (especially the SpeedSim), camping is pretty
    much eliminated. You constantly have to be moving.
    Warning: Do not activate a Combat Boost after the ten-second countdown starts,
    or else the game will freeze.
    Bot Complexity ****
    You work for a government agency that designs and manufactures robots of all
    sorts. One of the robots made, the C-102, was a highly efficient machine. It
    kept learning and figuring out new things everyday. There was one problem
    though; it learned too much.
    Soon it wanted out. The agency couldn't let this happen, for the robot had such
    limited memory, and when the memory runs out the bot could overload; it could
    wreak havoc with its unnatural abilities in such a state.
    So the agency made a complex for the bot. A place to study and maintain it,
    keep it safe. But the bot wanted out...
    One night, you were assigned to the security room of the complex to keep track
    of the bot. You are sitting in the control room relaxing when suddenly, the
    cameras turn to static.
    You stand up and grab a nearby Dragon. Just then, the bot bursts into the room,
    knocking the door off its hinges. You roll to the right and pop back up on your
    knees. Just as you're about to pull the trigger, the bot slams its cold metal
    fist into your face, knocking you over. You roll back, and hop onto your knees
    again, ignoring the pain. As you look up, you see the bot run out of the room
    with your Dragon.
    You sound the alarm for backup, and get a reply saying they'll be there within
    ten minutes. Ten minutes is too much time. You've got to stop the bot before it
    Bot Information: The bot has two battery backup units, so bringing it down may
    prove hard. Bringing it down three times should kill it though. After you
    destroy one of its battery backup units, it will become more aggressive and
    will try harder to stop you.
    Players: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Player Highlight, No Pickup Highlight
    Arena: Complex
    1. CMP150
    2. Dragon
    3. K7 Avenger
    4. AR34
    5. Shield
    6. RC-P120
    Limits: Time: 10 minutes, Score: 3
    Simulants: 1 Perfect-KazeSim – dD Sniper body with dD Shocktrooper black mask
    Teams: Disabled
    Player Costume: NSA Bodyguard body, scarred face from when the bot punched you
    Soundtrack: Air Force One X
    1. Retrieve experimental Shield item.
    Before you can destroy the bot, you'll have to obtain two experimental weapons
    that the bot cannot be allowed to get. One is the Shield. It is located on the
    roof of the complex, so you'll have to climb up there to get it. Go for it
    first, seeing as if the bot gets it, it will only make it stronger.
    2. Retrieve experimental weaponry.
    The second item you'll have to obtain is the RC-P120 experimental weapon. It is
    located in the columns room, so make quick haste to get it. With that weapon 
    the bot will have the ability to be even more cunning and powerful.
    3. Destroy bot.
    After obtaining the items, make sure to take out the bot. Remember though, it
    has three "lives" so watch your back. Also remember, it has access to all areas
    of the complex. Proceed with caution.
    Explanation and Tips:
    Make sure when setting this up that all the weapons are in the correct slots.
    If you mix the slots up, weapons like the Shield and RC-P120 (mission critical
    items) will be moved and harder to find.
    Without radar it can be very hard to find the bot, and very surprising when he
    finds you. This is why you must be very careful and proceed with extreme
    caution. The Shield should come in handy as the RC-P120's secondary function
    should also.
    Remember that you only have one life. That is what makes this scenario
    challenging – completing the objectives and destroying the bot three times
    before you die even once.
    Rescue Santa! ***
    You’ve gotten word that the one and only Santa has been kidnapped by immature
    terrorists! The terrorists know that Santa’s reindeer will try to rescue him,
    which is why he’s been kidnapped. When the reindeer arrive, the terrorists plan
    to slaughter them right in front of Santa! It’s up to you and only you to save
    Santa, his reindeer, and Christmas…
    1. If you die once, you lose.
    2. To win, you and Santa must be in the hill at the same time the timer runs
    Note: Because Santa is a FistSim, he’ll only use Lasers on Short Range Stream.
    The beam is one of his magical powers, which he is using to fight off the
    Players: 1
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Options: No Radar, Hill Time: 60 seconds
    1. Shotgun
    2. Laser
    3. CMP150
    4. Laser
    5. Shield
    6. Dragon
    Arena: Grid
    Limits: Team Score: 1
    1. Meat-FistSim (Santa – Pelagic II body, Carrington head)
    2. EasySim (Terrorist – dataDyne Infantry body with any head)
    3. EasySim (Terrorist – dataDyne Infantry body with any head)
    4. EasySim (Terrorist – dataDyne Infantry body with any head)
    5-8. Blank
    Teams: Player 1 and Santa vs. the rest
    Soundtrack: Air Base X, Crash Site X
    This is a very easy scenario, even with such a dumb simulant on your team. All
    of the weapons appear in the right spots - spots where they are a little hard
    to use. The terrorists aren’t too bright and usually just run into your gun. If
    you want the game to be harder you can just up the difficulty of the
    terrorists. Also, the music seems to fit in perfectly when playing.
    If you didn’t understand the story as to why this scenario is King of the Hill,
    it’s because the hill area is where the reindeer are going to pick up Santa.
    You and Santa are trying to stay there to get picked up and the terrorists are
    trying to stay there to slaughter the reindeer.
    I made this, even though it’s a little kiddy, out of the Christmas spirit. Hope
    you enjoy it! Merry Christmas!
