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    Munitions Guide by Quizmaster

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    Unoffical Perfect Dark Munitions Guide 
    Version v.0.9 *gasp!* - July 24th, 2001 *double Gasp!*
    By Quizmaster v.4.0
    O: Intro
    I: Ammunition
    II: The Weapons
    III: How to succeed at the firing range
    IV: The Duel - My very first level walkthrough
    V: Aha! I've got a...
    VI: Help! They've got a...
    VII: Miscellany
    - O: Intro -------------
    Thanks for picking up my first FAQ. If it makes you better at Perfect
    Dark, wins a bet for you, or just puts a smile on your face, I'll know
    my job is done.
    Anyhow, I really like Perfect Dark, and decided to fill an FAQ niche
    with something a little different from a standard walkthrough. Partly
    because I think that general strategies are a bit more useful than
    specific strategies, and partly because I haven't quite finished the
    game on Perfect Agent yet. D'oh! (I'm really close now. All I have left
    is Perfect War!)
    But I will have a bit of both general and specific strategies in this
    FAQ: Part II is how to use each weapon, and Part III is how to beat the
    firing range with each weapon. (Part I is about the various Ammuntions
    used in the game, but you can probably see the heading from here, so I
    digress.) Part IV is about "The Duel" level, which you open up by
    showing your skills at the Firing Range. And the newest sections, Part V
    and VI, are about how to counter weapons your opponents may have in the
    Combat Simulator, and how to approach your opponents with your own
    weapons - except not in that order. (i.e.: working this guide into some
    'real world' useful knowledge.) Part VII really isn't about Perfect
    Dark, but if you're not doing too much, would you mind reading it
    - I: Ammunition --------
        "Guns don't kill people. Bullets do."
        It's true in Perfect Dark that the weapons really aren't a whole lot
    of help without bullets to use them with - so:
    Handgun Bullets:
        Can hold: 800 rounds reserve / Up to 840 rounds total
        Collect: 20/gun Agent
                 15/gun Special Agent
                 10/gun Perfect Agent
        Used in: Falcon 2
                 Falcon 2 (silenced)
                 Falcon 2 (scope)
                 Magsec 4
        You'll start out with a lot of these when you're playing the solo
    missions, and they're not bad to have. If only you had the guns to put
    them in...
        At any given time you'll have a lot of these (relatively speaking),
    because only the Mauler lets you spend more than one with each pull of
    the trigger (and that's in a special mode, even.) So, how do you get 840
    handgun rounds? Well, you can have up to 800 rounds in reserve - while
    you're holding a handgun. So, if you have double Maulers, you'll load
    them with 40 rounds, letting you have 800+40=840 rounds. Granted, this
    process is much more useful with Rockets than Handgun Bullets, but there
    it is.
    SMG Ammo:
        Can hold: 800 rounds reserve / Up to 920 rounds total
        Collect: 20/gun Agent
                 15/gun Special Agent
                 10/gun Perfect Agent
        Used in: CMP150
                 Callisto NTG
                 Laptop Gun
                 ZZT (9mm)
        Over the first part of the game you'll have this ammo a lot - the
    problem is that it's quite easily spent. Show a little accuracy and
    you'll be fine.
    Rifle Ammo:
        Can hold: 400 rounds reserve / Up to 430 rounds total
        Collect: 20/gun Agent
                 15/gun Special Agent
                 10/gun Perfect Agent
        Used in: Dragon
                 K7 Avenger
                 SuperDragon (primary)
                 Sniper Rifle
                 KF7 Special
        Now this is the ammo you want to get your hands on (especially since
    it's used up even faster than SMG Ammo.) Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy -
    or else you won't have any ammo for the really powerful weapons.
    Magnum Bullets:
        Can hold: 200 rounds reserve / Up to 212 rounds total
        Collect: 10/gun Agent
                  7/gun Special Agent
                  5/gun Perfect Agent
        Used in: DY357 Magnum
        What can I say besides, "Go ahead. Make my day." You'll have enough
    ammo to use when you need it, if only because the guns to put them in
    are single-shot only, horrendously slow, and only need more than one
    shot if you miss.
    Shotgun Shells:
        Can hold: 100 rounds reserve / Up to 109 rounds total
        Collect: 10/gun Agent
                  7/gun Special Agent
                  5/gun Perfect Agent
        Used in: Shotgun
        I like shotgun shells, I really do, but I don't really have too much
    to say about them.
    Reaper Ammo:
        Can hold: 800 rounds reserve / Up to 1,000 rounds total
        Collect: 200/gun Agent
                 150/gun Special Agent
                 100/gun Perfect Agent
        Used in: Reaper
        Chaingun style Ammo to make your enemies do the Chaingun Cha-cha
    (see Doom.)
    Grenade Rounds:
        Can hold: 40 rounds reserve / Up to 48 rounds total
        Collect: 5/gun Agent
                 5/gun Special Agent
                 5/gun Perfect Agent
        Used in: SuperDragon (secondary)
        Let's face it, folks...grenades are cool.
        Can hold: 3 rounds reserve / Up to 4 rounds total
        Collect: 1/gun Agent
                 1/gun Special Agent
                 1/gun Perfect Agent
        Used in: Rocket Launcher
        Rockets are our friends! Well, actually, more like our in-laws...we
    try our hardest to pass them off onto other people...
        Can hold: 100 rounds reserve / Up to 108 rounds total
        Collect: (Unknown)
        Used in: Farsight XR-20
        They're Orbs. Who'd have thought?
        Can hold: 10 knives reserve / Up to 10 knives total
        Collect: (Unknown)
        Used as: Combat Knife
        You know, maybe it wasn't the wisest idea to devote an entire
    section to specialized ammunitions that can only be used one way...
    Crossbow Bolts:
        Can hold: 69 bolts reserve / Up to 74 bolts total
        Collect: (Unknown)
        Used in: Crossbow
        Crossbows are cool, if not as useful as they're intended to be.
    Kinda like those cartoon black bombs with fuses coming out of them. I
    doubt they ever actually existed, even as anachorisms.
        Can hold: 200 sedatives reserve / Up to 208 sedatives total
        Collect: 32/gun Agent
                 24/gun Special Agent
                 16/gun Perfect Agent
        Used in: Tranquilizer
        This is the most fun ammunition I have ever seen. See what happens
    when we stop being so overly violent? Now the only problem is that his
    may cause some anti-drug-use backlash...
        Oh yeah, with the quantites you recieve the ammo in, supply won't be
    a problem.
        Can hold: 12 grenades reserve / Up to 12 grenades total
        Collect: (Unknown)
        Used as: Grenades
        Like the grenade rounds, only you don't need a gun to use them. In
    fact, maybe I'd better move this to the Weapons section...nah.
    Timed Mines
        Can hold: 10 mines reserve / Up to 10 mines total
        Collect: (Unknown)
        Used as: Timed Mines
        Like grenades, except they stick to things.
    Proximity mines
        Can hold: 10 mines reserve / Up to 10 mines total
        Collect: (Unknown)
        Used as: Proximity Mines
        Like Timed mines, except...oh, I'm sure you can figure it out. I'm
    taking a nap.
    Remote mines
        Can hold: 10 mines reserve / Up to 10 mines total
        Collect: (Unknown)
        Used as: Remote Mines
        Can hold: 10 N-Bombs reserve / Up to 10 N-Bombs total
        Collect: (Unknown)
        Used as: N-Bombs
        Zzzzzz...Zzzzz...What's that, Elizabeth Hurley...of course I'll
    marry you...Zzzzzz....
    - II: Weapons ----------
    Note: The times may be a tad innacurate - do you know how hard it is to
    hold an N64 controller and press the buttons on a stopwatch at the same
    Another Note: Weapon Damage is based on where you hit your enemies in
    the Combat Simulator. Since I can't tell the energies of people in the
    single player game, I can't do damage tables on them, so here are some
    general strategies instead:
    1: Aim for the head whenever possible. Unshielded opponents shot in the
    head will go down after one shot from any weapon.
    2: If time constraints do not permit a head shot, aim for the chest
    area. Opponents will usually go down after two or three shots to this
    3: Though they cause the least damage, limb shots are not out of the
    question. Limb shots will cause your enemy to have the longest recovery
    time, and lead to speed reductions if they're shot in the legs, due to
    their limping. They also will nurse a wounded arm, but I don't know it
    this has any effect on their accuracy.
    4: Skedar and shielded opponents are the hardest to take down, because
    any hit on a shielded enemy (or Skedar) only counts as a limb shot until
    the shield is dropped (or the Skedar starts taking visible damage.) This
    also applies in the Combat Simulator - so don't bother going for a
    headshot until your opponent's shield is lowered.
    5: Enemies can be knocked out, if they are punched, pistol-whipped, or
    shot with tranquilizer or crossbow sedatives. As well, a successful hit
    from behind will knock out an enemy. Knocking out an enemy does not
    count as a kill. An enemy can even be shot several times, then be
    pistol-whipped, and it will count as a knockout and not a kill (provided
    that the last hit before the enemy falls down was a punch/pistol-whip,
    etc.) However, if the enemy is later shot or within the range of an
    explosive, they will be killed then.
    6: Weapons can be shot out of enemies' hands, or taken from them with
    the disarm command. Be aware that disarmed enemies are still trouble -
    often they will fall back on hand-to-hand combat, warn other enemies, or
    pull out a secondary weapon (usually a Falcon 2). Note that shooting
    weapons out of people's hands does not work in the Combat Simulator - it
    counts as a limb shot.
        Uses: N/A
        Holds: N/A
        Reloads in: N/A
        Empties in: N/A
        Secondary Function: Disarm
        Limb Damage: 1/20 + Sedation (Disarm - 0 + Sedation)
        Chest Damage: 1/20 + Sedation (Disarm - 0 + Sedation)
        Head Damage: 1/20 + Sedation (Disarm - 0 + Sedation)
        If you don't have a weapon, then it all comes down to this. Since
    the punches do miniscule damage, you should use the disarm to steal
    weapons from your enemies and shoot them down with their own guns. Of
    course, if you find a weapon yourself, just equip that one instead.
        Keep in mind that any unarmed hit will cause your opponent to become
    disoriented - about the same amount as if they were hit by a tranquilzer
    dart. Also, Disarming an opponent doesn't give you the weapon then and
    there - it only causes it to drop on the ground, where your opponent can
    very well pick it up again if you're not fast enough.
    Falcon 2
        Uses: Handgun Shells
        Holds: 8 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.00 seconds
        Empties in: 1.04 seconds
        Secondary Function: Pistol Whip
        Limb Damage: 1/8 Damage
        Chest Damage: 1/4 Damage
        Head Damage: 1/2 Damage
        Based on: SOCOM (Special Operations COMmand Pistol)
        The sidearm you start with a lot - it's not too bad and comes with a
    nifty laser sight. Not too useful to me, since it doesn't point out
    anything that can't already be seen, but nifty nonetheless. Very
    accurate too.
    Falcon 2 (silenced)
        Uses: Handgun Shells
        Holds: 8 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.00 seconds
        Empties in: 1.04 seconds
        Secondary Function: Pistol Whip
        Limb Damage: 1/8 Damage
        Chest Damage: 1/4 Damage
        Head Damage: 1/2 Damage
        Based on: SOCOM - with Supressor (Special Operations COMmand Pistol)
        Another sidearm you start with from time to time. Silent but deadly
    - go for the headshot, pick off one enemy at a time, then get the rest
    when they try to see what all the commotion is.
    Falcon 2 (scope)
        Uses: Handgun Shells
        Holds: 8 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.00 seconds
        Empties in: 1.04 seconds
        Secondary Function: Pistol Whip
        Zoom Function: 2.0x
        Limb Damage: 1/8 Damage
        Chest Damage: 1/4 Damage
        Head Damage: 1/2 Damage
        Based on: SOCOM - with Scope (Special Operations COMmand Pistol)
        Yet another starting sidearm. Comes with a scope for long range
    MagSec 4
        Uses: Handgun Shells
        Holds: 9 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.39 seconds
        Empties in: 1.33 seconds
        Secondary Function: 3-round burst
        Zoom Function: 2.4x
        Limb Damage: 1/8 Damage
        Chest Damage: 1/4 Damage
        Head Damage: 1/2 Damage
        Based on: Beretta M93R-AG Auto9 (Special thanks to LEW-TEREZ for
    pointing this out)
        I didn't even suspect that this gun had a real-life equivalent -
    however, an e-mail from LEW-TEREZ revealed all: "I think I may have
    found the real life counterpart to the MagSec 4. I believe that it is
    modeled on the Beretta M93R AG Auto 9. I found this while  looking at
    gun replicas (airsoft BB guns). One of the only pages I can find it at
    is: http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/pisto_e.html. It's the second gun
    there. It has two fire modes, normal fire and three shot burst, not to
    mention it is almost identical in design to the MagSec 4."
        A good close range weapon - ironically, though it can zoom in to
    2.4x, it's very innacurate at that range. Put it into the three-round
    burst and use it shotgun-style at close range.
        Uses: Handgun Shells
        Holds: 20 rounds
        Reloads in: 0.89 seconds
        Empties in: 5.39 seconds
        Secondary Function: Charge-up shot
        Limb Damage: 1/8 Damage (Charge-up shot: Fatal)
        Chest Damage: 1/4 Damage (Charge-up shot: Fatal)
        Head Damage: 1/2 Damage (Charge-up shot: Fatal)
        A nice gun with a good sized clip with the bonus of having a
    one-shot-kill charge mode. Use the charge shot when you know a bad guy's
    coming to gain the advantage. Be careful not to reload when in charged
    mode, or you'll lose some ammo - to add insult to injury, the gun won't
    even retain its charge!
        Uses: Handgun Shells
        Holds: 8 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.04 seconds
        Empties in: 0.92 seconds (Explosive Shells: 3.73 seconds)
        Secondary Function: Explosive Shells
        Limb Damage: 1/8 Damage (Explosive Shells: 1/4 + Explosion)
        Chest Damage: 1/4 Damage (Explosive Shells: 1/2 + Explosion)
        Head Damage: 1/2 Damage (Explosive Shells: Fatal)
        I like this gun - it has that cool alien sound when it fires and the
    morphing reload effect is really nice. As for the actual effectiveness
    of the gun - two words: Explosive Shells. Oh yeah.
