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    Challenges Guide by marshmallow

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/22/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    |   Perfect Agent Walkthrough  /  Version 1.3   /  July 22nd, 2000    |
    |         Written by marshmallow <marshmallow@planetn2000.com>        |
    |   Check out my fast times at http://geocities.com/marshmallow4321   |
    	I think I've made just about enough guides for Perfect Dark, don't 
    you think? But I really can't help myself, I love the game so much. This 
    guide, my third for this gem of a game, will walk you through the 30 
    multiplayer challenges that enable you to unlock goodies, and have quite 
    a bit of fun on the side. I kind of glossed over the easy ones, but the 
    difficult ones (16,18, 22, for example) I have gone into quite a lot of 
    detail because I knew many people will read this guide just for the 
    solutions to only one or two of the challenges.
      0.    T  A  B  L  E    O  F    C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S 
    0.   Table of Contents
    1.   Before Getting Started
         •  Your Character
         •  Sim Types
         •  Scenarios
         •  The Ultimate Cheat
    2.   Challenges 1-10: The Cakewalk
    3.   Challenges 11-20: The Moaners
    4.   Challenges 21-30: The Impossible
    5.   The Rewards
    6.   Revision History / Updates
    7.   Important Legal Information
    8.   Contact Information
      1.   B E F O R E   G E T T I N G   S T A R T E D
                        Y O U R    C H A R A C T E R
    In Perfect Dark, character is everything. That is, your character. In 
    GoldenEye nearly all the players have the same physique and no different 
    advantages or disadvantages other than color (other than a few 
    exceptions, such as Valentin, Oddjob, or Jaws). In PD, this is quite 
    different. Cassandra, for example, is thin as a wire, enabling her to 
    avoid shots, but her hair is very tall and thus allows her adversaries 
    to get easier headshots. Carrington is fat and can be hit easily, but is 
    short. Mr. Blonde is the tallest character, but has a wide chest. The 
    Maians are extremely short, but have huge heads.
    Wait a minute. Huge heads? Who cares about that when you can change the 
    heads of your characters? The best character to be, in performance, is a 
    Maian with a human head. Sure, it will look absolutely ridiculous, but 
    you will be the smallest character there is without the huge head of a 
    Maian. In some of the later challenges, this character will give you 
    that extra edge that allows you to win on a consistent basis.
                       S I M U L A N T    T Y P E S
    Absolute waste of silicon. It runs around the level, sometimes not even 
    bothering to get a weapon, and will usually ignore you. On the rare 
    occasion it does shoot at you its accuracy will be about zero, as it 
    will never hit you. This is meant to represent a person without any arms 
    and has to move around with his toes.
    The EasySim is similar to the MeatSim in that he tries to ignore fights 
    where possible (unless in large groups), but his accuracy is improved. 
    Like the MeatSim, however, he is very slow. This is meant to represent a 
    beginner to the game who's never played PD, or any other FPS for that 
    Heads and shoulders above the two previous Sims, the NormalSim poses an 
    actual challenge to anyone who plays it, especially in groups. They 
    shoot at you with decent accuracy and run around at an adequate speed, 
    certainly enough to get away from you. It is meant to represent the 
    casual gamer after having the game for a few days.
    As its name suggests, this will give any player who has played the game 
    for a few weeks a huge challenge, sometimes winning with ease if in 
    This one does not beat around the bush. This simulant is meant to 
    represent the most elite of the elite gamers, the ones who have mastered 
    Perfect Dark and knows the layout of all the arenas, and the locations 
    of all shields and weapons. It has accuracy easily above 70% and always 
    speed-strafes. Its reaction time is impeccable and awe-inspiring.
    The PerfectSim, despite its name, has several weaknesses. For it is only 
    a computer program running out of the little black box we call the N64, 
    it can not learn strategies or formulate its own plan against you. Many 
    people find the PerfectSim as an impossible barrier to pass, but this is 
    far from impossible. Once you exploit the following weaknesses, the 
    PerfectSim will still be a very, very difficult adversary, but it will 
    not seem as impossible as before.
    • The PerfectSim always goes to the shield first. It is a shield 
      mongoloid and will even go to the shield if it has no weapons. There's 
      nothing you can do to stop it, other then kill it. Even under heavy 
      fire the PerfectSim's thirst for a shield will not stop. Exploit this 
      by hanging around the area with the shield, and killing it on its way. 
      The only reason you should not do that is if it violates the following 
    • Never, under any circumstances, remain in an area with multiple levels 
      or ramps unless you want to get mowed down immediately, or if you know 
      for certain he is far away. 
    • The PerfectSim will always know where you are, and will hone in on 
      your location within seconds. Even without radar it has this power. 
      Due to this, try to hang out in rooms with as little entrances as 
    • When you see the PerfectSim he will not shoot at you while moving, he 
      will always stop. Do not expect him to speed strafe into a room and 
      shoot at you while moving diagonally across the floor. No, he does not 
      do that. He will STOP dead in his tracks and begin to shoot. This is a 
      huge advantage for you, especially if you can catch him in a door-way. 
    • He always remains on the main path, never in a small room while 
      camping. He is always moving, constantly looking for you. 
    This does not represent anything, only the programmer's cruel, sick joke 
    on the most advanced of gamers. The DarkSim cheats without any 
    consequences to it. Here is a following list of how it cheats...
    • It is faster than any speed strafer.
    • It instantly gets the best weapons. Only seconds after respawning it 
      will have, for example, double Cyclones.
    • 100% accuracy over the most ridiculous distances. I've been killed in 
      some instances without even being able to see the enemy. This 
      point in particular is extremely annoying. 
    • They always get head shots.
    • They always know where you are located.
    And that about covers it up. The only weakness they have is that when 
    they attack from behind a corner they will warp about five videogame-
    feet from the corner, stand there, and attack at surprising speed. Due 
    to this, if you are fast enough you can kill them very quickly because 
    they stand in place. However, their speed is so astonishing I've had the 
    red screen of death before my Z-button is even depressed. Ouch. 
                         T H E    S C E N A R I O S
    NOTE: There are more modes than this (pop a cap, for example) but these 
          are the only scenarios featured in challenges.
    Standard deathmatch. For every person you kill you earn one point.
    Hacker Central
    This is quite interesting. Randomly placed in the arena are two objects 
    that appear on radar: a computer terminal and a data uplink. You first 
    get the uplink, then find the terminal, and begin to download files. 
    While downloading you are totally open to enemy attack, and have no way 
    to defend yourself. It takes a very long time to download a single file, 
    but on the upside each file you download nets you two points. Whoever 
    has the uplink, when killed, will send the uplink back into the arena, 
    in another random location. 
    King of the Hill
    Classic KOTH. A random area of the level is highlighted in green and 
    placed on the radar. Stand in this area and it will turn the color of 
    your team (red, yellow, blue, etc.). If you stand in this area for 30 
    seconds you get 1 point * the number of players from your team who are 
    on the hill. For example, if you have two people on the hill, you get 
    two points.
    If an enemy comes on the hill, the timer stops. It will only begin once 
    the enemy is killed, or runs away. If everyone on the hill is killed 
    then it will return to a green color, meaning anyone can take it. 
    Hold the Briefcase
    This is similar to the "Living Daylights" mode in GoldenEye. You pick up 
    the suitcase and a timer begins, after 30 seconds the person with the 
    case (or his team) gets a point. If that person is killed then the case 
    will fall to the floor and anyone can collect it. If you have the case, 
    you can shoot and behave exactly as before (unlike in GoldenEye, where 
    you couldn't shoot any weapons).
    Of other note, the person with the case will always glow a light-green 
    Capture the Case
    This is, without a doubt, my favorite mode of the game. It's exactly 
    like capture the flag, except with suitcases (and sub-machine guns and 
    hand grenades, instead of water pistols and water balloons). Each team 
    has their own randomly selected part of their level that is their base. 
    A suitcase is here, and everyone respawns here. The idea is to go to 
    someone else's base, steal their suitcase, and get it back and place it 
    inside of your case before you get killed. Each time you do this you 
    earn an amazing three points! 
                     T H E   U L T I M A T E   C H E A T 
    Helpful reader # 4567 has this to say...
    "This trick needs 2 players. At the advanced options screen, have player 
    1 create a simple sinerio, then save it. Now, go to "Load Settings", 
    highlight it, but DON't select it. Now player 2 should join. have that 
    person select the challenge u want to beat, then keep hitting "A" until 
    "....and waiting" appears on their half of the screen. Now player 1 will 
    select the sinerio that he had highlighted, then hit start. The 
    challenge will start, but with your custom sinerio. When you beat it, 
    the game thinks you beat that challenge!"
    - Datamouse1 <poodleman@hotmail.com>
    So, basically, you can have a scenario with you against a MeatSim, and 
    if you win against him the game thinks you beat the Challenge...how 
    nice. I'd personally prefer to beat it for real, but that's just me.
      2.  C H A L L E N G E S  1 - 1 0 :   T H E   C A K E W A L K 
    You read it up there, all these challenges are pretty much cakewalks. In 
    fact, I'm surprised I even bothered to write strategies for them! But 
    since it is 1/3 of the challenges, and the fact it only took a few 
    minutes of my time, I thought nothing of it.