    Deadly Adversary ****
    Players: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: One-Hit Kills, No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Player Highlight, No Pickup
    Arena: Ravine
    1. Falcon 2 (scope)
    2. DY357 Magnum
    3. Sniper Rifle
    4. Laser
    5. DY357 Magnum
    6. Shotgun
    Limits: Time: 10 minutes, Score: 50
    1. Easy-FistSim
    2. Normal-ShieldSim
    3. Normal-PeaceSim
    4. Normal-SpeedSim
    5. Normal-PreySim
    6. Perfect-TurtleSim
    7-8. Blank
    Teams: Disabled
    Soundtrack: A51 Rescue
    What makes this scenario so hard is the equaled out weaponry combined with a
    huge level and many simulants bent on winning. All of the weapons were either
    placed in hard-to-use areas or easy-to-use areas. The Falcon 2 (scope) appears
    in two spots where a scope can come in handy. The DY357 Magnum appears in three
    places, all of which are hard areas to use the gun in. The Sniper Rifle appears
    in two areas. One is in a decent sniping spot and the other is on a high perch
    over looking the whole level, which is perfect for sniping, though it is very
    treacherous to get there. The Laser was just popped in for the FistSim, and
    with One-Hit Kills on, the FistSim is a very deadly adversary. The Shotgun is
    hard to come by, as is its ammo. All of the simulants go for it, few get it and
    keep it.
    The simulants each have a special role in this scenario too. The FistSim is one
    of your deadliest foes because when he gets his hands on a Laser, he’s almost
    invincible. His beam stretches very far. The ShieldSim will take an extra hit
    to bring down so that makes him very deadly. The PeaceSim is the great
    equalizer. He will run around punching everyone and taking their weapons. The
    SpeedSim is a hard-to-hit target and he also springs upon you and kills you in
    an instant, so you’ll have to be cautious. The PreySim always seems to go for
    the Shotgun and usually uses surprise attacks on you. And lastly, the TurtleSim
    will be the hardest to bring down. He has to be hit twice to be killed, and
    because of his high difficulty level, he’s very sneaky.
    Heightened Senses II: Loss of Vision ***
    Players: 1-2
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Options: No Radar, No Auto-Aim
    Arena: Felicity
    1. Nothing
    2. Callisto NTG
    3. Tranquilizer
    4. Tranquilizer
    5. N-Bomb
    6. Cloaking Device
    Limits: Time: 10 minutes, Team Score: 15
    1. PerfectSim
    2. PerfectSim
    3. PerfectSim
    4. PerfectSim
    *5. NormalSim
    6-8. Blank
    *Put this simulant in to play solo.
    Teams: Player 1 and Player 2 (or NormalSim if playing solo) vs. two teams
    consisting of two PerfectSims
    Soundtrack: Deep Sea X
    In the Felicity, the cramped halls and slow-opening doors make for some
    intense battles. The fact that there are many weapons that distort vision makes
    this even worse. Also even worse, is the fact that the N-Bomb has a blast
    radius that can stretch through walls. The many doors in the level make the
    Callisto NTG the most effective weapon around because of its ability to shoot
    through them. The Cloaking Device is the core of the offense, with such a small
    level you can run from one side to the other before its twenty seconds are up.
    Each base has its own weapon either located within or very nearby, adding to
    the tension of capturing a base’s case.
    Race for the LX! ****
    Players: 1-4
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase
    Options: Fast Movement, No Radar, No Auto-Aim, Kills Score
    Arena: G5 Building
    1. N-Bomb
    2. Nothing
    3. Combat Boost
    4. N-Bomb
    5. Shield
    6. DY357-LX
    Limits: Time: 10 minutes
    Simulants: 0-3, for a total of 4 players
    Teams: Disabled
    Soundtrack: Your choice
    The idea behind this scenario is a chaotic race for the LX. It’s the only
    weapon you can do any real damage with, so it will obviously be the most wanted
    gun. It appears on a ramp in one of the main rooms, with N-Bombs below it, so
    opposing players can bomb the one wielding it. The many N-Bombs scattered about
    make it quite hard to hold onto the LX, or any weapon for that matter. With the
    scenario being Hold the Briefcase, and being able to kill opponents for points,
    makes holding the case quite frustrating. It also eliminates camping, as
    someone can camp with the case and earn a single point every thirty seconds,
    while players on the other side of the level could be scoring twice as much.
    Warning: Do not activate a Combat Boost after the ten-second countdown starts,
    or else the game will freeze.
    Note: Yes, I am letting you pick the simulant types and difficulties for this
    setup. If you want maximum craziness though, use KazeSims!
    This scenario was created by me and a friend. It is based around the forces
    used in many of the games and movies. If you've ever played Dark Forces II for
    PC then you should be familiar with them.
    Star Wars: Force Battles ***
    Note: To get the full effect of this scenario, player two (or just player two’s
    controller) must be a part of the game. This must be done so that that when
    knives are thrown at you, they cause your vision to blur. This adds “Force
    Blinding” to the game.
    Players: 1-2
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: Smart Slow Motion, Fast Movement, No Radar, No Player Highlight, No
    Pickup Highlight
    Arena: Fortress
    Weapons: (Note: If a function is not mentioned, you are not allowed to use that
    function of that weapon.)
