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    Combat Simulator by Gruel

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 10/04/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _____    ______   ____     _____  _____   _____   _________
    |     \  |        |    \   |      |       /            |
    |     |  |        |    |   |      |      |             |
    |_____/  |______  |____/   |___   |_____ |             |
    |        |        |    \   |      |      |             |
    |        |        |     \  |      |      |             |
    |        |______  |      \ |      |_____  \_____       |
     _____                _____
    |     \      /\      |     \    |  /
    |     |     /  \     |     |    | /
    |     |    /    \    |_____/    |/
    |     |   /______\   |     \    |\
    |     |  /        \  |      \   | \
    |_____/ /          \ |       \  |  \
     _____   ____               ____                _________
    /       /    \  |\      /| |     \      /\          |
    |      |      | | \    / | |     |     /  \         |
    |      |      | |  \  /  | |____/     /    \	    |
    |      |      | |   \/   | |     \   /______\       |
    |      |      | |        | |     |  /        \      |
    \_____  \____/  |        | |_____/ /          \     |
      __                                     ________  __    ____
     /   | |\    /| |     | |          /\        |    /  \  |    |
    /    | | \  / | |     | |         /  \       |   |    | |    |
    \    | |  \/  | |     | |        /____\      |   |    | |___/
     \   | |      | |     | |       /      \     |   |    | |   \
    _/   | |      |  \___/  |_____ /        \    |    \__/  |    \
    Version 2.3
    by "Gruel" Dale Kulas
    Quick copy wright notice: This FAQ/Strategy Guide is ©copwright by Dale Kulas
    2000, and can only be used on GameFAQs.com, no other site can use this strategy
    guide at all, even if they e-mail me permission, this is a GameFAQs exclusive.
    Also a quick note: All the goofed up spacing is gone, thank you Notepad! And go
    to Hell Corel Word Perfect 8.0!
    Revision History:
    ---Version 2.3--- October 4, 2000
    Fixed all the line break errors that Word Perfect 8.0 cost, by redoing the FAQ
    in note pad. Added Ascii art, fixed some mis info errors and other bugs. This
    - - - Version 2.2 - - -July 13, 2000
    Alright, I believe this is the final update. I finally got all the right
    information in about unlocking stuff in the combat simulator about beating
    challenges. Also a new Tip is added. Plus the unlock presets list is also
    added. And in the expansion pak section of the FAQ I added a paragraph about
    how crappy the gaming experience is when playing without the expansion pak. I
    think all I got left is some awards I missed, if somebody notices any I don't
    got please e-mail them to me.
    - - - Version 2.1 - - -June 16, 2000
    Added a couple more awards. I'm gonna be going out of town today to the state
    of Michigan(upper peninsula) until July 10, so if you send any e-mail to me
    during that time It'll either be a while for a reply(I might just have access
    to a computer down there) or you won't get a reply at all. Thanks all.
    - - - Version 2.0 - - -June 12, 2000
    Believe I got the rest of the characters up. Your e-mails are in the credits
    section. Thanks also to everyone who sent in confirmations too.
    - - - Version 1.9 - - -June 9, 2000
    Added some more characters in the character. Thanks again to the people who
    sent me confirmations. Added a couple of new awards. A new tidbit about
    unlocking characters and weapons for the combat simulator is also mentioned.
    This guide is getting close near to completion, all I wanna do left is get the
    list of all the awards in, and get the complete list of all the characters in
    the game, and maybe add a couple of new F.A.Q.'s and tips.
    - - - Version 1.8 - - -June 7, 2000
    Sorry for a lack of updates, been rather busy lately. Any ways fixed a lot of
    errors about how to unlock stuff in challenges, and made a lot of adjustments
    to the characters list, and how to unlock the additional characters, also some
    other minor changes and added people to the credits section who helped me all
    out. Added another F.A.Q. Thanks again for everybody's co-operation with me for
    the lack of updates.
    ---Version 1.7---June 1, 2000
    Minor update. Got about 10 new awards up. A minor change to the comparison
    chart, and 1 new FAQ added.
    ---Version 1.6---May 29, 2000
    An important tidbit is added about unlocking stuff with the multi player
    challenges, this was what I was getting e-mails about. And a couple more
    comparisons in the GE/PD chart. 2 new tips, and 1 new F.A.Q. Plus a brand new
    feature with the name of awards is started out.
    ---Version 1.5---May 28, 2000
    Got a new Goldeneye/Perfect Dark comparison chart up. Also gave a list of all
    the selectable characters in the game. Getting some e-mails about false info in
    the guide. All I know is true, except for what's unlocked when you beat the
    challenges, which I got from Nintendo Power, and I assumed it's true because NP
    is published by Nintendo and since they're associated with Rare. Any ways if
    you find some false info please e-mail me so I can fix it.
    ---Version 1.4---May 26, 2000
    Got level info for all arenas in the combat simulator. And included the setups
    for all of the preset games. This guide is getting pretty close to completion,
    I'd say I'm about 2/3 of the way done. All I got left is character information,
    a few more tips FAQs, and maybe a couple of other features I'm still thinking
    ---Version 1.3---May 25, 2000
    Fixed the formatting bugs of the weapon list, and include descriptions of the
    multi player challenges.