                       C H A L L E N G E    O N E
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Skedar 
    Opposition: ShockSim (Meat)
    Weapons: Falcon-2
             Sniper Rifle 
             dy357 magnum
    Points needed to win: 4
    Time Allowed: 5 minutes 
    Difficulty: None
    Wow, this is really kind of sad. The poor shocktrooper will just wander 
    around the arena with a Dragon in hand, never really shooting at you. In 
    fact, I think a good challenge is to make him hit you! If you go right 
    up to him he'll usually run away, and if you shoot him he'll die within 
    seconds. When he does shoot you -- a rare occasion to be sure -- he'll 
    spray bullets all over the place.
    Basically what I'm trying to say here, is if you die here you might as 
    well give up on beating the challenges -- let alone the game!
                       C H A L L E N G E    T W O 
    Scenario: Combat 
    Arena: Area 51
    Opposition: ShockSim (Meat)
    Weapons: Combat Knife
             Rocket Launcher
    Points needed to win: 6
    Time Allowed: 5 minutes 
    Difficulty: None
    Ahh, Mr. Shock is back for more I see! Hahaha, and this time we get 
    rocket launchers! The fastest way is to grab a Dragon and mow him down 
    upon sight, and finish the game off in under a minute, relentlessly 
    hunting him down and killing him before he even gets a weapon. But 
    playing around with rocket launchers can also be a cause of much 
    enjoyment. Allow him to get one and he will usually kill himself in his 
    pathetic attempt to get at you! I've actually won 6 to -5 before 
    (remember, a suicide subtracts one point from your total, and since he 
    never scores, well...). 
                       C H A L L E N G E    T H R E E 
    Scenario: Combat 
    Arena: Pipes
    Opposition: TechSim 1 (Meat)
                TechSim 2 (Meat)
    Weapons: MagSec-4
             Timed Mine
    Points needed to win: 8
    Time Allowed: 5 minutes 
    Difficulty: 1/10
    The pipes arena is mostly a bottomless pit, and the idea is to stay as 
    high in the level as possible, staying away from the pipes that criss-
    cross the black abyss below. The reason I actually put a difficulty 
    rating is because if you don't watch yourself and are real careless the 
    enemies can shoot you off the pipes and to your death, and because you 
    now face two Sims instead of only one. 
    Also, try sticking a timed mine on one of them and watch them run away, 
    then explode, killing their partners as well. Mmmm, double kill award 
    here I come! 
                       C H A L L E N G E    F O U R 
    Scenario: King of the Hill 
    Arena: Skedar
    Opposition: CISim1 (Easy)
    Weapons: MagSec-4
             K7 Avenger
    Points needed to win: 4
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: None
    Oh, no!!! AN EASYSIM! Now we're in really in trouble! LOL, damn this is 
    so easy it's unbelievable. All you have to do is get double CMP-150's, 
    go to the hill (check the radar) and sit there until the clock runs out 
    (about 24 seconds), then you get a point. Do it four times, and you win. 
    The opposition is pathetic, it might actually hit if you stand still but 
    if you move around there's no chance. To add further insult to injury 
    there are shields scattered around the level. You may as well be 
                       C H A L L E N G E    F I V E
    Scenario: Combat 
    Arena: Complex
    Opposition: CassSim (Easy)
    Weapons: Cyclone
             Hand Grenade
             FarSight XR-20
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 1/10
    This takes place in the classic Complex, from GoldenEye, and is so easy 
    it boggles my mind. The only time I've actually died on this is when 
    Cassandra was in the same room as I and I accidentally shot the grenade 
    she was holding...oops. :p 
    Once you get the FarSight XR-20 you should find a nice, cozy camping 
    spot and then use its secondary function to kill the CassSim over and 
    over, before she even has a chance to get a weapon. Watching her body 
    fall limp as I blast through 10 walls, killing her on the other side of 
    the map, is just so fun. 
                       C H A L L E N G E    S I X 
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase 
    Arena: Area 52
    Opposition: WorkSim 1 (Meat)
                WorkSim 2 (Meat)
                WorkSim 3 (Meat)
                WorkSim 4 (Meat)
    Weapons: CMP-150
             dy357 magnum
             K7 Avenger
    Points needed to win: 6
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: None
    Let's see, 30 seconds to get a point for the briefcase. 30 * 6 = 180 
    seconds, plus 20 seconds (max) to get the case in the first place, so 
    this game should only last about 200 seconds! That's a little over three 
    minutes...kind of sad. There are shields in the ditches around the 
    towers, and another in the tunnel in the long halls with metal doors, 
    but you probably won't need them. Although you face many enemies, they 
    are all pretty sad. Double CMP-150's or twin dy357's will take them down 
    within seconds. You can camp in a guard tower or the big shelter with 
    glass windows if you wish, but I prefer to run around the level and have 
    some fun with the locals. It's not as if you have any chances of dying; 
    with a shield you're practically untouchable.
                     C H A L L E N G E    S E V E N 
    Scenario: King of the Hill 
    Arena: Warehouse
    Opposition: JoSim (Easy)
    Weapons: Falcon-2 (silenced)
             Hand grenade
    Points needed to win: 5
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty : 1/10
    Other options: One Hit Kills
    The weapon to get here is the Cyclone, which the simulant often seems to 
    pick up. Once you get double Cyclones, she won't have an icecube's 
    chance in hell of even touching you. Once you get on the hill train your 
    sights on the entrances and watch the radar. As soon as she enters she 
    will die instantly. On rare occasions she has been known to kill both 
    people with a badly tossed hand grenade, but the chances of this 
    happening are pretty low.
                     C H A L L E N G E    E I G H T
    Scenario: Capture the Case 
    Arena: Skedar
    Opposition: SnipeSim (Easy)
    Weapons: MagSec-4
             K7 Avenger
             Super Dragon
    Points needed to win: 9
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: None
    Wow, talk about simple. Since each capturing of the case is three 
    points, you only need to capture the enemy's case three times. However, 
    the bases are located on opposite sides of the level, so there's going 
    to be a lot of running. Damn I hate this challenge...it's easy, but 
    boring. I wish the Skedar arena was more compact, then this might be a 
    little more intense. Well, I guess not, considering we're facing a 
    freaking EasySim!
                      C H A L L E N G E    N I N E 
    Scenario: Combat 
    Arena: Ravine
    Opposition: TrentSim (Normal)
    Weapons: Falcon-2
             dy357 magnum
             Timed Mine
             Laptop Gun
             FarSight XR-20
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Other options: One Hit Kills
    NormalSim, eh? He won't be much of a threat here. Gather up a FarSight, 
    also known as camper's delight, and find yourself a nice room to camp 
    in. If you're afraid Trent might sneak in before you can kill him, set 
    up a Laptop Sentry on a wall next to you. Then just use the FarSight to 
    blast him to kingdom come only seconds after he respawns. Remember to 
    point the gun in the direction of the dot on the radar, otherwise it 
    will take forever to track him.
                       C H A L L E N G E    T E N
    Scenario: Hacker Central 
    Arena: Temple
    Opposition: GuardSim (Easy)
    Weapons: CMP-150
             Remote Mine
    Points needed to win: 4
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: None
    Use the radar to find the data uplink, then pick up an AR-34 or Cyclone, 
    then head to the computer terminal. If the enemy is nearby, kill him. If 
    not, then hack into the computer using the uplink. He usually respawns 
    far away from the terminal, so you can usually get all four points 
    without killing him more than once. If he dos come in, then ignore him 
    if you're almost done, or mow him down if you just started. It only 
    takes two downloads (two points each) to end this game.
      3.  C H A L L E N G E S   1 1 - 2 0  :   T H E   M O A N E R S
    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as the title suggests these challenges are 
    actually, well, challenging! On many of them you will die not only once, 
    but twice, or even three times! Strategy starts to become very important 
                      C H A L L E N G E    E L E V E N
    Scenario: King of the Hill 
    Arena: Complex
    Opposition: BlondeSim (Normal)
    Weapons: MagSec-4
             K7 Avenger
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 4/10
    This will probably go the entire 10 minutes, or near there, because 
    getting 10 points (one point per hill) can take awhile. The trick to 
    this level is to know where the shields and Avengers are located. There 
    is one shield near the area with the vents you can crawl through, right 
    in the middle of the open space, and another shield is located on the 
    catwalk you can reach by climbing up the ladder (it looks more like a 
    vent). The Avengers are located in many areas, most noticeably in the 
    large dugout, the sniper's post, and near the area where the second 
    shield is located. With both a shield and Avenger, you should be able to 
    survive for the remainder of the game. Train your eyes on the radar when 
    you have the hill, and predict which entrance Mr. Blonde will come 
    through, then mow him down. 
    Another nasty trick is to use the Tranquilizer on him near the start and 
    middle of the match. After about four direct hits his speed and accuracy 
    will fall like a sack of potatoes. After that he will pretty much be a 
    MeatSim. But it will only last about four minutes or so...but still, 
    that's a pretty good deal. 