        But, as Deus Noctis notes: "Be careful when using explosive shells,
    though, it does take a bit longer to fire with. Use them like you would
    use the Callisto's secondary fire." (After going back to the firing
    range and checking it out, it's almost four times as slow! Yikes!)
    DY357 Magnum:
        Uses: Magnum Bullets
        Holds: 6 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.92 seconds
        Empties in: 5.11 seconds
        Secondary Function: Pistol Whip
        Based on: Colt Python (Thanks to Wyatt Hanks for the info)
        Limb Damage: 1/4 Damage
        Chest Damage: 1/2 Damage
        Head Damage: Fatal
        It's not a .44 Magnum, but feel free to ask punks if they feel lucky
    anyway. Aside from the powerful rounds, though, remember that there's a
    slight pre-fire delay, so lead your shots a little. Also, it takes
    almost a second to recover from firing a round, so take cover when
    dealing with automatic weapons.
        Uses: Magnum Bullets
        Holds: 6 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.92 seconds
        Empties in: 6.81 seconds
        Secondary Function: Pistol Whip
        Based on: Colt Python (Thanks to Wyatt Hanks for the info)  
        Limb Damage: Fatal
        Chest Damage: Fatal
        Head Damage: Fatal
        This one-shot killer is a fearsome weapon, but it's even slower than
    the regular Magnum. Once again - good versus handguns, bad versus
    automatics. However, it only takes one shot with this gun, so if you can
    hit someone with an automatic on the first shot, go for it. Finally, be
    sure to reload in a safe place.
        Also, with all the questions I've recieved about "Where the heck can
    I find the DY357-LX?!!" I should make a little addendum here. There are
    four possible ways to get it (as far as I know):
        1: (Hardest) Trent Easton is in Mission Five - Crash Site -
    Confrontation, next to the real President. After disabling the automated
    robot defenses, Trent will say a few words before either firing at you
    or running off. Disarm him to get the DY357-LX!
        2: In the level Maian SOS, which you can enter after finishing all
    the missions on Special Agent, there is a man in the cyrogenic storage
    room with two DY357-LX's in his hands. Use the Psychosis Gun, then let
    him die (or kill him) to get the Golden Magnums!
        3: Complete Mission Five - Crash Site - Confrontation on Agent in
    under 2:50 and you'll recieve Trent's Magnum as a Cheat! (Be sure to
    lower the bike in the cargo bay on the previous level so you can get
    around this level faster.)
        4: (Easiest) Enter Challenge 24 in the Combat Simulator. The weapons
    used on this level are Devestators, Tranquilzers, SuperDragons...and
    Golden Magnums. There are several on the upper level above the bridges.
    Collect one and it's in the firing range! 
        Uses: SMG Ammo
        Holds: 32 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.75 seconds
        Empties in: 2.25 seconds
        Secondary Function: Follow Lock-on
        Based on: Steyr TMP (Thanks to Magnum for the info)
        Limb Damage: 1/8 Damage
        Chest Damage: 1/4 Damage
        Head Damage: 1/2 Damage
        Magnum sent me some good pictures of this gun - unfortunately, since
    they would make this guide over 1 MB in size, I had to put them aside.
    However, an article about this weapon, with pictures, can be found at:
        This will be your staple gun for much of the single player game, and
    it's pretty good. Be sure to take advantage of the Lock-on feature, as
    it makes getting good hits considerably easier.
        And, as Deus Noctis notes, "It is very accurate at longer ranges, 
    making it good for taking out snipers in levels like the Villa."
        Uses: SMG Ammo
        Holds: 50 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.12 seconds
        Empties in: 3.42 seconds (1.70 seconds Magazine Discharge)
        Secondary Function: Magazine Discharge
        Limb Damage: 1/10 Damage
        Chest Damage: 1/5 Damage
        Head Damage: 2/5 Damage
        Very nice power gun. However, stick to the regular Rapid Fire mode
    most of the time - the Magazine Discharge only works well when you're
    surrounded by enemies at close range, as it's hideously innacurate (and
    really burns ammo, too).
    Callisto NTG
        Uses: Rifle Ammo 
        Holds: 32 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.40 seconds
        Empties in: 2.19 seconds
        Secondary function: High-Impact Shells
        Limb Damage: 1/8 Damage (HI-Shells: 1/4 Damage)
        Chest Damage: 1/4 Damage (HI-Shells: 1/2 Damage)
        Head Damage: 1/2 Damage (HI-Shells: Fatal)
        The High-Impact shells are very fun when you want to play
    "Poor-Man's Farsight", and the regular fire mode is a very good
    suppression device. I'd say that you should stick with the High-Impact
    mode most of the time, though.
        Uses: SMG Ammo
        Holds: 120 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.58 seconds
        Empties in: 6.55 seconds
        Secondary Function: Cloaking
        Limb Damage: 1/7 Damage
        Chest Damage: 2/7 Damage
        Head Damage: 4/7 Damage
        Oh yes. This is a ridiclously powerful gun, and I'm sure that you
    can think of all manner of things to do with the cloaking device. The
    only snag is that the cloaking device eats ammo as fast as the gun's
    conventional use - meaning that you'll be out of ammo and uncloaked if
    you don't use the cloaking power wisely. With 800 rounds, you'll stay
    cloaked for 34.08 seconds.
        Also, when you fire, you'll de-cloak, so aim for the head before
    Laptop Gun
        Uses: SMG Ammo
        Holds: 50 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.45 seconds
        Empties in: 3.00 seconds
        Secondary Function: Deploy as Sentry Gun
        Zoom function: 2.0x
        Limb Damage: 1/7 Damage
        Chest Damage: 2/7 Damage
        Head Damage: 4/7 Damage
        Not a bad little gun (Hmmm...I think I'm going into Gun Magazine
    mode - ever notice that there's no such thing as a bad gun when you read
    those magazines? Well, maybe it's an overgeneralization...) As it turns
    out, it does slightly more damage than other SMG's, so you can
    sucessfully win a war of attirition when confronting others with SMG's.
    Also take note of the 2x scope - Zooming weapons are cool.  
        File away the Sentry Gun mode for multiplayer games of Capture the
    Case. Heh heh heh. Note, however, that it can be destroyed in only a
    couple of shots, or an explosion. As well, it will use up 200 rounds of
    SMG ammunition (or all of it, if you don't have that much ammo.)
    However, you can pick it up again when you're done with it by standing
    by it and pressing B, reclaiming all the unused ammo.
        Deus Noctis chimes in: "The sentry gun is also the best "revenge"
    weapon in the game. Throw it at your enemy just before you die and watch
    him crumple to the ground with you. Heh heh heh heh heh."
        Uses: Rifle Ammo
        Holds: 30 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.88 seconds
        Empties in: 2.64 seconds
        Secondary Function: Proximity Self-Destruct
        Zoom Function: 2.0x
        Limb Damage: 1/8 Damage (Proxy Mine: Variable (1/32 - Fatal))
        Chest Damage: 1/4 Damage (Proxy Mine: Variable (1/32 - Fatal))
        Head Damage: 1/2 Damage (Proxy Mine: Variable (1/32 - Fatal))
        The first real bread and butter assault rifle you'll come across,
    it's a good gun (as just about every gun is, see above) with a fast fire
    rate and that nice star muzzle flash (careful, though, it's easy to see
    and hear, in case you're trying to play Mr./Ms. Stealth.)
        Another really fun toy for Capture the Case games lies in the
    proximity self-destruct feature. I'd go on, but I'd titter like a
    schoolgirl if I said any more. He he he he he. The only problem is that
    you have to throw the weapon away to use the mine, so be sure to have a
    backup weapon handy...
    K7 Avenger
        Uses: Rifle Ammo
        Holds: 25 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.59 seconds
        Empties in: 1.61 seconds
        Secondary Function: Threat Detector
        Zoom Function: 3.0x 
        Limb Damage: 3/16 Damage
        Chest Damage: 3/8 Damage
        Head Damage: 3/4 Damage
        A cut above in the Assault Rifle world, mainly because it's accurate
    at longer ranges and can put more bullets in enemies faster than the
    Dragon can. The only real problems are the small magazine and long
    reload times. You'll also want to leave the Threat Detector on all the
    time, because it will spot mines and other painful things for you in
    case you're not paying attention.
        Uses: Rifle Ammo
        Holds: 30 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.74 seconds
        Empties in: 2.41 seconds
        Secondary Function: Use Scope
        Zoom Function: 3.0x
        Based on: FAMAS Assault Rifle (Thanks to Magnum for the proper
        Limb Damage: 1/6 Damage
        Chest Damage: 1/3 Damage
        Head Damage: 2/3 Damage
        This reminds me a bit about Goldeneye's AR33 (and Perfect Dark's
    AR53) - it's the real McCoy of Assault Rifles that needs no fancy
    features to back up its power. It's a bit innaccurate at long ranges,
    though - be sure to lie prone before you try any sniping with this.
        Uses: Rifle Ammo/Grenade Rounds
        Holds: 30 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.08 seconds (Grenade Launcher: 2.31 seconds)
        Empties in: 2.72 seconds (Grenade Launcher: 2.30 seconds)
        Secondary Function: Grenade Launcher
        Zoom Function: 3.0x
        Based on: Objective Individual Combat Weapon System (Thanks to ABZ
    for pointing this out)
        Limb Damage: 3/20 (Grenade Launcher: Variable (1/32 - Fatal))
        Chest Damage: 3/10 (Grenade Launcher: Variable (1/32 - Fatal))
        Head Damage: 3/5 (Grenade Launcher: Variable (1/32 - Fatal))
        Another one of the 'futuristic' weapons in which I had no idea that
    it was actually in use (well, testing) today! Here's an illuminating
    e-mail from ABZ that reveals all:
        "Yeah, I know you havent' updated your munitions faq in over a year,
    [ed: Um...well, it wasn't over a year when I first got the mail!
    Granted, it now is, but...] but I'd like you to take a look at the
    Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW)...
    Doesn't it look similar to the dragon/super dragon? It even has a
    grenade launching function."
        I'm not sure about the Dragon, though - it seems like a bit of a
    waste to explode a perfectly serviceable weapon along with its proximity
    mine. Wouldn't Heckler-Koch find some way to remove the less than $300
    proxy bomb from the $10,000 assault rifle? OK, OK, back to the strategy
        Probably the most versatile weapon in the game, a combination
    Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher. Great weapon for medium-extreme range
    combat because of the scope and the grenades in case your aim's a bit
    off. Remember, though, that the Grenade Launcher is *not* the best
    weapon for close combat.
        Deus Noctis notes that: "It's interesting to note that these
    grenades will detonate on contact with anything, be it wall or enemy.
    Useful when you don't want to wait 4 seconds for an explosion."
        Uses: Shotgun Shells
        Holds: 9 rounds
        Reloads in: 6.78 seconds (1 round: 2.50 seconds)
        Empties in: 11.25 seconds (Double Blast: 6.90 seconds)
        Secondary Function: Double Blast
        Damage: Variable (1/32 - Fatal)
        "Subtlety is not an option here." A good deal better than
    Goldeneye's Auto Shotgun for realism. I still can't figure out why they
    never worked the regular Shotgun into that game, yet left it in the
    cheats...oh well.
        Anyway, this is not a sniping weapon - this is a close range weapon.
    The payload is several pellets per shot that spread out in a random
    pattern - close range will ensure that several hit their mark. If you
    really want to wreak some havoc, go for double blast.
        Also, aim for the body - better several pellets hit the chest area
    than one or two hit the head. Finally, remember to count your shots -
    the Shotgun has the longest reload time in the game! (In an emergency,
    though, you can stop the reload after each round has been put in the
    magazine by pulling the trigger. This will just stop the reload and not
    fire, though.)
        Uses: Reaper Ammo
        Holds: 200 rounds
        Reloads in: 3.66 seconds
        Empties in: 7.47 seconds
        Secondary Function: Grinder
        Limb Damage: 1/8 Damage (Grinder: 1/8 Damage)
        Chest Damage: 1/4 Damage (Grinder: 1/8 Damage)
        Head Damage: 1/2 Damage (Grinder: 1/8 Damage)
        This is the closest that PD gets to a chaingun, and boy is it a
    doozy. Unfortunately, it's innaccurate as all get-out, so you'll have to
    stay close to your foes to properly chop them up. Keep in mind that it
    has spin-up and spin-down times, too - make sure you're alone when you
    stop firing.
        And if you run out of ammo, be sure to try the "Grinder Rush" if
    your opponent still happens to be close by and doesn't have a weapon. It
    can take up to two seconds to carve up an opponent, though, so you
    should probably switch to something else if you have it.
    Sniper Rifle
        Uses: Rifle Ammo
        Holds: 8 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.43 seconds
        Empties in: 2.11 seconds
        Secondary Function: Crouch
        Zoom Function: 1.0x to 30.0x (default 4.0x)
        Limb Damage: 3/20
        Chest Damage: 3/10
        Head Damage: 3/5
        Everyone's favorite weapon from Goldeneye is back for more, and
    enhanced, too! To zoom in and out, use the C-up and C-down buttons while
    aiming. (And use the secondary mode to crouch, and tap the Aim button to
    stand up again.)
        Crouching removes the waving of the weapon apparent while you're
    standing up - the only downside is that you can't get away as fast if
    the enemy's heading towards you.
    FarSight XR-20
        Uses: Orbs
        Holds: 8 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.75 seconds
        Empties in: 13.81 seconds
        Secondary Function: Target Locator
        Limb Damage: Fatal
        Chest Damage: Fatal
        Head Damage: Fatal
        The second most fun gun in the game, due solely to the secondary
    Target Locator feature. This little baby will look through several
    levels of walls to find an enemy, and keep moving along following said
    enemy. The orbs this weapon uses pass like a Rail-gun through several
    layers of walls, too!
        Of course, there are a few strings attached: The Target Locator
    can't keep up with targets running at full speed, it's easy to get
    tunnel vision and completely miss people coming up next to you, and the
    fire rate is unbelivably slow.