    ---Version 1.2---May 24, 2000
    Added some info for a couple of areas in the game. Got a few more FAQs up, and
    some tips for battle are also included. Also complete weapon lists are up also
    for your convenience.
    ---Version 1.1---May 23, 2000
    Just got the game, and played the multi mode nonstop for hours and got past the
    first 6 challenges. Got a couple of new tips up, and expect more info to come
    after June 1 after I get out of school and will have a lot more time to play
    this game.
    ---Version 1.0---May 19, 2000
    First Release Everything New
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    	a: Welcome
    	b: About sending me e-mail
    	c: Expansion Pak Info
    II. The weapons and items
    	a: List of all available weapons for the Combat Simulator
    	b: Lists for weapons in preset selections
    III. Tips and info for all the levels
    	a: Complex
    	b: Warehouse
    	c: Ravine
    	d: Temple
    	e: G5 Building
    	f: Grid
    	g: Felicity(Facility)
    	h: Villa
    	i: Sewers
    	j: Base
    	k: Fortress
    	l: Ruins
    	m: Skedar Arena
    	n: Area 52
    	o: Pipes
    	p: Car Park
    IV. The characters
    	a: List of all selectable characters in the game
    V. The Simulants
    	a: How to use the simulants
    	b: Meat Sim
    	c: Easy Sim
    	d: Normal Sim
    	e: Hard Sim
    	f: Perfect Sim
    	g: Dark Sim
    	h: Peace Sim
    	i: Shield Sim
    	j: Rocket Sim
    	k: Kazi Sim
    	l: Fist Sim
    	m: Predator Sim
    	n: Coward Sim
    	o: Justice Sim
    	p: Vendetta Sim
    	q: Cheetah Sim
    	r: Turtle Sim
    	s: Revenge Sim
    VI. Multi Player Challenges
    	a: List of all cheats unlocked for each level
    	b: Descriptions of all the challenges(still not sure if I'll include this or
    VII. Preset Games
    	a: No Shield
    	b: Automatics
    	c: Rocket Launcher
    	d: Simulants
    	e: King of the Hill
    	f: Complex FarSight
    	g: Hold the Briefcase
    	h: Pistol One-Hit Kills
    	i: Capture the Case:
    	j: Cloaking
    	k: Temple Explosives
    	l: Slayer
    	m: Tranquilizer
    	n: Slow Motion
    VIII. The Scenarios
    	a: Combat
    	b: King of the Hill
    	c: Hold the Briefcase
    	d: Capture the Case
    	e: Hacker Central
    	f: Pop a Caps
    IX. Tips
    	a: Ducking/Crouching
    	b: Stealing Weapons
    	c: Using a weapon's 2nd feature
    	d: Never ambush when your opponent is a simulant
    	e: Use the radar
    	f: Sidestep
    X. Name and descriptions of all the awards given out
    	a: Least Shielded
    	b: Most Shielded
    	c: Marksmanship Award
    	d: Who needs ammo?
    	e: Double Kill
    	f: Triple Kill
    	g: Quad Kill
    	h: Most dishonorable
    	i: Tallied Awards
    	j: Most Honorable
    	k: Most Professional
    	l: Most deadly
    	m: Shortest Life
    	n: Longest Life
    	o: Most Ammo
    XI. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)
    XII. Perfect Dark/Goldeneye 007 Multi Player Comparison
    XIII. Credits/Copyright notice
    I. Introduction
    	a: Welcome
    	Hello, and welcome to my Combat Simulator guide for one of the most
    anticipated games on the Nintendo 64, Perfect Dark. I hope to cover as much of
    the Combat Simulator as possible. And I hope I please everybody as much as they
    can so they can get the most out of their combat simulator.
    	b: About sending me e-mail
    	If you have any questions about the game, feel free to e-mail me at
    dkulas@hotmail.com with "Perfect Dark" in the subject field, or else your
    e-mail will most likely be considered as spam mail(which I get tons of every
    day) and your e-mail address will be blocked from my inbox, and all incoming
    messages I get from you will automatically get deleted. Also make sure the
    e-mail has questions/information dealing with the combat simulator/multi player
    challenges portion of Perfect Dark, and not the single player game part, or
    else I will ignore your e-mail. Also make sure to check the FAQs and Tips
    section in case your question you're about to ask is in that section.
    	c: Expansion Pak info
    	Now the expansion pak isn't required to play Perfect Dark, but it is required
    to play the whole game. Without it you can only play the multi player
    challenges, and only up to 2 people in the Combat Simulator, and 1 player with
    up to 8 simulants at once. And if you see a pixelated block around people, it's
    not because you're using a 3rd party expansion pak(which was rumored around)
    it's because that person is wearing a shield.
    	The multi player experience without the expansion pak isn't the greatest
    either. Only 2 people can play, and you only get 2 little half screens for each
    player(like the size of the squares for each player when playing with 3 or 4
    players), plus all humans playing the game are Joanna Dark, and all sims you're
    going against are Datadyne Shock Troopers(look like guys from the Quake games
    to me).