                     C H A L L E N G E    T W E L V E 
    Scenario: Combat 
    Arena: Skedar
    Opposition: JoSim (Hard)
    Weapons: Falcon-2 (scope)
             Sniper Rifle
             Super Dragon
    Points needed to win: 3
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Other options: Slow-motion
    Although your enemy is a HardSim, you probably won't notice due to the 
    fact that everything is in slow-motion -- MATRIX STYLE BABY -- which 
    allows you to have reaction speeds many times that of your opponent. The 
    weapon to get here is the Super Dragon, which is located in the middle 
    of the big room that is more like a hole, and has four pillars 
    positioned in each corner. Whatever you do, DO NOT let the enemy get 
    this weapon, because they will use its secondary function (grenade 
    launcher) with pin-point accuracy, killing you within seconds. If this 
    does happen, the best you can do is stay away and snipe her. If this 
    isn't an option, run as fast as you can towards her. Although you'll 
    die, she'll kill herself, and therefore no one will score (she earns a 
    point for killing you, but then it is subtracted for suicide). 
                     C H A L L E N G E    T H I R T E E N
    Scenario: Combat 
    Arena: G5 Building
    Opposition: CIASim (Normal)
    Weapons: Falcon-2
             Laptop Gun
             Hand Grenade
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Other options: One Hit kills
    Get a weapon and make your way to the room that has a catwalk circling 
    the wall, which leads to another small room, which again leads to a 
    hallway illuminated in sky blue light. This is a dead-end, and if you 
    look you should see a metal bridge going over a bottomless pit (which 
    you can't reach). You should also find a laptop gun and ammo boxes. 
    Isn't it obvious? Throw a laptop sentry on the corner and let it do all 
    the work for you. The sim will get mowed down before he even sees you! 
    With this strategy this challenge has no real difficulty. However, if 
    you're actually man enough to fight him head-on it can be a slight 
    challenge, but if you pay attention you should still get him everytime. 
    Another sneaky tactic to add to the laptop strategy is to litter the 
    room before the dead-end hallway with bouncing proximity grenades. 
                     C H A L L E N G E    F O U R T E E N
    Scenario: Capture the Case 
    Arena: Area 52
    Opposition: GuardSim (Normal)
                TroopSim (Easy)
    Weapons: Cyclone
             Super Dragon
             K7 Avenger
             FarSight XR-20
             Cloaking Device
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: None or 2/10
    The difficulty of this level fluctuates depending on where the bases are 
    located. The one where there is no challenge is the one where you are in 
    the house that has the sliding door and an Avenger, and they are about 
    20 feet away in the middle of nowhere. They will run off deep into the 
    level to collect weapons, and you can simply run back and forth, 
    stealing their case and returning it to your base multiple times before 
    they return.  
    However, the above is a rare occasion. Usually the bases will be located 
    near and around the huge outdoor area that has four sniper towers and a 
    trench running along the inside. This is the best place to build up 
    weapons: get a FarSight, then pick up the cloaking device in the trench. 
    The second cloaking device is located in the hole you have to duck in, 
    located inside of the long corridors that have breakable glass. The 
    reason the cloaking devices are important is that the HardSim will 
    always guard the case while the other tries to get yours. The HardSim 
    will always cloak himself and have the FarSight, and he will kill you in 
    only one hit before you know what's happening. But if you cloak yourself 
    he will remain visible, and you can kill him easily and steal the case.
    The remaining sim, the one after your case, usually will get lost and be 
    unable to find your base. On the rare occasion that he steals it, use 
    the FarSight's secondary function to hunt him down and kill him easily. 
    The case will return to your base.
    Rinse and repeat, and this win is yours.
                      C H A L L E N G E    F I F T H T E E N
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase 
    Arena: Grid
    Opposition: LabSim1 (Normal)
                LabSim2 (Meat)
    Weapons: MagSec-4
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 5/10
    The problem with this challenge is the fact that, regardless of 
    difficulty, the simulants have pin-point accuracy with the devastator (a 
    grenade launcher) over long distances. Even the MeatSim will make you 
    painfully aware of this fact. 
    The first problem is taking the case away from the AI. This is actually 
    the hardest task of the level, because they stick together, and with two
    grenades hurtling at you through the air, this becomes quite difficult. 
    The trick is to shield yourself (there are two shields: one on the 
    rampway that leads to the room with a glass lab, the second in the 
    Matrix-pillars on the highest floor, on the same level as the glass 
    bridge) so you can at least survive being hit by a blast, even for a 
    brief instant. Now get a launcher of your own, and get on the highest 
    point of the level: the floor with the glass bridge and Matrix-pillars. 
    From this vantage point you can kill the group of sims very easily, and 
    all of their shots will ricochet off the pillars and bounce back to 
    ground level. Basically, if you are higher than them, they can't touch 
    Also be aware of the fact that the person who has the case will have a 
    green color to them.
    Once you have the case it becomes a matter of camping out and killing 
    them off whenever they attempt to kill you to get the case back. It 
    takes about 30 seconds of holding the case to get a point, so you're 
    going to know how to camp, and how to camp good. The best place to camp, 
    in my experience, is in the room with the glass laboratory. You have 
    ready access to devastator and its ammunition, and you can get a shield 
    very easily by going down the rampway.
    There are two entrances to this room: one from the Matrix-pillars, the 
    other from the ramp with shield. In my experience the AI will come up 
    the ramp 95% of the time, and with a devastator. When they come from the 
    Matrix-pillars room they either have a Shotgun or a MagSec, which is far 
    less dangerous than a grenade to the torso. Your best bet is to lay a 
    proximity Dragon near the Matrix-pillars, stay inside the glass labs, 
    and face the ramp. When someone comes up, shoot two or three grenades 
    and watch them be blown away. If you take any damage, go down the ramp 
    and pick up the shield. If the Dragon explodes, don't leave the room to 
    get another one, simply watch your radar to make sure you aren't 
    attacked from behind. As long as you pay close attention to the radar 
    and stay inside the glass lab, you'll be OK. Because of the glass 
    windows, the AI will not shoot grenades inside the lab. Therefore, you 
    can shoot a grenade next to the glass and they will die from the 
    explosion. They are not smart enough to do the same thing, and even if 
    they could you would be able to simply back away. 
                      C H A L L E N G E    S I X T E E N
    Scenario: Combat 
    Arena: Facility (I refuse to call it Felicity) 
    Opposition: BioSim (Perfect) 
    Weapons: Falcon-2
             K7 Avenger
             Super Dragon
             Proximity Mine
    Points needed to win: 10 
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes
    Difficulty: Man's way -- 8/10
                Coward's way -- 2/10
    Other Options: No Radar
    The problem with this is that there is no radar, so you have no idea in 
    hell where he is, but he has EVERY idea where you are. And believe me, 
    when a PerfectSim catches you off guard, you are dead-meat. There are 
    basically two strategies for this challenge: the coward's way, and the 
    man's way.
    The coward's way:
    Camp yourself in either the bathroom or the room with the gas tanks. 
    Both places have proximity mines galore, and only one entrance. Litter 
    the entranceway with proximity mines and when the hapless PerfectSim 
    tries to enter he will be blown to kingdom come. After about two or thee 
    times of doing this he will stop, and wait for you to come out, which is 
    unusually uncharacteristic of him. Wait out the remainder of the 10 
    minutes and you should win by a few points.
    The man's way:
    Full out fighting, baby. As soon as the match starts get both a shield 
    and a Super Dragon, preferably in that order. There are two halves to 
    this level, and you start out on opposite sides. The first shield is at 
    the base of the stairway that leads to the bathroom, and the Super 
    Dragon is in the dead-end room nearby. In the other half, the shield is 
    in the closet at the end of the long corridor, and the Super Dragon is 
    in the room with the support pillar. 
    Once armed, go to the point where the two halves meet: for reference, in 
    GoldenEye these doors were locked in the one player game. The PerfectSim 
    will be just coming here, and as soon as the door opens and you can see 
    his arm start firing your super dragon. The PerfectSim will not shoot 
    until he can see you with his eyes, and he always positions himself in 
    the center of the doorway, so you can cause some extra damage before he 
    shoots by hitting his arm. 
    Continue to unload and he should die rather pathetically, even with his 
    shield. You of course will take some damage, but if your reflexes are up 
    to par he will usually only drain about half of your shield. Each milli-
    second counts, if you that slower then he will start to eat into your 
    health. After his death immediately go to the closet at the end of the 
    long corridor and re-shield yourself. You do not want to go into the 
    area with the bathroom because of the fact he can easily surprise you 
    (he could come from the bathroom, the door next to the bathroom, the 
    door under the stairs, or the double-doors underneath the bathroom) and 
    kill you before you realize what's happening. 
    After he dies and respawns, check the long corridor to make sure he 
    didn't respawn behind you. If he did, he's easy pickings as he won't 
    have a weapon and won't try to get one until he gets a shield. 
    Rinse and repeat. I've actually won 10-0 using this method before.
                     C H A L L E N G E    S E V E N T E E N
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Temple
    Opposition: DanSim (Perfect)
    Weapons: dy357 magnum
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Although your opponent is a PerfectSim, he is not that huge of a threat. 