    1. Cloaking Device (Force Persuasion)
    2. Laser (First function: Force Lightning, second function: Light saber)
    3. Combat Knife (Second function: Force Blinding/Force Grip)
    4. Shield (Force Heal/Force Absorb)
    5. Rocket Launcher (First function: Force Destruction)
    6. Combat Knife (Second function: Force Blinding/Force Grip)
    Limits: Team Score: 30
    1. Hard-FistSim: NSA Lackey outfit, old head (Darth Sidious)
    2. Perfect-JudgeSim: CIA outfit, young short hair head (Obi-Wan Kenobi)
    3. Hard-KazeSim: FBI outfit, black head (Mace Windu)
    4. Hard-TurtleSim: FBI outfit, brown helmet (Plo Koon)
    *5. Normal-FistSim: dD Shocktrooper outfit (Darth Vader)
    6-8. Blank
    *Put this simulant in to play solo.
    Teams: Player 1, Player 2 (or Normal-FistSim if playing solo), and Hard-FistSim
    vs. the rest
    Player Costumes:
    Player 1: Darth Maul: NSA Bodyguard outfit, black head
    Player 2: Darth Vader: dD Shocktrooper outfit
    Soundtrack: Air Base X, Pelagic II
    Insidious Takeover *****
    You are a guard for a chemical testing facility. You have received word that
    one chemical, being shipped in later tonight, is highly dangerous, and being
    exposed to it for just a few minutes would kill you. So they have put you on
    guard, with a few other guards, to make sure that the shipments make it through
    to the facility safely. Little do you know how valuable the chemical is…
    That night, while you’re at your post, you hear noise coming from down the
    hallway. You walk down the hall to check it out. “Hello?” you call out, but no
    one answers.
    All of a sudden, you see someone in the loft above you! A bullet flies by your
    head, barely missing you! Just then another bullet flies by your left arm from
    behind you, barely missing you again! You aim up and shoot the man above you,
    then roll to your right behind a wall. You turn on your intercom and request
    backup from the other guards, saying that terrorists have broken in and are
    most likely after the chemical. They reply saying they are on their way.
    As you pop a new clip into your gun, you ready yourself for a tense battle…
    Players: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: One-Hit Kills, Display Team, No Auto-Aim, No Player Highlight, No
    Pickup Highlight
    Arena: Pipes
    1. Falcon 2 (silencer)
    2. CMP150
    3. Falcon 2 (scope)
    4. MagSec 4
    5. CMP150
    6. Sniper Rifle
    Limits: Team Score: 40
    1. NormalSim (CI Soldier with any head)
    2. Easy-CowardSim (CI Soldier with any head)
    3. Hard-JudgeSim (CI Soldier with any head)
    4. Hard-PreySim (dD Shocktrooper)
    5. Normal-KazeSim (dD Shocktrooper)
    6. NormalSim (dD Shocktrooper)
    7-8. Blank
    Teams: Player 1 and simulants 1-3 vs. simulants 4-6
    Player Costume: CI Soldier with any head
    Soundtrack: A51 Escape X
    Terrorists have broken into the facility and are attempting to obtain the
    chemical. In order for this to be done, they have to eliminate you, and your
    fellow guards, first.
    I chose the Pipes for this scenario because it has the “chemical facility feel”
    to it. It also has three floors, making it a good place for a SWAT type
    scenario. And you may think that with radar on, this will be an easily won
    scenario. But think again, the radar is harder to read because of the three
    Now here come the weapon explanations. All of the weapons chosen have been
    chosen because they resemble weapons that would be used in this type of
    situation. Most of them are self-explanatory, but you may be wondering why the
    Sniper Rifle and Falcon 2 (scope) have been included. The Sniper Rifle appears
    on the highest floor of the arena, making it quite a valuable weapon. On top of
    that, it appears in a very long hallway that has an opening that is actually a
    drop-off to another room, making that area perfect for sniping. The Falcon 2
    (scope) appears on a platform next to the pipes on the basement floor of the
    arena. The scope can be useful for the large portion of the level it appears
    in, and there is a drop-off right above the pipes so it can be used for taking
    out any snipers above you.
    -Don’t get caught climbing a ladder at any time. You are very vulnerable while
    doing so, as you move slowly and it is harder to aim.
    -Remember that you can shoot through the red catwalks. A lot of times, you’ll
    encounter enemies on these catwalks, located above or below you, giving you the
    perfect chance to take him out!
    -Remember that you have simulants on your team. It is a good idea to protect
    them and give them commands.
    Deadly Adversary II: Difficulty Uprising *****
    Players: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: One-Hit Kills, No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Player Highlight, No Pickup
    *Note: For extra fun, try using Smart Slow Motion – it’s fun dodging the
    rockets in slow motion!
    Arena: Ravine
    1. Falcon 2
    2. DY357 Magnum
    3. Laser
    4. Sniper Rifle
    5. Shotgun
    6. Slayer
    Limits: Time: 10 minutes, Score: 20
    1. Easy-FistSim
    2. Normal-CowardSim
    3. Normal-RocketSim
    4. Perfect-TurtleSim
    5. Dark-PeaceSim
    6-8. Blank
    Teams: Disabled
    Soundtrack: A51 Escape
    This is the sequel to an older scenario of mine, Deadly Adversary. Deadly
    Adversary was a very hard game, in that the weapons were equaled out and
    strategically placed, and there were many challenging simulants running around
    bent on winning. In this sequel, I have taken the challenge one step further…
    In the first Adversary, a Falcon 2 (scope) occupied slot one, as it appeared in
    areas where a scope could be useful. Well, the Falcon is still there, but the
    scope isn’t. This makes it harder for you to hit your enemies. I left the
    Magnum in slot two, as it appears in long range areas with multiple entrances.
