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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

    Version: 2.8 | Updated: 02/03/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Perfect Dark Walkthrough/FAQ
    By CyricZ
    Version 2.8
    E-mail: CyricZ42@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Preliminary FAQ
    3. Basic Tips
    4. Characters
    5. Weapons
    6. Gadgets
    7. Carrington Institute
    8. Missions/Walkthroughs 
       1.1 DataDyne Central: Defection
       1.2 DataDyne Research: Investigation
       1.3 DataDyne Central: Extraction
       2.1 Carrington Villa: Hostage One
       3.1 Chicago: Stealth
       3.2 G5 Building: Reconaissance
       4.1 Area 51: Infiltration
       4.2 Area 51: Rescue
       4.3 Area 51: Escape
       5.1 Air Base: Espionage
       5.2 Air Force One: Antiterrorism
       5.3 Crash Site: Confrontation
       6.1 Pelagic II: Exploration
       6.2 Deep Sea: Nullify Threat
       7.1 Carrington Institute: Defense
       8.1 Attack Ship: Covert Assault
       9.1 Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine
       Special Assignment: Mr. Blonde's Revenge
       Special Assignment: Maian SOS
       Special Assignment: WAR!
       Final Combat Training: The Duel
       (One of the following for each mission)
       A. Overview
       B. Objectives
       C. Equipment
       D. Opposition
       E. Walkthrough
       F. Time Trial
       G. Other (Cheats, Hidden Secrets, or Fun Stuff)
    9. Combat Simulator (Multiplayer)
       A. Arenas
       B. Scenarios
       C. Presets
       D. Weapon Setups and Unlocking
       E. Simulants
       F. Multiplayer Ranking and Advancement
    10. Submitted Game Setups (from YOU, the readers! ^_^)
    11. Challenges
    12. Co-Operative and Counter-Operative
    13. Other Stuff/Advanced FAQ
    14. Legal
    15. Credits 
    16. Version Updates
    17. The Final Word
    1. Introduction
    Hi!  Thanks for stopping by and looking at my FAQ!  Iíd like to say 
    that this is the first FAQ Iíve ever published and I hope you enjoy 
    reading it as much as I enjoyed making it.
    This FAQ is for the latest masterpiece from the wizards at Rareware.  
    Set in the futuristic 2023, where we FINALLY have hover cars and such, 
    Agent Joanna Dark, the star operative of the Carrington Institute is 
    being sent on her very first mission, one that will end up holding the 
    fate of the Earth in its outcome.
    I could go on about how much majesty is in this game, but you can just 
    check out my review at gamefaqs.com.
    Now, I picked a...different way of writing the mission walkthroughs.  
    Instead of simply typing up several walkthroughs for each difficulty 
    level, Iíve lumped them all together to save space and assure 
    continuity.  Iíve clearly marked each paragraph as applying to specific 
    difficulty levels, or all of them.  The markings will allow you to skip 
    over unnecessary portions of each mission.
    Now, down to business...
    2. Preliminary FAQ
    New players to the game, please come here before asking me any 
    questions... Thanks! ^_^
    Q: What is Perfect Dark?
    A: Perfect Dark is the new shooter created by Rare for the Nintendo 64.
    Q: Is Perfect Dark a sequel to Goldeneye?
    A: No.  It's what's considered a "follow-up".  Although Perfect Dark 
    uses a very similar game engine to Goldeneye, the story, setup, 
    weapons, and multiplayer are all different.  Some classic elements from 
    Goldeneye are also present if you work hard enough.
    Q: Why is Perfect Dark rated M?
    A: Perfect Dark contains realistic blood flying when you shoot your 
    enemies.  By that, I mean it hits the wall behind your shot enemy, and 
    it comes out in a pool when the enemy falls.  Nothing incredibly 
    graphic, but there you go.  There's also some adult language in this 
    game that would probably earn it a PG-13 rating at the movies.
    Fortunately, there are options to turn off the language and utilize 
    Paintball mode so that the blood looks like multicolored paint.
    Q: What ever happened to the face-mapping feature?
    A: Originally, this was a new feature that would use the Game Boy 
    Camera.  You'd take a picture, then you'd be able to use the Transfer 
    Pak to map the picture onto a face of a multiplayer character.  Rare 
    eliminated this due to the possible outrage that would come from 
    parents and the media, whereby you could use this game to "shoot" up 
    your friends, siblings, teachers, lawyers, etc.  This wouldn't fly well 
    with the parents, so it was removed to keep Rare's record clean.
    Q: What's with the "Small but Perfect" Menu?  Why can't I access Solo 
    Missions/Co-Op/Counter-Op/play with more than two players?
    A: Perfect Dark requires the Expansion Pak to play the full game.  Most 
    of the RAM in the N64 is used for graphics if there's no Pak.  Using 
    the Pak's extra RAM for graphics frees up the N64's RAM to be able to 
    handle all the complex stuff that the aforementioned need.
    Q: What's your personal review on the game?
    A: This is directly from my review at www.gamefaqs.com.
    Three years ago, we were blessed with the incarnation that was 
    Goldeneye. Ne'er before has there been so much said about one game. 
    So much to be discovered. So many little things to whine about. So many 
    hours spent alone or with friends, working to achieve perfection.
    It appears that all good things must come to an end. For a new Phoenix 
    has arisen that will change once again the way we look at the Nintendo
    You are special agent Joanna Dark. Graduating with unbelievable honors 
    from the Carrington Institute, you are almost immediately thrust into
    your first mission. The missions escalate in importance until it is 
    apparent that the very world is in your trigger-happy hands.
    The veritable dieties at Rare have given us the most sumptuous banquet 
    of a game. From the beauty and intrigue of the Solo Missions, the
    ferocity of the Challenges, the near-bottomless options of Multiplayer, 
    and of course, the nerve-wracking time-released cheats to prove that
    you are indeed the most Perfect Agent in the land.
    Let us feast...
    Graphics: 10
    The picturesque streets of Chicago. The attention to detail on a simple 
    rocket launcher. The bar has been raised once more, and once more, it
    has been Rare who has raised it. I'd say they were phenomenal, but that 
    wouldn't begin to describe it.
    Oh, yes. The framerate. It's always about the framerate with you people 
    isn't it?
    First tip for maximum framerate happiness. Turn Hi-Res off. Trust me. 
    In the heat of the action, it doesn't make that much difference at all 
    how detailed the bad guys are. It matters whether or not you can 
    precisely center your sight on his head, press the trigger and watch 
    him undergo one of the realistic death throes that enemies endure.
    I have played the four-player game with simulants, and yes, the 
    framerate suffers there. Why you'd want so much carnage is beyond me,
    anyway. Even when I play Unreal I never have more than 8 adversaries, 
    human or otherwise.
    So, satisfied, naysayers? Happy? Good. Let's move on.
    Music and Sound: 9
    A particularly haunting and chilling Goldeneye-esque musical 
    soundtrack. The pulsing beat, like that of your own heart, mixed with 
    the bass tones of underlying conspiracy. Not an orchestral masterpiece, 
    but definitely extremely well done.
    Some of the sounds will seem quite similar to fans of Goldeneye. Many 
    will not. Of particular interest are those of the dying enemies. I 
    almost felt remorse after hearing a guard yell ''I don't want to 
    die!''... almost... I s'pose it goes without saying that I didn't feel 
    as remorseful after being called a *****...
    Plot: 8
    An FPS with plot? Strange but true. Even the all-mighty Half-Life fell 
    a bit short in this respect. I won't be a bugger and spoil the whole 
    thing (partially because I don't know the WHOLE thing). Just know that 
    this plot is worthy of a Sci-Fi Channel TV movie, at least.
    Gameplay: 10
    What can I say? FPS? Doesn't begin to describe it...
    Goldeneye, but better? Not even halfway there...
    Let's start with play control. Imagine Goldeneye's control scheme. Got 
    it? Good. Now, add more stuff onto that. Impossible you say? Rare say,
    nay. Now, by merely holding down the A or B button for a couple of 
    seconds, you can instantly choose one of your weapons or equipment at
    hand, or switch to your weapon's secondary function (of which EVERY 
    weapon has one of), respectively. Oh, and it's quite easy to get into,
    I assure you, especially if you've played Goldeneye...
    Wanna hear about the AI?
    Honestly? A little bit better than Goldeneye as far as actual combat 
    goes. If you're talking AI as in keeping a bead on you, or being able 
    to follow and track you, or being able to shoot over railings 
    (finally), then we are some light-years ahead of Goldeneye.
    Oh, and they don't stick their arms through the doors, either.
    Replay Value: 10
    Do I honestly have to explain it to you? Oh, very well. This game will 
    keep you busy for a long dang time. As I mentioned earlier, those 
    "beat a time, earn a cheat" cheats are back, not to mention a whole 
    bunch thrown in for beating Challenges, which are reminiscent of 
    one-player deathmatches.
    And this is all before the Multiplayer comes into play. Between 
    Co-Operative, Counter-Operative (if you didn't know, this puts one 
    person in Joanna and the other in a random, respawnable enemy), and all 
    the different types of arena-type combat (King of the Hill, Hold the 
    Briefcase, Capture the Flag), you and your friends will be up until 
    some time in the morning playing this. Ever seen a sunrise while 
    shooting your friend in the back? It's just magnificent.
    Icing on the Cake: (Cool little things)
    The realism in the guards is a very nice touch. With the swearing, 
    realistic blood-splatter (and the option of turning said things off), 
    this is definitely the closest I've been to the guys I just put a 
    bullet through.
    Some very slick reload animations. The Phoenix pistol is my personal 
    favorite at the moment.
    A LOT of voice. Fairly well done acting, too.
    Flies in the Ointment: (Annoying little things)
    The aforementioned framerate problems, when they occur, which is to 
    say, rarely.
    Your alien friend's name....is Elvis?
    Overall: 10
    What more is there to say? If you liked Goldeneye, and I assume that's 
    a fair number of you, you'll have no trouble falling in love with 
    Joanna.  Have fun with it.
    3. Basic Tips
    Always keep your weapon fully loaded.  Reload manually whenever you get 
    a chance.
    Keep conscious of your ammo count.  In Agent, guns dropped hold twenty 
    rounds of ammo, SA they hold 15, and PA they hold 10.  Youíll have to 
    be a lot more frugal with your shots if you hope to survive.
    If you have a group of enemies that you want to pick off before they 
    get on you, consider crouching.  Crouching makes you a smaller target 
    and improves your aim considerably.  Youíre not very mobile, though, 
    so itís unwise to do this if your enemyís next to you.
    Speaking of crouching, ALWAYS remember that there are two "levels" to 
    crouching.  Each will bring you lower to the floor.  Youíll also have 
    to tap R twice to bring yourself back up.
    Shields are available on Agent and Special Agent, but NOT on Perfect 
    Agent.  Remember this.
    When going for Time Trials, or when generally trying to get moviní 
    fast.  Use the strafe-run.  Use both the stick and the strafe buttons.  
    Youíll run at an angle, but itís far faster than straight running.
    Your Falcon will be your most trusted weapon, just donít forget all the 
    others you pick up.  Explosives can especially come in handy for 
    neutralizing groups.
    Going along the same lines, if you know where a group of enemies is and 
    donít want to engage them on their territory, make them come to you.  
    Lay explosives.  Hide around the corner, crouched, and be ready to 
    surprise them as they round the bend.  Remember that they have to turn 
    around before they can shoot you.  Use that split second to your 
    advantage and youíll get far.
    When fighting solitary or a couple of enemies close together, try to 
    stay in what I call the Dead Zone.  This is the area around the enemy 
    where theyíre too close to shoot, but too far to punch.  Circle around 
    enemies in this way and you can easily eliminate them, even on PA.
    Keep half an eye on guards that you disarmed.  Some may try to attack 
    you with their bare hands, and many have Falcon 2's on them as a second 
    weapon.  Don't stop until they're on the ground.
    4. Characters
    Joanna Dark: The character you control and the latest and greatest 
    field operative that the Carrington Institute has to offer.  Her 
    training scores gave rise to a new training rank: A++.  Code Name: 
    Perfect Dark.
    Daniel Carrington: Head of the Carrington Institute, this wise man is 
    responsible for much of the new technology that has entered the world 
    recently.  The Institute trains scientists, field agents, diplomats, 
    and technicians that will be ready to tackle the challenges of this 
    brave new world.
    Jonathan:  Previous holder of the training records at the Carrington 
    Institute, this agent is experienced and currently in the field.  He 
    respects Joanna but still feels a slight bit of resentment towards the 
    young prodigy.  He will never let such petty feelings get in the way of 
    his work, however.
    Cassandra De Vries: CEO and head of the DataDyne Corporation, the 
    person responsible for just about all the rest of the new technology 
    that has entered the world recently.  Naturally, DataDyne has a deep 
    competition running with the Carrington Institute.
    Dr. Caroll: A scientist in the DataDyne Corporation who has had enough 
    of his present situation and wants out.  Joanna will have her first 
    mission in his extraction.
    Trent Easton: Head of the National Security Agency, Easton seems to 
    have other motives than protecting the US government.
    The President of the United States: What can we say?  Heís wise, 
    intelligent, strong-willed, just not a very good judge of character...
    Mr. Blonde: A mysterious man with a deep voice.  Who is he and why does 
    he seem to be in control here?
    More characters will be introduced as they come into play...
    5. Weapons
    As can be expected, Perfect Dark has a huge variety of weapons to use 
    throughout the game.  As in Goldeneye, not all will be available at all
    times.  Oftentimes, youíll have to improvise to find the best use of a 
    particular weapon in a situation.
    That said, letís get on with the descriptions:
    Note: When I say "Trigger Pull" under Fire Rate, it means that a gun 
    can fire at that rate, but you have to repeatedly hit the trigger, 
    instead of just holding it down.
    Unarmed (fists):
    Primary: Punch; Rate: Medium
    Secondary: Disarm; Rate: Medium
    Even without a weapon, Joanna is still a deadly machine.  Fighting 
    barehanded can actually be quite useful at times.  One punch to the 
    back of an unsuspecting enemyís head can save you ammo.  The Disarm 
    function is very useful in close quarters.  You can easily relieve an 
    enemy of their weapon in this manner.  Watch out for a second weapon 
    that they might pull, though.  DataDyne guards are notorious for 
    having an extra Falcon 2 concealed on them.
    All pistols have Double Potential, meaning itís possible to carry two 
    at once.
    Maximum pistol ammo capacity is 800.  Maximum Magnum Bullet capacity 
    is 200.
    Falcon 2:
    Primary: Single Shot; 8 Pistol Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Very Fast 
    with Trigger Pull
    Secondary: Pistol Whip; Rate: Slow
    Your trusty sidearm.  Youíll start nearly all the missions with one of 
    these, or one of its variations.  All things considered, the Falconís 
    a fine weapon.  Donít think for a moment that, just because itís 
    basic, that itís a lousy weapon.  The pistol whip packs a bit more of 
    a hit than a standard punch, but itís quite a bit slower.
    Falcon 2 (silenced):
    Primary: Single Shot; 8 Pistol Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Very Fast 
    with Trigger Pull
    Secondary: Pistol Whip; Rate: Slow
    All of the trustworthiness.  None of the noise.  Perfect for covert 
    Falcon 2 (scope):
    Primary: Single Shot; 8 Pistol Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Very Fast 
    with Trigger Pull
    Secondary: Pistol Whip; Rate: Slow
    Scope: 2X
    As advertised, the scoped Falcon allows you to be even more accurate 
    with an already very accurate weapon.
    MagSec 4:
    Primary: Single Shot; 9 Pistol Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Fast with 
    Trigger Pull
    Secondary: Three-Round Burst; Fire Rate: Very Fast Burst, Medium between
    Scope: 2.4X
    Pistol used by the military.  It features lower accuracy than a Falcon 
    and the scope really doesnít improve aim.  Normally, I suggest sticking 
    with the Falcon, given a choice.  The only thing that might give this 
    weapon an advantage over the Falcon is its Three-Round Burst.  Accuracy 
    suffers even more here, but it can improve your chances in a close 
    quarter fight.  There's also a bit of an increase in power over the 
    Falcon, but if you like head shots, that shouldn't be much of a 
    Primary: Single Shot; 20 Pistol Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Fast with 
    Trigger Pull
    Secondary: Charge-Up Shot; Full charge up takes about 2 seconds.
    Skedar standard issue.  This weapon fires bolts of energy, even though 
    it uses pistol rounds.  It is quite accurate, and the large magazine is 
    a plus.  Of course, it needs this large magazine when it employs its 
    secondary fire.  The Charge-Up Shot consumes up to six rounds, but also 
    does six times the damage, making it the preferred weapon of choice 
    when facing solitary enemies.
    Primary: Single Shot; 8 Pistol Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Fast with 
    Trigger Pull
    Secondary: Explosive Shells; Fire Rate: Medium with Trigger Pull
    Maian standard issue.  This blue pistol fires accurate bolts of 
    energy, like the Mauler.  At the cost of nothing more than fire rate, 
    Phoenix shots can be laced with low-yield explosives.  Most enemies 
    will fall with one well-aimed explosive shot.  That being said, the 
    Phoenix is an excellent weapon to have.
    DY357 Magnum: 
    Primary: Single Shot; 6 Magnum Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Slow with 
    Trigger Pull
    Secondary: Pistol Whip; Rate: Slow
    A powerful pistol.  The most powerful in this world, reportedly.  Note 
    that I said THIS world.  Although quite powerful, this gun is really 
    only useful against solitary or spaced out enemies.  This gun is not 
    good for ambushes, crowds, enemies that require more than one head 
    shot, etc.  The pistol whip is more effective with the Magnum than a 
    Falcon, due to the weight of the gun.
    Primary: Single Shot; 6 Magnum Bullets per Clip: Fire Rate: Slow with 
    Trigger Pull
    Secondary: Pistol Whip; Rate: Slow
    This pistol was specially ordered by NSA director Trent Easton.  On the 
    outside, it appears to be a standard Magnum, albeit with a tiger-skin 
    handle and gold-plating.  The inside, however, boasts an incredibly 
    high barrel velocity, and impregnates standard magnum bullets with the 
    ability to shatter on impact.  Translation: Every hit is fatal with 
    this gun.  Nice gun if you can get it...
    9mm Automatics:
    Maximum 9mm capacity is 800.  Yes, pistols and automatics use different 
    ammunition.  Donít ask me why.  Both should use standard 9mm...
    Primary: Rapid Fire; 32 9mm Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Very Fast
    Secondary: Follow Lock-On
    Stands for "Combat Machine Pistol".  A very effective and versatile 
    weapon, though a bit of an ammo-muncher.  This is the standard issue 
    for DataDyne guards, especially those in Lucerne Tower.  The secondary 
    fire allows you to "tag" enemies as you pass your aiming reticle over 
    them.  Once you tag them, the gun will track them and you can simply 
    hold down the trigger to clear the room of them, as it follows rather 
    well.  This only works as long as the enemy stays in your line of 
    sight, and is more useful when you donít mind wasting ammo.  Double 
    Primary: Rapid Fire; 50 9mm Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Very Fast
    Secondary: Magazine Discharge; Fire Rate: Extremely Fast
    Built as a weapon for supplying suppression fire over large areas and 
    used by the Presidential bodyguards.  This machine gun isnít all that 
    accurate, but his has a large magazine to make up for it.  At an insane 
    fire rate and even less accuracy, one touch of the trigger on secondary 
    empties your magazine in a couple of seconds.  This can easily lay 
    waste to a pack of bad guys.  This one also wins my award for "Coolest 
    Reload", where you slide a large clip through a slot, and itís spat out 
    the other side, the bullets entered into the magazine.  Double 
    Callisto NTG:
    Primary: Rapid Fire; 32 9mm Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Fast
    Secondary: High-Impact Shells; Fire Rate: Medium
    This is the Maian assault weapon.  It, like all Maian weapons, is a 
    finely made piece of equipment with few drawbacks.  The secondary mode 
    is more useful for facing down strong single opponents, like Skedar.  
    The primary mode is better for multiple targets.  Accuracy is good in 
    both modes.
    Primary: Rapid Fire; 120 9mm Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Very Fast
    Secondary: Cloaking Device
    The descendant of the famed RC-P90, this lovely weapon sports great 
    accuracy, a huge magazine, and a high fire rate.  Coupled with the 
    Cloaking, which runs off ammo at the rate of about five seconds per 
    full clip, this is a gun for the ages.  As with all Cloaking Devices, 
    youíre invisible as long as you donít fire.
    Laptop Gun:
    Primary: Rapid Fire; 50 9mm Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Very Fast
    Secondary: Sentry Gun Placement; Fire Rate: Very Fast
    Scope: 2X
    My personal favorite.  This weapon is a machine gun disguised as a 
    laptop PC.  When unfolded, it is a very accurate and useful automatic.  
    The secondary fire is what puts the icing on the cake.  By sacrificing 
    the gun and all your 9mm ammo, you can toss the gun onto the floor, 
    wall, or ceiling.  Any hostiles that enter the area will be riddled 
    with its bullets.  This sentry gun does take a while to turn, and you 
    do have to sacrifice your entire supply of 9mm bullets, but itís worth 
    it to have a gun you can rely on in such situations.  If you want it 
    back, you CAN pick it up again just by pressing B next to it.  Another 
    small drawback to this gun is deployment of the primary mode takes a 
    couple of seconds, which can be seriously problematic in a firefight.
    Rifle Automatics:
    Maximum rifle ammo capacity is 400.
    Primary: Rapid Fire; 30 Rifle Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Fast
    Secondary: Proximity Mine
    Scope: 2X
    A DataDyne made weapon issued to the military; this automatic rifle is 
    used mostly by guards in Area 51.  This is a basic and reliable design, 
    with a nasty surprise built in.  At the cost of sacrificing the gun, 
    but not the ammo, a proximity device on the barrel can be activated 
    that will send any grabbers of the gun to the next plane of existence.
    K7 Avenger:
    Primary: Burst Fire; 25 Rifle Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Fast
    Secondary: Threat Detector; Fire Rate: Medium
    Scope: 3X
    This is an experimental weapon at the beginning of the game, and ends 
    up being standard for DataDyne assault troops by the end.  The Avenger 
    is a decent automatic, with some good power to it.  The only serious 
    drawback is a small magazine.  The Threat Detector spots and highlights 
    any mines or automatic guns in your line of sight.  You can still fire 
    your gun while in this mode, so the only reason you'd want it off is 
    maybe if you really don't like seeing a lot of outlining popups in a 
    mine-rich area...
    Primary: Burst Fire; 30 Rifle Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Fast
    Secondary: Scope Lock
    Scope: 3X
    This automatic rifle is the only widespread assault weapon made by the 
    Carrington Institute.  The CI would rather not make a noise when 
    eliminating its enemies, but this will do fine in a pinch.  The 
    secondary function allows you to move around while zoomed in with the 
    scope.  A good weapon, given little other choice, which will sometimes 
    be the case.
    Primary: Rapid Fire; 30 Rifle Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Fast
    Secondary: Grenade Launcher; 6 Grenade Rounds per Clip; Fire Rate: 
    Scope: 2X
    Big brother to the volatile Dragon, this gun would rather take out its 
    explosive tendencies on others than itself.  Replacing the mine, the 
    SuperDragon has a grenade launcher attached that can fire 
    standard-yield floor-impact grenade rounds.  Definitely a good 
    crowd-clearing weapon.  Just be careful where you aim so you donít take 
    down any mission-critical characters, or yourself...
    Maximum Grenade Round Capacity is 50.
    Other Major Guns:
    Primary: Shotgun Blast; 9 Shells per Clip; Fire Rate: Slow
    Secondary: Double Blast; Fire Rate: Slow
    A nice power weapon, the DataDyne Shotgun takes a REALLY long time to 
    reload, so the only perceivable difference between modes, besides 
    amount of damage, is that you empty your gun faster.  This is 
    particularly useful for packs, as the spread has an easy chance of 
    wounding most of the pack, lining them up for a second farewell.  
    Maximum shell capacity is 100.
    Primary: Reapage; 200 Reaper Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Extremely Fast
    Secondary: Grinder
    Reapage is not a word, but I donít think the Skedar really cared about 
    that when they made this insane and unruly automatic.  
    This...gun...fires its bullets in a very wide spread and very rapidly.  
    It takes a few seconds to really get going, but once it does, get out 
    of the way.  The secondary mode is good when you want to conserve ammo 
    on the weapon, as if that were ever a concern.  Itís very damaging to 
    humans, but Skedar have built up a resistance to the blades, which 
    isnít great considering you only get to use it on the final mission.  
    Maximum Reaper ammo is 800.
    Sniper Rifle:
    Primary: Single Shot; 8 Rifle Bullets per Clip; Fire Rate: Medium with 
    Trigger Pull
    Secondary: Crouch
    Scope: 1X to 30X (adjustable)
    A lovely stealth weapon from our friends at the Carrington Institute, 
    this incredibly high-powered rifle makes shooting from afar a breeze.  
    The secondary function is necessary as the crouch function will be 
    replaced by the zoom in/zoom out function when the rifle is up.  
    Crouching will improve your aim on long-distance shots.
    Farsight XR-20:
    Primary: Rail-Gun Effect: 8 Orbs per Clip; Fire Rate: Slow
    Secondary: Target Locator
    Scope: X-Ray
    Forget the Sniper Rifle.  Itís really nice to be able to hit an enemy 
    when they arenít able to see you at all.  Combining an X-Ray Scanner 
    with high-powered shots that can easily pass through any wall, this 
    magical Maian item is the ultimate sniper weapon.  The gun is rather 
    tough to use without the Target Locator, though, as said Locator 
    automatically tracks enemies, zooming in and out accordingly.  The 
    turning while zoomed is turtle-like, however, so beware.  Maximum Orb 
    capacity is 100.
    Explosive Guns:
    Primary: Grenade Launcher; 8 Grenade Rounds per Clip; Fire Rate: Medium
    Secondary: Wall Hugger Effect
    Another DataDyne creation, this launcher has an interesting secondary 
    mode in addition to its standard grenade round scheme.  The Wall Hugger 
    magnetizes the grenade for a few seconds, allowing it to stick to 
    surfaces, to later fall to the ground.  I havenít found this mode too 
    useful, myself, but I imagine it will be helpful if being chased from 
    behind.  Maximum Grenade Round Capacity is 50.
    Rocket Launcher:
    Primary: Rocket Launch; 1 Rocket Clip; Fire Rate: N/A
    Secondary: Targeted Rocket
    This is a standard, yet rather compact, Rocket Launcher from DataDyne.  
    The Launcher is designed as a secondary mode to lock onto its target 
    and track the sucker to the end, or until it hits something.  
    Particularly useful in open areas, but not as fast as firing primary, 
    dumb rockets.  Maximum Rocket capacity is 3.
    Primary: Rocket Launch; 1 Rocket Clip; Fire Rate: N/A
    Secondary: Fly-By-Wire Rocket
    What could be more fun that homing a rocket in on an adversary?  How 
    Ďbout controlling the rocket and doing the homing yourself?  It leaves 
    you vulnerable, but activating the secondary mode on this Skedar-made 
    weapon will allow you to control the rocket in flight.  Definitely fun 
    and effective, if not practical at all in a melee.  Maximum Rocket 
    capacity is 3.
    Special Weapons:
    Combat Knife:
    Primary: Knife Slash; Rate: Medium
    Secondary: Poison Knife Throw; Capacity: 10, Throw Rate: Slow
    Follow me on this one.  The knife has a vial of poison secreted in it, 
    that will only shatter when the knife is thrown, not slashed.  
    Confused?  Donít worry too much about it.  The knife will do more 
    damage than a punch, and the poison in a thrown knife will drop your 
    adversary in about six seconds.  Double potential.
    Primary: Sedate; 5 Bolts per Clip; Fire Rate: Fast with Trigger Pull
    Secondary: Instant Kill
    The only time youíd want to use the Primary Sedate function is in Solo 
    Missions when you have neutral folk you donít want to kill.  Otherwise, 
    this quiet weapon can keep you well hidden when you want to be.  Its 
    reload time is abysmal though.  Maximum number of Bolts is 69.  Odd 
    Primary: Sedate; 8 Doses per Clip; Fire Rate: Fast with Trigger Pull
    Secondary: Lethal Injection; Rate: Slow
    Using the Tranquilizer on an enemy can seriously put them on an acid 
    trip.  Swimmy vision affects bad guys the same way it effects you.  A 
    lethal injection uses half the stuff in a clip, but itís an easy way to 
    finish the job you started with the drugs.  Unfortunately, you have to 
    be right next to your adversary to hit him with the lethal injection.  
    Maximum number of Doses is 200.
    Primary: Pulse Fire; Fire Rate: Medium with Trigger Pull
    Secondary: Short Range Stream
    A very nice weapon, the Laser combines both the Moonraker Laser, and 
    the Watch Laser in one weapon.  Unfortunately, you only use this weapon 
    once in the game.  The fact that thereís infinite ammo helps a lot, 
    Placed Explosives:
    Primary: 4-Second Fuse; Capacity: 12
    Secondary: Proximity Pinball
    Standard-yield explosives with a cute little twist.  The primary is 
    rather self-explanatory, while the secondary activates a small rocket 
    nozzle, or something, that causes the grenade to bounce rather high, 
    and indefinitely, until it hits something organic.
    Timed Mine:
    Primary: Time Mine; Capacity: 10
    Secondary: Threat Detector
    Has the same Threat Detector as the Avenger, except you canít use the 
    mines when itís active.  Mine fuse is about 4 seconds.
    Proximity Mine:
    Primary: Proximity Mine; Capacity: 10
    Secondary: Threat Detector
    Yep.  Same Threat Detector.  Nope.  Canít place mines while using it.  
    Proximity mines are pretty self-explanatory.  Donít get close.
    Remote Mine:
    Primary: Remote Mine; Capacity: 10
    Secondary: Detonate
    The secondary mode for these little puppies is the detonate command, 
    but you can just as easily do it with the old Goldeneye quick-detonate 
    trick.  Hit B and A together to detonate all Remote Mines.  It will 
    only work if you have the mines in hand, though...
    Primary: Impact Explosion; Capacity: 10
    Secondary: Proximity Explosion
    Much safer in the secondary mode, the N-Bomb is a neutron bomb for your 
    pocket.  Its explosion spans about a fifty-foot diameter and about ten 
    feet high.  It doesnít have the power of normal explosions, but it will 
    shake you up as well as any fist to the head, not to mention 
    continually causing damage as you stand in the blast radius.  Youíll 
    know an N-Bomb has exploded when you see your surroundings get dark.
    6. Gadgets
    What spy would have fun performing these dangerous assignments without 
    the benefit of futuristic gadgets?  Not any spy I know...  Perfect 
    Dark doesnít skimp at all when it gives you the goods in this 
    Data Uplink:
    No spy would be ready to tackle on this futuristic Internet generation 
    without some sort of all-purpose hacking, cracking, searching, 
    uploading, downloading, wireless tool.  If thereís anything technical 
    that needs to be done, rest assured your Data Uplink will handle the 
    job.  If it canít hack on itís own, itíll link to the CI, where Grimshaw 
    and his tech friends will work on it themselves.  Itís not omnipotent 
    about computer systems, though, so there may be times where you may 
    need some outside help in addition to the Uplink...
    Another very nice tool, this little bugger is your eyes and ears when 
    you canít get to certain areas.   By controlling it remotely, you can 
    wheel it to areas that may be either too small, or too dangerous to 
    access.  It can open doors and hover a short distance, as well.  There 
    are two modifications to the CamSpy in existence.  The DrugSpy, which 
    carries a supply of 10 tranquilizing darts, and the BombSpy, which 
    carries...a far nastier surprise.  ^_^
    Night Vision:
    The game is called Perfect Dark, after all.  Slipping these beauties on 
    will give you a more green outlook on life.  Characters will be seen as 
    a bright green against the black and dark green background of the 
    terrain.  This is very useful in the dark, but the second you step into 
    the light, the goggles overload and you canít see a thing.  Bummer.
    Radar Tracker:
    Similar to the Goldeneye radar, this device brings up a radar screen in 
    the corner that shows where you are in relation to other 
    mission-critical objects or characters.  A blip pointing up is 
    indicating that the target is above you spatially, while a down arrow 
    blip indicates a target below you.
    Combat Boost:
    Iíve heard several people complaining about the usefulness of this 
    thing.  Itís VERY useful.  It seems to slow down everything, and for 
    the gameís sake, thatís exactly what it does.  The only thing thatís 
    not slowed down is you, the player, the person with the controller.  
    This means your reaction time is now greatly improved compared to 
    what's happening in the game, allowing you to be far more precise with 
    your hits.  A fine item indeed.
    X-Ray Scanner:
    These goggles allow you to see through walls, literally.  The range is 
    short, but anything behind a wall will become visible to you.  Be 
    careful, though, as you wonít be able to see anything directly in front 
    of you.  This is also useful for specific mission objectives that 
    require you to take a close look at certain things.
    Horizon Scanner:
    Basically, this is a really fancy set of binoculars.  You canít fire 
    while using it, but itís useful for scouting terrain ahead.  It can 
    zoom up to 31X.
    IR Scanner:
    Enemies canít hide from you when you detect the heat radiating from 
    them with this beauty.  Everything looks red, and characters glow 
    bright red.  This works even if enemies are using cloaking devices to 
    hide from you.  Speaking of which...
    Cloaking Device:
    An alien crystal is used in this device to bend light around its bearer 
    making them almost completely invisible.  I say almost, as there is the 
    tiniest amount of distortion left over.  Also, any time the field is 
    jarred, visibility temporarily returns.  Jarred, like say, if a bullet 
    was fired or something...
    Other gadgets will also be available to you throughout the game, but 
    these are the major ones.  Iíll explain more about certain gadgets as 
    they come up.
    7. Carrington Institute
    This is your base of operations.  You can consider this your 
    information hub, and your training grounds.  You begin upstairs in your 
    office in front of your PC.  Access it with B to return to the Main 
    Menu you started from.  You can do the same by pressing START anywhere.
    Oustide your office is the upstairs hallway.  To your right is Daniel 
    Carringtonís office.  You can go in and say hi, but thatís about it.
    To your left along the hallway is the Information Room, and further on 
    is the Device Lab.
    In the Information Room, your buddy, the wormy Grimshaw will be tending 
    to things.  On the PC on the left hand side is information regarding 
    characters and the story of the game.  It will be updated as more is 
    The PC on the right contains a record of the Cheats youíve amassed.  
    Itís not all that convenient, as you also can access them from the Main 
    Menu, but there you go.
    The Device Lab contains small training missions to familiarize you with 
    the various gadgets in the game.  It would behoove you to go through 
    each of these.  Iíll explain the training after the whole description 
    of the Institute.
    There are two elevators to get you to ground floor level.  There are 
    two doors on this level.  The door on the right is the Holographic 
    Training Room, or the Holo Room.  You can use this to familiarize 
    yourself with basic movement and some unarmed combat.
    The door on the left leads to the Firing Range.  This place allows you 
    to practice with the guns youíve found during the game.  On the walls 
    youíll notice a few familiar-looking guns.  What could they be for, 
    hmm?  On the PC, youíll find a listing of all the weapons youíve found 
    and youíll get a rolling description of each one.  Enter the Range 
    proper, and hit the PC there to practice with your weapons.  There are 
    three difficulty levels to each weapon, and youíll be able to practice 
    with every weapon in the game as you find them, with the exception of 
    Unarmed, since thereís no projectile involved, and the N-Bomb, which 
    really doesnít lend to practice given the magnitude of its explosion.
    There is a ramp leading down on the far side of the ground floor.  At 
    the bottom youíll see a jetbike parked on the pad.  You can hop on by 
    hitting B twice and practice riding around.  You canít go far, but itís 
    good to familiarize yourself with this vehicle.
    Heading through the complex corridors in the storage area, youíll 
    eventually come to the main hangar.  Behind the rather rude lab tech, 
    youíll find a PC that will display vehicles and locations youíve 
    encountered so far.
    Device Lab:
    Data Uplink: Grab the Uplink on the table, go over to the PC near the 
    wall, and push Z.  Itíll start working.  As long as you donít move, 
    itíll finish hacking and open the secret door.
    ECM Mine: Enter the secret door you just opened and turn right.  Go to 
    the end of the hallway and youíll see an opening.  Out of your reach on 
    the other side is the "security hub".  Toss your mine onto it.  This 
    tests your throwing of critical items, which will become important 
    CamSpy:  Turn left as you enter the secret door.  Youíll come to a 
    lower duct area.  You can crawl through this, but you might as well 
    practice and get used to the CamSpy.  Activate it and send it through 
    the ducts.  Bear to the right so that you get to the correct vent door.  
    Youíll know youíre at the right one when you see the Info Room on the 
    other side.  Use the Top C button to levitate yourself and press Z to 
    snap your picture of the Info Room PC.
    Night Vision: Bear to the left as you pass through the secret door.  
    Youíll see a darkened area.  Enter and activate your Night Vision.  The 
    light switch will be to your right.
    Door Decoder: Turn right and then left to get to the door and its 
    activation console.  Simply use the Decoder while looking at the 
    console and itíll open in a few seconds.
    R-Tracker: Go through the new door and activate the R-Tracker.  The 
    blip will be in front and to the left of you.  Take the second left on 
    this new hallway to get to the IR Scanner.
    IR Scanner: Go through the new door and activate the Scanner.  Take the 
    first left and follow the passage until you see a highlighted wall.  
    Activate the wall to open the door.
    X-Ray Scanner: Go through the new secret door you just opened and 
    continue until you see an expansion in the hallway.  On your left and 
    right are the consoles you need to hit, but you need to activate the 
    Scanner to see them.  Itís a little disorienting.
    Disguise: Put on the Disguise when you pick it up.  Go into the duct 
    system and head for the Info Room.  Of course, Grimshaw wonít be at all 
    suspicious to see a well-dressed person walk out of the duct system.  
    Yeah, right...
    Cloaking Device: Head through the secret door to the laser grid area 
    you shut off using the X-Ray Scanner.  Activate the Cloak and continue 
    to the end of the hallway.  Walk up to Carrington and deactivate the 
    device, or you can have a laugh and punch him, too...
    Holographic Training Room:
    Training 1 - Looking Around: The four panels you need to look at are to 
    your right on the floor, to the left high on the wall, to your right on 
    the ceiling, and in the back on the ceiling.  Look at all of the panels 
    and activate the ones on the wall.
    Training 2 - Movement 1: Walk up to either the far left or far right 
    panel and hit it, then quickly strafe to the next, slowing down a bit 
    as you reach it.  Activate all four in this way.  You have about five 
    seconds after the first one is hit.
    Training 3 - Movement 2: Youíll need to duck once to get under the 
    lasers to reach the panel on your left, and youíll need to duck twice 
    to get the one on the far wall.
    Training 4 - Unarmed Combat 1: Your first enemy will stand and take the 
    punch you give him like a man.  Your second will try to evade you, and 
    the third will try to punch you, too.  Keep moving for the third one.
    Training 5 - Unarmed Combat 2: Switch to Disarm.  Hit the first one in 
    the back of the head as he walks around.  For the second one, heíll 
    always be facing you, and can only be knocked out from the back.  The 
    solution is to hide behind the wall.  Do this, and heíll start 
    patrolling.  Run up behind him as heís walking way and belt him.  
    Immediately run behind the wall.  The third guard will shoot back, and 
    heís a very good shot.  Disarming wonít work.  Switch back to punch and 
    pop out of the wall just long enough for him to take some shots at you.  
    After he stops run up and smack him.
    Training 6 - Live Combat 1: There are four guards running around here, 
    ready to punch your lights out.  Keep moving and throwing punches.  
    They usually can only get a hit on you when you stop moving.
    Training 7 - Live Combat 2: There is one unarmed guard on either side 
    of you, and threearmed and good shots on the far end.  Strafe around 
    the wall and attract the attention of the two unarmed.  Then pop up 
    from behind the wall, let them get a few shots off, and disarm one of 
    them, and run back behind the wall.  After that you can either punch or 
    shoot them.
    Firing Range:
    Earning Gold Medals for certain guns in this place gives you access to 
    some of the coolest classic weapons from Goldeneye.
    You can only use guns here when youíve handled them in the Solo 
    IMPORTANT: When I say targets "move in a circle".  They donít actually 
    go in a circle.  They move in a counter-clockwise square manner around 
    a specified area.  Itís just a lot easier to say "They circle" than the 
    Each Practice Trial has requirements.  These may include:
    Score - Hitting the yellow gets you 10 points.  Hitting the red gets 
    you 5.  Hitting the blue gets you 2, and hitting the brown gets you 1 
    point.  Destroying a target with explosives gets you 10 points.  Only 
    hits on the front side of a target will be registered as hits.  Back 
    hits will not count at all.
    Time - All missions require you to be done in a certain amount of time.  
    Standard Bronze time is 2 minutes.  Many of the Silver and Gold are 
    Ammo - Some Trials start you with a limited amount of ammunition.  If 
    not listed, it provides you with unlimited ammo.
    Targets - Most targets take a certain number of hits anywhere on the 
    front before shattering.  If not listed, assume that either the target 
    doesnít explode, or you probably wonít need to hit it enough times to 
    make it explode.  
    In a few situations, youíll have both a score objective AND a target 
    objective.  Be sure to get the score first, as sometimes youíll have a 
    limited number of targets.  
    Most times not all of your targets will be visible at once.  Once you 
    destroy one, the next will appear, and so on.  In other words, if I say 
    there are one, two, or three targets, that means that more may be 
    invisible, but will become visible when one is destroyed.
    Accuracy - A few Trials require you to be accurate to a certain degree.  
    This counts by times you hit the front of a target over total shots.
    Falcon 2 - 
    Bronze - Score 120 in 2 minutes.  Your three targets are stationary, 
    and each will stand up to 8 shots.  Aim for the bulls-eye and fire away.
    Silver - Score 80 in 15 seconds.  The one target will move from side to 
    side and each will stand up to 8 shots.  Some say itís helpful to
    strafe as the target moves.  I find it easier to wait for it to stop, 
    then unloading your gun on it.
    Gold - Score 170 in 10 seconds with 24 bullets.  The five targets will 
    move in an Lshaped pattern, starting at the back right, moving left all 
    the way, moving forward halfway, moving right halfway, moving forward 
    the other half, moving right the other half, and moving all the way 
    back.  Completing this one is a bit easier if you go on the right side 
    and shoot as the target moves back.  Bulls-eyes com easier this way.  
    Each target handles 8 shots.
    Falcon 2 (silenced) -
    Bronze - Score 120 in 2 minutes.  The one target will flip over every 
    few seconds and takes 8 shots.  Naturally, donít shoot when itís 
    Silver - Score 30 and destroy 9 targets in 2 minutes.  There are nine 
    targets lined up in rows of three, and they only take one shot.  Just 
    aim decent and you shouldnít have too much trouble.
    Gold - Score 80 and destroy 3 targets in 30 seconds.  The one target 
    flips as it moves side to side and takes up to 12 shots.  Youíre going 
    to want to concentrate on hitting the target as opposed to accuracy, 
    Falcon 2 (scope) -
    Bronze - Score 120 in 2 minutes.  The three targets will remain 
    stationary and each take 8 shots.  The only difference between this and 
    the Bronze Falcon 2 is the targets are farther off, making you take 
    advantage of the scope.
    Silver - Score 120 in 2 minutes and have 80% accuracy.  The one target 
    circles around and takes 8 shots.  Like the Falcon 2 Gold, only fire 
    when itís moving forward or back.
    Gold - Score 80 in 10 seconds with 8 shots.  The one target moves side 
    to side and takes 8 bullets, so wait until it stops, line up your sight, 
    and fire into the bulls-eye.  Gotta be perfect.
    MagSec 4 -
    Bronze - Score 135 in 2 minutes.  The one target flips and each take 9 
    Silver - Score 135 in 2 minutes and 18 shots.  There are six targets 
    that flip and one back-facing target that moves side to side to block 
    you.  The targets take 3 shots each.  You have time, so take careful 
    Gold - Score 80 and destroy 4 targets in 12 seconds.  There are only 
    four targets that circle and flip as they stop.  Each target takes 3 
    shots.  Accuracy is key here.
    Mauler -
    Bronze - Score 200 in 2 minutes.  The one target moves back and forth 
    and takes 20 shots.  Use Single Shot.
    Silver - Destroy 8 targets in 20 seconds and with 50 bullets.  The 
    eight targets are circling.  One Charge-Up shot will take out each of 
    Gold - Destroy 6 targets in 15 seconds and with 35 bullets.  The six 
    targets are lined up in two rows and flip.  Use your ammo wisely.  One 
    Charge-Up will take care of a target, but you donít have enough in a 
    clip for a full load of charged shots.  With the remaining left over 
    from the bottom of a clip, hit one, then come back and hit it later at 
    the end.
    Phoenix -
    Bronze - Score 90 in 2 minutes.  Two targets circle and flip.  Each 
    takes 8 shots.  Use the Single Shot.
    Silver - Destroy 8 targets in 2 minutes and with 18 shots.  Three 
    targets move side to side and flip as they stop.  Use the Explosive 
    Gold - Destroy 6 targets in 20 seconds with 3 shots.  The six targets 
    move side to side in two target rows.  Fire an Explosive Shell as the 
    two targets come together.  They move fast, so be quick about it.
    DY357 Magnum -
    Bronze - Score 90 in 2 minutes.  One target flips over and can take 6 
    shots.  You safely have one shot for each flip, but hitting the fire 
    button a split second before the target turns may give you enough time 
    for a second shot, but itís really not worth rushing.
    Silver - Score 80 in 2 minutes and with 3 bullets.  There are nine 
    targets in three rows and each can only stand up to one shot.  The 
    trick here is to remember that Magnum bullets penetrate.  Line up your 
    shot as perfect as possible and bulls-eye all three in a line.
    Gold - Score 50 in 12 seconds with 5 bullets.  There are nine targets 
    that flip and take one shot each.  Bulls-eyes are all thatíll count.
    DY357-LX -
    Bronze - Score 90 in 2 minutes.  One target moves in a circle and each 
    take 6 shots.
    Silver - Score 200 in 30 seconds.  Three targets move side to side and 
    each take 6 shots.  Doing this one in the time limit means hitting all 
    three targets as they converge in the middle.  Itís not easy, 
    especially with the delay of a magnum shot.
    Gold - Score 100 in 50 seconds and 12 bullets.  The one target moves 
    side to side and flips.  It wonít be destroyed.  Accuracy is your 
    biggest problem here.
    CMP150 - 
    Bronze - Score 240 in 2 minutes.  Three targets flip and each take 32 
    Silver - Destroy 4 targets in 2 minutes and 80 bullets.  Four targets 
    circle and flip.  Each take 12 shots.  Lock-on may help, but isnít 
    Gold - Score 350 and destroy 6 targets in 20 seconds.  Three targets 
    circle and each take 12 shots.  Just be fast and accurate.  Itís not 
    that hard.
    Cyclone -
    Bronze - Score 750 in 2 minutes.  Three stationary targets take 50 
    shots each.  Use regular Burst Fire.
    Silver - Destroy 5 targets in 20 seconds.  Two targets move back and 
    forth and take 25 shots each.  It might be a good idea to use Magazine 
    Discharge, but youíll miss more.  Itís up to you.
    Gold - Score 400 and destroy 1 target in 18 seconds.  There is one 
    stationary and two side to side targets.  Each takes 25 shots.  Worry 
    about accuracy here.
    Callisto NTG -
    Bronze - Score 480 in 2 minutes.  There are six stationary targets 
    arranged in two rows.  Each takes 32 shots.  Rapid Fire is faster, but 
    High-Impact Shells will effectively double your score.  The choice is 
    Silver - Destroy 1 target in 30 seconds.  Thereís only one target 
    available, and itís behind three back-facing targets.  Use High-Impact 
    Shells.  The target takes 40 shots.
    Gold - Score 250 and destroy 2 targets in 20 seconds.  There are 9 
    flipping targets.  Each target takes 20 shots.
    RC-P120 -
    Bronze - Score a whopping 1000 in 2 minutes.  There is one stationary, 
    indestructible target.  Take aim and empty your magazine into the 
    Silver - Score 300 in 20 seconds.  The thing about these three 
    "peeking" targets is that, unless youíre cloaked, they wonít flip 
    around for you to shoot.  Activate Cloaking and shoot the targets as 
    they come around.  Each of the three takes 20 shots.
    Gold - Destroy 9 targets in 20 seconds with 180 bullets.  There are 
    three peeking targets in front of six stationary targets.  Cloaking 
    will be risky since it chews up so much ammo.  In this case, you'll 
    want to activate it, then turn it off as soon as the targets start 
    Laptop Gun -
    Bronze - Score 750 in 30 seconds.  There are three stationary targets.  
    Each takes 50 shots.  Even with the time limit, this should be no 
    problem considering the Laptopís rate of fire and accuracy.
    Silver - Score 90 and destroy 3 targets in 20 seconds.  The problem 
    here is that the three targets are back facing and wonít turn around.  
    Solution?  Use the Sentry Gun.  Toss it underneath the three targets.  
    Itíll open up on them and hopefully youíll take them all out.
    Gold - Score 750 and destroy 2 targets in 15 seconds and with 250 
    bullets.  Three targets circle around and each can handle 50 shots.  
    Just be good is all I can say.
    Dragon -
    Bronze - Score 450 in 2 minutes.  There are three targets that flip.  
    Each takes 30 shots.
    Silver - Destroy 1 target in 10 seconds and with 1 bullet.  The target 
    moves back and forth.  Impossible?  Not at all.  Simply toss the Dragon 
    using the secondary fire.  When the target crosses the gun, itíll blow 
    Gold - Score 500 in 15 seconds and be 90% accurate.  Two targets move 
    side to side at different speeds and three targets lined up behind 
    flip.  All are indestructible.  Accuracy counts a lot, plus the ability 
    to move with the targets.
    K7 Avenger -
    Bronze - Score 375 in 2 minutes.  There is one stationary target at a 
    time and it takes 25 shots.
    Silver - Destroy 4 targets in 2 minutes and with 4 bullets.  There are 
    five targets arranged haphazardly around.  The trick to it is to use 
    your Threat Detector.  There are a few mined targets.  Shoot those with 
    one burst (2 bullets) and you should take out a second one for each.
    Gold - Destroy 3 targets in 15 seconds with 30 bullets.  The three 
    targets flip and are at fairly long range.  Use only ten bullets for 
    each one.  This is definitely one of the more challenging ones...
    AR34 - 
    Bronze - Score 450 in 2 minutes.  Three targets move forward and back, 
    and each one takes 30 shots.
    Silver - Destroy 9 targets in 2 minutes and with 120 bullets.  Three 
    targets at a time circle and can be destroyed in 10 shots each.
    Gold - Score 500 in 20 seconds and with 100% accuracy.  There is but 
    one indestructible target moving from side to side.  This is easily the 
    hardest one, especially due to the accuracy constraint.  My advice is 
    to crouch real low and only shoot a few shots while itís moving and 
    empty your magazine when it stops.
    SuperDragon -
    Bronze - Score 450 in 2 minutes.  There is only one target at a time 
    that moves side to side.  Each takes 30 shots.
    Silver - Destroy 9 targets in 2 minutes with 9 bullets and 9 grenades.  
    The nine targets flip.  Obviously, youíll be using grenades for this 
    Gold - Destroy 5 targets in 30 seconds with 60 bullets and 4 grenades.  
