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    Enemy Analysis by AstroBlue

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 01/19/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    _______ ____________ ______________ _________ _______ _______ _______  _    __
    \_____ \\__________ \\____________//________/ \_____ \\____  \\_____ \| |  / /
      |¯|/ / |¯'--,|¯|/_/ |¯'--,|¯'--,/¯/   | |     |¯| \ \ |¯|_\ \ |¯|/_/| |.´ /
      | |¯¯  | .-´ | ||¯\ | .-´ | .-´ \ \__ | |     | | / / |  _\\ \| ||¯\| |'. \
      |_|    |  ¯¯\|_| \_\|_|   |  ¯¯\ \___\|_|     |_||_/  |_|   \___| \___|  \_\
              ¯¯¯¯               ¯¯¯¯
                       <E N E M Y  A N A L Y S I S>  Version 2.3
                  Written by AstroBlue (tetsuwan_blue(at)yahoo.com.au)
    Contents -1)HUMANS
              3)DAMAGE SYSTEM
                i)Damage Equations
              4)THANKS TO
    Version 1.0 25/07/00
    Everything is new!
    Version 2.0 02/08/00
    Added ASCII drawing of a Skedar and changed the Human ASCII drawing.
    Added "Artificial Intelligence Notes", "Secondary Effects of Gunfire" and
    "Other Means of Incapacitation" info.
    Version 2.1 07/08/00
    Changed format (it looks like my other FAQs now) and added numerous stuff.
    Added "Guard Reactions" info thanks to Mr. Cactus.
    Added DAMAGE SYSTEM & THANKS TO sections.
    Version 2.2 08/08/00
    Fixed "DAMAGE SYSTEM" quote. Opps I hadn't listened to that song for ages.
    Spell Checked it.
    Version 2.3 19/01/01
    Changed e-mail address and removed all trailing spaces.
    "Why are people so unkind" - Kamahl
    |Sensitivity of Regions from Gunfire|
       ( · · )       HEAD (HEAD)
       _\ - /_       Head shots kill always.
     ,´       `.    --------------------------------------------------
    / ,|     |. \    CHEST (BODY)
    | || d D || |    Chest shots cause considerable damage.
    | ||     || |   --------------------------------------------------
    |_||     ||_|    ARMS (LIMB)
       | ___ |       Arm shots cause 1/2 as much damage as chest shots.
       | | | |      --------------------------------------------------
       | | | |       LEGS (LIMB)
       | | | |       Leg shots cause 1/2 as much damage as chest shots.
       | | | |
      /__| |__\
    |Secondary Effects of Gunfire|
    CRADLING  : Shots to the arms (mostly near the elbow) will cause the victim to
                cradle that arm, which will cause a reduction in their mobility.
    LIMPING   : Shots to the legs (closer to the kneecap) will cause the victim to
                limp, thus drastically reducing their mobility.
    DISARMING : If gunfire hits a enemy guard's gun it will fly out of their hands.
    |Other Means of Incapacitation|
    UNARMED      : If you creep up from behind and they are unaware of your
                   presence, one punch will be enough. If not, you will have to
                   make like Bruce Lee.
    CROSSBOW     : [Sedate] Knocks out the victim.
                   [Instant Kill] Kills the victim.
    TRANQUILIZER : [Sedate] 3 shots will put out most guards.
                   [Lethal Injection] 1-Hit Kill uses up 4 sedatives.
    N-BOMB       : Neutron Bomb's explode into a black sphere, anyone in the radius
                   of the sphere will have their energy slowly drained. They will
                   also drop their weapons and become woozy.
    EXPLOSIONS   : Humans will die instantaneously from explosions.
    |Artificial Intelligence Notes|
    • If a guard shots their gun while they are not walking, they will not change
      their aim until they have finished. So if a guard begins the action of
      shooting run around and cap them in the head.
    • If a guard shots their gun while they are walking, they can change their aim
      when they slowly walk towards you. But they still cannot pivot their arm.
    • Guards will usually only run for help if they are far away from you, If they
      are on their own and you're close to them they tend to shoot at you and run
      around a lot.
    • Stationary guards behind barriers & crates shoot in timed bursts. To kill
      them easily make yourself seen then take cover, after you hear their gunfire
      stop, run out and cap them in the head.
    • A guard will only start hitting you when you're close, after he/she has
      finished shooting. They will also only hit you if you are in front of them,
      so just strafe around them and punch or shot.