    Even with two of these, you’ll still have a hard time holding your ground. In
    the last Adversary, there was a Sniper Rifle in slot three, as it appeared in
    the two most perfect spots for sniping. Now slot three contains a Laser. The
    Laser’s accuracy is just about average, but it has no zoom capabilities
    whatsoever. Also, with the FistSim included in the game, he’ll use it on Short
    Range Stream, and his beam has the ability to stretch clear across the level!
    The Sniper Rifle has been switched to slot four. It appears in two very high
    traffic areas, where sniping can barely be done, if at all. The two areas it
    appears in are completely surrounded with entrances, as they are right in the
    middle of the level. The Shotgun has been moved to slot five, now enforcing
    long range targeting. May I remind you that the Shotgun is terrible at long
    range. And lastly, the Slayer has been added and put in slot six. It appears
    near the middle of the level, in a dangerous area. This makes it dangerous to
    use Fly-By-Wire missiles, which is something the RocketSim will be doing a lot.
    Many times, you will find yourself turning a corner, and staring dead-on at a
    missile! Also, if you’re anywhere near the blast radius, you will die 
    Now as if the weapons don’t complicate the scenario enough, here come the
    simulants. The FistSim has been kept from the first Adversary, as he can
    become your deadliest foe when he has his hands on a Laser. As I said before,
    the beam can stretch clear across the level! The CowardSim has been included to
    add a bit of wonder to the game. Since all of the weapons are fairly strong,
    will he run from you or fight you? Are you going to take the chance to find
    out? The RocketSim is the newest and best addition to the scenario. He will
    mainly try to get his hands on a Slayer, in which he will usually use
    Fly-By-Wire missiles to hunt down his enemies and kill them from a distance.
    As I said before, many times, you will find yourself turning a corner, and
    staring dead-on at a missile! The Perfect-TurtleSim has been kept from the
    first Adversary to complicate matters. Even though he moves slowly, don’t
    underestimate him. He has a shield, so he will take an extra hit to bring down.
    Plus, his difficulty level is very high, making him quite accurate with any
    weapon. And lastly, the PeaceSim has been kept from the first Adversary, but
    his difficulty level has been brought up tremendously. At Dark, he is very
    fast, and will take away your weapon in an instant.
    Outbreak – Surviving The Tests *****
    You work for a corporation that handles biological testing. This also includes
    viral testing. During one viral experiment, the test subjects mutated. They
    mutated into what resembles large insects. This is the case for both the male
    and female subjects.
    During another viral experiment, the test subject completely mutated. Its body
    became small and gray, while the head enlarged.
    All subjects showed extreme aggression…
    One night while working in the lab you hear a scream and the sound of glass
    breaking. You rush through the halls until you find the source of the
    commotion. The experiments. The experiments are loose and feeding. It’s up to
    you to stop them before they escape and multiply, but can you survive?
    Players: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: Smart Slow Motion, No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Pickup Highlight
    Arena: Felicity
    1. Combat Knife
    2. Combat Knife
    3. Nothing
    4. Nothing
    5. Shotgun
    6. Combat Knife
    Limits: Team Score: 25
    Player Handicap: Set at 20%
    1. Easy-TurtleSim: Joanna Trench Coat, brown helmet (Female subject)
    2. Easy-TurtleSim: Joanna Trench Coat, brown helmet (Female subject)
    3. Easy-TurtleSim: Joanna Trench Coat, brown helmet (Female subject)
    4. Hard-TurtleSim: Area 51 Guard, brown helmet (Male subject)
    5. Easy-PreySim: Maian (Completely mutated subject)
    6. Normal-ShieldSim: Biotechnician body, brown helmet (Mutating lab 
    7-8. Blank
    Teams: Player 1 (Red) vs. all (Brown)
    Soundtrack: dataDyne Research X, A51 Escape
    This is a tension scenario. The arena is very small and compact, and it’s six
    on one. The simulants will enjoy surrounding you, and making you really think
    of a way out.
    The Shotgun appears in the main hallway. You will find it extremely hard to
    camp by, because there are an extremely large number of entrances surrounding
    it. Sometimes you may be able to camp in the back halls near it, but good luck
    doing that for long. The subjects tend to come from each and every hall to
    overpower you.
    The reason I chose the Joanna Trench Coat outfit to go with the brown helmet is
    because it gives a good insect feel. And the males are just more muscular.
    -Don’t bother climbing up the knocked over blue tower to hide. No ammo appears
    in that room and the subjects can still hit you. Likewise, if you respawn in
    the closet room, run. No ammo appears there either, so you are seriously stuck.
    -If you see a subject with knives, stay away from it. Simulants switch
    functions instantly, so they will cut you fast. And with 20% health, one slash
    will take you down.
    -Stay on the move. Camping usually just puts you in a tough spot, and tough
    spots are hard to get out of (alive).
    Experience of mine I’d like to share:
    I respawn right next to the Shotgun, so I run over and grab it. I set it to
    Double Blast. I turn and see a female subject ready to throw some knives at me.
    After blasting at it a couple times, it throws a knife directly at me the same
    time I pull the trigger. The first blast knocks the knife out of the air
    (which would’ve hit and killed me) and the second blast hits and kills the
    subject. Very cool.
    This scenario was created by me and a friend. I lost the original, but have
    done my best to recreate it.