    One target is in the center and can take 15 shots, while the other four 
    circle and flip and can take 25 shots.  One grenade destroys any of 
    them.  Use the grenades on the moving ones and shots on the stationary 
    Shotgun -
    Bronze - Score 240 in 2 minutes.  There is one stationary target at a 
    time and each takes 11 pellets or 2 blasts since shotguns fire 10 
    Silver - Destroy 9 targets in 30 seconds.  Three targets move side to 
    side, but no more than two are in the same plane.  Each target takes 10 
    pellets, or one full blast.  An easy way to do this is to use the 
    Double Blast, which will shatter two if well-aimed.
    Gold - Score 170 in 20 seconds with 30 shells.  One target moves side 
    to side and two flip.  All are indestructible.  This one isnít too hard.
    Reaper -
    Bronze - Score 1000 in 2 minutes.  The three targets flip and each 
    takes 100 shots.  This isnít hard, but it will take a bit due to the 
    erratic nature of the Reaper.
    Silver - Destroy 18 targets in 30 seconds.  Three stationary targets 
    are up at a time and each can take a mere 8 shots.  Of course, with the 
    lousy aim on the Reaper, youíll go through far more than the 144 
    Gold - Score 750 and destroy 1 target in 30 seconds.  There are three 
    targets that circle.  Due to the famous lousy aim, I couldnít get a 
    solid number for target resistance.  My best estimation is 150, though.  
    Crouching helps a LOT with the Reaper.
    Sniper Rifle -
    Bronze - Score 120 in 2 minutes.  There are three stationary targets at 
    incredibly long range.  Each falls in 8 shots.  Take your time and 
    crouch.  Scope all the way down, and you should have no trouble at all.
    Silver - Score 120 in 2 minutes with 90% accuracy.  The three targets 
    at extreme range now flip and take 8 shots.  If you find yourself short 
    on accuracy as you close in on the target score, just take some 1 point 
    shots at the targets to increase it.
    Gold - Score 150 in 12 seconds in 15 shots.  There are three targets 
    that move forward and back and each takes 5 shots.  All bulls-eyes 
    here, and you have to be quick about it.  Crouching may not be the best 
    idea here, since you have to stand in front of each target and strafe 
    down to it.  Keep your zoom about midrange of the targets.  Good luck.
    Farsight XR-20 -
    Bronze - Destroy 3 targets in 2 minutes.  Each of the three stationary 
    targets takes three shots.  Simply use the Target Locator and you 
    should have no trouble at all.
    Silver - Destroy 6 targets in 15 seconds.  There are three blocking 
    targets in front of you, hiding the six flippers in back.  Use the 
    Target Locator again.  They all fall in one.
    Gold - Score 40 and destroy 6 targets in 20 seconds and with 3 shots.  
    Five of the six targets are stationary, and the sixth moves side to 
    side.  They all go down with one shot.  Use the Rail Gun Effect and 
    focus on the most distant target on the left to get three in one.  Then 
    shoot the middle one while the side to side crosses its path.
    Devastator -
    Bronze - Destroy 6 targets in 2 minutes.  Three stationary targets at a 
    time are here.
    Silver - Destroy 6 targets in 50 seconds and with 10 grenades.  Three 
    of the targets move forward and back, and the other three are at very 
    long range.  Use the Wall Hugger on one of the movers in hopes of 
    blowing up the back ones when it falls.
    Gold - Destroy 6 targets in 30 seconds with 6 grenades.  One target at 
    a time flips.  There are ones at long range that you need to be careful 
    about gauging your shot.  Fire at the pole on the top of the targets 
    for the really long ones.
    Rocket Launcher - 
    Bronze - Destroy 9 targets in 2 minutes.  The nine targets are in three 
    rows.  Let the rockets fly.
    Silver - Destroy 18 targets in 2 minutes with 18 rockets.  Eight 
    targets at a time move in a circle.  Aim for the ones coming towards 
    you to pick up some extras.
    Gold - Score 40 and destroy 4 targets in 30 seconds with 4 rockets.  
    The four targets circle and flip.  Fire before they flip back.  Thereís 
    some timing to consider for the furthest two.
    Slayer -
    Bronze - Destroy 6 targets in 2 minutes.  One target at a time flips.  
    Fly-By-Wire probably isnít necessary.
    Silver - Score 40 and destroy 4 targets in 2 minutes with 6 rockets.  
    The four targets circle.  Fly-By-Wire is a big help here.
    Gold - Score 60 and destroy 6 targets in 40 seconds with 8 rockets.  
    Three at a time move side to side and flip.  Fly-By-Wire is a help 
    here, too.
    Combat Knife -
    Bronze - Score 72 in 2 minutes.  The one indestructible target remains 
    stationary.  Why 72?
    Silver - Score 90 in 2 minutes with 18 knives.  There are three targets 
    that flip.  Each target goes down in 6 hits.
    Gold - Score 80 and destroy 8 targets in 30 seconds.  The eight targets 
    circle.  All go down in one hit, so every throw has to count.  Hit the 
    ones nearest you for best results.
    Crossbow -
    Bronze - Score 72 in 2 minutes.  The three indestructible targets 
    remain stationary.
    Silver - Score 90 in 2 minutes with 20 bolts.  The three stationary 
    targets are further back and are still indestructible.
    Gold - Score 150 in 30 seconds.  The solitary target moves side to side 
    and flips.  No tricks here.  Just be accurate.
    Tranquilizer - 
    Bronze - Score 120 in 2 minutes.  The eight targets move in a circle 
    and are destroyed with eight shots each.
    Silver - Score 250 in 20 seconds.  Three flipper targets can stand up 
    to 8 shots each.  Accuracyís a cruel mistress...
    Gold - Destroy 18 targets in 15 seconds with 18 shots.  One stationary 
    target at a time goes down with one hit.  You have to be really fast 
    here.  Less than a shot a second.  The targets pop up all over the 
    place, too.  Definitely one of the harder ones.
    Laser -
    Bronze - Score 250 in 2 minutes.  The three targets are stationary and 
    Silver - Score 180 in 20 seconds with 80% accuracy.  The indestructible 
    target flips as it moves side to side.
    Gold - Score 250 in 20 seconds with 100% accuracy.  Three targets 
    moving back and forth each take 12 shots.  The fact that theyíre moving 
    back and forth gives you some room to breathe, but donít relax too much.
    Grenade -
    Bronze - Destroy 3 targets in 2 minutes.  There is one stationary at a 
    time.  Oddly enough, the harder ones to hit are the closer ones.  The 
    far ones can be hit with Prox. Pinball, while you have to drop the 
    close ones.
    Silver - Destroy 18 targets in 30 seconds.  There are three stationary 
    targets at a time.  Same rules apply here.
    Gold - Destroy 4 targets in 30 seconds and with 6 grenades.  One target 
    flips and moves in a circle at a time.  Same game.  Timing now has to 
    be considered with the targets only stopping for a short time.
    Timed Mine -
    Bronze - Destroy 3 targets in 2 minutes.  The three stationary targets 
    flip, but since the explosion reaches to the other side, there are no 
    worries.  Just toss one on the middle one.
    Silver - Destroy 6 targets in 2 minutes using 6 mines.  Three are three 
    targets moving back and forth in front of three stationary targets.  
    Itís possible to hit the targets in the back by throwing, but itís 
    easier just to place a mine on one of the targets just as itís about to 
    move back.
    Gold - Score 60 and destroy 6 targets in 12 seconds with one mine.  
    Once again, there are three targets moving back and forth in front of 
    three stationary targets.  Toss the mine towards the back row in the 
    middle and youíll get them all.
    Proximity Mine - 
    Bronze - Destroy 3 targets in two minutes.  Just throw the mine onto 
    the middle one and watch the fireworks.
    Silver - Destroy 3 targets in two minutes with 6 mines.  The three 
    targets move forward and back.  Just lay in their flight path and you 
    should have no problem.
    Gold - Destroy 5 targets in 30 seconds with 4 mines.  Three move 
    forward and back and the other two move side to side behind them and 
    flip.  Toss one in the back and watch the fireworks.
    Remote Mine - 
    Bronze - Destroy 3 targets in two minutes.  Like the other Bronze Mine 
    Trials, just toss one in the middle.  Slap the B & A buttons.
    Silver - Destroy 4 targets in 2 minutes with 4 mines.  The four targets 
    circle and flip.  Shouldnít be trouble, though.  Just get the arc down.
    Gold - Destroy 7 targets in 12 seconds with 2 mines.  Six of the seven 
    move side to side, and one remains stationary.  Go for the back ones 
    Phew.  Glad thatís done.  Arenít you?
    Now for the fun part.
    As I said, beating certain Trial unlocks the classic weapons you see in 
    the glass cases.  You can access these by opening the Cheat menu and 
    going under Classic Weapons in Solo.  Unfortunately, it's very 
    confusing and not all of them can be determined by going straight 
    through.  I've posted as many as I can figure for sure...
    Beat: Falcon 2, Falcon 2 (silenced), and Falcon 2 (scope)
    Earn: PP9i, AKA PP7.
    This gun was Bondís sidearm.  Single Shot, 7 Pistol Bullets per Clip.  
    Fire Rate: Fast with Trigger Pull
    Beat: MagSec 4, Mauler, Phoenix, DY357 Magnum, and DY357-LX.
    Earn: CC13, AKA DD44 Dostovei.
    This was a powerful officerís pistol.  Single Shot, 8 Pistol Bullets 
    per Clip.  Fire Rate: Fast with Trigger Pull
    Beat: CMP150, Cyclone, Callisto NTG, and RC-P120.
    Earn: KLO1313, AKA Klobb.
    Get it?  B?  13?  They kinda work.  Anyway, this is a noisy and 
    inaccurate machine pistol.  Rapid Fire, 20 9mm Bullets per Clip.  Fire 
    Rate: Fast
    Beat: Laptop Gun, Dragon, K7 Avenger, AR34, and SuperDragon.
    Earn: KF7 Special, AKA KF7 Soviet.
    Standard Russian guardís rifle.  Burst Fire, 30 Rifle Bullets per 
    Clip.  Fire Rate: Fast
    Beat: Shotgun, Reaper, Sniper Rifle, Farsight XR-20, Devastator, Rocket 
    Launcher, and Slayer (?)
    Earn: ZZT (9mm), AKA ZMG (9mm)
    The good olí Uzi.  Rapid Fire, 32 9mm Bullets per Clip.  Fire Rate: 
    Very Fast
    Beat: Timed Mine, Proximity Mine, and Remote Mine.
    Earn: DMC, AKA D5K Deutsche
    Standard 9mm Automatic for Russian guards.  Rapid Fire, 30 9mm Bullets 
    per Clip.  Fire Rate: Fast
    Beat: Grenade, Laser, and Combat Knife (?)
    Earn: AR53, AKA AR33 Assault Rifle
    The very-nice American made assault rifle.  Burst Fire, 30 Rifle 
    Bullets per Clip.  Fire Rate: Very Fast
    Beat: Crossbow and Tranquilizer (?)
    Earn: RC-P45, AKA RC-P90
    Sheís back!  The absolute best gun from Goldeneye returns with a 
    vengeance!  Rapid Fire, 80 9mm Bullets per Clip.  Fire Rate: Extremely 
    Those ones with question marks are the ones I'm really not sure about.  
    Does anyone have a definitive list of which does what?
    Well, Ms. Dark.  I think we can safely say youíre training is now 
    complete.  Shall we go kick some bad guy butt?
    8. Missions/Walkthroughs
    Right!  The meat of the game (and most of my witticisms) is in its 
    Story Mode.  Before we start, here are some abbreviations Iíll 
    constantly be using to simplify:
    Jo: Joanna Dark
    Dan: Daniel Carrington
    Cass: Cassandra De Vries
    Pres.: The President of the United States
    Jon: Jonathan
    Trent: Trent Easton
    CI: Carrington Institute
    DD: DataDyne
    A: Agent Difficulty Level
    SA: Special Agent Difficulty Level
    PA: Perfect Agent Difficulty Level
    That settled, here we go!
    Mission 1.1 - DataDyne Central - Defection
    A. Overview
    Lucerne Tower.  Not much of a tower really.  Less than thirty stories 
    tall...  This, your first, mission is designed to introduce you to the 
    real world combat slowly.  Your objectives, especially at the Agent 
    Level, will be fairly straightforward.
    Youíve just received a distress call from Dr. Caroll at DataDyne.  He 
    knows that if heís not extracted tonight, heíll be put through mind 
    conditioning.  You have to go down from the roof to the lab basement 
    elevator, as the ground entrance is sealed at this time of night.
    B. Objectives
    1.   SA PA: Disable the Internal Security Hub
    2.   SA PA: Obtain the Keycode Necklace
    3.      PA: Download Project Files
    4.   SA PA: Disable the External Comms Hub
    5. A SA PA: Gain Entrance to the Laboratory
    C. Equipment
    Starting Equipment:
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 (silenced) - Going covert, Jo?  Your silenced sidearm 
    will get you around the building without alerting everyone in the 
    vicinity.  Starting ammo: 80
      SA PA: ECM Mine - These mines are equipped with a high powered 
    electromagnetic device.  Theyíll override and disable electric systems 
    they come in contact with.  You start with 3 of them.
         PA: Data Uplink - Downloads require this puppy.  Youíll need it 
    for the files.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: CMP150 - Almost all guards in the area carry this.  You can 
    also find a couple lying around.
         PA: Laptop Gun - My favorite gun is hidden in this level, 
    D. Opposition
    DD Infantry: These guys are everywhere, carrying CMP150s.
    DD Shock Troops: On the ground floor are these helmeted guys, also 
    carrying CMPs.
    Camera:  Although not really a force to be reckoned with, Cameras may 
    be present to activate the alarm should you be clumsy,
    E. Walkthrough
    All: Youíll start the mission on the helipad.  No other way to go but 
    down from here.  On your right will see a gantry ramp going down a few 
    levels.  Take that ramp down to the roof proper, where youíll find your 
    first guard patrolling around.  Give him the satisfaction of being your 
    first hit.  On your left as you exit the ramp will be a metal door you 
    can use to enter the building.
    SA PA: But, first, watch out for a camera positioned on the wall above 
    and to the right of said door.  Shoot it out.
    PA:  While youíre at it, shoot out the one on the wall behind you.  No 
    sense alerting the place youíre here.  Is there?
    All: Enter the door and the other one right behind it.  The second 
    guard will be standing just behind this door around the corner, if he 
    wasnít alerted to your presence earlier.  Head down the ramps to the 
    SA PA: Now, hurry and turn to your left.  Get out one of your ECM 
    Mines. (You have three, but youíll only need two for the mission.)  
    Before the cameras on the ceiling spot you, toss the mine on the TV 
    like device on the wall.  You should have enough time not to sweat 
    about it too much.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    All: Head for the door at the far end of the room that will take you 
    downstairs and into the office complex.  There are two guards on patrol 
    in this stairwell and in the office area ahead.  Chances are youíll see 
    one of them before you hit the office area, but you never know.  
    Thereís also a third guard standing in the office complex at one of the 
    desks.  I probably shouldnít have to tell you to eliminate them.
    SA PA: Whatís that Dan?  Cassís office is on this floor?  Must be those 
    big double doors to your left as you exit the stairwell.
    PA: Hey!  Theyíre locked!  Look over on the table where the standing 
    guard was.  Youíll see a buzzer.  Buzz yourself in, wonít you?
    SA PA: Stroll right through those doors like you own the place.  Switch 
    your Falcon over to Whip, or put up your dukes.  Cass and her secretary 
    are in here, and unarmed.  Not very sporting to take down unarmed 
    people, so be sure to knock them out.  If you take your time, however, 
    Cass will sound the alarm.  Once Cass is out, sheíll drop her 
    necklace.  It gets you downstairs, so grab it.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    All: The door at the opposite end of the first stairwell leads to 
    another stairwell.  The stairs allow you access both the 22nd and 21st 
    floors, if you so desire, but itís not necessary on A or SA, you can 
    access the 22nd floor and pick up some ammo from guards, and a shield 
    on A and SA.  The PA, however, should watch out as they tread here, for 
    a camera scans the hallway past the left-hand elevator.  The PA will 
    come here eventually, so itís best to clear this place out now.
    All: Here's the lowdown on the 22nd floor.  You have a main hallway.  
    There are a couple of guards patrolling this main hallway.  On the left 
    as you face away from the elevators is a small room.  This contains a 
    A SA: ...who's carrying a shield.
    All: The room to the right as you exit the elevator has two guards.  
    The room further down the hall, also accessible from the aformentioned 
    room has a guard staring out the window.  The next room, accessible 
    either by the door in the hallway or by a sliding panel in the last 
    room, has three guards sitting around.  The last room is empty, except 
    for a couple of PCs.
    All: The 21st floor has a lot more things youíd want or need on this 
    level.  The closet on your left as you exit the stairwell is locked.  
    Crud.  The offices along the elevator hallway all contain guards.  
    Whee.  Keep a special lookout for a guard in a Shock Trooper Helmet.  
    This guy carries double Silenced Falcons.  Needless to say, big help.  
    If he doesnít come after you, heís in an office off a hallway near the 
    windows opposite the elevator side.  The unlocked one.
    PA: Another camera.  This oneís in a corner.  Itís on the opposite side 
    of the elevators, on the right hand side.  After you finish with it, 
    head the aforementioned windowed hallway.  Youíll hear a phone 
    conversation in the second office on your left.  Personality 
    reprogramming?  They must be talking about Dr. Caroll!  This guy might 
    be a bit of a help.  Wait until the conversation is over, then confront 
    him as he opens his door.  Heíll get all scaredy and run off.  Keep him 
    close to you and heíll lead you to the terminal where youíll download 
    your files.
    PA: It may be a good idea to let him go though for a bit, because if 
    you do, heíll run into that closet you couldnít open.  In here are two 
    Falcons on the left and right walls (wonít allow you to double, 
    although thatís already taken care of anyhoo), and the Laptop Gun on 
    the back wall.  Sweet!
    PA:  Follow the guy as he leads you up a floor.  Once he finally gets 
    to his terminal, heíll log on.  Heíll soon afterward tell you heís 
    "in".  QUICKLY knock him out at this point!  If you donít, heíll erase 
    the files you worked so hard to get.  Use your trusty Data Uplink on 
    the terminal now to download the files.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    All: Take either elevator on any floor.  Eventually, youíll go down 
    many floors to the ground floor.  There are quite about five guards 
    down here, so be careful.  If you have the Laptop, set up the sentry 
    gun either on the short staircase behind you or on the wall at the 
    bottom.  Shoot the low glass on the balcony to get the guardsí 
    attention and theyíll walk right into the Laptop, allowing you a much 
    easier cleanup.
    SA PA: As you go down the short flight of stairs, or come around from 
    the front desk if you came down from dropping off the balcony. (There 
    are two CMPs behind it, by the way)  Enter the door on the right.  
    There are several guards behind it, so step carefully.  You may even 
    want to setup the Laptop again outside this door if you have it.  The 
    External Comms Hub is on the left as you enter the room, near the 
    floor.  Toss an ECM Mine on that thing.
    Objective 4 Completed!
    All: Enter the door on the left as you come off the short flight of 
    stairs.  Shoot all the guards, and proceed to the next room.  Thereís a 
    wall that will open up when you get near.  Behind that is the elevator 
    to the labs.
    All Objectives Completed!
    F. Time Trial: Under 1:30 on Special Agent
    Immediately jump off the roof in front of you.  Donít worry about the 
    camera.  Basically, youíre going to want to skip any enemies not 
    directly in your way.  Run to the Security Hub and toss your first mine 
    on it quickly.  Run downstairs and directly into Cassís office, 
    switching to Whip before you get there.  Whip her good!  Take the 
    necklace, dash down to the 21st floor by the stairwell and call the 
    elevator on the right.  Use the waiting time to deal with any guards 
    and get their ammo.  Once on the ground floor, run directly for the 
    Comms room and deal with the guards.  You have to, or else youíll be 
    shot while trying to place the mine.  Afterwards, sprint to the 
    elevator and youíre done.
    G. Cheats
    Completing this level will give you the cheat: Classic Sight.  
    Basically, this gives you the old Goldeneye red crosshair.  No light-up 
    when youíre targeting an enemy, no nothing.
    Completing the Time Trial will get you the cheat: Marquis of Queensbury 
    Rules.  This cheat takes all weapons from the enemies, leaving them 
    bare-handed, but still not defenseless.  You still have your guns, by 
    the way.
    Now, the Marquis of Queensbury, I'm told, was a British nobleman who 
    set the rules for modern boxing, making it more "gentlemanly".  So, 
    this makes sense considering the lack of weapons.
    Follow me on this one.  There is a hidden wedge of cheese for you to 
    find.  The Cheese Wedge can be found by using explosives to blow up the 
    pipe immediately next to the external comms hub.  Drop down the shaft 
    and you'll see it in one of the grates nearby.
    Mission 1.2 - DataDyne Research - Investigation
    A. Overview
    Youíre in deep, now.  These are the labs where all the tip-top secret 
    DataDyne stuff is produced.  Dr. Carollís down here somewhere, too, 
    waiting for you to pick him up.  While youíre at it though, you might 
    wanna see about investigating any other experiments around here.
    B. Objectives
    1. A SA PA: Holograph the Radioactive Isotope
    2.   SA PA: Start the Security Maintenance Cycle
    3.   SA PA: Shut Down the Experiments
    4.      PA: Obtain the Experimental Technologies
    5. A SA PA: Locate Dr. Caroll
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 - I guess we decided to go without the silencer for 
    this part.  Whatever.  Starting ammo: 100.
    A SA PA: Data Uplink - You never know when you might have to hack your 
    way in.
    A SA PA: CamSpy - Gotta take a picture of that isotope somehow...
    You also start with 50 rifle bullets.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: CMP150 - When you got DD Infantry, you know theyíve got this.
    A SA PA: Dragon - Certain DD Shock Troops carry this assault rifle.
    A SA PA: K7 Avenger - Still in the experimental stages...
    A SA PA: Night Vision - Part of Objective 4.  You only need to get it 
    on PA.  Itís useless in the other levels.
    D. Opposition:
    DD Troopers: These green guys are everywhere.  Still toting the old 
    DD Shock Troops: They may wear green like the troopers, but the helmets 
    are a dead giveaway.  There are only a few, but they carry more 
    advanced weapons.  Stay alert.
    Scientists:  Donít kill them.  Knock Ďem out if you have to.
    Drone Guns: There are a few in the final room before Dr. Carollís 
    hiding place.  Iíll give strategies when we get there.
    E. Walkthrough:
    All: Youíll be in the elevator, having just knocked out a particularly 
    dense guard.  Across from you is the main foyer to the labs.  Thereís a 
    hallway to the right, and a door to the left.  Thereíll be a guard on 
    patrol here.  Show him how bad he is.  The door on the right takes you 
    to a control room and guards lounge.  There is a guard at the terminals 
    and two more around the corner in the lounge.  If you hit the terminal 
    with the red readout, youíll open a maintenance hatch that will lead 
    you to a later area.  I personally havenít found much use for the 
    hatch, but I wonít tell you what to do.
    All:  Continue to the hallway on the left from the foyer.  Note thereís 
    a maintenance bot running around.  You can do one of two things:
    1: Forget the maintenance bot and proceed through the door.  There 
    youíll find a secretaryís office.  There will be two guards to kill, so 
    stay sharp.  Beyond the office youíll come to a large square room with 
    two more guards, if your shots haven't already alerted them.
    2: Follow the maintenance bot as he opens a SECRET door next to the 
    first one.  Enter the secret door.  This way is recommended for SA and 
    PA because it presents a much easier way to get to one of the 
    objectives.  I even recommend it for A, as it gives you a chance at 
    more weapons.
    All: As you move down a slope, youíll notice some low glass.  Break it 
    with your fist.  Hop down and youíll find yourself in some kind of 
    computer room.  There are two guards down here, but neither should be 
    close by.  Thereís a way to get double CMPs down here, but itís 
    tricky.  It starts back in the beginning with you NOT getting seen by 
    that first guard.  You must also not be seen by, but eliminate, the two 
    guards down here.  After you do that, go to the terminal thatís in a 
    small alcove around a corner.  Activate it, and itíll tell you it 
    opened a secret weapon cache.  Go to the lockers in the room, and 
    youíll find two CMPs just itching for you to get your grubby mitts on 
    SA PA: Anyway, your mission down here is to activate first the terminal 
    on the same wall as the lockers to reprogram the robot, then the one on 
    the opposite wall to activate them.
    Objective 2 Completed! (Yeah, out of order, I know, but this is the 
    best way!)
    All: After this, you can go out the same way you came in, the secret 
    door, and continue from choice 1, or you can head up the sloping ramps, 
    and tackle a few more guards.  Fortunately, they were expecting you NOT 
    to come the secret way!  Youíve got the drop on most of them and itíll 
    be easier taking them out.  Follow the hallway and exit through the 
    door at the far end to take you to the other side of the square room 
    mentioned at the end of Choice 1.
    A: The door locks behind you.  This was to prevent you from wandering 
    off on the A level, but we kinda circumnavigated that, didnít we?
    All: This area has three new exits for you (and a Shield on A).  
    Thereís the grate in the middle of the room, and two vertically sliding 
    metal doors.  Start by taking the door on the right.  Past a couple 
    more guards, youíll find a room glowing green.  Stepping into the room 
    proper will damage your health, so fire up the CamSpy and roll it into 
    the room.  Get the glowing green rock in your lens sights and hit the 
    fire button to snap a picture.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    All: If youíre desperate, and I was once when I played PA, thereís a 
    Proximity Mine in the back of the glowing room, around the back wall.  
    You can get it, get out, and live, but you will be hurt.  I found this 
    when I was in a suicidal mood.
    All: Now, I say forget about the grate in the square room.  It will 
    take you further ahead, but youíll be at a disadvantage when you get 
    where you wanna go.  Youíll end up having guards come at you from both 
    All: Proceed through the metal door on the left and pass through a 
    couple more, into the main lab area.  There are quite a few guards 
    throughout these corridors.  Two are on patrol, and two more are 
    guarding each of three doors.  Be smart and methodically take care of 
    them all before going into any of the rooms.
    A: Most of these doors are locked.  You probably should just do the 
    first part of Objective 4 and continue on to the last door on the 
    SA PA: Go to the first room on the right as you enter the main area.  
    Take out the two guards in the room, and point your gun at the 
    scientist to make him shut down his experiment.  Heíll whine.  Shut him 
    up with a blow to the head, not a shot, mind you.  You can shut down 
    the experiment by yourself however, if you *snicker* mistakenly land a 
    punch on him or something.  One terminal is the deactivator.  One 
    activates the alarm, which you can quickly shut off, and the other two 
    are inactive.  Any way you slice it, hitting the correct terminal is 
    all it takes, itís just easier to let the lackey do it.
    Part 1 of Objective 3 Completed!
    PA: Anyone should do this, but PAís have to.  Enter the first door on 
    the left as you enter the main lab.  Thereís a lift behind the 
    half-square bench with the computers on it.  Ride down slowly and 
    youíll see a scientist showing a Shock Trooper how to operate a K7 
    Avenger.  Relieve the Trooper of the burden of duty and knock out the 
    scientist.  Add the Avenger to your arsenal.  Note the target range.  
    At the end of the range is a ladder leading to the old red grate.  See 
    how bad it wouldíve been to come that way?  You wouldíve been that next 
    target for that Avenger.
    Part 1 of Objective 4 Completed!
    PA: Go to the second door on the right.  No oneís here, thankfully.  In 
    a glass case in the middle of the room youíll see some funky specs.  
    Break the glass.  Theyíre Night Vision Goggles!  Too bad this place is 
    so well lit...
    Part 2 of Objective 4 Completed!
    SA PA: Now, itís time for the last door on the left.  Enter it.  Take 
    out the two guards.  Threaten the scientist.  Yadda yadda.
    Part 2 of Objective 3 Completed!
    SA PA: Now, in this room, there is another door on the right side.  The 
    last experiment is being performed here.  Note this scientist is a 
    little more gruff than the first two.  Watch him go towards a 
    terminal.  Knock him out before he hits it.  If he does hit it, itíll 
    sound the alarm, which, again, you can deactivate.  Youíll have to kill 
    this project on your own.  Find the right terminal through trial and 
    Objective 3 Completed!
    All: Proceeding through the last door on the right, and packing a few 
    guards full of lead, youíll come to a hallway with three laser grids.  
    Unless you want to give yourself some impromptu surgery, Iíd avoid the 
    beams.  This is where the robot you set loose in SA and PA is roaming.  
    In A, heíll already be here.  As the robot gets close to a grid, itíll 
    shut the grid down, allowing you to step past it.  Do this for all 
    three grids and continue on to what appears to be another lounge.
    All: Two more guards to take care of here.  Also available are a couple 
    of extra guns on the table in the middle of the room, and a shield in 
    an enclosed garden-type area in the near left corner.  Take the door at 
    the far end.  Thereíll be another door behind the first.  Careful.  Two 
    Dragon-toting Shock Troops are flanking the door, ready to cut you down 
    if you pass through.  Eliminate them, and youíll reach a locked door.  
    This is where your Data Uplink comes in handy.  Point it at the 
    terminal and let it work.
    SA PA: Immediately after turning on the Uplink, back away, and pull out 
    a gun at the door you just came through.  Two guards will try a little 
    ambush on you, but, since youíre ready, riddle them with bullets, and 
    use the Uplink again on the terminal.
    All: After the Uplink has finished, proceed down the stairs and 
    through this room and the next.  Youíll enter a very blue room.  Three 
    Dragon Troops are here.  Make quick work of them.
    PA: Finally, you get to finish Objective 4.  Take the door to your left 
    when you enter.  The hall has a guard hiding behind a metal thing and 
    two more behind the door to the end.  They shouldnít be a big problem 
    though.  Reach the last room and step in the small alcove at the very 
    end.  The alcove will retract and youíll see the last item, a shield 
    tech item, on the pedestal.  Sadly, this does not mean you have a 
    shield, just technology...
    Objective 4 Completed!
    All: Open the last door in the blue room with care, as there are Drone 
    Guns ready to pound you on the other side.  Use the Avenger Scope and 
    Threat Detector to put the two guns out of commission easily.
    PA: Oh, and watch that last step, thereís another one on the other side 
    of the wall from the first one.  Aim up as you get close and let Ďem 
    have it, unless youíd like a lead spine.
    All:  Go through the last door, and meet Dr. Caroll.  Turns out heís 
    not human at all!  Heís a hovering laptop with a conscious AI, and a 
    moral code.  Anyone see the Matrix?  Iíve got a bad feeling about 
    All Objectives Completed!
    F: Time Trial - Under 6:30 on Perfect Agent
    The keys here are speed, head shots, and knowing when to be where.  
    Make sure you're picking up most of the guns dropped here.  You'll need 
    all the ammo you can get.
    Immediately stop the cutscene and run out to the left.  Run past the 
    cleaner robot and fire at the guard standing at the end.  You should 
    kill him before you reach him.  Go through the door and kill as many of 
    the four guards that will be on the other side as you can.  Listen for 
    the secret door to your left to open.  Stop what you're shooting when 
    you hear that and head for the door.  Hopefully, you can kill all of 
    them, but don't sweat too hard if you don't.
    Run in the secret door and shoot the low glass railing on the fly.  
    Jump down, run around the corner and shoot the guard at the far end.  
    Activate both terminals for the robot cleaners.  Run around and kill 
    the guard, then make your way through the ambush corridor, where most 
    of the guards will be facing the wrong way, killing all of them.  If 
    you left any behind from the first room, they'll be here.  As you head 
    to the door to the square room, after they're all dead, you shouldn't 
    have much more than a minute on the clock.
    Run to the isotope room, kill the two guards, use the CamSpy quickly 
    and roll it to the isotope.  Snap your picture, then press A and take 
    off.  Take out the first guard behind the door to the lab hallway, the 
    two guards patrolling behind it, then the two guards ahead and to the 
    left.  Enter the K7 Room with about 1:50.  The lift will be almost 
    down.  Hop down, peg the K7 guy, grab it, and head back to the 
    elevator.  Rush to the lab rooms.  First to the one at the end of the 
    long hallway on your right.  
    Kill the two guards, and try to find the terminal yourself, you don't 
    have time to let wormy boy do it.  Hit each terminal twice.  There will 
    be a slight delay as the game processes you accessing them, but 
    eventually you'll turn the alarm on then off, and find the right one.  
    A dull sound of electronics shutting down is your key noise here.
    Next, go to the Night Vision room, dealing with the two guards outside.  
    They'll notice you before you notice them, so crouch as you hear them 
    shout and receive their attack instead of rushing into it.  Go into the 
    Night Vision room, shoot out one of the glass panels, and grab the 
    goggles.  Run outside and around to the far end of the hallway, killing 
    the two guards on your left the same way.  Kill the next two guards 
    inside, and hit the terminals the same way as before.  Go to the final 
    room, knock out the scientist immediately, and do the terminal thing 
    here, too.
    Run back out and head straight to the doors on the other side of the 
    hallway.  Deal with the four guards in the next two rooms.  Your time 
    should be no more than 4:20, but, since you're moving fast, you're 
    probably way ahead.  Just relax, and wait for the robot to do his 
    thing.  Follow him past the lasers, shoot the guard on the right as 
    you pass through the next door, and take out the two guards in the 
    lounge.  Head for the next room, shooting the Dragon guards on either 
    side of the door.  Hit your Data Uplink, immediately step back and pull 
    out a gun.  Open the door you came through and shoot the guards trying 
    to ambush you.  Amateurs.  Use the Data Uplink again.  You shouldn't 
    have much more than 5:00 on the clock when you activate it.  
    Once it's done, run down the ramp and into the final big room.  Deal 
    with the three Dragon guards quickly, then take the left door.  Run 
    straight into the next room, take out the guards hiding behind the 
    metal thing, then shoot at the two guards that open the door in front 
    of you.  Run all the way to the end and grab the Shield technology.  
    Run back to the Dr. Caroll hallway, switching to the K7 and its threat 
    detector as you go.  Locate the autoguns, then open the door and shoot 
    the two you see.  It may take more than one try.  Afterwards, take out 
    the last one on the other side of the first one, and head through the 
    door.  Finally!!  *huff, puff*
    G: Cheats
    Beating this level gets you the Slo-Mo Single Player Cheat.  Think of 
    it as a perpetual Combat Boost, only the enemyís reaction time has NOT 
    slowed.  Of course, neither has yours...
    Completing the Time Trial earns you the Pugilist Buddy Cheat.  This 
    buff guy dressed in a tuxedo is unarmed, but rather proficient in 
    hand-to-hand combat.  He can take a bit of punishment, too.
    The Cheese Wedge is in the room with the scientist who triggers the 
    alarm.  Within the horseshoe formation of the laptops is a glass 
    floor.  It's easily spotted beneath the glass floor.
    Mission 1.3 - DataDyne Central - Extraction
    A. Overview
    Good work.  You now have the good Doctor tailing you as you make your 
    escape.  Cass isnít going to make it easy for you to get out though.  
    Sheís turned the building into a war zone, and itíll take all your 
    skill to get out to the roof and back to your jumpship.
    One note about this level in general: Dr. Caroll has to remain alive, 
    but he doesnít have to be with you the whole way.  You can leave him 
    behind while you take an elevator solo.  Heíll follow, so donít worry 
    about him.  Just donít shoot him or let him get shot.
    B. Objectives
    1. A SA PA: Access the Foyer Elevator
    2.      PA: Reactivate the Office Elevator
    3.   SA PA: Destroy the DataDyne Hovercopter
    4. A SA PA: Defeat Cassandraís Bodyguards
    5. A SA PA: Rendezvous at Helipad
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 (Scope) - Since most enemies will have the drop on 
    you this time around, use the added scope for this weapon to even out 
    the odds a bit.  Starting ammo: 50.
    A SA PA: Night Vision - You may have "dropped" most of the stuff you 
    liberated from the labs, but the Night Vision is still with you (even 
    if you didnít get it ^_^)
    You also start with 160 rifle bullets and 2 magnum bullets.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: CMP150 - In the hands of DD Shock Troopers.  Its rapid fire 
    will come in handy later.
    A SA PA: DY357 Magnum - Good luck getting this.  Personally, I don't 
    think it's worth the trouble, but if you can stay hidden long enough...
    A SA PA: Shotgun - Cassí bodyguards hold these powerful weapons.  The 
    power will come in handy, too.
    A SA PA: Rocket Launcher - Oh, yes.  This lovely piece of equipment 
    will give you a bit of an advantage against the aforementioned 
    A SA PA: Grenade - Youíll find one of these around, but youíll want to 
    use it for...
    A SA PA: Dragon - Hiding somewhere around the building is one of these 
    lovely assault rifles.
    D. Opposition
    DD Shock Troopers: The guards stunk, so now the Shock Troops have taken 
    over the building.  They are armed with CMPs.
    Bodyguards: Cass has a contingent of female bodyguards.  Theyíre 
    running amok in the office levels.  Each carries a deadly shotgun.
    Hovercopter: This machine gun firing machination will make life 
    miserable on SA and PA.
    E. Walkthrough
    All:  Hey, who turned out the lights?
    SA PA: Note the counter on the bottom of the screen.  Thatís how long 
    you have before the lights go back on.  Donít be wearing the Night 
    Vision Goggles when this happens or youíll have severe eyestrain.
    All: Activate Night Vision.  Proceed through the ground floor.  Itís 
    pretty obvious where you have to go, since there is only one way.  
    Thereís one guard behind the table at the start, another behind the 
    table in the next room.  There are two more artfully placed behind 
    blast shields as you exit into the lobby.  Another is behind a couch as 
    you make your way around.  Two are behind the front desk.  Anotherís 
    behind a couch on the other side of the lobby, and two are behind blast 
    shields at the top of the stairs.  The easy way to deal with these 
    guards who are already alerted to your presence is to lean out and 
    quickly move back (Hold Aim and press Strafe in one direction or the 
    other).  Theyíll squeeze off a few rounds and you can lean again and 
    peg Ďem while they ready another shot.
    All: If you can somehow kill all the guards up to the first couch 
    hiding guard without being seen, he'll drop a DY357 Magnum.  I've never 
    been able to do it on my own, only by cheating and having the Farsight.
    Here's a way to do it, sent in by ChewyLS.  
    For some reason, if you're far enough away from the gaurds, they won't 
    see you.  They must be wearing X-ray scanners or something.  This 
    happens automatically with the first guard because you are far away 
    enough.  Now for the second one, you have to open it from the side so 
    that you are on a diagonal, and the guard won't see you.  Now you have 
    to move back, and then shoot the guard in the head.  Now for the two 
    behind the blast shield, position yourself so that your back is against 
    the wall against the wall opposite where they are.  Now strafe until 
    you can see one of them.  Kill him, and then the second one using the 
    same method.  Now for the one with the magnum.  Now face the blue flag 
    and keep on strafing until you can see him.  Kill him and get your 
    reward of a Magnum. 
    All: After you finish in the lobby, head up the elevator on the left as 
    you reach the top of the stairs.  Youíll reach the 21st floor.  The 
    stairwell is now locked, so youíll have to use the other elevator.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    SA PA: Whatís that noise?  Open the nearest door.  Criminy!  Youíve got 
    a bloody hovercopter on you!  This machination can riddle you with 
    bullets in a matter of seconds.  Best to lay low and let it pass as it 
    circles the building.
    A: Right now, you probably just want to head to the next elevator, and 
    the 22nd floor.  Take out the guard just around the corner though, and 
    grab Cassí Office Key, if you want.
    SA PA: You CAN get this office key, but you have to be fast and you
    need to reach the elevator prior to the lights switching back on.
    SA PA: You have a job to do, unfortunately.  Cassí bodyguards need to 
    be permanently retired, and there are three on this floor.  There is 
    another guard waiting just around the corner.  Go past the windowed 
    hallway and two will charge you.  Take Ďem out.  Around the corner, in 
    the office on the far end, is another.  Keep an eye on the chopper at 
    all times, too.  Donít be around when it is.
    PA: Also, since the elevator to the upstairs is locked, youíll need to 
    hit that computer on the desk in the last room to open it.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    SA PA: Return to the elevator and head to the 22nd floor.
    All: There are blast shields covering up the exit to your left. Looks 
    like youíre going right.  Around the corner, there are two more 
    Troopers behind tables.  Waste Ďem.  Open the door to your left now.  
    This room is empty, and there's no way out!  Relax, go to the left side 
    of the room and a sliding panel will open.  You may remember this from 
    your first trip.  Proceed around the outside area, eliminating three 
    more bodyguards; one in the next room, and two more who jump out of a 
    door in the last room on this floor.
    SA PA: But, for Godís sake, watch out for that chopper!  Donít worry.  
    Youíll get your revenge soon enough.
    All: Head up the stairwell.  You can now reach the 23rd floor.  Whoa!  
    Whatís this?  Two techies are arguing about setting up something.  
    Thereís a guard blocking your view though.  Unfortunately for him, he 
    has his back turned.  Poor guy.  The techies wonít hurt you, but 
    shooting them does no penalty.  Well, they were PLANNING on hurting 
    you anyway!  Pick up whateverís on that stand.  Itís a Rocket Launcher!
    SA PA: Oh, YES!!  Time for a little payback, eh?  Blow out the furthest 
    windows on either side with the CMP or Shotgun so you can hit the 
    chopper when it comes around.  Switch the launcher to Lock-On mode.  
    Aim at the chopper, make sure nothingís in your way and fire.  Donít 
    worry about letting go of aim, or anything.  The rocketís fate is 
    destined now.  Goodbye, pain in the butt!
    SA PA: Alternatively, you CAN down the chopper through normal shots, 
    but it takes a lot, and youíre probably gonna get hit at least a few 
    times.  Either way...
    Objective 3 Completed!
    All: If you got that Office Key from the guard on the 21st floor, it's 
    time to use it.  Open up Cassí office.  Oh, joy.  A grenade.  Hey, 
    maybe you can use this.  At the far right end of the office is a 
    relief of a crouching man.  Toss the grenade at the small wall that it 
    meets at a corner with.  Itíll blow a hole in the small wall.  Inside, 
    youíll find the Dragon I had been so secretive about!  Heh.
    All: Head up the last stairwell towards the roof.  As you reach the 
    maintenance room at the top, youíll automatically walk through and 
    turn to your right.  Uh oh.  And you thought the chopper was bad.  Cass 
    is here to taunt you and she leaves behind five of her bodyguards, 
    shotguns loaded.  One hits the light switch on the right and you are 
    immersed in darkness and flashing muzzles.  Donít panic, yet.
    A: You still have that Rocket Launcher.  Let a rocket go at the two at 
    the far end to start.
    All: You have to kill all five.  Start by hitting the one on the very 
    right, and then flicking the light switch behind her.  The bodyguards 
    are wearing night vision, so lights means...you guessed it.  Theyíll be 
    stunned for a short time, giving you some free shots.  Use either the 
    CMP or the Shotgun.  The Falcon will take too long.  Once you kill all 
    those bodyguards, youíre free to go.
    SA PA: Oh, and donít forget to kill all the ones downstairs, too.  If 
    you did that...
    Objective 4 Completed!
    Note for SA: You can go to the 23rd floor to deal with the chopper 
    first, and then come back later for the three bodyguards on the 21st 
    floor and maybe save yourself some pain.
    All: Head out to the rooftop.  Head up to the helipad.
    A: By the ramp, youíll notice a box.  It contains rockets.  Why you, 
    the Agent, will need it, Iíll never know.  Maybe if you just rush past 
    the bodyguard ambush and feel like running back in with rockets 
    flying.  Youíll risk hitting Dr. Caroll, though...
    All:  Hit the helipad.  Cass will appear from nowhere with two guards 
    with guns leveled.  Jo will calmly proclaim sheís leaving and jumps 
    into the jumpship, killing the guards.  As she takes off, a mysterious 
    blonde man accosts Cass for losing the sapient programming.  Cass 
    hurriedly tells the man that she knows how she can get it back...
    All Objectives Completed!
    F. Time Trial - Under 2:03 on Agent
    You donít have time for much shooting here, but you should try to take 
    out as many guards on the ground floor as you can, because youíll be 
    leaving Dr. Caroll behind, and if they canít shoot you, theyíll go for 
    the sapient...
    Kill as many as you can, then hit the left-hand lift.  Take it up, then 
    sprint for the other lift immediately.  With only slowing down to stun 
    guards with your shots, run around the outside of the office area 
    towards the stairwell.  Once you hit the 23rd floor, grab the launcher 
    and kill the guard.  Rush up to the ambush and fire the rocket into the 
    two on the far wall.  Switch to Night Vision and CMP.  Donít bother 
    with the light switch, you donít have time.  Rush up close to the girls 
    and drill Ďem, then rush outside, up the ramps, and youíre done!
    G. Cheats and Other Fun Stuff
    Finishing the level will earn you the Rocket Launcher Cheat.  Pretty 
    self-explanatory.  You get a Rocket Launcher and three rockets at the 
    start of a mission using this cheat.
    Finishing the Time Trial will earn you a pretty cool cheat: Hurricane 
    Fists!  Punch at lightning speed, like one of those old school Karate 
    movies.  The hits do the same amount of damage, too, of course.
    The Wedge of Cheese on this level is in the vent area with the Dragon.  
    Turn left as you pick up the gun and it'll be between two grates.  
    Quite visible.  This is actually the same location as the one on the 
    first level, showing that a Cheese Wedge does not change position 
    within the same level structure.
    Mission 2.1 - Carrington Villa - Hostage One
    A. Overview
    Okay.  Cass got a little peeved when you nabbed Dr. Caroll.  So, in 
    retaliation, she sent a bunch of troops down to Mr. Carringtonís 
    private villa, and threatens to kill him unless the CI returns Dr. 
    Caroll.  Unfortunately, the good Doctor is actually hidden at the 
    villa.  Guess what you gotta do.  Yep, get to Dan before itís too late, 
    and eliminate any resistance that those buggers try to give ya.
    Interesting thing about the mission, your starting conditions change 
    with different difficulty levels.  In A and SA, youíre cover for a 
    phony negotiator.  Youíre to save that negotiator, and use the element 
    of surprise to rescue Dan.  On PA, you ARE the negotiator, and are in 
    the thick of it from the get-go.
    That being said, this walkthrough will be split until close to the 
    end.  PAís should skip most of the first stuff, as all of it will be 
    repeated in their section.
    B. Objectives
    1. A SA   : Save the Negotiator
    2.   SA PA: Eliminate the Rooftop Snipers
    3. A SA PA: Activate the Wind Generator
    4.      PA: Locate and Eliminate the DataDyne Hackers
    5.      PA: Capture a DataDyne Guard
    6. A SA PA: Rescue Carrington
    C. Equipment
    A SA   : Sniper Rifle - This high-powered stealth weapon is all you 
    start with at the beginning.  Use it carefully and wisely.  Starting 
    ammo: 100.
    A SA PA: Radar Tracker - Although everyone has it, only the PA needs it 
    to find the location of the DD Hackers when they appear.
         PA: Laptop Gun - You need some means of defense if youíre gonna 
    take down the guys about to kill you, and you get more than enough in 
    the form of the Laptop Gun.  Sweet stuff.  Starting ammo: 100.
    Note: You start with 100 of both rifle bullets and 9mm bullets no 
    matter what difficutly level you're on.  Afterwards, the game "gives" 
    you one of the two guns at the beginning, meaning you have extra 
    bullets from the gun you just "picked up", meaning you start with 120 
    rifle bullets on A, 115 on SA, and 110 9mm bullets on PA.
    You'll also start with 3 grenade rounds.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: CMP150 - From guards...
    A SA PA: Sniper Rifle - From snipers and in a special place on PA.
    A SA PA: Devastator - The wacky grenade launcher is hiding around the 
    D. Opposition
    DD Infantry: Back for more it seems.  These CMP-toting guys will keep 
    you on your toes as you hunt through the villa.
    DD Shock Troops: The helmeted bad guys are also holding CMPs, and to 
    finish the level, youíll have to axe them all.
    DD Troopers: Apparently, these green guys are multi-talented, as 
    theyíll be the ones doing the hacking.  They also have CMPs.
    DD Snipers: These purple-suited guys just stand around on the 
    rooftops.  They only require one hit to bring down, fortunately, but 
    they are still very accurate with their rifles.
    E. Walkthrough
    A SA: Right.  Here you are on the observatory lookout.  Far below you 
    on the dock is the negotiator being held up by two guards.  Immediately 
    dispatch the guards.  One shot will do for each.  You have about 10-20 
    seconds before they kill the girl.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    A SA: Now, turn around and walk around the back of the observatory.  
    Make your way along the cavern path, shooting any guards that are 
    around.  Theyíll try to lie down to shrink your chances of hitting 
    them, so be aware.  The open part of the path is a good place to snipe 
    from, too.
    A SA: After taking care of the guys, you have the option of shooting 
    the crates here for more ammo.  Continue along the path.  When it 
    SA: Go right.  As you reach the opening, there will be a sniper ahead 
    of you.  Nail him.  Step out of the cavern path and turn right to take 
    out a sniper waaaay out by the lighthouse.  Turn around and make your 
    way along this path, pausing to whack another sniper on the roof just 
    to your right, and another waaaay up on the highest roof in the back of 
    the villa.  Now, walk forward into the clearing, taking out a sniper on 
    the wall to your left.  Step up on the stairs near the same wall.  Turn 
    around and you should be able to see three snipers in the distance.  
    One should be quite visible straight ahead, the next one to his right 
    should only have his head visible, and thereís a third on the left.  
    Take Ďem all out.
    Objective 2 Completed! (SA)
    A: Go left.  It may be a good idea to hit the sniper high on the wall 
    to your right, even though you donít have to.  Youíll reach the a short 
    flight of stairs going down, and another going up to the helipad.
    A SA: Climb up the short flight of stairs.  At the far end, youíll see 
    three boxes.  The one on the left has the Devastator inside!  Nice...
    A: The one on the right also has a Shield on top.  Double nice!
    A SA: Head into the clearing down the stairs.  There are two ways to 
    get in the villa.  One is safer than the other is.  Going left down 
    into another small cavern gets you a couple of guards for your 
    troubles, and the as you exit the cave, a sniper on your left if you 
    didnít take him out.  Much safer to go up the stairs and into the third 
    floor of the villa.  Either way you slice it...
    A SA: Youíre on the third floor.  This villa may seem a little tricky 
    to get around.  Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for the stairs.  
    Your objective is to go down.
    A: Besides, most of the doors to the outside are locked now, to prevent 
    you from getting lost.
    A SA: There are four guards on the third floor.  Two will be in the big 
    room you end up in, by the couches.  The other two will be at the 
    opposite end in another room.  Ice them all.  Now, go down the stairs 
    nearby and to the second floor.  There will be two guards in the room 
    at the far end, and two more patrolling the second floor.  Do the 
    worldís population count a favor.
    A: Thereís a door on your left as you come off the stairs.  This door 
    leads to Danís bed and bath.  In the bathroom will be a Shield.  Yay!
    A SA: Head into the kitchen area on this floor.  Behind the stove are 
    the stairs down to the first floor.  Take them.  Down on the first 
    floor, there are four guards running around.  Nail Ďem.  (Now, skip 
    ahead to the All part)
    PA: Finally, we get to you thrill seekers...  Youíre in a sticky 
    predicament right now.  Youíve got two guards pointing guns at you.  