    Half the time he will kill himself with a Slayer, and with an AR33 you 
    can still kill him because you usually won't be that close together, 
    meaning his accuracy will be quite low. If you're a decent shot, you 
    should be able to pick him off in such a situation unless he ambushes 
    you. If, on the other hand, he picks up a Reaper, you're screwed. In 
    which case he will mow you down from across the biggest of rooms. This 
    is extremely annoying because the Reaper is infamous for its horrible 
    accuracy, and the AI seems to be able to find a way around this while in 
    mid-stride. Oh well, this is a rare occasion and when it does happen you 
    can kill him with an explosive later.
    There are two weapons to look for here: the AR-34 and the Slayer. 
    Shields are nice, but not required, so don't feel you have to go out of 
    your way to get a shield. The AR-34 you should use in transition from 
    one hill to another. The Slayer you will use as the defensive mechanism. 
    Once you have the hill, focus your attention on the radar and always 
    point in his direction. When you can tell he's about to enter the room, 
    shoot off the missile at the wall and he will die. Sometimes he will 
    even kill himself with his own Slayer. It will then be about 30 seconds 
    before he will shield and arm himself, so the hill is pretty much yours. 
    Also be aware of the fact that when he opens one of the sliding stone 
    doors that he will not begin shooting until it is all the way open. 
    Thus, you can mow him down before he fires a single shot.
    If he manages to obtain the hill first, don't go in with your AR-34 
    firing unless you have no other choice (e.g. you're behind by one, only 
    40 seconds left in the game). Instead, use the Slayers secondary 
    function to shoot a missile inside the room, and when you get near ol'e 
    Danny boy, detonate it with a press of the Z trigger. He won't attempt 
    to run away, so he'll be a sitting duck. The hill is now yours for the 
    I've tested this strategy extensively, and finds it works very well. 
    However, I'm not sure why, but sometimes the AI will begin shooting 
    controlled-Slayer missiles into your room, and will detonate it as soon 
    as it sees you. If this starts to happen, allow him to take the hill, 
    because he will kill you very easily otherwise. When he gets the hill he 
    will stop, then you can do the same to him and kill him easily.
    Like I said before, I don't know what triggers that, but it's a pretty 
    scarce happening. In the end, you should win by a landslide if you did 
    everything right (10-2 or 10-1 is common). 
                     C H A L L E N G E    E I G H T E E N
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Villa
    Opposition: ElvisSim (Perfect)
                MaianSim (Meat)
    Weapons: Falcon-2
             Laptop Gun
             Cloaking Device
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes
    Difficulty: 6/10
    1. The cloaking device can be found in one of the areas with grass and 
    stairs. When you climb the stone stairway a thin path branches off at 
    the top, and at the end is the device. Once you find it you'll slap 
    yourself silly.
    2. The Laptop Gun is located on the top of a catwalk, and on top of a 
    pillar that can only be reached by jumping off of sad catwalk. You know 
    you're on the right path when you reach the hallway that has support 
    pillars along the wall (the "ribs", as I call them).
    3. The shield is in a room directly ahead of the cylinder that has a 
    Laptop Gun in front of it. This way you can get both the gun and the 
    shield in only a single pass.
    Before attempting anything, you'll want to find a Tranquilizer and the 
    cloaking device. Cloak yourself and hunt down the PerfectSim and rush at 
    him kamikaze style, pumping his small body full of sedatives. Even if 
    he's shielded they will affect him, causing his accuracy and reaction 
    time to fall considerably. He is still dangerous, but much more easier 
    to take down, even if he ambushes you. This will make him an almost non-
    factor for about two or three minutes, enough for you to get a 
    substantial lead.
    You're going to want to stock up on cloaking devices (50-60 seconds 
    worth), and everytime you pass through the area that has it, be sure to 
    pick another one up. When you get the hill, cloak yourself and use the 
    Laptop Gun. When the poor Maian saps wander onto it, line up the head 
    shot and mow them down. The PerfectSim will sometimes not even get to 
    the hill if you filled him with enough sedatives. He'll wander around 
    the level, seemingly lost.
    However, the sedative's effects will stop after a few minutes, in which 
    case you can fill him up some more (probably dying in the process, 
    unless you're shielded) or continue to play. If you continue to play, it 
    would be wise to set up Laptop Sentries whenever you have the hill.
    If for whatever reason they take the hill first, be sure to cloak 
    yourself before trying to take it. Then mow them down with the Laptop 
    This challenge is pretty easy if you know the layout of the level, and 
    where all the goodies are (Laptop Gun, Cloaking Device, and shield). 
                     C H A L L E N G E     N I N E T E E N
    Scenario: Combat 
    Arena: G5 Building 
    Opposition: CassSim (Hard)
                TrentSim (Easy)
    Weapons: CMP-150
             Rocket Launcher
             FarSight XR-20
             Combat Boost
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 4/10
    The only time you will find yourself getting killed is when one of them 
    shoots a rocket at you, but they will kill themselves in the process 90% 
    of the time so it all levels out in the end. The FarSight and shields 
    are all located on the top bridges that connect one section to another. 
    Camp up here and use the FarSight's secondary function to zoom in on 
    your enemies and kill them easily. 
                     C H A L L E N G E     T W E N T Y
    Scenario: Combat 
    Arena: Sewers 
    Opposition: PilotSim (Hard)
    Ally: AirSim (Normal)
    Weapons: Mauler 
             dy357 magnum
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Other options: One Hit Kills
    The idea of this challenge is to kill the enemy while defending your 
    poor NormalSim, which isn't exactly the most intelligent of allies 
    you're going to get in the near future. If the enemy kills both of you, 
    he gets two points. Everytime you kill him, you get one point. So 
    defending your ally is remarkably important.
    This challenge is extremely difficult, but with the following strategy 
    it becomes somewhat easy, but still very time consuming.
    First off, hold the "A" button until the quick-menu select screen comes 
    up. Tap the "Z" trigger twice to activate the Buddy command menu. Now 
    tell your Simulant to "Follow." She will know tag along. Make your way 
    to the middle of the level, it has a shield near a gray hole that you 
    can fall through, and several MagSec-4's and ammunition boxes nearby. 
    You can tell you're near because you will run up several ramps, leaning 
    in at an angle. Camp right here, where the shield is, and equip a 
    MagSec-4 on its secondary function: three-round burst. Make sure both 
    you and your friend has a shield on, as now it will take two shots to 
    kill each of you, instead of one.
    Now duck all the way down, and watch the radar. There are only two ways 
    into this room: the hallway or the elevator lift. Watch your radar very 
    closely and it will be painfully obvious which one he will enter 
    through. Kill him immediately, being sure to fire as fast as you can. If 
    you duck you have little chance of getting hit, and even if you do you 
    have a shield. Your ally will sometimes run off and try to take care of 
    business herself, so select "Hold" from the ally command. She will now 
    stay put. 
    Once you kill the enemy once, be sure to grab the MagSec he had, because 
    this will enable you to have double MagSec's, making the chances of him 
    living once you shoot at him almost nil. Camp here for the remainder of 
    the round and you should win. 
      4.  C H A L L E N G E S   2 1 - 3 0 :   T H E   I M P O S S I B L E
    Uh-oh. These are the kind of challenges you're mother warned you about, 
    the kind your father lectured about. Although some of them are somewhat 
    easy, the majority of them are so difficult that even the most advanced 
    of gamers will grit their teeth in frustration as they fail a challenge 
    for the 10th time in an hour. Luckily, some very good strategy, 
    planning, and the least of your worries, skill, will allow you to beat a 
    majority of them.
                 C H A L L E N G E     T W E N T Y  -  O N E 
    Scenario: Hacker Central 
    Arena: Grid 
    Opposition: JoSim (Hard)
    Weapons: Mauler
             Callisto NTG
             Cloaking Device
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Once you know where the cloaking device is, this level is a cakewalk. 
    It's no more difficult than the first one with this strategy. The 
    cloaking device you want is at the bottom of the ramp that leads to the 
    glass laboratory. Ignore JoSim and the data uplink and simply camp on 
    the cloaking device, picking it up everytime it respawns. When you get 
    80 or 100 seconds worth of it, go to the computer console and blow the 
    enemy away with your Callisto NTG on high impact shells, and collect all 
    her weapons (including another cloaking device). Now, using your radar, 
    hunt down the data uplink and obtain it. Go back to the computer and 
    start downloading files. When she gets near, cloak. Now just stay 
    cloaked the rest of the match while you download files. You should get 
    10 points very easily, finishing the match below even the five minute 
                 C H A L L E N G E     T W E N T Y  -  T W O
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase 
    Arena: Base 
    Opposition: PresSim (Perfect)
                GuardSim (Normal)
    Weapons: Falcon-2
             Sniper Rifle
             K7 Avenger
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Other options: One Hit Kills
    Yep, this is just about near impossible to most people. So you've tried 
    this challenge 50 times and got buried everytime by the team of sims, 
    eh? Lucky for you I'm here to save the day. ;)
    First off, if you get the case first that is fantastic. But it's not 
    necessary. Unless the case is right there in front of your face, do not 
    go out of your way to get it. Before doing anything, you'll want to make 
    your way to the enormous room that has a gigantic stack of metal crates 
    in the back. In the middle of this room is a K7 Avenger, pick it up. Now 
    run up the slanting, transparent ramp (?) to the top, where you will 
    find several catwalks of similar material. Grab the box of Avenger 
    ammunition -- unless that is you like having only 20 rounds -- and leap 
    off the part of the path that has no metal wall. You will be able to 
    catch onto a ladder, climb up, and pick up a shield.
