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    Combat Simulator FAQ by ZeroX2004

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 08/21/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Perfect Guide to the Combat Simulator
    By, Zero (The CrimsonKing) (Z3RO666@hotmail.com)
    Version 1.7
    Due to obligations over the past year, it is unlikely that the large planned 
    update will be added.  This game has been out for a few years, and while I 
    would like to make this more comprehensive in the not so distant future, I 
    really don't see that happenening within the next couple of months.  Once I 
    start school and get everything settled down, I'll share my information 
    regarding camping spots, methods of run-and-gunning, and more experience 
    I've gathered over the years.  Thanks for your patience.
    In no way is this the first Perfect Dark FAQ available.  Nor is this one of
    the first 10 FAQs available, therefore I felt that I needed to create
    something special and unique.  However, I feel that there is no way to
    complete a complete FAQ in time for me to start the Turok 3 FAQ.  So I had 
    make some choices.  Personally, I feel that the Solo Missions in Perfect 
    are somewhat mediocre.  Goldeneye just had a feel to it that Perfect Dark
    lacks.  The Combat Simulator, on the other hand, is simply fantastic.  With
    hundreds of customizable options, it is undoubtedly the premiere multiplayer
    game of today.  Plus, I have volumes of information and experience to share,
    so what the hey?  Without further ado, welcome to The Perfect Guide to the
    Combat Simulator!
    Version History
    Version 1.0- The Big FAQ
    Version 1.1- Added two War Stories from Agent Zer0 (not me) and one minigame 
    idea from me.
                 Also new is the challenge requirements to earn new stuff.
    Version 1.2- Added a few War Stories
    Version 1.3 Minor Changes
    Version 1.4- A New War Story/Minigame Idea.  Plus, the sites to find this 
    Version 1.5- New Email Adress... There will be a large update in the near 
    Version 1.6- Overdue email change.
    Version 1.7- NOTICE ADDED, 'War Stories' section closed
    1. Battle Preparation
       -The Basics: Quick Start
       -Play Your Scenarios: Load Preset Games
       -Advanced Setup Guide
    2. Arm Yourself!: The Weapons Guide
       -Primary vs. Secondary Fire
       -The Weapon Sets
    3. The Cast
       -Cast List
       -Choosing Your Character
       -Character Setup/ Rankings and Awards
    4. The Arenas
       -Dark Arenas
       -Classic Goldeneye Arenas
    5. The Simulants
       -Simulant Types
       -Vs. Strategies
       -A Simulant Teammate
    6. Zero's Laws of Survival
    7. Scenarios
    8. Challenges
       - The Super Cheap Trick
       - Unlocking Stuff
    9. Surveying the Damage (Post-Battle)
    10.War Stories *CLOSED*
    11. My Own Scenarios
    12. Conclusion/Misc
    *1. Battle Preparation*
    One of the greatest features of Perfect Dark is its fully customizable
    multiplayer options.  This means that you can specify every detail on how 
    want to battle.  But, maybe you don't want to wait.  You want to start and
    start now!  Or maybe you've discovered a setup that suits your style
    perfectly, or a cool minigame, and you want to save it for easy future
    access.  These are all possibilities in the expansive Combat Sim.
    The Basics: "Quick Start"
    The Quick Start is for you combatants that don't need all that 
    and just want to get into battle quickly.  There are five choices that allow
    you to make minor changes.
    ---Quick Team---
    The following options in the Quick Team menu are self-explanatory.
    Players Only
    Players and Simulants
    Player Teams
    Players Vs. Simulants
    Player Simulant Teams
    ---Game Setup---
    This is where you can make minor changes to your Gameplay.  If you'd rather
    make more drastic changes, you can go to the Advanced Setup options.
      Early in the game, your only option is normal combat.  As you progress
    through the challenges, however, more will become available to you.
      Here you can do some simple changes to change the settings of the game.
    There are options such as, One Hit Kills (License to Kill), Slow Motion and
      Here, you can choose where you and your opponent will duke it out.  Once
    again, few are available in the beginning, but as you progress through the
    challenges, more will be unlocked.
      Do you prefer using simple pistols, automatics, or explosives? Or maybe 
    prefer no weapons at all!  This is where you choose a weapon set, or create
    your own custom set.
      How long do you want this bloodbath to go on?  10 minutes?  10 kills?  For
    eternity?  This is where you can make that choice.
    You can also save your game settings at the bottom of the screen for future
    use.  But in my opinion, you should customize your settings further in the
    Advanced Setup option, before you take up your memory space.
    Play Your Scenarios: "Load Preset Games"
    So you've stumbled across a setup that you spent a painstaking amount of 
    perfecting, and you can't bear to lose it.  Or maybe you've found a cool
    minigame setup that you found on the net, and you want to preserve it for
    future use.  Now, it's a button press away.  After you setup the game, 
    click on Save Game Settings, and you can save your file to either the
    cartridge or your controller pack.  How sweet it is.
    There are also a couple of preset scenarios for you to choose from already 
    the menu.  Most must be unlocked, but a few are already available.  They 
    ---Rocket Launchers---
    Rocket Launchers are lots of explosive fun, and this scenario set in Area 52
    is no exception.
    ---Complex Farsight---
    Ah, does this place bring back memories!  Welcome back to the complex, this
    time with a Maian Farsight added into the mix.  Sure, camping with the
    Farsight is dirty, but it's sure a lot of fun!
    ---Capture the Case---
    The classic capture the flag, only with a new Perfect Dark twist.  Set 
    the Skedar arena, this is even more fun with 4 humans, and no Simulants.
    ---Temple Explosives---
    Once again, you return to the Goldeneye past with the classic Temple with an
    explosive twist.
    Simulants, Simulants, and more Simulants!  Tons and tons of MeatSims and
    NormalSims in the Skedar arena.  It is in my opinion, one of the coolest
    presets, cuz since you're only against Meats and "Normies," it is a
    ---Hold the Briefcase---
    This is another great preset, but be prepared to run.  First, find the case
    on the ground, or pry it out of an opponents cold dead hands, then run like
    the wind.  Its all about keeping on the move.
    Welcome to the Warehouse.  The tranquilizer weapon set is at your disposal 
    find and drug your opponents.  Lotsa fun.
    Another return to the Skedar arena, this time with the Slayer rocket 
    at your disposal.  The fly-by-wire mode is great for seeking and destroying
    your opponents without even moving.
    ---No Shields---
    Once again, your pitted against your opponent in the Skedar arena, but now
    there's (surprise!) no shields!  Staying on the move is incredibly important
    to your survival.
    Machine guns in cramped hallways?  You better move!  The Pipes is full of
    tight hallways to hide and stalk your enemies.
    ---King of the Hill---
    King of the Hill in the good 'ol Skedar arena.  Its that simple!
    ---Pistol One-Hit Kills---
    This is definitely my favorite preset scenario.  Why?  Cuz I love to get the
    Most Professional award.  It's my fighting style to go stalking around, 
    for headshots with a handgun.  This particular preset is based in Area 52.
    ---Sllllllooooooowwwwww Mooooootiiiooooonnnnn---
    Perfect Dark ala Matrix.  Slow Motion in the Facility brings everything down
    to a crawl, allowing you to plan your attacks in advanced.  It's also a lot
    easier to achieve the coveted headshot.
    We return to the Skedar arena a final time to duke it out.  This time,
    there's Cloaking devices, so expect your opponents to come out of thin air.
    You can also create your own scenarios in the Advanced setup or Quick Start
    menus to save in this menu for future use.  The possibilities are endless,
    and don't be afraid to experiment! ?
    The Advanced Setup Guide
    As the name suggests, this is a guide to the Advanced Setup options.  There
    are tons of customizable features in the Combat Simulator, and you can find
    them all in here.  The Advanced Setup is for more experienced players, or
    just the players that want to customize their options more than the Quick
    Start offers.  I never go back to the Quick Start, now that I know what the
    Advanced Setup.  For the more experienced player, there is no need for the
    Quick Start.
    ---Game Setup---
    Here, you can setup your game in a much more detailed way.  The menu choices
    to customize are…
    Choose from the types of combat available to you.  The scenarios are covered
    in much greater detail later on, but they include Combat, Hold the 
    Hacker Central, King of the Hill, Capture the Case, and Pop a Cap.  As with
    most options in the Combat Sim, you need to unlock most of these first in 
    These are the basics of the basics.  The options menu includes options that
    affect your basic Gameplay, such as slow motion and one-hit-kills.
    The arena is where you and your opponents will duke it out.  Most of the 
    will need to be unlocked in the challenges, but only a few will be available
    when you start.  Of course, these arenas will be covered in much more detail
    later on in the fact.
    Now, seriously, is this that big of a surprise?  What would a deathmatch be
    without weaponry?  A boring game, that's what!  There are several weapon 
    to choose from (most must be unlocked), but you can also customize your own
    weapon set!  The weapons will be covered in more detail in the next section.
    How long do you want your game to last?  There are three bars to move.  You
    can choose your time limit, your kill limit, or your team kill limit… or all
    three!  Choose what best suits your game.
    Do you want a huge war in the Combat Sim, but the only player available to
    participate is you?  This was a huge dilemma in GoldenEye, but not anymore 
    Perfect Dark.  Simulants (or bots) are computer-controlled opponents to 
    with or against.  They can be used to spice up a game with 4 human players,
    or as a sole opponent in any scenario.  Once again, the Simulants will be
    covered in more detail later on in the FAQ.
    So, you want to take care of a grudge team style?  Do want to team up with
    another player to take on a legion of Simulants?  There are tons of options
    so mix and match.  There are several colors for teams, so you don't need to
    pick color Coordinating characters as in GoldenEye.
    The "Stuff" menu includes stuff that either wouldn't fit, or didn't apply to
    the setup menu.
    The Perfect Dark soundtrack is a great feature of the game that can make the
    battle into an epic one.  There is a soundtrack to every level to choose
    from, including an "X" track for every level.  An "X" track can be found in
    the level when something intense happens, and the music follows suit!  There
    are also a couple of other tracks, such as the ending credits that are worth
    a look.
    *Team Names*
    Are you sick and tired being called the "Yellow Team?"  Now you can fix that
    by changing the team name.  Now the Yellow Team can be know by a cooler 
    like the Yellow Jackets, and the Cyan team can be the Cyanides.  Use your
    Lets say that you're in a tournament, and you want to specify that the loser
    of the last game can't customize.  Instead of using the honor system, this 
    a lot easier.  You can lock out the last loser, winner, and more.