    Predator ***
    Players: 1
    Options: Fast Movement, No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Player Highlight, No Pickup
    Arena: Ravine
    1. Combat Knife
    2. Falcon 2 (scope)
    3. Sniper Rifle
    4. Cloaking Device
    5. Cloaking Device
    6. Laser
    Limits: Score: 10
    Simulants: 1 Dark-PreySim – A51 Guard body with brown helmet
    Teams: Disabled
    Soundtrack: Skedar Ruins
    This scenario is partially based around fear. The Predator is a Dark-PreySim,
    so he will usually try to sneak up behind you to attack, and he moves pretty
    fast with such a high difficulty level. Fast Movement also intensifies
    The Predator will usually be cloaked, so you’ve got to keep your eyes open for
    him, especially since he blends into the level anyway with his brown costume
    and helmet. The Predator will also usually use the Laser, or a Falcon 2. This
    forces you to try to keep up and get good weapons so that you can fight back,
    which helps eliminate camping.
    Lastly, the player is not allowed to cloak. That ruins the whole feel to the
    game and makes it far too easy.
    Fear *****
    Players: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: Smart Slow Motion, Fast Movement, No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Player
    Highlight, No Pickup Highlight
    Arena: Ruins
    1. Combat Knife
    2. Falcon 2
    3. Nothing
    4. Sniper Rifle
    5. Cloaking Device
    6. Combat Knife
    Limits: Time: 15 minutes, Score: 10
    Simulants: 1 Dark-SpeedSim – Mr. Blonde body with white Biotechnician mask
    Teams: Disabled
    Soundtrack: A51 Rescue
    I have had this setup saved to my game pack for a long time. I find it to be
    extremely tense, and it’s probably the scariest setup I have played. Your
    opponent is blazingly fast (DarkSims are fast enough, but this guy is also a
    SpeedSim) and you will feel very slow compared to him. Fast Movement will only
    make him seem faster, as well. Luckily, Smart Slow Motion is on, so you will
    know when he is nearby (even if he is cloaked) and you’ll have a chance to
    react. The Smart Slow Motion also intensifies these encounters. The stalling
    doors make for some very tense escape situations.
    The weapons also make this scenario quite stressful. The Falcons don’t appear
    near each other, so you’ve got to traverse the level to get doubles. The Sniper
    Rifle appears in two spots, only one of which will allow you get any use out of
    it. Thus, camping might not be the best idea. There are also Combat Knives
    scattered about, which may give you the upper hand if you can throw one into
    your opponent in an attempt to blind him. Lastly, there is the Cloaking Device
    which only appears in one dangerous hallway. However, the player is not allowed
    to cloak. This makes the scenario too easy, and takes all the fear out of it.
    The Most Stressful 2 Minutes of PD (Created by PD Savage)
    There is no story to go with this. There are no costumes, and I am not even
    going to suggest tracks from the playlist. "Why?" you ask? Because I set out
    this morning to try to make a new scenario with the best possible ratio of set
    up time to enjoyment. In other words, I wanted it to be quick to set up, but
    fun to play (with a lot of replay value). Here is what I came up with:
    Players: 1-4
    Scenario: Hill
    Options: One-Hit Kills, Display Team, No Auto-Aim, NO Kills Score, Hill on
    Radar, Hill Time: 120 seconds (2 minutes)
    Arena: Pipes
    Note: Some people like to play this on Temple or Complex. I personally like
    Pipes the best, but if you want a slightly different experience give it a try
    in the Temple or Complex.
    Weapons: Custom:
    1. Falcon 2
    2. Falcon 2 (silencer)
    3. Falcon 2 (scope)
    4. DY357 Magnum
    5. Shotgun
    6. Mauler
    Limits: Team Score: 1 (yes, 1)
    Player Handicaps: None (100%)
    1:Easy TurtleSim
    2:Easy TurtleSim
    3:Easy TurtleSim
    4:Easy TurtleSim
    5:Meat SpeedSim
    6:-/-Replace any missing humans with NormalSims.
    7:-|-Make sure that NormalSims+Humans=4.
    8:-\-If the real players are new to PD, use EasySims instead.
    Sims 1-5: Brown Team
    All other players should be on their own teams (1 person teams)
    In this scenario, I have basically combined RE: No Relief (the Easy TurtleSims
    and stress) with *Competitive* Hunting 2 (1 person teams), and adjusted it to
    work for King of the Hill. Finally, it has all been adapted to One-Hit Kills
    with pistols (a classic favorite).
    To sum up the last paragraph (as I know it must have confused someone): I have
    tried to combine everything that people like into one little scenario.
    All of the weapons have intentionally been put in spots where they are
    difficult to use successfully - this forces (well, encourages) players to take
    a long detour to grab the best weapon for where the hill is, buying the person
    on defense a few precious seconds.
    You may assume that a good player can hold the hill for the two minutes against
    his friends and some EasySims on the first time. While *remotely* possible,
    this is VERY unlikely. Try it - you will be surprised at how long a single
    match can last. The EasySims may have horrible aim, but their shield can give
    them enough time to nail you with a shotgun in close quarters. Also, the
    SpeedSim, while virtually harmless, will keep harassing you when you are trying
    to hold the hill - making you vulnerable to attacks from behind!
    One last note: If the Hill happens to be a tiny corner joint of a hallway or
    something, just restart to get a new hill. Certain hill locations are so small
    that figiting Sims are unable to hold them. 