    With a shield and Avenger, you're all set. Now you just need the case. 
    If the AI has already gotten the case (95% of the time, they will) then 
    wait to see what happens. Don't start panicking if they get three or 
    four points. If they start camping, you're in a pickle. If you try to go 
    into their domain, you'll probably die. It's much easier if they are on 
    the move, because you can catch them off guard. But with a shield and 
    Avenger, you have pretty good chances. Even if you die 10 times from 
    trying to get the case, DO NOT give up. Kills don't score and even if 
    you only manage to kill the guy with the case that is great, because it 
    will reset their timer and not allow them to score for at least another 
    30 seconds.
    Once you do get the case, immediately run back to the room where you got 
    the Avenger and shield. Go to the large, clear ramp. Stay right here. 
    From this location you can see all entranceways to the room: two on the 
    top, near the catwalks, and two on ground level. I hate to generalize 
    like this, but the AI will always come through the top-left door on the 
    catwalks. I'm not saying they won't come through any other of the three 
    doors, but I've played this level extensively and it's never happened. 
    But even if they do, so what? You have a shield, an Avenger, and have a 
    large cover that you can even see through. Time it right, strafe out, 
    and mow them down. Be aware that the PresidentSim is Perfect, and the 
    other one is only Hard. With Perfect you need lightening speed reaction 
    time, while with Hard you don't.
    Now, when they are on the catwalks, they always seem to get "stuck." 
    It's a weird glitch, but the PresSim will do it about 99% of the time. 
    I've never seen him do otherwise. The GuardSim never seems to get 
    caught, instead he'll go down the nearby ladder, but that's pretty good 
    because you can kill him as he falls through the air, rather easily in 
    fact. He won't be able to kill you since you're behind the ramp.
    And if the PresSim gets stuck, DO NOT try to unstick him. You'll feel 
    like a complete moron when you go up there to kill him, and instead he 
    kills you, grabs the case, and runs to the other side of the level. Let 
    well-enough alone, and laugh as you pick up the points. You'll win the 
    match after about three or four minutes of camping here, the perfect 
    camping spot. Feel free to pitch a tent, start a fire, and roast some 
    marshmallows. Er...maybe marshmallow's are a bad idea. How about some 
    hotdogs instead?
               C H A L L E N G E     T W E N T Y  -  T H R E E 
    Scenario: Combat 
    Arena: Complex 
    Opposition: CloneSim (Hard)
                StripeSim (Hard)
    Weapons: MagSec-4
             Laptop Gun
             Combat Boost
    Points needed to win: 2
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Other options: Slow Motion
    This looks simple enough. You only need two points to win, but this 
    makes it much easier for you to not only win, but lose. Only two deaths 
    and the enemy team will win. 
    First off, get an RC-P120. Obviously, it's the best gun in the entire 
    round, if not the game itself. Now go through the level until you get 
    near the two hooligans (check the radar), and then cloak yourself. When 
    you get close, start shooting and kill them both rather easily. Two 
    points for you. End of game.
                C H A L L E N G E     T W E N T Y  -  F O U R 
    Scenario: Capture the Case 
    Arena: Fortress 
    Opposition: GuardSim1 (Easy)
                GuardSim2 (Easy)
                AirSim1 (Easy)
                AirSim2 (Easy)
    Weapons: CMP-150
             Super Dragon
    Points needed to win: 9
    Time Allowed: Infinite 
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Each time you steal the case you get three points, so using my 
    mathematical genius, I have calculated that you only need to steal the 
    case and return it to your base three times to win the match.
    The weapon of choice for this level is so blatantly obvious I shouldn't 
    even have to tell you: twin golden magnums. It only takes a few seconds 
    to get...just go to one sniper post, then a second, and there you go, 
    twin golden magnums. Takes down any enemy with a single bullet.  And 
    besides, watching dual magnums reload is almost as fun as sex.
    The problem with this level is the fact that any Sim, even a Meat, will 
    kill you almost instantaneously if they have picked up a Devastator. 
    Pin-point accuracy over hundreds of feet. Which is why you should keep a 
    heavy eye on your radar when exiting any of the bases. Going through the 
    catwalks above the bottomless pit is suicide, don't even attempt it. 
    Just use the elevators to go down, snatch the case, and get back to your 
    base and pray that no whacko with a grenade launcher sees you. With dual 
    golden guns, you should clear house with relatively little effort.
                C H A L L E N G E     T W E N T Y  -  F I V E 
    Scenario: Combat 
    Arena: Ravine 
    Opposition: ShockSim1 (Perfect)
                ShockSim2 (Hard)
    Weapons: Mauler
             K7 Avenger
             FarSight XR-20
             Cloaking Device
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Remember when we used to mow down Mr. Shock when we started this entire 
    challenge fiasco? He's back for revenge, and he brought along a friend 
    to play with as well.
    Unfortunately for him, having FarSight's and cloaking devices scattered 
    around this level makes this almost too easy. Pick up a FarSight and 
    some ammo, and camp on top of the cloaking device. This way if one of 
    them respawns near you and manages to get into the same room as you 
    before you can react, they won't be able to see you. Then just use the 
    FarSight's secondary function and blast them all to kingdom come. 10-0, 
                 C H A L L E N G E     T W E N T Y  -  S I X 
    Scenario: King of the Hill 
    Arena: Ruins 
    Opposition: TechSim 1 (Perfect)
                TechSim 2 (Hard)
    Weapons: Falcon-2
             Laptop Gun
    Points needed to win: 10 
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 8/10
    With this challenge you're going to need to know the arena's layout 
    intimately. Like your lover's body. Know every crevice, know how deep 
    every tunnel goes, how high the hills are, how sweet their breasts taste 
    in your mout-- uh, that is to say, you should know the level very well. 
    Basically the only weapons you need are Maulers (twin Maulers are very 
    easy to come by) and the Laptop Gun. Everything else is more or less 
    useless. Use the Laptop Gun to defend/take away bases, and twin Maulers 
    to defend it and while in transition. A single charged blast is a one-
    hit-kills shot, especially to the chest. With two, the enemy doesn't 
    stand a chance.
    Once you have the hill and the laptop gun is set, it's history, because 
    most of the bases are relatively easy to defend. The only one that's 
    nearly impossible to defend would be the one that's in the room covered 
    in snow, and there is a Mauler in the center, surrounded by two boxes of 
    ammunition. The radar is useless here as the enemy can either come from 
    above, behind, or in front. If I were you I'd set a Laptop Sentry, go 
    someplace else, allow them to be mowed down, THEN come back. It will 
    take them awhile to restock on weapons, just enough for you to get the 
    The Laptop Gun, by the way, is most easily accessed by going up one of 
    the yellowish tunnels (the same kind of texture used in the walls of 
    Skedar Ruins in the solo mission) and about four or five of these all go 
    into the center of the level, where a Laptop Gun and two boxes of 
    ammunition are all yours for the taking. The Laptop Sentry is vital for 
    defending many of the bases, because if the enemy manages to kill you, 
    the Laptop will take care of them, and NO ONE will get the base. Sounds 
    fair to me! 
    In reality, the only real problem people have with this level is knowing 
    where the bases are located, but once you play this challenge enough and 
    know the level layout, that problem will vanish.
    And it really is unfair how the enemy has almost 90% accuracy with the 
    Reaper over the most insane of distances. That really pisses me off. But 
    oh well...Double maulers will take care of them in an instant.
                C H A L L E N G E     T W E N T Y  -  S E V E N 
    Scenario: Hacker Central 
    Arena: Sewers 
    Opposition: CIASim (Perfect)
    Weapons: Falcon-2
             Rocket Launcher
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Ugh...this challenge is hard, but for all the wrong reasons. As soon as 
    you see the enemy he will fire off a targeted rocket, and if you live 
    long enough, he'll shoot off a second and a third. If he gets hurt even 
    a little, he'll immediately go and pick up a shield, then come right 
    back at you. The bastard!
    The chances of you winning this challenge greatly depends on where the 
    computer terminal is located. If it's in the room with the ladder that 
    goes to some green water and an R-launcher, and a beam near the ceiling 
    that has a shield on it, your chances are extremely low. Forget trying 
    to get the data uplink and then downloading even a single file, you will 
    literally get blown into little pieces the second the CIASim enters the 
    room. You will cover the wall. Your only hope is to wait for the Sim to 
    get the uplink, and when he's trying to download the files, totally 
    helpless, you direct a nice warhead at the back of his skull. Defend the 
    terminal for the remainder of the 10 minutes and you win.
    If, on the other hand, the terminal is near the very top of the stage, 
    you are in luck. Not only will it take awhile for the Sim to reach that 
    point, but he will usually kill himself when he shoots a rocket at you. 
    If not, take care of him yourself. In the time it takes him to get a 
    shield, a rocket launcher, some ammunition, and run all the way back to 
    your position, you will have downloaded at least a single file, for two 
    points at that. Kill him again and the cycle begins anew, with you 
    winning 10-0 in under five minutes.