        Just remember to only use this gun when everyone's pretty far away,
    and it will become your best friend. Let's face it - killing someone
    through six layers of walls is just plain cool.
        And, as Deus Noctis says: "This gun gets my award for "Best
    Simulation of an acid trip". Heh heh." That's right. So when you see the
    D.A.R.E program at elementary schools next summer, all they'll have to
    do is turn on a Nintendo with Perfect Dark, and go through the levels
    saying "This is Joanna." *switches to Farsight* "This is Joanna - on
    acid. Any quesitons?" Then they'll ask for volunteers to get through the
    game with only the Farsight...but I digress.
        Uses: Grenade Rounds
        Holds: 8 rounds
        Reloads in: 2.39 seconds
        Empties in: 8.57 seconds
        Secondary Function: Wall Hugger
        Damage: Variable (1/32 - Fatal)
        This lovely weapon does a great job of littering the surrounding
    area with explosions. Just remember to keep in mind the fact that the
    grenade lobs (that is, doesn't fly straight) and you'll be golden.
        The secondary mode is also quite fun - you can use the wall hugger
    function to set up traps in multiplayer. Not for long though, as "The
    wall hugger grenades will fall down after about 5 seconds, so make sure
    your opponent is close." Thanks, Deus Noctis!
    Rocket Launcher
        Uses: Rockets
        Holds: 1 round
        Reloads in: 2.57 seconds
        Empties in: (N/A - 1 shot)
        Secondary Function: Targeted Rocket
        Damage: Variable (1/32 - Fatal)
        This is your standard Rocket Launcher, and most of the conventional
    Rocket Launching rules apply - don't use this gun at close range, be
    sure to account for the real long reload time, and make sure you don't
    miss (well, don't miss too much) with your one shot.
        The rocket launcher does have an interesting feature, though. The
    secondary mode fires a much slower homing rocket, that will turn towards
    the target and everything. However, it will still detonate if it hits a
    wall or somesuch.
        (Little tip if you're being singled out with targeted rockets...if
    you know that you can't get away from the rocket, run straight towards
    the person that fired the rocket! If you go down, you'll take 'em with
        Uses: Rockets
        Holds: 1 round
        Reloads in: 3.41 seconds
        Empties in: (N/A - 1 shot)
        Secondary Function: Fly-By-Wire Rocket
        Damage: Variable (1/32 - Fatal)
        Here's another weapon that truly has been designed solely for
    amusement. The Slayer's regular launch is nothing special, and it's even
    slower on the reload than the regular rocket launcher. However, the
    secondary Fly-By-Wire rocket mode is amazing. You actually steer the
    rocket towards your enemies, stopping only when the rocket explodes on
    impact (or when you tap Z to trigger it.)
        One major problem, though, is that you can't move your character
    while you're steering the rocket - so be sure to get into a safe place
    (that will remain safe for a while) before you let one fly.
        Deus Noctis sends along a couple more tips too: "You can slow down
    fly-by-wire rockets by holding down the A button in flight. The
    fly-by-wire rockets do travel slower than regular rockets, so be
        Thanks to several people's e-mails, I now know that in addition to
    A; L, R, and B also slow the Slayer Fly-By-Wire rocket down.
        One more Slayer tip, courtesy of Blakey316 - The Slayer Rocket is
    very vurenable to explosive fire (which you may have guessed) and also
    gunfire (which you may not have guessed). Popping a cap in
    the...um...rocket will cause it to explode quite spectacularly! Keep
    that in mind if you really want to annoy your Slayer using pals.
    Combat Knife
        Uses: Knives
        Holds: 1 or 2 knives
        Reloads in: N/A - Throw Posion Knife: 1.33 seconds to re-ready knife
        Empties in: (N/A - 1 knife)
        Secondary Function: Throw Posion Knife
        Limb Damage: 1/2 (Thrown Knife: 1/8 + 1/2 Posion Damage + Sedation)
        Chest Damage: 1/2 (Thrown Knife: 1/4 + 1/2 Posion Damage + Sedation)
        Head Damage: 1/2 (Thrown Knife: 1/2 + 1/2 Posion Damage + Sedation)
        The knives from Goldeneye return, combined into one weapon. I never
    really cared much for knives, even throwing ones. I don't know why. I
    suppose that if they put in shriukens, I'd like this type of weapon
    more. Or spears. I can see it now...
            Spear (not really in the game)
            Uses: Spears
            Holds: 1 or 2 spears
            Reloads in: N/A
            Empties in: N/A
            Secondary Function: Pole Vault
        Ah, sigh. As for the actual aspects of the weapon, I'll turn it over
    to Deus Noctis: "Pretty much the same as Goldeneye. Does quite a bit of
    damage, slow firing rate, VERY inaccurate at long ranges, and virtually
    no reload time.
        Can be used to good effect, but I wouldn't recommend it."
        However, I think that TheGeneral01 should get a word in edgewise
    here: "Try this (if you wish): go to combat simulator and throw a
    poinson knife at player 2 (or get one throw in you) When you are hit by
    the knife, wait a few seconds and then try to move around without
    getting lost. If you don't anna try it, I'll tell you, the vision
    problems you're having are ten times worse than Tranq darts. Not only is
    everything blurry and moving slow-mo, it's also getting dark!! Very
    cruel. At the same time, you're screen's flashing orange becuase you're
    being damaged, and you're coughing, you can be very confused when you
    take a poison knife to the gut. Even if your adversary survives the stab
    wound and the poison, he should be easy to shoot, because he's nearly
        You'll notice that I mention posion damage, but just how much damage
    is there? It turns out that the posion damage is administered over six
    seconds - it will gradually do 1/2 damage - 1/8 at a time. (And, as
    TheGeneral01 noted, with about a tranquilzer dart's worth of sedation
    each time.) In fact, if the opponent dies from the knife or one of the
    first three bouts of posion, the remaining posion will be drained from
    their next life. Even it they pick up a shield after they're hit with
    the knife, the posion damage will still take place.
        Unfortunately, shields will lead to a highly ineffective weapon in
    the combat knife - a knife hitting a shielded person is bad because:
        1: It does only 1/8 damage, regardless of the area hit
        2: The posion and sedation effects don't happen
        3: The knife deflects off the shield, giving your opponent a chance
    to collect it!
        As a final note, if you miss with the throwing the Combat Knife, it
    will skitter on the floor or stick in the wall. You, or your opponent,
    can pick it up and use it again...
        Uses: Crossbow Bolts
        Holds: 5 Bolts
        Reloads in: 4.96 seconds (1 bolt: 1.76 seconds)
        Empties in: 1.35 seconds
        Secondary Function: Instant Kill
        Limb Damage: 1/8 + Sedation (Instant Kill: Fatal)
        Chest Damage: 1/4 + Sedation (Instant Kill: Fatal)
        Head Damage: 1/2 + Sedation (Instant Kill: Fatal)
        The crossbow can be a very potent weapon in the right hands, with
    the ability to sedate an opponent (with roughly twice the sedation of a
    Tranquilizer dart) before killing them instantly as pluses. However, it
    is quite hampered by its need for specialized ammo, paltry 5-round clip,
    and the extremely slow reload time. (However, you can stop reloading
    after each bolt has been put in by tapping the trigger, just like with
    the Shotgun.)
        Also, according to Deus Noctis: "This weapon is very quiet and very
    accurate, so using it as a sniper or assasination weapon in the
    secondary function can easily turn the tide of battle in your favor."
        Finally, the arrows stick in the wall if you happen to miss, and
    they can be picked up and reused. (For more on the fun of sedation, see
        Uses: Sedatives
        Holds: 8 sedatives
        Reloads in: 2.07 seconds
        Empties in: 1.44 seconds (1.46 seconds Lethal Injection)
        Secondary Function: Lethal Injection
        Limb Damage: 1/32 Damage + Sedation (LI: Fatal)
        Chest Damage: 1/16 Damage + Sedation (LI: Fatal)
        Head Damage: 1/8 Damage + Sedation (LI: Fatal)
        This is the single most enjoyable weapon in Perfect Dark. It does
    very little damage, it uses specialized ammunition, and it can't zoom.
        What it does do is worth the price of the game itself - it fogs up
    your opponent's screen more and more, the more tranq's you hit with!
    After four, your opponent will be unable to do anything except in short
    bursts, is subject to constant blackouts, and won't know heads or tails
    about what's going on!
        If you like, you can put your opponent out of their misery with the
    secondary very close range Lethal Injection, but it's better to just
    switch to another gun and headshot them down.
        Of course, if you get hit by the tranquilzer, it won't be nearly as
    much fun, but that's the breaks. Also, though the computer does a good
    job of simulating being tranquilzed when you sedate them, perhaps you
    should stick to the conventional means of using standard weapons...
        How can you tell if your opponents are properly sedatated? Well,
    apart from a quick glance at their screen (cheater!), their head bobs
    back and forth whenever you see them.
        Uses: (N/A)
        Holds: (N/A)
        Reloads in: (N/A)
        Empties in: (N/A)
        Secondary Function: Constant Stream
        Limb Damage: 1/8 Damage
        Chest Damage: 1/4 Damage
        Head Damage: 1/2 Damage
        The Laser is another Goldeneye amalagm, this time combining the old
    Moonraker Laser and Watch Laser into a pretty nice short range weapon.
    Your aim may be a little off at first due to the southpaw use of this
    weapon, but it's quite effective - it needs no ammo, has a very powerful
    short range attack, and looks pretty nice, too boot.
        Uses: Grenades
        Holds: 1 grenade
        Reloads in: N/A - Grenade readies in 1.05 seconds
        Empties in: (N/A - 1 grenade)
        Secondary Function: Proximity Pinball
        Damage: Variable (1/32 - Fatal)
        Pull the pin, count to three, and throw. However the real fun comes
    in with the proximity pinball mode - the grenade will keep bouncing
    around until it comes within the range of a target of some sort (and the
    four second fuse doesn't apply here.) This includes yourself, so
    exercise caution. Don't throw grenades head on at walls - throw so it
    hits at an angle.
        Also, though it seems a bit obvious, it just has to be said: don't
    hold the grenade for more than four seconds after you've pulled the pin!
    Before I get to the mines, I'll let Deus Noctis talk for a while on
    various overt political statements.  What? I can't do that? All right,
    we'll listen to a little talk on mines in general then:
    "Note on all mines: Mines are MUCH less useful in multiplayer games now
    that guns and the mines themselves have a threat detector. Whenever I'm
    playing in a multiplayer game, I always have a threat detector turned
    on. It certainly makes it easier to invade the bathroom in
    facility/felicity so you won't always get killed by remotes."
    Timed Mine
        Uses: Timed Mines
        Holds: 1 mine
        Reloads in: N/A - Mine readies in 0.69 seconds
        Empties in: (N/A - 1 mine)
        Secondary Function: Threat Detector
        Damage: Variable (1/32 - Fatal)
        These are a lot like grenades, except that they don't bounce at all
    - they stick to walls and the floor, and even the ceiling! The secondary
    mode comes in handy for multiplayer, since you can detect traps easily,
    but since you can't throw mines while you're detecting, it may not be
    the best thing to do under fire.
        "This is probably the least useful mine. Just use it as a sticky
    grenade if you HAVE to use it, which I wouldn't recommend doing." - Deus
    Proximity Mine
        Uses: Proximity Mines
        Holds: 1 mine
        Reloads in: N/A - Mine readies in 0.69 seconds
        Empties in: (N/A - 1 mine)
        Secondary Function: Threat Detector
        Damage: Variable (1/32 - Fatal)
        Proxy mines are my personal favorite sort of mine, just so long as
    you remember where you put them! An especially low trick would be to
    place two on the inside of a commonly accessed door and watch the fun
    happen. It also comes with the handy threat detector so you know when
    your friends are pulling this trick too.
        When your opponents attack you with Proxy Mines, use another mine,
    or the K7 Avenger to find them, and shoot them to clear the way. Also,
    try very hard not to stand still, or your 'friends' may throw one onto
    your back. If they do, turn around and give them a big hug!
        "Well, this is certainly better than the timed mine, but it's
    usefulness has been undermined tremendously by the threat detectors. Can
    be useful against enemies that don't use the threat detector. If you're
    the devious type, try placing them in respawn spots or on weapons/ammo
    boxes." - Deus Noctis
    Remote Mine
        Uses: Remote Mines
        Holds: 1 mine
        Reloads in: N/A - Mine readies in 0.69 seconds
        Empties in: (N/A - 1 mine)
        Secondary Function: Detonator
        Damage: Variable (1/32 - Fatal)
        This doesn't come with the handy threat detector, so you have to
    keep your eyes peeled here. Also, if you absolutely, positively, have to
    detonate the mines on time (and have the primary mode selected), press A
    and B at the same time. (Thanks to Nick Leaf for reminding me of this
    Goldeneye classic.)
        "Now we're talking! Because this weapon doesn't have a threat
    detector, if you only use this mine type in multiplayer without
    including the K7 Avenger, you can have lots of evil fun. You can do the
    aforementioned tricks with the proxy mines, or you can use them as a
    grenade with a short fuse. Just throw it at an opponent and detonate it
    just as it passes by him! Mwahahahaha!" - Deus Noctis
        Uses: N-Bombs
        Holds: 1 N-Bomb
        Reloads in: N/A - N-Bomb readies in 1.05 seconds
        Empties in: (N/A - 1 N-Bomb)
        Secondary Function: Proximity
        Damage: Variable (1/32 - 1/2: Can Penetrate Shields)
        N-Bombs are the surly, cigar-chomping cousins of the Tranquilizers -
    they cause a fair amount of damage when they detonate, but they make
    everyone caught in its spherical radius see black and blurred for a
    while - about the same as three or four Tranquilizer hits.
        Not only that, but, as Devin Pearce notes: "I noticed that you
    didn't mention that N-Bombs can do damage right through shields.  Just
    thought you might want to mention this." Indeed, it's a very important
    aspect of the weapon, especially since enemies with shields make all
    other weapons less effective in general.