    Screen to screen ratio?  I think so…
    Do you want the two-player screen to be a horizontal split, or a vertical
    split?  The choice is yours, but the horizontal split is the default, and is
    a lot easier in my opinion.
    *Start Game*
    Duh… Or you could just hit "Start."
    *Drop Out*
    Let's say that you just prepped a battle with your three friends, and you… I
    dunno… get the runs.  Your friends sure don't want to wait, so just drop out
    and let your friends play.  Then you can come back and wait for them to
    finish.  Sorry bout the stupid analogy… hehehehe.
    *Abort Game*
    So there you have it, the Advanced Setup.  But now you're ready for combat!
    Now you know the specifics of battle prep, but there's a long way to go.
    You'll probably want to know more about weapons, Simulants, and how to build
    and keep a track record on your own character's career.  These are only a 
    of the things in store…
    *2. Arm Yourself!: The Definitive Weapons Guide*
    Lets get to the raw, juicy bit of the FAQ… the weaponry!  Ranging from
    primitive to explosive, to alien; Perfect Dark has it all!  The definitive
    weapons guide covers any weapon available in the Combat Simulator.
    If you completely exhaust your ammo supply, or if you have recently spawned,
    you are left to rely simply on your hands for survival.  Surprisingly, it's
    not the end of the world.  Even taking on a heavily armed enemy, you can
    still survive by disarming him and killing him with his own gun.  Or you can
    simply beat him to death…
    Primary Fire  - Punch
    Secondary Fire- Disarm
    Zero's Tip    - The only time punching will do you any good is against an
                    unarmed opponent. Disarming, on the other hand, is very
                    useful when you are unarmed, and an enemy is charging at 
                    armed to the teeth.  Simply swipe it away to really tick him
                    off.  Hehehehe ?
    ---Falcon 2 (Silenced, w/ Scope)
    This beauty is a standard sidearm for every Carrington agent, and for good
    reason.  It is extremely accurate in close range shootouts, and only loses a
    little of that accuracy in long range.  With a silencer, it's all of the
    advantage of the Falcon, with none of the noise.  Also, with the scope, you
    can improve the Falcon's long-range accuracy.  The auto aim is very useful 
    dark levels, or to detect a camper hidden in the shadows.
    Primary Fire  - Single Shot
    Secondary Fire- Pistol Whip
    Zero's Tip    - This is a standard weapon on most weapon sets, and is truly
                    balanced in all of its aspects.  It is used primarily by me
                    as a last resort weapon.  The silencer provides no extra
                    advantage in a deathmatch, but the scope is useful to see
                    over long distances.
    ---MagSec 4---
    The MagSec 4 is for those of you that prefer power and ROF instead of
    accuracy, and for those that feel that quantity over quality in a handgun.
    The scope is a truly useful addition, but it extends far over any accurate
    range.  But the three round burst function goes by the theory that at least
    ONE has to hit.  ?
    Primary Fire  - Single Shot
    Secondary Fire- Three Round Burst
    Zero's Tip    - MagSec 4, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…  Sure,
                    I love fighting like a professional with sniper rifles and
                    stuff like that, but sometimes, brutality beats accuracy.
                    In a close range firefight, the skilled MagSec 4 user would
                    probably win out against the skilled Falcon 2 user.  Why?
                    Accuracy does jack when you're facing off in point-blank
                    range.  Plus, with the three round burst, you can 
                    finish off your opponent in no time.
    As far as Maian weapons go, this is just a little baby, but it still packs a
    punch as far as pistols go.  Despite some weaknesses, though, this green gun
    is still a fair choice.
    Primary Fire  - Single Shot
    Secondary Fire- Explosive Shells
    Zero's Tip    - I must say, I was pretty psyched when I first earned this 
                    for the Combat Sim.  After I used it a few times though, I
                    started seeking a better gun.  The explosive shells alone
                    make this one of the best pistols easily, but I usually seek
                    out the MagSec4 as a pistol.
    ---DY357 Magnum---
    Its good to know that in the world of laser guns and explosives, that the
    good old trusty Magnum still has a place.  It is extremely powerful, but 
    reloading and its ROF are extremely slow.
    Primary Fire  - Single Shot
    Secondary Fire- Pistol Whip
    Zero's Tip    - No other pistol besides the next one packs the same punch as
                    the Magnum.  In fact, its bullets are powerful enough to
                    punch through not only doors, but through other combatants 
                    well!  This can be especially useful for catching the 
                    double or triple kill.
    This is the equivalent of the Golden Gun of GoldenEye, and has the same
    effect.  This golden magnum was hand crafted for Trent Easton, and is like
    the Magnum with one important difference… due to the gun's increased muzzle
    velocity, any enemy hit by it will be killed on contact.
    Primary Fire  - Single Shot
    Secondary Fire- Pistol Whip
    Zero's Tip    - It doesn't get more damaging then this!  If you can get your
                    hands on this puppy, why go back to the magnum?  Try to get
                    two of these puppies to help double the speed of the 
                    slow fire rate.
    This DataDyne machine gun isn't as strong as other machine guns, but it is
    one of the most useful ones you can get your hands on.  The rapid fire uses
    up the 32-round clip, and the fact that you can get two at a time makes this
    a solid choice.
    Primary Fire  - Rapid Fire
    Secondary Fire- Follow Lock-On
    Zero's Tip    - Some people will look down on this gun because it is the
                    simplest generic one, but this is definitely one of the best
                    to get in the heat of the battle.  It has an extremely fast
                    ROF and reloading time, so you can finish some opponents off
                    before they even know what hit them.
    Okay, it DOES look like a vacuum cleaner… But its still cool!  This is one 
    the fastest machine guns in the game, it does good damage, and you can hold
    two of them.  This baby can empty its 50 round clip in a heartbeat.
    Primary Fire  - Rapid Fire
    Secondary Fire- Magazine Discharge
    Zero's Tip    - Wow!  This is undoubtedly one of my favorite machine guns in
                    the game!  I mean, one of these is good enough, but if you
                    can find two, you're in business.  The coolest feature is 
                    magazine discharge.  Basically, that means it unleashes its
                    entire 50 round clip in about a couple of seconds.  Sweeet.
    ---Callisto NTG---
    This is the main infantry weapon of the Maian army, and for good reason.
    This is a rapid fire machine gun that spits the same laser bolts as the
    Phoenix, only faster, and the secondary fire charges up for more powerful
    Primary Fire  - Rapid Fire
    Secondary Fire- High Impact Shells
    Zero's Tip    - This is another lovely bit of Maian killing technology. The
                    primary fire rivals most other machine guns, and the
                    secondary fire punches an even stronger punch.  This is
                    probably the second coolest alien gun available, behind the
                    incredible FarSightXR-20.
    Remember the RC-P90?  Think that, only bigger and better!  Now equipped with
    a bigger clip and a faster ROF.  Not only that, but now you can use it to
    cloak to surprise your enemy with the fastest gun in the game.
    Primary Fire  - Rapid Fire
    Secondary Fire- Cloak
    Zero's Tip    - Once you earn this gun in the challenges, you'll probably
                    finding yourself using this a LOT.  Why?  Cuz it doesn't get
                    much better than this!  The rapid fire is great enough, but
                    the cloak lets you pop out of the shadows to give your
                    opponents a nice surprise, and then cloak again to go back 
                    the hunt.
    ---Laptop Gun---
    This concealed weapon is one of the fastest and best machine guns in the
    game.  It comes with a 50 round clip to unload on your enemies, so this is
    definitely one of the best choices you can make in battle.
    Primary Fire  - Rapid Fire
    Secondary Fire- Deploy as Sentry Gun
    Zero's Tip    - Oooh, baby!  This is the most popular gun in my circle of
                    diehard deathmatchers!  You can feel very secure with this
                    gun in your arms… unless you're against a legion of Slayers…
                    but never mind!  But even if you find a better gun, leave 
                    Laptop Gun behind as a sentry turrent for a nice surprise.
    This beauty of killing technology is a true powerhouse of a machine gun.
    Since this is such a great gun to pick up, that makes its secondary function
    even more useful. ?
    Primary Fire  - Burst Fire
    Secondary Fire- Proximity Self-Destruct
    Zero's Tip    - Never has a name described a gun so well!  This gun is so
                    well rounded that some people put this on their top 10 list!
                    and its popularity is one of its strong advantages.  Since
                    it's so good, lots of people will go for it, but what if you
                    used its second function as a proxy mine to plant near the
                    real gun?!?  A fiery treat for the next one to go for it,
                    that's what!
    ---K7 Avenger---
    Remember the Soviet from GoldenEye?  Think of that, only… worse.  It's a
    basic assault rifle, only with a puny clip at your disposal.  Be warned.
    Primary Fire  - Burst Fire
    Secondary Fire- Threat Detector
    Zero's Tip    - When I first saw this gun, I rejoiced, thinking of how good
                    the K7 Soviet was in GoldenEye Live and Let Die.  I picked 
                    this gun to do battle with my AR34 equipped brother.  We 
                    opened fire, and a couple seconds later, I found myself
                    reloading as my brother shot me into pieces.  Don't get me
                    wrong.  This is a good gun, just that you should know about
                    its small clip.
    When I first picked up this gun, I immediately noticed its striking
    similarities to the AR33 of GoldenEye.  After a couple minutes, I realized
    that it was only a little similar, despite its name.  For one, it lost its
    star shaped muzzle fire, and it is a lot more accurate.  This is much more
    versatile than the K7, so this is a good choice.
    Primary Fire  - Burst Fire
    Secondary Fire- Use Scope
    Zero's Tip    - This is definitely one of the best choices to use in the
                    Combat Sim.  It is strong, fast, accurate… and has a bigger
                    clip than the K7.  It's just great…
    Yes!  What a beaut!  This heavier version of the Dragon packs a much bigger
    wallop.  Plus, the Proxy mine function has been removed to make room for a
    GRENADE LAUNCHER!  Doesn't get any better than this…
    Primary Fire  - Rapid Fire
    Secondary Fire- Grenade Launch
    Zero's Tip    - Oh, yeah!  This is definitely, without question, my favorite
                    gun in the game!  I mean, it so perfectly blends two types 
                    firepower, that it is perfect.  Plus, it reloads at an
                    alarming speed.  I mean, click the clip in, and you're done.