    Weak Alliance (Created by PD Savage)
    You WILL like this, and you WILL save it to play later. Trust me. No gimmicks,
    no goofy themes... Just serious, intense, well planned gameplay.
    Scenario: Combat
    Players: 3 or 4
    Options: One-Hit Kills, No Radar, no highlights, no auto-aim
    For Spice (100% optional): Fast Movement & Smart Slo-Mo
    Arena: Grid
    Weapons: Custom
    1: Phoenix
    2: Laptop Gun
    3: FarSight XR-20
    4: Shield
    5: Remote Mine
    6: Slayer
    Player Handicaps: None (100%)
    Simulants: None (they cannot use Farsight, Slayer, Laptop Gun, or remote mines
    well, so they SUCK at this)
    Teams: No permanent, official teams should be formed/enforced. Just make and
    break them as you go. 
    The idea of this scenario is that people will constantly ally, fight together,
    stab one another in the back, lie, ally with the other guy... Many powerful
    weapons have been thrown into the mix, so it is impossible to win if you do
    not ally every once in awhile, but at the same time, it is very tempting to
    shoot someone who trusts you (FARSIGHT!). Just make sure no one takes the game
    too seriously...
    Every part of this scenario has been set up to keep things as interesting as
    possible. The level is cramped (to give people without a Farsight a chance in
    hell), but complex enough to keep things fun for these powerful weapons. Every
    weapon has a reason for being in the slot that it is in, so do not switch them
    around. (The weapons are great, trust me.)
    JUST TRY THIS before you say anything about it. It is pretty quick to set up,
    and there is only one option to consider (the Fast Motion & Smart Slo-Mo
    together can add some interest). Save it to your memory card or the game pak
    - you will not regret it!. 
    Doors Can’t Hold Me, You Can’t Either (Created by PD Savage)
    This is based on a scenario called "Save the President,"posted by Twistydog, so
    if you enjoy this, you probably should check out his post, too!
    Players: 3-4
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Felicity 
    Options: No Auto-Aim, No Radar, Smart Slow Mo, Fast
    Movement, No Player/Pickup Highlights
    Kills: 25 Kills (Individual, even if playing with teams)
    Team Score: 35 Kills (turn on both for 4 player matches)
    Weapons: Custom:
    2.X-Ray Scanner
    3.DY-357 LX
    4.Callisto NTG
    6.X-Ray Scanner
    Handicaps: None
    Simulants: None
    Teams: If 4 players, 2 on 2, otherwise, 1 on 1 on 1
    This level has a butt load of doors, and nearly all of the areas are
    claustrophobic. All weapons in this setup fire through doors (The NTG only does
    it with the High Impact Shells function). X-Ray Scanners are lying around in 3
    spots that are a bit out of the way, but you will have a serious problem if you
    do not pick one up.
    A majority of the kills in this match will end up going through the doors,
    especially with the NTG and the Gold Magnum, so grab an X-Ray Scanner if you
    want to know what is going on around you. You are VERY vulnerable to people
    camping behind doors, since the Smart Slo Mo and Fast Movement prevents you
    from just sprinting by their door.
    With 4 players, you can make for even teams of 2, which can REALLY complicate
    matters, because it can be quite difficult to identify another person's team by
    looking through a door with an X-Ray Scanner (Plus, no radar!). To make things
    even worse, the kill limit to win is still lower per individual (One person
    alone can win it for the team faster if he hogs all the kills!). So a team with
    2 mediocre players will put up a very interesting fight with a team that has 1
    good player and 1 rookie. This match can even work out to be a struggle from
    both sides if the setup is 3 vs. 1, since the one person does not need to get
    as many kills as the team members have to work together to earn.
    The Ultimate Scenario
    Scenario Authors: 
    The True PD Savage 
    Twisted Marionette
    Agent 00 Ranstallion 
    * This is called "The Ultimate Scenario" because ideas from several people went
    into making it. However, this isn't complete, there was of course a story to go
    with it. *
    Players: 1-2
    Scenario: Combat 
    Options: No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Player Highlight, No Pickup Highlight
    Arena: Felicity
    1. MagSec 4
    2. Nothing
    3. Nothing
    4. Nothing
    5. AR34
    6. Slayer/DY357 Magnum
    Simulants: 1 Easysim, 2 Normal-Preysims, 2 Normal-Judgesims
    Teams: P1, 1 Preysim, and 1 Judgesim vs. 1 Preysim, 1 Judgesim, 1 Easysim, and
    P2 (Or a Hardsim if playing solo) 
    SOLO MISSIONS IN MULTIPLAYER (All created by me.) ***Spoilers***
    If you're extremely bored, like I was about a year ago, you can create your own
    fun scenarios based on the missions. These should be played with one player,
    because the number of simulants won't allow for two without framerate problems.
    Unless stated otherwise, all of the limits should be set to unlimites unless
    otherwise noted under "limits" Obtions should be no radar, human vs. sims,
    highlight teams OFF, unlimited points, and all other options set to default,
    Unless it says otherwise. Soundtracks should be set to fit the level.