              C H A L L E N G E     T W E N T Y  -  E I G H T 
    Scenario: Capture the Case 
    Arena: Villa 
    Opposition: GuardSim1 (Dark)
                GuardSim2 (Dark)
    Weapons: Falcon-2
             Falcon-2 (silencer)
             dy357 magnum
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Ha......ha.....you have to be kidding me. DARKSIMS?! TWO OF THEM?! Holy 
    Jesus in a can! These mothers will blow you away before your finger can 
    even depress the Z-trigger, let alone before you get a single shot off! 
    Screw strategy, you're going to need some serious luck.
    Thankfully, I'll tell you how to recognize this luck. Keep playing the 
    level until you have your base where there is the wooden catwalk that 
    has stairs leading up to it, and there's an AR-34 and a box of 
    ammunition sitting right next to your case. NOT the one that is sitting 
    on a pillar (in challenge 18 there were Laptop guns there). No, no, this 
    one is actually a bridge. The AR-34 assault rifle is the only weapon in 
    the entire arena that will give you a chance of beating these elite-of-
    elite Sims head-on, and everytime you respawn you get immediate access 
    to its holiness. 
    Everytime you get this "luck" (not really, I think there's a pre-
    determined order of base order, if you play the level about five or six 
    times you'll get it. Just exit if you don't have it and try again) the 
    enemy base will be only a hop, skip, and a speed strafe away. When the 
    challenge first begins the enemies will run deep into the level, instead 
    of taking the short route. But who cares, this will enable you to score 
    within about 20 seconds of playtime. Run back and you might even score 
    again. But after twice, things get tough, and fast. They will return and 
    in all likely-hood mow you down. The only chance you have is to start 
    shooting as soon as they turn the corner, and get chest shots. You'll 
    lose health for sure, but at least they will die. 
    When one of them guards the base you are also in luck, because 
    oftentimes you can take them by surprise. Figure out where to point the 
    aiming reticule, strafe out, and blast them to smithereenies.
    With practice, and some "luck" with the position of the bases, this 
    challenge is yours. I dare anyone to beat this challenge without having 
    their base be the one with the wooden bridge and an AR-34 right there.
                 C H A L L E N G E     T W E N T Y  -  N I N E 
    Scenario: Combat 
    Arena: G5 Building 
    Opposition: WorkSim1 (Dark)
                WorkSim2 (Dark)
    Weapons: Falcon-2
             dy357 magnum
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: Man's way -- 11/10
                Coward's way -- 5/10
    Seconds after the match begins, the team of DarkSims you must face 
    immediately acquire twin Cyclones, a Dragon, a magnum, and another 
    Dragon and warps right in front of you. Sure, of course they don't 
    cheat. ;)
    There are two main methods to this challenge.
    The man's way
    I gave this a difficulty of 11/10...which means it is on the fringes of 
    being an impossibility. The man's way consists of, well, getting a 
    weapon, running into a room, and taking them out! Now, against a SINGLE 
    DarkSim you have a chance of coming out with only a little damage to 
    your health bar if you have extremely fast reaction times and incredible 
    aim, but two at the same time? You may as well shut the N64 off, because 
    there's no way in hell that's going to happen. 
    The coward's way
    Being a coward is actually quite beneficial! Instead of screaming in 
    agony as two DarkSims pound into your small body with dual sub-machine 
    guns, you get to laugh hysterically as you watch both their bodies fall 
    in pools of their own blood.
    How do you achieve such an incredible feat? It's actually quite simple, 
    and it may be a programmed trick just for this challenge (or one of the 
    most useful glitches I've ever come across in my gaming career). On the 
    bottom floor of the building there is a dug-out against a wall, and if 
    you climb into this you will find it is rather deep. As a Maian with a 
    human head, if you duck all the way down and push against the upper-LEFT 
    hand corner, the enemy can't touch you. They can't fall in the hole. 99% 
    of their bullets will hit the very edge, not hitting you. It's 
    important, though, that you are in the upper LEFT hand corner. Not 
    right, but LEFT. L-E-F-T. Got that? 
    Now shoot them in the head, and enough weapons will fall into the hole 
    to supply the Chinese for several years. It's ridiculous. Whatever 
    weapon you want to use will work, just shoot them in the chest as fast 
    as you can. Within two or three minutes you will win, everytime they 
    come they won't be able to hit you. The only tough part of this is 
    getting a weapon and finding the hole before the enemies find YOU.  
                      C H A L L E N G E     T H I R T Y  
    Scenario: King of the Hill 
    Arena: Skedar 
    Opposition: BlondeSim (Dark)
                CassSim (Dark)
    Ally: JoSim (Normal)
    Weapons: Falcon-2
             Falcon-2 (scope)
             dy357 magnum
    Points needed to win: 10
    Time Allowed: 10 minutes 
    Difficulty: 12/10
    I can't really give you any strategies for this, considering I haven't 
    actually beaten the challenge yet, but I posted a message about this on 
    the Nintendork's Message Board (kick-ass site, by the way) and got quite 
    a few helpful replies.
    Thread Subject: "Does anyone have any idea how to beat Challenge 30?"
    Marshmallow says:
    "'Cuz I sure as hell don't. For those of you who forgot, allow me to 
    refresh your memory. It's in the Skedar arena, pistols, king of the 
    hill, you and a NormalSim against two DarkSims (Blondie and Cassandra). 
    I've had some luck telling my partner to go in and attack one of them, 
    and while they're distracted I shoot them in the back. But then the 
    other one usually comes and ****s everything up. This is definitely the 
    most difficult challenge there is, they bury me with scores of 10-0 or 
    10-1. The best I ever got was 4 points."
    Kamakazzi says:
    "It's all luck here. Your friendly sim won't do crap for you, basically, 
    except work as a distraction. Just get double Maulers, use the charge 
    bast, and pray that every single time you face the enemy, close or far, 
    that you can blast him/her away with one or two shots, 'cuz if you 
    don't, they'll whup ya. Then they'll probably get points, and you'll 
    still be looking for a weapon. Then they'll whup ya again, the cycle 
    will continue, and you'll lose. Also, when you get a hill, have your 
    friend sim stay in the hill with you; obviously, you'll get an extra 
    point for having her in there with you. I think there is some skill 
    involved, but not much, because it's like a lottery: hope your chances 
    somehow favor you one lucky match."
    marshmallow says:
    "No, that's not the answer I wanted! You're *supposed* to say, "I know! 
    This level is really hard, but it's pretty easy when you..." then you 
    spill the beans on everything! 
    Oh well, thanks anyway." 
    "I really don't know what to tell you about a strategy, because there 
    isn't one, but these little tips may help: 
    1. Hope it's your lucky day. 
    2. Dual Maulers are the only weapons worth ****. 
    3. Place your sim in an area where a hill will develop, this may get you 
       a point later on or distract the sims. 
    4. Never attack sims on the second level, always do it from the first 
       level. Sometimes they won't even notice you and it's just a matter of 
       scoring a headshot while they run back and forth on the hill. 
    5. Attacking sims while they're on their way to a hill sometimes results 
       in them not even returning fire, but you can't count on it 
    6. Hope your 1.2 using self has half the aim my I do. ;)"
    TheMusicMan says:
    "I haven't reached 30 yet - in fact, it's the only challenge I haven't 
    unlocked. I've gotten challenges 1-25 completed, but I'm having a bit of 
    trouble with 26 and 29. Haven't tried the others.....hacker central and 
    rocket launchers do not sound appealing to me for some 
    White_Knight says:
    "I found that the hacker central with rockets was pretty easy. Once you 
    get the uplink, kill the sim then quickly try and get a download. By the 
    time that's done he will be near you so try and kill him again, then 
    quickly get another download. Don't try for two in a row without killing 
    the sim because he'll always get you in the middle of your second 
    The Crazy Killah:
    "I can't believe I am helping out Marshmallow, this may be the best 
    moment of my entire life. I know, I am a loser, anyway...I know! This 
    level is really hard, but it's pretty easy when you think about the 
    differences between the simulants and yourself. You can basically ignore 
    your teammate which is what I did. The weapons available in the arena 
    are the Falcon 2, Mag Sec, Falcon 2 (Scope), Dy357 Magnum, and Mauler. 
    Unless you get really lucky, the Magnum is too slow and the MagSec is 
    too weak. So the Mauler and the Falcon are your only options. Memorize 
    their locations. While you're at it memorize the layout of the level. 
    Okay, a simulant knows only to attack you and guard the hill. It is 
    basically a kamikaze sim with the ability to hold hills. When you beat 
    the other challenges, did you learn what sims have trouble against? 
    Opponents who crouch, strafe a hell of a lot, and opponents who they are 
    face to face with (I don't know why but it is true). Also remember that 
    they are not the best radar users ever. For example, let's say the hill 
    is the place with the Falcon 2 (Scope) where it is a dead end hallway 
    with a left turn before it. Crouch twice and hide in the left hand 
    corner. If you have a mauler(s) make sure it is fully charged. If you 
    have either falcon, remember it can shoot really damn fast if you 
    quickly tap Z. Auto Aim is recommended. So you are crouching at the hill 
    and you see one at the far end. Chances are they will miss you to the 
    right. They're second shot is close to 50% hit or miss. they either hit 
    or miss high. The third shot they will get you. You have about a .8 
    second window to kill the sim, and I suppose if you are at this board 
    you have the ability to do it. Remember to strafe. Remember the usually 
    charge right at you and then stop maybe 10 videogame feet from you. If 
    you can't consistently kill them go to simulator and practice against 8 
    HardSims 'til you get better. The hill should be yours. 