    II. The Weapons and Items
    	a: List of all available weapons in the combat simulator:
    	(NOTE: My list of Basic Guns and Powerful Guns are in lists of how
    	I rank them, you might think differently)
    Basic Guns
    Falcon 2			
    Falcon 2(silencer)
    Falcon 2(scope)
    MagSec 4
    Callisto NTG
    Sniper Rifle
    Powerful Guns
    DY357 Magnum
    Laptop Gun
    K7 Avenger
    AR 34
    Farsight XR-20									
    Super Dragon		
    Rocket Launcher
    Timed Mine
    Proximity Mine
    Remote Mine
    Combat Knife
    X-Ray Scanner
    Cloaking Device
    Combat Device
    Combat Boost
    Shield(Body Armor)
    b: List of weapons for preset selections(NOTE: If a item/weapon is listed twice
    or more, it means that item is in more than 1 location in that area
    Rocket Launcher		
    Rocket Launcher
    Grenade Launcher
    MagSec 4
    Close Combat
    Combat Knife
    Combat Knife
    Timed Mine
    Super Dragon
    Super Dragon
    MagSec 4
    Laptop Gun
    K7 Avenger
    Proximity Mine
    K7 Avenger
    Super Dragon
    Golden Magnum
    Falcon 2(silencer)
    Falcon 2
    MagSec 4
    DY357 Magnum
    Falcon 2
    Laptop Gun
    Falcon 2
    MagSec 4
    Callisto NTG
    Farsight XR-20
    III. Tips and Info for all the Levels
    a: Complex(Updated version of the complex level from Goldeneye 007)
    Level Info: An updated classic from Goldeneye 007. Looks the exact same, but
    with some extra polishing off of the graphics. Try using the RockeLaunchers
    weapon preset for this level, because it's my favorite for
    this area.
    b: Warehouse
    Level Info: Mostly zigzagging halls, with a small open area outside the area,
    that's perfect for ambushing because of you can climb up on top of the crates
    or the perfect area to plant Laptop Guns
    c: Ravine
    Level Info: Man, this is the arena I hate the most, because there's a lot of
    narrow pathways without rails, and if you fall off the path, you'll most likely
    fall to your death in a seemingly endless abyss. Experts Only.
    d: Temple(Updated version of the temple level from Goldeneye 007)
    Level Info: Another great updated classic from Goldeneye 007. If you're
    battling with simulants, their favorite spot to battle is on the main
    part of the top floor with the whole in the middle, great for ambushing
    people below.
    e: G5 Building
    Level Info: Really small level with only a few small rooms and halls. Even with
    only 4 players, this level can seem crowded.
    f: Grid
    Level Info: Some parts of this level seem like a big messed up maze with a big
    space in the middle of it, but there's also an elevator in this level which I
    advise not to use since simulants wait right by it once you get off, for an
    easy ambush.
    g: Felicity(Updated version of the Facility level from Goldeneye 007)
    Level Info: Another classic from Goldeneye, where the bathroom in this level is
    favorite place to get all the kills. This arena is very small, and if you have
    the game with more than 4 players, expect frequent deaths.
    h: Villa
    Level Info: Finally a level that's not hard to get lost in the halls. Fairly
    simple arena that has a big open area in the middle.
    i: Sewers
    Level Info: Narrow, zigzagging halls is what mostly make up this arena. This
    brings back memories of the Basement level of Goldenye.
    j: Base
    Level Info: Pretty basic simple arena on the bottom, but there's plenty of
    bridges above to make perfect spots for ambushing and laptop security guns.
    k: Fortress
    Level Info: Remember the Block Fort battle stage from Mario Kart 64? Well, this
    is somewhat like it, with a big open area in the middle, and 4 square shaped
    rooms in the corners, and like in the Block Fort, you can easily ambush from
    l: Ruins
    Level Info: I usually get lost every time I play this level because a lot of
    the arena is dark paths, which make it hard to see.
    m: Skedar Arena
    Level Info: Probably the most popular arena in the game is this one. There's
    lots of floors, with easy-to-not get lost hallways, and big vast open areas,
    perfect for having all-out shootouts!
    n: Area 52
    Level Info: There's a lot of narrow halls in this level, but the 2 areas where
    just about everybody's at is this little room with a door, and a main big room
    with towers from 4 corners, try putting Laptop Guns as a security gun on one of
    these towers to ambush un expecting simulants.
    o: Pipes
    Level Info: The name of the arena practically describes it, it's pipes in the
    middle of the stage connecting all the rooms of the arena, but if you fall off
    the pipes, you end your life by falling into an abyss. The middle is a great
    part to put mines and laptop security guns.
    p: Car Park
    Level Info: Basically your fighting in a not-so-greatly lit up car garage,
    perfect for fitting a lot of participants in it, or else you'll get long,
    boring battles with only a few players.
    IV. The Characters
    Here's a list of most of the characters in the game. These aren't the default
    list of people you start off with, you get more as you beat the challenges,(and
    solo missions too, I heard) but I wasn't keeping track of the characters I was
    unlocking after beating the challenges. Also you can mix and match faces with
    costumes by pressing up on the control stick to access the faces, and then by
    pressing left or right from a wide variety of faces. Most of the characters
    below are unlocked after running into these characters in the solo or
    co-operative missions.