        But wait, there's more! An interesting property of the N-Bomb, first
    documented by Mike T., is that getting caught in an N-Bomb blast will
    cause you to drop your current weapon. Granted, it will fall at your
    feet, but you can't really use the weapon until the explosion subsides -
    switching to your weapon (or another weapon) will cause you to drop
    *that* weapon instead.
        And one last comment from the ever-present Deus Noctis: "One of the
    most fun weapons in the game. It has a HUGE blast radius and will take
    off about half a lifebar on an unshielded opponent. The fun part,
    though, is that if the enemy is affected they will feel the effect of 3
    tranquilizer shots! They won't even be able to tell where they are! A
    perfect opportunity to emerge from the shadows and smack 'em down with a
    Cyclone magazine discharge. The secondary function can be useful, but I
    don't find myself using it much...but hey. Whatever floats your boat."
    Psychosis Gun
        Uses: Psychosis Darts
        Holds: 8 Psychosis Darts
        Reloads in: N/A
        Empties in: N/A
        Secondary Function: (None)
        Damage: N/A
        The Psychosis Gun looks the same as the Tranquilizer, except that it
    uses Psychosis Darts instead of sedatives for ammo. The big draw with
    this gun is that it changes enemies into friends, and friends into
    enemies, when they are shot by it (presumably doing little damage). To
    really appreciate this weapon, finish Mission 3-1 in under 2 minutes to
    get the Psychosis Gun cheat. You can legitimately get this weapon in the
    Maian SOS mission, but you'll only be able to collect 3 darts for it.
    Bummer, says I.
    ---- Classic Guns -
    (Note: All Classic Guns use the classic sight - a red crosshair instead
    of the green-red-blue sight. As well, the sight does not change from
    green to red/blue when an enemy is in the sight, it remains a red
    crosshair. However, the buzzing sound is still there.)
        Wyatt Hanks has a note on whether or not matching the classic
    weapons (and Goldeneye's weapons) is justified: "All of this matching is
    kind of pointless though because the guns are all changed for gameplay
    reasons - Rate of fire:  In reality the KLO1313 and the ZZT would be the
    fastest guns of the bunch.  The calibers:  The M-16A2 is no where close
    the the same caliber as the AK-47,  The FN P90 uses .22, not 9mm, etc. 
    Third the guns are all much larger than they would normally be for
    obvious gameplay reasons."
        These are all good points, but I personally feel even if the guns
    aren't represented 100% accurately, at least they're pretty darn close.
    It would be a rather interesting experiment to make each gun require its
    own caliber ammunition, though. It'd be a bit more challenging to run
    out of ammo for your favorite weapon and have to make do with what you
    can find. Maybe in the next game...
        Uses: Handgun Shells
        Holds: 7 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.25 seconds
        Empties in: 0.85 seconds
        Secondary Function: (None)
        Goldeneye Counterpart: PP7
        Real Life Counterpart: Walther PPK
        "Bond. Joanna Bond." While it may make for an interesting premise
    for Danjaq's Ian Fleming novel movie adaptations...no. (Though part of
    the problem, admittedly, is that she's not Sean Connery. I think she
    could outgun Pierce Brosnan, though. And she'd maul George Lazenby, too.
    Roger Moore, I'm not too sure. And, as Magnum noted (right after he told
    me that I didn't the get George 'Latzenby' spelling right) I completely
    left out Timothy Dalton. Hmmm...I don't think he'd do too well against
    Jo. Watch for Jo vs. The Cast of Casino Royale in the next version of
    this FAQ!)
        Anyhow, the default gun from Goldeneye is there if you'd like it.
    I'd stick with the Falcon, personally. The problem is that this gun has
    been outclassed. Who can compete with an extra round per clip and a
    laser sight? Then again, it's a pretty fun gun to go through the game
    with, and isn't that what it's all about?
        Uses: Handgun Shells
        Holds: 8 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.25 seconds
        Empties in: 0.96 seconds
        Secondary Function: (None)  
        Goldeneye Counterpart: DD44
        Real Life Counterpart: TT33 Tokorev (Special thanks to Mod. #15 for
    pointing this out)
        Another gun that gets by on the fun factor - it's not nearly as
    accurate as the Falcon 2. Even at medium range, you'll miss a whole lot
    of headshots. But the sound is spot on.
        Uses: SMG Ammo
        Holds: 20 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.25 seconds
        Empties in: 2.68 seconds
        Secondary Function: (None)
        Goldeneye Counterpart: Klobb
        Real Life Counterpart: WVZ61 Skorpion (Special thanks to Mod. #15
    for pointing this out)
        Sigh. The best thing about this gun is the noise it makes when it
    fires - it just screams "Machine Pistol!" Unfortunately, it's horribly
    innaccurate and its shells have very little power. Oh well.
    KF7 Special
        Uses: Rifle Ammo
        Holds: 30 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.25 seconds
        Empties in: 3.97 seconds
        Secondary Function: (None)
        Goldeneye Counterpart: KF7 Soviet
        Real Life Counterpart: AK-47 Assault Rifle
        Zoom Function: 2.0x
        Everyone's second favorite Rifle from Goldeneye is back -
    unfortunately, as in Goldeneye, it's outclassed by the AR(5)33.
    ZZT (9mm)
        Uses: SMG Ammo
        Holds: 32 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.25 seconds
        Empties in: 3.24 seconds
        Secondary Function: (None)
        Goldeneye Counterpart: ZMG (9mm)
        Real Life Counterpart: Ingram MAC-10 (Thanks to Wyatt Hanks for the
        I thought the name for this gun was the Uzi, but it never hurts to
    be technically correct. Anyhow, this is a real room clearer - it makes
    you feel like one of the bad guys from the action flicks (Don't say
    James Bond films, now) - it's got more power than the CMP150, as well.
        Uses: SMG Ammo
        Holds: 30 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.25 seconds
        Empties in: 4.01 seconds
        Secondary Function: (None)
        Goldeneye Counterpart: D5K
        Possible Counterpart: Heckler & Koch MP5K Sub-Machine Gun (Thanks
    again to Wyatt Hanks for another correction)
        Possible Counterpart: Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW Sub-Machine Gun
    (Thanks to Alex de Graff)
        Wyatt informed me that: "The DMC/DK5 is actually an MP5K which is
    much smaller than the MP5 in comparison and features a forward pistol
    grip, no stock, and a completely different barrel and frame."
        However, I was later informed from Alex de Graff that "In fact, it
    is a Heckler &Koch MP5K-PDW (Personal Defense Weapon). This is almost
    exactly the same as the mentioned MP5K, except that is has a threaded
    barrel which is used to carry accessories like suppressors. The only
    difference between it and a normal MP5K-PDW is that the foldable stock
    is removed."
        Unfortunately, I don't know who's right in this case, so we'll
    settle this the old-fashioned way - Alex, this is Wyatt. Wyatt, this is
    Alex. Two men enter, one man leaves...
        (Seriously, thanks to both parties for more knowledge on guns than I
    had before.)
        I really, really, really wish that they had put in the silenced
    version instead - that would have just made everyone's day. Still, not a
    bad SMG, though.
        Uses: Rifle Ammo
        Holds: 30 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.25 seconds
        Empties in: 3.25 seconds
        Secondary Function: (None)
        Goldeneye Counterpart: US AR33 Assault
        Real Life Counterpart: Colt M-16/A2 Assault Rifle
        Zoom Function: 2.0x
        Perhaps the best all around classic weapon. It's fast, it's
    accurate, and it even has a zoom capability. The only snag is that the
    penetrating power it had in Goldeneye is no longer there. Snaps!
        Uses: SMG Ammo
        Holds: 80 rounds
        Reloads in: 1.25 seconds
        Empties in: 8.00 seconds
        Secondary Function: (None)
        Goldeneye Counterpart: RCP-90
        Real Life Counterpart: FN-P90 (Fabrique Nationale Pistol 90)
        (Thanks to Wyatt Hanks for the proper spelling)
        In previous versions of this FAQ, I didn't know the real life
    counterpart of this gun (or even if it had one) but a kind e-mail from
    one Garrett Patton set the record straight. Take it away, Garrett!
        "In your strategy guide you said that you did not know what the
    RCP-90's reallife counterpart was, well it is the FN-P90, or Fabrique
    Nationale Pistol 90. It is a fairly compact machine pistol that uses .22
    hollowpoint frangibles at the rate of about 1000 RPM.  Because of their
    small size and the fact that the shred whatever they hit upon impact,
    they render body armor rather unimportant after a few rounds.  Thank you
    and i hope you give me credit if you use this. :)"
        Thanks again, Garrett. I guess it didn't stand for "Really Crappin'
    Powerful" after all.
        Anyhow, this is an unbelievable weapon - it has a huge magazine and
    a fast fire rate. Once you get this cheat, you'd be amazed at how much
    fun you'll have chopping enemies to ribbons in single player (instead of
    with just the Falcon 2) - it's like going from Joanna Dark to John
    ---- Other Tools -
    Combat Boosts
        Uses: Boost Pills
        Holds: 4 Pills
        Reloads in: N/A
        Empties in: N/A
        Secondary Function: Revert
        Combat Boosts enable you to experience everything in extreme slow
    motion for ten seconds of real time, or twenty seconds of Boost-relative
    time, per pill. It can be countered by other players, however, if they
    use the "Revert" secondary command.
        Combat Boosts make sniping much easier (even though you move
    extremely slow along with everyone else) and they also make dodging
    easier as well (since you can duck out of the way relatively faster.)
        I'd make a joke here about it being "Matrix Mode", but since every
    other FAQ beat me to it, I'll go with "Chariots of Fire Mode" instead.
    X-Ray Scanner
        You've seen this type of vision in the Farsight XR-20, only now you
    can use it with any weapon. However, it's a big tradeoff. While you can
    see through walls to find enemies, you won't be able to see very far at
    all down long hallways and open spaces that you normally could. So, it's
    a bit more gimmicky then useful for my tastes.
        Also, unlike your Farsight XR-20 experience, you'll find that
    bullets don't actually do through walls like Farsight orbs do. Foo.
    Cloaking Device
        Uses: Cloaking Devices
        Holds: (120 seconds)
        Reloads in: N/A (1.00 second to cloak/re-cloak)
        Empties in: N/A
        The Cloaking device is Perfect Dark's method of invisiblity, and
    it's quite fun. When you're cloaked, your gun will appear translucent,
    and to your opponents, you'll appear as little more than smeared air. A
    good opponent can spot the smear moving and aim for it, however, so
    exercise caution - Invisible is not Invincible.
        In Combat Simulator, each Cloaking Device that you pick up is good
    for 20 seconds of cloaking time. However, note that firing your weapon
    will cause you to de-cloak for however long you fire, and it takes a
    second to re-cloak - be sure that you can hit the enemy you're aiming
    for before you fire!
        The Shield is the equivalent of Goldeneye's Body Armor - any hits
    taken are taken off of the shield before they are applied to the
    opponent. Also, any hit on a shield only counts as a limb hit, no matter
    where it would have landed on the opponent. Also, if you shoot a shield
    before picking it up, it will still work, but you can take fewer hits
    with it on. (Only in Single player, though. Drat!)
        Finally, a shield will completely block a one-shot-kill weapon
    (though the shield will be used up completely.)
    - III: How to succeed at the Firing Range --
    Notes: Far and near refer to distance from Joanna. Also, you start with
    only the Falcon 2 and the CMP150 at the Range - to get more weapons, you
    must collect (or start) with them in either the Solo missions or the
    Combat Simulator.
    Falcon 2
        120 seconds
        120 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        There are three close targets here - they will break after eight
    hits. A new target will pop up for every broken one. Pretty simple.
        15 seconds
        80 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        One close moving target - it will flip around when it reaches the
    end of its line. When the back side of the target is showing, shooting
    it will score no points, nor will it contribute to the target's breakup.
    It will break after eight shots as well - a new target will appear
    behind the old one and follow the same pattern. 
        10 seconds
        170 points
        24 rounds (3 full clips)
        Three close-to-medium moving targets that break after eight shots
    move in an "L" pattern here:
        |      |  ^
        2---|  |  | (Targets move counterclockwise)
            |  |
        Well, not too bad for my first attempt at ASCII art. Anyway, the
    easiest way I found to do this was to start in front of the 1 and 3
    targets and fire as the 3 went back - pump a full clip into 3 (80), then
    4-5 rounds into 2 as it comes around (120-130), reload, and then get a
    full clip into 1 when it comes around (above 170).
    Falcon 2 (silencer)
        120 seconds
        120 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        One target that flips every 2 seconds and breaks after eight shots
    (another pops up to the target's right.) Nothing too tough.
        120 seconds
        30 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 9 targets
        A little different from what you've seen so far - three rows of
    three flipping targets each! However, these targets will break after one
    shot. Don't get too firing crazy, though, as you'll need 3 bullseyes (or
    6 zone 1's) to pass. But, let's face it, pretty simple.
        30 seconds
        80 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 3 targets
        There are three rows of one target each - they move left and right
    facing you and then stop for two seconds facing away - so work on your
    moving target skills! These targets take twelve hits to break, so you'll
    have to fire at least 36 rounds (and reload at least four times)  to do
    the job. Be sure to aim a bit too.
        I tend to go for the 80 points first, then start firing like a
    madman once I get to that point. Bullseyes be damned! Smash the suckers!
    Falcon 2 (scope)
        120 seconds
        120 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Stationary close-medium range targets that break after eight hits
    (there's just one at a time, though). You should hit 120 points in 12
        120 seconds
        120 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must have => 80% Accuracy (It's not a smiley, it's
        One target that moves in a square pattern - moves faster when close
    to you and slower when far from you. Reminds me of my last girlfriend,
        Anyhow, keep in mind that you have to have at least 80% Accuracy -
    which means that you'll have to hit 4 out of 5 shots. By the time you
    play the game a little, you should make at least 4.9 of 5 shots, but I
    digress. It's easier to use the scope and snipe at the target far away
    then deal with its fast movement up close. And if you're still not
    accurate enough after 120 points, just keep firing at the target until
    your average slowly pulls up.