    Mission 1- dataDyne Central: Extraction
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Pipes
    Limits: 10 minutes
    Weapons: Falcon 2 (silencer), CMP150, Shield, Dragon, Shotgun, Falcon 2
    Simulants: 1 easy cowardsim (Cassandra), 1 easysim (dD infantry), 1 easysim (dD
    security), 1 normal kazesim (shock trooper), 1 normalsim (dD trooper), 1 easy
    kazesim (female bodyguard), 1 easy peacesim (dD scientist)
    The pipes are designed to look like the basement of the dadaDyne building, so
    they naturally make a good setting for the first mission. Your job is simply to
    stay alive until the dropship can come and pick you up. The major difference
    this time is that you get to kill Cassandra and the Scientist! The sims to
    watch out for are the two normalsims and the female bodyguard.
    Mission 2- Carrington Villa: Hostage One
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Villa
    Weapons: Sniper Rifle, CMP150, Shield, Devastator, Laptop Gun, CMP150
    Simulants: 2 easy fistsims (negotiator, Carrington), 2 normal cowardsims (dD
    snipers), 1 easysim (dD infantry), 1 normalsim (shock trooper)
    Limits: 20 team points
    Teams: You, Carrington, and the negotiator against the dataDyne team.
    Your goal is simple- protect the negotiator and Carrington while eliminating
    all hostiles. The game ends when all of the members of the dD team have been
    killed. The weapons aren't in convenient spots, so you'll have to set up very
    carefully if you want to camp. The key to winning here is to protect the two
    friendlies, they will get mowed down.
    Perfect Agent Mode: This time you are the negotiator. You only have to protect
    Daniel, but you face a much tougher squad this time.
    Settings: No negotiator, bump up all of the sims one difficulty level, except
    Carrington. All other settings are the same.
    Mission 3.1- Chicago: Stealth
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Sewers
    Weapons: Falcon 2 (scope), CMP150, DY357 Magnum, Shield, Remote Mine, Falcon 2
    Simulants: 1 normalsim (G5 Guard), 1 hardsim (G5 Swat Guard), 1 normal 
    cowardsim (FBI agent), 1 easy peacesim (CIA Agent), 1 normal turtlesim (dinner
    jacket and brown helmet- security bot)
    Teams: You vs. sims vs. security bot.
    Limits: 10 minutes
    Story: You are a CI soldier placed in Chicago to protect one of the institute's
    star agents as she infiltrates the G5 building. She has already downloaded a
    virus into the security bot that causes it to fire on the G5 troops, but be
    careful, as it will still fire upon you as well. Your job is to hold off the
    troops for as long as possible, preventing them from interfering with our agent
    on the streets. You will recieve the all clear when she has entered the car
    park successfully. Good luck.
    Mission 3.2- G5 Building: Reconnaisance
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase
    Options: Display on radar OFF, kills score (OFF)
    Arena: G5
    Weapons: Falcon 2 (silencer), CMP150, Cloaking Device, Dy357 Magnum, Cloaking
    Device, Shield.
    Simulants: 1 easysim, 1 normalsim (both G5 guards), 2 Hard Kazesims (G5 SWAT
    Limits: 10 team points
    The briefcase is Dr. Carrol's personality. Your job is to obtain it, and keep
    it with you for 5 minutes while Grimshaw scans it to a backup at the institute.
    The enemy cannot be allowed to obtain the case for more that that amount of
    time, because they will erase Dr. Carrol's personality if they do. Use the
    stolen cloaking devices wisely, as you face dangerous opposition in their SWAT
    team. Make good use of the weapons that you can find.
    Mission 4.1- Area 51: Infiltration
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Area 52
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Magsec 4, Grenade, Shield, Dragon, disabled
    Simulants: 2 normalsims (area 51 trooper), 1 easy kazesim (A51 guard), 1 easy
    rocketsim (A51 pilot), 1 hardsim (A51 pilot)
    Limits: 30 team points
    I really like this one. It's a long battle for survival, much like the solo
    mission. When you see tan, you know it's a normal sim, but when you see blue,
    you don't know whether to duck for cover from a Hardsim or not. The easy guard
    can give you double MagSec 4s, just like he does in the solo mission, and the
    rocketsim means you have to constantly watch out fo grenades and land mines
    (proxy dragon) just like in the mission. Have fun!
    Mission 4.2- Area 51: Lockdown
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Warehouse
    Limits: 15 minutes
    Weapons: Dy357 magnum, SuperDragon, Dragon, Phoenix, Tranquilizer. (The
    warehouse has no 6th weapon slot, so don't bother.)
    Simulants: 1 Normal fistsim (elvis), 1 Hard Kazesim (Johnathan in disguise), 
    1 Perfect CowardSim (Joanna labtech), 1 hardsim (A51 guard), 1 hardsim
    (A51 pilot), 1 dark peacesim (biotechnician), 1 easysim (overalls)
    Teams: Elvis, Johnathan, and Joanna vs. guard, pilot, biotech, overalls, and
    you. Yes, you're a bad guy.
    My personal favorite, you get to be the bad guys. You simply have to contain
    the 3 fugitives until the interceptors can be deployed outside the base, thus
    completing the lockdown. In order for this to happen, however, you must protect
    the technitcian who maintains the interceptors. You will have help from the
    security, and the doctors inside the base will also do their best. The simulant
    setup here is really brilliant. Elvis can be dangerous, but is largely stupid.
    Johnathan is formidable, but seckless. Joanna is, of course, a perfectsim, she
    is only a cowardsim because she's stealthy and likes to avoid getting caught.
    Your team can also be very helpful. You have the idiot techie to protect, but
    you have 2 hardsims to help you do it, and a peacesim to help equalize things.