    • If you disarm a guard by shooting his/her gun. They will continue doing what
      they were doing (running, shooting, etc.) until they  have finished. Use this
      to your advantage.
    • If you disarm a guard and collect their gun, they will pull out a Falcon 2
      most of the time. But you usually can't disarm the Falcon 2 off them, you
      have to punch them out to get it.
    • If you disarm a guard and he puts his hands up in submission do not shot him,
      he will disappear anyway so don't waste ammo.
    • Guards seldom throw Grenades if they are alone. They usually only throw them
      if at least 2 people are shooting at you already.
    • If a guard gets on his belly, don't get the compulsion to move back and forth
      as they will get up to get a better shot. Just stand were you are, crouch and
      scope for a head shot.
    • If guards are not aware of you and you use one of the Spies, the guards will
      run towards the Spy, but after a while they will say something and then they
      will shot the Spy. This is bad if you're using a CamSpy. But with a BombSpy
      this is excellent, since you can draw in bucket loads of guards and then blow
      them all to hell as soon as you see one flinch!
    • If you cap a guard in the head through a window, from a distance or with the
      DrugSpy using only one bullet. The closest guard will run up to the dead
      guard and kneel. So then cap him as well.
    |Guard Reactions|
    Written by Mr. Cactus
    1.  Holds the gun, slowly walks toward you, firing the entire time (seems these
        guys have about 100 bullets per clip). This is the most damaging attack,
        and can be the hardest to avoid in tight places. Either very quickly shoot
        enemies that do this, or try to find cover.
    2.  Rolls in a direction and shoots a short burst of fire or a few shots.
        Try to make them roll into an area that covers you. Also, shoot the guy
        while he's rolling. He will pop right back up instantly or after he
        finishes his roll.  Finish off.
    3.  Jumps to the side, aims and shoots. See #2 for a strategy for combating
        these enemies. Enemies that do this can cause you to miss a shot or two.
    4.  Kneels down and shoots. This is basic. Just shoot at him, and he'll stand
        up and flinch. Finish off.
    5.  Aims and shoots. Basic. Just shoot. He'll finch and you can finish him.
    6.  Leans to side and shoots. Not much going on here either. Usually occurs
        when an enemy approaches from the side. You may miss a head shot when he
    7.  Yells, "My gun!" or something like that and reloads. Laugh, and take out
        other guards before shooting this one.
    8.  Backs up, yells "What the!" and runs off or shoots. Kill before he can
    9.  Lies down, lines up a shot and shoots. Run up close to make the guy stand
        up, and shoot him before he can react.
    10. Overhand throw. Run like hell and hope that the grenade or other explosive
        misses you and kills some other enemies.
    11. Runs and activates something. Kill these enemies very quickly because they
        will either fail an objective, call in more guards, or do something very
    "If it bleeds, we can kill it" - Maj. Dutch Schaeffer (Arnie) in Predator
    |Background Info|
    The Skedar are a warlike alien race, Who have fought the Maians for centuries
    and have only recently agreed to a ceasefire. They tend to use mechanised
    armatures to walk about and fight in, since they are in actual fact smaller,
    snakelike creatures. Very aggressive - they have made war a religion - and are
    extremely devout.
    |Sensitivity of Regions from Gunfire|
             \`.\ `.__
           ___\       \ <-1   1. SKULL (HEAD) &  3. THORAX (BODY)
          /,---\    o  \      Shots to these areas cause heavy damage.
     2-> //    /  (`.  /     --------------------------------------------
        //  ,-.    \ `´       2. TAIL (LIMB)
    \._//  /   )   |          Shots to this snake-like appendage cause
     `-´  /   /-//´ <-3       400% more damage then Skull/Thorax shots.
         /  _/  \\           --------------------------------------------
        <  (     \\ <-4       4. FORELIMBS (LIMB) &  5. LEGS (LIMB)
         \\ \    "            Shots to these limbs cause half as much
      5-> \\ \                damage as Skull/Thorax shots.
           \\ \__
    Note: Only the base of the tail can take damage. If you are in aiming mode and
          you're pointing at the tail and the cross hair is not going red, try
          further up.
    |Other Means of Incapacitation|
    UNARMED      : Yeah sure!
    COMBAT KNIFE : [Knife Slash] If you creep up from behind and it's unaware of
                   your presence,  one stab will be enough. If it is aware of you,
                   you'll have to do some fancy fighting to come off unscaved.
                   [Throw Poison Knife] It takes approx. 9 seconds for the poison
                   to kick in.