        10 seconds
        80 points
        8 rounds (1 full clip)
        One target at close-medium range that moves from left to right, and
    doesn't flip. Pretty simple, but the Carrington guys want you to really
    shine on this one...doing the math says that you have to have 8
    bullseyes to pass. (And the target breaks, but that's not really the
        You (and I) really should work on moving target skills here, but I
    tend to get one bullseye before the buzzer sounds and seven more while
    it's stopped on the right side. 
    MagSec 4
        120 seconds
        135 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        One flipping target that breaks after nine hits at close-medium
    range, but remains stationary otherwise (and is replaced by another
    after it breaks). Use the 3-round burst to destroy the target quickly.
        120 seconds
        135 points
        18 rounds (2 full clips)
        There are two rows of 3 targets each that flip, with one close
    blocking target which is always facing away and moving to obstruct the
    other 3 targets:
    -  -  -
    -  -  -
    <- - -> (blocking target)
        Remember, you ony have 18 rounds, so don't waste them on the target
    backs! However, you do have a really long time, so pick your shots one
    by one. Keep in mind that these targets break after 3 hits and are not
    replaced, so you may want to move over to the other targets after that
    happens. Also remember to turn off the 3 round burst - we're going for
    accuracy here.
        12 seconds
        80 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 4 targets
        These targets move in a square pattern (facing you when they move)
    and then stop for a second (and not face you). These targets break after
    3 hits (and are not replaced). They'll move in the square pattern three
    times during the time limit. Don't use the three round burst - it will
    lower your score considerably.
        What you should do is park yourself in front of the right targets
    (since they move towards you) and fire at whatever comes towards you.
    Don't forget to reload after the targets flip - you don't want to get
    caught empty while you can shoot the targets.
        120 seconds
        200 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        One target that moves from medium to close range (with no lateral
    movement) that breaks after 20 hits. Is replaced by another target. Not
    a problem.
        120 seconds
        50 rounds (2 full clips and 1/2 clip)
        Must break 8 targets
        Eight targets that move in a circle pattern and stop after each
    target has moved two spots, always facing you. Here, use the Charge-up
    shot and hit one target at a time. If you don't reload, the fourth shot
    will be a weak shot - fire the weak shot at one target and remember
    which one it is. You don't want to hit this target quite yet.
        Repeat with the second clip, putting the fourth shot into the same
    target previously designated. Finally, reload and place the charged shot
    into the non-desinated target, then place the final shot into the
    designated target. Voila!
        As an alternative, you can simply put five regular shots in each
    target to get them to break...but where's the fun in that?
        15 seconds
        35 rounds (1 full clip and 3/4 clip)
        Must break 6 targets
        Six stationary targets (two rows of three) that remain stationary
    but flip towards and away from you at close range. 
    4  5  6
    1  2  3
        Here, charge up a shot before the buzzer sounds, and shoot a charged
    shot into target 2 when it's towards you. Charge up another shot, shoot
    it into target 1. Charge up another shot, shoot it into target 4. While
    the targets are towards you, fire any remaining rounds into target 5.
    Reload automatically.
        Charge up a shot, fire into 3. Charge up a shot, fire into 6. While
    the targets are still facing you, fire your remaining rounds into 5. If
    you get at least 5 rounds into 5, it will break.
        Be sure to be quick about it, as you only get six target flips (and
    one of them will be wasted due to reloading and shot charging.)
        As an alternative, you can try this strategy from RBJones - 
        "Using your 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 diagram ill tell 
    you a much easier way that works 99 out of 100 times, provided you do
    know how to play the game, even if you suck.  First, get the charge up
    shot thingy, then hit 1target, then 2target, then 3target using the
    charge shot.  
        IMMEDIATLY after you hit the 3 target or the RELOAD.  You wont get
    but two or three rounds into the next charge, but its enough.  Shoot the
    6target with however many rounds you have in that charge, but wait until
    the last second when the target starts flipping for maximum roundage. 
    It wont break, but now you dont have to reload.  Hit the remaining to
    targets with your charge and they will break, but the split second after
    you hit the last target, aim for the 6 target that you shot and didnt
    break earlier, it will break now, and you will get gold.  I can do this
    in 12.36 seconds, and its not that confusing when you try it, if you
        120 seconds
        90 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Two targets (that break after 8 shots and are replaced) that move in
    a box pattern from close to extreme range. I like to mess around with
    the explosive shells here, but it's really up to you.
        120 seconds
        18 sounds (2 full clips and 1/4 clip)
        Must break 8 targets
        Time to break out those explosive shells - these targets can take a
    bit of punishment, so you'll have to shoot them twice with the shells to
    get them to break up. Also, these targets are replaced by targets that
    follow the same pattern (from close to extreme range moving laterally,
    flipping away from you when they stop), so try and go for the combo -
    making the splash damage of the explosive spread across more than 1
    target. It will help for:
        20 seconds
        3 rounds (3/8 clip)
        Must break 6 targets
        With 3 rounds and 6 targets, you'll have to do a bit of economizing.
    The three rows of two targets move laterally back and forth from close
    to medium range - and they meet at the midpoint of their lines. So, aim
    an explosive shell at the midpoint - the explosion will break up both of
    that row's targets. Repeat two more times and you're done!
    DY357 Magnum
        120 seconds
        90 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        One stationary target that flips towards and away from you at close
    range. If you anticipate when the target flips and pull the trigger
    slightly before the target flips (there's a small pre-fire delay with
    Magnums), then you can get in two shots per flip.
        120 seconds
        80 points
        3 rounds (1/2 clip)
        Here you'll learn the fine art of target penetration - there are
    three rows of three targets each: completely stationary, and which break
    after one shot. Here, get completely lined up with all three targets in
    the column (you shouldn't be able to see the targets behind the front
    one in that column), aim and the bullseys, and fire. You should get
    three bullseyes. Repeat twice.
        12 seconds
        50 points
        5 rounds (5/6 clip)
        More target penetration - but this time the targets have a weird
    flipping pattern. Instead of describe the pattern, here's what I do to
    exploit it - once the buzzer sounds, shoot the three targets in the
    center row with one penetrating shot. Then move over to the right row
    and aim at the bullseye, but to not fire...yet. Look at the left
    targets. When you can see the front of all three, fire. That should do
        120 seconds
        90 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        One target that moves in a rectangular pattern, periodically
    stopping. Breaks after six hits, but is replaced by another target.
        30 seconds
        200 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Three targets (one close, one close-medium, one medium) move left to
    right. It starts with two on the right and one on the left. Wait until
    they cross in the middle to get three bullseyes with one shot (remember
    to lead the shot.)
        After six shots, the three targets will break and reveal three more
    targets at medium to extreme range. Follow the same strategy - however,
    chances are that you have >150 points from the previous three targets,
    so follow the group of two targets around to finish up quicker.
        50 seconds
        100 points
        12 rounds (2 full clips)
        One target at close range that moves laterally left and right, flips
    away from you at the ends of its movement, and breaks after 12 hits. You
    should make 1 bullseye shot per movement (remember to lead the shot a
    little because of that pre-fire delay), not needing to fire on the
    movement where you have to reload. Accuracy counts - you can only afford
    4 zone1's to get 100 points.
        120 seconds
        240 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Three flipping targets at close range. Piece of cake.
        120 seconds
        80 rounds (2 full clips and 1/2 clip)
        Must break 4 targets
        Four targets here that move in a box pattern facing away from you
    and then stop facing towards you. Use the lock-on feature of this gun to
    pump twelve rounds into each target to break it. Remember to stop firing
    when the targets flip around and move and you'll be fine.
        20 seconds
        350 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 6 targets
        Three targets move in a box pattern - quickly from close to extreme
    range - when one breaks after twelve hits, it is replaced, for a total
    of six targets. The way to do this is to go to the left side, aim for
    the bullseye of the target there, fire until it moves laterally, tap 'R'
    to reset the lock-on aim, and fire at the bullseye of the approaching
        Remember to reset the lock-on aim each time, as your shots will veer
    towards the other targets for low points (since you're not aiming that
    way) if you don't reset it.
        120 seconds
        750 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Three stationary targets, not even flipping ones. Go hog-wild with
    the cool but wildly innaccurate Magazine Discharge, or just aim at the
    bullseyes in regular mode to get it overwith quickly.
        20 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 5 targets
        Three targets that move from close to extreme range - time for
    Magazine Discharge, right? Well, no. The problem is that it's so
    innaccurate that the twenty-five required shots for each target won't
    hit with a full clip at anything farther away than close-medium range!
        Instead, just use Magazine Discharge on the close center target at
    the beginning, then use Rapid Fire on the remaining targets (two appear
    after the first two are broken.)
        18 seconds
        400 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 1 target
        No Magazine Discharge for you here, either - Rapid Fire will do the
    job fine. The front two targets at close and close medium range that
    move back and forth break after 25 shots, so breaking the one target
    shouldn't be a problem. Just aim at the center target (which doesn't
    break at all, apparently) and one of the other two targets in front of
    the center target should break from all the bullets it picks up. 
    Callisto NTG
        120 seconds
        480 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Six stationary targets - three at close range, three at medium
    range. Here you can have fun with the penetrating High-Impact Shells to
    get two bullseyes at once.
        30 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 1 target
        One target at medium range, moving laterally, is behind three
    blocking targets that always face away from you. Break out those
    High-Impact Shells and fire at where the target will be. Alternatively,
    you could play sniper and get the target as it peeks out from between
    its cover, but I don't think you'll get the forty required hits for the
    target to break in time.
        20 seconds
        250 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 2 targets
        There are nine targets here the follow a weird flipping pattern -
    instead of describing it, switch to rapid fire, wait until one of the
    targets flips your way, and pump twenty rounds into it to break it.
        120 seconds
        1,000 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        One stationary target at close range. Whoop-de-doo. 
        20 seconds
        300 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Here you'll get to use the ultra-sneaky cloaking function. The three
    targets at close range will face away from you at the start - cloak
    yourself to make the targets turn towards you, then pump 'em full of
    lead! Since they break after twenty hits, you'll have to cloak, pump
    twenty rounds into the target, re-cloak to make the targets face you
    again, then unload on another target.
        20 seconds
        180 rounds (1 and 1/2 clips)
        Must break 9 targets
        Three rows of three targets each from close-medium to medium-extreme
    range - which all break after eight hits. However, the front row won't
    turn towards you unless you cloak. So:
        Cloak to make the targets turn towards you, then try to destroy ALL
    the front targets so you don't have to cloak again (which will waste
    copious amounts of your limited ammo). Finish off the remaining targets
    - if you have to cloak again to get a straggler front target, then do so
    before you finish off the rest of the targets...we wouldn't want to end
    up without enough ammo to finish the job, right? By that same token,
    remember to reload before you cloak a second time.
    Laptop Gun
        30 seconds
        750 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Pretty simple here - you get three stationary targets at medium
    range (no problem if you use the 2x zoom), and when they break, they're
    replaced by targets at close range! Whoo-hoo!
        20 seconds
        90 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        "There's got to be a trick to this," you're probably saying, "since
    the stationary three targets at close-medium range aren't facing me!"
    And you're right, there's a trick - use the computer twice to open up
    the counter and walk onto the firing range. Watch out when Johnathan
    Dark comes in to practice, though, he's rather miffed that he's now
    number two and he's packing a DY357 Magnum!
        Oh, all right. You've got to throw away the laptop - use the Sentry
    Gun command and watch the fun happen! One word of advice, though...get
    to the sides of the targets to throw the Laptop Gun - otherwise it'll
    bounce off the back end of a target. That would be bad.
        15 seconds
        750 points
        250 rounds (5 full clips)
        Must break 2 targets
        There are three targets here that move in a box pattern from close
    to medium range. I like to move over the the left side, aim at the
    bulleyes that come my way, and reload when necessary. Once you reach 750
    points, pump the most shot-up target(s) full of lead, wherever it (they)
    move (s) to. Since the targets break up after fifty shots, better to
    break than go for accuracy (after 750 points, of course.)
        Or your could use this tip from Bjorn Carlsson to get through it
        "I've discovered a way to easily get Gold for the Laptop Gun in the
    firing range.  All you have to do is use the secondary fire and toss it
    onto the wall behind you.  The Laptop Gun will quickly (and accurately)
    make mincemeat of the targets.
    Note: This might not always work, it doesn't work for my brother but
    it's Perfect for me (pun intended).
    Bjorn Carlsson
    (I rule!!!)"
        Thanks, Bjorn. I'd like to make a little addendum here, though.
    Having tried this a couple times, I noticed that there are much higher
    secores if you throw the laptop gun down a little (Don't keep the aim at
    eye level, look down.) Also, be sure to ready throwing the gun before
    the timer starts. Finally, if the gun runs out of ammo before you score
    750 points, press B to pick it up: you still have 50 bullets left to use
    to gun down that last target with. 
        120 seconds
        450 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Three flipping targets at close range that are replaced by medium
    range targets after they are broken by thirty shots. Make short work of
    this one with the zoom.
        10 seconds
        10 points
        1 round (1/30 clip)
        Well, the target won't break with one shot. D'oh. What you need to
    do then is to use the proximity self-destruct and throw the weapon
    towards the target moving from close to medium range. Get in front of
    the target when you throw it, otherwise it may end up outside the gun's
    proximity radius. Either that, or use the Laptop Gun's Silver
    walkthrough to punch the target down! That'll show it. (OK, not really.)
        15 seconds
        500 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must have => 90% Accuracy (It's not a smiley, it's
        There are three targets at medium range that flip back and forth at
    odd times and two moving targets at close range that never flip.
    Concentrate on those moving targets (don't worry when the targets cross
    - you can still get at least 500 points and your accuracy won't drop)
    reloading when necessary. Just keep your crosshairs on the bullseye and
    that should solve the accuracy problem, even with the Dragon's shot
    K7 Avenger
        120 seconds
        375 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        One stationary target at medium-extreme range here, which is
    replaced by another one when it breaks after twenty-five shots. As I've
    said before, nothing too tough.
        120 seconds
        4 rounds (4/25 clip)
        Must break 4 targets
        Now this one's a little tricky - no way you can break even one
    target with 4 shots, right? Well, pretty much. Unless you remember to
    turn on the threat detector. See those targets with the red outlines on
    them? Go for them. Be careful to step to the sides, though, as most of
    the targets you want to hit are not in the front row.