                    In fact, I prefer this gun's grenade launch hands down over
                    the Devastator's any day.  This is a keeper.
    What would a deathmatch be without a shotgun?  Subtlety is not an option 
    this all-powerful baby.  It does impressive splash damage for a 
    gun, and can even shoot two shells at a time, if you want it too.
    Primary Fire  - Shotgun Fire
    Secondary Fire- Double Blast
    Zero's Tip    - While this gun won't hold up to well against machine guns, 
                    sure fairs well against pistols.  It is a average gun in my
                    opinion, that packs a huge punch, if you can get by the slow
                    ROF and reloading time.
    ---Sniper Rifle---
    This was meant as a support weapon to pick off your enemies from afar, and
    not a weapon to use in a heated firefight.  Therefore, it doesn't do much in
    a deathmatch.  However, since it is so precise, it is useful in large arenas
    to find campers and kill them with a headshot or two.
    Primary Fire  - Single Shot
    Secondary Fire- Sorry, but I have a bias here.  Since I like to think of my
                    gaming style as professional, guns like this have a special
                    place in my arsenal.  But using this gun is an acquired
                    skill, especially in the Combat Sim.  It is not a good 
                    for levels such as the Facility, but is a good choice for
                    ones such as the Skedar and the Temple.  Practice makes
    A typical Skedar weapon, brutal and vicious.  It fires as fast as you pull
    the trigger, but it is fairly weak.
    Primary Fire  - Single Shot
    Secondary Fire- Charge Up Shot
    Zero's Tip    - Okay, here's another bit of alien technology.  But you'd
                    expect more from the Skedar, wouldn't you?  Sure, it fires 
                    fast as you can pull the trigger, but it is weak.  Use the
                    charge up shot to do some actual damage or look for a better
    ---FarSight XR-20---
    The ultimate sniper rifle.  Not only does this Maian weapon have a rail gun
    effect that can shoot through walls, but it also has a target locator that
    can track down opponents from across the arena to shoot them.  Sweeeeet.
    Primary Fire  - Rail Gun Effect
    Secondary Fire- Target Locator
    Zero's Tip    - Believe it or not, this was meant as an anti-campers weapon!
                    Instead, this makes it 10x worse!  If you get this gun, just
                    find a dark corner or alcove and pick off your enemies from 
                    safe distance.  Dirty?  Cheap?  You bet.
    Big, heavy, brutal, and inaccurate.  Much like a Skedar.  On the other hand,
    it spews an unbelievable number of projectiles at an incredible ROF.  Forget
    aiming, just let 'er rip.
    Primary Fire  - Reapage
    Secondary Fire- Grinder
    Zero's Tip    - Awwww… the Reaper?  That's basically the reaction of my
                    brother when he finds this gun.  Why?  Cuz he's one of the
                    many warriors who have yet to master this gun.  Sure, I
                    openly hate this gun.  But, I don't deny that this is a
                    powerful option to wield.  Why?  Cuz it will scare the crap
                    out of anyone near you when you let it rip.
    This is basically a grenade launcher.  The primary fire is a high velocity
    grenade launch, and the secondary fire sticks grenades to a solid surface.
    Primary Fire  - Grenade Launch
    Secondary Fire- Wall Hugger
    Zero's Tip    - Cool.  Yeah, that's it, cool.  That's IT.  It is extremely
                    powerful, but the SuperDragon grenades seem more accurate, 
                    I prefer the SuperDragon over the Devastator.
    ---Rocket Launcher---
    You are hard pressed to find a deathmatch game without a Rocket Launcher of
    some sort.  This game actually sports two!  The standard Rocket Launcher is
    faster and more accurate than the Slayer, but I still prefer the Slayer.
    Primary Fire  - Rocket Launch
    Secondary Fire- Targeted Rocket
    Zero's Tip    - Ooooh, baby!  In GoldenEye, the rocket launcher was the most
                    powerful non-Golden gun available, and was the most fun to
                    use.  The Perfect Dark version doesn't disappoint.  Sure,
                    most people will discard this once they get the Slayer, but
                    this is an extremely solid gun.  It's more accurate and 
                    for one!
    Wow!  This gun holds it's ground well enough as a standard rocket launcher,
    but the Fly by Wire mode is pure evil genius!  Use this mode to chase a
    mobile opponent through a huge room.
    Primary Fire  - Rocket Launch
    Secondary Fire- Fly by Wire Rocket
    Zero's Tip    - Okay, I know that I went through a huge speech on how the
                    rocket launcher was a solid gun, but who needs that with 
                    baby?  The Fly by Wire is simply phenomenal, and you'll
                    quickly discover its perverse uses.  Try piloting this
                    into the bathroom through the vents!
    ---Combat Knife---
    Oh well.  I could just go on and on about the good features of a knife, but
    what good is a knife against a guy with a gun?  Plenty.  This is great to 
    the drop on your opponent and slit the poor fool's throat.  Guerilla 
    baby!  Or, you could keep your distance and lob a poison knife to
    incapacitate your enemy.
    Primary Fire  - Knife Slash
    Secondary Fire- Throw Poison Knife
    Zero's Tip    - Okay, maybe it can't compete with a gun of any kind, but 
                    still hella cool.  My favorite game is to have a couple of
                    other players set up a fortification somewhere on the map.
                    One of them has to go on patrol around the base.  In the 
                    time, the other team of two more players has cloaking, and
                    knives to go after the patrol.  This has to be on one hit
                    kills to be fun, though.
    This is a great stealth weapon, but not much more.  The sedate function can
    really mess up your opponent's vision, and the one hit kill is great.  I opt
    for the sedate to get your opponent spitting mad.  Beware of the difficult
    aiming and slow reloading.
    Primary Fire  - Sedate
    Secondary Fire- Instant Kill
    Zero's Tip    - While some view this as a sporting weapon, I just don't like
                    it.  I mean, come on!  It's slow, weak, and inaccurate.
                    Where's the strong point?
    This can make for an interesting game.  This fancy hypodermic needle strikes
    fear into all of my enemies.  Why?  Either you can sedate them to screw up
    their screen, or you can get up close and send em to where they came from.
    Primary Fire  - Sedate
    Secondary Fire- Lethal Injection
    Zero's Tip    - Almost any game with the Tranquilizer is a good game.  Maybe
                    not for your score, but its fun.  Nothing cracks me up more
                    than sedating your enemy, and watch them stumble around,
                    waiting for their screen to clear up.  This is kind of like
                    an advanced crossbow.
    Remember the Moonraker Laser from GoldenEye?  How could anyone expect the
    coolest gun not to return?  This laser is a wrist-mounted hybrid of the
    Moonraker and the Laser Watch, and does massive damage.  Plus, it has
    infinite ammo.  Sweet!
    Primary Fire  - Laser Blast
    Secondary Fire- Short Stream Laser
    Zero's Tip    - Yay!  The good 'ol laser is back!  I have so many memories 
                    intense GoldenEye battles, dodging the blue beams that would
                    constantly buzz by your head.  Now, its no longer a memory.
                    First, it doesn't need ammo.  Second, its fairly strong.
                    Third, it sucks.  That's right, it sucks.  Forget it.
    In my opinion, this is the supreme anti-camper weapon, especially in the old
    favorite, the Facility.  But, I'll get to that soon.  Anyway, the primary
    fire is simple enough.  Pull the pin, and it blows up in four seconds.  But
    the secondary fire is a hyper bouncing version that won't blow up until
    someone's nearby.  Sweet!
    Primary Fire  - 4-Second Fuse
    Secondary Fire- Proximity Pinball
    Zero's Tip    - As I said before, this is great in many situations, 
                    flushing out snipers or campers.  For instance, in the
                    facility, give your enemies in the bathroom a surprise, by
                    opening the door, lobbing in a Proxy Pinball, and close the
                    door again.  Hehehehe…  Plus, its good to clear out a big
                    room.  Experiment.
    A hand held Neutron Bomb?  It's not as devastating as you may think.  Be 
    to lob this far away from your own body as possible, because it will emit
    energy waves that incapacitate anyone unlucky (or stupid) enough to be 
    the blast radius.
    Primary Fire  - Impact Detonation
    Secondary Fire- Proximity Detonation
    Zero's Tip    - Ooooh!  There's nothing like setting one of these off in a
                    crowded room!  The ominous rumbling and the fact that this
                    darkens most of any arena will scare anyone sh… uh, witless.
                    If you want it to explode on impact, stand back.  Or, you 
                    leave it behind as a proxy detonator as an unpleasant
    ---Timed Mine---
    Boom!  This is the simplest of all mines.  Nothing fancy here, just plant it
    anywhere and it will explode in a few seconds.  It's that simple.
    Primary Fire  - Timed Explosive
    Secondary Fire- Threat Detector
    Zero's Tip    - Okay, I found it!  I found the funniest thing in the game!
                    Well, it's tied with sedating enemies.  Place a timed mine 
                    an opponent!  Yes!  In a matter of seconds, they'll explode,
                    wondering what happened.  Hehehe…
    ---Proximity Mine---
    Sure, the Timed mines are a nice surprise for unsuspecting stationary
    targets, but nothing beats the ambulatory features of the Proximity Mines.
    Anyone who walks by one of these sets off a proximity fuse to blow them to
    kingdom come.
    Primary Fire  - Proximity Explosive
    Secondary Fire- Threat Detector
    Zero's Tip    - This was the coolest part of GoldenEye MP, now its better
                    then ever!  This is either a pro ambush, or one to stop an
                    ambush.  My favorite strategy is to place these in
                    doorjambs, so no-one will see them until they open the door
                    and it's too late.  Hehehehe…
    ---Remote Mine---
    And finally there's the remote mine.  The remote mine is similar to the 
    mines, except that now YOU choose when to detonate.  Simply place, and
    detonate.  Ooooohhhhh, yeah!
    Primary Fire  - Remote Explosive
    Secondary Fire- Detonate
    Zero's Tip    - This is in my opinion the second best mine available, behind
                    the super-stealthy proxy mine.  The best strategy with these
                    is to take hostages by placing the mine on your opponents,
                    and threaten to detonate.  Be warned, that most won't listen
                    to you.
    *The Weapon Sets*
    >From the weapons menu, there are several sets available to you, including a
    custom set!  Of course, you will have to earn most of the guns, along with
    the sets.