    There are two ways to do this.  Both risk you losing health, but either 
    can work successfully.  One way is to immediately whip out your Laptop 
    Gun and fill the guards with holes, and then the sniper on the roof 
    nearby.  Another way to do it is to disarm them, since your fists are 
    already up.  They have no second weapons, so you can easily whip out 
    the CMPs and punch holes in them OR you can finish them with your fists 
    and complete Objective 5.  Oh, and remember to watch out for the sniper 
    still if youíre using your fists.  After you end the stressful music, 
    you can walk around the right side of the front of the villa, take out 
    the guard hiding behind the wall on the far right, open the door in 
    front of you, and punch out the guard with his back turned.  Either 
    Objective 5 Completed!
    PA: Note the sniper far out on by the lighthouse.  He wonít attack you, 
    but you still have to rub him out.  You CAN do this simply enough with 
    the Laptop or CMP, you just have to be confident about your aim, so as 
    not to waste a lot of shots.  Enter the villa through either door and 
    take out the four (or three if you knocked the guard behind the right 
    door) guards on this floor.  Take the stairs on the right and go up to 
    the kitchen area.  Eliminate the four guards on the second floor.  Two 
    of them will come from the hallway on your right.
    PA: An interesting thing about this level is that about this time, the 
    guards in the observatory area may become suspicious and will leave 
    the caverns to come after you.  Be wary of extra guards popping up.
    PA: On this floor, youíll notice a room with two computers in it.  
    Remember that as Computer Room #1.  Youíll also notice an enclosed 
    garden.  On the roof to the right of the garden entrance is another 
    sniper.  Plug him.  Youíll ALSO notice another door by the furthest 
    stairs leading up.  Inside is Danís bed and bath.  Youíll notice a 
    guard sprawled on the floor of the bathroom.  (Iím not asking)  At the 
    guard's side is a sniper rifle.  Just what you needed to take out these 
    PA: Head up to the third floor and carefully deal with the four guards 
    in the area.  There are two on the far side of the room, and two more 
    on the room to your left.  Note the computers in that room.  Weíll call 
    that Computer Room #2.  Exit the villa by the main double doors.  There 
    are two guards on your right and a sniper on the roof to your left.  
    Take the guards out from inside, then head out and peg the sniper.  
    Head around the left into a small cavern passage, and take out two more 
    guards on your way.  At the end will be a clearing.  Another sniper is 
    on the wall to your right.  Waste him.  Hurry over to the small set of 
    stairs by the wall.  Take a quick look around for any guards close by, 
    then take aim at the snipers on the villa roof from that point.  Youíll 
    see the head of one on the right, and another one further to the left.  
    Once theyíre dead, all that remains is to shoot the final sniper on the 
    roof to the right of the clearing, and the one out by the lighthouse if 
    you haven't pegged him...
    Objective 2 Completed! (PA)
    PA: Return to the wall and the short flight of stairs.  Going up on the 
    behind the wall will take you to the helipad.  At the far end are three 
    boxes.  Shoot the one on the left and youíll find a Devastator!  
    Nice...  You also have the option of exploring the cavern area.  If the 
    guards came after you on the second floor, this area will be empty.  
    Shoot some boxes for ammo if you so desire.  When you think youíre 
    ready, head back to the first floor.
    All:  Finally, we all converge!  On the first floor, youíll see a door 
    leading outside, and another door further to the right of it.  Open 
    that door.  Head down the short flight of stairs to the basement.  
    There is one guard under the balcony behind you, and three more in the 
    pool room to your right.  Be cautious and donít be afraid to retreat to 
    peg them at your leisure.
    All:  When thatís done, open the door under the balcony, hit the guard 
    behind it, and proceed down the hallway to the right.  Youíll come upon 
    an underground room suspended over a pool of water.  Kill the three 
    guards in this area, and activate the two consoles in on the two 
    machines.  These will give power to the wind generator.  Exit this room 
    and take the remaining hallway.  Watch for guards at the area where the 
    hallway splits.  The wind generator is on the left path.  Eliminate all 
    guards and activate the console on the far right side of it.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    PA:  Hey, Grimshaw?  Oh yeah, that wormy guy.  What?  Hackers 
    upstairs?  Crud!  You only have sixty seconds.  Sprint towards the two 
    Computer Rooms I told you to remember, one on the second floor and the 
    other on the third.  If you really forget, you can activate your 
    R-Tracker and theyíll show up on the radar.  Enter the rooms and take 
    out the Troopers at each terminal.  Be careful not to damage the 
    computers!  Do it quick and you should make it with time to spare.  
    Once your finished, return to the basement.
    All: Take the other path from the wind generator.  Open the door that 
    was previously locked and youíll be in the wine cellar.  No time for a 
    couple of drinks here.  Head over to the right and take out the Shock 
    Troop on patrol and the other two standing guard.  Locked?  Crud!  Head 
    back the other way to the left and be prepared to do some sharp-eyed 
    spotting.  Shock Troops are hiding among the racks of bottles.  Be 
    careful and pick them off cleanly.  There are two in the first room, 
    two in the corridor behind it, and two hiding in the last room.  Defeat 
    ALL the shock troops and the last one will drop the key to the door at 
    the end.  Run in and the cutscene will start.  Dan will explain that 
    Dr. Caroll has been recaptured and will have his personality altered.  
    Heíll also say that heís learned that DD is setting up for their next 
    operation in the G5 Building in Chicago.  Heíll also mention that heís 
    going to put a call out to some friends of his...
    All Objectives Completed!
    F. Time Trial - Under 2:30 in Secret Agent
    You have to be two things in this level: a good sniper and a good 
    runner.  Immediately take out the two guards on the dock, then sprint 
    down the cavern path, eliminating Infantry as you go, or else theyíll 
    follow you while you snipe.  Take the right path out of the cavern.  
    Peg the first sniper across the way, then the one out by the 
    lightouse.  Run along the side, and take out the one close to you on 
    the right, and the one far away in the back.  In the clearing, hit the 
    one on the wall first, then quickly hop up on the landing to get a good 
    view of the last three.  Take Ďem all out and boogie for the upstairs 
    Ideally, you should have 1:20 on the clock at this point.  Run past all 
    the guards and make a beeline for the basement.  Activate the two 
    controls and the generator and head for the cellar.  Go right and take 
    out the three Shock Troops, and then make your way through the wine 
    cellar eliminating everyone.  It goes much quicker with a CMP, but 
    youíll be taking the extra time to get one, so be careful.  Once you 
    hit the last guard, take his key, and open the door.  STEP BACK, 
    because it opens out, and run in.  
    I have a horror story that would have had me the cheat if I didnít 
    stand in front of the door as I opened it, blocking its opening and 
    running out of time.
    G. Cheats
    Beating the level gets you the Sniper Rifle Cheat.  Good for covert 
    operations. You begin with the rifle in hand and a full stock of rifle 
    Beating the Time Trial get you the Hit and Run Buddy.  This buddy helps 
    you out on Cooperative Mode.  What makes him special is that he charges 
    in without concern for his own safety, and nails the bad guys with his 
    mean K7 Avenger while he runs.
    The Cheese Wedge is in the wine cellar.  Of the two shelves of wine 
    pushed up against a wall, the cheese is on the top of the shelves to 
    your right as you enter the passage.  You can easily see it with an 
    X-Ray Scanner, or you can back up against the wall and see the top part 
    of it.
    Mission 3.1 - Chicago - Stealth
    A. Overview
    Youíve been assigned to a section of Chicago blocked off to ground 
    traffic.  Itís here that youíll enter the G5 building and try to find 
    out whatís going on.  This place can be confusing, but itís actually 
    very small.
    Two VERY annoying parts about this mission are the FBI Agents and the 
    Sentry Bot, which I will explain shortly.
    B. Objectives
    1. A SA PA: Retrieve the Drop Point Equipment
    2.      PA: Attach a Tracer to the Limousine
    3.   SA PA: Prepare an Escape Route
    4. A SA PA: Create a Vehicular Diversion
    5. A SA PA: Gain Entry to the G5 Building
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 (scope) - Starting ammo: 60
         PA: Tracer Bug - Thankfully, this little gem wasnít left with the 
    drop point equipment.  You may need to use it before you get that 
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: CMP150 - Out of the hands of guards...
    A SA PA: DY357 Magnum - FBI agents carry them as well as DD Enforcers.
    A SA PA: Remote Mine - Part of your drop point equipment.
    A SA PA: Reprogrammer - The other part of your drop point equipment.
    A SA PA: BombSpy - Well hidden.  May prove useful in more ways than 
    D. Opposition
    G5 Guard: Although the outfits are different, we know, since G5 is just 
    a cover op for DD, that theyíre just DD thugs.  Apparently, these guys 
    just canít enough of you.  Take their CMPs with my blessing.
    FBI Agents: These guys in brown trench coats are here to alert the base 
    of your presence first, then shoot later.  Hit these guys as soon as 
    you see them.  Donít worry about the fact that they donít have their 
    Magnums drawn.  They will soon.
    G5 SWAT Guard: If you see these more armored versions of Guards, 
    consider your mission scrubbed.  This means that the FBI Agents 
    succeeded in alerting the base.  They carry Magnums, and there is an 
    infinite number of them pouring out of side buildings.  My advice: 
    Sentry Robot: A reeeal pain.  This hunk of metal floats around the main 
    street area.  It cannot be killed.  Iíve tried... It fires laser blasts 
    that arenít very accurate, but very fast.  Run when it spots you, but 
    donít consider the mission over by any means.  Itíll quickly lose 
    interest in you after you hide for a bit.
    CIA Agents: Not an enemy, but not to be killed.  For guys wearing beige 
    trench coats and 
    CIA insignias, these guys are unarmed wimps.  Knock Ďem out so they 
    canít alert any nearby FBI agents.
    E. Walkthrough
    All: You start, after listening to Danís briefing, in an alleyway.  
    Right around the corner are a guard and a CIA Agent.  Knock out both to 
    reduce noise.  Go through the alleyway past the short flight of 
    All: All right.  This situation can get really tricky really quick.  
    Iíll map out the area right now for you.  As you exit the alley, youíll 
    enter a street area.  The street goes forward, then turns right, then 
    turns left and ends at the way into the G5 building.  There are three 
    ways to go from where you stand.  The closest to your right leads to 
    another alley.  The furthest to your right leads down the street and 
    probably to the waiting sentry robot, and thereís an exit to your left 
    that leads into a storm drain and your equipment.  The vehicular 
    diversion is sitting right next to you in the form of a taxi...
    SA PA: The place where you have to secure the escape route is at the 
    end of the street on the right after it turns right, and is also 
    accessible by the alley to your right...
    PA: ...and the limousine you have to bug is parked on the middle of the 
    street after it turns right.
    All: Also beware of the FBI here.  There is an agent near the side of 
    the G5 building, through the alleyway on your right.
    SA PA: There is one standing directly to your left as you exit the 
    PA: ...and there is a third behind the fence leading to the storm 
    SA PA: Letís quickly start by taking out the one on our left at the 
    moment, shall we?  If you hear "Base, we have an intruder!" or 
    something to that effect, hurry and take him out before he brings the 
    heat on you.
    All: Be very careful of the sentry robot.  You many want to immediately 
    duck into the alley on your right and continue on that way.  Kill the 
    guard in the small square area you emerge in, and knock out the two CIA 
    agents.  At the far end of the alley is a FBI Agent, ready to squawk. 
    Take aim and silence him.  You might also want to empty the area of 
    enemies in the back area where he was standing.  There are a few on the 
    fire escape up there.
    PA: At this point, sprint over to the limo and toss the bug on the back 
    of it.  You have only about a minute and a half until it takes off, so 
    you need to hurry up to this point.  Continue past and around the fence 
    to the storm drain.  Turn left and immediately silence the final FBI 
    PA: Note: You can also attach the bug from one of the small tunnels off 
    the main storm drain, but it takes a while to get there, and it's 
    really not worth it with such a time constriction.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    A SA: Make your way back through the alley.  No sense in being spotted 
    by the Sentry Robot, is there?  Enter the fenced area and hop into the 
    storm drain.
    All: Take out the three guards in this drain.
    A: At the drainage end of the drain, there is a small tunnel on your 
    left that will lead to a shield.  Take advantage of it.
    A SA: Speaking of shields, if youíre desperate for one, go into the 
    door next to the limo and down the ramps.  There are three guards down 
    here, and a Shield under the bottom ramp.
    All:  Head near the intake area and climb up to a large drainage 
    chute.  Crouch under the overhang, and, moving quickly so as to deal 
    with the Robot as little as possible, grab your suitcase at the very 
    end.  It contains a Remote Mine and a Reprogrammer, which kinda looks 
    like the Data Uplink.
    All: There IS another way to get all this stuff.  Note the spot where 
    you are.  It's right below the small street area outside the car park 
    lift.  You can drop in from above and grab your equipment this way, but 
    this may expose you to fire from the sentry robot, so be wary.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    All: Head back out the way you came in.  Two guards will be flanking 
    your exit from this drain.  Once you finish them, leave and head 
    outside the fence.  You can also leave by climbing out the edge of the 
    storm drain and up onto the street.  Again, this can put you in the 
    sentry robot's line of fire.  If you trust your trigger finger more 
    than you dodging skills, you should go back through the main drain.
    SA PA: Head back towards the fire escape.  There are two blocked-up 
    doors on the fire escape.  Place your mine on one of them.  For 
    safetyís sake, I recommend the lower door, but, if you want to handle 
    some serious explosives later, go for the upper door.  I dare ya.  Oh, 
    donít blow up the mine yet, just place it.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    All: Head towards the taxi back near the beginning, watching for the 
    robot at all times.  Get your Reprogrammer out and tap into its 
    systems.  After a few seconds, itíll be reprogrammed.  Wait in the 
    alley and watch it take off.  Itíll fly off for a bit, and return some 
    time later.  Itíll explode on impact on the street near the fire escape 
    area and take out the Robot with it.  Yay!  Two fer one!  The four 
    guards will now come away from the G5 Building to investigate.
    All: There IS another way to do this, however.  Go to that small square 
    area in the alley.  Push the dumpster up against the three barrels.  
    Shoot the barrel next to the dumpster.  Youíll take out the dumpster 
    and inside will be the BombSpy.  Activate it, run it towards the guys 
    standing around the G5 Building, and blow it up.  This will create an 
    "alternate diversion".  Youíll still have to avoid the robot, but this 
    is a lot faster, and either way...
    Objective 4 Completed!
    All: Finish whatís left of those guards and enter the car park lift.  
    If you go here any time before the diversion, the one that will be 
    standing next to the lift operator button will lock it and youíll be 
    All Objectives Completed!
    F. Time Trial - Under 2:00 on Perfect Agent
    You'll be using the "alternate" methods mostly on this Time Trial.  
    This Trial requires you mostly to be a crack shot.  Once you deal with 
    all the threatening guards, you shouldn't have trouble at all.
    Wait on the cutscene until Dan says the word "DataDyne".  Jump into the 
    mission.  Run around the corner and slug the guard who, at the moment, 
    has his back turned.  Don't worry about any CIA guys.  You won't have 
    time.  Run out into the street area, pulling out your gun, and pop the 
    FBI Agent.  Get onto the street proper and deal with the two or three 
    guards here.  The third one's patrolling the alley, but steps out into 
    the street every so often.  Now, as you shoot the guys here, you should 
    alert the FBI Agent hiding behind the fence.  Chances are he'll step 
    out and see you.  TAKE HIM OUT IMMEDIATELY!  Consider everything else 
    irrelevant until he drops.  
    Once you've taken care of it, finish any guards in the area, then 
    proceed down the alley.  Ignore the CIA, and look down the second part 
    of the alley.  Shoot the FBI first, then deal with ALL the guards in 
    the area.  You'll have time if you're a good enough shot.
    Once the last one falls, you're technically home free.  This all 
    shouldn't have taken you much more than a minute, if that.  All you 
    have to worry about is the robot, and even then you should be too fast 
    for it.  Step onto the street, and toss the tracer on the limo.  Head 
    directly to the drain, using the alternate method, and drop down, get 
    your stuff, and climb back out, making sure not to drunkenly stumble 
    into the car park area.  
    Head back to the alley, run up the fire escape, place your mine on the 
    lower door, go back to the BombSpy area.  Push the dumpster, blow the 
    drums, and get it.  Run it into the car park area and blow everyone 
    up.  Run straight for the lift, avoiding the sentry bot, and you're 
    Personal Horror Story: I had everything going perfectly.  Only got hit 
    once.  Just finished the BombSpy thing.  Ran out onto the street....and 
    straight into the Robot.  He knocked me down to a bare sliver of health 
    before I could get to the lift area.  Needless to say, I was out of my 
    seat and yelling at Jo to run before she croaked.  Made it though. ^_^
    G. Cheats and Other Fun Stuff
    Completing the level will earn you the classic cheat, DK Mode.  Yes, 
    you too can have a huge head and arms and skinny legs, along with 
    everyone else.
    Completing the Time Trial will earn you the Psychosis Gun Cheat.  Using 
    this strange Tranquilizer-like gun developed by Trent Easton, you can 
    fool enemies into thinking you're their friend.  Pretty handy.
    Note: Unlimited Ammo cheats do NOT work for the Psychosis Gun.  You 
    cannot have more than four injections, period.  This will give you too 
    many buddies and the game will lock up.
    Hereís an interesting part about this level.  If you open the door next 
    to the limo on the street (the building is named "Pond Punk"), youíll 
    go down a set of ramps.  There will be three guards.  One at the foot 
    of the ramps, and two will come out of the door here.  The door behind 
    those two guards is locked, but you can get in by disarming a certain 
    one of the two guards that comes out of the door.  Disarm and heíll go 
    back in the way he came, open the locked door, and get his buddy whoís 
    inside.  After dealing with all the guys, take a look around the area.  
    Hmmm... What appears to be a long, narrow stage...  There are chairs 
    all along the stage, and a...ahem...pole...in the back...  Looks like 
    the Pond Punk runs a "different" kind of business.
    If youíre interested, thereís another scoped Falcon on the bar.
    Oh, and the Cheese Wedge is here, too.  Like all good gentlemenís 
    clubs, thereís a bathroom here.  Cover your nose and take a look at 
    the left-hand stall.  Thank God, itís just the cheese floating in 
    Mission 3.2 - G5 Building - Reconnaissance
    A. Overview
    A good old-fashioned recon mission.  This will require you to move 
    through the building and find out just what the heck is going on around 
    here.  Youíll have to be thorough about your work, though, as there are 
    a few alarm systems set up here, and whoeverís meeting in here will 
    cancel it quickly if the alarm is activated.  Youíll also run into a 
    new type of enemy here.
    B. Objectives
    1.      PA: Disable the Damping Field Generator
    2.   SA PA: De-activate the Laser Grid Systems
    3. A SA PA: Photograph the Meeting Conspirators
    4. A SA PA: Retrieve the Dr. Caroll Backup From the Safe
    5. A SA PA: Exit the Building
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 (silenced) - Be vewy, vewy quiet.  Iím huntiní 
    guards!  Heheheheheh...  Starting ammo: 100.
    A SA PA: CamSpy - Donít ever try to record anything without a recorder; 
    itís a terrible strain on your eyes.
    A SA PA: Door Decoder - They usually donít leave safes unlocked around 
      SA PA: Remote Mine - You wonít have one, but youíll still have the 
    detonator to blow open the door you set.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: CMP150 - Glad you still like this gun, 'cause it's still 
    A SA PA: DY357 Magnum - SWATs hold this one...
    A SA PA: Crossbow - Secret, but available early...
      SA PA: N-Bomb - Yes, you read that right.
    D. Opposition
    G5 Guards: Yep, more...  Still holding CMPs...
    G5 SWAT Guards: Ready to pounce on the slightest alarm, the SWATs have 
    their Magnums loaded.
    E. Walkthrough
    All:  What?  You thought I said a new type of enemy?  Well, shyeah!  
    I wouldnít lie!  After Jo does her artful rolling cut scene in her 
    low-cut leather vest; the two other guards will undoubtedly take notice 
    of the guardís death.  Eek!  They vanished!  Keep your cool.  They, as 
    you might have guessed, are using Cloaking Devices.  They are invisible 
    until they open fire, so keep moving.  When they stop to shoot, theyíll 
    be visible.  Fire then.  You can even predict their movements and hit 
    them while theyíre invisible, too, so donít hesitate to let a few extra 
    rounds go in their direction.
    All: Of course, if youíre a fan of secret weapons (and who isnít, 
    really?), you might want to put away your gun after you peg the first 
    guard.  Taking out the second with just your fists causes him to drop a 
    Crossbow.  There are only seven darts, so make good use of them.  One 
    shot will drop anyone, primary or secondary.
    All: The second guard to fall will drop a keycard.  Open the door and 
    proceed to the next room.  Kill the guard at the bottom of the ramp and 
    hit the switch on the wall, turning off the lights in the next room.  
    Enter the next room and go towards the door to your immediate right.
    All: As you cross the threshold of the glass panes, the lights will 
    change status.  Because you shut them off earlier, they are now on, and 
    the four cloaked guards that will start running around will become that 
    much easier to spot and nail.
    All: Once again, the last guard will drop a keycard for the door.  Go 
    through said door and youíll spot a G5 rookie ready to bolt at the 
    sight of you.  Blast him before he can activate the alarm in the next 
    A: There is a shield in a small alcove in this room.
    All: On the other side of this door, there will be a guard patrolling 
    off to your right.  Another one will be behind a corner near him, and a 
    third is behind a corner behind you and to the left.  Take the 
    patrolling one first, as heíll be the first to go for the alarm.  Next 
    the one near him, and finally the third one.
    All: Iíll just say it now as you may have already guessed.  Activating 
    the alarm will result in mission failure as the meeting will be 
    PA:  Open the door next to the alarm.  Head down the short flight of 
    stairs.  There are four guards in this area.  One is patrolling and may 
    be right in front of you, and three more are hiding in the next room 
    behind pillars.  Take them, being careful not to hit the consoles at 
    the far end, and then hit the console on the far left.  This will shut 
    off the damping field generator preventing outside communications.  
    Head back to the room with the alarm.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    SA PA: Youíre going to need to shut off that laser grid above you.  
    There are four switches, all with a green light.  Be careful not to 
    mistake the alarm for one.  Shut off all four.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    All: That other door is locked, and you need to get on the other side.  
    Time to head up.  Climb the stairs and start crawling along the 
    cables.  Donít worry theyíll hold your weight.  Pass over the door, but 
    donít drop down yet.  Keep following and Jo will tell you itís time to 
    use the CamSpy.  Do this.  Roll it forward, along the cables, into the 
    next room and watch the cut scene, and a very interesting conversation 
    between Cass, that strange blonde man, and Director of the NSA, Trent 
    Easton.  Youíll hear them talking about the sapient (Dr. Caroll), the 
    Pelagic II, whatever that is, and the President and something about 
    needing a tissue sample...
    Objective 3 Completed!
    All: After all thatís done, or after you hit the button to skip it, 
    drop down and quickly take out the guard patrolling, and the other one 
    by the locked door before they hit the alarm on this side.  You can 
    still complete the mission if the alarm is triggered, but itíll still 
    be tough.
    All:  Head upstairs, dealing with another guard patrolling the 
    stairwell.  There are two more in the next room at the far end, near a 
    door, and another patrolling the stairwell that will be off to your 
    left, and a fourth upstairs from that.  Eliminate them all to make life 
    easier for you.
    A SA: Thereís a Shield at the top of the last stairwell, too.  Thisíll 
    really help in the coming fracas.
    SA PA: Remember I said there would be a treat if you placed the Mine on 
    the upper door?  Itís upstairs in the form of a plain wooden crate.  
    Grab it and youíll snag seven N-Bombs.  These beauties will really come 
    in handy shortly.
    All: Now, enter the only door left.  Thatís the vault.  Place the Door 
    Decoder on the console on your right and itíll start working.  Uh oh.  
    You tripped the alarm.  You have a minute until the code is cracked, 
    and a few more seconds still before the door opens all the way.  Be 
    patient and careful about the SWAT guards thatíll come after you.  If 
    you have the N-Bombs, place a few on Prox mode prior to triggering the 
    alarm for some explosive fun.
    All: After the door is finally decoded, run inside the vault and grab 
    the personality disk on the right side.
    Objective 4 Completed!
    A: Dan will radio in and tell you heís blowing open the door.  Rush 
    outside the vault, cleaning up any urgent messes, and the door will be 
    opposite the stairwell leading up.  Run out.
    SA PA: Hit the detonation trigger on your Remote Mine.  The lower door 
    is opposite the stairwell leading up, and the upper door is up the 
    stairwell near the area lit red.  Exit the builiding.
    All Objectives Completed!
    F. Time Trial - Under 1:40 in Agent
    Impossible, right?  Nay...
    The quicker you are at dispatching the cloaked guards, the better off 
    youíll be.  Dispose of the first two and use the CMP on the next four.  
    Kills come quicker with that gun.  Kill all the guards you meet.  By 
    the time you hit the cables crawling, you shouldnít be much higher than 
    a minute, if that.
    Now, I hear you whining, "I know I can skip the cut scene, but what 
    about the safe, that takes a whole minute!"  Stop whining!
    Hereís the SUPER SECRET trick!  Crawl across the cables.  Set up your 
    CamSpy, then roll it towards the meeting room, but do NOT send it all 
    the way in.  Jump down, dispose of the two alarm-happy guards.  Run 
    quickly upstairs and towards the vault, killing if you feel itís 
    necessary.  Slap the Door Decoder on the console, activate the CamSpy, 
    and send her rolling in.
    Yep.  Time STOPS when youíre in the cut scene.  Itíll sound weird with 
    the alarms and funky music, but let the whole scene play out.  Wait 
    about ten or fifteen seconds after the timer is down (after Cass 
    mentions Dan sending reinforcements) and run into the safe, grab the 
    disk, run screaming for the blown door, and out.
    G. Cheats and Other Fun Stuff
    For completing the level, you will receive the Small Jo Cheat.  In the 
    cut scenes and in the game proper, Jo will be a wee person, about half 
    her normal height.  This makes her much harder to target, and is cause 
    for some laughs during cut scenes.
    For completing the Time Trial, you will receive the Cloaking Device 
    Cheat.  With 240 seconds of cloaking, you too can see what the guards 
    do while theyíre waiting for you to show up.  This isnít Invisibility, 
    by the way.  Itís a normal Cloak that works in a normal way.  Any shot 
    will disrupt the field, making you visible.
    Hey, Iíll bet you noticed that mask-type thing in the vault.  What is 
    that you ask?  That is the BAFTA award.  BAFTA is an annual award 
    ceremony held in England to celebrate accomplishments in video games.  
    My guess is Rare is hoping for a few with this masterpiece...
    Oh, and the Cheese Wedge is in the room with the Damping Field 
    Generator.  On the ducting on the right side will be a grate.  Stand at 
    the left side of that grate and look as far into the ducting as you 
    Mission 4.1 - Area 51 - Infiltration
    A. Overview
    As you leave the G5 Building, Dan brings up a problem with those 
    friends he mentioned.  As you enter this area, he shows you some 
    footage of Area 51, where the survivor(s) are being kept.  You, and Jo, 
    will notice the survivor doesnít look all that human.  This is the 
    survivor that Dan wants you to get out of Area 51.  Thereís an 
    operative inside that got this info out to you, but he canít do the job 
    himself.  Itís up to you to get in, get the being, and get out.
    B. Objectives
    1. A SA PA: Shut Down the Air Intercept Radar
    2.   SA PA: Plant the Comms Device on the Antenna
    3.      PA: Disable All Robot Interceptors
    4. A SA PA: Gain Access to the Hangar Area
    5. A SA PA: Make Contact with the CI Spy
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 - Starting ammo: 100.
      SA PA: Comms Rider - This little doohickey will allow you to keep 
    contact with the CI while inside Area 51.  Pretty useful.
    A SA PA: Explosives - You gotta shut down the radar.  You got the 
    switch...right HERE!!!
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: MagSec 4 - Whatís this?  No CMPs?  Aww...  Personally, I 
    prefer the Falcon to the MagSecís lousy aim.  Thisíll be on just about 
    all the guards.
    A SA PA: Grenade - Some of the guards are packiní a little somethiní 
    extra.  Take the time to search for these little payloads of fun on 
    A SA PA: Rocket Launcher - Iíve got two words for ya.  Gotta have it. 
    - Yogi Berra
    A SA PA: Dragon - Once you get inside, youíre gonna be staring these 
    beauties in the business end.
    D. Opposition
    A51 Trooper: Decked out in their finest beige shirts and pants, these 
    guys point their MagSecs at you in a threatening manner.  Some carry 
    A51 Guard: You think the Troopers are fashionable?  With their orange 
    jumpsuits and white body armor, these guys are the veritable fashion 
    plates of Area 51!  Thereís only one here, and he carries dual 
    Overalls: Only one, and heís a technician in brown overalls.  He can 
    help you later if you donít eviscerate him.
    Pilot: This IS a flight base.  These guys in blue jumpsuits seem to be 
    doing a lot more guarding than flying, but they know how to use their 
    Dragons, so I suggest not getting too picky...
    Drone Gun: There are a few sitting around the base, ready to poke you 
    full of holes.  Some you can get behind.  Others youíll have to nail 
    from around a corner where they canít see you.
    Robot Interceptor: This starts the mission inactive.  If you toss the 
    Comms Rider on the Dish without shooting it, itíll be airborne and 
    E. Walkthrough
    All: Before you start, it might be a good idea to let Dan get to the 
    whole "deserted helipad" sentence before starting.  If you donít, the 
    guard wonít have wandered past your starting point.  As you hit the 
    ground, take out the two dense guards in front of you quick.  If you 
    let one get away, heíll go for the automatic gun off to the right and 
    activate it.  Not a position you want to be in this early.
    All:  There are two more guards in this small canyon area.  The one you 
    just let walk away during the intro, and another around the corner.  
    Eliminate both of them.  Three of the four should drop grenades.  Be 
    careful.  Around said corner, youíll see a drone gun.  Position 
    yourself so you can see the brown base, but not the barrel.  Pump 
    bullets into it until it goes boom.  Continue around the next corner.  
    You are close to the main crater area.  Off to your left, youíll see 
    another drone gun in the main area.  This oneís trickier to hit, as 
    itís further away.  After you finish it.  Head out into the main gate 
    area.  Watch out, as thereíll be two guards in the control tower of to 
    your right.  Despite the lack of accuracy in MagSecs, theyíre actually 
    pretty good shots.  Two possible suggestions: The safe, but hard way is 
    to stay behind the wall and desperately try to snipe them with your 
    Falcon.  Good luck is all I gotta say.  The easier, but more risky way 
    is to run zigzagging up to the foot of the tower and lob one of your 
    grenades into inside from the front.  Boom.  No more guards.
    SA PA: Look down the tunneled road off behind the tower.  Youíll see a 
    guard on patrol.  Nail him with the Falcon, or heíll rush to the far 
    mouth of the tunnel and come back with two extra guards.  (These guards 
    come out of nowhere literally to follow the first one.)  No need to do 
    this on A because there wonít be a need to go back this way.
    All: Well, you COULD scale the tower and hit the button to open the 
    main gate, but youíll be at the mercy of three drone guns on the 
    structure to your right.  My suggestion is to head for the chain link 
    fence off to the right and make your way through a hole cut in it.  Be 
    very careful here, though, for the placeís mined.  Pull out a grenade 
    and lob it in the middle of the dirt area in between the fence and the 
    helipad.  Youíll take out three mines in the front, or at least the 
    important one right up the middle and wonít really have to worry about 
    the others.  Walk straight up the middle and collect your prize for 
    going in the back way, a Rocket Launcher.  Thereís no one place you 
    have to use this, but there are a few welcome prospects.
    All: Hug the left wall in this area and youíll reach a crawl space.  
    Crouch down and through it.
    A SA: At the end will be a shield.
    All: As you emerge from the crawl space, youíll be behind a square 
    structure.  There are two guards walking around this structure for you 
    to take out.  Do as such.  One or both may drop grenades.  There are 
    also three drone guns, but theyíll be facing away from you.  Two are on 
    the left side from where you enter and one is on the right side around 
    the front of the structure.  Once all those threats are terminated, 
    move forward to the Overalls working on the Interceptor.  Disarm him to 
    steal his gun and knock him out.  You can kill him, but I suggest 
    leaving him alive.  Why?  Iíll tell you in the next level...  Oh, pick 
    up the keycard for the lift that he drops.
    SA PA: Blow up the Interceptor heís working on, too.  If you donít, 
    itíll be active after you return from the Comms Dish.  Much easier to 
    peg it while on the ground.
    SA PA: Leave the area by the same way you came in, avoiding mines in 
    the helipad area by retracing your path.  Head down the tunneled ramp 
    and watch out.  Two guards flank the exit and a drone gun is set up in 
    a lousy position off to the left.  Alert the guards and back up to take 
    them out, then deal with two more guards that come runniní when they 
    hear your scuffling.  This drone gunís a pain to take out, as the exit 
    to the tunnel is angled so you donít have much of a view of the gun 
    before it can fire back.  A grenade wonít help much either, as itíll 
    bounce into the trenches in front of the gun.
    SA PA: Once you take care of the gun, there may be a couple more guards 
    in the dish area off to the left past the trenches and barricades.  
    Youíll see an alternate entrance to the complex off to your left, where 
    ANOTHER drone gun will be blasting away.  Silencing it will be tough 
    because of its small size.  This is normally where I use my rocket, but 
    itís up to you how you wanna take it out.  If you have a grenade or two 
    left try to get as close as possible and drop it there.
    PA: You already destroyed one interceptor.  The other two are right 
    here, along with a jetbike off to the left.  Destroy the other two 
    interceptors with nine bullets each.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    SA PA: Once the threats are eliminated, hit the button on the side of 
    the dish structure to lower the dish.  Throw the Comms Rider up onto 
    Objective 2 Completed!
    SA PA: Now hurry, either to run or to prepare for combat, because the 
    small door where the gun was will open now, releasing three Troopers 
    and one Area 51 Guard.  The orange Guard has two MagSecs if you desire 
    to relieve him of them.  That door also opens if you get too close to 
    it.  A well Pinballed grenade will take care of the majority of these 
    guys as they come out, if you so desire.  Run back out of the dish 
    area.  I know you may be tempted to use the jetbike, but donít bother 
    as you wonít get far at all with it.  As you exit the tunnel, youíll 
    have Troopers coming at you from all sides out of nowhere, it seems.  
    Take out the two directly in front of you and sprint for the 
    minefield.  Enter the crawl space and back inside before anyone can 
    chase you further.
    All: Now, itís time to take out that Air Intercept Radar so that no one 
    else gets shot down.  Head down the ladder on the side of the square 
    structure.  Open the door that you see at the bottom.  
    SA PA: There are some tiny little blocks on the low wall in this 
    room.  These blocks generate lasers once the explosives are placed.  
    You can use a well-placed grenade to take them all out or several shots 
    from your Falcon to each one.  The generating blocks are on the inside 
    wall, by the way.
    PA: It's a good idea to destroy these blocks, but doing so alerts 
    security.  They'll be alerted soon anyway, so better you're dealing 
    with them now then when you're running out of this room like a madman.
    All: Run around the corner, place the explosives and get out of the 
    room as fast as you can.  You only need to get out of the room to avoid 
    the explosion.  Deal with any security that has been alerted.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    All: You should have the lift card by this point.  You have a choice of 
    two lifts to take, and itís really not all that simple.  The one on the 
    left is empty, but the one on the right has two Pilots, and that gives 
    you a chance to snag a Dragon for the coming shootout in the hangars.  
    Take whatever you think youíll need more.
    Objective 4 Completed!
    All: As I just mentioned, this place has several Pilots, both on the 
    ground and in the catwalks above.  You could hold your ground in the 
    elevator, but you may be rewarded for this with a flying grenade.  I 
    say run to the right side, taking out the two guards in the immediate 
    area, letting others come to you, and taking out the rest from 
    long-range.  Once you tame the area, quickly run up the ramp at the far 
    right end and around the catwalks to the far left end, where an 
    elevator awaits.  Once you get off the elevator, youíll be in a hangar 
    area much like the first one.  There are guards here, too.  It would 
    probably be smartest of you to methodically take them out, then drop to 
    the ground floor and head for the doors under the ramp to find your 
    contact.  Why, itís Jonathan!  Childish bickering ensues...
    All Objectives Completed!
    F. Time Trial - Under 5:00 on Special Agent
    Wait in the cut scene for the patrolling guard to move away, then jump 
    in and shoot the two guards facing away and the two around the corner.  
    Take out the two drone guns as normal, and run to the guard tower, 
    firing all the way.  If you donít get them both, shimmy up the ladder 
    and dispatch them.  Toss a grenade onto the minefield, then run down 
    the tunnel eliminating anyone in the way.  Take out the next drone gun 
    from a hiding position, then run straight for the button to drop the 
    antenna.  Toss the bug on the dish and run straight back up.  Shoot the 
    two guards who come rushing to the mouth of the tunnel on the fly, then 
    duck into the minefield area, running like heck and not worrying about 
    the Interceptor.  Duck into the crawl space and directly into the radar 
    room.  Knock out the Overalls standing in front of the PC to get his 
    lift card.  Place the Explosives and get out of there, being careful 
    not to hit the lasers.  Give some parting shots to any guards on your 
    butt, then climb out and run for the left-hand lift button, where 
    youíll have some cover from the Interceptor and the Drone Guns.  Push 
    the button and hop in as soon as you hear the door open.  Close it 
    behind you immediately.  Once youíre below, just run to the end, firing 
    passing shots at the Pilots trying to shoot you.
    G. Cheats
    Completing the level will earn you the Small Characters Cheat.  Youíll 
    shrink your enemies down to the size of mice, but theyíll be no less 
    ferocious, and now theyíll be harder to hit.
    Completing the Time Trial will earn you the Hotshot Cheat.  This Buddy 
    for Co-Op mode is armed with two magnums, and oneís gold.  Heíll be a 
    big help.
    There is technically no Cheese Wedge in this area.  Like I said under 
    the Datadyne: Extraction Cheese Wedge, Cheeses are the same every time 
    you're in a location.  Area 51 is considered one big location, due to 
    connecting parts.  You won't be able to get to where the Cheese is on 
    this level.
    Mission 4.2 - Area 51 - Rescue
    A. Overview
    Now, that your inside, youíll need to get to the research area to 
    rescue the little guy.  Youíll do a bit of disguising, a bit of 
    subterfuge, and a lot of shooting.  Would you honestly have it any 
    other way?  Throw in a crate full of unstable explosives and you got 
    yourself a full dance goiní...
    B. Objectives
    1.      PA: Destroy the Computer Records
    2.   SA PA: Locate the Conspiracy Evidence
    3. A SA PA: Obtain and Use the Lab Technicianís Disguise
    4. A SA PA: Gain Access to the Autopsy Lab
    5. A SA PA: Rescue the Crash Survivor.
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 (silenced) - Starting ammo: 100.
    A SA PA: X-Ray Scanner - This will be helpful in locating a weak wall 
    and some friends of the survivor.
    A SA PA: Data Uplink - A virus is on this in case you need to disrupt 
    anything internally.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: Dragon - The big bad assault rifle is carried around here.
    A SA PA: Grenade - Also carried, but only available if it's about to be 
    A SA PA: SuperDragon - The big bad assault rifleís bigger, badder 
    brother has arrived.  Use the grenade launcher to your advantage.
    A SA PA: Phoenix - Hidden in this level is this awesome alien pistol.
    A SA PA: Tranquilizer - Good for making you haaappppyyyy.....
    D. Opposition
    Pilots: There are still more of these guys around and they still carry 
    Dragons.  Some carry Grenades as well.
    Overalls: If you left your techie friend alive in the last stage, heíll 
    show up to accidentally lend you a hand, in a way.  He wonít attack.
    Area 51 Guard: Youíll find plenty of these boys roaming the research 
    facilityís hallways.  They pack SuperDragons.
    Lab Technician: Most are unarmed, but some have other means of 
    defending themselves.  You canít rip the clothes off one, either. 
    Youíll have to find a spare uniform.  You donít get any penalties for 
    killing them, so donít have too many qualms.  If you do leave them 
    standing, sometimes theyíll run and try to warn the complex.  Get them 
    before then.
    Biotechnician: These guys are swathed in blue-green scrubs and masks.  
    They carry Tranquilizers thatíll make your head spin.
    E. Walkthrough
    All: Jon will explain to you that thereís no way to sneak into the 
    research area.  Youíll have to use a crate of explosives to blast open 
    a wall heís marked.  You can carry the crate in front of you by 
    activating it with B, and drop it by pressing B again.  For now, weíll 
    just forget about it and concentrate on clearing the place out.
    All: Youíll have several Pilots up ahead of you in this large storage 
    facility.  Four will be on the upper floor, but largely, theyíll be on 
    the ground floor.  Work your way through methodically and dispose of 
    them one by one, dropping back if need be.
    All: There is one nice thing down here.  Directly to your right as you 
    enter the storage room, youíll notice stacks of crates.  Go around the 
    nearest stack and youíll see a small oil drum.  Step back and shoot 
    it.  When it explodes, collect your prize of Double Silenced Falcons.
    A: Also, at the far left end of the room will be a guard holding onto a 
    Shield for you.  Thank him with a bullet to the head.
    All: Once you clear out the storage area, take the freight elevator up 
    to the catwalk level.  Once you exit, turn right to take out the guard 
    at the end of the hallway near a door.  If you left the Overalls alive 
    last mission, try to open the door and Overalls will open it from the 
    other side, and be mildly surprised to see you.  Do what you want with 
    him, run up the ramp to the left and head across the catwalk to the 
    elevator.  Take it, then move through the doors.  The last door will 
    lead you to a large room.  Go in the back and around the back of the 
    farthest pillar and on a small table will be a Phoenix.  Oh, yes.  Time 
    for some explosive fun.  Return to the storage area and go through the 
    larger door on the upper catwalk area.
    All: Youíll run into some more guards in this area.  Most are upstairs 
    waiting to get on the freight elevator to your left and go down to meet 
    you.  Deny them the pleasure by Phoenixing them as they move along the 
    catwalks.  There are four guards in this area.  Those ones you killed 
    are the first three.  The fourth is right above you.  Heíll either try 
    to get on the elevator, or heíll let you ride it and shoot you when you 
    get up.  Either way, you now know about it and can deal with it, 
    All: Once youíre on the upper catwalk, you may think you hit a dead 
    end.  Oh, wait.  Put on the X-Ray specs.  See that highlighted wall?  
    Take them off and youíll notice an X etched on the metal.  This is 
    Jonís wall.  You COULD walk all the way back to the crate, drag it 
    here, shoot it and blow open the wall.  Or, you could just blow it open 
    with one of the Phoenixís shells.  If you don't have that, you can set 
    your Dragon for Secondary, drop it there, and shoot it with the 
    Falcon.  Your choice. ^_^
    All: Watch for orange guards as you enter the metal hallway.  Causing a 
    big ruckus will attract them quickly.
    A: What a stroke of genius!  The collapsing wall knocked out a lab tech 
    who dropped his spare uniform a few feet away.  Grab it!
    Objective 3 Completed! (A)
    SA PA: Youíve got a little bit of work to do before heading for the 
    survivor.  Go down the hallway to your left and go through the doors 
    until Jo senses that youíre in the cryo lab area.  This is where the 
    conspiracy evidence is.  Enter either of the two rooms and dispose of 
    any Biotechs and guards around.  Close the doors behind you and listen 
    for them to hear if they open while you work here, so nobody gets the 
    drop on you.  Press the buttons lining the wall to raise the 
    containment cell near it.  You canít open them, so itís time to pull 
    out your X-Ray specs again.  Look at a cell after youíve raised it.  If 
    you see any alien forms, look at them closely for a few seconds to get 
    your scanner to register them as life forms.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    SA PA: Head out of the cryo labs and down the other end of the main 
    A SA: At the top and to your left is a room with a shield inside.  
    SA PA: Down the main hallway, after it turns right, youíll find two 
    guards in alcoves on either side.  Delete them.
    PA: Time to deal with Objective 1.  On your left now is a door with a 
    lab tech behind it.  Knock him out or whatever.  Use your Uplink on the 
    PC in the room and youíll disable automated defenses.  Cross to the 
    other room, knock out the two lab techs and use the Uplink on the 
    farthest PC.  Itíll make the door go nuts, including the one at the top 
    of the ramp on the right that was previously locked.  Enter that door, 
    kill the lab tech and the two guards and blow up the PC in this room.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    PA: Continue down to the bottom of the ramp.  The showers on either 
    side are locked, so youíll have to find another way.  Go straight ahead 
    into a large open room.  There is a guard on the catwalk ahead and to 
    the right, and another four on the floor far off to the left.  A 
    well-placed SuperDragon grenade should take care of the four clustered 
    by the side.  Climb the ramp to the catwalk and cross the narrow 
    support so you can enter the duct system and drop into the showers.  
    There will be a guard and a lab tech in here.  Eliminate them both.  
    Check the lockers along the showers for the spare uniform.  Itís in one 
    of those.
    Objective 3 Completed! (PA)
    SA: Continue on to the end.  Open either of the two side doors and 
    enter the showers.  There are two guards and one lab tech in here.  
    Kill the guards and the lab tech to get his spare uniform heís 
    Objective 3 Completed! (SA)
    All: You wonít have much time before the remaining folks around here 
    discover troubleís afoot.  A timer indicates as such.  Quickly don the 
    lab uniform and head for the lab area that is in a side door closest to 
    the hole you blew in the wall.  Enter the area and go forward to the 
    autopsy lab.  A guard will speak to you and let you inside.  Youíll be 
    recognized as a fake quick, so immediately pull out a gun and start 
    shooting.  Thereíll be both guards and biotechs here, so watch 
    yourself.  Break the glass surrounding the lab area and grab the 
    keycard on one of the biotechs inside.  Leave this lab area, taking out 
    the ambush they try to set for you on the way out, and proceed to the 
    next one, which will be behind the door to your right as you exit.
    All: This area has guards and biotechs all over.  Eliminate them all 
    and proceed to the final lab.  Quickly defeat the biotechs close by and 
    grab the keycard thatíll let you into the inner lab.  Run into the 
    inner lab to grab the survivor.
    All Objectives Completed!
    F. Time Trial - Under 7:59 on Perfect Agent
    As you can tell by the high time count, you should right away assume 
    that this will be one of the toughest, and rightly it is.  You have to 
    be very good for an extended period of time.  There are a couple of 
    ways to do this level.  One way is safer weapon-wise, but could force 
    you to run and be a little reckless.  The other way is faster, and 
    allows you to be more precise with your shots, but you'll suffer in the 
    weapons department later on.
    I speak, of course, of the Phoenix.
    Let's start.
    If you're going to do it non-Phoenix, you're going to want to 
    methodically make your way through the storage area.  Not too slow, 
    naturally, but be careful about placing your shots and who you engage.  
    Take out all the guards and go to the room with the weak wall.  Your 
    way through the weak wall is to drop a Prox Mine Dragon and shoot it.  
    You may want to leave a Dragon on the upper tier so you'll have another 
    one to pick up.
    If you do it the Phoenix way, you're going to have to be faster.  Start 
    picking guards off from the entryway to the storage area, then run into 
    the cargo lift as soon as it opens.  Odds are you won't have alerted 
    too many guards to your prescence and you'll only have to deal with a 
    couple while you wait for the lift to get to the top.  There probably 
    won't be any guards at the top, so immediately turn right and head for 
    the Phoenix area.  Activate the door and wait for the Overalls to open 
    it, then sprint for the elevator.  Once you get to the top of the lift, 
    activate the doors as you walk through.  This will send the lift back 
    down and you can grab the Phoenix.  Once you come back the lift will 
    almost be at the top again.  Go back down.  On your way to the damaged 
    wall, and probably in the hangar itself, you'll run into some guards 
    who were chasing you.  The Phoenix can make quick work of them.  
    Proceed forward, eliminating everyone who sees you, and blow the 
    damaged wall and get into the lab.
    The two ways converge here.  You shouldn't have too much more than 
    three minutes on the clock.
    Eliminate any guards around as quietly as possible.  Head left and down 
    to the cryo chamber.  Take the right door and eliminate the guard 
    behind it, then the Biosuit behind the next one.  Run to the left and 
    hit the first red button.  Turn around and shoot the guard who followed 
    you in.  Turn on the X-Ray Scanner and focus on the alien.  After it's 
    done, run out, up the ramp, down the other side, taking out all the 
    guards and into the first door on your right with the automatic gun.  
    Blow it up immediately.  Don't worry too much about the lab techs.  Use 
    the Uplink on the computer in the back, and sprint back up the ramp and 
    into the door on the right.  Kill the guards and the lab tech and blow 
    the computer.  Run all the way back down the ramp and...
    Big Time Saver!
    Toss a SuperDragon grenade outside the left door.  The guard will open 
    the door and you can run through him while shooting.  Go to the showers 
    in the back, shoot the lab tech and hunt in the nearby cupboards for 
    the uniform.  Grab it, put it on, hide the gun and sprint like mad to 
    the first autopsy lab.  
    At this point, you should have less than five minutes on the clock.
    Don't kill anyone on the way.  As you reach the security check door, 
    the guard will let you in.  Punch him, and then the lab tech by the 
    greaseboard.  Shoot through the glass to kill the lab tech inside and 
    grab his keycard.  Use either the Phoenix shells or grenades to deal 
    with the guys who rush into the lab.  As you get into the office, use 
    shells or grenades to blow each of the cubicle walls.  There's a guard 
    behind each one.
    Leave the area and head straight for the other lab, with no more than 
    seven minutes on the clock.  Kill the two guards hiding behind the 
    second set of diagonal pillars, then the guard and Biosuit hiding 
    behind the second set of cubicle walls.  Run through the next door and 
    open the door to the last lab.  Stand there and launch grenades in all 
    directions, not to yourself, of course, but saturate the area with 
    them.  Make sure all the guards are dead.  Go to the last one killed 
    and grab the final card, go through the last door, and you're done!
    G. Cheats
    Completing this level will earn you the X-Ray Scanner Cheat.  Scanner 
    is as Scanner does...
    Completing the Time Trial will earn you the Play as Elvis Cheat.  Now 
    you can go through the levels (and cutscenes) as a short, wiry, 
    big-headed Elvis!  It's amusing to watch him act like Jo, but that's 
    about the extent of fun on this cheat...
    The Cheese Wedge is in the ducting above the showers.  You canít get 
    close to it, so if you really want a good look, use a scoped weapon.
    Here's something found by Lex Sloet:
    As you head to the showers on SA or PA, take the door on the right.  
    After walking through the door, head about three-fourths of the way 
    towards the wall.  Turn left 90 degrees, put on your X-Ray Scanner and 
    look up.  You'll see part of the ventilation duct, and there will be 
    something that looks like a visible keyhole on the duct.  What does 
    this do?  Nobody knows...
    Mission 4.3 - Area 51 - Escape
    A. Overview
    Now that youíve got our little friend, a Maian, itís time to bug out of 
    here.  Youíll have to drop off the alien somewhere, rendezvous with 
    Jon, and get out somehow...  Youíll be at Jonís mercy a couple of times 
    this level where heíll ask you to cover him, so be prepared.
    B. Objectives
    1.      PA: Locate the Alien Tech Medpack
    2. A SA PA: Rendezvous with CI Spy
    3. A SA PA: Locate the Secret Hangar
    4. A SA PA: Revive the Maian Bodyguard
    5. A SA PA: Escape from Area 51.
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 (scope) - Starting ammo: 100.