        15 seconds
        30 rounds (1 full and 1/5 clip)
        Must break 3 targets
        This one's got no fancy tricks - you need to know exactly when to
    pull the trigger and for how long. In order to destroy the three
    flipping targets at medium-extreme range, you can't waste a round, or
    you won't have the ten rounds necessary to destroy each target.
        Here, the middle target flips every two seconds and the left and
    right every three. So, put five to eight rounds in the middle target
    (and remember how many you put in there - subtract from ten to get the
    number of rounds you need to finish it), then put ten rounds in the left
    target. Then finish off the center target, then reload, then finish the
    right target.
        Be sure to take some time to practice getting the proper number of
    rounds in each target, or else you'll end up putting one in the back
        120 seconds 
        450 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Three targets with no lateral movement - from close to extreme
    range. Please say that you don't need help with this one.
        120 seconds
        120 rounds (4 full clips)
        Must break 9 targets
        There are three targets (which are replaced with up to six others)
    moving slowly in a box pattern from close to medium range. Ten shots
    break a target. You may run into some minor snags here with the AR34's
    long range innaccuracy - since you have a lot of time, you can stay on
    the left side of the box pattern and let the targets come to you.
        20 seconds
        500 points
        Must have 100% Accuracy
        Ouch. I hated this one. It was well-nigh impossible to beat...until
    I found the secret. So to fully appreciate the anguish I went through,
    take a couple of tries at it first. I'll wait.
        You didn't really do it, did you? Go on, do it!
        Back so soon? Ah. Surely you discovered that the lone target at
    medium/extreme range which only moves laterally, doesn't flip, and stops
    at the ends of its line is a bit tougher to hit than it seems. Mainly
    because the AR34 is really darn innaccurate at that range.
        What I tried to do before was to always keep the crosshair trained
    on the bullseye - the target is just far away enough that aiming at the
    bullseye will ensure that the bullets hit the target (Yes, the accuraccy
    is that bad.)
        Until I stumbled onto the obvious secret. I can't believe I didn't
    think of it sooner. And it is: kneeling.
        Kneeling down twice will dramatically improve your accuracy! Soon
    the notion of not even hitting the target when not keeping the
    crosshairs trained exactly on the bullseye dissapated into only getting
    a Zone 2 or 3. (And not having to start over, AGAIN, due to lack of
        Kneeling down will actually increase your accuracy with any gun.
    However, I don't recommend that you do so, unless you intend to kneel
    down every time an enemy's coming (or in multiplayer) Thus, one of these
    days, I'll go back and get the Gold for the AR34 standing up. 
        But not today.
        And that's my corageous story.
        120 seconds
        450 points
        Unlimited Ammo (both types)
        Yes, yes, I know you're all chomping at the bit to try out the
    grenade launcher, but you really shouldn't. Instead, just use the rapid
    fire to shoot each target thirty times for the points.
        (See, I tried playing around with the grenade launcher, and got 10
    points a target for the explosions. Unfortunately, there are only seven
    targets that appear - though you only have one at close range to start
    and is later replaced - so you don't end up with enough points to get
        120 seconds
        9 bullets (9/30 clip) / 9 Grenade Rounds (1 full and 1/2 clip)
        Must break 9 targets
        The targets take more than nine rounds to break, so get out that
    Grenade Launcher - These nine targets at close to medium range flip, but
    don't move otherwise, so it should be pretty easy. Just remember to
    launch the grenades about a half second before the targets flip - and
    make sure that when you fire, the target *backs* are showing. That way
    the explosion happens while the targets can be affected, OK?
        30 seconds
        60 bullets (2 full clips) / 4 Grenade Rounds
        Must break 5 targets
        This is one of the tricker ones - here you have to learn the fine
    art of grenade lobbing. Grenade rounds are affected by gravity, and so
    they fire in an arc instead of in a straight line. So:
        There are five targets here: one is stationary in the center (and
    takes 10 shots to break) while the other four travel in a box pattern
    around it (flipped away from you while they move) - stopping in the box
    corners (and flipping your way) periodically.
        First, take out the center target with your regular bullets - it
    will take ten, and should be easy to hit, even with all the other
    targets flying around. Now, you'll have to take out the other four
    targets with grenades. (You can take them out with bullets, but it takes
    30 rounds, which have to be delivered over at least three passes of the
    targets. You get five passes of the targets before time is up. D'oh.)
        To complete this one, aim the grenades for the close targets a
    little below the targets, and the grenades for the far targets a little
    above those targets. Also, fire a little before the targets settle into
    position and flip - it takes the grenade a little while to get there
    (and the target a little time to soak up the explosion.)
        120 seconds
        240 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        You get to have a little fun with stationary close range targets
    here (one at a time) - they'll break after two shots, so turn on your
    Double Blast if you'd like.
        30 seconds
        Must break 9 targets
        I tried to take advantage of the shotgun spread here, but the
    targets are too solid to break under one or two pellets. Each target
    requires a solid blast to break it. Since there are nine, you should be
    able to do this without reloading. Simply fire at the bullseye at the
    bullseye of any target you can get a clean shot at. There are up to
    three at once, at close to medium range, that move laterally and flip
    when they get to the ends of their lines, so it shouldn't be too much
    trouble at all.
        20 seconds
        170 points
        30 Shells (3 full clips and 3 shells)
        One close range target here that moves laterally and flips at the
    ends of its line. Switch to Double Blast to get more points quicker.
    Just remember to follow the target's movement before you fire the second
    shot - so fire, tap left, fire, for example.
        120 seconds
        1,000 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Man, and you thought the AR33 and Cyclone were innaccurate - the
    Reaper can't even hold its fire to a single target! Anyhow, take the
    man's advice and kneel down (twice) at the beginning so that your aim is
    a little more bearable.
        Nothing much to mention here - just three stationary targets at very
    close range. They flip every now and then, as well. Since ammo and time
    aren't problems (and spin-up and spin-down times are), I say just keep
    firing at the bullseye regardless of which way the target's facing. (You
    can, however, ease off the trigger while the targets facing away. Keep
    the gun spinning at a fair rate. Not that ammo's a problem, but just
    that you don't have to reload so often.)
        30 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 18 targets
        This one's real fun. The targets here are stationary, at close to
    medium range, and break after nine hits. There are three targets on the
    range at a time, with the others replaced in seemingly random spots.
    Just hold the trigger and make a sweep from one target to the next,
    mowing them all down. You've got enough time for three reloads.
        30 seconds
        750 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 1 target
        There are three targets here that move in a box pattern - one is
    seperated from the other two by a larger gap. They don't flip, so keep
    the trigger on that Reaper! (And kneel, too!) The targets take about a
    hundred to a hundred fifty hits to break, so pick a target to break and
    stick with it until it's broken. You can use the other two targets for
    points after you break the target.
    Sniper Rifle
        120 seconds
        120 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Ahhh...after all that it's really nice to have an unbelivably
    accurate weapon! First order of business to deal with these extreme
    range targets is to use C-up while aiming to change the zoom from 4.0x
    to 30.0x. Now that's cool. Also, if you use the secondary mode to
    crouch, you'll eliminate all the bouncing around that occurs while
    aiming. Personally, though, I'd rather try to fight the bouncing. It'll
    prepare you for real-world sniping.
        (Disclaimer: Please don't go out and become a real-world sniper
    after playing this game. If you have to, say that you became a sniper
    playing "Deer Hunter 3D" or something.)
        120 seconds
        120 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must have => 90% Accuraccy (It's not a smiley, it's
        A lot like the Bronze one, except now the targets flip, a new target
    appears at medium-extreme range after the targets break after eight
    shots, and you have an accuracy quota. No real problems.
        12 seconds
        150 points
        15 rounds (1 full and 7/8 clip)
        Whoa! The difficulty sure ramped up a bit here. You'll have to deal
    with three targets that move from close to extreme range, and break
    after five shots. As well, you'll have to get 15 bulleyes to pass this
    one. Add in the fact that this must be all done in 12 seconds and you
    begin to see that this one will be a little tricky.
        Here's what I did. First, back off the zoom a bit - zooming to 30.0x
    wastes too much time. Go to about 9-10x. Second, crouch only once. There
    will still be a bit of wobbling, but it won't be as bad as it was
    before. Now, zoom in on the right target, and get five bullseyes.
    Quickly, too. Then strafe left to the center and get three more.
    Auto-reload. Then put two more bullets into the center, strafe left,
    then put two into the left target. 
        Of course, it won't work quite that way the first time you try
    it...just keep practicing until your sniping skills are second-to-none.
    FarSight XR-20
        120 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 3 targets
        Oh yes. This is one cool weapon. If you do this properly, you can
    break the three stationary targets at close, medium, and far range with
    three shots. (Each target needs three shots to break. Move to the right
    and shuffle around so that you can only see one target, turn on the
    target locator, and fire!
        15 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 6 targets
        Right, time to switch on that Target Locator again -  you'll use it
    with this gun a lot. The deal here is that there are two rows of three
    flipping targets at far range - which are blocked by a row of three
    stationary blocking targets always facing away. 
        The tricky part is that the targets in the back flip. So, you should
    line up in front of a blocking target, turn on target locator, and fire
    when you get a clear shot. You'll probably fire twice, though, because
    you can't tell whether the targets in the back have flipped or not. So,
    fire, and if the targets don't break, fire again when they flip. Shift
    to the left/right and repeat.
        20 seconds
        40 points
        3 rounds (3/8 clip)
        Must break 6 targets
        Ok, this is all about penetrating multiple targets simultaneously.
    (And don't you read anything dirty into that, mister!) You've got five
    targets forming a long X pattern from close to extreme range, and one
    laterally moving target at extreme range.
        Here's how I handle it: move on over to the left side of the targets
    and wait until the moving one is in the line of fire. Aim for the
    bullseyes (well, the center of the target, anyhow) and you should get 30
    points. Then line up one of the far targets with the near target and
    fire to destroy both (and get >40 points.) Finally, shoot the last far
    target. It may be too far to let the threat detector show it properly,
    so just line it up in the sights without aiming and fire.
        120 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 6 targets
        Two lines of three completely immobile targets here - only two at
    close-medium range and two at extreme range are visible at first,
    though. Launch a wall-hugger at the right near target - when it
    detonates, it should continue exploding long enough to shatter the third
    target that appears on the right when it appears.
        After that, lob a wall-hugger on the center target of the extreme
    range line of three targets, and that should do it!
        50 seconds
        10 Grenades (1 full clip and 2/8 clip)
        Must break 6 targets
        OK - you've got three stationary targets at extreme range and three
    targets that move from close to extreme range - with no lateral movement
    or flipping. What you want to do here is launch a wall-hugger grenade on
    the center moving target when it's moving towards you - the wall-hugger
    should drop at extreme range, breaking the three extreme range targets.
    If you're especially lucky, you can break all six with one grenade this
    way...if not, just switch to grenade launcher mode and take care of the
    remaining moving targets.
        30 seconds
        6 Grenades (6/8 clip)
        Must break 6 targets
        OK, you start off with one flipping target at extreme range,
    replaced by a flipping target at close range, then this pattern repeats
    twice. Use the regular grenade launcher to lob a grenade at the far
    targets, and use the Wall-Hugger to stick grenades on close range
    targets. You've got to blow up one target with each grenade, so be
    careful. Good luck.
    Rocket Launcher
        120 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 9 targets
        There are three lines of three completely stationary targets each
    here - one at close, one at medium, and one at extreme range. Just aim
    at the center target with a rocket (if you don't trust your aim, use the
    Targeted Rocket) and that'll do it.
        120 seconds
        18 rockets
        Must break 8 targets
        There are eight targets that move in a box pattern from close-medium
    to extreme range here - we're going to take them on two by two. Start by
    waiting for the targets to move. Whenever a target appears close and in
    the center, fire a rocket, and you'll take out two targets. Repeat three
    times when new targets come into the center, and you've got it.
        30 seconds
        40 points
        4 Rockets
        Must break 4 targets
        You've got four targets moving in a box pattern here - two at close
    range and two at extreme range. The homing rocket won't help you here,
    so leave it on Rocket Launch. These targets are toward you for a second
    when they're still and away from you the rest of the time. Go to the
    left first, let the targets move, and then fire a rocket at the close
    left target as it's about to flip around. Repeat with the close right
    target. Then, wait for the targets to move around, and fire a rocket at
    the far right target about a half second before it settles into place
    (i.e.: still moving towards the far right corner.) The right moment is
    just before it passes the spot where the far left target would be.
        Get the amount of time you need to wait in mind, as you'll have to
    destroy the far left target last, and without any visual reference, all
    you can rely on is timing. Also, be as accurate as you can when dealing
    with the far targets, 'ere you plunk a rocket into the back wall.
        120 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 6 targets
        Nothing too tough here, just select Fly-By-Wire mode and steer the
    rockets to their targets. One caveat - if you miss and turn around to
    try again (i.e.: if you're facing the opposite of Joanna's direction)
    detonate the rocket when the target *back* is to you. The target just
    will not break up while the target is facing away from you, even if the
    rocket's going the right way!
        (Optional: Use your right hand to grab your cowboy hat and wave it
    around over your head, going "Whooo-hooo-hooo!! Whhhaaaaa-hoooo!!!", a
    la Dr. Strangelove, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)
        120 seconds
        40 points
        6 Rockets
        Must break 4 targets
        OK, there are four targets that move in a box pattern from
    close-medium to extreme range, never flipping. Now turn the Slayer off
    of Fly-By-Wire mode (I know, I know, it's probably the last time you
    ever will) and wait a few seconds, aiming at the spot where the right
    target was. When a target moves into the right target's position, fire
    the rocket! The explosion should take out the target coming in from the
    left, as well. Repeat when the other two targets come around.
        40 seconds
        60 points
        8 Rockets
        Must break 6 targets
        All right, all right, turn Fly-By-Wire back on! Now, what you're
    starting with here are three targets, one at close, medium, and extreme
    range - after you blow up some targets, a new one will appear at each
    distance. First order of business is to fire a rocket so that it
    detonates and hits the close target on the left side. This should spawn
    a second target at close range that starts on the right, but will
    immediately move left into the explosion. Next, fly a rocket in between
    the two targets at medium range and detonate. Finally, fly a rocket all
    the way back to extreme range and detonate it at the proper time. Yay!