    Please Note:  Slot 5 is always Shield, and Slot 6 is always Disabled
    ---Pistols---          ---Golden Magnum---
    1. Falcon 2            1. Falcon 2 (Silenced)
    2. MagSec 4            2. Grenade
    3. Phoenix             3. CMP150
    4. Mauler              4. Golden Magnum
    ---Automatics---       ---Explosive---
    1. Falcon 2            1. Devastator
    2. CMP 150             2. Devastator
    3. Laptop Gun          3. Super Dragon
    4. AR-34               4. Super Dragon
    ---Power---            ---Grenade Launcher---
    1. MagSec 4            1. MagSec4
    2. Magnum              2. CMP150
    3. Shotgun             3. AR34
    4. RC-P120             4. Devastator
    ---FarSight---         ---Rocket Launcher---
    1. Phoenix             1. Mauler
    2. Cyclone             2. Cyclone
    3. Callisto NTG        3. Dragon
    4. FarSight-XR20       4. Rocket Launcher
    ---Tranquilizer---     ---Prox. Mine---
    1. Falcon 2            1. MagSec 4
    2. CMP150              2. Laptop Gun
    3. Dragon              3. K7 Avenger
    4. Tranquilizer        4. Proxy. Mine
    ---Heavy---            ---Close Combat---
    1. Mauler              1. Combat Knife
    2. K7 Avenger          2. Combat Knife
    3. Reaper              3. Timed Mine
    4. Super Dragon        4. Crossbow
    1-6. Random
    ---Random Five---
    1-5. Random
    1-6.  You Choose! (Cool, huh?)
    *3. The Cast*
    In Perfect Dark, your character is everything!  In GoldenEye, most of the
    characters' were almost identical, with the exceptions of Oddjob, Jaws,
    Valentin, and the sort.  But, in PD, the characters have extremely different
    builds.  For example, Cassandra is skinny, but is also extremely tall.
    Carrington is really fat, but he's also short.  And the little Maians are,
    well, little.  Except that they have big heads.  Hmmm… but don't forget that
    you can choose heads AND bodies, so give a Maian a human head!  Sure, you'll
    look like a freak, but its still effective.  Without further ado, here is 
    cast list of Perfect Dark!  Remember, that most of these must be unlocked in
    the challenges or the solo missions.
    1. Joanna (Combat)
    2. Daniel Carrington
    3. Cassandra De Vries
    4. CI Male Lab Technician
    5. CI Female Lab Technician
    6. CI Soldier
    7.  DataDyne Shock Trooper
    8.  DataDyne Security
    9.  DataDyne Infantry
    10. DataDyne Trooper
    11. Secretary
    Note: The rest of the characters must be unlocked
    12. DataDyne Female Guard
    13. Office Suit
    14. Office Casual
    15. DataDyne Sniper
    16. Trent Easton
    17. NSA Lackey
    18. Joanna Leather (Grrrrr… ;-))
    19. G5 Guard
    20. G5 SWAT Guard ?~~~ My Character
    21. Mr. Blonde
    22. Joanna Trench Coat
    23. CIA Agent
    24. FBI Agent
    25. Area 51 Guard
    26. Area 51 Trooper
    27. Pilot
    28. Overalls
    29. Male Lab Technician
    30. Female Lab Technician
    31. DataDyne Lab Technician
    32. Biotechnician
    33. Elvis
    34. Maian
    35. Elvis (Waistcoat)
    36. Maian Soldier
    37. Air Force One Pilot
    38. Steward
    39. Stewardess
    40. Head Stewardess
    41. Joanna Arctic
    42. Alaskan Guard
    43. The President
    44. Presidential Security
    45. NSA Bodyguard
    46. President's Clone
    47. Pelagic II Guard
    48. Joanna Party Frock
    49. Joanna Party Frock (Ripped)
    50. Joanna Stewardess
    51. Joanna Negotiator
    52. Joanna Wetsuit
    53. Joanna Aqualung
    54. Joanna Lab Technician
    55. Carrington Evening Wear
    56. Jonathan Dark
    57. Negotiator
    58. Dinner Jacket 1
    59. Dinner Jacket 2
    60. Dinner Jacket 3
    61. Dinner Jacket 4
    There!  That's all!  But I have a few questions…
    Didja notice that the name Maian could refer to the lost Mayans?  Doesn't
    that make sense?
    Didja notice that the Dinner Jackets look like our other favorite secret
    ---Choosing Your Character---
    So, if character is everything, who will you choose to do your dirty work?
    This is a pressing question, so I've devoted this section to pointers on
    choosing a character that fits your style.
    Pointer One:  Camouflage Counts
    Use a character that can blend into the surroundings in the arena that you
    are doing battle.  For example, put your character in a trench coat for
    levels such as the Ravine.
    Pointer Two:  Who Are You?
    If you're taking on a legion of Dinner Jackets, join the crowd!  That will
    surely make you more difficult to find if you're being pursued.
    Pointer Three:  Super Freak
    That's right, be "The Dirty Freak."  Of course, I mean the Maian/Human
    hybrid.  Put the tiny human head, on the tiny Maian body to be the toughest
    opponent around to hit.  You're opponents will curse your name in no time.
    Didn't like my strategies?  Then pick whoever you want!  In fact, I don't
    even usually listen.  My favorite is the G5 SWAT guard, but with a better
    ---Character Setup/ Rankings and Awards---
    My favorite feature of the Perfect Dark Combat Simulator is the option to
    save your character for future use!  It tracks your record, and how many
    medals you've won!  The possibilities are endless.
    What's your name?  You have a couple of options here.  First, just put your
    name.  Ewww, how uninventive.  Second, choose a name that strikes fear into
    the hearts of all of your opponents.  A name that will keep your foes at 
    Mine is currently… ZeRo.  Oh well, but before that it was Megadeth.  Cool,
    -Control Settings-
    Once you've chosen your name, customize everything else as well!  Choose 
    control style, Reverse Pitch, Look Ahead, Head Roll, Auto-Aim, Aim Control…
    and lots more.  Also, here's the other main feature… Paintball.  Before, I
    thought this was cool, until I found out this was the no-blood mode.  What
    fun is that?
    As I said before, character is everything, so you should pick the coolest
    character you can find.  Or most strategic, as strategy goes.  My three
    favorites are the G5 SWAT Guard, the Shock Trooper, and the Sniper.  Pick
    your favorite.
    -Player Options-
    These are basic options that will affect only your character during 
    They include, highlight pickups, highlight players, highlight teams, and
    The ultimate bragging rights.  By saving your statistics, you can prove to
    all of your friends your unquestionable skill.  The stats saved on your pak
    Kills- How many kills you have
    Deaths- How many times you died
    Accuracy- How accurate are you?
    Head Shots- How many head shots do you have?
    Ammo Used- The amount of ammo you used.  This can get quite high…
    Damage Dealt- The amount of blood you've spilt… literally.
    Pain Received- The amount of blood that you lost.
    Games Played- The amount of games you've played
    Games Won- The number of games you've won
    Games Lost- The number of games you've lost
    Time Spent- How long have you played.  For addicts, this will be really 
    Distance- How much distance have you traveled?  Campers will find this 
              Strangely low…
    Green Star- Accuracy
    Yellow Star- Head Shot
    Red Star- Kill Master
    Blue Star- Survivor
    The better the player you are, the higher your ranking.  There are 21
    rankings, and you start on 21, working your way up.  You'll need to devote a
    lot of time into this, if you want to be #1.
    21) Beginner
    20) Trainee
    19) Amateur
    18) Rookie
    17) Novice
    16) Trooper
    15) Agent
    14) Star Agent
    13) Special Agent
    12) Expert
    11) Veteran
    10) Professional
    9) Dangerous
    8) Deadly
    7) Killer
    6) Assassin
    5) Lethal
    4) Elite
    3) Invincible
    2) Near Perfect
    1) Perfect
    Well, there you have it.  The cast of Perfect Dark is ever expansive, and is
    filled with tons of customizable options.  But we still have a long way to
    go… So here we go!
    *4. The Arenas*
    The Combat Arenas will be your new homes, so get to know them well.  They
    range from sprawling rooms to cramped hallways.  They are designed for
    maximum playing fun and experience.  It is incredibly important to know 
    arenas as well as the back of your hand.
    PS:  I am looking for someone to make ASCII maps for my FAQ.  Please submit
    one of any Combat Sim level for review.  I will pick the author of the best
    map to make the other maps for me.  Submit your maps to 
    *Dark Arenas*
    The Dark Arenas are brand spanking new maps for your combat pleasure.  That
    means all you GoldenEye veterans are faced with new challenges.  I,
    personally, know every level off by heart, but that's because I'm obsessed.
    ---Skedar Arena---
    This is Skedar architecture at its best.  This is a fairly simple arena, and
    full of tight hallways, uneven surfaces, and large rooms.  This is a good
    level for beginners, and an old fave for some veterans.
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Fun: 7/10
    The Pipes are meant to remind you of the DataDyne basement, but I don't see
    much of a resemblance, do you?  Take heed, this is a very dangerous arena,
    full of dark pits that beginners can easily loose their footing and plummet
    to their own death.  It's also fairly easy for seasoned veterans to slip up.
    Unfortunately for you, the best weapon is located on the thin strip of pipes
    below, making you an easy target.  Good luck
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Fun: 7/10
    ---Area 52---
    Area 52 has the feeling to it that makes it feel like a military base meant
    to withstand an atomic bomb!  There are complex underground hallways that 
    easy for some to get lost in, gigantic rooms full of brick hideaways, and
    sniper battlements to pick off your opponents.  Its tons of fun to put a
    sentry turret on one of the sniper points to clean out any invader that
    decides to come through, while you're across the way, cleaning out your side
    of the map.
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Fun: 8/10
    The Warehouse is a pleasant mix of open spaces and cramped crawlways with
    something for any type of combatant.  There are chambers filled with stacks
    of crates to crawl upon and shoot at passerbies unfortunate enough to cross
    your path.  Be warned though:  the air shafts are extremely claustrophobic,
    and the wrong place to solve problems with explosives.