    1: Joanna Dark(Combat Suit)
    2: Joanna Dark(Trench Coat)
    3: Joanna Dark(Leather Suit)
    4: Joanna Dark(Negotiator Outfit)
    5: Joanna Dark(Lab Technician Outfit)
    6: Joanna Dark(Wet Suit)
    7: Joanna Dark(Ripped Dress)
    8: Joanna Dark(Arctic Gear)
    9: Joanna Dark(Party Frock)
    10: Joanna Dark(Stewardess)
    11: Joanna Dark(Aqualung)
    12: Daniel Carrington
    13: Daniel Carrington(Evening Wear)
    14: Mr. Blonde
    15: Cassandra De Vries
    16: Trent Easton
    17: The President
    18: Elvis
    19: Elvis with Waistcoat
    20: CI Male Lab Technician
    21: CI Female Lab Technician
    22: CI Soldier
    23: Datadyne Shock Trooper
    24: Datadyne Female Guard
    25: Datadyne Security
    26: Datadyne Infantry
    27: Datadyne Trooper
    28: Secretary
    29: Office Suit
    30: Office Casual
    31: Negotiator
    32: Datadyne Sniper
    33: G5 Guard
    34: G5 Swat Guard
    35: CIA Agent
    36: FBI Agent
    37: Area 51 Guard
    38: Area 51 Trooper
    39: Pilot
    40: Overalls
    41: Male Lab Technician
    42: Female Lab Technician
    43: Datadyne Lab Technician
    44: NSA Lackey
    45: NSA Bodyguard
    46: Dinner Jacket
    47: Dinner Jacket #2
    48: Dinner Jacket #3
    49: Dinner Jacket #4
    50: Maian
    51: Maian Soldier
    52: Bio Technician
    53: Alaskan Bodyguard
    54: Air Force One Pilot
    55: Stewardess
    56: Steward
    57: Head Stewardess
    58: Presidential Security
    59: President's Clone
    60: Pelagic II Guard
    V. The Simulants
    a: How to use the simulants
    In this part of the guide I'll be explaining to you how to use the simulatnts,
    or sims for short. These sims are really cool because you can use them in a
    variety of ways:
    -To team up with or against other people in multi player mode or counter-op
    -To team up with in co-operative missions and multi player missions
    -To go against up to 8 on your own or team up with some against the rest(like
    4v4, 5v3, 6v2, etc.)
    Now if you select a sim to be your partner, you'll have to assign him
    objectives to do. In order to do that, during game play you hold down the A
    button, then press the Z trigger twice to get the command menu to appear. If
    you have more than 1 sim on your team, then just press the Z trigger again in
    order to move onto the command screen for the next sim on your team. Now here's
    a list and descriptions of what all the commands do:
    Attack - When you select this option you'll get a list of all your opponents
    and you pick one from the list for your sim to attack. Once you pick the
    person, your sim will run off to gun it down.
    Follow - Pick this option and the sim will follow right behind you, and in case
    you get attacked, your sim will start firing at the person who's attacking you.
    Protect - When you assign this option to your sim, he'll be following you side
    by side, making sure the path is clear for you, and is always taking all the
    shots for you too.
    Defend - Use this option to have your sim to stop where he is and defend the
    area where he's at, this is very useful if you're playing in the Capture the
    Case scenario.
    Hold - Kind of like the defend command, but instead if your sim is just moving
    around, the hold command makes him come to a stop, and he'll sit there until
    you give him another command, or he gets attacked.
    Other exclusive commands - In some scenarios you play on, some special commands
    appear, like in Capture the Case, the command "Get Case" pops up, and in King
    of the Hill mode, the commands "Hold Hill" and "Defend Hill" pop up
    Now here's a description about all the sims in the game:
    b: Meat Sim
    This is the crappiest sim in the game. He can't find anybody if you assign him
    to and if he does run into an opponent he can't even come close to locking onto
    the target since most of his shots miss.
    c: Easy Sim
    This sim is still crappy, but not as crappy as the Meat Sim because it has
    slightly better accuracy than it and rarely he dodges bullets.
    d: Normal Sim
    The average sim, has an average accuracy, and about half the time, he dodges
    e: Hard Sim(unlocked after beating 4 challenges)
    This sim is where it starts to get tough, he gets the best weapons, has good
    accuracy, and uses the radar to find you.
    f: Perfect Sim(unlocked after beating 9 challenges)
    Just like the hard sim, but has way better accuracy, dodges more bullets, moves
    fast and uses the radar.
    g: Dark Sim(unlocked after beating 21 challenges)
    The hardest sim in the game. Has near perfect accuracy, and moves extremely
    fast and is very smart.
    h: Peace Sim
    This sim hates war, and to make sure to reduce, he goes around and try to get
    all the weapons so nobody else can use them.
    i: Shield Sim
    This sim is one who doesn't want to die, if he gets hit he'll automatically run
    to find a shield(equivalent of the body armor of Goldeneye 007).
    j: Rocket Sim
    This sim never bothers to get the regular guns, but goes for the specialty
    weapon of the round, like Rocket Launchers or Grenades, and that's what he only
    k: Kazi Sim
    If this sim spots you it'll continue to chase you until you gun him down, no
    matter what the odds are, consider it to be a "kamikaze."
    l: Fist Sim
    This sim only collects weapons, and never uses any of them except for his hand.