      SA   : Alien Tech Medpack - This will already be used on the Maian in 
    Agent, so you wonít need to worry about using it.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: Tranquilizers - Off the Biotechs.
    A SA PA: SuperDragon - Off the Guards.  Youíll make good use of the 
    Grenade Launcher in this level.
    A SA PA: Remote Mine - Available if youíre speedy...
         PA: Alien Tech Medpack - Youíll have to find the Medpack within 
    the level now...
    D. Opposition
    Area 51 Guards - These guys are now alerted to your presence and will 
    be out in serious force.  Their SuperDragons will help you immensely.
    Biotechnicians - There are a few of these guys left hangin around at 
    the beginning.  Donít let them drug you with their Tranqs...
    E. Walkthrough
    All: Oh great.  Youíve liberated the Maian, only to find yourself in a 
    lab full of nerve gas.  Youíll be safe once you hit the hallway, but 
    you will take a small amount of damage.  Itís really unavoidable.  You 
    can carry around the Maian in the same way you carried the crate last 
    mission.  B to grab him, and B to let go.
    Note: If you'd really like another scoped Falcon, you can turn around 
    and head back into the lab.  The two biosuits will have guns lying next 
    to them.  Pick up both scoped Falcons.
    All: Turn right once you hit the main hallway.  Behind the door are a 
    couple of Biotechs.  Hit them before they drug you and continue forward 
    to a previously locked door.  Holding the Maian off to the side can 
    help quite a bit to open doors faster.  Push the Maian into the room 
    down the ramp and Jon will tell you to meet up with him.  Go back up 
    the ramp and turn right into the cryo lab.  Kill the two Biotechs and 
    move to the back and go down the ramp.  If you deposited the Maian fast 
    enough, youíll find a box with three Remote Mines inside at the 
    bottom.  Sweet.
    All: On your right are three guards.  Youíll have partial obscurity by 
    the wall, so use it when picking them off.  After you finish, open the 
    door at the other end of the room and head outside onto the catwalks, 
    where youíll find a bunch more.  About four guards will haunt this 
    area.  Defeat them and go to the door on the far end.
    A: Inside youíll find Jon waiting patiently for you.
    Objective 2 Completed! (A)
    PA: The Alien Medpack is around here somewhere.  Push the oil drum on 
    the floor next to the glass and plug it from a safe distance.  Activate 
    the console inside, then run around the corner to the door.  Open it, 
    and grab the Medpack inside.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    SA PA: Continue through this room, around the wall, and to the left 
    through multiple doors, finding solitary guards all along the way.  
    Waste them all and head right.  Deal with a couple more guards, cross a 
    small catwalk and enter a small storage area where Jon will be hiding 
    in a corner.  Go up to him and go to the far door almost immediately to 
    be ready to intercept three guards coming in.  A grenade from your 
    SuperDragon should do nicely.
    Objective 2 Completed! (SA PA)
    All: Stay close to Jon and eliminate any guards that happen upon you 
    two as you head back.  When you reach the multiple door area, four 
    guards will jump out of one of the doors ready to nail you.  Jon will 
    stay behind and try to deal with them himself if you run ahead, and 
    thatíll get him killed quickly.  Once you cross back along the catwalks 
    and reach the room where you met the first three guards of the level, 
    youíll find four standing in a bunch ready to receive your welcoming 
    grenade launch.  Donít keep them waiting.
    All: Here, Jon will ask you cover him while he blows open an entrance 
    to the secret hangar.  The guards will come from the door you just went 
    through, so stand back and be ready to launch grenades every time 
    someone pops their head in.  You should have plenty.  Once Jonathan 
    finishes, heíll back up from the wall he working on.  Do the same as 
    the wall will blow very shortly.  Head through and rush down the ramp 
    on the other side.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    All: This type of hangar should look a bit familiar to you.  Turn 
    around and head through the door closest to you.  This is the room 
    where you left the Maian.
    SA PA: Run up to his hover bed and use the Medpack on him.  Itíll take 
    a few moments, during which youíll be fending off attacks from the 
    hangar, the hole you blew open, and the ramp you originally came down 
    to drop the Maian off on.  Itíll be quite the mess, but stick it out 
    and donít panic.  In about thirty seconds, the Medpack will finish.
    Objective 4 Completed!
    All: The Maian will wake up, introduce himself as Elvis and suggest you 
    all use his ship to leave.  Deal with any guards close by and hightail 
    it around the side of the hangar to the saucer.  Make sure both Jon and 
    Elvis get there.  Elvis will explain that only two people can get out 
    on the saucer.  You have a choice here.
    1. Let Jonathan do the opening of the hangar doors.  All you need to do 
    is cover him.  Heíll get out on a nearby hoverbike.
    2. Look at Jonathan as he goes towards the consoles.  You'll tell him 
    to leave with Elvis.  Activate the consoles yourself, then, grab the 
    hoverbike, ride through the door to Elvis' room, then up the ramp to 
    the main hallway.  All the necessary doors will be unlocked and will 
    open automatically.  Ride all the past the showers and to the hangar.  
    Go to the far left corner of the hangar and ride up to the main 
    entrance area.  Turn left as you enter the room with diagonal pillars.  
    Ride through the last couple of doors and you're out. 
    All Objectives Completed!
    F. Time Trial - Under 3:50 on Agent
    Rush Elvis immediately to his spot, pausing for a second or two to pop 
    the two biotechs.  Sprint like a madwoman to Jonathanís spot, making 
    sure to kill the biotechs, but hitting guards on the fly.  Make sure 
    you have a SuperDragon when you meet Jon, because youíll need it to 
    take out all the guards on the way back.  Grenade the four-guard 
    welcoming party in the room next to the Secret Hangar and let Jon do 
    his thing.  You should be close to two minutes after he finishes.  Run 
    through once the explosion clears and drop off the ramp and immediately 
    rush to Elvis.  Stop the cut scene right away.  Clear any straggling 
    guards, and then literally push Elvis so that heíll get to his spot by 
    his ship faster.  You should have not much more than three minutes on 
    the clock at this point.  As soon as Elvis starts talking, rush 
    straight for the ramp and activate the two terminals yourself.  This 
    will still count as "you leave with Elvis, Jon gets out on the hover 
    bike", so youíre done!
    G. Cheats
    Completing the level earns you the SuperDragon Cheat.  Carry something 
    a little heavier than your Falcon into town...
    Completing the Time Trial earns you the Invincibility Cheat.  Yes, 
    Goldeneye fans.  The cheat that gave you so much trouble last time is 
    only an Agent-level Time Trial away.  Needless to say, nothing gets to 
    you in this mode.
    The Cheese Wedge is in the same place as it was in Area 51: Rescue.  
    Head for the large hangar outside of the showers and cross the metal 
    rafter.  It's in the duct above the showers.
    Mission 5.1 - Air Base - Espionage
    A. Overview
    Now, itís time to help the President, like you wanted to before this 
    whole Elvis incident.  Thereís no time to cancel his intended flight to 
    Oslo from Alaska, so youíll have to tell him the bad news about Trent 
    Easton on the flight.  First, of course, youíll have to sneak aboard, 
    which is no mean feat...
    B. Objectives
    1. A SA PA: Obtain the Disguise and Enter the Base
    2.   SA PA: Check in the Equipment
    3. A SA PA: Subvert the Security Monitoring System
    4.      PA: Obtain the Flight Plans from the Safe
    5. A SA PA: Board Air Force One
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Crossbow - The first mission without your Falcon in a while.  
    Of course, this mission is supposed to be an espionage type...  
    Starting ammo: 12.
    A SA PA: DrugSpy - Even more sneaky than the Crossbow, this little bud 
    can take out the bad guys without being seen.
    A SA PA: Horizon Scanner - You wonít need it too much in this level, 
    since youíll be spending a lot of time inside.
    You'll also start with 30 rifle bullets.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: Dragon - Held by good guys...
    A SA PA: DY357 Magnum - Held by bad guys...
    A SA PA: K7 Avenger - Held by ugly guys...
    A SA PA: Proximity Mine - Hidden near the beginning.
    D. Opposition
    Alaskan Guard: These white suits are actually good guys, guarding this 
    place diligently for the Pres.  You canít just say, "Iím a CI agent, 
    can I see the Pres?" so youíll have silence them without killing them.  
    They carry Dragons.
    Head Stewardess: Sheís en route to the base and carrying her uniform in 
    a bag.  Youíre to knock her out and assume her identity.
    Office Suit: Stealing a suitcase from these guys is easy, as is 
    silencing them after you do so.  Just donít kill them.
    NSA Lackey: These guys standing around in dark blue uniforms know who 
    you are.  Youíll have to silence them as you come across them.  
    Sometimes theyíll pull their Magnums.
    NSA Bodyguard: Once youíre made, and you will be, trust me, these 
    Avenger-wielding, black and white-striped suited baddies will be making 
    your life miserable.
    E. Walkthrough
    All: Youíll start in hiding.  No one will find you here, so you can 
    immediately deploy the DrugSpy and start knocking out the three Alaskan 
    guards standing around.  You can also use your Crossbow, but if they 
    see you the guard on the far side of the door will go for the alarm, 
    ending your mission before it really started.
    All: Proceed down the tunnel and youíll end up finding two more Alaskan 
    Guards and the Head Stewardess.  Knock Ďem all out, one way or the 
    other and pick up the bag with the uniform.  Put it on and put your 
    weapon away.  You can continue down to the end of the path near the 
    cable car exit and you'll see a box.  This box contains a Proximity 
    Objective 1 Completed!
    All: Enter the base and the receptionist will greet you.
    SA PA: Turn around and enter the elevator behind you.  Go up, past the 
    two Office Suits and grab the case on the far corner.  Knock out the 
    two guys and go back down.
    All: Enter the area.  Go down the escalator ahead of you.
    SA PA: Off to your right is the conveyor belt where youíll drop your 
    suitcase.  Switch to it and press B to drop it on the pad.  You only 
    have a limited time to do the next objective, so get moving.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    All: Run through the scanner to your right and to the next room.  Knock 
    out the NSA Lackey immediately.  Bear right and run into the small 
    hallway with flat pillars.  Follow the hallway as it curves around to 
    the right and go up the stairs at the end.  First knock out the NSA 
    Lackey with the Avenger, then the Alaskan Guard at the PC.  Hit the 
    button on the console.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    All: Now, youíre in trouble.  The NSA Bodyguards know youíre here and 
    youíll have to fight to get on the plane.  All Alaskan Guards in the 
    area will be promptly killed as the NSA takes over.  This means 
    thereíll be a few extra Dragons lying around, although you may not have 
    much time to grab Ďem before being shot.  Be very careful as you go 
    downstairs.  Many NSAís will come swarming around the corner, and some 
    will appear from behind the pillar structures.  Itís tough, especially 
    on PA, but you should kill them all to prevent shots in the back.  Use 
    the stairs as a shield when you reload.  Once you killed them all, you 
    need to board the plane.  There are two ways to do it.  There are a few 
    ways to get to these two places, but Iíll describe the most direct ways 
    A: You canít take Option 1.  The door is locked.
    PA: Youíll want to take Option 1 regardless, as you have an objective 
    in that area.
    Option 1: 
    SA PA: Head back the way you came, around to where you met the first 
    Lackey and open the door.  Proceed through the office area.
    PA: Go to the second door on your left.  Continue onto the next room, 
    shooting any guards, and then shooting the mine on the door to your 
    left.  It wonít blow up the door, but it will blow up the glass next to 
    it.  Crouch through the glass, head to the far right corner, move the 
    glass panel, then push the button under it.  This will open the safe 
    where you can get the flight plans. Youíll wire these plans to Elvis 
    during takeoff so that heíll be able to tail you in his craft.  Grab 
    them and leave the offices, shooting guards if they attack.
    Objective 4 Completed!
    SA PA: Go down the elevator at the end of the hallway.  Once it stops, 
    youíll be at ground level with the plane.  Hit the elevator again and 
    youíll ride up a floor.  Exit.  Turn left, and head to the shuttle to 
    Option 2:
    A SA: Go into the side hallway as you leave the pillared area.  Kill 
    the Lackey, and ride the freight elevator all the way down.  Watch as 
    you exit.  Thereíll be two more guards as you round the bend, and a 
    mess more on the platform ahead.  Right now, youíre at ground level.  
    The planeís to your right.  Behind you is a console.  Shoot it and the 
    laser grid surrounding the plane will start to flicker.  Carefully step 
    through it and up to the cargo ladder to finish.
    All Objectives Completed!
    Final Note: A quick run around the side, and youíre at the elevator 
    that leads to the shuttle.  This basically shows that either exit is 
    available to all skill levels, but some are more convenient than others 
    F. Time Trial - Under 3:11 on Special Agent
    Immediately, turn the corner and shoot the first guard.  Shoot the 
    other two in the front area as well.  Run all the way through the cave 
    and shoot the last two guards and the stewardess.  Change and switch to 
    Unarmed on the fly.  Run inside, pass near the receptionist so she 
    acknowledges you, and run into the elevator, which should be open after 
    40 seconds.  Ride it up and take the case.  Run back to the elevator.  
    While waiting, the suits will walk right into your deadly fists.  Take 
    the elevator down, switching to the suitcase on the way, and run to the 
    Sprint straight for the baggage conveyor, drop off the case, then run 
    through the scanner, around the hall and to the PC upstairs, punching 
    out the NSA Lackey who identifies you.  Disarm the NSA Lackey and hit 
    the PC immediately.  Hop downstairs, pulling out the Avenger, and run 
    screaming to the elevator in the office area.  The freight elevator is 
    closer, but the office elevator is far faster.  Lay down suppression 
    fire whenever you need it, and hit the elevator.  Odds are itíll take 
    about 15 seconds, so be sure to turn around and dispose of anyone on 
    your tail.  Ride the elevator all the way down.  Immediately hop out 
    and run around to the left, up the series of stairs, shooting guards 
    along the way, past the elevator, and into the shuttle.
    I've been told that, once you reach the bottom, you can activate the 
    elevator again and you'll ride back up to the shuttle area.  I've never 
    been able to get this to work, I've always had it ride all the way back 
    up, but if you can get it to work, more power to you...
    G. Cheats
    Completing the level earns you the Team Heads Cheat.  Now, whenever you 
    fight Simulants in Multiplayer, youíll be facing off against members of 
    the Perfect Dark team.
    Completing the Time Trial earns you the Unlimited Ammo - No Reloads 
    Cheat.  This is what unlimited ammoís REALLY about!  Just hold down the 
    Z button and make some holes, wonít you?
    The Cheese Wedge is outside, on the other side of the tunnel.  Go to
    the area where the Proximity Mines rest and you'll see mountains.  
    Pitch down and you'll see water.  Equip the Horizon Scanner and zoom 
    down to a corner in the water and you'll see the cheese.
    Mission 5.2 - Air Force One - Anti-Terrorism
    A. Overview
    Youíre on the plane now.  The President is somewhere here.  
    Unfortunately, neither he nor his Security force suspects a thing.  
    Your disguise will hold up for a bit here, but some may become 
    suspicious if you enter restricted areas.  Your main goal is to get to 
    the Pres and get him out of there.  Of course, nothing ever goes as 
    smoothly as planned.
    B. Objectives
    1.   SA PA: Locate and Retrieve the Equipment
    2. A SA PA: Locate the President
    3. A SA PA: Get the President to the Escape Capsule
    4.      PA: Secure the Air Force One Flight Path
    5. A SA PA: Detach the UFO from Air Force One
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Combat Boost - On this level, I donít find these particularly 
    useful.  If you feel like using them and getting several seconds of 
    improved reaction time, go ahead and use them.  You start with 2 of 
    A      : Laptop Gun - This covert assault weapon will be perfect in the 
    tense situation that is this mission.  Starting ammo: 100.
    A      : Suitcase - This snappy Samsonite holds the evidence against 
    Trent Easton, which youíll have to present to the Pres.
    A      : Timed Mine - You never know when some heavy explosive might 
    come in handy on a plane.
    Like in the Carrington Villa, you start with 100 9mm bullets, then are 
    given a gun's worth of bullets for "picking up" the Laptop Gun.
    In Mission: 
      SA PA: Suitcase - This, and all the items in it, will have to be 
    found in the cargo bay.
      SA PA: Laptop Gun
      SA PA: Timed Mine
    A SA PA: Cyclone - The ridiculously fast bodyguard weapon makes an 
    appearance here.
    A SA PA: K7 Avenger - This assault weapon is so nasty, especially when 
    youíre facing down the wrong end of it...
    D. Opposition
    Presidential Security: These gray-suited good guys will only regard you 
    as a threat in the short window of time between you infiltrating the 
    Presidential Suite, and when you find the President.  They carry 
    Cyclones.  After you find the President, they become your buds.
    Steward and Stewardess: They know who their staff is, and will get 
    yelpy when you show up.  Knock them out.
    NSA Bodyguard: Theyíre still here, and still carry K7 Avengers.
    Mr. Blonde: Finally, youíll get a chance to tango with these strange 
    white-suited men.  They carry K7 Avengers, too.
    Trent Easton: Heís on board the plane, but heís a bit cowardly when 
    facing up one on one against your kind.
    E. Walkthrough
    There are two places you can start this mission.  Neither are too far 
    apart.  If you entered by the shuttle, youíll start out on the Main 
    deck.  In front of you will be a dumb waiter.  This leads to the 
    kitchen, and on the far end will be the cargo bay, where youíll start 
    if you entered using the cargo ladder.
    A: If youíre not already there, head to the starting point on the Main 
    Deck and open the rather ornate double doors.
    SA PA: If youíre not already there, head to the cargo bay.  Go to the 
    front of the plane, away from the kitchen.  Youíll see a guard standing 
    next to a Cargo Bay lift.  Knock him out and retrieve his key.  Hit the 
    button on near the lift and grab the Suitcase that comes up.  Grab it 
    and head to the Main Deck starting point via the dumb waiter and open 
    the ornate double doors.
    Optionally, you can lower the Jetbike in the next room into the cargo 
    hold using the guardís key.  This may come in handy on the next 
    Objective 1 Completed!
    All: Enter the Presidential Suite and immediately run upstairs, 
    avoiding the Security that might fire on you.  As you reach the top, 
    turn left, and then left again.  Enter the door straight ahead to meet 
    the Big Cheese himself.  Youíll explain the situation, show him the 
    evidence, and be jostled as an unknown craft attached an umbilical tube 
    to yours.  The NSA have arrived it seems.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    All: Time to leave, Mr. President.  Head back down the way you came, 
    eliminating the bodyguard at the foot of the stairs, and the other one 
    just behind the exit doors.  Forget the tube for now.  Just worry about 
    the Pres.  Take the left door into the cabin, eliminating the two 
    guards that are there.  Thereís also a Security man who may be able to 
    help, but donít count on it.  Continue through to the next hallway, 
    then to last cabin, where Trent will be flanked by two Mr. Blondes 
    rooted to their spots.  Off the Blondes, and watch out for more NSA 
    coming through the left door.  You should kill about five guards.  As 
    you pass through the final left door, turn right and drop down the 
    hatch in the plane.  Open the door right ahead of you and eliminate the 
    guard on the other side.  Run up to the small chamber ahead of you.  If 
    the Pres. is still alive, heíll track you here and run into the capsule 
    in this chamber, so donít bother waiting for him.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    All: Continue on past the capsule room and youíll end up at the kitchen 
    again, soon.  Get in the dumb waiter in the kitchen and ride it up to 
    the outside of the Pres. Suite.  Throw the Timed Mine into the tube on 
    your right, after plugging the guard.
    Objective 5 Completed!
    PA: Enter the Suite.  Listen.  Hear that engine sound?  That means 
    trouble.  Run up the stairs and bear right.  Enter the door on the far 
    wall, shoot the guard, go through the next  two doors and shoot the 
    last guard.  The pilots are dead.  All you can do is jam your thumb on 
    the flashing red button down between them to activate the autopilot.
    After all this has happened, the mine will blow, but it wonít be enough 
    to detach the tube.  Jo will ask Elvis for some help.  His weapons 
    will, unfortunately, malfunction.  Heíll be forced to crash into the 
    tube.  This canít end well...
    All Objectives Completed!
    F. Time Trial - Under 3:55 on Perfect Agent
    Youíll need to start in the cargo bay to get this time.  Run 
    immediately behind you into the cargo bay, punch the guard and raise 
    the case.  Jump down and grab it as it comes up to buy yourself an 
    extra second.  Run to the kitchen and punch out the two flight 
    attendants.  Hit the dumb waiter.  Ride it up.  Head immediately for 
    the Pres.  After your conversation is done, dash for the lower floor.  
    Be sure to take out all the guards, as you donít want the Pres. to get 
    winged.  After you drop him off, toss the mine, and head for the 
    cockpit.  There really isnít a big trick to this level.  If youíre 
    skilled enough to tackle the level normally, you shouldnít have too 
    many troubles doing it a bit faster and more efficiently.
    G. Cheats
    Beating the level earns you the Laptop Gun Cheat.  Handle my fave like 
    a pro.  Itíll be even nicer once you earn the next cheat.
    Beating the Time Trial earns you the Unlimited Ammo - Laptop Sentry Gun 
    Cheat.  Oh yes.  Toss the baby on the floor in a crowded place and 
    The Cheese Wedge is in the room that leads to the escape capsule.  It's 
    not hard to spot, but easy to miss as you're usually in a hurry when 
    you're here.  It's on a platform with gas tanks right in front of the 
    capsule door.
    Mission 5.3 - Crash Site - Confrontation
    A. Overview
    Air Force One is down, as is Elvisí Maian Saucer, and the strange ship 
    that held you all captive.  Thereís a jamming signal blocking your 
    communications, and youíre all alone in the snow.  No one else is 
    around, and youíve been knocked out of your disguise and back into your 
    Arctic garb.  Time to find out where and in what condition everyone 
    This mission has two major areas: the open area, where itís easy to 
    lose your sense of direction, and the caverns, where youíll have no 
    idea where youíre going.  Stick to my directions and you should be 
    fine...  Hopefully...
    B. Objectives
    1.   SA PA: Retrieve the Presidential Medical Scanner
    2. A SA PA: Activate the Distress Beacon
    3.      PA: Shut Down the Enemy Jamming Device
    4. A SA PA: Retire the Presidential Clone
    5. A SA PA: Locate and Rescue the President
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 (scope) - Did you miss it?  Starting ammo: 50.
    A SA PA: Remote Mine - Useful for clearing crowds, but PAís might want 
    to save them for whateverís jamming the communications.  You start with 
    A SA PA: Night Vision - There are some dark caverns around.  Best to 
    carry this, just in case you need to do some spelunking...
    A SA PA: Horizon Scanner - The binocs will become a bit more useful 
    here, with all the wide-open spaces.
    A      : PresScan - This is a lot like an R-Tracker.  Itíll sniff out 
    the Presidentís location in the same manner.
    You also start with 100 rifle bullets.
    In Mission: 
    A SA PA: K7 Avenger - Standard Guard Weapon for this mission
    A SA PA: Sniper Rifle - Another guard weapon, but found a little less 
    A SA PA: Proximity Mine - A present from your Maian buddy if you find 
    him early.
      SA PA: PresScan - Youíll have to find it.
    A SA PA: DY357-LX - This powerful magnum is held by one person in 
    particular.  Youíll become the Woman with the Golden Gun while you hold 
    D. Opposition
    NSA Bodyguard: Still here.  Still with Avengers.  Thatís a big 
    bodyguard force.
    Mr. Blonde: The ones patrolling above ground have Sniper Rifles, while 
    the ones inhabiting the cave carry Avengers.
    Drone Guns: There are two of these buggers posted by the jamming 
    device.  Eliminate them from afar or from behind a wall.
    Sentry Robot: There are four of these guarding the President.  They 
    donít have shields like the one in Chicago, and can be taken out with 
    sustained gunfire.  Their lasers still hurt, though...
    Trent Easton: The Director of the NSA has the Pres. at gunpoint 
    himself.  With his DY357-LX, the mission can be over in one shot.  
    Youíll need to drive him off somehow.
    E. Walkthrough
    All: OK.  Here you are in a snowfield.  If you dropped the bike down 
    the hatch in the last level, itíll be behind you on the snow.  You can 
    use it for a little extra speed if you so desire, but it kinda spoils 
    your aiming as it bobs up and down.  Your choice.
    All: Behind you as you start is a small ravine with a patrol of two 
    NSAs and a Blonde.  Shoot all three and continue down the slope and 
    follow the cliffside until you reach a log across the canyon.  Cross 
    it, then run straight ahead to find the glowing lights of Elvisí 
    saucer.  Heíll give you a Proximity Mine for coming to visit.  You have 
    to do this before completing any objectives to get the mine, however.
    A: Thereís also a Shield next to this ship.
    All: Go back across the log and to your starting point.  Follow the 
    right wall as it corners to the right.  There are two NSAs out here 
    watching over the downed capsule.  Fortunately, theyíre backs are 
    turned.  Sloppy...  Thereís also a two NSA, one Blonde patrol coming 
    around the bend to your left.  Dispose of them all, and then hit the 
    red glow on the capsule.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    SA PA: Head for a small passage on your right as you enter the capsule 
    area.  Youíll see the majority of the downed Air Force One here.  Go to 
    the starboard side of the plane (left from where youíre standing) and 
    find the scanner (a suitcase) in the snow.  Itís on the far side of a 
    small hill.  Grab it and turn it on.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    All: Whatís this?  Two blips on the scanner?  They finally did it!  
    They cloned the President!  Apparently, the clone was on the alien ship 
    waiting switching with the real Pres. and is now trapped down here with 
    everyone else.  You need to find him and make sure he makes no more 
    executive decisions.  Go back the way the second patrol came from and 
    follow the slope down to a ravine area.  Thereíll be two NSAs on patrol 
    here.  If youíre noisy about it, two more may show up.  Try not to be.
    PA:  Before dealing with the clone, letís do something about that 
    jamming, OK?  As you finish off the guards in the area, youíll see 
    three ways out.  Take the way on the far right.  Youíll come to a short 
    drop to a ledge.  Two guards will be patrolling this ledge and the 
    cavern beyond.  Take them out.  Follow the cave all the way until it 
    ends at a clearing.  On your right will be the two drone guns.  The far 
    one wonít see you, but the near one will.  Take them out, shooting the 
    near one with the Sniper Rifle as itís partially in sight.
    PA:  Look at the bottom of the hill.  So, the jamming device IS the 
    UFO.  Exterminate the two NSAs near the ship, and toss two Remote Mines 
    on the ship.  Back up a considerable distance and slap the B and A 
    buttons together to make one dandy fireball.  After youíre done, head 
    back the same way you came.  Youíll be able to climb back up that short 
    drop, so donít worry.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    All:  Note the three exits from the area.  Take the center one.  Youíll 
    know youíre going the right way when you see a rock pile ahead of you 
    and a large opening in the rock wall off to your left.  Head for that 
    opening, and youíll see a big hole in the ground.  There are four NSAs 
    surrounding this hole.  This is a good place for the Prox Mine.  Place 
    it at the opening in the rock wall and shoot the furthest NSA, who 
    should be visible.  The remaining three will come over and get blown up 
    by the mine, or will be shot by you, whatever.
    All: Go over to the hole.  Look down with your Sniper Rifle.  Youíll 
    see a guy who looks like the Pres. but heíll not be wearing a jacket 
    and his tie will be loose.  Thatís your man.  Take aim and send him to 
    that big White House in the sky.  Eliminate the Blondes guarding him if 
    you can.  Otherwise, wait patiently for them to come around to you 
    where you can pick them off as they come down to this area.
    Youíve just saved yourself a trip through the dark and dangerous 
    A SA: You couldíve gone down there if you wanted a Shield, which is 
    lying right next to the clone.
    Objective 4 Completed!
    All: Climb the slope to your right.  Itíll enter a cave.  This oneís 
    decently lit, so donít worry.  Youíll walk by a small opening to your 
    right.  Look down and drop your last remote mine on the robots down 
    there.  You should take out one.  Two if youíre good...
    All: Follow the slope as it curves down and to the right.  Eliminate 
    the rest of the bots by hiding as you come upon them and emptying a 
    magazine of Avenger fire.  Youíll eventually run into Trent and the 
    Pres.  Youíll need to scare Trent off.  You can either shoot him until 
    his shield turns green, or you can Disarm him and steal his Magnum.  
    Youíll have to be fast for the latter, but you do get that lovely 
    All: Make sure the Pres. is following you, then head back up the slope 
    you came in on.  Make a sharp right into a small tunnel and follow it 
    up to the surface.  Youíll see three rock formations ahead.  Head for 
    the furthest one.  Behind it is Elvisí saucer.  Once you touch the 
    saucer, youíll get verbal conformation from Jo, and the Pres. will head 
    straight for it, leaving you free to go waste guards without having to 
    lead him around.  Once he reaches it, the cut scene will start.  Jo 
    will console the Pres. on what a lousy day itís been, while Elvis fixes 
    up his ship.  Heíll tell Jo about the Pelagic II, which Trent and 
    DataDyne wanted to use to do some deep-sea investigation.  Sheíll 
    mention Trent isnít going to be a problem anymore.  The scene cuts to 
    Mr. Blonde informing Trent that heís a flawed device and no longer 
    needed.  Trent threatens Blonde, drawing his gun, and cautiously steps 
    back as the "Scandinavian freak" advances on him.  Suddenly, there is 
    some distortion and Blondeís form fades, replaced with that of a 
    vicious alien creature, a Skedar, mortal enemy of the Maians.  The 
    Skedar rakes his claws across the astonished Trent, lets him fall, then 
    walks off, reverting to his disguised state.
    All Objectives Completed!
    F. Time Trial - Under 2:50 on Agent
    Using the jetbike here would help a lot.  Hop on and head straight for 
    the distress beacon, capping the two guards in the area.  Hit the 
    beacon while still on the bike and ride to the passage to the caverns, 
    taking out the patrol on the way, being sure to grab the Sniper Rifle 
    that the Blonde has.  As you reach the hole area, hop off the bike, 
    eliminate all the guards surrounding the hole, and snipe the Clone from 
    above.  Immediately, head for the cavern on your right that will lead 
    you down to the President.  Eliminate the sentries, scare off Trent, 
    make sure the Pres. is following you, and dash to Elvis.  Thereíll be 
    several guards on your back, so stay sharp.
    G. Cheats
    Completing the level earns you the Perfect Darkness Cheat.  Any level 
    becomes really dark and you get a pair of Night Vision Goggles for your 
    trouble.  Itís a cute cheat.
    Completing the Time Trial earns you the Trentís Magnum, or DY357-LX 
    Cheat.  Will anyone mess with you now that youíre packing the ultimate 
    heat?  Of course, but they wonít live to regret it...
    The Cheese Wedge is in the area where the majority of the crashed plane 
    is.  Find the Mr. Blonde standing in the area, and search the wall 
    behind him.  There's a crack in the wall.  Look as far as you can into
    the crack and you'll see a yellow speck.  Zoom in and you'll see your
    Mission 6.1 - Pelagic II - Exploration
    A. Overview
    Well, DataDyne and the Skedar couldnít do it the normal way, so they 
    just decided to hijack the Pelagic II without proper clearance.  You 
    and Elvis need to get in there, disable it, and just maybe find out 
    whatís going on below the depths...
    This level can get VERY confusing.  It was bad enough having lots of 
    wide-open space, but itís even worse to have a whole bunch of 
    connecting rooms that connect to each other in a billion different 
    ways.  Follow the directions to the letter so you donít get lost.
    B. Objectives
    1. A SA PA: Disable the Primary Power Source
    2.      PA: Secure the Laboratories and Research Data
    3. A SA PA: Deactivate the GPS and Autopilot
    4.   SA PA: Activate the Moon Pool Lift
    5. A SA PA: Rendezvous and Escape with Elvis
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 (silenced) - Starting ammo: 100.
    A SA PA: Laptop Gun - A little heavy support for this mission.  Sentry 
    Gun can come in handy, although itís not all that necessary.  Starting 
    ammo: 100.
    A SA PA: N-Bomb - A LOT of heavy support for this mission!  These guys 
    can be good room incapacitators...  You start with three.
    A SA PA: X-Ray Scanner - Youíll need it to find out what to push when 
    shutting down the power, and itís always handy if you wanna see if 
    anyoneís trying to hide from you.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: CMP150 - Did you miss it?  Standard guard weapon.
    A SA PA: DY357 Magnum - One of the noncombatants is carrying this 
    D. Opposition
    Pelagic II Guard: Yep.  The only opposing force is these guys who look 
    like they belong on a farm milkiní cows...  Donít underestimate them, 
    for theyíre as skilled as the next guy is.
    Pilot and Scientist: Noncombatants.  These guys are carrying and are 
    able to operate useful things.  One will pull a Magnum.
    Camera: There are four on this ship.  Two are in the power plant area, 
    another is in the research area and the other is in a room further on 
    from the power plant.
    E. Walkthrough
    Two notes about this level:
    One: There is an alarm system on board.  There are activating terminals 
    in almost every room on the first deck you start on.  Watch for a guard 
    that says something like "Activate the alarm!" or "Warn the others!"  
    Heíll then run for the nearest alarm panel.  Kill him before he gets 
    there.  If the alarm is activated, it can be shut off, but the trip 
    will be made much harder with an increased number of guards appearing 
    throughout the ship.
    Two: You CAN shoot through the windows on the doors in this area.  The 
    bad guys canít shoot back, fortunately.  Use this to your advantage 
    when proceeding, as itíll seriously come in handy.
    Ready?  Okay.
    All: You and Elvis will enter the area.  Heíll take off to go "secure 
    the perimeter" as he puts it.  Yeah, right.  Probably looking for a pub 
    to knock back a few.  Anyway, youíll be on your own for the majority of 
    the mission.  Open the first door and plug the unsuspecting guard with 
    his back turned.  Head down the ramp and take out the other guard 
    around the bend before he can activate the alarm.  
    All: The next room is a bit tricky.  There are four guards in the room, 
    and theyíre not placed well enough for you to be able to pick them off 
    one by one and not get the alarm activated in the process.  Not without 
    losing some health at least, a luxury you donít have much of on PA.  
    This is a good place for one of your N-Bombs.  Hide on the left side of 
    the door, duck down, and lob the bomb as far back in the room as you 
    can, since one of the guards is rather far back.  As it blows, take out 
    the guard standing right in front of you just in case the bomb 
    doesnít.  Odds will be that the guards will either be down or have no 
    guns, making picking them off a snap as they will immediately try to 
    retrieve their weapons.  Unfortunately, thereís a chance that a guard 
    from a ways away will show up and try to ruin your day.  Prove he canít 
    do that.
    All:  Right.  There are two other doors out of this area.  Take the 
    left one and youíll enter the main power area.  First, shoot the camera 
    on the left wall of this room.  Then, put on your X-Ray Specs.  The 
    column will have eight terminals, four green and four red.  Activate 
    all four green terminals and run downstairs.  Shoot the camera behind 
    you as you hit the bottom, then activate the master switch on the big 
    tube sticking out from the bottom.  Run back upstairs and out the door 
    you came in.  Turn left and go through the door.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    SA PA: Youíll have to eliminate all the guards in the next area ahead 
    to prevent alarm trips and reach the Moon Pool operation room.  Start 
    by pegging the first one from behind the window (he has Double Falcons 
    if you havenít tripped the alarm), then the next that comes to 
    investigate.  Pull out your Laptop Gun, turn left, and go around the 
    adjoining rooms in a clockwise circle, systematically eliminating the 
    guards in the rooms ahead before they can get to the alarms.  Once 
    youíre done, (itís not easy) enter the hallway with a door that goes 
    off to the side.  This is the Moon Pool operation room.  There are four 
    guards in here if the alarm was tripped.  Eliminate if need be, then go 
    to the right side of the room and activate the monitor on the wall.  
    Thisíll raise the deep submersible for you.  Return to the point from 
    where this paragraph started.
    A SA: Thereís a Shield on one of the crates in the Lift room.
    Objective 4 Completed!
    All: Go up the set of stairs to the yellow hallway.
    PA: Turn left and open the door.  Take out the prying camera on the 
    right wall ahead.  On either side of you is a door.  Switch to Pistol 
    Whip or Punch and go into each of the two rooms.  There is one 
    scientist on the right side and two on the left side.  Theyíll all go 
    down in one, and none will attack, but they will try to bug off.  
    Follow them if they do, they usually head upstairs.  Grab the disks 
    they drop.  Head back to the first yellow hallway.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    All:  Take the stairs up and eliminate the two guards on the landing.  
    Proceed further up and youíll happen upon the control room.  Get all 
    tough-looking, then walk up to the pilots and youíll tell one to shut 
    off the autopilot.  While he does that, another will try to shoot him.  
    Punch the shooter before he gets too far.  After you silence him, tell 
    the pilot to shut off the GPS.  Heíll go over and do that.  Now, the 
    ship wonít be too helpful to DataDyne anymore.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    A: If you desire a Shield, head out the door on the far side of the 
    control room.  Eliminate the two guards, go straight ahead, and pick it 
    up on the deck outside.
    All: Head back downstairs and take the door on your left as get to the 
    yellow hallway.  Prepare for a bunch of rooms of death ahead.  Youíll 
    reach a series of yellow rooms that will have guards placed behind 
    boxes.  Youíll have to proceed right and around, eliminating the guards 
    in the rooms ahead.  Thereíll be half as many if you havenít activated 
    the alarm.  In the first room, head right to the next room, then 
    proceed through eight more rooms.  Use the windows to pick off guards 
    to make it far easier.  The eighth room has two means of exit.  Take 
    the one that will be on the left, which will lead you to the Moon Pool 
    A: Elvis, bless him, is already here prepping the place for your 
    descent into the depths.  Follow him to the ladder to finish the 
    SA PA: Time to go find Elvis.  Retrace your steps all the way back to 
    the main power room.  Take the lower door out.  Go into the next room 
    and through the door with the drawn shade over the window.  Youíll have 
    the lionís share of guards as you proceed, so stay alert.  The first 
    room, in addition to a guard right in front, has a camera on the left 
    wall, and another guard around the last corner.  The next room has a 
    guard visible through the window, and the third has two visible through 
    the window.  Descending the stairs will get you into even more 
    trouble.  Youíll have four guards on you in short order.  A good 
    strategy is to retreat to the last door after scaring them up and 
    hiding behind it, shooting through the window.
    SA PA: Down the stairs, and around the square-shaped hall, youíll find 
    two more guards guarding the top of another set of stairs, two more at 
    the bottom, and a fifth behind the door at the bottom.  After all 
    thatís done, proceed through to find Elvis in one of the worst 
    rendezvous points in gaming history, at the bottom of the ship.  Heíll 
    ask you where youíve been.  Resist the urge to blast him...  Follow him 
    out and, through the yellow corridors, and back to the Moon Pool room 
    to complete the level.
    All Objectives Completed!
    In the Moon Pool lift activation room, you CAN open the door to the 
    Moon Pool.  Simply put on your X-Ray Scanner and find the console on 
    the other side of the wall.  Activate it and the door will open.  To 
    actually get the "Objective complete", you have go towards the door on 
    the right, the way you normally come in.
    F. Time Trial - Under 7:07 on Special Agent
    With the trick of opening the Moon Pool door from the other side, this 
    Time Trial isn't that hard at all.
    Youíll want to use the Laptop for most of your work here.  Refills are 
    readily available.  Itís fast, accurate, and has a bigger magazine than 
    a CMP.  What more could a girl ask for?
    Be sure to shoot all the guards near the alarms.  Tripping alarms at 
    this point is seriously bad for your health and your time.  Use the 
    N-Bomb in the usual place.  It seriously helps and is less detrimental 
    to your health then just blasting.  Go to the Power Room after your 
    done.  Shoot the upstairs camera and the guard, and go to work, using 
    the Pause Menu to switch on and off the Scanner.  Go out the way you 
    came in, and head for the system of rooms with alarms.  Go 
    counter-clockwise, methodically killing all the guards.  Once youíre 
    done.  Enter the Lift Room and hit the console.  Run back up to the GPS 
    and Autopilot room using the two sets of stairs, deleting the guards in 
    your way.  Get the pilots to do their thing and head back down.
    Take the stairs in the alarm complex down one level, exterminate the 
    two guards, then make your way to Elvis, killing everyone. Once you 
    find him, run back up to the Moon Pool room, put on your X-Ray specs, 
    activate the door from the other side and youíre done!
    G. Cheats and Other Stuff
    Completing the level earns you the classic Enemy Rockets Cheat.  The 
    bad guys will now be heavily armed with Rocket Launchers.  Be sure to 
    duck and cover...
    Completing the Time Trial earns you the classic Unlimited Ammo Cheat.  
    The same one from Goldeneye.  You have unlimited bullets, but you still 
    have to reload.
    The Cheese Wedge is in the third room, the one you start in being the 
    first.  This is the room where there are several guards and you should 
    use an N-Bomb.  Stand in front of the door to the Power Room and look 
    down.  It'll be under the grating.
    Mission 6.2 - Deep Sea - Nullify Threat
    A. Overview
    Youíve found what the Skedar and their puppets, DataDyne have been 
    looking for, a living weapon on the bed of the Pacific Ocean.  This 
    monstrosity is capable of separating the weak nuclear forces of 
    molecules and dissapating them.  DataDyne would be all for having a 
    weapon of such power, except they donít know that, before the Maian 
    home planet is targeted, the device will be tested on Earth...
    Itís up to you and your little buddy, now.  This is big.  Really big.  
    This ship isnít all that confusing, but it is a bit intimidating.  
    There are alien methods of getting around the ship, but don't sweat too 
    hard, itís not all that hard to figure out.  Elvis will do most of the 
    grunt work anyway.  Get Dr. Caroll out too, while youíre at it.
    B. Objectives
    1. A SA PA: Activate the Teleportals
    2. A SA PA: Disable the Cetan Megaweapon
    3.   SA PA: Secure the Control Room
    4.      PA: Restore Dr. Carollís Personality
    5. A SA PA: Escape from Cetan Ship
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 (Scope) - Starting ammo: 50.
    A SA PA: Shotgun - Expect heavy resistance in this area.  A big gun 
    might be just what you need to even the odds.  Starting ammo: 100.
    A SA PA: IR Scanner - Word leaked out that some soldiers are using 
    Cloaking Technology here.  Use this Scanner to spot them easily.
         PA: Backup Disk - You need to actually use the disk to restore Dr. 
    You'll also start with 50 Farsight Orbs.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: CMP150 - One of the guard weapons.
    A SA PA: Proximity Mine - Available for speedy killers.
    A SA PA: Farsight XR-20 - Elvis gives you one of the best gifts 
    imaginable.  What a guy.
    A SA PA: K7 Avenger - Only a couple of these are around.
    D. Opposition
    Pelagic II Guard: DataDyne has the remainder of their troops stationed 
    throughout this ancient ship.  They still have CMPs.
    DataDyne Stealth: Theyíll have purple sniper garb, but that wonít mean 
    much since theyíre carrying Cloaking Devices and either Shotguns or 
    Mr. Blonde: Heís really not fooling anyone anymore, but I guess they 
    decided human form would help with human weapons.  One carries a CMP.  
    Two later carry K7 Avengers.
    Skedar Workers: Your first brush with the real Skedars comes in the 
    form of these little guys.  Theyíre not very resilient, but they are 
    quick and their jump attack hurts.  These are actually what Skedar look 
    like.  Bio-armor and cybernetic enhancements are attached to the 
    Warriors to give them a much more fearsome look.
    Automatic Guns: It may be a million years old, but the automatic guns 
    on this ship are still quite active and can pack a punch.
    E. Walkthrough
    All: You and Elvis will come down here using the deep submersible and 
    will find the place deserted.  Head forward while Elvis tails you, 
    Farsight loaded.  Put on your IR Scanner as you pass through the second 
    door.  Youíll hear the unmistakable sound of cloaking devices being 
    activated.  There are three Stealths with Shotguns in this area, while 
    there are two more further ahead in this large room.  The Scanner 
    should make them easy to spot, but it wonít make their guns hurt any 
    less.  Elvis will provide considerable backup with his gun, but donít 
    be afraid to rush right in and Double Blast the bad guys, either.  This 
    is a place where a lot of health can be lost.
    All: After dealing with the crowd here, continue onto the next green 
    hallway, eliminating two Stealth Shotgunners at the entrance and two 
    more rushing from either side.  Get the left one if you can, because if 
    you shoot him before Elvis does, heíll drop a Prox Mine.  Proceed down 
    the hallway to the right, where youíll encounter three basic guards, 
    finally.  The door ahead of you is locked, so head down the slope to 
    your right.  Keep an eye open for guards crawling all over this compact 
    area.  Let Elvis shoot a few so you can conserve ammo.  The guards 
    usually go for you first anyway.
    SA PA: As you proceed, youíll see darkened lantern like objects.  Shoot 
    them to light them up and to open doors leading ahead.  
    All: When you reach the large room, youíll find a Mr. Blonde and two 
    guards.  Waste them, and let Elvis reactivate the teleportals so you 
    can get around the ship.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    All: Return to the locked door area.  Watch out for two Stealth with 
    CMPs.  They appear as soon as you get the message that Objective 1 is 
    complete.  Proceed through the door.
    A SA: Head left and pick up the Shield at the end.
    All:  Head right and through the door.  Proceed straight and into the 
    teleportal.  Once you reach the other side, Elvis will hand you his 
    Farsight (sweet!) and ask you to keep the Skedar off his back.
    A: Youíre now in the auxiliary control room area.  Proceed through, 
    eliminating the little Skedar along the way, or allowing Elvis to do it 
    with his Phoenix.  The Farsight really wonít help you that much.  Pass 
    the around the circular pit, avoiding Skedar that jump out of holes, 
    and take the right door when you have a choice of two.  Elvis will go 
    up to the controls to sabotage the ship.  Watch the vents on the walls 
    for Skeds, and wait patiently for him to finish.  When he does, proceed 
    outside, take the last door and jump in the teleportal.
    Objective 2 Completed! (A)
    SA PA: Youíre in the engineering section of the ship.  There are three 
    guards in the next room patrolling the S-like catwalks.  Take them out 
    in the normal fashion or with the Farsight and proceed to the next 
    room, eliminating the three guards there as well...
    SA: Elvis has to do the sabotage work, so you probably wonít be able to 
    use the Farsight.  Use his shorter legs to your advantage and run ahead 
    of him, bearing right as you enter the second three-guard room.  Take 
    out the guards as you go down the spiraling ramps and youíll enter the 
    main reactor room.  Elvis will get to work from there.  Watch the vents 
    on the sides of the room for Skedar.  Use the IR Scanner to make them 
    easier to see.  When Elvis finishes, run back up the ramps and exit via 
    the teleportal on the far side of the big room.
    Objective 2 Completed! (SA)
    PA: Turn left after eliminating the second three-guard room.  Run 
    through the teleportal.  Youíre now in the main weapon power chambers.  
    The Farsight really shines here.  Use it immediately to blow the five 
    pods surrounding the very next room.  Thisíll open the door on its far 
    side, relieving you of dealing with the Skeds that will attack once you 
    PA: Enter the hallway and stop once you reach the next door.  Behind it 
    is an automatic gun thatíll really hurt you and Elvis.  Pick it off 
    with the Farsight.  Stop at the next door.  There are Skedar 
    surrounding the power generator in this next room.  Deal with them 
    first, then blow the large generator with the Farsight.  You probably 
    should even take the opportunity to blow the next two generators almost 
    straight ahead but further back.  Deal with any straggling Skeds, then 
    proceed all the way to the third generator room.
    PA: Go to the door and look through it.  Take out the Gun on the 
    ceiling ahead, then pan right and take out the gun at the top of the 
    larger room.  Switch your Farsight to Target Locator and itíll focus on 
    one of two cylinders that are concealed behind walls.  Thisíll destroy 
    the main weapon, but you wonít be finished in this area.
    Objective 2 Completed! (PA)
    PA: Go to the door outside the room with the cylinders you just blew.  
    Itís locked.  Focus your Farsight down the hallway and youíll find the 
    last two power generators.  Blow them from a distance and head for the 
    exit as it opens.  Blowing up the last generator triggers the release 
    of infinite Skeds, and you donít want to be around for that party.  
    Enter the teleportal.
    All: Youíre back on the first part of the ship, on the other side of 
    this door is the primary control room, and beyond that is the hall 
    where you entered the first teleportal, just to get you in a sense of 
    where you are.  
    SA PA: Two Mr. Blondes are guarding Dr. Caroll are in the control 
    room.  Use either the Farsight or more conventional weapons to 
    eliminate them.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    All: Enter the control room and approach Dr. Caroll.
    PA: Pull out the Backup Disk.
    Objective 4 Completed!
    All: After a brief struggle, Dr. Carollís original personality will 
    take over and heíll be back to his normal self.  Heíll explain to you 
    that he canít stop the program that will bring the ship back online.  
    Even with the weapon temporarily disabled, the Skedar know enough of 
    the shipís design now to be able to repair it should they get it off 
    this planet.  Dr. Caroll canít allow this, so heís decided to destroy 
    the ship, along with himself.  Jo doesnít want to allow this, but with 
    the Dr.ís words and Elvis pulling her along, she realizes she has no 
    All:  You have only a minute to get out of here.  Turn right and run 
    back along the hallway.  Open the door that will be on your left.  
    Behind it will be three suicidal guards.  Give them their trip to the 
    Great Beyond sooner than they expected and run like a demon to the 
    entrance.  You only need to make it as far as the first room with the 
    Stealth Shotgunners and thatíll be far enough to avoid the blast of the 
    All Objectives Completed!
    Whatís this?  Another cut scene without a mission briefing in between?  
    Well, you did end the threat to earth by destroying the Cetan ship, and 
    it looks like youíll finally make formal contact with the Maian 
    delegation at the White House with the President.  Everythingís happy 
    now... ^_^
    OR IS IT???
    With a crash and a boom, Jo will realize that the CI is under attack.  
    Despite the possible harm thatíll come to that fetching dragon-print 
    dress, sheíll have to defend the Institute from attack.  She grabs one 
    of the guardís guns, runs upstairs and witnesses a Skedar Warrior 
    bursting through the main entrance to the CI.  Youíll immediately jump 
    into the next mission at this point.
    F. Time Trial - Under 7:27 on Perfect Agent
    Speed isn't that much of a factor in this Time Trial.  You do have to 
    be a fast mover, of course, but you won't often be called to rush 
    through battles to get this Time Trial complete, which is a big help.
    Immediately pull out the Shotgun, set in on Double Blast, turn on the 
    IR Scanner, and run into the first battle room.  Take out the three 
    guards by making sure your sights are on them before you blast.  Take 
    out the two on the far end in the same way.  Proceed through the doors, 
    catch the two guards on the other side with a double blast, and dispose 
    of the other two.  This first part is probably where you'll lose a good 
    portion of your health, so don't be too frightened if you lose more 
    than half your life.  The rest of the level is easier on your health.  
    You should have about 1:00 on the clock.
    Head down the ramp and take out the three guards wandering around with 
    Falcon shots.  Make sure Elvis is following you, and proceed to the 
    corridors, blasting guards and lanterns with the Shotgun.  Don't be too 
    reckless.  Just be methodical and be sure to drop them all.  In the 
    teleportal control room, run around inside to spoil the guards' aim and 
    shotgun them to kingdom come.  As soon as Elvis mentions the 
    teleportals, run like the dickens to the first one.  You should have 
    between 2:30 and 3:00 on the clock.