    Combat Knife
        120 seconds
        72 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        One stationary target here at close range. Nothing too tough - just
    make sure to jog your aim a little because the knives stick in the
    target, and they have a tendency to deflect incoming knives off the
    target. Oh yeah, and be sure to use the secondary mode to throw the
    knife. *insert smiley of choice here*
        120 seconds
        90 points
        18 knives
        Three flipping targets at close range here. All three break after
    six hits, so be careful. Also, remember to keep the aim moving so that
    the knives don't deflect off other knives...that would be wasteful!
        30 seconds
        80 points
        8 knives
        Those of you with fair math skills note that only 8 bullseyes will
    do here, and it's a fairly easy job. There are eight targets, each of
    which break after one knife, that don't flip, but move in a circle
    pattern (two target lengths) before stopping. So first park yourself in
    the center, throw a knife at the bullseys of the target there, wait for
    the targets to finish moving, repeat the aforementioned steps 3 times.
    Then move over to the left corner of the square pattern, aim at the
    bullseye, throw a knife, wait for the targets to stop moving, repeat 3
    times. That's it!
        120 seconds
        72 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Three stationary targets at close range here. Nothing too tough,
    except remember that you're not Robin Hood. (i.e. Firing a bolt and
    hitting another bolt will cause the bolt to deflect off its path - not
    penetrate to the target.)
        120 seconds
        90 points
        20 bolts
        Three stationary targets at close/medium range here. Just remember
    to move your aim around a little - you really don't need that
        30 seconds
        150 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        This one's pretty tricky. You have one target that faces you at
    close range when it's still, and moves laterally, turning away from you
    when it moves. 15 bullseyes would normally be pretty easy, but the
    problem is the deflection of the arrows. So, you'll have to move your
    aim around the bullseye slightly so that the arrows don't bounce off of
    each other.
        Also, keep in mind that it takes about 5 seconds to fully reload.
    You should fully reload each time, too, as it takes longer to load 5
    bolts seprately than all at once. So, keep your finger off the trigger
    while reloading.
        OK. Pop one (just one) in the target before the buzzer goes off.
    Then pop four in the target in the next flip. Keep the pattern of
    one-four-reload to get in the most shots on the target. Remember to jog
    the aim a little so that the arrows don't deflect off other arrows to
    score zero, and you should be OK.
        120 seconds
        120 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        This one has eight targets that move in a circle pattern slowly and
    stop for a second after each moves two target lengths. No problem.
        20 seconds
        250 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        There are three flipping targets at close range here, which are
    replaced by targets at close-medium range after they are broken up.
    Since time's tight, break a target (with the eighth hit) right before it
    flips back - that way the target that appears to replace it will be
    flipped your way when the others are flipped away, and vice versa -
    which means you'll always have a target to shoot at.
        15 seconds
        18 sedatives (2 clips and 2/8 clip)
        Must break 18 targets
        OK - this one's all about speed. Here, all 18 targets break after
    one shot and are replaced by new ones - so you have to hit the target
    somewhere and not miss a shot to succeed. All within 15 seconds, too!
        The first target is close and in the center, so I'll give the other
    targets in relation to that one:
        2: Right and close
        3: Center and back far
        4: Right and back far
        5: Center and back somewhat
        6: Left and back far
        7: Left and back somewhat
        8: Right and close (Then auto-reload)
        9: Left and close
       10: Right and close
       11: Left and close
       12: Center and back somewhat
       13: Left and back somewhat
       14: Center and back far
       15: Left and back far
       16: Right and back far (Then auto-reload)
       17: Right and back somewhat
       18: Exactly where the first one is, close and in the center. 
        120 seconds
        250 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Geez, this one is beyond easy. Three stationary targets at close to
    medium range that don't flip, and don't break (seemingly). Just aim at
    the closest one and hold Z for 14 seconds and you'll get it. (Use the
    Burst Fire, the stream doesn't have enough range.)
        20 seconds
        180 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must have => 80% Accuracy (It's not a smiley, it's
        This one's a bit tougher, and tests your moving target skills.
    There's one laterally moving target at close range that faces towards
    you when it's moving and way from you when it's still. You can get off
    five shots per pass, and there are five passes before time runs out.
    Just keep aiming at the bullseye and hope for the best!
        20 seconds
        250 points
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must have => 100% Accuracy (It's not a smiley, it's
        OK, there are three targets that always face you and move from close
    to medium range, with no lateral movement. They break after 12 hits, so
    be a bit careful. Not really too much to this one - I just filled it in
    because I couldn't stand the gap in the FAQ anymore!
        120 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 3 targets
        One stationary close target, replaced by one stationary medium
    target, replaced by another close target. Use the four second fuses on
    the close targets and the Proximity Pinball on the medium target. Be
    careful, though - these grenades have a nasty tendency to slip through
    the floor at times. I don't know why - could it be that they're
    fifth-dimentional grenades? Cubist grenades, perhaps?
        30 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 18 targets
        Now this one's fun...it's a 'throw frag grenades like they're gonna
    muke the factory in five minutes so you better throw all you can' (see
    Fallout manual) type of training.
        First, throw a Proxy grenade towards the back targets, then throw a
    four second grenade under the near targets. Before that one goes off,
    throw a Proxy grenade towards it so it gets caught in the explosion.
    Next, throw a proxy grenade towards the appearing targets in the back.
    Finally, throw a four second grenade under the close targets, and then a
    proxy grenade so that it gets caught in the explosion. Heh heh heh.
        30 seconds
        6 Grenades
        Must break 4 targets
        Now here's where aiming grenades will come in handy. There are four
    targets that appear one at a time, each moving in a box pattern, flipped
    away from you while moving and toward you when standing still. The order
    is far left, far right, near left, near right. 
        Turn on the Proxy Pinball and wait for the target to move - then
    toss the grenade straight towards the target about a half-second before
    the target stops. This should blow up the far target, repeat with the
    next far target. Now, when dealing with the near targets, remember that
    the Proxy Pinball grenades aren't armed until their second bounce. So,
    line up in front of where the near target will be, and toss the proxy
    grenade just like before - except, look down and toss it right against
    the table with the computer on it! The grenade will bounce very high
    twice - thrice and detonate on the target. Repeat again, and that's it!
    Timed Mine
        120 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 3 targets
        There are three flipping targets here at very close range. Throw a
    mine on the center one. Then throw as many as you can (five is my
    personal best) onto the other targets to get a really loud boom.
        120 seconds
        6 Mines
        Must break 6 targets
        OK, there are three targets that move from close to medium range,
    and three targets that stay at medium range. Ideally, you should put a
    mine on the center moving target, then watch as the target moves back,
    them the mine's detonataion will take out all six targets! However, if
    you miss the target and accidently take out the three moving targets,
    just lob a mine onto the center target to do the job. (Don't lob too
    high, though, these things stick to the ceiling.)
        12 seconds
        60 points
        1 Mine
        Must break 6 targets
        This time, you HAVE to break all six targets with one mine. To do
    so, just wait until the targets start moving, then throw the mine below
    the center closest target so that it hits the floor. It should take out
    all six targets when it detonates!
    Proximity Mine
        120 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 3 targets
        (See Timed Mines - Bronze, above - replace 'flipping' with
    'immobile' and 'boom' with 'blam'.)
        120 seconds
        6 Mines
        Must break 3 targets
        Right, here's where the proxy part of Proxy mines comes in. Toss a
    mine onto the center target of the three that move from close to medium
    range, and watch the fun happen when all three targets line up.
        30 seconds
        4 Mines
        Must break 5 targets
        OK, now this movement pattern is a little bit weird at first: so
    here's how it goes. Three targets move from close to medium range, and
    don't flip, and two targets (one at close range, one at medium range)
    move laterally and do flip. And their paths all cross, too. 
        You can pass this test by letting the targets move for a while: wait
    until the target that moves towards and away from you in the center
    moves toward you, and throw a proxy mine on it. With any luck, you'll
    set off either the close or the far laterally moving target, getting the
    three towards-and-away targets for sure. 
        Now you've got one or two targets and three mines. If the close
    one's still there, toss a proxy mine on its back - it'll set it off in
    about 5 seconds. If the far one's still there, throw a proxy mine
    towards it, wait, then throw another proxy mine to set off the first,
    hopefully catching the target in the huge ensuing explosion. 
    Remote Mine
        120 seconds
        Unlimited Ammo
        Must break 3 targets
        (See Proximity mines - Bronze, above - replace 'five is my personal
    best' with 'fifty is how many the game seems to allow before causing
    mines to disappear' and 'blam' with 'BAH-WHOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM'.)
        120 seconds
        4 Mines
        Must break 4 targets
        Four targets move in a box pattern here, from close to close-medium
    range. They face you when they stop and face away when they move.
    Normally I'd recommend tossing one mine on each target and detonating
    them as they face you, but that's too wasteful. Instead, let's leave a
    couple of mines in your pocket by throwing mines between two targets
    facing you, detonating them in midair with A+B combined. (Trust me,
    you'll thank me for this tactic in Combat Simulator - you'd be suprised
    how much use there is for a .75-second fused grenade. Well, Deus Noctis
    wouldn't be suprised, given that he/she/it's already written that bit,
    as well as half the guide, but I digress. Just one more.)
        12 seconds
        2 Mines
        Must break 7 targets
        All right. It all comes down to this. Let it be known that they
    saved the very hardest test for last...no, wait, they didn't. Oh well -
    here you have 7 targets always facing you - three in rows of two that
    move back and forth, and an immobile one in the center.
        Throw a mine on the center one and set it off when the other targets
    pass by - getting the front five targets. Then throw another mine where
    you threw the first one, setting it off as the far two pass each other.
    Volia! You're done! That's it! Game Over, Man, Game Over! Right, I'm
    getting a drink now...
    Part IV: The Duel - My very first level walkthrough:
    "There are three factors that determine who wins a duel. The least
    important is speed. The second least important is accuracy. The most
    important is courage - looking your opponent in the eyes and knowing
    you'll have to kill him."
        - Old West Wisdom, Author Unknown
    Congratulations! You're now Gold certified with a good chunk of all the
    firearms in the game! That means that you've opened up the special
    assignment - The Duel. (Well, actually you opened it up when you got
    Bronze certified with all the weapons in the game, but let's not bother
    with semantics, OK?)
    And what better to get you past it than this FAQ! (Don't worry, it's not
    quite as hard as the Facility, and it can be done faster than 2:05.)
    Agent Objectives:
        1: Defeat Datadyne Guard
    Special Agent Objectives:
        1: Defeat Datadyne Guard
        2: Defeat Johnathan Dark
    Perfect Agent Objectives:
        1: Defeat Datadyne Guard
        2: Defeat Johnathan Dark
        3: Defeat Trent Easton
    1: Defeat Datadyne Guard - 
        All three skill levels start you off here. A brief cinema shows you
    and the guard back to back, then you'll (uncontrolled) take a few steps
    forward. You have a Scoped Falcon 2 with 1 clip, and your health is so
    low that a single hit will kill you.
        When you gain control of Joanna, turn around and aim at the guard.
    The guard will make a lateral jump and then fire. Your job is to fire
    (and hit him) before he does. You may need to fire twice or thrice to
    bring him down, but be careful since you only have 8 bullets.
        After you kill him, if you're on Agent, you're done! If not, grab
    his gun for some ammo, reload, and prepare to...
    2: Defeat Johnathan Dark -
        A short cinema here with you and Johnathan back to back,
    uncontrolled walking a few steps, turn around and...he's not there! Be
    careful, as he's lurking in the hallway of the holochamber to suprise
    you. Watch carefully to see which end of the hall he comes out from (or
    enter the hall.)
        He will go into a roll, and then fire. Hit him while he's in the
    roll to stall him, then finish him off with a head shot. Don't worry if
    you miss, however, because for some reason, he's horribly innaccurate!
    Special Agents are now done! Perfect Agents should grab the DY357 Magnum
    that he drops and prepare to...
    3: Defeat Trent Easton -
        Cinema, walking, turning, death. Cinema, walking, turning, death.
    You'll need nerves of steel to finish him off the proper duel way - turn
    and fire before he does. You also only get one chance, as he will turn
    and shoot as fast as you do. Your best shot is when he uses the
    "extending arm slowly out to shoot" animation - gives you a little more
    time than usual to set up the shot.
        As an alternative, you can try what is technically known as the
    "wuss method." Granted, it's not that honorable, but the only other
    person in the room that knows what you did ain't gonna tell, is he?
        When you gain control, strafe to the right so that the hall pylon
    blocks Trent's shot. (Trent won't even shoot if you do this right.) Then
    turn around and go down the hallway. (Trent will not move.) Stop when
    you're close to where Trent will see (and shoot) you. It should look a
    little like this...
    |         O  <- Trent
    |    |
    |  X | <- Joanna
    |    |
    |    |
    |    |
    |    |
        Now face in Trent's general direction and aim. While aiming, hold
    the sidestep left button so that Trent can see you, and release after a
    half second. Trent's shot should hit the wall. Now, while aiming you got
    a good idea of where his head was, right? If not, repeat until you find
    the right spot to train the crosshairs on his head with a left sidestep.
    Sidestep and fire!
        Congratulations! You have (rather unfairly, but such is the life of
    a Perfect Agent) beaten a skilled government agent in a gunfight!
    Part V: Aha! I've got a...
        Right, you've pored over the details on all the weapons, you're a
    crack shot at the firing range, and you've beaten Trent Easton in a
    Duel. Terrif'. So: Now you're ready to face the real world of combat.
        But I need your help to properly finish it! So...send in your tips
    on how to properly gunfight (to quizmaster@zianet.com) with all the
    different weapons and you'll recieve glory*(1), valuable prizes*(2), and
    elevated romantic appeal!*(3)
    (1) What better glory is there than being credited in this FAQ?