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Fun: 7/10
    You thought the Pipes were dangerous?  Wait until you see this place!  The
    Ravine is cut into rock walls and overlaps itself several times, making a
    sniper's paradise.  Unfortunately, the gigantic chambers of the Ravine are
    surrounded by endless pits, meaning that one fell step spells disaster for
    all.  When I am in this level, I can't help but feel paranoid.  After all,
    there are tons of hallways and shadows for your opponents to ambush you, and
    if you blaze through this level too fast, you fall into a pit.  Watch your
    Difficulty: 10/10
    Fun: 6/10
    ---G5 Building---
    This is another dangerous level.  The G5 Building is a compact, multilevel
    complex, with a bottomless pit separating both sides.  Several dangerously
    thin bridges cross the pit.  To make matters worse, many intense battles 
    place over this pit, so choose your battles wisely.  There are tons of tight
    hallways, and one foxhole to lay traps and the sort.  The best approach is 
    find the upper footbridge with the wall on one side and camp out.  Or, just
    plant a sentry turret!  Pure evil genius!
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Fun: 9/10
    This is Matrix ala Perfect Dark.  The Grid is an exquisite mix of grand
    foyers and cramped hallways, blending into a diverse battlefield (whoa…big
    words!).  This is one of my favorite levels in the game, and is the main
    arena in my deathmatching group.  Why?  Well, the Matrix is my favorite
    movie, and the two giant foyers are filled with pillars, just like the
    infamous infiltration scene.  But anyway… The largest foyer is split into 
    floors, with an elevator on the top floor, and a glass floor bridging the 
    across the foyer.  There are rows of pillars on each floor, providing good
    cover during the many intense firefights that will inevitably occur here.
    The two large foyers are connected by a series of cramped hallways and
    cubicles.  It is impossible to get lost in this level, so it's great for
    beginners and veterans alike.  This is one of the best levels, so arm
    yourself and enter the Matrix!  Well, not really, but you know…
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Fun: 10/10
    Don't let the serene beach atmosphere fool you.  This is a place of death.
    This is a HUGE arena, with mostly large split-level rooms connected by
    tunnels or hallways.  However, the tunnel system is fairly basic, and it's
    pretty hard to get lost.  This arena has lots of bright colors, except for
    the shadows, so choose your character accordingly.  Most people feel that
    this is the best multiplayer arena, but I'm unsure of that.  The main
    strategy here is to keep moving.  This arena is very large, so the weapons
    are spread out.  Find a gun and keep on the move.
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Fun: 8/10
    Dank, dark, cramped tunnels make up the Sewers arena.  This of course means
    that you'll probably need to get in your enemy's face to earn a kill.  There
    are only peepholes, and no wide-open spaces, so try to know this
    claustrophobic maze of the top of your head.  There are few rest stops from
    the tight tunnels, so these are great places to camp out and wait for the
    next wary traveler to journey into your line of fire.  All in all, I
    definitely dislike this arena.  Maybe because it's the only one that still
    confuses me!
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Fun: 3/10
    The Base is made up of narrow hallways and ramps that connect the two 
    leaving little room for an expansive firefight.
    The Base décor reminds me of the Warehouse, and there are tons of tight
    crawlspaces to match!  In my opinion, the coolest feature of the level is 
    bulletproof glass floors and the waist high walls on the second floor.  I
    have had many battles turn sour by not crouching here, so keep low to the
    ground.  This level can be confusing, and the last thing that you want is to
    get lost while evading pursuers, so know it well!  In the main rooms with 
    glass flooring, there are plenty of crates on the first floor to use for
    cover, so duck while laying down cover fire.
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Fun: 7/10
    It is obvious that this arena was made with hardcore deathmatching in mind.
    The Fortress is divided into four color coded sectors, with three floors.
    The main Fortress room on the third floor has overhangs for each color, and
    waist high pillboxes to seek cover behind.  The first floor in the main room
    is in shape of four thin bridges that cross the pit below the upstairs.  The
    bridges are very bad places to be.  I suggest that you stock up on ammo and
    weaponry, and hide behind one of the pillboxes, defending your color.  This
    is a phenomenal arena, so happy hunting!
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Fun: 10/10
    The topography of the Skedar Ruins makes this the eeriest arena in the 
    Sim.  On the outside of the Ruins, cramped ravines cut through the
    mountainside, while the inside has the feel of a long abandoned military
    base, with the power shorting out.  I always feel paranoid wandering through
    the halls, with the lights flickering, while I hear the deathcries of a
    victim a couple of hallways over.  Bloodthirsty players (like me!) will 
    the added feature of scaring the crap out of their victims, before they send
    them to the afterlife. Walk slowly, and get a big and good gun.  It feels
    like something out of Aliens.
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Fun: 7/10
    ---Car Park---
    Warriors, arm yourselves and get ready to rrrrrrrumble!  The Car Park is 
    of wide-open rooms and staircases to set the scene for epic battles.  This 
    especially fun with Proxy mines or grenades, because half of the fun is
    lobbing them down the winding staircases.  Jo never sees this in the Solo
    Missions, but I figure that it's from the G5 Building.  One of the most
    important things to remember is that to beware of guerillas hiding in the
    shadows.  Therefore, the shadows make excellent spots for your sentry turret
    or Proxy mines.  Hehehehe…
    Difficulty:  0/10  (oh, please!)
    Fun: 9/10
    *Classic Arenas*
    Yesss!  This is a dream come true for old GoldenEye veterans, and an
    opportunity for those who never played GoldenEye to see what they missed.  I
    only have a few regrets about some of the arenas that were left out, such as
    Library, Bunker and Archives.  However, Rare did an excellent job of picking
    the best of the best.
    Abandon all hope, ye who enters here.  The Temple should definitely be a
    familiar memory for anyone who played GoldenEye MP, and I am glad to see it
    back.  It is almost identical to the GoldenEye Temple, except that it has a
    gloomy color scheme, and now you can fall through the gaping hole in the 
    chamber!  No more going the long way around to chase someone that's right
    under you!
    Difficulty: 1/10 (come on, remember?!?)
    Fun: 9/10
    Ugh!  In GoldenEye, I absolutely despised this level.  It was cramped,
    confusing, and big.  But I changed my mind once I played the new version.
    There are a slew of minor changes throughout the arena, such as new sniper
    positions, connecting passageways, and of course you can fall of ledges now!
    The colors make it feel techy, and cold… so warm it up with some bright red
    Difficulty:  7/10
    Fun: 8/10
    I refuse to call this the Felicity.  Where did they come up with that name?
    Anyway, the Facility is back and better than ever.  Unfortunately, I was led
    to believe that you would be able to access the entire Facility now, but the
    arena is still the same.  The vents now have an alternate exit that drops
    off behind the bathroom, which is useful when you spawn and there's someone
    in the bathroom trying to shove a Slayer in your face.  This was my favorite
    level in GoldenEye, and it doesn't upset in Perfect Dark.
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Fun: 10/10
    As I said before, these arenas will be your new homes, so know these like 
    back of your hand.  Know the spawning locations of items and opponents to
    gain an (unfair?) advantage.
    *5. The Simulants*
    Hallelujah!  Finally, GoldenEye's biggest MP problem has been fixed!  With
    the addition of Simulants/Bots, you can play a good deathmatch, all by your
    lonesome.  While even the most advanced Simulants can never match the
    challenge of a human opponent, they provide a definite challenge.  Whether
    you're taking on a legion of Simulants, or you use a couple to spruce up
    Gameplay with your friends, Simulants are a welcome addition.
    *Simulant Types*
    There are several different types of Simulants to place in Gameplay with 
    and their personalities differ with each type.  You can simply designate
    their difficulty level, their specific personality, or both!
    ---Normal Simulants (Difficulty)---
    A waste of bioengineering.  It is basically a piece of meat to slaughter as
    you please, for it has no accuracy, skill, or speed.  Even beginners should
    have no problem.
    Unlike the idiotic MeatSim, the EasySim possesses at least the bare minimum
    of survival tactics.  While still severely inaccurate, it can still be a
    threat, albeit a minor one, at close range.  It won't put up much of a 
    The NormalSim was made to equal to the abilities of an average player who is
    a fairly good player in a deathmatch.  It usually won't keep you running for
    safety, but this Sim can hold its own.  Don't underestimate it.
    The hardened veteran of the Sims.  The HardSim hunts for the best weapons,
    uses radar, lays traps, and will pursue you until it destroys you.  Keep on
    the move, or you won't live to see another battle.
    Though the PerfectSim is fiendishly skillful, it is hardly perfect.  It uses
    all the tools available to it, and some that shouldn't be available to it
    (it's a cheater!) to hunt you down.  When it finds you, it will definitely
    achieve the headshot, and you'll die in seconds.  Beware.
    This doesn't represent any skill level.  This is simply a twisted joke from
    DataDyne that operates at a skill level above that which can be achieved by
    any human player.  Within seconds of spawning, it will have double Cyclones
    and be in your face, shooting you in the head. The DarkSim is the ultimate
    cheater, and the ultimate opponent.
    ---Special Simulants---
    As the name implies, this Sim hates violence.  In fact, the PeaceSim will go
    around hoarding weapons so people don't pick them up, and disarm people for
    their weapons.  Therefore, they'll drop a payload of weapons when you kill
    them.  Just don't let them sneak up on you…
    Like some human players I know, this Sim is a shield addict.  It will always
    go for the shield, even if it has no weapons!  In fact, if you damage its
    shield in the least bit, it will retreat to get another shield!  My advice 
    don't let it.
    This is the pyromaniac of the Simulants!  The RocketSim will always pursue
    the explosive weapons, and will set them off, even if doing so would spell
    death for itself!  Avoid this Sim, or kill it before it can get an 
    This is fearless, suicidal menace.  It will make suicidal runs, even with no
    weapons, to try and destroy you.  It fears nothing, and that makes it a
    dangerous enemy.
    Unlike the PeaceSim, the FistSim is violent.  Like the PeaceSim, though, it
    will hoard weapons and try to engage you in hand-to-hand combat.  It won't
    use weapons, but it will do good damage with its hands.
    This Sim truly feels that honor is a minor detail in a fight to the death.
    The PreySim dislikes competition, so it will hunt down the easiest targets 
    gain an easy kill.  Its favorite targets include weakened opponents that are
    unarmed or armed with a weak weapon, and enemies that have just spawned.  
    PreySim also loves to cloak, so beware.