    Mission 5.1- Air Base: Espionage
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Arena: Base
    Limits: 1 team point
    Weapons: Crossbow, Dragon, Disabled, K7 Avenger, Proxy Mines, Shield
    Simulants: 2 Normalsims (NSA Lackey), 2 Normal Kazesims (NSA Bodyguard)
    This game can be very short or very long, depending on how you play it. Here's
    the story: you are an inside agent at the Alaskan airbase for the Carrington
    Institute. Your cover has been blown, but you have been able to get in contact
    with the institute, and Carrington has instructed you to go recover your 
    confiscated equipment, and take it back to the hiding place, where it will be
    recovered by Agent Dark. You also have obtained evidence of the conspiracy
    (your case) which cannot be slipped back into enemy hands.
    Mission 6- Deep Sea: Combat
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Ravine
    Limits: 20 Minutes
    Weapons: Falcon 2 (scope), CMP150, Shotgun, Laptop Gun, Cloaking Device,
    Farsight XR-20
    Simulants: 1 darksim (Elvis), 1 each easy, normal, hard, perfect sims (all in
    Pellagic II outfits)
    Teams: You and Elvis Vs. the Pellagic II guards.
    Long range strategic combat is the deal here. Obviously, the shotgun is not
    necessarily the weapon of choice in the ravine, but the sims will still cloak
    and use it on you. You are inside the giant ship, fighting off the guards so
    that Elvis can disable the megaweapon.
    Mission 7- Carrington Institute: Defense
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Felicity
    Limits: 5 minutes
    Weapons: AR34, K7 Avenger, Shield, Combat Boost, Combat Boost, RC-P120
    Simulants: 2 hard shieldsims (Shock troopers without helmet), 1 hardsim
    (Mr. Blonde), 1 normal fistsim (Grimshaw), 1 normalsim (CI Soldier), 1 perfect
    Vengesim (Joanna party dress)
    Team: Hardsims (dD) vs. you and everybody else. (CI)
    You have a challenge here. The Facility can get cramped, especially with only
    automatic weapons, and the hardsims are pretty good opponents. 5 minutes seems
    short, but it's long enough. Joanna will help with the killing, but she'll
    always be after someone, and not too easy to command. Grimshaw is the real guy
    to protect here, but the soldier will need some help, too. Like the level, this
    is a real adrenaline rush of a scenario, much like the next one-
    Mission 8- Attack Ship: Covert Assault
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Options: No radar, hill time 120 seconds.
    Limits: 1 point
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: Mauler, AR34, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
    Simulants: 2 Normal Kazesims (Mr. Blonde), 2 Normal Cowardsims (Blonde), 1 
    hardsim (Elvis)
    Teams: You and Elvis vs. sims.
    The challenge here is to quikly find a weapon, then take it to the hill, and
    hold the "bridge" for two minutes. The Coward sims will not attack you unless
    they're armed, but the Kazesims will stop at nothing. This gets very tough with
    all of the sims. Using Elvis as a teammate will really help you.
    Mission 9- Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine
    Scenario: Combat.
    Limits: 7 minutes
    Options: Player handicap 400%
    Arena: Ruins
    Weapons: Combat Knife, Callisto NTG, Phoenix, Reaper, Cloaking Device, Slayer
    Simulants: 1 normal fistsim, 1 easy rocketsim, 1 hard turtlesim, 1 easy kazesim
    (all Mr. Blonde).
    Teams: You vs. sims
    Your job is to kill the skedar king. (turtlesim) You'll have to hold off his
    army for 20 minutes until the Maian fleet arrives. If you die once, or fail to
    kill the king before the time expires, you lose. This scenario can be rather
    frustrating, because the sims will team up. The knives aren't much use to you,
    but the fistsims can be deadly with them.
    Section 3- Legal Stuff
       This FAQ is all my work, except for the exceptions listed in the credits. I
    have no problem with you printing out, editing, or doing anything with the FAQ,
    provided it is for your own personal use, and is not destributed to any third
    party in any way, shape, or form. Remember that anything posted on GameFAQs.com
    is automatically protected by U.S. copyright law, and that anything alluding to
    the game itself is protected by copyright of Rare and Nintendo. If you have any
    comments or questions, contact me through GameFAQs.
       Obviously, there would be no FAQ without a game, so credit for the game goes
    to the team at Rare, and to Nintendo for publishing the game. Credit for
    scenarios that aren't my original idea is given in the scenario. The idea for a
    scenario FAQ came from a topic created by Jigen89 at GameFAQs, so credit is due
    there as well. Also, a massive amount of scenarios were contributed by RossDude
    so thanks to him for those.
    0.01- 6/25/06- Made outline and table of contents, started guide.
    0.3- 6/25/06- Found old FAQ that I never submitted, used information to create
    the Simulants, arenas, weapons, and character sections. Also added Legal info.
    1.0- 6/26/06- Finished Multiplayer Options section, added first 9 created
    scenarios. Document size now 52K.
    2.0- 6/26/06- Added RossDude's scenarios in their own section after I got his
    permission to use them. This brought the size up to 86K.
    2.5- 6/26/06- Added the "solo missions in multiplayer" section, and the heroes
    battle. Also submitted first version to GameFAQs. Size now 96K.
    2.6- 6/28/06- Changed around some of the weapon locations, fixed a few typos,
    and added some more of my own scenarios.
    2.7- 6/28/06- Added 4 of PD Savage's scenarios that were given to me by 
    2.8- 8/22/06- Loaded this version onto Game FAQS.

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