    He may even attempt to steal a weapon from you.
    m: Predator Sim
    This sim always runs after you if you're unarmed or low on life, so don't be
    surprised if you see him after you after you come back into the game right
    after you lose a life.
    n: Coward Sim
    Smell what I smell? Smells like pussy! And it's coming in this direction
    because the Coward Sim will run from all meetings with its opponents unless it
    is better armed.
    o: Justice Sim
    This sim only attacks the person who's winning the round, I wonder if he'll
    ever commit suicide if he's the one who's winning.
    p: Vendetta Sim
    This sim is a little confusing. He picks one guy out of all the rest, and he
    attacks the person until he kills the person he's stalking.
    q: Cheetah Sim
    This is the fastest sim in the game, so it'll be pretty hard to kill unless you
    fire an explosive at it.
    r: Turtle Sim
    The opposite of the Cheetah sim, this sim is as slow as, well, a turtle, but it
    carries a heavy shield, so while it may be slow, it'll take a while to finish
    it off.
    s: Revenge Sim
    The second you touch this sim, it's only focus will be to gun down you, it'll
    avoid the rest of the competitors until it makes sure you're dead.
    VI. Multi Player Challenges
    Another note, a lot of this stuff can be unlocked by just playing in this
    arena, picking up the weapons, playing against a certain sim by playing with
    it/against it in the challenges and solor/co-op missions, and not just by
    beating the given number of challenges.
    a: List of all Cheats unlocked by beating all the levels
    Unlocking Arenas in Combat Simulator
    Unlock Complex by completing 1 challenge.
    Unlock Warehouse by completing 3 challenges.
    Unlock Ravine by completing 5 challenges.
    Unlock Temple by completing 6 challenges.
    Unlock G5 Building by completing 9 challenges.
    Unlock Grid by completing 11 challenges.
    Unlock Felicity by completing 12 challenges.
    Unlock Villa by completing 14 challenges.
    Unlock Sewers by completing 16 challenges.
    Unlock Car Park by completing 17 challenges.
    Unlock Base by completing 18 challenges.
    Unlock Fortress by completing 20 challenges.
    Unlock Ruins by completing 22 challenges.
    Unlocking scenarios in Combat Simulator
    Unlock Hold the Briefcase by completing 2 Challenges.
    Unlock Capture the Case by completing 4 Challenges.
    Unlock Hacker Central by completing 6 Challenges.
    Unlock Pop a Cap by completing 12 Challenges
    Unlocking Weapons in Combat Simulator
    (Note: Weapons can also be unlocked if you find and use them in the solo or
    co-operative missions before beating the challenges)
    Unlock Farsight XR-20 by completing 1 challenge.
    Unlock Grenade by completing 1 challenge.
    Unlock Shotgun by completing 2 challenges.
    Unlock Falcon 2 (silencer) by completing 3 challenges.
    Unlock SuperDragon by completing 4 challenges.
    Unlock Laptop Gun by completing 5 challenges.
    Unlock Remote Mine by completing 6 challenges.
    Unlock Tranquilizer by completing 7 challenges.
    Unlock Falcon 2 (scope) by completing 8 challenges.
    Unlock Reaper by completing 9 challenges.
    Unlock Cloaking Device by completing 10 challenges.
    Unlock Devastator by completing 11 challenges.
    Unlock Proximity Mine by completing 12 challenges.
    Unlock Slayer by completing 13 challenges.
    Unlock Phoenix by completing 14 challenges.
    Unlock Combat Boost by completing 15 challenges.
    Unlock Mauler by completing 16 challenges.
    Unlock Callisto NTG by completing 17 challenges.
    Unlock Crossbow by completing 18 challenges.
    Unlock RC-P120 by completing 19 challenges.
    Unlock DY357-LX by completing 20 challenges.
    Unlock N-Bomb by completing 21 challenges.
    Unlock Laser by completing 22 challenges.
    Unlock X-Ray Scanner by completing 23 challenges.
    Unlocking Simulants in the Combat Simulator
    The following simulants are unlocked for use in the combat simulator by having
    the following challenges beaten
    Unlock Hard Sim by beating 4 Challenges
    Unlock Perfect Sim by beating 9 Challenges
    Unlock Dark Sim by beating 21 Challenges
    Unlocking Weapon Presets in the Combat Simulator
    Unlock ‘Hold the Briefcase' by completing 2 Challenges
    Unlock ‘Pistol One-Hit Kills' by completing 3 Challenges
    Unlock ‘Capture the Case' by completing 4 Challenges
    Unlock ‘Tranquilizer' by completing 7 Challenges
    Unlock ‘Slow Motion' by completing 8 Challenges
    Unlock ‘Temple Explosives' by completing 11 Challenges
    Unlock ‘Slayer' by completing 13 Challenges
    Unlock ‘Cloaking' by completing 16 Challenges
    b. Descriptions of the multi player challenges(using the same descriptions the
    game gives, so I know these are all true)
    Challenge 1: A challenge against basic simulants using standard weaponry
    Challenge 2: A challenge against basic simulants which includes the use of
    Rocket Launchers
    Challenge 3: A challenge against basic simulants which includes the use of
    Assault Rifles and Timed Mines
    Challenge 4: Take Control of the hill against a team of standard simulants.
    Shield technology is available as well as the K7 Avenger
    Challenge 5: Combat a team of standard simulants using the specialized FarSight
    weapon in the Complex
    Challenge 6: Hold the briefcase for as long as possible against a large team of
    basic simulants
    Challenge 7: Take control of the hill against a team of advanced simulants in
    the Warehouse. All weapons kill with only one hit.