    This is the SimWussy.  It flees to safety at the mere sign of confrontation,
    and will only confront you if it has a superior weapon.  Carry a big gun, 
    you will rarely meet this Sim.  Hide out and try to catch the coward off its
    Stay out of this Sim's way!  If the FeudSim goes after you, it will hunt you
    until the end of the game!  It will mercilessly hunt its target, even if you
    kill it.
    As the name suggests, this Sim is extremely fast.  It's definitely faster
    than you, so it's difficult to hit with standard weaponry.  It's impossible
    to flee, so stand and fight like a man.
    This Sim is the opposite of the SpeedSim.  It moves at a much slower rate
    than most players, but it has a shield that is twice as strong as the
    standard shield!  Fortunately for you, it has restricted mobility due to its
    This is a psychopathic Sim!  This Sim will completely ignore other players
    just to attack the player that last killed it!  It attacks with a vicious
    rage; so to avoid its rage, just leave it alone.
    This is the only decent Sim.  The JudgeSim acts like the judge of the
    battlefield, going after the winning player to even out the odds.  That 
    if you are an expert playing against some young rookies, expect this Sim to
    come after you!
    *A Simulant Teammate*
    Fighting a Simulant opens up new strategies, but what if you are paired with
    a Simulant on your team.  Luckily, a Simulant is just a computer program, so
    you are its boss.  Perfect Dark is revolutionary in its ability for you to
    command your legion of Sims to send them into battle for you!  How?  It's
    First, Hold down 'A' and press 'Z' twice.  Then, a pie menu should show up
    with some orders.  If you have multiple Simulants on your team, hit 'Z' 
    to bring up a new Simulant's menu.  Or, hold down 'R' to give the orders to
    all of your Sims at once!
    The Simulant will hunt down your selected target with a vengeance.  Choose
    the target and watch as your Sim hunts down its target in cold blood.
    If your Sim is in danger, and you want it to join you in a retreat, tell it
    to follow you.  It will follow you, but will leave your side to kill
    This will make the Sim more passive than aggressive.  The Sim will stake out
    its territory and guard it against intruders, attacking only if it is
    directly assaulted.
    If you are badly wounded, this will make your Sim stick by your side and
    protect you from enemies.  The Sim will stick by your side even if it is
    This will make the Sim hold its ground.  It will stay in the same place, 
    if it is attacked!  This is a great way to set up traps for your enemy.  
    in the shadows and wait for someone to go after your Sim, then shoot the
    enemy.  Sweet!
    *6. Zero's Laws of Survival*
    This is a returning feature from my Rage Wars FAQ to help you tone your
    deathmatching abilities and strategies.  Some of these are directly from my
    Rage Wars FAQ, but most are new.  If you would like to submit some of your
    Laws of Survival for full credit on my FAQ, submit them to
    ZeroX2004@hotmail.com .  If they are good, I will post them in an upcoming
    Rule No. 1: Mercy Is For The Weak
    Okay, this is from my Rage Wars FAQ, but it is a useful and necessary law.
    Basically this says "Don't let wounded enemies escape!"  They will return
    with possibly a shield or better gun to massacre your merciful self.  It 
    doesn't pay to be nice…
    Rule No. 2: Hide the Shields
    That's right, hide the shields!  How?  Shoot the all-important shield into a
    corner or into the shadows.  The spawning location will change to the new
    location, and only you will know where it is.  By passers will just think
    that someone picked it up, when it is actually in a new spot.
    Rule No. 3: Understand the Radar
    I know what you're thinking.  Retard, everyone knows how to use radar.
    Actually, it's a little different and more useful than you may think.  If a
    dot is a square on the radar, the player is on the same level as you.  If it
    is an up or down facing triangle, they're on a different level than you.
    Items may appear too, depending whether you turned that option on.
    Rule No. 4: Remember Pickup Locations
    Pay attention to where you find your weapons, because it is good to know
    where you found it in the future.  For example, usually the Slot 4 Weapon is
    the best in the weapon sets.  If you find it, remember where so you can pick
    it up in the future.  Or better yet, use Rule 2's strategy to hide it!
    Rule No. 5: Lay Traps
    Don't be afraid to plant down your Laptop Turret once you find a stronger
    weapon.  But there are certain rules to planting traps efficiently.  First
    off, plant Proxy Mines, Dragons, Sentry Turrets, etc. in shadows.  That way,
    they will harder to detect, and will work better.  Its also advantageous to
    plant sentry turrets in high-traffic areas so they can have a chance to kill
    more people and work at max efficiency.  It's also a good idea to plant 
    mines near human spawning locations to take out your enemy before they know
    what hit them.
    Rule No. 6: "He Who Fights And Runs Away…"
    "…Lives to fight another day."  Yep, it's true.  Retreating is definitely 
    way to survive when the battle's not going your way.  Sure, your opponents
    will get really aggravated and call you a wuss, but you will be alive.  This
    is especially useful when you are taking on a Laptop Gun with a Falcon 2.
    Come back with a stronger gun to show them who's the wuss.
    Rule No. 7: Take Cover
    Take cover during prolonged firefights.  If a group of people is fighting it
    out all around you, take shelter in a doorway or behind a pillar.  Once the
    action tones down, take out the survivors.
    Rule No. 8: To Camp or Not to Camp?
    Camping is a dirty tactic, and even campers know that.  But it is extremely
    effective.  There's no safer way to rack up the kills from a safe distance
    quite like camping out with the FarSight.  But that way, you miss out on 
    of the fun and frenzy involved with a firefight.  Plus, you're opponents 
    be extremely frustrated with you for camping.  I usually alternate between
    camping and getting in your enemies' faces.  If you do camp, be sure to camp
    from the shadows, or in a secluded alcove.
    Rule No. 9: Go Out With A Bang
    If your health is next to nothing, and you've got five opponents after you,
    what do you do?  Give up?  NO!  If you're going down, take someone with you!
    Even if its in close quartered combat, launch a few explosives to take down
    some chargers.  Or let lose a machine gun barrage.  Go out with a bang, not
    with a whisper.
    Rule No. 10: Manage Your Weapons
    If you're heading into an airshaft that you know is chock full of enemies,
    what weapon do you equip?  Explosives will just get you killed.  So think.
    In such close quarters, do you really need accuracy?  Pull out a strong,
    fast, non-explosive weapon to get the job done.  Always have the weapon to
    get the job done right.
    As I said before, I love contributions.  I know that there's a lot of better
    Laws of Survival out there, so send them in to ZeroX2004@hotmail.com for
    credit!  I'll anticipate your input…
    *7. Scenarios*
    There are several different varied methods of Gameplay available to you in
    Perfect Dark.  They range from Classic Combat to Pop A Cap, and they all 
    test your skills in different ways.  By the way, I know that this is a weird
    location for this section, and I hope to move it up further in the future.
    Most of the Scenarios must be accessed in the Challenges, and all can be
    accessed once they're earned in the Scenario menu in the Advanced Setup and
    Quick Start menus.
    Pure and simple deathmatching.  This is classic deathmatching, and is the 
    to hone in on your basic skills.  Find the best weapons and kill your
    enemies.  Lay traps, and fortify positions around the map.  This is classic
    multiplayer fun at it's best.
    ---King of the Hill---
    This is classic KOTH with a new Perfect Dark twist.  KOTH has an interesting
    blend that requires both the methods of camping and keeping on the move.  A
    section of the map will light up in green, and that is the new location of
    the "hill."  Once you run into the green light, the light will change into
    your team color, and you have the "hill."  Hold it for about 20-30 seconds,
    defending it at all costs, and the hill will move to a different location,
    and you gain a point.
    ---Hold the Briefcase---
    Remember "The Living Daylights" in GoldenEye?  Maybe not, because it sucked.
    Anyway, the old LD from GoldenEye has been redone, so that it fits into the
    revamped PD Gameplay.  A briefcase is placed at a random location, and the
    object is to pick it up.  If you hold it for 30 seconds, you earn a point.
    If you are killed, the briefcase can be picked up by another player.  The
    object is to hold the case as long as possible, therefore you need to keep 
    the move constantly.
    ---Capture the Case---
    Capture the Flag, Perfect Dark style.  Each color team has a case in a base
    somewhere on the map.  The goal is to infiltrate the enemy's base and steal
    their case.  Once you have their case, take it back to your base to earn a
    point and reset their case back to it's default position.  Note:  You cannot
    earn a point if they are in possession of your case at the time.
    ---Hacker Central---
    This is a unique method of Gameplay that proves to be a challenge, 
    in small arenas.  A computer terminal and a Data Uplink are placed in random
    spots around the map.  The object is to pick up the DU and hack into the
    terminal with it.  When you are hacking in, you are defenseless, and if you
    step away, the connection download is severed.  If you can stay connected
    without being killed, the download will finish and you will earn a point.
    Sound hard?  Damn straight it is.
    ---Pop A Cap---
    In my opinion, this is one of the most fun scenarios.  It's combat with a
    twist, where you alternate being an aggressor, and the victim.  One person 
    randomly chosen to be "The Victim," meaning that they are the hunted.  If 
    victim is killed, the killer will gain two points.  If the victim stays 
    for a set period of time, he will earn a point.
    Those are all of the scenarios.  To unlock them you must beat…
    Hold the Briefcase   2 Challenges
    Capture the Case     4 Challenges
    Hacker Central       6 Challenges
    Pop A Cap           12 Challenges
    *8. Challenges*
    So these are the Challenges.  You already heard that to unlock 98% of the
    stuff in the Combat Sim, you have to beat the Challenges.  What are the
    Challenges anyway?  They are a series of 30 challenges that test your skill
    to the max.  The first 10 or 15 are basically simple enough, but the last 10
    are ridiculously difficult to push your gameplaying ability to the max.  It
    seems that these were thrown in only as a sick, cruel joke by Rare, and they
    used the rewards to hang over your head.  Yes, fellow gamers, you must beat
    the challenges.  How?  Here are some strategies to use… Good Luck.
    ---Challenge One---
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Skedar
    Sims: ShockSim (Meat)
    Weapons: Falcon-2
             Sniper Rifle
             Dy357 Magnum
    Oh, come on!  Do you really need help?  This is easier than easy!  The 
    Shock Trooper will wander around getting stuck at walls, never pulling the
    trigger.  He'll run away from you, getting lost in the process.  If you 
    beat this, why are you reading this?  Close your internet browser, and try 
    sell your game.
    To Win: 4 Points
    Time: 5 min
    Difficulty: Give me a Break!