    EXPLOSIONS   : Skedar have a stronger resistance to explosions, but most of the
                   time they will still die straight away
    |Artificial Intelligence Notes|
    • Skedar with Maulers act much in the same way as guards, but instead of moving
      back and forth they tend to edge forward instead or retreat then suddenly
      ambush you.
    • Cloaked Skedar are always unarmed and stand dormant in semi-random positions,
      then when  they sense you they will uncloak and hunt you down until you or
      they are dead. Just run backwards and fill them up with rounds from the
      Callisto NTG.
    • Stationary Skedar (with Reapers and Slayers) can be dealt with in much the
      same way as stationary guards, But because they have to lunge forward before
      they shot they're easier, since as soon as you see them lunging forward take
    "She's doing so much harm, doing so much damage" - Protection by Massive Attack
    i)Damage Equations
    Only Humans and Skedar have damage systems, so they are the only enemies that
    need a damage equation to calculate how much damage you have caused. Things
    such as Autoguns, the Hovercopter, etc. explode after you have caused more
    damage then their amount of HP. Anyway, in these equations h, b & l represent
    the sum of all the damage you have caused to the head, body & limb regions
    respectively. But in the skedar equation exclude any tail shots from l, as the
    sum of all damage to the skedar's tail is represented by t. If the result is
    greater or equal to the HP value of that enemy, the enemy will die.
    Humans : (h×1000) + b + (l÷2)
    Skedar : (h + b)÷5 + (l÷10) + t
    |Enemy HP Values|
    All enemies other then the ones stated below have 100 HP (including Skedar).
    On Agent difficulty all HP values are halved.
    < means less then and S means Shield. Shields take 450 damage before they are
    disabled. 1-Hit Kill shots like a Charged Mauler or a Farsight can not
    penetrate a shield, however they will disable the shield with one shot.
    These values represent the majority, for instance the first Gun Turret in
    A51: Infiltration has a HP Value of 150 while the rest have a value of 650.
    Auto-guns         |  250
                      |  600 (Crash Site)
    dD Female Guards  |  150
    Hovercopter       | 3450
    dD Snipers w/a    |
       •Sniper Rifle  |  <25
       •Shotgun       |  200
    Mr. Blondes w/a   |
       •Sniper Rifle  |  150
       •K7 Avenger    |  250 (Crash Site)
                      |  375 (Air Force One)
       •Mauler        | S100
    Gun Turrets       |  650
    A51 Pilots        |  125
    A51 Guards        |  200
    A51 Interceptors  |  450
    Biotechnicians    |  200 (A51:Rescue)
    NSA Bodyguards    |  250 (Air Base)
                      |  150
    G5 Robots         | 1250 (Crash Site)
    Skedar Shuttle    | 2550 (Crash Site)
    Pelagic II Guards |  175
    Baby Skedar       |   20
    dD Shock Troopers | S150 (Bottom floor of CI)
                      |  <25 (Upper floor of CI)
    |Gun Damage Values|
    This shows the damage caused by each projectile shot from a gun on its
    primary function. For instance the Shotgun's shell splits into 6 particles, so
    if every particle hits the enemy it will cause 500 damage approximately.
    The Mauler's Charge Up Shot, the DY357-LX & the FarSight XR-20 always cause
    One-Hit Kills so I didn't include them in the list. Also the Callisto NTG on
    High Impact Shells causes 111.11 damage.
    Falcon 2       |  50.00
    Magsec 4       |  52.63
    Mauler         |  58.82
    Phoenix        |  52.63
    DY357 Magnum   | 100.00
    CMP150         |  50.00
    Cyclone        |  40.00
    Callisto NTG   |  58.82
    RC-P120        |  58.82
    Laptop Gun     |  55.56
    Dragon         |  52.63
    K7 Avenger     |  71.43
    AR34           |  66.67
    SuperDragon    |  58.82
    Shotgun        |  83.33
    Reaper         |  50.00
    Sniper Rifle   |  58.82
    Mr. Cactus for contributing the "Guard Reactions" info, very helpful stuff.
    AgrroSk8er810 for some great suggestions for this FAQ, I never would have
    thought to write the "DAMAGE SYSTEM" section if he hadn't pushed me in the
    right direction.
    RARE for making games of an outstanding quality.
    CJayC for maintaining the best video game site in the world and for posting all
    my FAQs up on GameFAQs.
    Version       2.3
    Update No       3
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    answer to your question is in the FAQ, or you're sending me info I already know
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