    Elvis will already be on the other side and will give you the 
    FarSight.  Keep the Shotgun for now and double blast the three guards 
    in the next room as you get near to them.  Run into the next teleportal 
    room, blasting guards on the fly.  It's not necessary to kill the 
    guards in this room.  Just reach the teleportal and you won't have to 
    deal with them.
    Switch to the Farsight.  From this side, blast the five pods in the 
    next room.  Once that's done, run to each of the next three generator 
    rooms, blowing them by looking through the door first and shooting.  
    Don't worry about the Skedar Workers running around yet, although you 
    might want to take a passing shot at the solitary ones in the 
    hallways.  Once you reach the next gun room, blow it from the other 
    side with the Farsight, then take a defensive position in this corridor 
    to receive oncoming Worker attacks.  Wait until Elvis arrives, then 
    blow all the rest of the stuff from here (the last gun, the two pods to 
    blow the weapon, and the last two power generators), and take off for 
    the last teleportal.
    Use the Farsight to kill one of the Mr. Blondes guarding Dr. Caroll 
    through the door, then wait for the door to open and hit the other as 
    it walks through without aiming.  Immediately switch to the Backup 
    Disk, and use it.  Stop the cutscene.  Switch back to the Farsight and 
    put on the IR goggles.  This way, you'll be able to see the two cloaked 
    enemies that will be waiting for you on the other side of the last 
    door.  Shoot them through the door, then open and the close the door to 
    "spawn" the last three guards.  Shoot them with the Farsight if you 
    can.  If not, you can just run past them and to the exit.  Either way, 
    run like mad to the exit before the timer goes down.
    G. Cheats
    Completing this level earns you the Jo Shield Cheat.  Whatís to say?  
    You start with a normal shield at the outset of the level.
    Completing the Time Trial earns you the Farsight Cheat.  Amaze your 
    friends!  Fool your enemies!  Enjoy being able to blast the entire 
    level up without having to move your feet one bit!
    The Cheese Wedge is almost right at the beginning.  You'll probably 
    need to activate the Sniper Rifle Cheat for this.  On your left and 
    right of the tube you start in, you'll see water through the glass.  
    Focus on the left side and look at the far wall near the corner.  The 
    Cheese will be half-buried in the ocean floor.
    Mission 7 - Carrington Institute - Defense
    A. Overview
    Aw, great...  Just when you thought things would quiet down for a bit.  
    It looks like the Skedar and DataDyne are a little sore about your 
    success in thwarting them.  Youíll need to get everyone out and help 
    out in whatever way Dan needs you to during the course of this 
    It would be very helpful for you to memorize the CI in the training 
    manner.  Particularly, get a feel for the lower basements, the position 
    of auto guns and their terminals, the location of people in the 
    building and generally how to get around.
    Also of note is that there are several fully armed CI agents dotting 
    the area.  Donít kill them, please.  It may be tough as both CI and DD 
    wear blue.  CI agents wear blue and gray, while DD Infantry wear blue 
    and black.
    B. Objectives
    1.   SA PA: Reactivate the Automatic Defenses
    2. A SA PA: Release the Hostages
    3. A SA PA: Retrieve the Experimental Weapon
    4.      PA: Destroy the Sensitive Information
    5. A SA PA: Deactivate the Bomb
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: AR34 - This CI rifle you grabbed from a guard will be your 
    major weapon as you run through the Institute.  Starting ammo: 200
    A SA PA: Laser - Never let it be said that Jo goes places without a 
    weapon.  This can also be used as a cutting tool.
    A SA PA: Combat Boost - She must have been expecting trouble.  Jo 
    carries a couple of boosts to help her as she moves through this tense 
    A SA PA: Data Uplink - She thinks of everything, doesnít she?  The 
    virus on this little friend may come in handy.
    You'll also start with 300 pistol rounds and 400 9mm rounds.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: K7 Avenger - The DD Assault Rifle will put some serious holes 
    in you if youíre not careful.
    A SA PA: Devastator - Be thorough about your hostage saving, and you 
    might just get a little gift.
    A SA PA: RC-P120 - Youíll mostly be using this beauty for its cloaking 
    abilities.  Better to avoid fights than take it on the chin all the 
    A SA PA: Mauler - The Skedar pistol is present in all its charge-up 
    glory here.
    D. Opposition
    DD Infantry: Now your basic DD grunt is wearing shiny new armor.  Be 
    honest.  You missed these guys.  Youíll miss Ďem a lot less after 
    youíre through with the mission.  In addition to carrying painful K7 
    Avengers, most of them will be sporting shields, too...
    Mr. Blonde: Again, I donít know why they bother staying in disguise, 
    but itís none of my concern.  There are only a few that come out at a 
    certain time in this mission, and they carry Maulers.
    Skedar Warrior: Whoa.  Creepy-looking, isnít he?  Thereís only one 
    undisguised Skedar in this mission, and youíll be taking him out in 
    short order.
    E. Walkthrough
    Note on PA: Hope your adrenaline is well stocked, because from here on 
    in, the missions get VERY HARD!  Even if you can drop a guard, usually 
    theyíll get off a shot to wound you.  Two guards or more?  Forget it.  
    Run or youíre dead.
    All: Slide yourself around the wall as your AR34 comes up and open fire 
    on the Skedar Warrior.  Watch the alien scum fall and gurgle his last.
    SA PA: What?  Get the guns online?  You coulda told me that on my way 
    up!  Head back down the ramp and make a dash for the doorway as you 
    reach the hangar area.  Take the right doorway, then the right doorway 
    in the next area.  A gun should be directly to your right.  The 
    terminal to activate is right around the corner off to your left.  
    Activate it, step back into the gunís hallway and enter the door at the 
    far end.  Odds are that guards will show up in this room.  Never mind 
    them.  Just run to the left and into the door at the end.  Bear left 
    once more and turn right as you round the corner to find the second 
    terminal for the second gun.  Activate it, then head back the other way 
    for the door at the right end of this hallway.  Maneuver around the 
    ledge area, eliminating the guard that will probably be here, or at 
    least wounding him, and run through the door at the end.  Immediately 
    turn left to activate the final terminal.  Run up the short flight of 
    steps, through the door and youíll be in the evac area.  Run around 
    this upstairs area and go to the far end, opening the door near the 
    ramp.  This will put you outside the big ramp, where you can head back 
    up to the main floor.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    From here to Objective 5, there is a special way to do this on PA.  
    Iíll explain it as normal until that point, where Iíll supply an 
    alternate method of completion.
    All: Time to rescue some hostages.  Take one of the elevators 
    upstairs.  Head for the Device Lab (furthest door on the right).  Pop 
    in a Combat Boost, bring up your gun and open the door.  Each of the 
    two CI scientists here has a guard on him, and each guard will fall 
    with one hit.  Take out the two guards, being a bit careful not to hit 
    your buds, then leave the area and go around the corner to the Info 
    Room (where Grimshaw hangs out).  Take out the two guards here the same 
    way.  If you save both of the Info Room inhabitants, one will drop a 
    Devastator.  Itís the first one to say "Thanks" after you clear the 
    All:  Head for an elevator to go downstairs.  Enter the Holo Training 
    Room (rightmost door with the black grid inside).  Slide around the 
    wall to see three guards staring down the Holo Room Tech.  Sheíll try 
    to confuse them by projecting two other "hers".  Donít give them a 
    chance to sort it out.  Line them up, aim at the heads, and empty your 
    magazine into the shielded guards.  Once they all fall, leave and head 
    for the firing range.
    All: There are two guards trying to take out the two techs here, but 
    these guys will fight back at the DD scum.  Usually by the time you 
    arrive, theyíre softened up so that their shields are gone.  Take out 
    the two guards.
    All: If you save four out of these seven hostages...
    Objective 2 Completed!
    All: <listens> A new weapon, eh?  That wouldnít be the only one left in 
    the glass cases would it?  Activate the computer to break the glass and 
    grab the RC-P120.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    PA: <listens> Oh, NOW you remember about the files in your office, 
    Dan...  Head back into the nearest elevator and ride on up to the 
    office level.  Head for Danís office (furthest door on the left).  
    Special Note: If you took the Jetbike way out in Area 51 - Escape, your 
    buddy Jonathan will be here with his Magnum fully loaded ready to cover 
    PA: Run inside the office and either fire up the Laserís Short Stream, 
    or toss a Devastator grenade at the safe.  You should destroy both the 
    door to the safe and the odd little device that seems to store the 
    files inside.  Leave and head back downstairs.
    Objective 4 Completed!
    All: Activate the Cloaking Device on the RC-P120.  Dan will mention a 
    bomb that the Skedar have planted.  Run down the ramp to the basement 
    hangars.  The Skedar ship will be sitting here as the clock ticks down 
    from 2 minutes.  If you have the cloaking device active, then the 
    Skedar running up the ramp shouldnít spot you.  Stand on the far side 
    of the ship, face the door, point the Data Uplink at it, and fire it 
    up.  In a few seconds, the bomb will be deactivated.  Head for the 
    doorway behind you, then take the leftmost doorway, then the other 
    leftmost doorway.  Turn left and run through the doors.  Keep bearing 
    left, running through doors and avoiding guards until you hit the 
    The cut scene will start with Jo getting pinned down by a Skedar 
    warrior shooting at her.  She tells the last jumpship to take off while 
    she holds them off.  As she fires away, a Warrior jumps onto the boxes 
    and knocks a few down onto Jo, rendering her unconscious.
    All Objectives Completed!
    Alternate PA method: 
    Thanks to my bud, ArmorKing for this help.
    Starting from your getting up the ramp to rescue the hostages, head for 
    the Holo Training Room and save the tech, or let her get killed.  It 
    doesnít matter as the four youíll save for your requirement are the 
    upstairs folks.  You should kill all the guards, though.  It saves on 
    them following you later.
    Head up an elevator and take care of the offices, using the Combat 
    Boost and getting the Devastator.  Immediately head for Danís office, 
    and launch a grenade from the Devastator to destroy the files.  Head 
    down the elevator and make a break for the Firing Range.  Eliminate the 
    two guards there, then slam your hand on the comp and get your hands 
    around the RC-P.  Activate Cloaking as you leave the room and book it 
    downstairs.  Deactivate the bomb, head for the hangar, and you're 
    F. Time Trial - Under 1:45 on Agent
    Waste the Sked, then immediately head for the furthest elevator, thatís 
    the FURTHEST.  Ride it up once it comes down and take care of the 
    offices, using Combat Boosts and forgetting about the Devastator or any 
    other dropped guns, just kill and go.  Head to the near elevator, which 
    SHOULD be up, and ride it down.  Clean out the Holo Training Room and 
    then the Firing Range.  Grab the RCP and sprint downstairs, activating 
    Cloaking on the way.  Use the Uplink on the ship, and race for the 
    hangar to end the mission.
    G. Cheats
    Completing the level earns you the Enemy Shields Cheat.  This is really 
    more of a handicap than anything, but itís fun to see how far you can 
    Completing the Time Trial earns you the Super Shield Cheat.  
    Gentlemen!  We can make her stronger!  GREENER!  Youíll take a lot more 
    hits from this Shield.
    The Cheese Wedge is in one of the rooms off the hangar area, where the 
    Skedar spawn from.  Specifically, the one on the right next to the 
    elevators.  It's hidden on the right side of the contraption in the 
    middle of the room.
    Mission 8 - Skedar Attack Ship - Covert Assault
    A. Overview
    Well, this is lovely.  You have all your weapons taken from you.  
    Youíre lying face down on a cold metal floor.  The Skedar are coming 
    soon to do unspeakable things to you.  Your cellmate is the recently 
    captured Cassandra de Vries.  And, to top it all off, your dress is 
    ripped.  What a lousy day.  Perhaps you can turn this situation to your 
    advantage, though.  Cass is willing to sacrifice herself to beat the 
    Skedar, as she knows you have the best chance of getting out of here 
    B. Objectives
    1. A SA PA: Disable the Shield System
    2.      PA: Open the Hangar Doors
    3. A SA PA: Access the Navigational Systems
    4.   SA PA: Sabotage the Engine Systems
    5. A SA PA: Gain Control of the Bridge
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Combat Knife - All you have to put between yourself and the 
    hordes of Skedar is one wimpy little knife.  Good luck.  Youíll 
    probably be able to find something better later, of course.
    You'll also start with 400 rifle bullets, 10 pistol bullets and three 
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: Mauler - Skedar Standard Issue.  Make good use of its 
    charge-up against the resilient aliens.  One full Charge-Up can take 
    them down.
    A SA PA: AR34 - Youíll get this once the cavalry arrives.
    A SA PA: Slayer - Itís a big hassle, but you can get one of these nice 
    Skedar rocket launchers for your collection here.  Itís usually more 
    trouble than itís worth, though.
    D. Opposition
    Skedar Warrior: Nothing but these guys on the Attack Ship.  They carry 
    Maulers and are also vicious close-combatants.
    E. Walkthrough
    Note for PA: Like the CI, this one is INCREDIBLY hard!  You donít wanna 
    take more than one or two hits before Elvis shows up or you might as 
    well start over.
    All: Exit your cell.  Strafe-run around the outside and slash the 
    Skedar looking away in the back.  If you donít kill him in one, you can 
    keep circling him and slashing, but itís dangerous.  Take the Skedarís 
    Mauler, switch to Charge-Up and pump the other Sked full of energy.  
    Switch back to Single Shot and shoot the three "terminals" in the 
    sunken area.  You only have three guns worth of ammo.  (You start with 
    one gun worth.)  Make every shot count.  Four shots will put paid to 
    each terminal.  Once those three are down, switch back to Charge-Up and 
    head for the elevator and down.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    PA: You still need to open the hangar bay doors.  Hope you have enough 
    shots left for one more Sked.  As you exit the lift, turn left and go 
    straight across to the ramp on the other side, dodging Mauler fire.  If 
    you took too long upstairs, there will be two Skedar right next to as 
    you go up the ramp.  If they donít kill you, theyíll at least wound 
    you.  Consider resetting.
    PA:  Ride up the elevator.  Round the back of it to the right.  Youíll 
    notice a Skedar on the far right side of the hangar control room.  Belt 
    him.  Grab his Mauler, hop down to the sunken floor, and activate the 
    terminal on the left to open the doors.  Ride back down the elevator, 
    and watch for the two Skedar that noticed you before.  Shoot them if 
    you have any ammo left.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    All: As you get off the elevator, youíll see Elvis and heíll run up to 
    you.  For this mission, heís armed with two Phoenixes.  Heíll hand you 
    an AR34 (and 400 rifle bullets) and take off for the hangar area, where 
    he and two of his friends (both armed with Callisto NTGs) will open 
    fire on the Skeds that approach from each of the four doors in the 
    area.  Help them out using your AR34 and grab as many Maulers as you 
    can.  When Elvis tells you itís time to head up, go to the back wall of 
    the hangar and enter the open lift.  Ride up.
    PA: For the rest of the mission, youíll have to be really quick on the 
    draw.  The Skedar will shoot at you on sight and WONíT miss on the 
    first shot.  Use your Mauler well...
    All: Use the Mauler for the rest of this.  Open the first door and 
    eliminate the Skedar on the left.  Then swivel around the side and take 
    out the one on the right.  There are three ways to go from here:
    Center way: This is optional.  The first real room will have four green 
    stasis containers on the walls.  Pass through this room and onto the 
    next, where youíll find a bunch of roaming Skedar.  Go around the back 
    of the room to get the Slayer.  Watch out, though, as the stasis 
    containers are now open and the four Skeds in there are after you and 
    Elvis.  Good luck.  See how I said this would be more trouble than it 
    was worth?
    Left way: My preferred way.  The first room is empty, the next has one 
    Sked at the far end, and the hallway beyond is empty.  Turn right at 
    the hallway.
    Right way: The first room has a Skedar.  The second has one at the far 
    end.  The hallway beyond is empty.  Turn left.
    A SA: Thereís also a Shield on the table in the first room.  Itís a 
    good idea to grab this even if you plan on going the other way.
    All: Youíre now in the Astro-Navigation room.  Youíll want to be here 
    because Elvis wants to know where youíre going.  Snipe at the first 
    Sked you see from the doorway, then go around the corner and pop the 
    second one.  Let Elvis work on the star maps.  It wonít take too long.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    All:  Leave the Astro-Navigation room and take the other door.  Either 
    way you go, youíll face one Skedar as you open the door, another as 
    turn towards the ramp, and a third after you get to the top of the 
    ramp.  Youíll pass a ramp going further upstairs and youíll see a door 
    where the two paths converge.
    SA PA: Go through the door, and be ready to Maul the Skedar behind it.  
    Shoot another one off to your left, and pass through the door, shooting 
    Skeds as you see them.  Once you enter the Engine Room, shoot all the 
    Skedar in the area, and then shoot the two brown clamps holding the 
    core in place.  The core will drop and will explode in about ten 
    seconds, so run like mad to the first room in this area, where youíll 
    be out of range.  Exit.
    Objective 4 Completed!
    All: Head up the next set of ramps.  Kill the Sked at the top and open 
    the door, and then the one behind it.  You'll be in an area with two 
    ramps going up along the walls on either side, and two Skedar will be 
    running down those ramps to give you a big hug, or a Mauler to the 
    face.  Eliminate them.  Head up the ramps and to the elevator.  Elvis 
    will separate from you at this point, saying heíll secure the 
    perimeter.  Once you reach the top of the first one, thereíll be 
    another one ahead that will lead up to the bridge.  Enter it.
    All: The bridge has three Skedar on it.  The Commanderís the one in the 
    middle and heíll be armed with two Maulers.  Derail him first, the take 
    care of the two off to the sides.  Grab all the Maulers lying around, 
    especially the doubles, and take a position on the platform.  Elvis 
    will run in saying weíve made them mad.  Whatís this "we" stuff?  Four 
    Skedar will be tailing him, coming in two at a time.  Maul them all and 
    youíll enter the cut scene, where Jo will remark on seeing another 
    planet for the first time, and Elvis will notice something that he just 
    doesnít believe.  He heads to the Skedar shuttle parked in the hangar 
    and tells you to follow him.
    All Objectives Completed!
    F. Time Trial - Under 5:17 on Special Agent
    There really are very few tricks to this level.  Just move fast and 
    shoot straight with the Mauler.  Only use the AR34 on the Skedar in the 
    hangar bay.  Stay next to Elvis during that firefight, as heíll need to 
    be close to you to tell you to leave the area.  Upstairs, ignore the 
    Shield and go left, making sure all the Skedar are dead as you pass 
    them.  As Elvis approaches the star maps, leave and head upstairs.  
    Once in the Engine area, kill all Skedar leading up to the core, then 
    forget about the ones inside as you destroy the clamps.  Make a beeline 
    for the bridge, still killing all Skedar.  Once you clean the place up, 
    youíll have a chance to relax while you merrily blow away the Skedar 
    that rush in.  Thatís about it.  If you follow normal Time Trial speed 
    procedures, you shouldn't have much of a problem.
    G. Cheats and Other Stuff
    Completing the level earns you the Phoenix Cheat.  This fine Maian 
    sidearm will be yours for the asking.
    Completing the Time Trial will earn you the Alien Cheat.  Another 
    Perfect Buddy on Co-Op, this Maian Soldier is small and armed with an 
    RC-P120 for some reason.  Heís a bit slower than a normal human, but 
    heís good in a firefight.
    The Cheese is found in the hangar area.  There are four doors in the 
    hangar that dump Skedar on you.  Go in the door that's to the right of 
    the two elevators.  On the ground, you'll see a weird looking puddle 
    that show you a part with lights...  Look around under there and the 
    cheese will be down there.
    Mission 9 - Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine
    This level can only be accessed by beating all other missions on the 
    same difficulty level.
    A. Overview
    This is it.  You and Elvis are taking the Skedar shuttle down to the 
    surface of the Battle Shrine.  Apparently, the Skedar revere this place 
    as their Holy of Holies.  They view war and battle as a sacred 
    tradition.  Their high priest and leader resides at the center of the 
    ruined temple.  Although Joanna can go through and mark targets for 
    Elvis to eliminate the shield surrounding the shrine from the Skedar 
    shuttle, a direct assault on the shrine from the ship will not be 
    possible in such a light craft.  Also, thereís no time to alert the 
    Maian fleet before the Skedar realize something is wrong and abandon 
    the planet, or launch a counterattack.
    Itís up to Jo, of course, to enter the shrine alone and eliminate the 
    Skedar High Priest.  A decisive strike here will demoralize and confuse 
    the entire Skedar race, and the Maians can quickly launch an attack 
    that will end the threat to the universe forever and end the centuries 
    of war.
    Fortunately, Elvis brought Joís CI uniform with him, as well as some 
    heavy weaponry.  Sheíll be armed to the gills when facing these bad 
    B. Objectives
    1. A SA PA: Identify the Temple Targets
    2. A SA PA: Activate the Bridge
    3.   SA PA: Gain Access to the Inner Sanctum
    4.      PA: Destroy the Secret Skedar Army
    5. A SA PA: Assassinate the Skedar Leader
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 (Scope) - Youíll probably want to lay off using this 
    as much as possible.  It takes several bullets to drop a Skedar, and 
    youíll want to save them for another weapon.  Starting ammo: 200.
    A SA PA: Callisto NTG - This should be your primary weapon for stalking 
    the Shrine.  Use its High-Impact Shells on the Skedar uglies to down 
    them in short order.  Startingammo: 300.
    A SA PA: Devastator - You will need to do some explosive work here, so 
    avoid wasting grenades in this gun.  Starting ammo: 5.
    A SA PA: IR Scanner - Youíll need to breach the wall to the Shrine 
    proper.  There is a weak wall somewhere that is highlighted under IR 
    A SA PA: R-Tracker - This will show you which targets you need to mark 
    so Elvis can bring them down.
    A SA PA: Target Amplifier - These mark said targets.  Donít waste them, 
    or mark the wrong target, or itís all over.
    In Mission: 
    A SA PA: Reaper - Oh yeah.  This Skedar Machine Oí Death is ready to 
    fill you with a bazillion bullets.  Fortunately for you, the Skeds 
    donít use this to its full fire-rate.  Unfortunately for you, the gun 
    wonít be very useful as the Skedar are usually too fast for you to get 
    this up to speed in time.
    A SA PA: Phoenix - This is the gun you should save Pistol Bullets for.  
    Once you find it, the Skedar will go down like wheat before the 
    A SA PA: Slayer - Some Skeds have these powerful weapons.  Using 
    Fly-By-Wire in this level is not a good idea, as the Skeds will be on 
    you too fast.
    A SA PA: Mauler - Kinda outshined by the other guns, particularly the 
    Phoenix, this Skedar pistol is available only if you bother trying to 
    take out the secret army.
    D. Opposition
    Note: All big Skedar look the same.  Itís just the weapons that set 
    them apart.
    Skedar Worker: The bugs are back.  They inhabit the inner shrine and 
    can make life irritable with their tiny jumping abilities.
    Skedar Berserker: These guys begin cloaked, then rush you with 
    lightning speed as you enter a certain area.  They are unarmed, but 
    that doesnít seem to bother them.
    Skedar Guard: Stationed at certain spots throughout the ruins, these 
    guys carry Reapers.
    Skedar Shrine Guard: Armed with a Slayer.  Stay sharp when these guys 
    are around.
    Skedar Warrior: A member of the Secret Army.  They carry Maulers.
    Skedar High Priest/Leader: All will be explained...  Letís just start 
    by saying that heís bigger than the average Skedar...
    E. Walkthrough
    All:  Can you hear the Skedar roaring?  Good.  Scared?  Good.  Pull out 
    the Callisto and set it to High-Impact Shells.  Head into the next room 
    and immediately back out once you hear the decloaking sound.  Your 
    first Berserker will be off to one side of you, and itís random which 
    one.  Back up and peg him.  Proceed into the next open room.  Thereíll 
    be another Berserker that will decloak and a Guard at the far end 
    itching to Reap you.  Shoot the Guard from afar, and enter the room to 
    deal with the Berserker.  On your right is one of the special pillars.  
    Activate your R-Tracker to see if itís one of the ones you should 
    mark.  If it is, toss a marker on it.
    All: Continue and youíll reach a semi-circular path.  About a third of 
    the way around the semi-circle, a Berserker will decloak behind you.  
    About two-thrids of the way around, another will pop up in front of 
    you.  Deal with them separately.  At the end thereíll be a passage off 
    to your right.  As soon as you get in line with the passage, another 
    Berserker will decloak.  It could be either behind you or in front of 
    you, so stay awake.  Continue on to the end of the passage and 
    immediately back up, as two Berserkers will show up on either side of 
    All:  Once those two are finished, you can go right.  Around the wall 
    will be another pillar.  Mark it if itís a blip.  If you step into the 
    general area with the pillar, a Berserker will decloak.  If you stay 
    back and toss, he wonít show up.  Head back the way you came and go 
    take the left path this time.  There is a passage leading right that 
    you should take, as opposed to going straight towards the canyon.  At 
    the far end will be a Skedar Guard.  Show him whoís boss.  At the very 
    end will be another special pillar.
    All:  There are two openings that will lead to the next room on the 
    right, where two Guards are firing at you from behind a fallen pillar.  
    The problem, for them, is that theyíre based so low that if you take 
    the near entrance then theyíre shots will splatter harmlessly on the 
    pillar theyíre behind.  Reward them for their stupidity and continue.
    All: In the next area, a large target pillar will be off to your 
    right.  Itís one of the special targets.  Go around to the left side.
    A: Thereíll be a Shield on the ground.
    All: In the last area here is the final pillar.  Two Berserkers will 
    decloak as you get close.  Once all three pillars are marked, Elvis 
    will blow them up from high atmosphere.  Go all the way back to the 
    canyon area.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    REALLY Special Note: Now that you've marked three pillars out of the 
    five previously mentioned special pillars, you'll have two left over.  
    Use your Devastator to blow up the remaining two pillars.  If you have 
    to blow the big one it's kinda tricky.  You need to stick a grenade 
    high up on it for it to blow up.  Once you do that, Elvis will drop his 
    guns for you at the beginning of the canyon.  Those Double Phoenixes 
    will be a HUGE help in this place.  Immediately set them to Explosive 
    Shells and leave them there.  Switch to them after you runout of 
    bullets for your Callisto.  This walkthrough assumes that you will get 
    the Phoenixes.
    All:  In the canyon, there will be a Guard below and to the right of 
    you, and another far to the left.  Kill them both.
    SA PA: Thereís a large rock blocking your access to the other side off 
    to your left.  Either toss a grenade (if you have more than one) or use 
    a Phoenix shell to remove it.
    All: Be very careful as you move along the canyon.  Drop carefully onto 
    lower ledges.  Thereís a spot where the gap is small enough for you to 
    run across.  Climb up the other side and into the next area.
    All: This is the spot where the wall you need to blow is.  As you enter 
    the area, a Berserker will decloak off to your right.  Nail him.  
    A SA: Around the right side, youíll find two Guards, one right in front 
    of you, and another on a lower ledge further off, slamming his Reaper 
    bullets into the ledge blocking him (^_^).  Kill them both and grab the 
    Shield on the lower ledge.  Head back.
    All: Activate the IR Scanner.  The wall you are to blow is in the back 
    left corner.  Itíll be highlighted.  Blow it with the Devastator and 
    enter.  If youíre out of grenades, use the Phoenix shells.  Inside, 
    youíll find quite a few Workers running around.  Use the IR Scanner to 
    make it easier to see them, and blow them away.  Activate the door that 
    youíll see on your right after a while.  Eliminate the Worker here.  
    This is the room that will activate the bridge to allow you inside.  
    Push the piece of pillar on the ground onto the recessed button behind 
    the small pillar.  The bridge will extend.  Go back out and cross it.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    All: There will be more Workers in this area.  Keep your IR Scanner 
    on.  Once you clear the whole hallway out, deactivate IR and take the 
    door that will be on your left in a corner.  Round the corner to the 
    right, but be careful.  Thereís a Shrine Guard at the end ready to fill 
    with a Slayer rocket.  Kill him and the other Shrine Guard around the 
    corner to the right.  Grab their Slayers.
    SA PA: Note the spinning pillar.  Behind it is a small shrine 
    emblazoned with the Skedar insignia.  It kinda looks like a Fleur de 
    Lis.  Youíll get a message telling you to make a sacrifice to the God 
    of War.  What itís asking you is to put your weapon in hand onto the 
    altar.  Any of your starting weapons will work.  I suggest using the 
    Devastator, as youíre probably out of grenades right now.  The message 
    never said that sacrifice had to be loaded! ^_^ Use the B button to 
    drop the weapon.
    Objective 3 Completed!
    All: Go back through the door you just came from and head up the ramp 
    ahead of you to the top door.  Cross the bridge and enter the door to 
    breach the inner sanctum.  Proceed to the next room.
    All: Whatís this?  Stasis tubes lining the walls?  Ack!  Itís the 
    secret Skedar army!
    A SA: Quick!  Run through the room and open the door on the far side 
    before they can catch you.
    PA: Try to crash your party, will they?  Youíll show Ďem.  Fortunately, 
    they only come out one at a time, so you can kill them one by one.  The 
    seven Skedar (Wow, big army) come out in this order: Third from the 
    front on the right side, second on the left side, first on the right 
    side, last on the right side, third on the right side, last on the left 
    side, and first on the left side.  You can hit them with Phoenix 
    shells, Mauler shots, or even use Devastator grenades or Slayer rockets 
    if you have any and blow them before they come out.  Once theyíre all 
    squashed, go through the door on the far end.
    Objective 4 Completed!
    All: Gather your courage, and your Double Phoenixes set to Explosive 
    Shells, and open the final door.
    All: Right.  There he is.  Heís not that much bigger than the average 
    Sked.  About twice the size.  Hereís the lowdown.  He has two direct 
    attacks.  Heíll fire Slayer rockets at you, or heíll teleport near you 
    and slash you with his glowing spear.  Keep moving to avoid both.  Heís 
    also able to summon Skedar Workers and Berserkers to make your life 
    miserable.  Again, keep moving.  He has a Shield on him, which starts 
    at red, and goes down to green when you hit him enough times.  Once it 
    turns green, heíll run for the altar behind him and pray before the 
    large Skedar insignia above him.  This will recharge his shield to 
    Helpful note: If you hit him with secondary Phoenix blasts as he 
    launches a rocket, it'llblow up in his face, knocking him down to green 
    status posthaste.
    So, how do you beat him?  Simple.  Once he starts praying, note that 
    the insignia kinda lights up.  You need to destroy that insignia.  It 
    needs to be destroyed in pieces.  There are five pieces and only one 
    can be destroyed per recharge of the High Priestís shield.  You can 
    destroy the bottom four (left base, right base, left spike, right 
    spike) in any order.  The middle spike is the last one to hit.  Knock 
    it asunder and enjoy the final cutscene!
    All Objectives Completed!
    F. Time Trial - Under 5:31 on Perfect Agent
    This cheat is deceptively easy to get.  If you know how to get the 
    Phoenixes, it's fairly easy.  The only thing you have to do is be quick 
    on your feet, and accurate with your shots.  There are few special 
    tricks, and no place where you're in serious danger.
    Make your way through the ruins quickly, shooting all Skedar with your 
    High-Impact Shells.  Pause to switch to your Target Amplifiers and 
    Devastator to save time.  Once you mark and blow up all the targets, 
    shoot a Devastator grenade onto the rock and pick up your Phoenixes.  
    Run straight across the canyon and up the ladder, not shooting the two 
    on the canyon.  Use the Explosive Shells on the Phoenixes the rest of 
    the way, blowing up Skedar and wall alike.  Drop the Devastator on the 
    altar once you get there and run to the secret army room.  Blow up the 
    Skeds as they come out and head for the High Priest's Room.
    Depending on how much time is left, you may have to be a bit lucky on 
    the High Priest.  Shooting Slayer rockets as they come out drop his 
    shield in a second, leaving you free to nail the Skedar insignia.  
    Shoot it all up and you'll be done!
    G. Cheats and Other Stuff
    Completing the level will earn you the R-Tracker/Weapons Cache 
    Locations Cheat.  Using this, youíll be given and R-Tracker and be able 
    to see on the Radar the locations of secret weapons.  Theyíll appear as 
    blue dots on the Radar.
    Completing the level will also earn you a new title screen.  Youíll get 
    a Perfect Dark logo scrolling across a funky background, instead of the 
    intro to Mission 1.1.
    Completing the Time Trial will earn you the coveted All Guns in Solo 
    Cheat.  Congratulations, Joanna.  You've proven your skills and are now 
    permitted to carry EVERY gun in the Solo Missions.  You have access to 
    all normal guns, all CLASSIC guns, and even the Psychosis Gun.  
    Unfortunately, you are given no AMMO for any of these guns.  This is 
    where Unlimited Ammo comes in. ^_^ Again, the Psychosis Gun cannot have 
    unlimited ammo...
    Also, beating the final level will open up one of the Special 
    Assignments.  Which one is opened depends on which level you beat the 
    mission at.
    The Cheese Wedge is found near the second shield, out in the weak wall 
    area.  In the second shield area, you should see a crack on the back 
    wall.  Position yourself a little to the right of that crack and look 
    on the floor on the opposite side.  There's your cheese.
    Lastly, beating Battle Shrine on Perfect Agent opens up the Perfect 
    Dark mode.  This is very similar to Goldeneye's 007 mode.  There will 
    be three sliders that you can use to adjust enemy health, damage, and 
    accuracy.  Default is 100%.  You can adjust each of these between 10% 
    and 1000%, and you'll play the mission just like a normal Perfect Agent 
    Agent Level Special Assignment - Mr. Blondeís Revenge
    This level will open after you beat Battle Shrine on Agent level.
    A. Overview
    Cassandra de Vries has been judged a failure and an obsolete device by 
    the Command for allowing the Cetan ship to be destroyed.  She is to be 
    captured at Lucerne Tower and taken to the Skedar shuttle on the roof, 
    for later transport to the Attack Ship.  There she will meet her 
    punishment for failure.
    Yes, you are a Skedar disguised as Mr. Blonde for this mission.  Youíre 
    to be sent into DataDyne solo and will be responsible with Cassandraís 
    capture and the buildingís destruction.  Donít think that just because 
    youíre an alien that youíll have an easier time than any CI agent 
    B. Objectives
    1.   SA PA: Plant the Explosive Device in the Lab Lift
    2.      PA: Eliminate the DataDyne Captain
    3. A SA PA: Locate and Escort Cassandra to the Helipad
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Mauler - Your Skedar Standard Issue will be the only gun 
    youíll possess for the beginning.  Starting ammo: 100.
    A SA PA: BombSpy - Just in case you need to derail some of your 
    adversaries in a bunch, use this guy for help.
    A SA PA: Cloaking Device - This will help you through the lower levels 
    of the building without being spotted.
    A SA PA: Skedar Bomb - This directional bomb, when placed in the 
    elevator will send a fusion blast into the lab area below.  The 
    resulting shock wave will destroy the labs and cause the building to 
    collapse in on itself.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: CMP150 - There are a couple of these secreted behind the main 
    A SA PA: Shotgun - The staple of Cassí bodyguards...
    A SA PA: DY357 Magnum - Also a weapon possessed by guards.
    A SA PA: N-Bomb - You may, unfortunately, have the opportunity of being 
    at the wrong end of one of these.
    D. Opposition
    Bodyguards: Cass isnít taking any chances.  Her entire contingency of 
    bodyguards is stationed around the building.  Theyíre Shotguns are 
    built to hurt.  The ones on the ground floor carry CMPs...
    DD Shock Troops: There are a few of these guys in the area.  They carry 
    Magnums and N-Bombs.  Kill them first if you have the option.
    Cameras: Only a couple of cameras should cause you worry.  You may even 
    be able to bypass all of them if you know where youíre going.
    Cassandra de Vries: She will resist if you try to capture her.  She is 
    carrying a Magnum.  You must not kill her, though.
    E. Walkthrough
    Note: This mission takes place in the same Lucerne Tower weíre all used 
    to.  Little has changed, so Iíll just give you general destinations...
    All: You start the mission on the ground floor.  Immediately activate 
    the cloaking device.  You do NOT want to be seen down here.  Run behind 
    the main desk and grab the two CMPs.
    SA PA: Take off like a shot down to the lab lift, enter, and youíll 
    place your Skedar Bomb inside.  You now have only four minutes to 
    complete the mission, so you better make it fast...
    Objective 1 Completed!
    All: Run up to the elevators and take one.  Deactivate Cloaking as you 
    hop in.
    PA: You can only take the one that will be on your right.  About 
    halfway up, the elevator will stop and the DD Captain will ride up to 
    challenge you.  Sheís not much more armored than any normal guard, but 
    she will have the drop on you with you pinned down in one space and her 
    armed with twin CMPs.  Even up the odds by cloaking as she comes up 
    (you should still have a few seconds) and let her have it with a 
    Charged-Up Mauler followed by a few non-charged shots...
    Objective 2 Completed!
    All: Ride up to the 21st floor.  Immediately head for the stairwell, 
    thereís nothing here that you wonít pay for later on.  Watch out for 
    the Shock Troop here.  Run up ONE floor, the top one is locked, and 
    head out.  Call the nearest elevator and set up camp here, dealing with 
    guards that decide to get all huffy about the dashing intruder.  Once 
    the lift arrives, deal with the one or two guards on it, and ride it up 
    to the 23rd floor.  Enter Cassí office.  Immediately switch to Disarm 
    and take her gun.  Sheíll hit the alarm, but it wonít do her any good 
    with the two of you so high up.  Pull a weapon back out.  Youíll tell 
    Cass to go upstairs, but youíll have to stay close for her to follow 
    you.  Go up the final stairwell to the Security Hub room.  Deal with 
    the guard on the ramp.  Thereís another one just outside the door on 
    the roof.  Kill him, making sure Cass follows you the whole way, and 
    lead her up to the helipad and your waiting ship.  Easy, eh?
    All Objectives Completed!
    Special Agent Special Assignment - Maian SOS
    This level will open after you beat Battle Shrine on Special Agent 
    A. Overview
    Youíre in trouble, Protector One.  Youíve been captured by humans and 
    have been taken to the facility known as Area 51.  If you want to see 
    the light of day again, youíll have to get a distress signal out to 
    your friends at the CI.
    So, youíre Elvis now.  Youíre a little shorter and a little slower as 
    the Maian, and in this particular mission you have a little less than 
    half health, so be prepared for a challenge in that respect.  This 
    level takes place in good olí Area 51, in areas you should be familiar 
    with.  Of course, thereís all new stuff to do.
    B. Objectives
    1.   SA PA: Sabotage the Enemy Medical Experiment
    2.      PA: Destroy the Captured Maian Saucer
    3. A SA PA: Activate the Distress Signal
    C. Equipment
    Starting: None
    Díoh.  They did a rather thorough search of you, didnít they?
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 - Your first weapon.
    A SA PA: Psychosis Gun - Now hereís an interesting item.  Itís 
    basically a Tranquilizer in shape, but in reality, it shoots a rather 
    nasty psychosis serum developed by Trent Easton.  One shot to an enemy 
    will turn him into a friend.  Heíll open doors and defeat enemies for 
    A SA PA: Dragon - Standard Guard Weapon.
    A SA PA: DY357-LX - We donít know how the non-descript guard got a hold 
    of these, but they could prove useful to you in more ways than one.
    D. Opposition
    A51 Lab Tech: The two in the beginning have Falcons.  The rest have 
    Tranquilizers.  Those with Tranquilizers also have an extra dose of 
    psychosis serum for you.
    A51 Guard: These guys carry Dragons, except for one who carries two 
    Golden Magnums.
    E. Walkthrough
    All: Youíll hop off your examination bed.  The one scientist here will 
    have his back turned.  You can alert him and Disarm him to take his 
    Falcon, but you run the risk of alerting the scientist in the next 
    All: You have two options.  On the table in the next room is a 
    Psychosis Gun that you can use on either of these two lab techs.  Once 
    you shoot one, heíll leave the lab by the door.  Itís locked from this 
    side, but he has clearance.  You cannot exit through the door without 
    his help.  Your other option, and my favored one, is to save the one 
    shot of psychosis serum, kill the two lab techs for their Falcons, push 
    your bed up to the glass wall and shoot it until it blows the wall.  
    You can then use your serum on any other guard here, but preferably, 
    youíd want guards that are all alone, as hitting them with the 
    psychosis gun will immediately switch their alliances.  You will 
    recognize it as a friend, and all the nearby enemies will recognize it 
    as a foe, and will almost immediately open fire on him.
    All: Behind the first door is a guard and thereís another one right 
    behind him behind the next door.  There are two more further on in the 
    big room, seated at desks.  Do what you will with them and exit the lab 
    SA PA: If you have a buddy, heíll go left to your first mission 
    objective.  Itís in the other lab.  Watch for guards in the big 
    hallway.  There are four guards in the next lab office area.  There are 
    two close to you on the left, and two at the far end of the room, all 
    seated at desks.  Kill them all and go into the lab.  If you still have 
    a buddy, you may want to kill him now, because he wonít follow you into 
    the lab, and may kill someone you wonít want killed.  Iíll explain that 
    later.  Anyway, once youíre in the lab, youíll see two scientists 
    hovering over your dead boss.  Kill the two scientists, who wonít see 
    you until you fire on them through the glass, and shoot the bed to 
    destroy it.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    All: Go towards the cryo labs (right as you exit the lab) and youíll 
    find two guards standing by either door.  Kill them both, but donít 
    make too much noise.  Pull out your Psychosis gun, if you have charges 
    in it, and go through the left door.  Shoot the guard on the left with 
    it.  Why?  Because this guard carries two Golden Magnums!  Why?  I 
    donít know!  Heís on third! ^_^
    All:  Anyway, watch as the guard makes short work of all the nearby 
    enemies and tail him as he goes on a killing spree.  If you killed him, 
    donít worry about the guards in the area.  In either case, youíll head 
    for the far end of the large hallway.  Stop by the room with the 
    automatic gun in it (first on the right).  Be sure to take out the 
    automatic gun because Golden Boy wonít.  Grab the lab techís psychosis 
    ammo, kill him and the guard, and head down to the hangar area.  Clean 
    out this room.  Thereíll be a guard above and to the right, one above 
    and to the left and two off to your left.  At this point, donít bother 
    trying to clean out the place because the unlimited guards will start 
    to show up at this point.  Head up the ramp and go for the door on the 
    right.  Kill the Golden Magnum guard if you havenít already and pick up 
    his guns.  Only one bullet.  Poo.  See why you left him alive?  Go 
    forward three doors, and youíll find a vent off to your right.  Crawl 
    through and drop down into the storage area.  Thereíll be several 
    Pilots wandering the area now.  Off them if you wish, or simply run for 
    the freight elevator and take it up.  As you exit the elevator, head 
    right and to the hangar there.  This place is crawling with Pilots.  
    Eliminate the first one, then head up the ramp on your left.  Go across 
    the catwalks, eliminating the two Pilots up here.
    PA: Your craft will be down in the far corner.  You canít miss it.  You 
    COULD push the oil drums into the craft, shoot them and try to use 
    those to blow it up, or you could just raise your Golden Magnum and let 
    fly your one bullet.  Itíll blow up nicely.  Thanks to ArmorKing for 
    this one.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    All: Go to the elevator at the end of the catwalk.  Ride it up.  In the 
    next set of rooms, youíll find two guards and two lab techs.  Kill them 
    all.  Youíll reach the last room and will see lots of paneling along 
    the wall.  Shoot down one of the panels, eliminate the two techs on the 
    other side, run up to the computer and activate the distress signal.  
    Youíll get captured after this.  Time to wait for Jo!
    All Objectives Completed!
    Perfect Agent Special Assignment - WAR!
    This mission will be available to you after you finish Battle Shrine on 
    Perfect Agent level.
    A. Overview
    The hail of fire has stopped upon the Battle Shrine.  The Skedar are 
    all but defeated.  There are still problems, though.  Word has reached 
    Maian Command that the Skedar Leader had clones of himself made if 
    anything happened to the original.  Your job, Protector One, is to 
    take your team to the surface and eliminate any clones of the Skedar 
    King that exist.
    This level can get very hectic.  The biggest problem you face is that 
    there are an infinite number of Skedar Warriors running around.  These 
    guys can really ruin your day while you're trying to focus your shots 
    on the clones.
    B. Objectives
    1. A SA PA: Kill Skedar King 1
    2.   SA PA: Kill Skedar King 2
    3.      PA: Kill Skedar King 3
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Phoenix - Your standard piece will be all that stands between 
    you and the bugs...Starting ammo: 300
    You'll also start with 100 9mm rounds and 3 rockets.
    In Mission:
    A SA PA: Mauler - Not as useful as your Phoenix.  You CANNOT drop a 
    Skedar Warrior in one shot on this level.
    A SA PA: Callisto NTG - Your buddies are a little more well-armed than 
    you.  If one falls, you can grab his gun and carry on the fight with 
    A SA PA: Reaper - The Skedar machine gun won't be all that useful to 
    you here.
      SA PA: Slayer - The Skedar heavy artillery could be useful if you 
    find it.
    D. Opposition
    Skedar Warrior - As aforementioned, there is an infinite number of 
    Warriors here.  The Skedar Kings continually spawn more...
    Skedar Kings - They are armed with different weapons.  The first has a 
    Reaper, and the second and third have Slayers.  They can take 
    punishment and dish it out as well...  Thanks to Kildread2 for being 
    the first to tell me that one charged-up Mauler shot to the head can 
    dethrone a King.  Very helpful...
    E. Walkthrough
    You have three buddies for this mission.  All have Callistos and none 
    can put up a very good fight for long.  There will be one Maian that 
    will stay back in the beginning.  He's your leader.  Don't let him fall 
    or the mission's over.  It's not too much to worry about, though, as 
    the Skedar rarely decide to go that far.
    All: You'll start out in the Battle Shrine, on the ridge beyond the 
    canyon where a Shield was in the original mission.  Switch your gun 
    over to Explosive Shells, and make tracks for the opening that was 
    blown open.  It's the same one Jo blew before.  Head inside and race 
    down to the bridge area.  As you cross the bridge, the retaliation 
    should be coming right around the corner.  Blow open the Skeds as they 
    come around.  Wait as they come for your buddies.  Once they catch up, 
    push forward to the generator room, all the while shooting all Skeds in 
    your way.  Enter the door leading around the ground floor of the 
    generator room.  The Skedar King will be holed up behind the spinning 
    pillar.  After dealing with all the Skeds (there will be plenty), nail 
    him with a charged-up Mauler shot to the head.  You need to hurry, or 
    he'll summon more Skedar to Maul you...
    Objective 1 Completed!
    SA PA: Run back into the hallway and up the ramp.  Proceed across the 
    bridge and into the secret army stasis chamber room, blasting Skedar 
    all the way.  This Slayer-toting bug may be foolish enough to kill 
    himself.  If he shoots a rocket into a pillar right next to him, he'll 
    go down in no time.  Don't wait for him to do this, though.  Try your 
    hardest to nail him with a charged shot, too.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    PA: Make your way to the final chamber.  The last Skedar King will be 
    chomping at the bit waiting for you.  He's got a big ol' Slayer and 
    knows how to use it.  Fortunately, if you remember from fighting the 
    original Skedar Leader, Phoenix shells have the possibility of blowing 
    rockets as they leave the launcher.  Keep shooting him and he'll blow a 
    rocket off in his own face and fall like a sack of meat.  The galaxy is 
    saved!  Do the Maian Shuffle!
    All Objectives Completed!
    Tips for PA: The mission is quite hard on Perfect Agent.  Some tips 
    will be to stay with your buds, regardless of how slow they are.  Their 
    suppression fire can be a BIG help to you.  Kill every Skedar you see 
    at all times, but keep moving, especially when you get near the Kings 
    who have infinite spawn capacity.
    Most of all, watch when you shoot an explosive Phoenix shot.  If one of 
    your buds runs into it, he's dogmeat...
    Here's a trick (somewhat of a glitch) sent in by Tool23x.
    This is a trick that can be used on any difficulty level of the War 
    Mission, Although it is almost entirely pointless to do it on Agent. 
    The trick actually lets you bypass a lot of the Skedar Warriorws you 
    pass. It makes Perfect Agent possible, but please note that pulling it 
    off isn't easy. In fact, at times it seems just as hard as the mission 
    itselfYou need good timing, speed, and some luck. Most importantly, you 
    need patience. 
    When you arrive near the first Skedar King, there will be the overhead 
    bridge that leads to the second and third king. The door to get there 
    is locked, but becomes unlocked when the first king is killed. On 
    occasion there are a couple Skedar that run across the bridge (This 
    usually happens when the king is shot once or twice). When ayou see 
    this, speed strafe back to the last door and open it (if your lucky, 
    one of your buddies will have just come through and it will be open). 
    Race up to the top of the steps. The whole key to the trick is getting 
    the Skedar on the bridge to open the door for you. You have now 
    bypassed the first, and argueably, the toughest of the kings. 
    But the cool part about this trick is that since the first king is 
    still alive, Skedar will not start respawning from Skedar King II. You 
    now have two options. 
    1. The second king will have his back too you. Drop him with a fully 
    charged Mauler shot to the head. Grab his Slayer. Since Skeder King II 
    is dead, The game tells Skedar King three to start sending Skedar 
    Warriors to come at you. On Perfect Agent, you should fight your way to 
    the third king (have fun) and kill him, and then go back and kill the 
    first king. Since you killed a king ahead of the first one, there will 
    be no Skedar respawing near the first king. Wait for your buddies and 
    take him out. If you are playing on Special Agent, You can still kill 
    the third king like on Perfect Agent, but you also have another 
    option. After you kill Skedar King two and grab his slayer, run back to 
    the first king and take him out. Mission Accomplished. Well, it's not 
    that easy. If you take this option, Skedar from the third kilng will be 
    in pursuit al the way until you kill the first king. Again, on perfect 
    you might as well kill the third king since you must fight your way 
    back there anyway. 
    2. This is my perferred method, even on Special Agent. When you get to 
    the second king, run past him and open the doors behind him. Note that 
    with the damn Skedar doors, you will have to hit the B Button two or 
    three times to get it open far enough. The king will see you as soon 
    as you pass him, so you might have to circle him a few times. Sure, he 
    is firing a slayer at you, but to be hit, you'll have to be either too 
    slow or very unlucky. The king can't follow you, and you can go around 
    the pillar to avoid all his fire. Open the final door and kill Skedar 
    King III without any resistance from Skedar Warriors. It's really a 
    cakewalk to do so. You can kill the first two kings without resistance 
    now. Just don't blow yourself up with the Slayer.
    The Maian King has never been killed when I have done this trick, but I 
    suppose it is possible. Just very Rare. 
    Final Combat Training: The Duel
    This "mission" will be available to you after you earn all Bronzes on 
    the Firing Range.
    A. Overview
    This is your last combat training exercise.  You will be pitted against 
    a hologram opponent of increasing skill in the Holo Training Room.  
    Itís pistols at three paces.  Once the three paces are up, you are free 
    to do whatever you want, though.
    B. Objectives
    1. A SA PA: Defeat DataDyne Guard
    2.   SA PA: Defeat Jonathan Dark
    3.      PA: Defeat Trent Easton
    C. Equipment
    A SA PA: Falcon 2 (scope) - Your sidearm will be your only friend 
    here...  Starting ammo: 8.