    ---Challenge (?) Two---
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Area 52
    Sims: ShockSim (Meat)
    Weapons: Combat Knife
             Falcon 2
             Rocket Launcher
    Yawn.  You should be able to beat this without picking up any weapons.  But
    what's the fun in that?  Especially with Rockets.  Find a gun (it doesn't
    matter which one!) and hunt down the little wuss.  If he finds a rocket,
    he'll just kill himself when he tries to get you.  *Snicker*
    To Win: 8 Points
    Time: 5 min
    Difficulty: What Difficulty?
    ---Challenge Three---
    Arena: Pipes
    Sims: TechSim (2 Meats)
    Weapons: MagSec 4
             Timed Mine
    Since you ARE in the Pipes, remember that the bottom of the level is a
    bottomless pit with crisscrossing pipes.  With that in mind, expect another
    cakewalk.  You're against two Sims now, so be careful!  Hehehe… Yeah Right!
    Plant a Timed Mine on one to create a messenger of death for your opponents.
    To Win: 8 Points
    Time: 5 min
    Difficulty: Still None…
    ---Challenge Four---
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Skedar
    Sims: CISim (Easy)
    Weapons: MagSec 4
             K7 Avenger
    Oh, God!  Pack your bags and run!  Not an EasySim!  Hahaha!  It's still an
    idiot, so chill.  It's easy.  Go to the hill and stay there.  Usually, you
    won't even see the EasySim unless it's in passing.  If it shoots, shoot 
    No sweat here.
    To Win: 4 Points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: Yawn… 0
    ---Challenge Five---
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Complex
    Sims: CassSim (Easy)
    Weapons: Cyclone
             Hand Grenade
             FarSight-XR 20
    Yawn!  Welcome back to the Complex for what may be the anti-challenge.  This
    is so simple, it's hilarious!  I don't think you need any help, but since
    this is a FAQ… Find the FarSight-XR20 and go into the main upstairs room.
    You know which one I mean.  The one with two sniper points and one ramp
    leading up to it.  That's where it is.  Hide there and pick off Cass with 
    FarSight.  Easy as pie.
    To Win: 10 Points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: None
    ---Challenge Six---
    Scenario: Hold The Briefcase
    Arena: Area 52
    Sims: 4 WorkSims (Meat)
    Weapons: CMP-150
             K7 Avenger
    Area 52 can be a little confusing for some beginners, but that won't be a
    problem.  You are practically invincible against these Meats, so just find
    the case.  Maybe, you'll need to remove the case from a MeatSim's cold, dead
    hands, but that shouldn't even pose a minor problem.  Find the case and keep
    mobile.  Enjoy the simplicity while you can.
    To Win: 6 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: Zip
    ---Challenge Seven---
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Warehouse
    Sims: JoSim (Easy)
    Weapons: Falcon 2
             MagSec 4
    Other: One-Hit Kills
    Since it's one hit kills, the Cyclone is the weapon to get.  It's especially
    effective if you can get double Cyclones to use.  Simply find the hill on
    radar and go there.  If she intervenes, blast her with the Cyclones.  Since
    she is stupid, though, watch out for her grenades.
    To Win: 5 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: ehhh… none
    ---Challenge Eight---
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Arena: Skedar
    Sims: SnipeSim (Easy)
    Weapons: MagSec 4
             K7 Avenger
    Okay, now.  You only need to get the enemy's case three times against an
    EASYSIM.  Get ready to run.  Sure, its easy, but the Sniper's base is across
    the map.  You can run much faster than him, so grab his case and return it 
    you base.  Then, wait until he arrives and blast him before you make another
    case run.
    To Win: 9 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: Zilch
    ---Challenge Nine---
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Ravine
    Sims: TrentSim (Normal)
    Weapons: Falcon 2
             Dy357 Magnum
             Timed Mine
             Laptop Gun
    Other: One Hit Kills
    NormalSim???  Don't sweat it; you're ready for this.  Grab the FarSight and
    find a nice hidey-hole to camp in.  Camp out, sniping out Trent before he
    knows what hit him.  Since you are facing a NormalSim, you might want to
    place a Laptop Gun as a last line of defense.  Other than that, it's a
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: ZeRo
    ---Challenge Ten---
    Scenario: Hacker Central
    Arena: Temple
    Sims: GuardSim (Easy)
    Weapons: CMP-150
             Remote Mine
    First, find the Data Uplink and gather a nice cache of weaponry.  Then, head
    to the CPU terminal.  If the Sim is nearby, wait until he arrives and blast
    him.  Immediately start downloading.  If you're lucky, you'll get finished
    with both before he returns.  Simple.
    To Win: 4 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: None
    ---Challenge 11---
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Complex
    Sims: BlondeSim (Normal)
    Weapons: MagSec 4
             K7 Avenger
    This could take awhile.  First of all, find an Avenger and a shield.  Second
    of all, find the hill on radar and head for there.  If you're lucky, you 
    have beaten Blonde to it, otherwise, you'll need to fight for it.  Take the
    hill, and watch your radar to guess on what entrance he'll come through.
    When he walks through, blast him.  This is a fairly difficult challenge, and
    the Sim will always have a shield.  Therefore, if you fight him without a
    shield, you will loose.  This is a cruel awakening from the simple 
    of 1-10.  Good Luck.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 5/10
    ---Challenge Twelve---
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Skedar
    Sims: JoSim (Hard)
    Weapons: Falcon 2
             Sniper Rifle
    Other: Slow Motion
    Well, now we're getting into the challenging ones.  This is your first
    encounter with a HardSim in the challenges, but you probably won't notice.
    After all, this challenge is in super slow motion.  Slow motion is a feature
    that you should take advantage of.  The JoSim will immediately go for the
    SuperDragon.  YOU CANNOT LET HER GET IT!  Why?  It's simple.  The guns are
    super slow in slow motion, but the SuperDragon's secondary grenade launcher
    knows no bounds.  Jo will launch those grenades at an alarming speed, 
    you to smithereens.  Instead, guard the SuperDragon in the large room with
    the pillars, and use the grenades on Jo when she tries to enter.  Not too
    To Win: 3 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 4/10
    ---Challenge Thirteen---
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: G5 Building
    Sims: CIASim (Normal)
    Weapons: Falcon 2
             Laptop Gun
             Hand Grenade
    Other: One Hit Kills
    This is not too hard, even against a NormalSim.  Since it is on one hit
    kills, the two guns to get are the Laptop Gun and the Reaper.  Find a nice
    little cubbyhole and plant a sentry turret.  Better yet, plant it on a nice
    over looking spot in the bridge room, and equip the Reaper.  The Laptop Gun
    will provide nice coverage while you use the Reaper to shred the Sim if he
    decides to get in your face.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 3 min
    ---Challenge Fourteen---
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Arena: Area 52
    Sims: GuardSim (Normal)
          TroopSim (Easy)
    Weapons: Cyclone
             K7 Avenger
             Cloaking Device
    Despite being against an Easy and a NormalSim, this can be semi tricky.  
    Because you are against TWO of them in a Capture the Case scenario.  That
    means that the jobs of hunting and guarding can be divided.  However, I do
    not find this remotely difficult.  Gather up a nice cache of weaponry on you
    way to the enemy base.  Cloaking is especially effective.  Breach the base,
    and beware of the NormalSim.  The NormalSim loves cloaking and the FarSight:
    a dangerous combo.  Grab the case and run.  If by remote chance that you 
    is taken, use the FarSight to kill the thief and return it to your base.  
    may notice that the Challenges are getting more difficult, but you ain't 
    nothing yet!
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 3/10
    ---Challenge Fifteen---
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase
    Arena: Grid
    Sims: LabSim1 (Normal)
          LabSim2 (Meat)
    Weapons: MagSec 4
    The Sims aren't the problem here.  The grenade launcher is the problem.  It
    is amazing of how accurate even the MeatSim is with grenades, and believe 
    grenades hurt.  Plus, the Sims will always have launchers.  So first thing,
    get your own launcher and a shield.  By now, they already have the case, so
    pry it from their cold dead fingers.  Once you have it, RUN!  If the Sims 
    you, a barrage of grenades will come your way, and at least one will 
    make contact.  Pay attention to radar, and try to stay out of their way.
    Don't be surprised if it takes you a few times to beat this, because the
    worst is yet to come.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 6/10
    ---Challenge Sixteen---
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Facility (Note: It is known as the Felicity in Perfect Dark)
    Sims: BioSim (Perfect)
    Weapons: Falcon 2
             K7 Avenger
             Proximity Mine
    Other: No Radar
    My, oh, my what a long way we have come.  We went from fighting the lowest
    MeatSim to the mighty PerfectSim.  Except now, not even flawless skill will
    make this easy for you.  That's right, you gotta play dirty.  Get down and
    dirty with the dirtiest weapons in the game: the Proxy Mines.  Plant 
    in one of the rooms with Proxy Mines (Bathroom, or the gas tank room) and
    block off the exits with them.  I prefer the gas tank room, because you can
    see them coming.  If you use the tank room, place a mine on the door, and 
    on the starting location on the staircase.  If the Sim tries to come through
    the door, he'll have a nice surprise.  The mine on the staircase is 
    for if he spawns up there.  The only challenging part is getting to the room
    safely.  If you choose the bathroom, put mines on the door and by the vent.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 3/10
    ---Challenge Seventeen---
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Temple
    Sims: DanSim (Perfect)
    Weapons: Dy357 Magnum
    Do you miss the first 10 challenges yet?  This one will make you spasm with
    anger.  Dan Carrington is unbelievably skilled with any weapon that he can
    get his pudgy little hands on, including the Reaper, even though the Reaper
    is the most inaccurate weapon in the game.  Anyway, since this is King of 
    Hill, you are supposed to get the hill.  Unfortunately, that's easier said
    than done.  He will almost always get the hill first, so use this time to
    find a Slayer.  You will almost undoubtedly loose against him in a direct
    fight, especially if he has the Reaper, so don't confront him.  Wait until 
    has the hill, and launch a Guided missile into the hill, detonating it in 
    face.  Then, the hill is yours.  Repeat this over and over, and you'll win.
    Maybe I made it sound too easy, but this is not a walk in the park.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 6/10
    ---Challenge Eighteen---
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Villa
    Sims: ElvisSim (Perfect)
          MaianSim (Normal?)