    There are some X factors that can help or hinder you. For example, your 
    helper sim. Set her to follow you, cause I just realized now that you 
    get 2 points if you are both on the hill. If the two opponents are on 
    the hill make sure to take out at least one because each point is damn 
    valuable. Remember that they are not smarter than you and that you can 
    ambush them really easily when they come around corners. So remember to 
    hide and not stand in plain site. Also remember to call them your bitch 
    everytime you kill one, it pumps you up and you play better when pumped 
    up. I beat the challenge twice, I just haven't felt like playing it 
    again. I won the first time 10-9 I came back from 9-4, the second time 
    10-5. Just remember, you own the game, it does not own you. 
    Now you can help me get the villa cheat."
    marshmallow says:
    "I have no trouble holding the hill, that seems to be the easy part. The 
    part I have a bitch with is either taking the hill away from them or 
    getting TO the hill before they blow me away. They get 101% headshots 
    from like the other side of the entire level and it really pisses me 
    TheMusicMan says:
    "When I beat the godd***ed 26th Challenge, I'll start trying the 30th. 
    You could always have your simulant buddy follow you around so that when 
    you DO get the hill, they'll be with you so you get two points instead 
    of just one. I figured you guys knew that by now, but I thought I 
    thought to just reiterate it for you.....y'know, just in case."
    ParagonX9 says:
    When you want the NormalSim to follow you I choose "Protect". With the 
    "Follow" command they might chase after enemies while you're running to 
    the hill, but "Protect" they have slightly more self-control I think. 
    And when you're finally on the hill make sure you put them on "Hold" or 
    "Hold the Hill" so they stay put and not wander off stupidly. 
    An alternate strategy you can use is instead of becoming King of the 
    Hill as soon as possible, just camp on it instead. The best one is at 
    the dead end where just before a passageway veers up and to the left. 
    Stand at the other end of the passageway, keeping the hill in sight, but 
    do not capture the hill yet. Just wait for the sims to come to the hill, 
    blast them long distance with Maulers (it isn't hard to miss in that 
    cramped area) and *then* go capture the hill, or wait for them to come 
    again. Hopefully you can waste some time and a small lead in the 
    beginning may pull you through in the end. ;)" 
    Green Bull says:
    "I wouldn't choose "Follow", cause if you get killed, chances are 
    they'll get the f*ck knocked out of them too. Just recently I've started 
    using "Hold Hill".  
    And if you do choose Follow, make sure when you get The Hill to change 
    it to Hold or Hold Hill, like somebody said before. Because if you don't 
    and a bad guy comes around the corner, your Simulant will go after them. 
    And if you're already firing at them when they go after them, well, your 
    Simulant will get in your line of fire. And then it's dead. That pisses 
    me off when that happens. 
    Sometimes if the enemy Sims are on the Hill and you want to get One of 
    them off somehow, choose Attack, and then pick which one you want to 
    attack. Sometimes that'll make that Sim come off the hill, and then 
    they'll only get 1 point instead of 2. 
    And any weapon is better than NO weapon. Sure the MagSec 4's, Magnum's 
    and Falcon's aren't as good as Double Maulers, but they're better than 
    nothing. The MagSec's and Falcon's can fire really fast if you keep 
    Tapping Z quickly. 
    Now I haven't beaten challenge #30, that's the only one I need, but it 
    seems like if you can keep getting off and on the hill and killing the 
    enemy sims while they're on their way to the hill, you could win when 
    the time runs out. And you need to get lucky.  :)"
    Coco13 says:
    "Ok, the hill that's by a balcony, you have to crouch down as low as 
    possible, aiming at the door. 
    The hill in the middle that's open on all sides? Good luck. 
    Hill with the funky pillar in the middle, just use your radar to find 
    out what exits their coming up. 
    Hill that has snow and lots of altitude variations, and a hole in one 
    side. Your best hope is to stand where the weapon is, and quickly fire 
    like there's no tomorrow. 
    I think that's all hill locations. Good luck marshmallow, and remember 
    to do your funky dance when you beat it.?
    Phil Matthews says:
    "I thought that Hacker's Central one was easy, but I must've been lucky. 
    I got the Data Uplink right away and got to the Terminal (which was at 
    that one hallway that goes upwards and has a hole at the end and the 
    right side). He was beneath the platform I had to cross and he fired a 
    rocket at me, but he missed. I then went to the terminal and hacked into 
    it for 10 points w/ no further interruption. When I was hacking into it 
    I did duck all the way down."
    Snap Dragon:
    "Well, it sounds like you wanted some strategy which makes it easy; 
    here's how I won it, which I hope will help.
    I just got a small lead (which is possible, though of course takes a bit 
    of practice), and then guarded the Hill on the balcony for the rest of 
    the game. How? Crouch at the top of the ramp (the only way up) at the 
    right distance, and focus on the point the DarkSims always turn to come 
    up. Using double Maulers (available right next to you!) on secondary, 
    you should be able to hold the Hill for a long time, killing them before 
    they even get a shot off. The biggest problem I have is refreshing my 
    Mauler ammo; I always end up ruining my perfect positioning and taking a 
    few more hits. Anyway, if you can last until 10 minutes are up, the game 
    is yours! 
    This method certainly doesn't make it easy, but it makes it possible 
    without tearing all your hair out in a big chunk. For a player of your 
    caliber, Marshmallow, I couldn't see it taking more than an hour or so."
    TheMusicMan says:
    "Well........I beat Challenge 27, and it was quite easy. The stupid 
    CIASim just sat there as I hacked and hacked and hacked.......but then 
    he killed me, and I went on the defensive for a little while....until I 
    BEAT HIM! HA! 
    When I first played Challenge 30, I had my simulant on "Hold Hill," and 
    we got the hill twice before those bastard DarkSims started tearing me 
    apart. It ended up being 4-9 when I realized it was all 
    over.........it's a tough challenge, but I can do it......it'll just 
    take luck."
    TheMusicMan says:
    "HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I beat Challenge 30 and 26 this morning! HA!!!! 
    Ah, the sweet taste of victory...... 
    For all of you who said your simulant does nothing on Challenge 30, my 
    victory is a testament to your error. My simulant actually scored the 
    last point of the game, and scored numerous points with or without me 
    being there. My simulant helped quite a bit with my score, so I'm 
    thankful they gave me a simulant. I just put my simulant on "Hold Hill" 
    and let her go her own way, for the most part. The simulant is a key 
    part to winning this cheat, that's for sure....."
    Helpful reader n2ldvjr@aol.com wrote this big-ass article up for 
    Challenge 30 -- I suggest reading it:
    "Your FAQ's rule, they are usually long and comprehensive plus you pick 
    the best games which you think people will need help on (not like some 
    other people) but anyway, I recently beat Challenge 30 after ALOT of 
    practice and heres some strategies I used (I tried posting on the board 
    but it didnt work) but anyway... here you go- for you or anybody else 
    who needs help beating this tough challenge. Please put this in your 
    awesome FAQ. Thanks. Its sure to help out many others out there. 
    I beat this challenge after maybe 20 or so tries and it was one of the 
    hardest things to beat in video game history (but actually, after you 
    beat it once, it becomes easier- I beat it with the score being 10-9 the 
    first time and 10-7 the second. The game is King Of The Hill and its you 
    and a normal sim versus two darksims. The weapons include the falcon 2, 
    dy357 magnum, magsec 4, mauler, and falcon scope. The level is Skedar. 
    Heres help on guarding the hills.
    Hill Locations and Strategies: 
    - The big room with a hole that you can drop into is where one of the 
    hills appear. If you manage to get the hill, go directly forward until 
    you see the Mauler. Stand right on the space where you got the Mauler 
    and look directly forward. This is the only way that the sims can come 
    in. Get your Mauler out, (best weapon for this challenge- even better if 
    you get double maulers) and when they appear on radar in front of you 
    they are probably already coming up the ramps that lead to the hill so 
    get ready to blast them with your Mauler(s). 
    - In my opinion, the easiest hill to guard is the really small one at 
    the dead end of one of the Skedar halls. From the hill I talked about 
    above this paragraph, (from there- in the direction of leaving the 
    previous hill), go left into another room and then go forward into 
    another room. Turn right and youll see a dead end. At that hill there 
    are two ways they can come in but they will always be directly in front 
    of you and close so less shots are needed to kill them. Also get out 
    your Mauler(s). You will also find a dy357 where this hill is but never 
    use it. I never used it (and other people as well) mainly because in 
    this match, its too slow and the opponents usually use the other guns 
    also- that shows you something too. The Mauler charged up (or double) 
    can kill an opponent with one or two blasts. The second best weapon is 
    the Falcon 2 because it shoots fast and has better aim than the MagSec 
    4. You might say that the MagSec has a zoom-in while the Falcon 2, 
    dy357, and mauler do not but you cannot waste time aiming precisely with 
    your MagSec scope. Stick to the Falcon 2 scope or standard (even though 
    you dont need scope) or the best choice- the Mauler. 