    Challenge 8: Capture the enemy's case while defending your own. Killing the
    case carrier means the case returns to the base.
    Challenge 9: A one-hit-kill scenario against expert simulants. Weapons include
    the FarSight and the Laptop Gun.
    Challenge 10: Fight against a team of simulants to hack the terminal using the
    data uplink.
    Challenge 11: King of the Hill against expert simulants. Weapons include the
    Shotgun and the tranquilizer.
    Challenge 12: Slow motion combat in the Skedar Arena.
    Challenge 13: One-hit kills. G5 building with Tranquilizers.
    Challenge 14: Capture the case in Area 52 with cloaking.
    Challenge 15: Hold the briefcase in the grid with Devastators.
    Challenge 16: Standard combat. Weapons include Proximity Mines. There is no
    radar in this challenge.
    Challenge 17: A King of the Hill game. Weapons include Fly-by-Wire Missiles.
    Challenge 18: A King of the Hill game against a team of expert simulants.
    Challenge 19: Fast movement combat against expert simulants. Weapons include
    the Rocket Launcher and the FarSight.
    Challenge 20: One-hit kill combat with a twist-protect the weaker simulants on
    your team. Pistols and shields.
    Challenge 21: Hack into the terminal using the data uplink. The Cloaking Device
    is available.
    Challenge 22: A hold the briefcase game with one-hit kills. Weapons include the
    Crossbow and the Sniper Rifle.
    Challenge 23: Combat in slow motion. Weapons include the RC-P120.
    Challenge 24: Capture the Case game against a team of expert simulants. Weapons
    include the Gold DY357 Magnum and the Tranquilizer.
    Challenge 25: A standard combat game with N-Bombs and Cloaking Devices. The
    simulant team is composed of experts.
    Challenge 26: A standard King of the hill game with no shields.
    Challenge 27: A Hacker Central game featuring Rocker Launchers and expert
    Challenge 28: A Capture the Case game with no Shields and expert opponents.
    Challenge 29: Standard Combat with no shields available. Weapons include the
    DY357 and the Dragon.
    Challenge 30: A pistols only King of the Hill game against the elite
    VII. Preset Games
    These are games that were made with the advance setup, and come automatically
    with the game. You can alter them in any way, or even make any of your own to
    use in the game. Some of these presets aren't available automatically, and some
    are unlocked by beating challenges, check the lists above to see how many
    challenges unlock which presets.
    a: No Shield
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: None Selected
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: Falcon 2, MagSec 4, Cyclone, CMP150, AR34, Disabled
    Limits: 10 minutes, Score: 10, Team: No Limit
    Simulants: None
    Teams: No
    b: Automatics
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: None Selected
    Arena: Pipes
    Weapons: Cyclone, CMP150, Dragon, AR34, Shield, Disabled
    Limits: 10 minutes, Score: 10, Team: No Limit
    Teams: No
    c: Rocket Launcher
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: None Selected
    Arena: Area 52
    Weapons: DY357 Magnum, Sniper Rifle, Dragon, Rocket Launcher, Shield, Disabled
    Limits: 10 minutes, Score: 10, Team: No Limit
    Simulants: None
    Teams: No
    d: Simulants
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: None Selected
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: Falcon 2, CMP150, AR34, Rocket Launcher, Shield, Disabled
    Limits: 10 minutes, Score & Team: No Limit
    Simulants: 2 Meat Sims, and 2 Normal Sims
    Teams: No
    e: King of the Hill
    Scenario: Hill
    Options: Hill on Radar, Mobile Hill
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: MagSec 4, DY357 Magnum, K7 Avenger, AR34, Shield, Disabled
    Limits: 10 minutes, Score: No Limit, Team: 10
    Simulants: None
    Teams: Yes
    f: Complex Farsight
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: None Selected
    Arena: Complex
    Weapons: MagSec 4, Cyclone, K7 Avenger, FarSight XR-20, Shield, Disabled
    Limits: 10 minutes, Score: 20, Team: No Limit
    Simulants: None
    Teams: No
    g: Hold the Briefcase
    Scenario: Briefcase
    Options: Highlight Case, Show on Radar
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: MagSec 4, K7 Avenger, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Shield, Disabled
    Limits: 10 Minutes, Score & Team: No Limit
    Simulants: None
    Teams: no
    h: Pistol One-Hit Kills
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: 1-Hit Kills
    Arena: Area 52
    Weapons: Falcon 2, MagSec 4, Falcon 2(silenced), Dy357 Magnum, Shield, Disabled
    Limits: Time & Team: No Limit, Score: 10
    Simulants: None
    Teams: No
    i: Capture the Case
    Scenario: Capture
    Options: Show on Radar
    Arena: Area 52
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Cyclone, Shotgun, Super Dragon, Shield, Disabled
    Limits: 10 Minute, Score & Team: No Limit
    Simulants: None
    Teams: Yes
    j: Cloaking
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: None Selected
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: Mauler, Grenade, Reaper, Super Dragon, Shield, Cloaking Device
    Limits: 10 minutes, Score: 10, Team: No Limit
    Simulants: None
    k: Temple Explosives
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: None Selected
    Arena: Temple
    Weapons: Devastator, Devastator, Super Dragon, Super Dragon, Shield, Disabled
    Limits: 10 minutes, Score: 10, Team: No Limit
    Simulants: None
    Teams: No
    l: slayer
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: None Selected
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: MagSec 4, Shotgun, K7 Avenger, Slayer, Shield, Disabled
    Limits: 10 minutes, Score: 10, Team: No Limit
    Simulants: None
    Teams: No
    m: Tranquilizer
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: None Selected
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: Falcon 2, CMP150, Dragon, Tranquilizer, Shield, Disabled
    Limits: 10 minutes, Score: 10, Team: No Limit
    Simulants: None
    Teams: No
    n: Slow Motion
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: Slow Motion On
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: MagSec 4, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, SuperDragon, Shield, Disabled
    Limits: 5 minutes, Score: 10, Team: No Limit
    Simulants: None
    Teams: No
    VIII. The Scenarios
    a: Combat
    This is your basic scenario that's ready from the start of the game, it's just
    like Goldeneye 007's multi player mode where you set the level, specialty
    weapon, time limit based on points or time, and choose your characters, plus
    you can also choose weather or not you want simulants.