    In Mission:
      SA PA: DY357 Magnum - Jonís weapon.  Donít bother using it even if 
    you do pick it up.  Itís far too slow.
         PA: DY357-LX - Trentís weapon.  Not worth bothering about since 
    beating him ends the mission.
    D. Opposition
    DD Infantry: Moderately good.
    Jonathan Dark: Pretty darn good.
    Trent Easton: Unbelievably good.
    E. Walkthrough
    All: Against the DD Infantry, strafe around him, and squeeze off a shot 
    while he stalls.  He wonít move much and his aimís not that great.  He 
    shouldnít be too much trouble unless he gets lucky.
    Objective 1 Completed!
    SA PA: Jonathan will immediately run behind the wall when you start.  
    Follow him behind the wall to beat him at his own game.  Because he has 
    the slow Magnum, heíll have a tough time hitting you if youíre close.  
    Cap him.
    Objective 2 Completed!
    PA: Immediately head behind the wall.  Trentís aim is so good that if 
    he gets you out in the open for even a second, youíre down.  Hide 
    behind the wall, then lean out and pop him.
    All Objectives Completed!
    Thus endeth the Solo Missions!  Good job!
    9. Multiplayer
    This is where your skill as a killing machine really shine through.  
    Itís you against your friends in an all-out deathmatch, or any of the 
    other games that those boys and girls at Rare came up with...
    I wonít go over ALL the characters, settings, and what not for 
    Multiplayer.  I will get in as much rhetoric as I can, though...
    You can use Challenges to unlock just about anything imaginable, 
    including other Challenges, of course, and you only need a certain 
    number of challenges beaten, not any particular challenge.  Really, 
    thereís no scheme to it.  When you open a challenge with certain new 
    weapons, scenarios, or arenas, those new things will be available for 
    selection as normal in Multiplayer.
    I recently saw a list of unlockables for characters, and got the 
    author's permission to use it, so here goes, the character unlock 
    Available By Default
    (Joanna Combat, Daniel Carrington, Cassandra De Vries, CI Male Lab 
    Technician, CI Female Lab Technician, CI Soldier, DataDyne Shock 
    Trooper, DataDyne Security, DataDyne Infantry, DataDyne Trooper, 
    (DataDyne Female Guard)
    (Office Suit, Office Casual)
    (Joanna Negotiator, Negotiator)
    (Trent Easton, NSA Lackey)
    (Joanna Leather, G5 Guard, G5 Swat Guard)
    (Mr. Blonde, Dinner Jacket 1, Dinner Jacket 2, Dinner Jacket 3, 
    Dinner Jacket 4)
    (Joanna Trenchcoat)
    (CIA Agent, FBI Agent)
    (Joanna Lab Technician, Area 51 guard, Area 51 Trooper, Pilot, Overalls)
    (Male Lab Tehcnician, Female Lab Technician, DataDyne Lab Technician)
    (Elvis, Maian, Elvis (Waistcoat), Maian Soldier)
    (Joanna Stewardess, Air Force One Pilot, Steward, Stewardess, Head 
    (Joanna Artic, Alaskan Guard)
    (Joanna Party Frock, Joanna Frock (Ripped), Carrington Evening Wear, 
    The President, Presidential Security)
    (NSA Bodyguard, Presidential Clone)
    (Joanna Wetsuit, Joanna Aqualung, Pelagic II Guard)
    Thank you Chaos Sonic!
    A. Arenas:
    Perfect Dark Arenas:
    This arena is decorated in sandy rock walls and archaic architecture.  
    Classic Skedar Temple motif.  The arena loops around itself in a few 
    places, and there are a couple of dead ends.  Itís not big, but there 
    are a few places that offer cover for you.  There are also some uneven 
    floors thatíll ruin your aim, and two floors for your sniping 
    pleasure.  Not really one of my favorites, primarily due to the size, 
    or lack thereof.
    This level is compact, with its small hallways and no spaces.  Iíve 
    never been a big fan of compact.  There are three floors to it, and the 
    bottom floorís not easy to get off of.  There are a couple of pipes 
    over a chasm on the bottom floor, and a system of ramps and catwalks 
    combining the second and third floors.
    Area 52:
    This oneís okay.  Itís basically one floor, and has a good combination 
    of open spaces and hallways.  There are a couple of good camping 
    locations, but, as we all know, no camper is invincible.
    Warehouse: Complete 3 Challenges
    Another great combination of open and tight, the Warehouse has four 
    major rooms interconnected by small hallways or crawlspaces.  There are 
    huge stacks of crates for hiding behind and climbing on top of, and 
    catwalks for those of you who like the higher ground.
    Ravine: Complete 5 Challenges
    This oneís wide-open, and it has high walls that are real good for 
    bouncing explosives off of.  Not my favorite, but not to be discounted, 
    G5 Building: Complete 9 Challenges
    One Iíve gotten to know quite well.  This one can be confusing.  Itís 
    quite compact and has multiple levels.  Itís basically two building 
    sections separated by several catwalks running over a pit.  Itís not 
    fun to fall...
    Grid: Complete 11 Challenges
    Apparently part of the G5 Building, as evidence of the big G5 logo on 
    the walls.  This place is nice.  There are a couple of open spaces, a 
    glass floor that can be shattered, and several ways to get around.  
    Check out the area with pillars flanking the elevator.  The Matrix, 
    Villa: Complete 14 Challenges
    Designed to look like part of the Carrington Villa, this place is not 
    my fave as there arenít many ways of getting around.  The arenaís 
    pretty one-pathed in several places.
    Sewers: Complete 16 Challenges
    I have likes and dislikes about this arena.  My likes are that there 
    are many ways to get around, and that the bottom floor is so easy to 
    move around in.  My dislikes are its compact-size, itís confusing 
    nature, and its multiple levels...
    Car Park: Complete 17 Challenges
    Now, THIS is my kind of Arena.  It has three levels of wide-open space, 
    and tight stairwells connecting those levels.  Sweet stuff.
    Base: Complete 18 Challenges
    The Base has a lot of interconnecting areas, and the spaces are pretty 
    open.  There are a couple of places where the action tends to happen 
    most, and that would be in the area with ladders...
    Fortress: Complete 20 Challenges
    A Capture the Case level if I ever saw one.  This is basically four 
    identical areas set up around a central hub.  Itís three levels of 
    Ruins: Complete 22 Challenges
    Based on the Skedar Ruins Battle Shrine.  Not my favorite, as there are 
    some areas that are completely sealed off from a certain direction 
    unless you take the LOOOONG way around.  It has a partial mountain 
    desert motif and the Skedar Inner Shrine metal motif.
    Classic Arenas:
    Complex: Complete 1 Challenge
    Yes, this level is indeed complex.  Very little has changed about it.  
    You can fall off the area with the two small walkways over the lower 
    floor.  There is also a new walkway connecting the circling ramp in one 
    area to a point that was previously a dead end.
    Temple: Complete 6 Challenges
    This was one of my old favorites, and it still is.  Itís got nice, big, 
    open rooms.  You can now fall down the center pit, of course, and the 
    ground floor open area, where it used to have a big square wall in one 
    end, now has several small pillars for cover.
    Felicity: Complete 12 Challenges
    Yes, this is a renamed Facility.  Despite the fact that there are dead 
    ends in this arena, itís still a fun place to play.  The bathroom vents 
    are now accessible from below, and actually LEAD somewhere, so all is 
    not lost if you spawn there.  The chemical tanks in the side rooms have 
    now been tipped over to offer you some cover.
    B. Scenarios:
    There are several different ways to play the game.
    Standard Deathmatch.  Pick your weapons.  Pick your place.  Pick your 
    Sims.  Pick your partners if you wanna, and start shooting.
    King of the Hill:
    This is actually something Iíve not seen before.  A random location on 
    the Arena is designated the Hill, and the first person or team captures 
    it and has to remain there for thirty seconds.  Doing so will earn them 
    a point.  The Hill is lost if the person standing on it is killed or 
    that person leaves the Hill.
    Hold the Briefcase: Complete 2 Challenges
    This is similar to the Living Daylights mode in Goldeneye.  Thereís a 
    briefcase lying around.  Grabbing it will tag you on the map.  Every 
    thirty seconds you hold it will give you a point.  Being killed, 
    naturally, will mean you drop the case.
    Capture the Case: Complete 4 Challenges
    Just like a Capture the Flag scenario, and only available for teams.  
    You need to capture an opposing teamís case and get it back to your 
    base.  You need to have your own case to get the points, however.
    Hacker Central: Complete 6 Challenges
    There is one Data Uplink and one Laptop PC somewhere in the arena.  You 
    need to grab the Uplink and head for the PC.  Activate it to start the 
    download.  Donít switch off the Uplink or move too far from the PC.  
    Once you complete the rather lengthy download, youíll get a point.  If 
    youíre killed while holding the Uplink, a new one will appear somewhere 
    else in the Arena.
    Pop a Cap: Complete 12 Challenges
    In this scenario, one person is designated "It".  Killing anyone will 
    earn you a point.  Killing "It" will earn you two points.  Surviving as 
    "It" will get you points, as well.  The person designated "It" changes 
    throughout the game, as he or she is killed.
    C. Presets for Multiplayer and Submitted Game Setups:
    There are several quick start scenarios for you in case you really 
    donít feel like making huge setups.  Theyíll set you up with weapons, 
    the arena, and a few other special things, but nothing you canít do 
    yourself, of course.
    No Shields:
    Arena: Skedar
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10 points
    Weapons: Cyclone, CMP150, MagSec 4, AR34, Falcon 2
    Arena: Pipes
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10 points
    Weapons: AR34, Dragon, Cyclone, CMP150, Shield
    Rocket Launchers: 
    Arena: Area 52
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10 points
    Weapons: Dragon, DY357 Magnum, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Shield
    Arena: Skedar
    Limits: 10 minutes
    Weapons: Falcon 2, CMP150, AR34, Rocket Launcher, Shield
    Opposition: Two NormalSims, and two MeatSims.
    King of the Hill:
    Arena: Skedar
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10 points
    Weapons: MagSec 4, DY357 Magnum, K7 Avenger, AR34, Shield
    Complex Farsight: Complete 1 Challenge
    Arena: Complex
    Limits: 10 minutes, 20 points
    Weapons: MagSec 4, Cyclone, K7 Avenger, Farsight XR-20, Shield
    Hold the Briefcase: Complete 2 Challenges
    Arena: Skedar
    Limits: 10 minutes
    Weapons: MagSec 4, K7 Avenger, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Shield
    Pistol One-Hit Kills: Complete 3 Challenges.
    Arena: Area 52
    Limits: 10 points
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Falcon 2 (silenced), MagSec 4, DY357 Magnum, Shield
    Special: One-Hit Kills
    Capture the Case: Complete 4 Challenges
    Arena: Area 52
    Limits: 10 minutes
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Cyclone, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Shield
    Tranquilizer: Complete 7 Challenges
    Arena: Skedar
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10 points
    Weapons: Falcon 2, CMP150, Dragon, Tranquilizer, Shield
    Slow Motion: Complete 8 Challenges
    Arena: Skedar
    Limits: 5 minutes, 10 points
    Weapons: MagSec 4, K7 Avenger, SuperDragon, Sniper Rifle, Shield
    Special: Slow Motion
    Temple Explosives: Complete 11 Challenges
    Arena: Temple
    Limits: 10 minutes
    Weapons: SuperDragon, Devastator, Shield
    Slayer: Complete 13 Challenges
    Arena: Skedar
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10 points
    Weapons: MagSec 4, K7 Avenger, Shotgun, Slayer, Shield
    Cloaking: Complete 16 Challenges
    Arena: Skedar
    Limits: 10 minutes 10 points
    Weapons: Mauler, SuperDragon, Reaper, Grenade, Cloaking Device
    D. Weapon Setups and Unlocking
    There are weird things about unlocking weapons.  Finding weapons in the 
    Solo missions will put them in Multiplayer, but thereís also the 
    Challenge-related system if you donít want to do it that way...
    Available from the start: Falcon 2, CMP150, Sniper Rifle, DY357 Magnum, 
    Dragon, Combat Knife, Cyclone, Rocket Launcher, MagSec 4, Timed Mine, 
    and AR34.
    After 1 Challenge: Farsight XR-20, Grenade
    After 2: Shotgun
    After 3: Falcon 2 (silenced)
    After 4: SuperDragon
    After 5: Laptop Gun
    After 6: Remote Mine
    After 7: Tranquilizer
    After 8: Falcon 2 (scope)
    After 9: Reaper
    After 10: Cloaking Device
    After 11: Devastator
    After 12: Proximity Mine
    After 13: Slayer
    After 14: Phoenix
    After 15: Combat Boost
    After 16: Mauler
    After 17: Callisto NTG
    After 18: Crossbow
    After 19: RC-P120
    After 20: DY357-LX
    After 21: N-Bomb
    Now, there are Weapon Presets if you donít want to have to customize 
    weapons all yourself.  There are quite a few, actually, much more than 
    Goldeneye.  Basically, six slots are available to be filled with 
    weapons of your choice, including nothing, shields, or duplicates.  You 
    can fill a whole arena with Shields, leave it empty, or have all one 
    Position number determines where in an arena a weapon will show up.  
    This can be more than one individual spot.  For instance, Position 2 in 
    Complex puts the weapon in the dead-end area up the stairs in one 
    corner, and also puts it on the overlook over the double walkway area.  
    Position 6 puts a weapon in the small pillar room.  Ammo, of course, is 
    never too far off.
    Here are the weapon presets and what they give you.  The weapons are in 
    order of position number.  If thereís only five, then Position 6 is 
    Note: These presets will be different, and some wonít be available, if 
    some weapons have not been unlocked yet.  Iíve included the weapons 
    that are available if all the weapons have been discovered.
    Pistols: Falcon 2, MagSec 4, Phoenix, Mauler, Shield
    Automatics: Falcon 2, CMP150, Laptop Gun, AR34, Shield
    Power: MagSec, Magnum DY357, Shotgun, RC-P120, Shield
    Farsight: Phoenix, Cyclone, Callisto NTG, Farsight XR-20, Shield
    Tranquilizer: Falcon 2, CMP150, Dragon, Tranquilizer, Shield
    Heavy: Mauler, K7 Avenger, Reaper, SuperDragon, Shield
    Golden Magnum: Falcon 2, Grenade, CMP150, DY357-LX, Shield
    Explosive: Devastator, Devastator, SuperDragon, SuperDragon, Shield
    Grenade Launcher: MagSec 4, CMP150, AR34, Devastator, Shield
    Rocket Launcher: Mauler, Cyclone, Dragon, Rocket Launcher, Shield
    Proximity Mine: MagSec 4, Laptop Gun, K7 Avenger, Proximity Mine, Shield
    Close Combat: Combat Knife, Combat Knife, Timed Mine, Crossbow, Shield
    E. Simulants
    This is really what makes Perfect Dark excellent.  The options for AI 
    in the game are just amazing.  You can adjust number, difficulty, and 
    special personality of the Simulants in the Multiplayer games.  The 
    number of Sims can be anywhere between 1 and 8.
    Simulant Difficulties:
    MeatSim: This guyís really, really bad.  Heís totally oblivious to your 
    movements unless you walk right in front of him, and he doesnít look 
    around too much.  He doesnít have any idea how to use the radar, nor 
    does he know where weapons are.  If he sees you, odds are, heíll take a 
    second or two before getting off some poorly-aimed shots.
    Real person equivalent: Your dog.
    EasySim: Heís got some basic combat skills.  He knows how to move 
    around an arena, and can get off some shots as he sees you, but the 
    aimís still not very good, and he doesnít hunt very well at all.
    Real person equivalent: Your rheumatic grandmother or three-year-old 
    NormalSim: Heís pretty basic.  He definitely knows his way around, and 
    knows what weapons are where.  Usually, though, heís obsessed with 
    getting a good weapon, and doesnít use each weapon to its full 
    potential.  His aimís decent, and heíll sometimes go on hunts, but 
    heíll mostly be defending himself.  Nothing to toy with, though.
    Real person equivalent: Average person off the street, or your younger 
    sibling of a few years.
    HardSim: Complete 4 Challenges.  This guy knows what heís doing.  Heíll 
    use weapons well, use the radar to sniff you out, and has great 
    knowledge of the arena.  Donít be caught with your guard down near this 
    guy or you probably wonít get back up.
    Real person equivalent: Seasoned video game veteran, probably played 
    Goldeneye more than once in his life.
    PerfectSim: Complete 9 Challenges.  Oh, heís good.  Real good.  He has 
    complete knowledge of the arena and weapons, and knows how to use both 
    against you with vicious effectiveness.  Heíll often open fire as soon 
    as you get in his line of sight, and wonít let up until youíre dead.
    Real person equivalent: Esteemed veteran of Perfect Dark.
    DarkSim: Complete 21 Challenges.  Youíre already dead.  Heíll head for 
    powerful weapons without hesitation.  Once he has what he needs, heíll 
    home in on your exact position and open up as soon as he sees the 
    whites of your eyes.  Thereís no sneaking up on him, and little hope 
    outsmarting him.  Youíll just have to rely on your luck and strategy to 
    get you through.  He can be beat.
    Real person equivalent: There really is no one this consistently good...
    Special Personalities:
    Note: All of the following can be assigned the above mentioned 
    difficulties as well.  You can have a Perfect PeaceSim, or a Meat 
    ShieldSim, for example...
    PeaceSim: This wimp does not like violence one bit, and heíll try to 
    express his non-violent tendencies on you by running around and 
    grabbing all the guns.  He usually wonít defend himself, but he might 
    try to Disarm you to remove your gun.  Kinda annoying, really.
    ShieldSim: He goes immediately for any Shields in the area.  If he 
    takes damage, heíll take off right away to get another one.  Cowardly, 
    RocketSim: Not one of the cowardly ones, this Simís favorite song is 
    "Things That Make You Go Boom".  Heíll go for any weapons that are 
    explosive, or can be explosive in some way.  Watch out for his Dragon 
    KazeSim:  This oneís not at all afraid to get hurt if it means he can 
    hurt the other guy.  Heíll willingly walk through hails of bullets and 
    drink in explosions if it means he can get a hit in.  Has the potential 
    to be very dangerous, or a very easy kill, if you're lucky.
    FistSim: Like the PeaceSim, this guy will run around collecting guns, 
    and will try to Disarm you.  He wonít back down from a punching match 
    though, and will be quick to try to score a TKO on you.
    PreySim: Definitely one of the more unscrupulous types, this Sim likes 
    Cloaking Devices and will go for the opponents that are weak or have 
    weak weapons first.  Watch out for him if youíre seriously hurt.
    CowardSim: This guy also goes for easy targets, but completely shuns 
    anything else.  Unless heís sure heís gonna win, he wonít go near a 
    confrontation.  Donít worry too much about him.
    FeudSim: An interesting, and definitely annoying Sim, if youíre on his 
    bad side.  This Sim has his sights set on one specific player in the 
    game and will do whatever it takes to off him/her.  Heíll pursue that 
    one person throughout the entire match, regardless of that person's 
    SpeedSim:  This guyís much faster than a normal human.  Heís agile and 
    can easily outpace you.  Donít try to run from him.
    TurtleSim: He makes up for his lack of speed with a shield thatís 
    double the power of a normal one.  Heíll take what you can dish and ask 
    for more.
    VengeSim: This guyís mad about something.  Heíll always put everyone 
    else second in an attempt to take down the last guy who killed him.  Be 
    on your guard, and only peg him if youíre sure you have the ammo to peg 
    him again.
    JudgeSim: What?  A Sim with a sense of decency?  No way!  Itís true.  
    To try to keep things even, the JudgeSim will always go for the guy 
    whoís in the lead.  If you like playing your games by getting way 
    ahead, stay sharp for this guy.
    Simulant Orders:
    When you have Simulants on your team, you can issue orders to them.  To 
    do this, hold A and tap Z twice once the menu comes up.  You'll be able 
    to issue orders to the first Sim on your team.  Tapping Z again will 
    allow you go to the next Sim on your team, and so on.  Holding R will 
    issue orders to all the Sims on your team.  You'll have a variety of 
    orders to choose from.  Some will only be available on certain 
    Normal: Simulant will act in a normal fashion.  It'll hunt out weapons, 
    and track any enemies it encounters to the best of its ability.
    Attack: You have another choice after you choose this, because Attack 
    will allow you to specify a target for your Sim.  Pick the respective 
    enemy you want your Sim to attack and it'll make that enemy its first 
    priority, dealing with others as its AI allows...
    Follow: Simulant will stay with the person who issued the order, but 
    will go off and attack an enemy that crosses its path.
    Protect: Simulant will stay with the person who issued the order, no 
    matter what.
    Defend: Simulant won't attack unless directly threatened.
    Hold: Simulant will move to where you issued the order and defend the 
    spot with its life.
    Get Case (HtB, CtC) - Simulant will head straight for the case.  If the 
    scenario is Capture the Case, Simulant will make a beeline for the base 
    after it gets the case.  If the scenario is Hold the Briefcase, 
    Simulant will also attack the holder of the case, if that person's not 
    on the Simulant's team.
    Save Case (CtC) - Simulant will stand on the base and guard the case.  
    If the case is held by an enemy, Simulant will aggressively attack it.
    Download (HC) - All-purpose HC command.  If the Data Uplink is open, 
    Simulant will head for it, and then go for the PC.  If the Data Uplink 
    is held by an enemy, Simulant will aggressively attack it.
    Pop Cap (PaC) - Simulant will attack player that is "It", if that 
    person's not on the Simulant's team.
    Def Hill (KotH) - Simulant will head to the hill, and will attack 
    anyone that comes in range of the hill, even if it means leaving it.
    Hold Hill (KotH) - Simulant will head and stand on the hill.  It will 
    defend the hill viciously, but will not chase enemies...
    F. Multiplayer Ranking and Advancement
    The multiplayer ranking system is number based.  It would seem 
    advancing in rank is incredibly complicated, but it's actually quite 
    Here are the multiplayer ranks and their names.
    Thanks to nourali for this one:
    Star Agent:14
    Special Agent:13 
    Assassin:6 <-- That's me! ^_^
    Near Perfect:2
    This ranking advancement formula is the result of long hours work by 
    shadestreet, SubDragon, and Matt P, not to mention the rest of the 
    rest of the GameFAQs Perfect Dark message board for submitting their 
    The basic deal behind this is that hitting any of these milestones 
    gives you a point.  Everytime you get any five points, your rank 
    Accuracy Medals 
    1 point - 6 
    2 points - 12 
    3 points - 24 
    4 points - 48 
    5 points - 84 
    6 points - 180 
    7 points - 300 
    8 points - 450 
    9 points - 630 
    10 points - 900 
    HeadShot Medals 
    1 point - 6 
    2 points - 12 
    3 points - 24 
    4 points - 48 
    5 points - 84 
    6 points - 180 
    7 points - 300 
    8 points - 450 
    9 points - 630 
    10 points - 900 
    KillMaster Medals 
    1 point - 6 
    2 points - 12 
    3 points - 24 
    4 points - 48 
    5 points - 84 
    6 points - 180 
    7 points - 300 
    8 points - 450 
    9 points - 630 
    10 points - 900 
    Survivor Medals 
    1 point - 6 
    2 points - 12 
    3 points - 24 
    4 points - 48 
    5 points - 84 
    6 points - 180 
    7 points - 300 
    8 points - 450 
    9 points - 630 
    10 points - 900 
    Games Won 
    1 point - 6 
    2 points - 12 
    3 points - 24 
    4 points - 48 
    5 points - 84 
    6 points - 180 
    7 points - 300 
    8 points - 450 
    9 points - 630 
    10 points - 900 
    1 point - 6 
    2 points - 120 
    3 points - 240 
    4 points - 480 
    5 points - 960 
    6 points - 1680 
    7 points - 3600 
    8 points - 6000 
    9 points - 9000 
    10 points - 18000 
    Damage Dealt 
    1 point - .6 
    2 points - 1.2 
    3 points - 2.4 
    4 points - 4.8 
    5 points - 8.4 
    6 points - 18.0 
    7 points - 30.0 
    8 points - 45.0 
    9 points - 63.0 
    10 points - 90.0 
    1 point - 60 
    2 points - 120 
    3 points - 240 
    4 points - 480 
    5 points - 840 
    6 points - 1800 
    7 points - 3000 
    8 points - 4500 
    9 points - 6300 
    10 points - 9000 
    Ammo Used 
    1 point - 3000 
    2 points - 6000 
    3 points - 12000 
    4 points - 24000 
    5 points - 42000 
    6 points - 90000 
    7 points - 150000 
    8 points - 225000 
    9 points - 315000 
    10 points - 450000 
    1 points - 2-4 hrs 
    2 points - 4-8 hrs 
    3 points - 8-16 hrs 
    4 points - 16 hrs-1 day 4 hrs 
    5 points - 1 day 4 hrs-2 days 12 hrs 
    6 points - 2 days 12 hours-4 days 4 hrs 
    7 points - 4 days 4 hrs-6 days 6 hrs 
    8 points - 6 days 6 hrs-8 days 18 hrs 
    9 points - 8 days 18 hrs-12 days 12 hrs 
    10 points - 12 days 12 hrs and up 
    None of these stats can be increased by cheating, so you're going to 
    have to do it the old-fashioned way.
    This is one you can't just let go and leave for a while.  You're going 
    to have to make a conscientious effort on this one.  The best you can 
    do is make the scenario as simple as possible.  Fortunately, there is a 
    way to do this.
    Scenario - Combat
    Options - Fast Movement
    Arena - Villa (it has very little vertical movement)
    Weapons - Farsight and all the rest Disabled
    Limit - 1 Kill
    Put yourself in Player 1's spot and another "human" in Player 2's spot.  
    This "human's" your punching bag.  Simply grab the Farsight, take aim, 
    and hit your opponent in the head.  You'll get all four medals.  
    Repeat 900 times.
    Okay, I'll no longer be accepting submissions because I finally got the 
    "Mine Trick" to work.  In fact, it's going right now as I type this.
    Scenario - Capture the Case
    Options - Fast Movement, One Hit Kills
    Arena - Felicity
    Weapons - Remote Mine and all the rest Disabled
    Limits - None
    Simulants - 8 DarkSims
    Teams - EVERYONE's on Red team, including you.
    Okay, here's the deal.  You want the case to be in the bathroom.  
    Basically, your starting point is a tiny square room.  Set all your 
    Sims to Save Case (individually works best for me).  Once they all get 
    to the spot, throw a Remote Mine into the bathroom, back up a lot, and 
    detonate it.  What's happening is you're blowing up all the mines in 
    the hands of the Sims, and as soon as they respawn, they go straight 
    for another mine and immediately get it out.  This basically creates 
    an endless chain reaction of explosions that will continually destroy 
    all the Sims, and you can sit back and watch your kill total fly 
    through the roof.
    If anyone knows who, on the Perfect Dark board, originally came up with 
    this, please let me know so I can give them credit.
    Time and Distance:
    Simple enough.  All you need is a rubber band.  Wrap it around the 
    Control Stick on an angle and let the game run for 12 days.  All you 
    need to leave on is the N64.  Just shut off the TV.  You'll be hitting 
    milestones in no time. 
    Ammo Used:
    You'll have to do it the old-fashioned way.  I suggest just grabbing 
    Cyclones and picking up ammo wherever you can find it.  Magazine 
    Discharge the Cyclones and keep searching for more ammo.
    10. Submitted Game Setups
    I decided all these wonderful scenario authors needed their own space 
    to exhibit their works of art.  This is where ALL the submitted 
    scenarios are now.
    Let's begin!
    Submitted by ChewyLS:
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: Default
    Area: G5 building (or any that you choose, but this one is my fave)
    Weapons: Grenade, CMP150, Falcon 2 (scope), RC-P120, Farsight XR-20, 
    Limits: whatever you want, but I like unlimited everything
    Simulants: whatever you choose, but it seems to be better with 8 
    Teams: none
    Name: Fast as lightning
    Scenario: Hold the briefcase
    Options: Fast movement
    Area: Villa
    Weapons: Automatics preset with no shield
    Limits: default
    Simulants: Same number of Kazesims as humans
    Teams: Humans vs. simulants
    Notes: You've got a lot of power in this match, but with fast animation 
    on, those Kazesims will keep on coming. You better change the Kazesims 
    to a higher difficulty than meat or easy, because those aren't even a 
    Name: Killer in the midst
    Scenario: Combat
    Options: Default
    Area: Sewers
    Weapons:Shotgun, CMP150, Cyclone, Dragon, Mauler, Shield
    Limits: 10 team score
    Simulants: 3 Easysims, 1 Darksim
    Teams: Humans vs. Simulants
    Notes: Facing 3 Easysims may seem like a breeze, but the Darksim will 
    make this breeze into a hurricane. The good news is that there are good 
    weapons such as the Cyclone and the Dragon. To make the match even 
    harder, make all the sims the same characters.
    Name: Solitary weapon
    Options: Default
    Area: G5 building
    Weapons: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Shield, Shotgun
    Limits: 3 score
    Simulants: Your choice
    Teams: None
    Notes: There is only but one strategy in this scenario: get the shotgun 
    as fast as you can, and wait for it to regenerate to get more ammo. If 
    you don't have the shotgun, (due to the fact there's only one) then 
    you'll have to disarm the lucky son-of-a-gun who has it.
    Name: Alien Tech
    Scenario: Hacker Central
    Options: No radar
    Area: Ruins
    Weapons: Reaper, Slayer, Mauler, Phoenix, Callisto NTG, FarSight XR-20
    Limits: Default
    Simulants: 1 Hardsim, 1 Predatorsim
    Teams: Humans vs. Simulants
    Notes: This invasion from outer space will make this scenario very 
    cool. The Predatorsim is good enough to give human fits, and the 
    Hardsim is no pushover. The many walls in the ruins will give you the 
    chance to spy on the other players, but they can see you, too.
    A bunch by Oberon the Fairy King:
    Combat, limit: 5 minutes
    One of my favorites. I'm sick, I know. 8 PeaceSims, all on Meat 
    difficulty.  For weapons, try Golden Guns, Crossbows, Laptop Guns, and 
    explosives. Don't use too small an arena, or they may just gang up on 
    you (They won't attack each other because they only attack people with 
    guns out).
    Capture The Case, limit: 9 Team Score
    This is neat. It's listed here because, since people can think and Sims 
    can't, you have the advantage. Take a Sim as a buddy (not Meat, but not 
    Perfect or Dark either). Three other teams: One team is Dark/Meat, 
    another Perfect/Easy, and a third Hard/Normal. This is great in a 
    non-linear arena; linear ones create two seperate one on one games.
    Duck 'n' Cover:
    Combat, limit: 3 Score
    This one is all about using cover, strafing, and aim. Toss a normal 
    Falcon in slot one, and a Scoped one in slot six. Play this one in the 
    grid, with one hit kills. Don't overdo the sims, Perfect and Dark will 
    mow you down every time no matter what. They're too good with one hit 
    kills on. This is a defense game: if you die, you just got someone 1/3 
    of the way to victory.  The reason this is easy is the radar. Turn it 
    off and things get freaky.
    The Approach:
    Combat, limit: 10 minutes
    Play in the temple. Put in Crossbow for slot one, Farsight for six. 
    Don't use any sims below normal, and use hard or better for best 
    results. Bad sims don't use the farsight corectly. Basicly, half the 
    people will stay back and farsight, the other half will try to get in 
    the same room with the crossbow.  Either way it's one hit and down, 
    most of the time. The farsighters have to pick people off. The 
    crossbowers have to speed-strafe and never stop moving.  Use KazeSims 
    for CrossBowers, and CowardSims for Farsighters.
    Hold the case, limit: 10 score
    This is great. Play it in ravine for best results. Toss in nothin' but 
    tranqs 'n' N-bombs. If you DO kill the carrier, you probably can't see 
    straight enough to find the durn case. This can be frustrating, and 
    sims aren't effected enough by tranqs to make in fun. Go against your 
    friends instead.
    The Hunt:
    Combat, limit: 3 minutes
    Toss in a bunch of automatics. Play with three buddies against a team 
    of two DarkSims. If you think you can hunt more than that down, add 
    more. Toss in eight Darksims against the four humans and turn the 
    tables from hunters to hunted!
    King of the hill, limit: 10 minutes
    This is a level that will have you jittering for weeks. Put in all 
    three types of mines and the K7. Don't forget that every weapon here 
    except remote mines have threat detectors, but only the K7 can shoot at 
    the same time. Try it in a dark level with little open area. As for 
    sims, use the upper levels.  The stupid ones will just keep running 
    into your proxies...
    The Horde:
    King of the hill, limit: 20 score
    Turn off mobile hills. Put hill time on 10 seconds. Put in Falcon, 
    Falcon w/ Scope, Mauler, Phoenix, Magnum, and golden gun. Basicly, a 
    huge pile of great guns will appear on the hill as people get blown 
    away there. By the end, if you can secure the hill, you're guaranteed 
    dual golden guns and maulers. But you gotta beat someone else who has 
    these to get here, first.  Good with normal and hardsims. Perfect and 
    above are to good with one hit killers, and easy and below can't aim 
    The Guessing Game:
    Combat, limit: 10 score
    This revolves around the sims. One team of four CowardSims on Meat, on 
    of four VengeSims on Dark. Basicly, kill the cowards. Killing a venge 
    may be possible, but HIGHLY unrecommended. Make sure, btw, that all the 
    guys look the same, and turn off player colors and radar. No cheating, 
    The Matrix:
    Combat, limit: 10 minutes
    Indeed hard. Put in falcons, CMPs, and Avengers. Toss in you and a 
    friend, with four trenchcoated NormalSims. See if you can take down the 
    Dark, Perfect, and Hard agents (all in suits of course).
    Paranoia II:
    Pop a cap, limit: 5 minutes
    Skedar arena with nothin' but slayers and snipers. Throw in two 
    DarkSims and two Buddies along with your bad stuff and watch as you 
    slowly degenerate.  What's great is seeing yourself in SlayerView (tm) 
    or at 30x on the sniper right before you hear a sudden BLAM! and...
    See if these hold you for a bit. They're mainly concentrated on the 
    sims, but some (like the paranoias) work better with humans. Oh, and if 
    you want to see what 'hectic' truly means, toss in seven sims for 
    capture the case and put you and all of them on seperate teams. Cases 
    This one was submitted by Ashcraft:
    ! Assault !
    Scenario:  Combat
    Options:  Default
    Simulants: 8
    In this scenario you, Elvis, and 4 Maian Soldiers go up against Mr. 
    Blonde and his two best bodyguards.  Elvis is a Hard TurtleSim, his 4 
    Maian Soldiers are HardSims, and then it's you or you and your 
    freinds.  Mr. Blonde is a Dark TurtleSim and his bodygaurds are 
    This takes place in the Grid.
    1. Mauler
    2. Combat Boost
    3. Callisto NTG
    4. Reaper
    5. Shield
    6. AR34
    Elvis has on his flag shirt, and the Maian soldiers have their blue 
    triangle helmets.  Mr. Blonde's bodygaurds have the white artic suits 
    and the Shock Trooper helmet. Mr. Blonde has the standard white arctic 
    suit and head.
    Submitted by Darthhelmet85:
    Rainbow Six:
    Have a team of six Swat guards (including you) hunt down terrorists (up 
    to three) With the terrorists on the Dark difficulty setting And your 
    team of swat guard on the Normal Setting. For Weapons, Use Automatics, 
    Pistols, And maybe a combat knife or two just for emergencies. I 
    usually play this one in the G5 building.
    A rather detailed one from ConfusedGuy:
    While I may not be the best at Perfect Dark, I regard myself as at 
    least adequate, and find that this scenario tests my skills quite 
    well.  I call it 'Entrapment', since some of the weapons allow you to 
    lay an excellent trap for your unsuspecting enemies.  Here are the 
    settings (a few of them require completed Challenges, etc.), and 
    explanations for them.  Settings which have not been changed from their 
    default are not shown.
    Scenario: Capture the Case  (Adds element to play besides all-out 
    Arena: Complex   (Good labyrinthian environment)
    Options: Just make sure that the cases DO show up on radar, and that 
    kills score as well
    Weapons: Custom
      Dragon              (Shoot or set prox. mines)
      Laptop Gun       (Shoot or set extremely useful sentry guns)
      Tranquilizer       (Discombobulate your opponents)
      K7 Avenger       (Shoot and detect sentry guns or prox. mines)
      CMP150           (Use the second function to lock on to enemies)
      RC-P120           (Shoot or conceal yourself by cloaking)
      Time:             20 min.        (To ensure the match isn't too long)
      Score:            No Limit       (Teamwork!)
      Team Score:  50                  (The match's length)
    To change the length of the match, adjust the Team Score limit.
    Teams and Sims:
      Player1             Red       (YOU)
      1: MeatSim1         Red       (For easy kills)
      2: MeatSim2         Blue      (For easy kills)
      3: NormSim1         Red       (Mediocre help)
      4: NormSim2         Red       (Mediocre help)
      5: NormSim3         Blue      (Mediocre competition)
      6: NormSim4         Blue      (Mediocre competition)
      7: EasySim          Blue      (To fill up the scenario)
      8: HardSim          Blue      (Substantial competition)
    For higher or lower difficulty, try altering the level of Sims 7-8; but 
    be careful, as the balance of difficulty is delicate.  For a 2 player 
    match, add Player2 to the Red team, and change Sim7's difficulty to 
    Hard; OR, alter the Sims and teams so that each of 2 teams (Red, Blue) 
    has 1 human, 1 MeatSim, 2 NormSims, and 1 HardSim.  For a 3 player 
    match, put all humans on the Red team, change Sim7's difficulty to 
    Hard, and switch Sim1 to the Blue team; OR, put a human and 2 NormSims 
    on each of 3 teams (Red, Yellow, Blue); OR, do the preceding, plus 2 
    HardSims on the Magenta team.  For a 4 player match, alter the Sims and 
    teams so that each of 2 teams (Red and Blue) has 2 humans, 1 EasySim, 2 
    NormSims, and 1 HardSim; OR, put a human and 2 NormSims on each of 4 
    teams (Red, Yellow, Blue, Magenta).
    A: Lay a Laptop Sentry Gun in your base for defense.
    B: Or, lay a Laptop Sentry Gun in the enemy base to clear out the room.
    C: Throw a Dragon Prox. Mine in an enemy-filled room to clear it out 
    before entering.
    D: Cloak yourself with the RC-P120 before entering enemy territory.
    E: Order your Sim teammates to guard your case while you capture the 
    F: Or, order your Sim teammates to capture the enemy case, and guard 
    your own yourself.
    G: If you have the Infinite Laptop Sentry Ammo cheat unlocked, use it 
    (at your own risk...).
    Submitted by NeoBahamut:
    Scenario: Combat 
    Weapons: Shotgun, Devastator, Laptop Gun, Callisto, Cyclone, Falcon. 
    Sims: VengeSim: Normal, KazeSim: Normal. MeatSim, EasySim, EasySim, 
    NormalSim, NormalSim, JudgeSim: Normal. 
    Play this on a small level like the Felicity or something. Turn off 
    Teams, turn on One-Hit Kills, and LET 'ER RIP!! This is just pure 
    madness, the Shotgun and Devastator will give you huge kill counts, and 
    the other Sims will all be trying to kill each other and you. You can 
    get awards like Quad Kill with this Scenario. Try it with four friends 
    and you'll be cleaning up the blood for weeks! 
    Paranoia(Hmmm, Popular name) 
    Scenario: Combat 
    Weapons: CMP, Dragon , RCP-120, Cloaking Device, Cyclone, SuperDragon, 
    Sims: All Dark! Add at least 2 or 3. I like 4 or 5. Play with a friend 
    on Humans vs Simulants or by yourself. 
    This is just scary. Fill it with weapons the enemy knows how to use, 
    Cloaking Devices to keep you on your toes, and DarkSims at every turn, 
    this would turn anybody into a shaking pile of jelly in just an hour. 
    Turn off Radar, and turn off one hit kills (more frustrating). Play it 
    in a big complex level (I prefer the G5 Building because I know the 
    Complex too well, but try to play it in a level your are unfamiliar 
    with.) Everywhere you turn, the team of DarkSims will be all over you. 
    Turn a corner and BLAM! Reincarnate and BLAM! This will keep you up all 
    night saying to yourself, "I want just one more kill, one more kill on 
    these bastards! Please!!!"
    Scenario: Combat 
    Weapons: ALL DISABLED!!!!!! 
    Sims: Same as above, except replace the JudgeSim with another 
    Play this on a small level too. It's pure madness. The small confines 
    of the Felicity make getting kills easy and getting killed easier. No 
    teams, no weapons, and One-Hit Kills. Just play with all the sims or 
    friends. If you're doing this with friends especially, I have two words 
    for you... HURRICANE FISTS!!!!!!!!!! When you get killed, you can just 
    lie there and listen to the smacks and yells as everyone else wastes 
    each other over your head. 
    Submitted by SpacemanSpiff:
    My favorite multiplayer setup is King o' the hill with Falcon 2 
    (scope), Laptop gun, K7 avenger, RC-P120, N-Bomb, and either the rocket 
    launcher or the slayer, depending on my mood.  Any level will do 
    although i prefer the villa. Add some sims, then friends if you have 
    any (...have any around that is...).  Enjoy.
    A LOT of VERY nice ones sent in by bustamac:
    The Terminator
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Villa
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Shotgun, Shotgun, CMP150
    Simulants: CowardSim, difficulty Normal (or easy if you want a 
    Blonde girl head and
               Joanna Negotiator body
               PreySim, difficulty Hard, Tough guy head & Mr. Blonde body
    Teams: You and Sarah Connor CowardSim vs. Terminator PreySim (on the 
    Brown/Blue team in order to change his white clothes) Notes: You're 
    Kyle Reese and your job is to protect Sarah Connor from the Terminator 
    (who has 200% health handicap). Other people could be added to this 
    scenario representing fellow soldiers of the future. However, in this 
    case the Terminator's health handicap should increase by 100% per 
    player for balance.
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase
    Arena: Area 52
    Weapons: Falcon 2, DV-357 Magnum, Phoenix, Mauler
    Simulants: Hard, Perfect, or DarkSims (whose number equals the number 
    of humans) with appearance set to any of the aliens.  Notes: The 
    players, as Mulder (FBI agent), Scully (Joanna Trenchcoat with Velvet 
    Dark head), and other FBI agents must steal the evidence of a massive 
    alien conspiracy straight from the horse's mouth: the aliens 
    themselves. Or you could turn the tables and play as the aliens vs. 
    FBI agent sims!
    Bomb Squad
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Any small to medium sized level will do
    Weapons: K7 Avenger, Remote mines, Proximity mines, shields
    Simulants: None recommended, because the sims would hit the explosives 
    every time.
    Teams: 1 Mad Bomber vs. 1-3 Bomb Squad Team Members
    Notes: When the scenario begins, the Mad Bomber has 30-60 seconds 
    (depending on level size) to lay as many mines as he can on the hill. 
    During this time, the Bomb Squad players wait. Then the Squad takes off 
    for the ready-to blow hill. The madcap and explosive battle ensues and 
    continues, until the hill is captured by the victor. At this point the 
    process repeats (for every subsequent hill), with the Squad members 
    waiting while the Bomber wires up the next hill, then taking off to 
    defuse it. For realism, the Bomb Squad is restricted to using the K7, 
    and the Bomber the mines. Of course, realism can be disregarded in the 
    heat of battle. . .
    Kill the Loony
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Felicity
    Weapons: Falcon 2, MagSec 4, Dragon, Tranquilizer, Tranquilizer
    Simulants: SpeedSim, difficulty anything but Meat, with head of that 
    guy baring his teeth and body of Biotechnician
    Teams: 1-4 Doctors vs. 1 Escaped Mental Patient
    Notes: One of your mental patients has escaped. Is it that nice old 
    lady on the third floor with a history of Alzheimer's? Nope. It's that 
    psycho on floor five with a history of paranoia, hallucinatory 
    insanity, and good old homicidal mania. He's whacked out on drugs, so 
    he's got massive adrenaline in his system (SpeedSim) and he can't feel 
    pain (Health Handicap: 500%).  Hospital protocol demands that you 
    sedate him and return him to his quarters, but you'd feel a lot better 
    knowing he was dead.
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Car Park
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Shotgun, CMP150, Grenade, Shield
    Simulants: ShieldSim T-1000 (Sniper Head and dataDyne security body),
    difficulty: Hard/Perfect, handicap of 300% (or more)
          HardSim Sarah Connor (blonde girl head and Joanna Combat body)
          NormalSim John Connor (brown, short hair head with "guy wearing a
    short blue jacket" body)
    Teams: The Terminator (you), Sarah Connor, & John Connor vs. T-1000
    Limits: Score limit - 15, Team score limit - 10
    Recommended Soundtrack: Dark Combat
    Notes: Priority One: Protection of Sarah Connor and John Connor. 
    Priority Two: Destruction of T-1000 prototype. Priority Three: 
    Self-preservation.  This should be a very difficult scenario because 
    those Connors run into bullets as if they're thinking the 1000th person 
    shot wins a sack of gold teeth!
    Metal Gear Solid
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Any large level
    Weapons: Falcon 2 (silencer), Sniper Rifle, Dragon, Cloaking Device
    Simulants: 8 EasySims (Datadyne Shock Trooper head & body)
    Teams: All 8 of them vs. you.
    Limits: Score: 5, Team Score: 15
    Options: No Radar
    Hill Options: Hill time of 35sec/point, Mobile Hill off.
    Recommended Soundtrack: Datadyne Extraction
    Recommended Active Cheat: Cloaking Device
    Notes: This is Colonel Campbell. Come in, Solid Snake. We've cleared up 
    that mess in Alaska, but now you've got to tie up one of Liquid Snake's 
    loose ends. Seems that he's got another facility for storing Metal 
    Gears. Head for that location with a transceiver for our weapons 
    satellite so we can blast that thing to hell. It'll take a while for 
    the transceiver to get a lock.  You won't get bored because good old 
    Liquid's left you some friends to keep you busy. We got you a cloaking 
    device, so you can concentrate on shooting things instead of crawling 
    around like a rat. Campbell out.
    The quintessential SuicideBomberSim
    This is an interesting tactic that I stumbled upon during a frantic 
    game with remote mines. I call it the "SuicideBomberSim" (too bad 
    KazeSim is already taken). This is very useful in games like King of 
    the Hill where kill points don't matter. It doesn't work well against 
    other hi-level sims, but it works just fine on people!
    1. During Advanced Setup, put a FistSim on your team and set the option 
    to display team colors on the radar. Your friends won't object to 
    making the Sim's difficulty Dark/Perfect, right? He's only a little 
    FistSim. . .
    2. Select any level and include Remote Mines.
    3. When the game starts, grab some Remote Mines and order the FistSim 
    on your team to "Hold."
    4. As soon as the FistSim arrives at your position, stick plenty of 
    remote mines on his body.
    5. Send an order for the FistSim to "Attack" someone you don't like.
    6. As soon as you see your FistSim dot merge with the victim's dot, 
    DETONATE!!! Or, if you aren't using team colors, listen for a punching 
    sound and look for the victim's blurry screen, then. . . DETONATE!!  If 
    you want this tactic to cause you a net gain in points in Combat 
    scenarios, you'll have to blow up a group, but that's not hard to do in 
    a small level (against sims, anyway - your friends will catch on pretty 
    quickly and separate).
    DragonBall Z: Protect Earth's DragonBalls from Freeza!
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Arena: Any
    Weapons: Lasers, Lasers, Shield, Shield, Cloaking Device, N-Bomb
    People OR Simulants:
    Goku PerfectSim (no-beard man with hair just like Bond's head, overalls 
    OR Goku Super Saiyan SpeedSim Difficulty Dark (Jonathan head, overalls 
    Krillan NormalSim (no-beard guy with hair almost same color as head, 
    overalls body)
    Gohan CowardSim difficulty Hard (no-beard guy & inverted bowl haircut 
    head, Sniper body)
    Yamcha NormalSim (no-beard guy with ponytail head, overalls body)
    Piccolo HardSim (Elvis head, green DataDyne trooper body)
    Vegeta VengeSim difficulty Hard (Trent Easton head, A51 guard body)
    Freeza PerfectSim (Biotechnician Head, Alaskan guard body)
    Score Limit: 7
    Teams: Goku OR Goku Super Saiyan, Krillan, Gohan, & Yamcha (Yellow) vs.
    Piccolo, Vegeta, and Freeza (Blue)
    Options: Fast Movement
    Case Options: Show On Radar
    Recommended Active Cheat: Hurricane Fists
    Recommended Soundtrack: dD Central
    Notes: In an alternate timeline, Freeza has come to Earth, and his new 
    Mind-Control Beam has turned Vegeta and Piccolo into his cronies. Their 
    purpose: Collect the DragonBalls to achieve immortality! The Earthlings 
    have hidden them in innocuous briefcases (I know, it's a stretch) but 
    Freeza is not fooled. All of Earth's remaining Special Forces must 
    collect the DragonBalls first and wish this intergalactic menace out of 
    existence.  The laser beams represent the energy attacks the DBZ 
    characters use to fight. Shields represent their energy defenses. The 
    cloaking device represents those parts of the show where the characters 
    move so fast you can't even see them. The N-Bomb is like the Spirit 
    Bomb attack. Fast movement and Hurricane Fists reflect the characters' 
    super reflexes.
    DragonBall Z: Earth vs. Giant Saiyan Apes!
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Any small level
    Weapons: Lasers, Lasers, Shield, Shield, Cloaking Device, N-Bomb
    People: (at least two)
    Goku (no-beard man with hair just like Bond's head, overalls body)
    Krillan (no-beard guy with hair almost same color as head, overalls 
    Gohan (no-beard guy & inverted bowl haircut head, Sniper body)
    Yamcha (no-beard guy with ponytail head, overalls body)
    Simulants: 2-4 Giant Saiyan Ape TurtleSims, any difficulty (orange 
    helmet head, A51 guard body)
    Options: Fast Movement
    Recommended Active Cheats: Hurricane Fists, Fast Movement, Small Jo
    Recommended Soundtrack: Skedar Mystery
    Notes: It appears that there were more Saiyan survivors from planet 
    Vegeta's explosion than previously thought. They have arrived on Earth, 
    creating artificial moonlight in order to attain Giant Saiyan Ape form 
    and wreak havoc. Looks like Earth's Special Forces have to take care of 
    some monkey business. . .
    The Small Jo cheat makes the human players small, while keeping the 
    Saiyan Ape Sims appropriately huge. Spirit Bombs (N-Bombs) are really 
    the only way to kill the Apes effectively, just like in DBZ.
    A Knife in the [Perfect] Dark
    Crap That's Freaky!
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Any simple level (like the Temple)
    Weapons: All Combat Knives
    Simulants: 0-8 Meat/EasySims, because you're blind
    Score Limit: None
    Time Limit: 10 min
    Teams: Any
    Options: No Radar
    Player Options: Player Highlights, Pick-up Highlights, and Team Color
    Recommended Cheat: Perfect Darkness
    Recommended Soundtrack: Skedar Ruins
    Notes: No one is allowed to use Night Vision so everyone fights in the 
    dark.  The only way to navigate in the darkness is to use the 
    highlighted guns, ammo, and people as ways to get your bearings. This 
    game will give you the shakes. Seriously. And if you thought this 
    scenario was freaky, just wait until you make everyone look the same 
    (including the Sims) so NOBODY knows who's stabbing you! One-hit-kills 
    can make it even scarier!  Here's a navigation tip: try throwing knives 
    into thin air. You can leave a trail of bread crumbs this way because 
    knives highlight when they stick in the wall.