    - For the big room (the main one that has three exits or so and the top 
    floor), the hill appears on the bottom floor. This is the hardest hill 
    to maintain but from my experience, I notice that the simulants hardly 
    ever come from the second floor; they usually come from one of the other 
    exits. Just look on your radar and see which exit they are coming from 
    and get ready to blast them. 
    - There is a room that has an obelisk (that weird structure) in the 
    middle of the room has two exits. Use the radar but stand directly in 
    front of the exit (still on the hill of course but right at the edge). 
    The halls that they can come from are long and it takes them awhile to 
    get there so use this to your advantage. If you hide around the wall and 
    wait until they come, you might make it in time (when the clock reaches 
    0 and u get a point). But these darksims are really good and that wont 
    happen as much as you want it to happen. If you wait around the corner, 
    then they will come into the room and strafe alot and they will move all 
    around you and most likely double team you. Instead, use the strategy 
    where you stand in front of exit they are coming from and blast them as 
    soon as they come into view. 
    - Finally, the other hill is the one at the top to the balcony area. 
    Heres a strategy I found out from my own experience. If you get the 
    hill, immediately get the Mauler there (if you dont have one, or you 
    want dual maulers). After that, go to the left of where the Mauler is 
    and duck down as much as possible and hug the wall on your right. Wait 
    until you see the person kinda overlap you on the radar and then get up. 
    They will be in view from the only way up (where you came from) in only 
    seconds. Be ready because they will be close to you but shoot charged up 
    shots with your mauler(s) at them and you will kill them and get the 
    Thats all the hill locations and how to maintain the hill and get points 
    but heres some general tips and helpful hints you should also know: 
    - First of all, I already talked about the weapons that you should use 
    against the darksims in this challenge. Read above in one of the 
    paragraphs- I went into detail about it. 
    - Something that some people dont know is that you can highlight the 
    weapon and ammo boxes to make it easy to find. That is good because you 
    cant take your time looking for a weapon. Take too long and the enemy 
    will kill you instantly while you are defensless. To turn this option 
    on, before the match, go to player setup screen. Look through the 
    options and you will will find two options that say player highlights, 
    and weapon/ammo highlights or something like that. Turn both of these on 
    because player highlights also help. Sometimes they might blend in with 
    the Skedar surroundings but you can put this bluish highlighter on and 
    it will help alot- no more hiding darksims! - If the darksims start at a 
    hill right away in the beginning of the game, its best to just quit and 
    start over. It doesnt matter how many times you quit anyway. Plus, you 
    might even start at the hill right away. Then, use it to your advantage 
    and keep playing. Hey, the darksims cant quit so use it to your 
    - During the game, if the darksims manage to get a hill (which happens 
    ALOT), set your simulant buddy on hold hill so they might appear at the 
    next hill. Most of the commands are actually equally useful but I use 
    follow and hold hill mainly. 
    - A great thing to know is that if you have a hill, tell your simulant 
    ally to follow you and he/she will come to the hill also. Now it will be 
    2 vs 2 if they come and if you manage to have two people on the hill 
    when the clock reaches 0, you will earn two points. But that doesnt only 
    go for you. They can do that too (and they do alot). If they have the 
    hill already and you think they might get it, set your buddy to attack 
    one of them and then help out your ally. If you can just defeat one of 
    them, they will only get one point- hey its better than two for them. 
    - Thats basically it except the final thing and that is obviously alot 
    and alot of practice. Get to know the level inside out, where the places 
    appear on radar, where the weapons and ammo appear, and obviously most 
    importantly, where the hills appear. To practice all this without a 
    hassle of the darksims, click the challenge but then go back to the 
    advanced setup screen. Go to game setup and go to the simulants and 
    press A. At the simulant screen, go to clear all and you will get rid of 
    the simulants. Now press A and you will be in the same thing as 
    Challenge 30 but alone. If you want though, just get rid of the darksims 
    and keep your ally to get used to how the buddy can help in this match. 
    Once you feel confident, and you know the level and where everything is, 
    go to Challenge 30 and play the real thing- with the darksims in. Good 
    - n2ldvjr@aol.com
    ...and there you have it. All 30 challenges. I bid you farewell.
      5.   T H E     R E W A R D S
    I give a big thanks to IGN Guides (www.ign.com) for the following 
    Unlocking Arenas in Combat Simulator
    • Unlock Complex by completing 1 challenge. 
    • Unlock Warehouse by completing 3 challenges. 
    • Unlock Ravine by completing 5 challenges. 
    • Unlock Temple by completing 6 challenges. 
    • Unlock G5 Building by completing 9 challenges. 
    • Unlock Grid by completing 11 challenges. 
    • Unlock Felicity by completing 12 challenges. 
    • Unlock Villa by completing 14 challenges. 
    • Unlock Sewers by completing 16 challenges. 
    • Unlock Car Park by completing 17 challenges. 
    • Unlock Base by completing 18 challenges. 
    • Unlock Fortress by completing 20 challenges. 
    • Unlock Ruins by completing 22 challenges. 
    Unlocking scenarios in Combat Simulator 
    • Unlock Hold the Briefcase by completing 2 Challenges.  
    • Unlock Capture the Case by completing 4 Challenges. 
    Unlocking Weapons in Combat Simulator 
    • Unlock Farsight XR-20 by completing 1 challenge. 
    • Unlock Grenade by completing 1 challenge. 
    • Unlock Shotgun by completing 2 challenges. 
    • Unlock Falcon 2 (silencer) by completing 3 challenges. 
    • Unlock SuperDragon by completing 4 challenges. 
    • Unlock Laptop Gun by completing 5 challenges. 
    • Unlock Remote Mine by completing 6 challenges. 
    • Unlock Tranquilizer by completing 7 challenges. 
    • Unlock Falcon 2 (scope) by completing 8 challenges. 
    • Unlock Reaper by completing 9 challenges. 
    • Unlock Cloaking Device by completing 10 challenges. 
    • Unlock Devastator by completing 11 challenges. 
    • Unlock Proximity Mine by completing 12 challenges. 
    • Unlock Slayer by completing 13 challenges. 
    • Unlock Phoenix by completing 14 challenges. 
    • Unlock Combat Boost by completing 15 challenges. 
    • Unlock Mauler by completing 16 challenges. 
    • Unlock Callisto NTG by completing 17 challenges. 
    • Unlock Crossbow by completing 18 challenges. 
    • Unlock RC-P120 by completing 19 challenges. 
    • Unlock DY357-LX by completing 20 challenges. 
    • Unlock N-Bomb by completing 21 challenges. 
    • Unlock Laser by completing 22 challenges. 
    • Unlock X-Ray Scanner by completing 23 challenges. 
      6.   U P D A T E S   /   R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y 
    Note: New update information will appear near the top, pushing older 
          updates towards the bottom.
    Version 1.3 (Saturday, July 22nd, 2000):
    Added the "Ultimate Cheat" to the "Before Getting Started" section. 
    Check under the table of contents...There is also a big-ass article that 
    a reader sent in added to Challenge 30 (check near the end of it).
    Version 1.1 (Sunday, July 9th, 2000):
    I fixed a major spacing error, so there shouldn't be any horizontal 
    scroll bars at the bottom of the browser (hopefully!)
    Version 1.0 (Friday, July 7th, 2000):
    First release goes online today! To all those people who were screaming, 
    "Update your FAQ!" then yes, this guide is what took me so long. 
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    I just hate it when people have outdated versions of my FAQs, because I 
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    up, dawg? Got mez uh q!") I will delete it.  Etc., etc...
    Hey, you mean people actually receive help from me and like to praise my 
    work? Believe me, though I may not reply to it, I do appreciate your 
    comments. Though, most people, if they praise me, do it along with a 
    question, in which I might reply something like, "Yeah, thanks for the 
    support. As for your problem..." 
    I've received very few of these, but it's happened. Chances are high 
    that I may not reply, but if you present a valid criticism, I may 
    acknowledge your critique. As for those less intellectual letters, heh, 
    they're always good for laughs.
    Though I can assure you I will be flattered, I will *not* work for your 
    site exclusively (or even as a third party). I don't care how much 
    money, women, or drugs you offer me, either. No means no, okay?
    No, I don't care about what kind of whore house your uncle runs. No, I 
    don't know who Louie is and why he has a fetish for panties. No, I don't 
    think a piano is going to mysteriously appear out of thin air and fall 
    on me if I don't send a piece of sh!t letter to other people. No, I 
    won't send you cash for a "dying" (yeah, right) kid who is infected with 
    brain cancer, though sometimes I wonder if YOU'RE the one with brain 
    cancer. No, I don't care about this new, amazing revelation about weight 
    loss (my muscle to fat ratio is quite normal, thank you very much). And, 
    finally, I will *not* make out with you!  
    I apologize for the aforementioned subjects, because they had some 
    questionable material. However, considering this is a FAQ for a M rated 
    game with copious amounts of violence and guns, I assume you will not be 
    offended by a little sexual innuendo. 
                               ~ End of Document ~

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