    (2) Valuable prizes void where prohibited. Void where Void. Void in
    Wheeling, West Virginia. Void to any decendants of Sean Connery. Void to
    anyone that called Transformers 'dolls' instead of 'Action Figures'.
    Void in Antartica. Void to whoever ate the last piece of pizza. Void to
    the Dallas Cowboys. Void to anyone on The Zone diet. Void to anyone that
    reads this message.
    (3) Well, it does build self-confidence...and that's the first step...
    Unarmed -
        When you don't have any weapons, immediately switch to the "Disarm"
    part of unarmed. Let's face it - dealing up to 20 hits before your
    opponent shoots you just ain't gonna happen.
        Anyhow, when you're unarmed, your main goal is to find a weapon
    before someone finds yo...aaahhhhhhh!!!
    Falcon 2 -
        There's an interesting trait about the Falcon 2 (and its silenced
    and scoped varients) - it has an incredible fire rate. If you're in
    Combat Boost mode, it is possible to (with pistols akimbo) burn through
    16 rounds in less than a second, which is faster than most everything
    except for the Cyclone's Magazine discharge! Since each round can do 1/8
    damage, this means that if all 16 rounds hit you can down a fully
    shielded-enemy in less than a second!
        Of course, it takes a nearly-double-jointed finger to get off the
    rounds without the combat boost, and, well, frankly, aiming is a bit of
    a problem when pressing Z that fast. If you can master it, though,
    you'll be as unstoppable and as cool as a character in a Hong Kong Blood
    Opera (Hard Boiled, et al.) Heck, a *main* character in a Hong Kong
    Blood Opera.
    Falcon 2 (silenced)
    Falcon 2 (scope)
    MagSec 4
    DY357 Magnum
    Callisto NTG
    Laptop Gun -
        One of the better ways to use the Laptop Gun is to put in in Sentry
    Mode - this way you don't even have to see your opponent to score a
    kill! Of course, for the gun to be very effective, you'd better have at
    least 200 SMG rounds handy. Why? Well, 1) You'll need all 200 of those
    rounds in the gun to get as many kills as possible, and 2) If you have
    less than 200 rounds when deploying the Laptop Gun, all your other SMG's
    will be dry!
        As for places to put the Laptop Gun, I'll turn it over to Hayes:
        "I'd point out a few killer locations for sentry guns in the villa
    level if you want to add them o you're faq next time you edit it. One
    part is near the small bridge that goes over the little courtyard, and
    has two large wooden posts on one end. Put the gun in the corner of the
    hallway at the end of the bridge. I'm pretty sure that's where it is,
    haven't played for a while, but if it's right, it will kill anyone who
    comes into range, and for some reason, is almost impossible to kill as
    well. Not to mention it is a little cheap since it will also cover some
    spawn points somehow. Another spot it is in the blue lit corridor near
    the large opening with the over pass, and the column in the middle. if
    you put a gun in the right up against the wall, so that it faces out
    into the large opening it will kill anything that walks though the hall,
    yard, or over the bridge. Best of all it can be hidden by the ammo box
    that will end up right in front of it. The next spot is nearby, out side 
    where you come out of the bluely lit corridor into a high walled stone
    canyon, which has an exit on the right to a court yard, and then keeps
    going to a left turn. Hope you know where I'm talking about. any way
    come out of the bluely lit hall, and turn around, put the sentry gun at
    the top of the white wall that is over the door. The gun will kill
    anything that comes through, and I 'm not sure but I think it can shoot
    over the wall on the right of the canyon, making for some good
    surprises. That's all I have for now in villa and I have to go now. I'm
    still looking for other good checkpoints of inescapable death by sentry
    gun in villa and other levels. Sure you know about others as well. Just
    though I'd share these with you, since putting guns in those places have
    provided me with many frags."
        One final tip: In general, you'll want to throw the gun so that it
    sticks to the ceiling - you'd be suprised just how many people don't
    look up when there's someone with a gun chasing then down the hall!
    K7 Avenger
    Sniper Rifle
    FarSight XR-20
    Rocket Launcher
    Combat Knife
    Timed Mine
    Proximity Mine
    Remote Mine -
    Here's an interesting trick on Remote Mines from SaM8v0:
    "A fun though practically limited trick is sticking mines onto an 
    ally across his chest and sending him up against somebody with knives or
    a cross bow. They can't penetrate! Unfortunately, this armor REALLY
    stinks against weapons with bullets in them...ouch. The afore mentioned
    remote mine is also good if you have a suicide prone ally who is willing
    to run into a room with one of your mines on his chest, pursue an enemy
    and laugh while you press the little red button and watch the kill count
    Remember, though, the game starts to lose track of mines causing them to
    disappear once you throw the fifty-first one, so you may have to do
    without arm and leg min...erm...shields. Remember to first fashion a
    mine *helm*, then a mine breast plate. Don't forget to stick mines on
    the back, too, that's often a fatal mistake.
    (Still, I see at least a couple of mine-armor vs. crossbow/knife matches
    in the near future.)
    Combat Boost
    Cloaking Device -
    Here is a virtual manifesto of tips on the cloaking device, thanks to
    Mr. 'Walkin' Catcus. Take it away, Catcus!
    1. Do not activate the cloak as soon as you get it.  Wait for a sim to
    find you or when you close in on a sim.  Sims do not shoot at what they
    do not see.  You can also immediately activate it and then punch. 
    You'll save your cloak and have it equiped. 
    2. If you miss a shot RUN.  When you shoot, punch, throw, etc.  make
    sure you have an escape route.  When you perform these actions your
    cloak will go down, and if you are not prepared you will be shot, and
    possibly killed. 
    3. Use the Cloaking Device to get weapons.  This works really well in
    situations where the enemy is camping (camping means staying in one
    room, hall, area, etc. usually around a special weapon.) or a room that
    sees much activity. 
    4. When playing against humans be smart.  Humans are not like sims, well
    some are, but humans are more intelligent.  If you open a door where a
    human is while cloaked the human will get suspicious.  Now doors don't
    open on their own, now do they?  You will probably get shot.  Instead
    hide out on the side of the door.  When the human goes to investigate
    either shoot him, or run into the room.  Also, if a human aims at you
    you will fade in and out of cloak.  In other words you can be seen. 
    When playing against humans try not to reload.  This causes a noise and
    may cause  humans to become suspicious. Also, cloaking and uncloaking
    causes noises. 
    5. Never get caught in a crossfire.  While this goes for all times, this
    is worse if you're  cloaked.  If your enemies/friends can't see you, and
    are fighting others you are in a worse position to get shot. 
    6. Use cloaking to get head shots.  Well, just cloak, enter a room, and
    try to peg someone in the head. 
    7. Always look at your gun.  This will tell you if you are cloaked or
    not cloaked.  If your gun is semi-transparent, then you're cloaked.  If
    it looks normal, you are uncloaked. 
    8. Use cloak to set traps.  Setting Proximity weapons and Laptop
    Sentries are much easier when cloaked. 
    9. If you put on Infinite Ammo (either no reloads or regular), you can
    remain cloaked forever, as long as you don't die. 
    10.  If you have the Cloaking Device cheat avalible, acitvate it!  Now
    you can have a cloaking device in any multiplayer level. 
    11. If you use tips #'s 9 and 10 together, pay attention to who kills
    you. If a sim or person kills you while these cheats are on they will
    have access to an unlimeted cloak (human) or just a cloaking device
    (sim).  Either way you are in trouble.  However, if you know who killed
    you, you have a better chance of getting it back.  Just remember, if you
    are playing with other humans (on the same team or not) a Cloaking
    Device is HOT.  If another human loses a Cloaking Device and a sim picks
    it up, and that sim just killed you or another human and took
    his/her/your Cloaking Device, then there is one less device because when
    someone picks up two Cloaking Devices the devices fuse into one device. 
    Humans will KILL for this Cloaking Device.
    12. Do not have sims on the follow or protect command while cloaked.  If
    you do this there is a good chance that you will be shot when your sim
    sees an enemy.  I lost many Cloaking Devices this way.
    Part VI: Help! They've got a...
        This section will be, after I finish it, a repository for all the
    ways to counter various weapons with various other weapons. But I'll
    need your help to do the job proper! So, send in your suggestions (to
    quizmaster@zianet.com) and I'll supplement them with mine to create a
    keen gunfighting guide that will last the ages. And if you send your
    tips in, you'll recieve Glo...oh wait, already did that joke. Sorry!
    Falcon 2
    Falcon 2 (silenced)
    Falcon 2 (scope)
    MagSec 4
    DY357 Magnum
    Callisto NTG
    Laptop Gun
    K7 Avenger
    Sniper Rifle
    FarSight XR-20
    Rocket Launcher
    Slayer - Um...run. Actually, it may be a valid strategy, as this war
    story from Matt Nunamaker demonstrates: 
    "Ok, I've got a story for you about the Slayer fly by wire feature and
    how to avoid it.  A friend of mine and myself were playing a challenge
    in the temple against some perfect agents with Slayers as one of the
    weapons.  One of the perfects fired a fly by wire at me.  At the time, I
    was in one of the medium sized rooms between levels.  Well, I saw the
    rocket coming right toward me.  I should note that at this point I began
    to scream and almost mess my pants since it was 2 in the morning and I
    was high and Mountain Dew.  
    I began to frantically strafe-run on circles around the room, a 
    method called the blender, originally invented in Goldeneye multiplay to 
    avoid fire while you were unarmed.  (It works, try it!)  Well, I sat
    there running in circles for a good 2 minutes screaming like a mad man
    until finally the rocket blew up.  I guess after a long enough time it
    run out of fuel.  Anyway, the moral of the story is that if a fly by
    wire rocket is coming toward you, run in circles really fast until it
    blows up.  It's really cool too, as you are strafe-running you can
    sometimes see the rocket coming behind you, it's really freaky.  Anyway,
    enjoy the tip."
    Combat Knife
    Timed Mine
    Proximity Mine
    Remote Mine
    Combat Boost
    Cloaking Device
    Part VII: Miscellany
    "Gee, there really are a lot of blank spots in this FAQ..."
    Well, I haven't quite finished it yet. It's a work in progress.
        Current Version: v.0.9 - July 24, 2001
    Useless info with little to middling possible use:
    The Perfect Dark Munitions Guide has 126,774 characters, 22,294 words,
    and is 3,453 lines long.
    Changes so far:
    v.0.1-v.0.2: Filled in a lot of Weapons info, added "The Duel" and
    "Ammuntion" sections.
    v.0.2-v.0.3: Filled in more Firing Range and Weapons blanks.
    v.0.3-v.0.4: More holes filled in.
    v.0.4-v.0.5: Finally got all the Weapons done! Huzzah! Also added a
    little blurb on how to get the DY357-LX.
    v.0.5-v.0.6: Added a few more Firing Range thingies...it'll be finished
    before Perfect Dark II, probably. Also added some Weapon Damages, more
    coming soon.
    v.0.6-v.0.7: A general 'clean-up' edition - I fix some misspellings,
    added a few tips, and a little more info. Also put in the call for
    entries for the "Aha! I've got a..." and the "Help! They've got a..."
    sections. Weapon Damages finally finished! Guide offically declared
    v.0.7-v.0.8: None of you were seriously expecting it, I'm sure, but I
    finally finished off the friggin' firing range! Whoo-hoo! And so forth. 
    Also put up the basic framework for the two sections I had no idea I'd
    be doing a month and a half ago when I started up this FAQ...
    v.0.8-v.0.801: I was a complete spiv here: corrected the error in the
    CMP150 section where I alluded to a website for more information, then
    forgot to type it in. D'oh!
    v.0.801-v.0.9: Aha! You seriously didn't expect me to update it, did
    you! Well, neither did I, but I still did it anyway! Bwahahahaha! And so
    what changed? Well, I made some minor corrections, but mostly the Combat
    Simulator tips that I kept promising to add. 
    "Hey! You misspelled something!"
    "You know, you could use the gun for this purpose..."
    Like all mortals, I'm not Perfect. (Don't worry, no Perfect Dark pun
    here.) Well, yet anyway. If you find an improvement or mistake in this
    FAQ, send an e-mail to quizmaster@zianet.com and I'll fix it right up
    (and credit you for it)
    Special thanks to - 
        Deus Noctis: For supplying a heaping helping of Weapon commentary.
        Garrett Patton: For supplying the info on the RCP-90's real life
    equivalent, the FN-P90.
        Mod. #15: For supplying info on the CC13's, KLO1313's, and RCP-45's
    real life equivalents.
        Bjorn Carlsson: For the easy way to get the Laptop Gun Gold.
        Nick Leaf: For the quick detonation trick for Remote Mines.
        Wyatt Hanks: For a lot of info on the Classic weapons (and proper
        RBJones: For the info on how to get the Mauler Firing Range Gold.
        Magnum: For info on the CMP150's basis, the Steyr TMP, the correct
    spelling of the FAMAS, and chiding me for leaving out a James Bond.
        Devin Pearce: For noting that N-Bomb damage penetrates through
        TheGeneral01: For informing me that Combat Knives sedate as well as
    cause posion damage.
        LEW-TEREZ: For finding the MagSec4's basis, the Beretta M93R-AG
        Mr. 'Walkin' Catcus: For the many, many tips on how to use the
    Cloaking Device in the Combat Simulator.
        Blakey316: For noting that gunfire will cause rockets to explode
    just as well as stopping the explosion with your manly chest.
        Alex de Graff: For noting that the D5K is actually a MP5K-PDW.
        DPlus: For finally fixing the year-long standing error in which I
    said the Callisto NTG uses Rifle Ammo and not SMG rounds. (The real
    situation is vice-versa.)
        Matt Nunamaker: For the war story involving outrunning a targetted
    Slayer Rocket.
    Legal Stuff: 
    This document is not intended for commercial use. 
    All Perfect Dark related items are (c) 1998-2000 Rareware
    This document and its author are not endorsed or affiliated with
    Nintendo or Rareware.
    This document is (c) 2000-2001 T.C. Chavez - alias Quizmaster v.4.0.
    Coming Soon:
    More tips on how to properly gunfight and counter weapons!
    Parting Shot:
    "If something should happen to me, all the world's women will greive!"
        -Edgar Rene Figaro

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