    A FarSight in the [Perfect] Dark
    Crap That's Cheap!
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Any simple level
    Weapons: All Farsights
    Simulants: None because you're still blind
    Teams: Any with 4 players
    Options: No Radar again
    Player Options: All the Highlights again
    Recommended Active Cheat: Perfect Darkness again
    Recommended Soundtrack: CI Operative
    Notes: No Night Vision here, just FarSight Vision. Have you seen The 
    ThunderCats? "Gun of Omens, give me Sight Beyond FarSight!"
    The Matrix II
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase
    Arena: Grid
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Falcon 2, CMP150, CMP150, K7 Avenger
    Neo SpeedSim Difficulty Dark (Keanu Reeves look-alike (with five 
    o'clock shadow) head, FBI Agent body)
    Trinity HardSim (Woman with black hair & long face head, Joanna 
    Leather body)
    Morpheus JudgeSim difficulty Perfect (black man with bald spot head, 
    CIA Agent body)
    3-4 Agent Hard/Perfect/DarkSims (Any ugly head, President body)
    Time Limit: None
    Score Limit: None
    Team Score Limit: 10
    Options: Slow Motion Smart, Fast Movement, No Radar, No Auto-Aim
    Teams: Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, Switch, and Epoch (Blue) vs. the 3-4 
    Agents (Brown)
    Recommended Active Cheat: Hurricane Fists
    Recommended Soundtrack: dD Extraction X or Carrington Villa X
    Notes: The access codes for Zion's mainframe are loose in the Matrix! 
    If the agents retrieve them then the free world is lost. Now Neo and 
    the crew members of the Nebuchadnezzar must reenter the Matrix and 
    hold the codes long enough to establish a tracer signal and delete 
    them. Since Neo has become the One, death in the Matrix has lost its 
    sting; however, dying causes the tracer signal to be lost and gives 
    the agents an opportunity to snatch the codes!  Slow Motion Smart plus 
    Fast Movement really gives the effect of Bullet-Time photography 
    because the slo-mo kicks in only when the bullets start flying, making 
    dodging them easier. "You're saying I can dodge bullets?" Yes, as long 
    as No Auto-Aim is active (Simulants are infallible marksmen 
    otherwise).  Hurricane Fists are useful when you're close enough to an 
    Agent to make him "Dodge this." Did you ever notice that no level like 
    this one appears in the solo game and that 'grid' is a synonym for 
    'matrix'? "Whoa."
    One Gun Two Gun No Gun
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Any
    Weapons: Any lone doubling weapon (you can select the Falcon 2, for 
    example, because you can hold two of them at once)
    Simulants: None
    Options: One-Hit Kills, No Radar
    Teams: 4 player free for all
    Notes: Have every player go to his own options menu under Control and 
    turn off 'Ammo on Screen' and 'Show Gun Function', then start the 
    scenario as usual. If you have two guns and run into someone with two 
    guns (back-shooting breaks the rules, by the way), then the both of 
    you commence a sort of Rock, Paper, Scissors game by pressing the A 
    button. Unarmed beats 2 guns, 1 gun beats Unarmed, and 2 guns beat 1 
    gun. The winner gets to shoot (or punch) the loser. If you don't have 
    two guns when you see somebody who does, then run find some ASAP, 
    otherwise you're toast. Groups of 3 or 4 people who all have 2 guns 
    play a game of Odd Man Out by switching guns, where the minority voter 
    gets shot/smacked. For example, with 4 people, everyone presses A, and 
    then if 3 guys have guns out and 1 doesn't, the guy who doesn't gets 
    shot. Or, if 3 guys are unarmed and 1 guy has guns out, the guy with 
    guns gets smacked. Repeat if no one ends up in the minority.
    Carrington Says
    Is Carrington Carrying?
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Any
    Weapons: Any single gun, as long as it can't be doubled. For example, 
    you cannot use the Falcon 2, because you can hold 2 of these guns at 
    the same time, but you can use the Sniper Rifle.
    Options: Team Colors On
    Simulants: None
    Teams: 4 players, each a different color team
    Notes: This scenario makes use of the 'Black Out' feature. To do this,
    crouch twice, then press and hold Down-C. Also, before everyone starts 
    the game, have every player go to his Control menu and turn off 'Ammo 
    on Screen' and 'Show Gun Function.'
    The game begins with every player grabbing the gun in the level. As 
    soon as this is accomplished, Player 1 takes the role of Carrington. 
    Player 1 'Blacks Out' and asks "Is Carrington carrying?" and presses 
    the A button rapidly. At this point, all of the other players try to 
    guess whether Player 1 will pull out a gun or not by selecting Unarmed 
    or the gun with the A button. Then after everyone has made their guess, 
    Player 1 lets go of Down-C, revealing whether he's holding the gun or 
    not and yelling "Yes!" if he has the gun out and "No!" if not. If one 
    person guesses wrong, then all of the players try to kill the bad 
    guesser. The bad guesser becomes the next Carrington after he dies. If 
    everyone's wrong, then it's free-for-all combat. Whoever dies first 
    becomes the next Carrington. If everyone guesses right, then everyone 
    goes after Carrington! In this case the unlucky guy will have to be 
    Carrington again after he gets killed. Repeat the guessing game if 
    only one person guesses right.  By the way, the odds for each are: 1 
    guy wrong (Toast him): 3/7. Only 1 right guess (Repeat): 2/7. 
    Everyone's wrong (Free-for-all): 1/7. Everyone's right (Go for 
    Carrington): 1/7.
    Human Totem Poles in Multiplayer
    This is a strange effect that occurs when someone is standing directly 
    in the spot you're going to land when you fall. You will land on top 
    of that person's head, and only the top person on the stack will be 
    able to go anywhere; all the others can do is jog in place. I actually 
    had this happen by accident one time in the first Solo mission when I 
    jumped off the helicopter pad and landed on a very surprised guard's 
    head.  Here's how to make a totem pole in the Ravine level:
    1. Player 2: go to the elevator platform and fall onto the lowest 
    level, next to the long orange pipe.
    2. Player 2: get as close as you can to the edge of the cliff that the
    elevator touches. Make sure you are facing the elevator dead on; rotate
    until the red line on the ground is entirely vertical.
    3. Player 1: get on the elevator and orient yourself so that if you were
    down at Player 2's elevation, you both would be standing face to face.
    4. Player 1: look down and step straight towards the edge of the 
    elevator until you can barely see the top of Player 2's head. Take a 
    small step into thin air when the elevator nears the top floor. You'll 
    land on Player 2's head. He'll be stuck there, but you can still move. 
    It will look interesting on everyone else's screens.
    5. Have Player 3 repeat steps 3-4 to have three guys standing on each
    other's heads.
    6. Player 1: to make a four person totem pole, begin the stack with a
    DarkSim on your team. To do this, move to the position that Player 2 
    took in step 2, then order your Sim to "Hold." Move out of the way and 
    he'll stand right on the spot.
    Killing the people in this human tower makes it collapse - that's  
    Player 4's job. An interesting glitch occurs when you have a Simulant 
    on the bottom of the stack. When you kill him, the people on top of him 
    don't fall but float!  You can walk in and out of the spot where the 
    Sim was standing. If you're very lucky, the Sim will run back to his 
    spot after respawning and end up on top of the stack, making the totem 
    pole five people high. You can also have every person but the top one 
    turn on a cloaking device so it looks like the one on the top is 
    floating.  You could make a five-person tower, but the problem is that 
    no one could look at it (everyone is part of the stack).
    This trick can be done in any level with long drop-offs. Examples are 
    the Temple, in the old Goldeneye body armor room with the high ledge; 
    the Villa, in the huge room with the catwalk; and the Warehouse, off 
    of any of the numerous catwalks.
    You can build human totem poles on top of a Warehouse HoverCrate. All 
    you have to do is push the crate to the catwalk room, then have someone 
    step off a catwalk onto the crate. Too bad the crate can't move when 
    someone's on top of it.
    Megaman II Perfect Edition
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Any technological (like Complex or Warehouse)
    Megaman's Mega Buster (Mauler Single Shot mode ONLY)
    If you include the boss, then include the corresponding weapon.
    Crash Man's Crash Bomb (Devastator Wall-Hugger mode ONLY)
    Magnet Man's Magnet Missile (Slayer Fly-By-Wire mode ONLY)
    Shadow Man's Shadow Blade (Combat Knife)
    Metal Man's Metal-Blade (Combat Knife)
    Quick Man's Quick Beam (Cloaking Device and Laser)
    Gemini Man's Gemini Laser (Laser)
    Needle Man's Needle Cannon (Callisto NTG High-Impact Shells mode ONLY)
    Spark Man's Spark Shock (Tranquilizer)
    Hard Man's Hard Knuckle (Unarmed with Hurricane Fists Cheat)
    Flash Man's Time Stop (Combat Boost, use Mauler Single Shot mode to 
    Air Man's Air Shooter (Cyclone Magazine Discharge mode ONLY)
    Heat Man's Heat Ray (Phoenix Explosive Shells mode ONLY)
    Megaman (Sniper head, G5 Swat Guard body) Health Handicap: 125%
    Choose 3 of these bosses to play as the other 3 players.
    Crash Man (Sniper head, A51 Guard body)
    Magnet Man (Orange Helmet head, Sniper body)
    Shadow Man (DataDyne Shock Trooper head, NSA Bodyguard body)
    Metal Man (DataDyne Shock Trooper head, Sniper body)
    Quick Man (Sniper head, Overalls body)
    Gemini Man (Biotechnician head, Alaskan Guard body)
    Needle Man (Alien with Helmet head, NSA bodyguard body)
    Spark Man (Biotechnician head, CI Soldier body)
    Hard Man (DataDyne Shock Trooper head and body)
    Flash Man (Sniper head and body)
    Air Man (Alien with Helmet head, CI Soldier body)
    Heat Man (Orange Helmet head, Overalls body)
    Dr. Wily CowardSim difficulty Normal/Hard (goatee and poofy long hair 
    DataDyne Lab Technician body)
    Teams: Mega Man vs. 3 Bosses and Dr. Wily
    Team Score Limit: 4
    Options: Team Colors Off
    Recommended Cheat: Hurricane Fists only if using Hard Man
    Recommended Soundtrack: Dd Central X, Air Base X, Air Force One X
        IN THE YEAR OF 200X,
            WAS CREATED.
            OF DR. WILY.
    When the game starts, have the boss team order Dr. Wily to "Hold" at 
    an out-of-the way position. The fighting doesn't start until later. 
    Have Megaman grab and use only the Mauler, and have the bosses grab 
    and use only their designated weapon (e.g. Air Man grabs & uses just 
    the Cyclone). The only way Megaman can use other guns is to kill a 
    boss; then he can add the dead boss's gun to his collection. The 
    bosses should disperse until they are evenly spread out on radar and 
    until no two bosses are in the same room.  Then the bosses wait for 
    Megaman to run into their rooms. This creates a setup where the rooms 
    the bosses guard are their "worlds" and Megaman has to enter the 
    bosses' worlds and defeat them to acquire their guns. No one uses 
    fists (with the exception of Hard Man) throughout the fight. A boss 
    who dies doesn't press start, he just gets one chance to kill Megaman. 
    If Megaman runs into Dr. Wily before defeating all of the bosses, then 
    he should leave and beat all the bosses first.
    The score limit of 4 means that Megaman has to kill 3 different bosses
    (different because the bosses don't respawn) and 1 Dr. Wily to win. It 
    also means Megaman has 4 lives, then it's game over. Megaman gets an 
    "extra life" if a boss suicides. Some boss selections (Gemini Man, 
    Hard Man, Shadow Man) are easier to defeat than others (Air Man, 
    Crash Man, Magnet Man). If Megaman suicides, then he must kill Dr. 
    Wily an extra time. Collecting Energy Tanks (shields) is necessary for 
    Megaman's survival, but watch out for bosses who might be guarding 
    them. Megaman gets a health handicap to show that he is tougher than 
    Dr. Wily's evil robots.
    The Urban Legend of Zelda
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase
    Arena: Any, except for Temple
    Weapons: Laser, Phoenix, Grenade, CMP150, Shield, Crossbow
    Link PerfectSim (Jonathan head, DataDyne Trooper body)
    Joanna Dark PerfectSim (Joanna Dark head, Joanna Combat Body)
    Ganon KazeSim difficulty Hard/Perfect (Guy baring teeth head, Datadyne
    Infantry body)
    3-4 Ganon's Underlings PreySims difficulty Normal/Hard (DataDyne Shock
    Trooper head, NSA Bodyguard body)
    Recommended Soundtrack: Skedar Mystery
    Notes: The Ocarina of Time has sent Link to retrieve the Triforce, 
    which has slipped through a tear in time's fabric and is now in the 
    far future. Hyrule has become a sprawling megalopolis called "Chicago" 
    where swords 'n' sorcery have been replaced by guns 'n' ammo. But the 
    vile Ganon has ridden Link's timestream and is now prowling Chicago in 
    search of the Triforce. It is up to Link and the youngest living 
    descendant of Zelda, Joanna Dark, to find the Triforce before Ganon 
    does and return to the past.  The Laser is like the Master Sword; it 
    has both long range and short range attacks. The Phoenix is like the 
    Fire Wand. The Grenade is like one of Link's Bombs. The CMP150 is 
    included because it locks onto enemies just like Z Targeting in Zelda 
    64. The Crossbow is like Link's trusty bow and silver arrows, while 
    the Shield is a super hi-tech update of Link's Mirror Shield.
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Sewers, Warehouse, Car Park
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Falcon 2, DV357 Magnum, CMP150, Shotgun
    Samuel L. Jackson's Shaft (black man with bald spot head, FBI Agent 
    Richard Roundtree's Shaft (President head, CIA Agent body)
    Cobra Crime Boss (Any head, Trent Easton body)
    Shark Crime Boss (Any head, DataDyne Security body)
    3 Cobra Gangsta EasySims (Any head, Overalls body)
    3 Shark Gangsta EasySims (Any head, NSA Lackey body)
    Hill Options: 20 seconds/point
    Teams: the Sharks vs. the Cobras vs. the Shafts
    Recommended Soundtrack: G5 Building
    Notes: Shaft has had his hands full taking on the Cobras; the Sharks'
    arrival just gave Shaft an armload. Both gangs are fighting to control 
    more territory, but Shaft and Uncle John are here to make sure no one 
    controls this part of town except one bad mother-
    Shut yo mouth.
    But I'm talkin bout Shaft-
    And we can dig it.
    Hit Squad Frag Tag
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Any medium/large level
    Weapons: Any, except explosives
    8 Hit Squad Goon Meat/EasySims
    Time Limit: 10 min.
    Teams: Everyone, including the Sims, is on the same team.
    Notes: Have Player 1 be the captain of the Hit Squad (the 8 Sims). He 
    orders the Hit Squad to Protect, then when they have all arrived, he 
    orders the Hit Squad to Attack players and follows the Squad around 
    until he is killed by a player. Then Player 2 gets to be captain and 
    he orders the Squad to Protect him, then Attack other players. If he 
    dies, Player 3 is captain, and so on.  Repeat this cycle for the 
    duration of the game. Whichever player gets the most kills wins. By 
    the way, if you're captain you can't kill your own Hit Squad.
    Things are much easier for non-captains if One Hit Kills is activated; 
    this makes everyone rely on ambushing and sniping tactics.
    The Great Mummy's Tomb
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase
    Arena: Temple
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Laptop Gun (Poison Dart Trap), Proximity Mine (Fire
    Trap), Combat Knife
    Explorer (Any head, Area 51 Trooper body)
    Female Explorer (Joanna Arctic head and body)
    Expedition Leader (Carrington Evening Wear head and body)
    Great Mummy (Biotechnician head, Mr. Blonde body)
    2 Mummy FistSims difficulty Normal (Biotechnician head, Alaskan Guard 
    1 Explorer Dummy FistSim difficulty Easy (Orange Helmet head, Overalls 
    Teams: Mummies vs. Explorers
    Limits: Time Limit None, Score Limit 1
    Options: One Hit Kills, No Radar
    Recommended Soundtrack: Skedar Mystery or Deep Sea
    Notes: The explorers have arrived at an ancient tomb, and the treasure
    awaits them - if they survive the tomb's defenses. Due to a mystical 
    scarab amulet, each explorer gets 2 lives to find the treasure and can 
    only use 1 Combat Knife and 10 Falcon 2 bullets per life.
    If the treasure (the briefcase) appears next to the explorers or in a 
    wide open space when the scenario begins, just start over. If not, the 
    explorers should go find 1 Combat Knife and 1 Falcon 2, then wait. Have 
    all players order their Simulants to "Hold," then the explorers look 
    away while the Great Mummy determines the location of the treasure. 
    After this, the Great Mummy sets various traps near the treasure 
    (without picking it up), using 20 Fire Traps (Proximity Mines) and 1 
    Poison Dart Trap (Laptop Sentry Gun). The Great Mummy also uses the 
    two mummies as traps by ordering them to Hold at locations leading to 
    the treasure, or by sending them to Attack and terrorize the 
    explorers. The Great Mummy may only use Combat Knifes in normal combat.
    Great Mummy: Some trap ideas include crouching and throwing knives on 
    top of the explorers' heads from the window overlooking the large room, 
    and having the mummies protect rooms that are very small so they can 
    easily ambush unsuspecting explorers without getting shot. Another 
    mean trick with mummies is to watch the explorer's screens, and if 
    they are close to your mummies you can order them to Attack. Having 
    them Attack all the time doesn't work because the mummies hit your 
    traps and the explorers waste 'em real easily.  You can't make your 
    mummies attack their Dummy, that's cheap.  Placing Fire Traps on 
    columns, over doorways, and around corners is good and surprising 
    (just make sure your mummies don't run into them) and the Poison Dart 
    Trap is especially deadly. It should be used in a large room with 
    little or no cover, or next to the treasure in the event that an 
    explorer respawns next to it. Whatever you do, don't place both traps 
    next to each other. They don't mix.
    Explorer: Your most vital tool is the Explorer Dummy. With it you can
    deactivate any room filled with Fire Traps safely. However, your Dummy
    only gets to respawn twice. After that, you have to order it to Hold 
    at one location and leave it. Therefore, use it sparingly. When the 
    Dummy dies it will come back to you if its last order was to Protect 
    and if it doesn't hit any traps along the way. You can give Dummies 
    any order except Get Case and Attack (they're Dummies, not bloodhounds 
    or attack dogs).  Shooting Fire Traps detonates them safely, but with 
    One Hit Kills on you should stay as far away from the blast as 
    possible. Also be wary of possible chain reactions that could light up 
    the whole room as a result of triggering one trap. If you're low on 
    bullets you can always trigger a Fire Trap with a well-placed knife, 
    just remember that you have to go and pick the knife back up (you only 
    get 1).  Be wary, brave explorers, for mere bullets cannot kill a 
    mummy and it will soon reappear after being shot. Mummies can jump you 
    the moment you enter a room, so have someone in the group watching 
    everyone's back. Also watch the Great Mummy's screen to see if he 
    changes the mummies' orders.  That Poison Dart Trap really sucks. If 
    you know where it is, try to peek around a corner and peg it. It takes 
    3 bullets.
    Crate Pong
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Warehouse
    Weapons: SuperDragons in top 3 slots
    People: 2 Players
    Active Cheats: Infinite Ammo, Super Shield
    Limits: None
    Notes: Both players grab SuperDragons, then go to the HoverCrate room. 
    Grab and move the crate to the middle of the room (I'll refer to this 
    as "centering the crate"). Player 1's territory is the half of the room 
    with the two discolored crates, and Player 2's territory is the other 
    half of the room. Each player uses the SuperDragon's grenades to bounce 
    the HoverCrate into the opponent's No Blast Zone to score goal points. 
    So if Player 1 bounces the crate into Player 2's Zone, Player 1 scores 
    a goal point. The first player to 15 goal points wins.
    Each player's territory has a No Blast Zone. The Zone goes from left to
    right and from the player's back wall to the column next to the back 
    wall.  Anyone who lands a grenade in a No Blast Zone or steps out of 
    his territory gives his opponent a penalty shot. If the crate gets 
    stuck or leaves the room, stop shooting and center it.
    Here's how the penalty shot works: Center the crate. The defender stays 
    in his Zone and must switch to Unarmed. The shooter can go anywhere and 
    must switch to bullets instead of grenades. The shooter gets 30 bullets 
    to try to shoot the crate past the defender into the Zone for 1 point. 
    If the shooter empties the clip, kills the defender, or scores, then 
    center the crate and resume normal play.
    Say you die. In that case, everyone waits. Press Start, and if your 
    screen says "Killed by. . ." you get a penalty shot when you get back. 
    But if your screen says "Suicide Count. . ." your opponent has a chance 
    to score goal points. If he can grab the crate and put it his No Blast 
    Zone, then in your Zone 3 times before you arrive armed, he gets a goal 
    point.  Say you both die. Both players just grab guns and walk back to 
    the room if this happens, regardless of who shot who. Then center the 
    crate and resume.  For variety you can try Crate Pong in different 
    rooms with different Zones.
    Crate Hockey
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Warehouse
    Weapons: All K7 Avengers
    People: 4 Players
    Active Cheats: Infinite Ammo, Jo Shield
    Limits: None
    Teams: Players 1 & 2 vs. 3 & 4
    Notes: The K7s are used in this game because the clip empties quickly 
    and stray bullets from this gun cause major damage.
    To begin, everyone grabs a gun, then heads for the HoverCrate room. In 
    this game there are Zones, penalty shots, and the same scoring method 
    as in Crate Pong, but there are some differences.
    Players 1 and 3 are the Goalies. This means that they must stay in 
    their No Blast Zones. Players 2 and 4 are the Centers; they can go 
    anywhere except Zones. Violating either of these boundaries results in 
    a penalty shot.  If the crate goes out of the room the game halts while 
    the crate is centered, then the game resumes.
    In this game, no one can grab the crate with B during normal play. 
    Doing so calls for a penalty shot.
    Anyone who kills one of his opponents gives away a penalty shot.
    If you kill your teammate, the action does not stop and you have to 
    play things out until your teammate arrives. If it's obvious that 
    you're shooting your teammate to within an inch of his life for easy 
    penalty shots then your opponents get 5 goal points as a result.
    The game is over at 25 goal points.
    Try this scenario with other automatic weapons and the Shotgun to 
    change game strategy.
    Porcupine's Crate
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Warehouse
    Weapons: Crossbow Instant Kill mode ONLY
    People: 3 or 4 Players
    Options: Pick-Up Highlights
    Active Cheat: Invincible
    Time Limit: 2-5 min.
    Notes: Everyone runs to the room with the HoverCrate, and the whole 
    scenario takes place in this room. You can select a different room as 
    long as you keep things in a confined space. Player 1 starts as 
    "Porcupine", and Players 2 & 3 are "Left Shooter" and "Right Shooter", 
    respectively. Porcupine uses B to grab the crate on the side with the 
    yellow and black stuff on it (he can never let go of the crate). The 
    side on Porcupine's right is Right Shooter's side, and the side on 
    Porcupine's left is Left Shooter's side. At the end of the game, if 
    Left Shooter has shot more bolts into the left side of the crate than 
    Right Shooter shot into the right side, Left Shooter wins, and vice 
    versa. However, if Porcupine has more bolts IN HIS BODY than in the
    prickliest side of the crate, he wins! So Porcupine has to do his best 
    to try to get himself shot as much as possible for 2-5 minutes. You can 
    add another player to this game by making the side of the crate 
    directly opposite Porcupine belong to the "Middle Shooter".
    To make it harder for everybody you can use Combat Knives instead of
    Crossbows. Also try Slow Motion for a watch-other's-screens strategy 
    game or Fast Movement for utter anarchy.
    Courier Crisis
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Any level without bottomless pits
    Weapons: Falcon 2, DV357 Magnum, Mauler, Remote Mine, Shield
    People: 1-4 Players
    Time Limit: 3-8 mins.
    8 SpeedSims difficulty Meat
    Teams: Everyone, including the Simulants, is on the same team.
    Notes: You can have 1-2 Couriers and 0-2 Interceptors. The Courier's 
    goal is to give every Simulant a package before time runs out. The 
    package consists of a Remote Mine, and "to give" means to stick the 
    mine on the Sim's body.  The Interceptor's job is run down the 
    Courier's clock by shooting him (the Courier can defend himself with 
    any gun). No one can use the Remote Mines as explosives; they are just 
    present as markers. Also, no one may give the Sims any orders, and no 
    one can kill them. If a Sim dies accidentally the Courier does not have 
    to give him a package. Any non-explosive guns may be placed in the 
    first 3 weapon slots for variety. Slow Motion makes it easy for 
    Couriers and Fast Movement makes it dang near impossible.
    The Gauntlet
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Arena: Fortress
    Weapons: DV357 Magnum, Proxy Mine, DV357 Magnum, Proxy Mine, Laptop Gun
    4 players
    Time Limit: 4-8 mins.
    Active Cheat: Unlimited Ammo - Laptop Sentry Gun
    Team Score Limit: 9
    Teams: Players 1 & 2 vs. 3 & 4
    Notes: Players 1 & 2 starts out as the Runners. Players 3 & 4 start out 
    as the Protectors. The Runners wait while the Protectors have 1 minute 
    to lay as many mines as they can and 2 Laptop Sentry Guns. The Runners 
    then take off. Their objective is to capture the Protectors' case and 
    bring it back 3 times. The Protectors' objective is to delay the 
    Runners until time runs out.
    The Runners can only use the Magnum, but no one actually fights each 
    other; the only means the Protectors have of delaying is by laying 
    mines and Sentry Guns, and the Runners can only use the Magnums to 
    blow up Proxies and Sentries. Change the difficulty of the Runners' 
    task by increasing/decreasing the time limit and/or health handicaps. 
    Reverse roles next game.
    Star Wars
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Complex
    Weapons: Mauler, Callisto NTG, Laser, Disabled, Shield
    Luke Skywalker (Foster's friend head, Alaskan Guard body) Health 
    Handicap: 200%
    Darth Vader (DataDyne Shock Trooper head, NSA Bodyguard body) Health
    Handicap: 300%
    Han Solo (Harrison Ford look-alike head, DataDyne Security body) Health
    Handicap: 110%
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old guy head, Overalls body)
    Princess Leia EasySim (girl with hair in bun, Female Lab Technician body)
    6 StormTrooper KazeSims difficulty Easy (Biotechnician head, CI Soldier
    Teams: Luke, Han, Leia, & Obi-Wan vs. Vader & Troopers
    Limits: None
    Recommended Soundtrack: CI Operative
    Notes: Luke and his friends have just exited the trash compactor on 
    Darth Vader's ship, and are now making their escape. Just before they 
    reach the hangar, Luke sees Darth Vader and Obi-Wan about to battle. 
    But then Obi-Wan allows Darth Vader to win, and Luke escapes before he 
    can make sense of what happened.
    This scenario is an adaptation of some events in Star Wars. Darth Vader
    orders all his StormTroopers to Hold for the moment. Obi-Wan situates
    himself in the isolated sniper's window. Luke, Han, & Leia (set to 
    Protect) start in the room that's below normal ground level, and Darth 
    Vader & Troopers should be set in the new Perfect Dark Complex's 
    balcony with a shield. Then Vader orders the Troopers to Attack the 
    Princess. At this time, Obi-Wan heads for Vader. He should climb up the 
    grates and meet Vader, but they don't fight yet. Then after 20 
    StormTroopers are killed, Vader orders them to Protect, then Hold in 
    the sniper's balcony. Then Luke's team walks in just as Obi-Wan is 
    killed by Vader's lightsaber (Laser Short-Rangem Stream). If one member 
    of Luke's team dies once (except for Obi-Wan), then Vader & the 
    Troopers win. If the plot events are carried out, then Luke's team wins.
    The Empire Strikes Back
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Pipes
    Weapons: Mauler, Callisto NTG, Laser, Disabled, Shield
    Luke Skywalker (Foster's friend head, Alaskan Guard body) Health 
    Handicap: 250%
    Darth Vader (DataDyne Shock Trooper head, NSA Bodyguard body) Health
    Handicap: 300%
    Han Solo (Harrison Ford look-alike head, DataDyne Security body) Health
    Handicap: 110%
    Princess Leia (girl with hair in bun, Joanna Lab Tech body) Health 
    Handicap: 120%
    6 StormTrooper KazeSims difficulty Normal (Biotechnician head, CI 
    Soldier body)
    Options: No Radar
    Limits: None
    Active Cheat: Perfect Darkness
    Recommended Soundtrack: A51 Rescue
    Teams: Luke, Han, & Leia vs. Vader & Troopers
    Notes: Han and Leia arrive in Cloud City only to see the lights go out 
    and be ambushed by Imperial Stormtroopers. They fend off the soldiers 
    for as long as they can yet succumb to their sheer numbers. Luke senses
    disturbances in the Force, and goes to Cloud City only to find it 
    eerily silent. Darth Vader shatters this silence and a climatic battle 
    ensues. This is an adaptation of some Empire Strikes Back events. The
    scenario begins, and Luke and Darth Vader both hide in corners at 
    opposite ends of the level.  Vader orders his StormTroopers to Attack 
    Han & Leia. Then after 10 StormTroopers are killed, Vader orders his 
    StormTroopers to Protect. Han & Leia go into their prison, which is 
    located on the 2nd floor next to the spiral staircase, then Luke walks 
    out onto the catwalks, using his Night Vision to see. Vader orders his 
    men to Hold. He sneaks up onto the catwalks near Luke, then activates 
    his lightsaber (Laser Short-Range Stream). Luke should turn off Night 
    Vision, then activate his lightsaber. The two battle using only their 
    lightsabers. Fight for as long as you want, then the game should end 
    with Luke falling into the pit just like in the movie (End it right as 
    he's in midair). Vader wins if any of Luke's team members die before 
    the story events carry out.
    Return of the Jedi-Battle of Endor
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Area 52
    Weapons: Mauler, Callisto NTG, Reaper, Grenade, Shield
    Han Solo (Harrison Ford look-alike head, DataDyne Security body) Health
    Handicap: 150%
    Princess Leia (girl with hair in bun, Joanna Lab Tech body) Health 
    Handicap: 175%
    Ewok (Orange Helmet head, Maian body) Health Handicap: 125%
    3 Imperial Walker TurtleSims difficulty Normal (Sniper head, DataDyne
    Infantry body)
    Active Cheat: Small Jo
    Hill Time: 30sec/point
    Score Limit: 6
    Team Score Limit: None
    Recommended Soundtrack: A51 Infiltration
    Teams: Han, Princess Leia, & Ewok vs. Walkers
    Notes: The crewmembers of the Millennium Falcon have successfully made 
    it to Endor with one objective: disable all shield generators. Han, 
    Leia, and a friendly Ewok must make their way to each shield generator 
    and deactivate them before the Empire's experimental humanoid Walkers 
    make it to them first.
    An adaptation of Return of the Jedi events with some changes. The Small 
    Jo cheat gives the Imperial Walkers a size advantage, but their speed 
    is slow to compensate.
    Return of the Jedi-Battle with the Galactic Emperor
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Base
    Weapons: Laser, Laser, Disabled, Disabled, Cloaking Device
    Luke Skywalker (Foster's friend head, NSA Lackey body) Health Handicap: 
    Darth Vader (DataDyne Shock Trooper head, NSA Bodyguard body): Health
    Handicap: 300%
    Galactic Emperor: (Trent Easton head, Overalls body) Health Handicap: 
    Score Limit: None
    Time Limit: 6 mins
    Active Cheat: Perfect Darkness
    Recommended Soundtrack: Deep Sea
    Teams: None
    Notes: Luke stands before the Galactic Emperor, who wishes to tempt him 
    to the Dark Side. But Luke refuses and battles him to the finish.
    This is a re-enactment of the biggest battle in the movie. For the 
    first 3 minutes of this scenario, you have Darth Vader help the 
    Emperor. But for the last 3 minutes you have him help Luke. Between 
    Luke and the Emperor whoever gets the least deaths wins. Laser Short 
    Range Stream is like the lightsaber, and Laser Pulse Fire is like Force 
    Lightning (meaning Luke can't use it because it is a Dark Force power). 
    Cloaking Device is like Force Invisibility, a Light Force power, 
    meaning only Luke can use it.
    Musical Frag Tag
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Any
    Weapons: Any
    4 Players
    Options: No Radar, No Auto-Aim
    Score Limit: None
    Time Limit: 10 min.
    Teams: Players 1 & 2 vs. 3 & 4
    Soundtrack: Multiple Tunes
    Notes: Players 1 & 2 start off as Hunters, 3 & 4 as the Hunted. The 
    Hunters may use any weapon in the level, and the Hunted may not use 
    any weapons, only their fists. However, every time the music changes 
    to another track, the Hunters become the Hunted and vice versa. This 
    scenario helps develop your dodging skills very quickly.
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Car Park
    Weapons: Laser, Combat Knife, Grenade, Tranquilizer, Cloaking Device
    Jonathan Belmont (Jonathan head, DataDyne Infantry body)
    Dracula (Black hair head, black Dinner Jacket body) Health Handicap: 
    1000% Simulants:
    6 Zombie FistSims difficulty Normal (Guy baring teeth head, Lab 
    Technician or NSA Lackey body)
    Options: No Radar
    Limits: None
    Teams: Jonathan vs. Dracula & Zombies
    Recommended Soundtrack: A51 Infiltration
    Notes: He has murdered and terrorized the populace for centuries, 
    defeated only to rise again. Dracula returns after a century of 
    slumber, his dark power greater from draining townships of blood. His 
    strength will grow until the world is within his grasp - unless 
    Jonathan Belmont performs the geas imposed by his vampire hunter 
    Belmont starts at the bottom floor of the Car Park with 4 lives, 
    Dracula at the top floor with 1000% health. Belmont has to fight his 
    way to the top floor, and cannot go all the way up in 1 stairwell. He 
    must go up 1 floor, run across that floor to the opposite stairwell, 
    and repeat this process for each floor until he reaches Dracula. 
    Belmont can only use the whip (Laser Short Range Stream), Silver 
    Knives (Combat Knives), and 10 Holy Water Bottles (Grenades) in his 
    fight to the top. Once he gets there, Dracula orders his Sims to Hold 
    at the floor below the top, returns to the top, cloaks himself, and 
    the battle begins. Dracula must kill Belmont using his poisonous venom 
    and deadly bite (Tranquilizer) until Belmont exhausts his lives, and 
    Belmont's goal is to kill Dracula once. If Belmont dies while fighting 
    Dracula, then he can just run straight to the top floor.
    Submitted by Travi64:
    Title: Sewage
    Options: One Hit Kills and Display Team
    Level: Sewers
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Falcon 2 Scope. Magsect 4, Mauler, DY357 Magnum, 
    Limits: Unlimited Time
               0 Score
               15 Team Score
    Simulants: 3 EasySims
                     5 NormalSims
    Teams: You = Red
               3 EasySims = Red
               5 NormalSims = Yellow
           In this scenario, you are to kill the NormalSims before they 
    kill the EasySims.  The NormalSims usually hang out at the bottom level 
    of the Sewers so just circle the area killing all the NormalSims, but be 
    warned as they can decloak and kill you from behind.
    Submitted by Bisc:
    Name: Slaughterhouse IV 
    1* Laptop Gun 
    2* RCP-105 
    3* Dragon 
    4* KF7 Avenger 
    5* CMP101 
    6* Sheild 
    Arena: Complex (Not to big, not to small) 
    *2 teams. (Either you and sim or you and player.) vs Sim Team (of 7 or 
    8 meat sims.) 
    *Time Limit: 10 mins 
    On the teams you have you and either a sim or another human player.  
    For the first time you play put the Sim on Normal that way you're about 
    even.  It's you and your "partner" vs. a full load of meat sims.  Your 
    goal is to kill more sims than your partner in 10 mins, or 20.  Do not 
    kill your partner to get ahead, that's lame.  It's absolute killing 
    madness, put it on 1-Shot kills though and you die a lot as well. 
    Name: Paranoia - The Return. 
    Weapons: All Laptop Guns. 
    Score Limit: 50 
    Players: 8 (Hard Sims or Humans) 
    Level: Felicity (It's SMALL) 
    One shot kills 
    I'm serious, when you respawn, you die.  Simple, there's no skill.  And 
    if you remember the spawn spots life is hard especially with the sentry 
    and one shot kills. 
    Submitted by REwesker:
    The World Is Not Enough
    1,2: Falcon 2
    3: Falcon 2 (scope)
    4: SuperDragon
    5: SuperDragon
    6: K7 Avenger
    1: Renard - Perfect KazeSim.  Non Air Force One pilot with Mr. Blonde's 
    2: Electra - Normal VengeSim.  Joanna Party Frock with Jo head
    3: Valentine - NormalSim.  Carrington Evening Wear with guy with kinda 
    fat face with brown hair and goatee.
    4: Christmas - NormalSim.  Velvet Dark head with Joanna Negotiator 
    5: M - Easy CowardSim. Old blonde head (not Cassandra) With the Red 
    dress (not party frock)
    6,7,8: Guards- EasySims. Any guy heads with blue and black shocktrooper 
    Your team kills the terrorists basically.  And try to protect M.  
    Suprisingly fun and addictive!
    The Rock (the movie)
    Options- none (If your playing with a human as a Terrorists make them 
    turn off their radar, I think you can do that in player options.)
    Soundtrack-Palegic II X
    1: Falcon 2
    2: Falcon 2
    3: CMP150
    4: CMP150
    5: K7 Avenger
    6: Tranquilizer
    Sims or Human-
    1: Frank(Terrorist) PerfectSim - A kinda old face not grey and Black 
    body with white stripes in front
    2: Frank's Friend HardSim -vA younger face with Frank's body
    3: Merc1 NormalSim - Face with one dark eye and Mr. Blonde's body
    4: Merc2 NormalSim - Young Black guy with Mr. Blonde's body
    5: Goodguy Normsim - Green and black DD suit with young Chinese face
    6: John Mason(sean connery) - HardSim same body as the chinese guy and 
    Old guy head (Grey hair)
    5,6 and you:Good
    You can be on either team. Have fun
    Disgruntled (not sure if that will fit my old name sucked)
    Bunch of people running around killing eachother. A lot more fun than 
    it sounds.
    1-4 human players
    Difficulty: Up to you
    no radar
    Up to you (I use temple, but i just like that level)
    1: Falcon 2
    2: AR34
    3: any automatic (not futuristic)
    4: DY357 Magnum
    5: Shotgun
    6: Shotgun
    15 minutes
    20 kills
    Handicap: Any Human 253%
    8 of them any difficulty. Make sure they dress like civillians so they 
    look like disgruntled post officers.
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Any (My favorite is Temple but Felicity is Ok)
    Default options
    Falcon 2
    Falcon 2
    DY357 Magnum
    Silenced Falcon 2
    (The following can Either be human or Sims)
    006 - (Perfect VengeSim) Guy with scratched face and black shock 
    trooper body
    Xenia - (Hard PreySim) Any of Cassandra's body guards
    * Ouromov - (NormSim) Good Brown body (cant remember) Old head
    * Boris - (Normal CowardSim) Look through and you will see a head that 
    looks like boris minus the glasses. I use Trent's Body.
    * Natalia - (NormalSim) I have been using the Velvet Dark head but I 
    guess you could also use Jo's head. Cassandras body works O.K
    *= optional
    006, Xenia, Orumov, Boris=Brown
    You, Natalia=Blue
    The James Bond actors in an all outwar to see who really is the best 
    1-4 human players (All dinner jackets with bond looking heads)
    above average
    No radar
    Any large arena (Temple is my favorite)
    1:Falcon 2
    2:Falcon 2 silenced
    15 minutes
    15 kills
    no teams
    no handicap
    any number of sims to get you to 4 players
    All dinner jackets (make Sean Connery have a white one and a good 
    Brosnan head is Trent)
    Make all of them NormalSims except Connery. He should be hard+ with an 
    old guy head)
    Resident Evil
    Arena: Car Park
    Options: No radar
    Limits: 15 kills
    15 minutes
    20 team kills
    Falcon 2
    Falcon 2
    DY357 Magnum
    DY357 Magnum
    No Handicap
    1: (Leon) NormalSim.  Guy with hair parted down the middle. Any Blue 
    cop looking clothes.
    2: (Claire) NormalSim.  Joanna head with girl body with red and black
    3: (William) HardSim.  Any guy head. Scientist body
    4: (Hunk) NormalSim.  Black mask and black body
    5: (zombie) Normal FistSim. Scientist body head that looks mad with 
    mouth open.
    6: (Brian Irons) NormalSim. Carrington body. with whatever head
    You,any friend/claire,leon=blue
    Rainbow Six
    Arena-Any large one (Temple is my favorite)
    Options- One hit Kills, No radar
    Weapons- Any non futuristic pistol, No automatics!
    Limits-Time-20/Kills-50/Team Kills-150
    Terrorists: 3 NormalSims, Shock troopers with black body
    Hostages: 3 Easy pThe world is not enough
    3:Falcon2 (s)
    6:K7 avenger
    1:Renard-Pefect Kazesim. Non airforce one pilot with mr. blonde's head
    2:Electra-normal vengesim. joahna Party frock with jo head
    3:Valentine-normalsim. Carrington evening wear with guy with kinda fat 
    face with brown hair and gote.
    4:Christmas-normalsim. Velvet dark head with joahna negotiator body
    5:M-easy cowardsim. Old blonde head (not cassandra) With the Red dress 
    (not party frock)
    6,7,8:Guards- Easysims. Any guy heads with blue and black shocktrooper 
    Your team kills the terrorist basicly. And try to protect M. 
    Suprisingly fun and addictive!
    Abducted -
    Default options
    Arena: Area 52 or Skedar
    Callisto NTG
    1,2,3,4,5,6/Easy sims\=Guard from Paleigic II any male head exept mr 
    7/Darkvengesim\=Guard from Paleigic II mr Blonde head (disguised Skedar)
    You + friends=Mayins(sp?)
    Story: Protector 1 you have succesfully abducted 7 stupid farmers like 
    we have asked, good job. However you morons forgot to remove their 
    weapons. Now they are running around lose with their Shotguns or even 
    our state of the art artilliry blasting up the place. This isn't even 
    the half of it one of the Farmers is a disguised Skedar beware. Your 
    mission Kill or be killed. Good Luck, you will need it!
    Resident evil : Code Veronica (RE:CV)
    options-no radar
    Arena-CAR PARK
    Limit-Whatever you want
    1:Claire-normalsim\Joahna Negotiator
    2:Chris-normalsim\Green shocktrooper suit with any young guy head.
    3:Wesker-Perfectspeedsim\Mr blonde head with black shock body.
    4:Alfred ashford-hardkazesim\Wussy guy head with trents suit
    5:Alexia ashford-normalsim\Party frock with velvet dark head
    6:Zombie-easyfistsim\Scientist body with angry head
    7:same as 6
    8:same as 6 or:Tyrant-Darkfistsim\Mr. Blonde body and a messed up short 
    haired guy head
    Brief Story: Alexia and Alfred Ashford are insane siblings trying too 
    take over the world. Careful Theye are not dangerous but there 
    creations are.  Wesker is working for a secret company. His mission is 
    too destroy Alexia and anyone/thing in his way. Your mission chris 
    clair and (you) is too eliminate all evil including humans. Wesker is 
    now a super human being thanks too his company, Beware!
    Thes were submitted by Crash:
    This multiplayer game is the best and relies on how good your are with 
    the SLAYER!! 
    - unlimited time 
    - unlimited team 
    - 30/50 kill limit 
    - Villa 
    - Temple 
    - Custom: All Slayers1!! 
    Sims: none 
    Teams: Disabled 
    another fun one: 
    -no time limit 
    -no team limit 
    -20/30 kills 
    -Custom: All Grenades 
    Sims: none 
    Teams:none / 2 on 2 
    A whole new game setup by SilverWolf
    This one is pretty cool.
    2-4 players no sims, stopwatch
    What you do is play the skedar level with the slayer and any other 
    weapons you want.  No other explosives though. Then one person stands 
    in the sand room and the other three players shoot slayers at him he 
    trys to blow up the missles before they hit.  The person who hits him 
    gets to go up in the room.  Time yourselves and have a preset time 
    limit.  The person to stay in the room the longest total amount of time 
    wins!  It's hard but Fun!  Try it out.
    A wacky one sent in by UltimateTrainer2000:
    EAT MEET!!!!
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Any arena
    Weapons: Your favorites. 
    Simulants:1)Meat Sim 2)Normal/Easy Sim3)4)5)6)7)8)All same as above.
    Make sure all simulants look EXACTLY the same.
    Limits: Time: 10, or 15 minutes. 
    Player Score: Unlimited
    Special Winning Conditions: The game won't pick this kind of win up. 
    You have to check all the players stats at the end of the match. 
    Whoever killed the Meatsim the most, WINS!  In other words you ate the 
    most meat.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure all the sims look EXACTLY the 
    same. If they aren't you'd be able to tell who's the meat. If they look 
    the same you can't tell,and you'll need luck to kill him/her. For added 
    fun, make all you friends(and you) look exactly like the simulants. 
    A scenario and a variation on the Walking Bomb thing from ?_?
    Resident Evil: Umbrella wants it's mommy 
    Name: Umbrella 
    Sceanario: Hill 
    Mobile Hill: Off 
    Time: 60 sec a point 
    Arena: Warehouse 
    1. Superdragon 
    2. Superdragon 
    3. Superdragon 
    4. Devastator 
    5. Devastator 
    6. (it doesn't matter in the warehouse, there is no 6) 
    (note: you can change the dragons and devastators to different 
    weapons, like all AR-34's for a wayyyyy more challenging
    Time: none 
    Score: none 
    Team score :5-10 
    Handicaps: 200, for soldiers, 100 for scientist 
    Sims: 7 meat fist sims (zombies)dressed as civilians with the ugliest 
    heads you can find 
    (you can make them harder but you will get disarmed a hell of a lot) 
    1 dark Fist sim (Tyrant, or Nemesis, whichever makes you happy) with 
    Mr. Blonde body and any head 
    Player 1-3: G5 Swat body, choice of head 
    Player 4 (use your best player): Scientist body, choice of head 
    Teams: Humans vs. Simulants 
    "Capatin!" 2 soldiers come running in "What is it?" says the Capatin, 
    "Ohhh, i'm gonna die..." the Capatin glares at the whimpering scientist 
    in the corner, 1 soldier speaks to the Captain "We're being overrun! 
    We have to escape, theres no one left!" 
    Your mission is to get to the desiganted extraction point and defend it 
    until help arrives, you also must defend the weaker scientist.
    Walking Bomb. 
    Scenario: Combat 
    Options: Normal 
    Arena: Random 
    Weapons: 4 remote mines and 2 falcon 2's 
    limits: No time limit 
    Score: 10 
    Player handicaps: None 
    Simulants: 2-4 dark fist sims 
    Teams: 1 player and 1 dark sim per team 
    How to play: Have each team order their darksim to protect, until each 
    gets 10 remote mines and their fill of Falcon 2.  After that is done, 
    have each player take a different part of the map where the remote 
    mines appear.  Have each player load up their darksim with mines and 
    order it to attack a certain player.  This is the only way to kill each 
    other and you use the falcon 2's to defend yourself, you are not 
    allowed to use mines on sims. This is most fun with 4 people beacause 
    you may have to deal with 3 sims at once. 
    One from Smithbrady...
    Name: Gang War
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Car Park
    Weapons:Falcon 2
            DY357 Magnum
    Limit: Whatever you want it to be, but make it high (Team Limit)
    Sims:TEAM 1
    PLAYER: Trents body, scar face
    Hardsim: DD Swat, mean face
    Hardvengesim:DD Shock, cass bodyguard face
    Hardsim: DD Swat, mean face
             TEAM 2
    Perfectsim: Mr. Blonde body, Mean face
    Hardfeudsim: CIA coat: Mean face
    Hardsim: Jo trench coat: woman with black specs face
    Hardsim: Cia Coat: Mean face
    Welcome to futuristic gang war! Name the gangs whatever you want (I 
    prefer the sharps and the coats). If you change the costumes and dont 
    like team colours on, then make sure you keep the gangs distinctive. 
    This one can get VERY crazy! Enjoy!
    Submitted by Alex McNeely
    Name: Mission Impossible
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Villa
    Weapons: Cross Bow, Cross Bow, Cross Bow, Cross Bow, Tranquilizer,
    Simulants: 6 Perfect sims, 2 Dark sims
    Limits: 60 minutes
    Teams: Player one, player two, and two darksims are team one; and then 3
    teams of 2 consisting of the perfect sims
    With two Dark sims on your team you might think this is easy but you are
    so wrong. Those will use instant kill so there's no room for mistakes.
    And it's nearly impossible to win
    Name: Sniper Island
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Facility
    Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Falcon 2 Scope, AR34, Laptop Gun, CMP150, Sniper
    Simulants: 7 normal sims
    Limits: 60 minutes
    Teams: Put the humans on the same team
    Handicaps: It's fun putting your health to a 1000 so you can snipe all
    day but it is being cheap
    It's fun to stay in the room where you can look down the hall near the
    bathroom and snipe anyone who gets in the way.
    From bahkman:
    Senario: Combat
    Arena: Temple, Grid or Villa will do fine.
    Weapons: 5 N-bombs, one special gun(I prefer Laser or Tranq.)
    Options: Fast Movement, No Radar.
    Players only, and pick characters that fit the background. No teams. 
    Handicap for all is 300%. 
    Limit: Have kills unlimited, the time limit between 5 and 12 min.
    Playing: This battle is chaos! Simalar to Goldeneye's Man with the 
    Golden Gun, all players dash for the special weapon. Whoever has it 
    has the advantage over the other(s) because he can fire long range, 
    while the people with N-bombs are in a frenzy to get him. If you're 
    playing in the Temple or Grid put Weapon X in slot 6. In the Villa put 
    it in slot 4, or whichever slot has it on the pillar. Make it so that 
    the player(s) without Weapon X can't pick it up if someone else has it. 
    Once the round ends, the guy who had the special gun last wins!
    From Az_Za:
    Weapons: Any, mainly simple ones, no explosives, guns like cmp150's,
    Magsecs etc. Have to have 5th gun as Farsight, and i like to have 
    laptop gun set up in there aswell
    Options; I keep default but you may obviously change. Need radar though 
    for farsight
    Limits: Any time (I usually have 10) no limits on others
    Sims:Atleast 2 for enemies, difficulty varying on your skill, and more 
    if u like on your team.
    Teams: You and friends (may like a sim on your team if without friends, 
    or can play byself) vs. Team of other sims. 
    Aim of da Game: I set up this level not just to get my personal kills 
    up, or just to improve my farsight accuracy, but also to help any 
    friends who haven't played before. Let them roam around killing people, 
    whilst you climb up the 2 ladders in the main room, and through the 
    small vent, and crawl through to the room with the hole in the floor. 
    here you will find a farsight and orbs (note, like i said, must have 
    farsight on 5th weapon) and from now on you may never have to leave 
    this room. Now using all your farsight skils, you need to pick off
    the opposing sims. This is where it helps friends who are new players, 
    as you can pick off sims who are about to kill them, and give them the 
    credit. But friends or not, I try everytime to improve my farsight 
    scores. With 2 normal sims in 10 minutes by myself, my record is 76, 
    but I can easily beat this and I haven't done it much. So, rather than 
    just going on the target range, this is a much more fun way to improve 
    your farsight skills, and compete to get higher scores. this is a great 
    competition to have 
    Tip: the reason I use the laptop is to set up on sentry outside the 
    vents just incase anyone wants to sneak up and kill me. 