    b: King of the Hill
    This is the only other scenario ready from the beginning of the game. When you
    reach the designated area of the level which is the "hill" the border will
    flash green around it, stay in there for 18 seconds and earn a point.
    c: Hold the Briefcase(unlocked by beating 2 challenges)
    This is sort of like Flag Tag in Goldeneye, except you substitute the flag with
    a briefcase, you run around with the briefcase for as long as you can and for
    every 30 seconds you get a point, whoever holds it the longest before the set
    time expired, or point limit is reached, is the winner.
    d: Capture the Case(unlocked by beating 4 challenges)
    Capture the Case is just like other multi player games' Capture the Flag mode,
    but instead of bringing back a flag to your base, you bring back a briefcase.
    e: Hacker Central(unlocked by beating 6 challenges)
    In this scenario a data uplink is hidden somewhere in the level and once you
    get it you must attach it to a terminal to download information, if the player
    who's carrying the uplink is shot down, the uplink will return to where it came
    f: Pop a Cap(unlocked by beating 12 challenges)
    This is kind of like "Frag Tag" in other 1st person shooters, where players
    take turn being the "victim" where you are ‘it' and try to run for your life,
    if you survive for 1 minute you get a point, and the person who shoots the
    "victim" gets 2 points. You can also shoot others gunning after you, I didn't
    have that tidbit in an earlier update, but I do know after a couple of
    e-mails,(go to last section for credits)
    IX. Tips
    a: Crouching/Ducking
    Crouching is useful to duck shots and squeeze into those hard to fit
    hidden areas. To duck, hold the R button, then hold the bottom C button,
    the more you hold down the bottom C button, the more you duck.
    b: Stealing weapons from opponents
    Yes, even your hand punch has a 2nd feature to it, hold the B button
    until you get a message that says "Disarm" when it appears, keep on
    pressing the Z trigger next to an opponent with a gun, with correct
    timing, you'll steal there weapon from them!
    c: Use the 2nd features
    All guns have 2nd features, by holding the B button, you'll get a new
    message for a new method of using your current weapon. About most of
    the basic guns only use a hand swipe, which is basically a hand punch
    with a weapon in your hand, but others, such as the Super Dragon, have
    powerful 2nd features like a Grenade Launcher, and the Shotgun has a
    a double fire to just name a few.
    d: Never ambush when an opponent of yours is a simulant
    If you have an opponent as a simulant, never hide out for ambushing, they
    usually, always, end up finding you. Believe me this has happened to me on a
    number of occasions, where I think I'm in the best spot for easy kills, then a
    sim sneaks up behind me and guns me down.
    e: Use the Radar
    If you ever get lost in a map and don't know where an opponent of yours is, the
    radar is the best way to handle the situation. The radar is the exact same one
    used in Goldeneye, so you shouldn't have a problem finding your foes. Of
    course, this tip is useless if you have No Radars selected under options.
    f: Sidestep
    In the midst of high heat battles against both humans and simulants I find it
    easy to avoid shot by side stepping with the C buttons and hold the control
    stick to the left or right, causing me to run in a circular direction, while
    I'm running I'll shoot at my opponent, and if they're still standing twirling
    in circles to follow me, It'll be easier for me to shoot them rather for them
    to shoot me
    X. Description about all the awards in the game.
    a: Most Shielded
    Means you're the one who usually has a shield throughout most of the match.
    b: Least Shielded
    Means you're the one who usually has barely any or no armor throughout most of
    the match.
    c: Marksmanship Award
    Means you're the most accurate player of the whole round.
    d: Who needs ammo?
    Means you carry very little ammo for your weapons throughout the round.
    e: Double Kill
    Means you killed two people simultaneously.
    f: Triple Kill
    Means you killed three people simultaneously.
    g: Quad Kill
    Means you killed four people simultaneously.
    h: Most Dishonorable
    Means you attack in foolish ways, like shooting people from behind, or
    attacking them when they don't even have a weapon.
    i: TALLIED AWARDS(These are the 4 main categories on your character profile
    that the game keeps track of. You know when you get them at the end of the
    round at on the end game info screen if there's a star on your main box.)