    Submitted by alphamet:
    Name: Close Encounters of the 4th Kind
    Variations: No Radar, Fast Movement
    Type: Combat
    Team 1:
    Elvis: Hard
    Maian: Perfect
    Maian Soldier: Hard
    Team 2:
    You: a CI Agent or DD Shock Trooper
    If you chose CI Agent, your partners are:
    Velvet Dark: Hard
    Daniel Carrington: Hard
    If you didn't:
    DD Sniper: Hard
    Any other DD Soldier: Hard
    Team 3:
    If you chose CI Agent:
    DD Shock Trooper: Perfect
    DD Sniper: Hard
    Any other DD Soldier: Hard
    If you didn't:
    Joanna (any): Perfect
    Velvet Dark: Hard
    Carrington: Hard
    Level: Area 52, Villa, or Ruins
    Limits: 30 min.
    Weapons: Laptop Gun, AR34, Laser, RC-P120, Falcon 2
    (any), Combat Boost.
    Your best bet is to stay with your teammates, because
    the RC-P120 sports the option to cloak, and with 4
    Hardsims and 2 Perfectsims hunting you down, they'll
    use that to their advantage.  Plant a Sentry near a
    Spawning Point to instantly kill someone. If you have
    the "Infinite Ammo- Laptop Gun" cheat, you don't have
    to worry about re-installation, and you don't have to
    worry about the explosion.
    Earthshaker sends one in...
    Whack an Alien
    Any cheats? Yes... Hurricane fists.  Perfect Darkness, if you prefer.
    Scenario: Combat
    Simulants:  Eight of whatever difficulty you want (Fistsim easy 
    Make them all Maians.
    Weapons: Shield, Cloaking, Disabled, Disabled, Disabled, Disabled.
    Location: Random (does not matter.)
    Soundtrack: I recommend Chicago.  But that's my favorite, so it doesn't
    matter... creepy music is better though.
    Options: No radar, Player highlights (with perfect darkness on), Team
    Teams- 8 aliens on one, all players on other, separate teams. (i.e.  
    Player 1 on Red, Player 2 on Blue, Player 3 on Magenta, 8 Maians on 
    Limits- Ten/fifteen/twenty minutes.  No score limit, no team score 
    What should your player look like? A scary biotechnician ::cringes::
    What should other players look like? Biotechnicians, or anything else 
    that looks threatening to an alien.
    The name says it all: Whack an alien.  Each player must find the 
    Maians and punch its lights out.  Perfect Darkness makes this much 
    more fun because you can't see where you are going, yet the aliens 
    glow with a vengeance (if player highlights and team highlights is 
    on.)  Players should ignore each other, and concentrate on whacking 
    the aliens before they get whacked themselves.  Very simple, very 
    frantic, very fun.
    Here's a couple from NameLess...
    Name: Target acquired 
    type: combat or hold the case 
    Team 1 (good guys) 
    1 Jo: any Jo skin (perfect sim) 
    2 Jonathan: Hard sim 
    3 Elvis: Normal/Hard sim (optional) 
    4 Presedent: meat/easy sim 
    5 Daniel Carrington : meat/easy sim 
    Team 2 (bad guys) 
    6 Mr.Blonde: perfect/Dark sim 
    7 Trent Easton: Hard/Perfect sim 
    8 Cassandra De Vries: easy/meat sim 
    9 Cassandra's body guard: Normal/Hard sim (optional) 
    Note: You can choose any of these characters to play with except the 
    pres,Dan or cassanda. 
    options: kills score (hold the case) 
    Story: well, the bad guys want to kill the pres and Dan to get dome 
    important info (the case) and the good guys have to defend them with 
    their lives. and thats it. 
    Game setup 2 
    Name : War 
    type : cobat 
    teams : 
    team 1: humans 1-4 .. any skin ( must be human and from the good guys 
    like Jo, Johnathan and all ) 
    team 2: skedar 2 hard sims with Mr.blonde skin. 
    team 3: maians 2 hard/normal sims with maians skins. 
    team 4: bad peaople ( Datadyne guard and such) 2 normal kaze sims. 
    team 5: the police ( CIA/FBI agents) 2 hard judge sims. 
    well, the weapon in the ceatan ship wasnt completely destroyed, now all 
    the maians, skedar, CI and DD wants it !! and the police want to solve 
    things out here .. this will be very challenging , best played with two 
    11. Challenges
    This is where you show the system how tough you really are.  There are 
    30 Challenges available, with only four unbeaten Challenges allowed on 
    the screen.  In other words, you start with four, and beating any 
    Challenge unlocks a new one down the line.
    Notes: Thanks to ChewyLS, I now have conclusive proof of each Sim's 
    difficulty, so that's cool.  
    Numbers next to the Challenge No. are players Iíve beaten this 
    challenge with.  Yes.  Most of them are one.  Points are in order of 
    number of players.  Obviously, youíll have to do more killing with more 
    players, to even out the challenge.
    Iíll post help on Challenges as requested, or if thereís a neat trick 
    to use, or if itís really hard.  Otherwise, youíre on your own.
    Abbreviations - (M)eat, (E)asy, (N)ormal, (H)ard, (P)erfect, (D)ark.
    Challenge 1: 1, 3
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 10 Minutes, 4, 8, 10, or 12 points.
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: Falcon 2, CMP150, Sniper Rifle, DY357 Magnum, Dragon
    1 or 2 Players: 1 ShockSim (M)
    3 or 4 Players: 1 ShockSim (M), 1 GuardSim (M)
    Challenge 2: 1, 3
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 5 Minutes, 6, 12, 15, or 18 points.
    Arena: Area 52
    Weapons: Combat Knife, Falcon 2, Cyclone, Dragon, Rocket Launcher
    1 Player: 1 ShockSim (M)
    2 or 3 Players: 1 ShockSim (M), 1 GuardSim (M)
    4 Players: 2 ShockSims (2M), 1 GuardSim (M)
    Challenge 3: 1, 3
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 5 minutes, 8, 16, 20, or 24 points.
    Arena: Pipes
    Weapons: MagSec 4, CMP150, Timed Mine, Dragon, AR34
    1 or 2 Players: 2 TechSims (2M)
    3 Players: 3 TechSims (3M)
    4 Players: 4 TechSims (4M)
    Challenge 4: 1, 3
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Limits: 10 minutes, 4, 8, 10, or 12 points.
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: MagSec 4, CMP150, Dragon, K7 Avenger, Shield
    1 Player: 1 CISim (E)
    2 Players: 2 CISims (E,M)
    3 Players: 2 CISims (2E)
    4 Players: 3 CISims (2E,M)
    Challenge 5: 1, 3
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10, 20, 25, or 30 points.
    Arena: Complex
    Weapons: Cyclone, Grenade, AR34, Farsight XR-20, Shield
    1 Player: 1 CassSim (E)
    2 Players: 1 CassSim (E), 1 GuardSim (M)
    3 Players: 1 CassSim (E), 2 GuardSims (2M)
    4 Players: 1 CassSim (E), 2 GuardSims (E,M)
    Challenge 6: 1, 3
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase
    Limits: 10 minutes, 6 points.
    Arena: Area 52
    Weapons: CMP150, DY357 Magnum, Shotgun, K7 Avenger, Shield
    1 Player: 4 WorkSims (4M)
    2 Players: 4 WorkSims (4M)
    3 Players: 4 WorkSims (1E,3M)
    4 Players: 4 WorkSims (2E,2M)
    Challenge 7: 1, 3
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Limits: 10 minutes, 5, 10, 12, or 15 points.
    Arena: Warehouse
    Weapons: Falcon 2 (silenced), MagSec 4, Cyclone, Grenade, Shield
    1 Player: 1 JoSim (E)
    2 Players: 2 JoSims (E,M)
    3 Players: 2 JoSims (2E)
    4 Players: 2 JoSims (2E)
    Challenge 8: 1, 3
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Limits: 10 minutes, 9 points
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: MagSec 4, K7 Avenger, Shotgun, SuperDragon, Shield
    1 Player: 1 SnipeSim (E)
    2 Players: 2 SnipeSims (2E)
    3 Players: 3 SnipeSims (2E,M)
    4 Players: 4 SnipeSims (2E,2M)
    Challenge 9: 1, 3
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10, 20, 25, or 30 points.
    Arena: Ravine
    Weapons: Falcon 2, DY357 Magnum, Timed Mine, Laptop Gun, Farsight XR-20
    1 Player: 1 TrentSim (N)
    2 Players: 1 TrentSim (N)
    3 Players: 1 TrentSim (N), 1 NSASim (M)
    4 Players: 1 TrentSim (N), 1 NSASim (E)
    Challenge 10: 1, 3
    Scenario: Hacker Central
    Limits: 10 minutes, 3 points
    Arena: Temple
    Weapons: CMP150, Cyclone, Remote Mine, AR34, Shield
    1 Player: 1 GuardSim (E)
    2 Players: 1 GuardSim (N), 1 SWATSim (N)
    3 Players: 2 GuardSims (N,E), 1 SWATSim (E)
    4 Players: 2 GuardSims (N,E), 1 SWATSim (N)
    Challenge 11: 1, 3
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10, 20, 25, 30 points
    Arena: Complex
    Weapons: MagSec 4, Tranquilizer, Shotgun, K7 Avenger, Shield
    1 Player: 1 BlondeSim (E)
    2 Players: 2 BlondeSims (2N)
    3 Players: 4 BlondeSims (H,3M)
    4 Players: 4 BlondeSims (H,N,E,M)
    Challenge 12: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 10 minutes, 3, 6, 7, or 9 points
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: Falcon 2 (scope), Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, SuperDragon, Shield
    1 Player: 1 JoSim (H)
    2 Players: 2 JoSims (H,N)
    3 Players: 3 JoSims (H,N,E)
    4 Players: 4 JoSims (H,N,2E)
    Special: Slow Motion
    Challenge 13: 1, 3
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10, 20, 25, or 30 points
    Arena: G5 Building
    Weapons: Falcon 2 (silenced), Tranquilizer, Laptop Gun, Grenade, Reaper
    1 Player: 1 CIASim (N)
    2 Players: 1 CIASim (H), 1 FBISim (E)
    3 Players: 2 CIASims (H,E), 1 FBISim (E)
    4 Players: 2 CIASims (H,E), 2 FBISims (2E)
    Special: One-Hit Kills
    Challenge 14: 1
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10 points
    Arena: Area 52
    Weapons: Cyclone, SuperDragon, K7 Avenger, Farsight XR-20, Cloaking 
    1 Player: 1 GuardSim (N), 1 TroopSim (E) 
    2 Players: 2 GuardSims (N,E), 1 TroopSim (E), 1 AirSim (E)
    3 Players: 3 GuardSims (H,2E), 1 TroopSim (N), 1 AirSim (E)
    4 Players: 3 GuardSims (H,2E), 2 TroopSims (N,E), 1 AirSim (E)
    Challenge 15: 1
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10 points
    Arena: Grid
    Weapons: MagSec 4, Dragon, Shotgun, Devastator, Shield
    1 Player: 2 LabSims (N,M)
    2 Players: 3 LabSims (H,N,M)
    3 Players: 4 LabSims (H,N,E,M)
    4 Players: 5 LabSims (H,N,2E,M)
    Challenge 16: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 10 Minutes, 10, 20, 25, or 30 points.
    Arena: Felicity
    Weapons: Falcon 2, K7 Avenger, SuperDragon, Proximity Mine, Shield
    1 Player: 1 BioSim (P)
    2 Players: 2 BioSims (P,N)
    3 Players: 3 BioSims (P,N,M)
    4 Players: 4 BioSims (P,N,2E)
    Special: No Radar
    Tips: A way to make this one easy is to camp out in the bathroom in the 
    Felicity, and just lace all the doors with Proximity Mines.  You'll get 
    more kills.
    Challenge 17: 1
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Limits: 10 Minutes, 10, 20, 25, or 30 points.
    Arena: Temple
    Weapons: DY357 Magnum, AR34, Reaper, Slayer, Shield
    1 Player: 1 DanSim (P)
    2 Players: 1 DanSim (H), 3 CISims (E,2M)
    3 Players: 1 DanSim (P), 2 CISims (N,E)
    4 Players: 1 DanSim (P), 3 CISims (N,E,M)
    Challenge 18: 1
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Limits: 10 Minutes, 10, 20, 25, or 30 points.
    Arena: Villa
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Phoenix, Tranquilizer, Laptop Gun, Shield, Cloaking 
    1 Players: 1 ElvisSim (P), 1 MaianSim (M)
    2 Players: 1 ElvisSim (P), 1 MaianSim (H)
    3 Players: 1 ElvisSim (P), 2 MaianSims (H,M)
    4 Players: 1 ElvisSim (N), 5 MaianSims (N,2E,2M)
    Tips: I've been asked about this several times, and unfortunately, I 
    know of no sure-fire tips for beating this.  I can only offer the 
    advice of getting the Laptop Gun (either on the catwalk surrounding the 
    lower pillar or on the pillar itself), and using that as your primary 
    weapon, both in sentry and standard forms.
    Here's a method supplied by wolf007jack:
    As soon as you start, run straight for the hill. The aliens will go for 
    the Laptop gun. Grab as many hills as you can until you die (which you 
    will eventually). Then, run for the Laptop gun at the walkway at the 
    top of the very big room (you'll know what I mean). Then, run for the 
    hill, but be cautious because the Perfect Sim will be hanging out 
    trying to keep you from the hill. The Meat Sim will keep running off 
    the hill so it will take longer. Throw the Laptop Gun on the hill, and 
    let it do it's work. Take the Laptop off the hill after you're done by 
    pressing B up to the wall where the gun is (for those of you who don't 
    know), and keep using that strategy. If you die, go back and get the 
    Laptop gun. It's also easier if you load the Perfect Sim full of 
    Tranquilizer darts. Just remember that most of the time the Meat Sim 
    will be on the hill, and the Perfect Sim will be around it. 
    Another trick, by sidekick_steve, is to pump both aliens full of 
    sedatives. They dont know where they are going.  Easy win.  Or take out 
    the expansion pak, put in the Jumper Pak, and do it again on 1 player 
    or 2 player.  The aliens aren't in the smaller version, and they will 
    be bodyguards I think.  Maybe shocktroopers.  Easier targets. 
    Challenge 19: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10, 20, 25, or 30 points.
    Arena: G5 Building
    Weapons: CMP150, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Farsight XR-20, Shield, 
    Combat Boost
    1 Player: 1 CassSim (H), 1 TrentSim (E)
    2 Players: 1 CassSim (P), 1 TrentSim (P)
    3 Players: 1 CassSim (P), 1 TrentSim (H), 1 SnipeSim (N)
    4 Players: 1 CassSim (P), 1 TrentSim (H), 2 SnipeSims (N,E)
    Special: Fast Movement
    Challenge 20: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 10 Minutes, 10, 20, 25, or 30 points.
    Arena: Sewers
    Weapons: Mauler, Falcon 2, MagSec 4, DY357 Magnum, Shield
    1 Player: 1 AirSim (N)
    2 or 3 Players: 2 AirSims (2N)
    4 Players: 3 AirSims (3N)
    1 Player: 1 PilotSim (H)
    2 or 3 Players: 2 PilotSims (P,H)
    4 Players: 2 PilotSims (2P)
    Special: One-Hit Kills
    Tips: This one can be very tricky if you don't know what you're doing.  
    Tell your ally to Protect you, get a few guns, preferably MagSecs or 
    Maulers, and go to the top.  Get the Shield if it's there and watch the 
    map for the bad guy's arrival.  He'll be down the ramp if he's half a 
    radar away in that direction, and he'll be on the elevator if he's 
    almost on you in that direction.  Shoot on sight, naturally.  It's not 
    foolproof, but it works well enough.
    Here's an alternate method sent in by KazumiJin:
    Basically have the sim on protect, get a MagSec (with plenty of ammo), 
    and run till you find what I call the "Red Corner", which is a dead end 
    that is illuminated by a red light.  Its a nice long corridor that has 
    only 2 ways into it, one at the far end and one on right side about 
    halfway into the corridor.  When I completed the mission (on the first 
    try BTW) the sim always chose the longer of the 2 ways down and I was 
    able to pick him off with the magsec (2.4x vision baby!) without dying 
    once.  Occasionally the sim stops and sits around for a couple of 
    minutes, but after a while he starts closing in on your position.  Just 
    keep an eye on your radar and youll be able to nail him everytime.  If 
    it makes any difference, I did kneel next to my protective sim.
    Challenge 21: 1
    Scenario: Hacker Central
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10 points.
    Arena: Grid
    Weapons: Mauler, Reaper, Shotgun, Callisto NTG, Cloaking Device
    1 Player: 1 JoSim (H)
    2 Players: 1 JoSim (H), 1 SnowSim (N)
    3 Players: 1 JoSim (H), 2 SnowSims (N,E)
    4 Players: 1 JoSim (H), 3 SnowSims (2N,E)
    Tips: If you know where the cloaking device in this level is, then this 
    challenge becomes easier.  It's located on the second floor where the 
    glass place is onthe opposite side of the weapons. Keep on collecting 
    it until you have about 80 - 100 seconds of cloaking.  If the AI comes 
    near you, then kill her andcollect all her weapons, including another 
    cloaking device.  After you have 80-100 seconds of cloaking, grab the 
    Data Uplink and run towards the terminal and start downloading.  Once 
    the AI get close, activate cloaking. You should get a lot of points by 
    doing this.
    Challenge 22: 1
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10 points.
    Arena: Base
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Sniper Rifle, Crossbow, K7 Avenger, Shield
    1 Player: 1 PresSim (P), 1 GuardSim (N)
    2 Players: 1 PresSim (P), 2 GuardSims (N,E)
    3 Players: 1 PresSim (P), 2 GuardSims (H,N)
    4 Players: 1 PresSim (P), 3 GuardSims (2N,E)
    Special: One-Hit Kills
    Challenge 23: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 10 minutes, 2, 4, 5, or 6 points.
    Arena: Complex
    Weapons: MagSec 4, Grenade, Laptop Gun, RC-P120, Shield, Combat Boost
    1 Player: 1 CloneSim (H), 1 StripeSim (H)
    2 Players: 1 CloneSim (P), 1 StripeSim (P)
    3 Players: 1 CloneSim (P), 2 StripeSims (P,H)
    4 Players: 1 CloneSim (P), 3 StripeSims (P,2N)
    Special: Slow-Motion
    Challenge 24: 1
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Limits: 9 points.
    Arena: Fortress
    Weapons: CMP150, Tranquilizer, Devastator, SuperDragon, DY357-LX
    1 Player: 2 GuardSims (2E), 1 TroopSim (E), 1 AirSim (E)
    2 Players: 2 GuardSims (N,E), 1 TroopSim (N), 1 AirSim (E)
    3 Players: 2 GuardSims (P,N), 2 TroopSims (H,E), 2 AirSims (N,E)
    4 Players: 2 GuardSims (H,N), 2 TroopSims (H,E), 2 AirSims (N,E)
    Challenge 25: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 3 minutes, 10, 20, 25, or 30 points.
    Arena: Ravine
    Weapons: Mauler, N-Bomb, K7 Avenger, Farsight XR-20, Cloaking Device
    1 Player: 2 ShockSims (P,H)
    2 Players: 3 ShockSims (2P,H)
    3 Players: 4 ShockSims (2P,H,N)
    4 Players: 5 ShockSims (3P,H,E)
    Challenge 26: 1
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10, 20, 25, or 30 points.
    Arena: Ruins
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Mauler, Cyclone, Laptop Gun, Reaper
    1 Player: 2 TechSims (P,H)
    2 Players: 2 TechSims (2P), 2 CISim (H,E)
    3 Players: 2 TechSims (2P), 2 CISims (2P)
    4 Players: 2 TechSims (2P), 3 CISims (3P)
    Tips: First, as this may be your first time here, get a feel for the 
    Ruins level.  Know how to get around the various passageways, it's not 
    as inter-connecting as some other places.
    Second, know where all the good weapons are, the Laptop Gun and the 
    Cylcone are probably your best bets for this Challenge.  Given the 
    option, your enemies will usually opt for the Reaper.  Use that 
    "mistake" to your advantage, but be calm and keep moving, as, given 
    time, the Reaper WILL chew you up.
    Third, and most important, make sure that, if the enemy's going to 
    score, that no more than one of them is on the hill.  Having both Sims 
    standing on the hill after the time runs down gives them two points, 
    and that's really hard to bounce back from when you only score one at a 
    time.  Sometimes, you won't be able to avoid it, and that's okay.  Just 
    stock up on weapons if you know you can't get to the hill in time.  
    Don't try for a suicide run.  That'll get you killed quickly and not at 
    all in a good position to defend the next hill.
    Also, if you find yourself ahead and in a good position, you may want 
    to consider running the clock down.  A good place for this is when the 
    hill shows up in the corner of a little hallway, and there are windows  
    to another hallway on one side.  Take up a position in that non-hill 
    hallway and blast away as the approach the hill.  Better still, toss a 
    Sentry Gun there, and go stock up on ammo and weapons while it takes 
    care of business.
    Challenge 27: 1
    Scenario: Hacker Central
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10 points.
    Arena: Sewers
    Weapons: Falcon 2, MagSec 4, CMP150, Rocket Launcher, Shield
    1 Player: 1 CIASim (P)
    2 Players: 1 CIASim (P), 1 FBISim (P)
    3 Players: 2 CIASims (2P), 1 FBISim (P)
    4 Players: 2 CIASims (2P), 2 FBISims (2P)
    Tips: This is nearly impossible on one player.  The only way I managed 
    was by a glitch in the AI that got my enemy stuck somewhere, probably 
    in an elevator, while I merrily hacked away at the computer.  Did I go 
    check where he was?  No!  I didnít want to leave my perfect conditions 
    and mess it up.
    I've been told another way for an easy win is to have a rather stupid 
    Sim that detonates rockets in his face.  The Sims are quite fond of the 
    Rocket Launchers in this Challenge.
    Here's another way to do it, sent in by Shuker.
    In a multiplayer game (including challenges), whenever the game is 
    Hacker Central, Capture or Hold Case, King of the Hill, etc, if the 
    points are even at time over, the victory goes to the team with the 
    *MOST KILLS*.  This is vital... and provides a really easy (and cheap, 
    but what the heck?) way to beat challenge 27 (1P - Hacker Central vs 
    Perfect Sim, Sewer level), which I noticed that you didn't have much 
    on. The computer is generally in a bad place... so, whenever the 
    computer tries to hack in, nail him in the back of the head with a 
    rocket launcher! Don't try and hack in yourself, you'll almost 
    invariably die painfully - if the sim finds you, you're dead. Period. A 
    word of warning - if you find the sim downloading, and you, say, only 
    have a Falcon 2 - if you shoot him to the point where he is 
    disconnected, he WILL pull out a rocket launcher and blow you to hell 
    (and likely himself as well). Go for head shots, and hit him HARD.
    If you're not good enough to take on the perfect sim in a fight, once 
    you kill it, run like hell until it tries to hack into the uplink 
    again, then kill it again. 
    Challenge 28: 1
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Limits: 10 minutes, 9 points.
    Arena: Villa
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Falcon 2 (silenced), DY357 Magnum, AR34, Shotgun
    1 Player: 2 GuardSims (2D)
    2 Players: 3 GuardSims (3D)
    3 Players: 4 GuardSims (4D)
    4 Players: 5 GuardSims (5D)
    Tips: One of the ways to make this REAL easy is to get lucky and have 
    the two cases be almost next to each other.  One will be on the sunken 
    tiled area with a ramp running around the edge and into a covered 
    passage.  The other will be in the larger squared-off patch of grass 
    with walls surrounding it.  The Sims will go far out to the more 
    powerful weapons, and you can run like the dickens to grab the case and 
    run back three times.
    Challenge 29: 1
    Scenario: Combat
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10, 20, 25, or 30 points.
    Arena: G5 Building
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Cyclone, DY357 Magnum, CMP150, Dragon
    1 Player: 2 WorkSims (2D)
    2 Players: 2 WorkSims (2D), 1 GuardSim (D)
    3 Players: 2 WorkSims (2D), 2 GuardSims (2D)
    4 Players: 2 WorkSims (2D), 3 GuardSims (3D)
    BIG TIP: On the bottom floor of the G5 Building is a depression in the 
    floor in one corner.  This is the ultimate ambush spot.  If you crouch 
    all the way down in here, move to the very edge, just before you start 
    climbing out, and look up, bad guys will hit nothing but air if they 
    try to shoot you, given their AI capacity.  Theyíre heads will be 
    clearly visible, though. ^_^
    This spot is now and forever known as ArmorKingís Niche.  Thanks, bud!
    Challenge 30: 1
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Limits: 10 minutes, 10, 20, 25, or 30 points.
    Arena: Skedar
    Weapons: Falcon 2, Falcon 2 (scope), MagSec 4, Mauler, DY357 Magnum
    1, 2, 3, or 4 Players: 1 JoSim (N)
    1 Player: 1 BlondeSim (D), 1 CassSim (D)
    2 Players: 1 BlondeSim (D), 1 CassSim (D), 1 TrentSim (D)
    3 Players: 2 BlondeSims (2D), 1 CassSim (D), 1 TrentSim (D)
    4 Players: 3 BlondeSims (3D), 1 CassSim (D), 1 TrentSim (D)
    Tips: First order of business.  Make sure you have this map COMPLETELY 
    memorized.  Know exactly where every weapon is, and where every hill 
    will show up.  Make sure you know where the Sims are if they're in 
    range on your radar.  Make sure you know how to get to any spot on the 
    map the quickest way possible.  Know where each hill is as it appears.  
    This is required, because all the Sims have this information as 
    As soon as you start, put your JoSim on either Def Hill or Hold Hill 
    setting.  She'll worry about getting control of the hill first once 
    she's well-stocked on weapons.
    Your life-saving weapon in this level is the Mauler.  One well-aimed 
    Charge-Up shot can take out a Sim, and if you miss, follow it up with 
    several shots that won't be fully charged, but may have some if you 
    delay it a second.  Having two Maulers means a good player can take out 
    two Sims with minimal damage if he/she's ready for them.
    There are no shields here, so that's one less thing for you to worry 
    about.  Falcons are decent, but only really useful in twos due to the 
    low clip size.  MagSecs are not the best idea at all unless you have 
    two on burst, as single shots are horribly inaccurate, and bursts drain 
    your clip quickly.  And of course, the Magnum is right out.  Last 
    resort only.
    Right.  That's the basic stuff.  Now, on to each hill and how well you 
    can defend yourself, or how easily you can assault it.
    Hill 1: Main floor, open room:
    This is easily the most difficult hill, period, to both hold and 
    assault.  Holding it requires to stay awake at all times for the 
    threats coming from one of MANY directions.  If you're desparate to 
    assault it, don't go in from above, as it'll disorient you much more 
    than it will the Sim standing there.  Go from a long approach so you'll 
    have plenty of time to squeeze off some shots at your enemy.  Only 
    saving grace for this hill is the Mauler in the middle.
    Hill 2: Large square room with stone in the middle:
    Moderately easy to claim, moderately hard to defend.  There are two 
    ways in, which right away puts the holder at a disadvantage.  There is 
    a rather unstudly MagSec in the room, as well.  Assaulting this is best 
    done from the left exit, that being the left hand one when you're 
    standing on the MagSec and facing the stone.  You'll have a nice, long, 
    but unfortunately uphill approach.
    Hill 3: Small alcove off left exit of Hill 2:
    This is a good one.  Easy to assault and relatively easy to hold.  Easy 
    to assault because it's such a tiny area and there's very little room 
    to move, and easy to defend because you only have to face one way.  
    There's only a Magnum in there, but even that may be sufficient enough 
    to take down attackers, if you have enough drop on them.
    Hill 4: Large white sand room with one entrance:
    Another easy to hold, but not all that easy to attack.  Holding this 
    merely requires that you stand on the Mauler platform at the far end, 
    crouch, hold the sight down the middle of the entryway, and waste any 
    yellow guys running in.  Assaulting is a different matter.  First, you 
    have to make sure they can't hit you on the ramps leading to the room, 
    a chore in itself.  Secondly, they like to move around a lot in this 
    room, meaning they're constantly ducking down into the lower sands, 
    which complicates matters.
    Hill 5: On a far balcony:
    Quite easy to hold, but a horrible pain to assault.  Holding it 
    requires that you grab the Mauler here and crouch while facing the door 
    from one side.  Attack them as they come.  Assaulting is rotten as they 
    love to shoot you from their perch and dodge into view as you make your 
    actual hill assault.
    Follow these guidelines.  Know the level.  Watch the enemies for any 
    patterns that they have.  It can be done...
    12. Co-Operative and Counter-Operative
    Finally, we can experience Solo Missions with the aid, or hindrance, of 
    a friend, or whatever.
    In Co-Op, one player assumes the role of Joanna Dark.  That player can 
    either choose to have a Simulant or a human as Joís sister, Velvet 
    Dark.  All Solo Missions are exactly the same.  Either human player can 
    complete objectives.  Thereís also a new option on the pop-ups when you 
    hold A and press Z twice.  Youíll have various commands that youíll be 
    able to give your buddy.  (This also works with Simulants on your team 
    in Multiplayer).
    The only rewards that Co-Op will give you involve giving you the option 
    of using multiple buddies, and these are obtained by completing the 
    entire game (not the Special Assignments) on a certain difficulty 
    Beating the Co-Op game on Agent level gives you the option of using two 
    buddies on Agent.  Beating the game on Special Agent gives you the 
    option of using three buddies on Agent, and two on Special Agent.  
    Beating the game on Perfect Agent allows you to use four buddies in 
    Agent, three in Special Agent, and two on Perfect Agent.
    Counter-Operative is something VERY fun.  Here, the second human player 
    possesses the body of a random enemy.  As that enemy, he has possession 
    of the enemyís weapon (and a full stock of ammo), and a Suicide Pill.  
    Basically, the pill is to be used whenever you spawn too far away from 
    Joanna to do any real harm.
    13. Other Stuff and Advanced FAQ
    Avanced Frequently Asked Questions are questions I didn't want to 
    include at the top so the game wouldn't be spoiled to new players.
    Q: Why didn't you include the Psychosis Gun under Weapons?
    A: This gun is so much like the Tranquilizer that it's nearly 
    identical.  Furthermore, it does nothing to directly harm an enemy, so 
    it technically can't even be considered a weapon.  Really, I'm just 
    nitpicking, but that's my philosophy on the matter.
    Q: Wasn't the Falcon's secondary mode a "gangsta" sideways shot, 
    A: Originally, yes.  It still exists in the game.  Get real close to an 
    enemy and you'll turn your gun sideways automatically.  It works for 
    the Falcon, the silenced Falcon, the MagSec, the Phoenix, the PP9i, and 
    the CC13.  It's purely cosmetic and doesn't do anything to enhance the 
    Q: So, what's the REAL deal with the Cheese Wedges?
    A: Rumor has it the Cheese was created as an alternate method of 
    unlocking cheats in a level.  I don't know if they meant the one you 
    get upon completion or the one you get from Time Trials, though.  
    Feasibly, it could be either.  Alas.  Now the Cheese is just for fun.  
    See if you can find them all!
    Q: How come I can't use the Slayer in All Guns on Solo?
    A: This is strange.  You can only have an All Guns with Slayer in the 
    missions that have a Slayer, that being Skedar Attack Ship and Battle 
    Shrine.  It won't be on the popup menu, nor can you switch to it 
    normally, but if you go into the Pause Menu, it's there.  It's nowhere 
    else, though.  I've heard of glitches happening with Fly-By-Wire 
    rockets, so this may be a necessary precaution on Rare's part.
    Q: What's with the Question Mark Ammo Box in the Warehouse?
    A: *shrugs*  I honestly have no clue.  An inside joke by the 
    developers, maybe?
    Q: Do you have any GameShark codes?
    A: I don't like the GameShark or any other cheating device.  Adjusting 
    the game's inner programming is something I don't think is a good 
    idea.  You'll never find GameShark codes on any of my FAQs.  End of 
    Neat Tricks:
    This one was sent in by Oberon the Fairy King.
    Go outside the firing range in the CI lobby. Open the door to the 
    range, and QUICKLY run in. Open the glass door to the main room, and 
    move 3/4 of the way in. This will stop the door from closing, yet allow 
    you to bring up the firing range menu with start. Bring it up and 
    select slayer, on bronze. Fire a Fly-By-Wire, and hold the R button. If 
    you did this all right, the rocket should be going EXTREMELY slowly. 
    Turn it around so you can see the lobby through the door (not the glass 
    one, the one into the lobby). If it's closed, you weren't fast enough. 
    Get the rocket into the lobby and turn right. Go through the door that 
    leads to the ramp down to the hanger, and turn right while holding R. 
    Once you've slowed to a crawl again, perform another 180, and a nose 
    dive to get into the hallway at the bottom of the ramp. Still holding 
    R, take a right, then a left to end up at the hoverbike.  What's cool 
    about this is that you now have a Fly-By-Wire outside!
    Personal Note: I did this and it was pretty neat, but all the parts of 
    the CI that you can't normally see just aren't there.  It's just a big 
    blue space.  Also, don't forget that the Slayer rocket DOES run out 
    after a while.  
    And here's a related one by SpacemanSpiff:
    In the shooting range you can block the door open by standing right at 
    the edge of it...use combat knives on bronze and you can fill the guy 
    standing there with knives =).
    Another related trick is taking the hovercrate from the hangar and 
    dragging it all the way to the shooting range and filling it with as 
    many knives as you want.  Then you have a choice...would you rather put 
    lots of knives in that Grimshaw guy (which i prefer) or...well anyone 
    else in the top floor of the carrington institue?  Take the crate to 
    whichever room your victim is in then leave it there, and go back to 
    the shooting range.  With the farsight,  shoot the crate.  Go to the 
    device lab and choose any mission (except disguise if you are killing 
    grimshaw or cloaker if you are killing Danny boy).  Go to the room with 
    the exploded crate, pick up your knives and throw them at your target. 
    Doesn't kill them but they are left full of knives.
    A multiplayer one from bustamac:
    Floating Items in Multiplayer
    This trick has no real tactical value (well, there's an infinitesimal 
    chance that a floating item could stop a bullet) but it looks neat.  We 
    all can make ammo boxes, shields, guns and whatnot move by shooting 
    them.  To make one of these objects float instead of just moving, all 
    you have to do is crouch twice, shoot the item at a point very close to 
    the ground, then have someone pick it up while it goes through the air. 
    When the item respawns, it will have the same position it had at the 
    moment in time when your friend picked it up.
    To illustrate:
    1. Go to the L-shaped crawlspace in Area 52 where the default shield 
    2. Walk right up to the shield, but don't pick it up (For insurance, 
    have a full shield when you do this)
    3. Crouch all the way down and line up your gun with the lower half of 
    the shield.
    4. Have someone crawl towards the shield down the part of the "L" you 
    don't occupy.
    5. Just before they pick up the shield, shoot it at an angle so that it 
    will bounce right into their body. Now it will respawn floating in the 
    air (this example is basically how I found this out).
    6. It's tricky, but you can repeat this process until the item is very 
    high in the air.  You can try this with ammo boxes and guns, but these 
    don't bounce as much as small objects like the shield.
    From sidekick_steve 
    If you shoot the guns and ammo boxes out of the way in multi, the sims 
    will think someone picked them up already and leave! 
    One sent in by MBE005
    This is so weird and goofy its kinda funny. In The Duel, use the all 
    guns or laptop gun cheat. Sheilds or invincibilty cheats help too. Now, 
    go on Perfect Agent, start the level, and avoid the Dd Guard. Swerve and 
    Deploy the Laptop onto the wall to your left or right, or right in 
    front.  Well, heck, wherever, but as long as it is near the starting 
    point. Then take down the guard or let the Laptop do it for you. After 
    that, the Laptop will kill Jonathan and Easton while they are still 
    standing back-to-back to you. Its cheap, but that's why it amuses me.
    This one was sent in by Mike 100+
    I found a secret glitch in the game, but it's been very hard to do. 
    When the Simulants die, they die in different ways. Kill two Simulants 
    (Preferably EasySims, because they team up and still die easy) 
    together, while they are facing each other. Stand between them and turn 
    1/4 of the way to one of them. Now: the dead simulants fall according 
    to where they were shot, and their surroundings. If you shoot Simulant 
    #1 in the back after killing Simulant #2 in front of him, and step in 
    between them, Sim #1 will not fall and will disappear slowly, standing 
    upright, as if he was on the ground!
    Music Analysis:
    Thanks to bustamac for an excellent analysis.  Never forget how 
    important music can be to a game.
    |              PD Music Data Sheet                     |
    Name of Song--------->Key Signature---------->Time Sig.
    Dark Combat---------->D natural minor-------->5 4
    Skedar Mystery------->A natural minor-------->c
    CI Operative--------->C harmonic minor------->c
    dataDyne Action------>Ab natural minor------->c
    Maian Tears---------->B natural minor-------->2 2
    Alien Conflict------->D natural minor-------->c
    Carrington Institute->E harmonic minor------->c
    dD Central----------->D natural minor-------->c
    dD Central X--------->D natural minor-------->c
    dD Research---------->C natural minor-------->c
    dD Research X-------->C natural minor-------->c
    dD Extraction-------->B natural minor-------->c
    dD Extraction X------>B natural minor-------->2 4
    Carrington Villa----->C harmonic minor------->c
    Carrington Villa X--->C harmonic minor------->c
    Chicago-------------->D natural minor-------->c
    Chicago X------------>D natural minor-------->c
    G5 Building---------->D natural minor-------->c
    G5 Building X-------->D natural minor-------->c
    A51 Infiltration----->A harmonic minor------->c
    A51 Infiltration X--->A harmonic minor------->c
    A51 Rescue----------->C natural minor-------->2 2
    A51 Rescue X--------->C natural minor-------->c
    A51 Escape----------->D harmonic minor------->6 3
    A51 Escape X--------->D harmonic minor------->c
    Air Base------------->C natural minor-------->c
    Air Base X----------->C natural minor-------->c
    Air Force One-------->C & C# harmonic minors->c
    Air Force One X------>C & C# harmonic minors->c
    Crash Site----------->D harmonic minor------->2 2
    Crash Site X--------->D harmonic minor------->c
    Pelagic II----------->C natural minor-------->c
    Pelagic II X--------->C natural minor-------->c
    Deep Sea------------->D natural minor-------->c
    Deep Sea X----------->D natural minor-------->c
    Institute Defense---->E natural minor-------->c
    Institute Defense X-->E natural minor-------->c
    Attack Ship---------->A harmonic minor------->6 3
    Attack Ship X-------->A harmonic minor------->6 3
    Skedar Ruins--------->C harmonic minor------->4 2
    Skedar Ruins X------->C harmonic minor------->c
    End Credits---------->E harmonic minor------->c
    Here are some musical note setups.
    Perfect Dark theme: E, G, Gb, D, B, C, G, A, Gb, D, E (all notes are 
    in the same B octave).
    Dark Combat: D, A, high D, C, D, Bb, A, F, E, D, C, D
    Skedar Mystery: D, D, C, D, A, A, G, A, E, C, A
    dataDyne Action: B, Db, Bb, high Eb, B, Db, Eb, Ab
    Alien Conflict: B, A, G, A, Gb, G, Eb, E
    dD Missions Theme: D, E, F, D, A, D, A, Bb, D, E, F, D, A, D, A, G
    Carrington Villa: D, E, F, Eb, D, C, A, F, A, B, G, B
    Chicago Missions Theme: D, E, F, G, A, D, E, F, G, D
    A51 Missions Theme: A, B, C, D, B, A, F, G, Ab, Bb, G, F
    Air Base: C, G, G, C, Eb, D, Eb, D, Bb, C, G, C, Eb, D, Eb, G, F
    Air Force One: C, D, Eb, C, C, C, D, Eb, high D, high D
    Pelagic II: C, G, Bb, Ab, G, Ab, Eb, G, D, F, Eb, D, C
    Skedar Ruins: C, D, C, D, Eb, F, Eb, F, G, Ab, G, Bb, C, D, Eb, D, C
    Unless you absolutely hate the synth style of PD the soundtracks do an
    excellent job of conveying a mood and setting a tone for whatever 
    mission they belong to. Here's an in-depth analysis of each track and 
    how it can affect the PD gaming experience.
    Dark Combat sounds a lot like the theme to the Terminator. In fact, it 
    has the same time and key. Hmm...anyway...Dark Combat is a grim theme 
    that reflects Mr. Blonde's true dark nature, as the background of the 
    track is ominous voices while the foreground consists of foreboding 
    orchestral melodies. This track lets you know bad guys wear white.
    Skedar Mystery appears only in the Combat Simulator. This aptly named 
    track has the same A harmonic minor key as Attack Ship (giving it a 
    Skedar feel), yet makes any scenario brooding and mysterious in nature 
    with chanting voices and ancient drumbeats.
    The CI Operative track contains the Perfect Dark theme. It shares the E
    minor key with all the Institute soundtracks, as well as the End Credits
    soundtrack, because all of them have this theme. CI Operative is mainly
    orchestra with a touch of synthesizer, appearing in a lot of the Solo
    cutscenes to show that Joanna Dark is ready for action.
    DataDyne Action is unique in that no other track has its Ab key 
    signature. A strong orchestral march accompanied by a teeny bit of 
    synthesizer characterizes this track, making it dataDyne's counterpoint 
    to CI Operative.  It appears only in Multiplayer. Use it to give a 
    similar mood to your scenario as CI Operative but with a dark twist.
    Maian Tears has a mournful tone that is mostly overshadowed by 
    percussion.  This combination lets you make note of Protector 1's 
    struggle in Maian SOS, then laugh as guards step on your Proxy 
    Self-Destruct Dragons.
    Alien Conflict plays during War! and during the alternate title screen. 
    A totally techno track, its haunting melodies sound positively alien. 
    It accompanies the battle between Maians and Skedar with good 
    syncopated beats.
    Carrington Institute fits its setting well. The orchestral PD theme 
    plays in the background while the cool techno rhythms occupy the 
    foreground; you get the impression that when you complete your training 
    you've got a BIG mission ahead of you.
    dD Central, dD Research, and Pelagic II have moderate paces and moderate
    tones; Joanna Dark is running these missions by the book without a 
    hitch.  The hitch kicks in when the X tracks kick in. No more "by the 
    book" for Joanna then - she has to improvise and the adrenaline starts 
    Dr. Carroll is in danger during the dD Extraction track, and it shows. 
    The track makes the action fast paced from the get-go and never stops, 
    reaching breakneck speed when you take on a roomful of Cassandra's 
    deadly bodyguards.
    The pulsing techno beat of Carrington Villa X turns up the heat as 
    you're thrown right into the negotiator crisis. Once you complete this 
    objective, Carrington Villa cools things down with chanting and drums, 
    although the techno is still there to keep you warm.
    Chicago's mood is utter stealth. A wandering synthesizer melody halts, 
    then resumes after other tones pass by. The X track turns Chicago on 
    its head. If you set off the alarm you'll hear aggressive rhythms that 
    remind you mission failure is imminent.
    The G5 Building track is totally laid-back to show you that Joanna 
    returns to "by the book" combat as she encounters cloaked guards, and, 
    unfazed, promptly wastes them. Things get a little hectic with G5 
    Building X, but not to a great degree because the laid-back background 
    beat remains.
    The A51 tracks definitely up the ante when it comes to suspense - 
    Joanna is no longer as confident now that she is in a top-secret 
    government installation. Infiltration is mostly orchestra, with 
    persistent strings to instill urgency. Rescue takes an approach of 
    long, cautious tones mixed with an occasional noise to shake you up. 
    Escape and the X tracks are harsh and almost alien to remind you that 
    you're on the run and killer guards are in hot pursuit.
    The Alaskan Guards and the sounds of Air Base march by when you don the
    disguise and continue on their steady path. When you're discovered, the
    track is no longer a march but a techno run for cover.
    Air Force One is the only track with a noticeable key change, between C 
    & C# harmonic minors. This reflects the duality of the Presidential 
    Security in the mission, because when you start they are against you, 
    but later they are on your side. This track, though a march, has heavy 
    synthesizer content that evokes much more caution than Air Base.
    Voices echo across the cold Alaskan wilderness on the Crash Site track 
    as Joanna finds herself alone. The track then quickly becomes a march 
    to remind you that Joanna can fend for herself quite well, thank you.
    Deep Sea's long orchestra notes and alien chants give the Cetan ship 
    the air of mystery it deserves. The track makes the level downright 
    spooky in some places, especially when you're looking through your 
    FarSight hoping a mini-Skedar doesn't jump on your face in the meantime.
    Institute Defense changes the standard PD theme to a rushing techno 
    beat to fit the hostage crisis (and make you sweat). Defense X boosts 
    that theme with urgent tones letting you know your time to deactivate 
    the bomb is running out.
    On the Attack Ship track, heartbeats supply the background while 
    orchestral tones rise and fall with each cautious footstep to make you 
    duck when a Mauler shot whizzes by. With Attack Ship X the heartbeat 
    pumps faster and the techno takes over while you make the intense 
    assault on the bridge.
    Suspense is Skedar Ruins's raison d'etre. The voices and orchestra 
    return to make this a truly alien planet while the rising techno beats 
    stir things up.  This track fits its setting almost perfectly, as 
    evidenced by how high you jump when you meet your first cloaked Skedar 
    What a track! End Credits takes a break from the usual techno and gives 
    you a heavy dose of rock to go along with it. A welcome change, and it 
    goes great with all those preeetty preeetty colorsssss. . .
    Also goes great with any multiplayer scenario where the mood you want 
    to set is ACTION!
    14. Legal
    This FAQ was made 100% by me, CyricZ.  You may not take it in whole or 
    in part and claim it as your own. You may not alter it in any way.  
    Please donít post this on your site unless you have express consent by 
    me.  Iíve put a lot of time into this.  Give me some credit...
    Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ.
    Speaking of credit....
    15. Credits
    CJayC - For putting this up on his site.
    Kildread2 - For some game and FAQ pointers and generally being 
    supportive, and a cool guy. ^_^
    ArmorKing - For some MUCH-needed help in certain areas of the game.
    bustamac - For all his excellent scenarios and his music analysis.
    Derek Nielsen - For giving me the heads-up on who the Marquis of 
    Queensbury was, first...
    Aaron Nielsen, Alex_215, ChewyLS, and all those who took my quiz on 
    the GameFAQs Message Boards - For giving me cheese locations.
    Rodney1103 - For a time-saving tip on Battle Shrine.
    wolf007jack - For some tips on Challenge 18.
    KazumiJin - For another way to complete Challenge 20.
    snafujm - For pointing out some places I needed to correct.
    Shuker - For another way to complete Challenge 27.
    ChewyLS - For enlightening me on how to find out the difficulties of 
    the Sims in the Challenges.  Also for supplying me with his tip for 
    Challenge 21.
    Bram Vermeulen - For a tip on Area 51: Infiltration.
    Lex Sloet - For finding an interesting secret in Area 51: Rescue
    Chaos Sonic - For the Character Unlock List
    Tool32x - For the Tip on WAR!
    shadestreet, SubDragon, Matt P, and everyone else who worked on the 
    GameFAQs multiplayer rank database, and tgeek12 for sending it to me.
    Rareware - For being a veritable god among mortals in the video game 
    industry.  Youíve done it again!
    Nintendo - For having the guts to put this game on the market.  Welcome 
    to the dark side, fellas.  No turning back, now.
    ...and the following people, who sent me in their favorite multiplayer 
    scenarios or tricks - Oberon the Fairy King, ChewyLS, Ashcraft, 
    SpacemanSpiff, Darthhelmet85, ConfusedGuy, bustamac, Bisc, REwesker, 
    Crash, MBE005, Mike 100+, UltimateTrainer2000, Neobahamut, ?_?, 
    Smithbrady, Az_Za, NameLess, sidekick_steve, alphamet, Travi64, Alex 
    Williams, bahkman
    16. Version History
    2.3.2001 - Ver. 2.8 - Been a while...  Finally added the quick way to 
    get Kills for Medal building so people will stop mentioning it... ^_^
    9.10.2000 - Ver. 2.7 - Added Multiplayer Ranking Database and a few 
    other things, like people who can post my FAQ on their page.
    9.3.2000 - Ver. 2.6 - Been a while.  Think it's time to update some 
    submitted stuff.
    8.15.2000 - Ver. 2.5 - Well, I did it.  You'll know what I'm talking 
    about if you look at the top.  Hey, pretty stuff sells, even though I'm
    not really selling anything...
    Anyway, more stuff from bustamac.  More cleanup.  More of the usual.  I
    decided to give the Submits their own Content.  It's some good stuff, I
    tell ya.  Also split up the FAQ into two section.  One preliminary, one
    8.7.2000 - Ver. 2.4 - Bustamac really likes sending me scenarios.  A 
    ton of new ones from him.  Check the Solo Missions while you're here, 
    too.  As I grow wiser in the workings of Perfect Dark, I come up with 
    more health-effective ways of getting through missions.
    7.27.2000 - Ver. 2.3 - Phew.  Finally fixed it so it all fits on the 
    page.  That's all the cheese locations, now, and a few new scenarios.
    7.17.2000 - Ver. 2.2 - Cleaned up the format.  Lousy word wrap, away!  
    I swear by all that is good and holy that I will never use Word or 
    NotePad for my FAQs again, thank you.
    7.16.2000 - Ver. 2.1 - Added more cheese locations, more scenarios, and 
    more tips and tricks.  Thanks to a tip from ChewyLS, I refined the 
    Simulant Difficulties on Challenges.  I also added starting ammo for 
    each level.
    7.7.2000 - Ver. 2.0 - Finished Solo Missions completely.  Everything's 
    in.  Will continue to post multiplayer scenarios, cute tricks, and 
    Challenge Tips as they come in or are requested.
    6.29.2000 - Ver. 1.4 - Added some Challenge tips, a few scenarios, 
    another Time Trial and cleaned up a LOT!
    6.26.2000 - Ver. 1.2 - Added the last Special Assignment, a few time 
    trials, and polished up a bunch of other things.  Also posted some 
    submitted scenarios and Challenge tips.
    6.21.2000 - Ver. 1.0 - Just about the entire thing.  Iím not the kind 
    to do things piecemeal.  120 pages of love from me to you.
    17. The Final Word
    Well, thatís it.  My first FAQ, and I dare say it was okay.  Please, 
    let me know if I have anything wrong, or if you have a suggestion about 
    my writing technique.  Iím always open to criticism.  
    Also, if you have any cool multiplayer scenarios youíd like to share, 
    let me know and Iíll post them.
    If you do decide to send me a scenario, try to make it more involved 
    than a simple "favorite setup".  Give me some background.  Tell a 
    story.  Make it a mission in itself.  Make it interesting.
    E-mail me at CyricZ42@yahoo.com with questions, comments, or if you 
    just want to say hi.  Iíll be glad to respond to you within the day.
    Have fun, and remember...
    Perfect Dark is forever...

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