    Tallied Award #1: Accuracy(Green Star, award for barely any missed shots)
    Tallied Award #2: Head Shot(Orange Star, award for lots of head shots)
    Tallied Award #3: Kill Master(Pink Star, award for lots of kills)
    Tallied Award #4: Survivor(Teal Star, award for barely dying in a round)
    j: Most Honorable
    Means you fought in a respective manner by straight on meetings and fighting a
    battle to the finish
    k: Most Professional
    Means you're one of the best fighters of the round, were the toughest to kill
    and you dealt the most damage.
    l: Most deadly
    Means that you did the most damage in the round, and if you run into this
    person, your most likely a goner.
    m: Shortest life
    Means you're the person in the round who had the shortest life for each time
    you're alive, and that you had a lot of deaths in the round.
    n: Longest Life
    Means you're the person who had the longest life for each time you're alive,
    and that you barely had any deaths.
    o: Most Ammo
    Means you usually had loads of ammo for all your guns.
    More to come in future revisions...
    XI. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)
    #1   	 Q: How do I unlock extra simulants, levels, weapons, and scenarios?
          	A: Beat the multi player challenges
    #2	Q: What do the first 4 and last 4 multi player challenges unlock?
    	A: Nothing
    #3	Q: How come only up to 2 people, and not 4, can play in the Combat
    	Simulator in my version of Perfect Dark?	
    	A: Because you don't got the Expansion Pak installed in your N64, which
    	is required to have 3-4 people play in the Combat Simulator.
    #4	Q: I thought there can be up to 8 simulants playing with/against me, how
    	come there's only 4?
    	A: You start the game off with four, but by beating some challenges
    	you'll be able to play with up to 8 simulants.
    #5	Q: What's that little polygon box of pixels around my fighter when I zoom in
    on them or 	they get hit?
    	A: If your partner/opponent has a shield and if they get hit, the
    	polygonal block will appear around them indicating they have a shield
    	on. Some argue and say this is a glitch in the game if you're using an
    	3rd Party expansion pak, but that was just a rumor when the game first
    	came out and not a glitch.
    #6	Q: What do those 4 stars under each challenge number off the challenge
    	selection screen mean?
    	A: The 1st star means you beat the challenge by yourself, the 2nd star
    	means you beat the challenge with 2 players, the 3rd star means you beat
    	the challenge with 3 players, and the 4th star means you beat the
    	challenge with 4 players.
    #7:	Q: How do I improve my rank?
    	A: Whenever you create a character profile you'll start off at rank
    	21, which is amateur(or trainee), then as you win more challenges, improve
    your accuracy, 	get more kills and head shots you'll move up the ranks. It's
    kind of like an experience 	points system in an RPG.
    #8:	Q: How do I get the ‘License to Kill' mode scenario from Goldeneye 007?
    	A: There isn't a scenario, but in the options in the Advanced Setup
    	menu, there's an option for one-hit kills, on or off, which is
    	basically the same thing, plus some challenges have one-hit kills
    	for a preset option.
    #9:	Q: What does that "Smart" option under the slow motion choice mean?
    	A: Alright, your in a game, which will move at a normal speed, but whenever
    you come
    	close to an allie or foe, the game will get slower as you move towards them,
    the slower
    	it gets, it means the closer they are to you.
    XII. Perfect Dark/Goldeneye 007 Multi Player Mode Comparison
    Here's just a Comparison chart of the multi player modes between Goldeneye 007
    and Perfect Dark.
    				Goldeneye 007		Perfect Dark
    #of scenarios		6				6
    #of default characters	8				11
    #of hidden characters	57				49
    #of total characters    64                      	60
    Bots/Simulants Option?	No				Yes
    #of human players:   	4				4 w/Expansion Pak(2 w/out)
    #of arenas/levels	12                   		16
    Rumble Pak Compatible?	Yes				Yes
    Custom Weapon sets?     No				Yes
    Name & Save Players: 	No				Yes
    Laggy?			Little Bit w/4 players	Only with 3 or 4 players
    						and more than 4 sims at once
    XIII. Credits/Copyright Notice
    Special Thanks to:
    Rare for releasing this great game
    Corel Word Perfect 8.0 - For screwing up the letter spacing
    Dr. Pepper - For keeping me up to write this FAQ
    Other thanks and praise goes to the following:
    Vincent113@aol.com - for more hidden character
    Karl Rasmussen at http://www.reviewspreviews.com - for a lot of hidden
    chena@bvsd.k12.co.us - for giving me some info on the Pop a Cap mode
    GoKu1651@aol.com - for giving me some info so I can fix an error in F.A.Q. # 7
    Eric Nees at suaveric@hotmail.com & Tony Tran at force5582@mindspring.com - for
    giving me the correct list of how the challenges unlocks the hidden secrets
    Joseph Levy at Punisher81@aol.com - for some of the character information
    All the people who e-mailed me their feedback for this guide, good and bad.
    Thank you for all the info and tips you guys gave me.
    The May 2000 issue of Nintendo Power for their multi player coverage of Perfect
    Dark, most of the info from that section like the unlocked multi player
    challenges secrets and simulant info came from that section.
    Thanks all, and I'll be leaving you with one of my favorite movie quotes from
    the movie "The Glass Menagerie" from the actor who played the role of "Tom" in
    the story:
    "Every time you come in here in the morning and yell that Goddam ‘rise and
    shine,' ‘rise and shine,' I think how lucky dead people are!"
    This FAQ Copyright by Dale Kulas, ©2000

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