    Weapons: Falcon 2
             Laptop Gun
             Cloaking Device
    This is in my opinion, one of the most difficult challenges.  This took me
    SEVERAL tries to perfect my strategy, and it was still difficult.  Be aware,
    that the little stupid aliens will always have a Laptop Gun and
    Shield/Cloaking device, so beware.  The best way to beat this is to
    immediately grab a cloaking device, shield, Tranquilizer, and Laptop Gun.
    Then, charge the little stupid PerfectSim, pumping the piece of crap full
    of sedatives.  Drugged, the PerfectSim should be out of your way for a few
    minutes.  Use this time to find the hill and gain a substantial lead.  The
    best strategy if you are unable to continuously sedate the Sims is to plant 
    sentry turret whenever you take the hill.  They should be held back long
    enough for you to gain a point.  Then, pick up the sentry turret and move
    along.  Continue doing this, and you'll probably still need to try again.
    Good luck, this could take awhile.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 7/10
    ---Challenge Nineteen---
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: G5 Building
    Sims: CassSim (Hard)
          TrentSim (Normal?)
    Weapons: CMP-150
             Rocket Launcher
             Combat Boost
    This challenge is reasonably challenging, but nothing you can't probably
    handle.  The Sims are especially dangerous with Rockets and the FarSight, 
    will take kamikaze runs at you, killing you and themselves in the process.
    With the FarSight, they will take you down in one hit, and the Rockets are
    dangerous too.  My advice is to find the FarSight, and a nice hidey-hole and
    camp out, picking off the Sims from a distance.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 points
    Difficulty: 4/10
    ---Challenge Twenty---
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Sewers
    Sims: PilotSim (Hard)
    Friendly Sims: AirSim (Normal)
    Weapons: Mauler
             Falcon 2
             Dy357 Magnum
    Other: One Hit Kills
    First of all, realize that your Sim won't fight worth jack, so you need to
    take her under your protective wing.  You'd think that two on one would be 
    your advantage, but that's one of your weaknesses in this challenge.  The
    HardSim will massacre your teammate in a heartbeat, so letting her out of
    your sight is a fatal mistake that you can't afford to make.  Therefore,
    command her to follow you.  Since it is on One Hit Kills, speed is better
    than accuracy, so get the MagSec 4 for you and your friend.  Shields are
    necessary also, so find one for you and your useless partner.  Find a little
    alcove for you and you partner to camp out in, and fire the instant the POS
    HardSim comes through the door.  The 3 round burst is especially useful,
    because it will kill him even through the shield.  This challenge is
    difficult and time consuming, so be forewarned.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 6/10
    ---Challenge Twenty-One---
    Scenario: Hacker Central
    Arena: Grid
    Sims: JoSim (Hard)
    Weapons: Mauler
             Callisto NTG
             Cloaking Device
    Challenge 21 is all about the cloaking device.  Once you have that, prepare
    for smooth sailing.  Actually, you need a LOT of cloaking devices.  Get the
    cloaking device in the pinkish hallway below the glass cubicle and get it
    every time it respawns.  Forget about Jo, and load up on cloaking devices.
    Hunt your way to the Data Uplink, and find the terminal.  With both of these
    in hand, avoid Jo on your way to the terminal.  When you arrive, cloak while
    you download the files, undetected.  You may need to get more cloaking
    devices between downloads, but you should beat this in a snap as long as you
    can hide from Jo for long enough.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 5/10
    ---Challenge Twenty-Two---
    Scenario: Hold the Briefcase
    Arena: Base
    Sims: PressSim (Perfect)
          GuardSim (Hard)
    Weapons: Falcon 2
             Sniper Rifle
             K7 Avenger
    Other: One Hit Kills
    Mentioning this challenge is usually followed by a mournful silence in my
    deathmatching group.  Why?  Because I am the only one that has beaten it.
    The Sims will bury even the most skilled players with a fury of bullets from
    the K7.  This is especially dangerous on One Hit Kills.  I have yet to come
    up with a perfected strategy, and it better be your lucky day.  Here are 
    1.Have a shield!  It will make you twice as strong, and twice as difficult 
    2. Remember, this is a PerfectSim.  It won't mess around.  Try to sabotage
    the case holder, and run like the wind!  Find a nice camping spot and hide
    there.  The Sims will know where you are, but hold them off with the 
    As I said before, this better be your lucky day.  Sorry that I couldn't be
    more of a help.  If you want a better strategy, try marshmallow's Challenge
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 10/10
    ---Challenge Twenty-Three---
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Complex
    Sims: CloneSim (Hard)
          StripeSim (Hard)
    Weapons: MagSec 4
             Laptop Gun
             Combat Boost
    Other: Slow Motion
    This is a nice refreshment from the horror that you just got through, and 
    hell yet to come.  This is amazingly easy for a challenge in the 23rd spot,
    but believe it.  Simply find the RC-P120 (Ya gotta love it!) and cloak until
    you get right into the little sucker's faces.  Shoot em both in the head, 
    the match is over. Game. Set. Match.
    To Win: 2 points
    Time: 10 min (A little excessive, especially on slow mo)
    Difficulty: 1/10
    ---Challenge Twenty-Four---
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Arena: Fortress
    Sims: GuardSim1 (Easy)
          GuardSim2 (Easy)
          AirSim1 (Easy)
          AirSim2 (Easy)
    Weapons: CMP-150
             Dy357-LX (Golden Mag.)
    This challenge is more fun than it is work.  Its just you against a legion 
    EasySims in one of the coolest levels in the game.  Have fun!  Get your 
    on double Golden Mags for the ultimate edge in the game.  The Mags can kill
    anybody that's unshielded with one hit, and there are no shields in this
    challenge!  The only thing to watch out for is the devastatingly accurate
    Devastator shots that will plague you throughout the game.  Other than that,
    you can blast through the Sims with relative ease.
    To Win: 9 points
    Time: (><) infinite
    Difficulty: 3/10
    ---Challenge Twenty-Five---
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: Ravine
    Sims: ShockSim1 (Perfect)
          ShockSim2 (Hard)
    Weapons: Mauler
             K7 Avenger
             Cloaking Device
    So, Mr.ShockSim is back for more, eh?  And just because he's a PerfectSim 
    doesn't mean that this will be hard.  Even though he brought along a little
    friend, you'll still end up cracking up while they go through the throes of
    death.  How?  FarSight and Cloaking, baby!  I don't think I need to say 
    but remember that you can't find cloakers with the Target Locator, so hide
    the Cloaking Devices.  Hehehehe…
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: Well… I'll give it a 1/10
    ---Challenge Twenty-Six---
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Ruins
    Sims: TechSim1 (Perfect)
          TechSim2 (Hard)
    Weapons: Falcon 2
             Laptop Gun
    Wake up!  After those previous cakewalks, you might of thought that the
    difficulty was easing up.  Think again.  Those last few battles only
    succeeded in lulling your aggressiveness, and it might have worked.  In this
    Ruins-based challenge, you are required to know every aspect of this level.
    The Ruins level is confusing, and very easy to get lost in, so that only 
    to the difficulty.  The only guns worth jack are the double maulers, laptop
    gun, and maybe double Cyclones.  If you know the layout of this level, the
    difficulty goes down substantially, but not enough to make it easy.  You're
    in the big numbers now.  Expect challenges twice as bad.  Anyway, if you 
    the hill, plant your sentry turret, pull out your double Maulers and pray.
    The charged up shots will kill with one hit, so that gives you an edge.
    Practice and you will have a chance.  This is the time to hone in on your
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 8/10
    ---Challenge Twenty-Seven---
    Scenario:  Hacker Central
    Arena: Sewers
    Sims: CIASim (Perfect)
    Weapons: Falcon 2
             MagSec 4
             Rocket Launcher
    In my opinion, Hacker Central is enough stress, but the PerfectSim just 
    it worse.  Take it from me: PerfectSim and Rockets are not a good 
    for you.  As soon as the Sim sets eyes on you, he'll pound your helpless 
    with several rockets.  If this piece of crap finds you downloading, you 
    as well put down your controller, because you're dead.  However.  If the
    terminal is at the very top of the level, you are in luck.  It will take the
    Sim a much longer time to reach you, and will sometimes kill himself trying
    to get you.  If the terminal is elsewhere, expect a real brawl.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 8/10
    ---Challenge Twenty-Eight---
    Scenario: Capture the Case
    Arena: Villa
    Sims: GuardSim1 (Dark)
          GuardSim2 (Dark)
    Weapons: Falcon 2
             Falcon 2 (Silenced)
             Dy357 Magnum
    You're kidding, right?  Two…Dark…Sims?  Good, Lord, I hope you've been
    practicing, cuz otherwise you will get the crap knocked out of you.  Know
    this, the DarkSims will NOT miss, so you better stand clear.  The only gun
    worth jack is the AR-34, so you better get it soon.  It will be 99%
    impossible to take these guys head on, so you need to be sneaky about it.
    Unfortunately, the DarkSims will always know where you are.  This means, run
    like the wind!  Get into the Sims' base, firing your AR-34 for all that its
    worth, grab the case and get outta there!  If you're lucky, you'll
    get it back for a point.  That's right, boys and girls, luck.  You need to 
    lucky.  Good luck.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 10/10
    ---Challenge Twenty-Nine---
    Scenario: Combat
    Arena: G5 Building
    Sims: WorkSim1 (Dark)
          WorkSim2 (Dark)
    Weapons: Falcon 2
             Dy357 Magnum
    *Sob* Get ready to die.  This stupid thing will slowly drive you insane by
    the 50th time you try it.  It will probably take you longer.
    Basically, you don't have a chance fighting like a man, so it's time to 
    like a wuss.  That's right, camping.  But where?  The DarkSims have 99.999%
    accuracy, so your body will get riddled with bullets the second that the 
    see you.  So…
    First, I gotta credit Marshmallow for this trick, because this little glitch
    saved me, and helped me beat it.
    Second, make your character a Maian with a human head.  You'll be short, and
    the safest you can be.  Second, find the little foxhole on the bottom floor.
    It is quite deep, so if you are "the freak," and you crouch all of the way
    down, pushing into the upper left corner, the Sims will NOT hit you!  But 
    MUST be in the upper left corner.  When the Sims come, blast them,
    and they'll drop a payload of weapons into the foxhole.  Just repeat over 
    over, and you're on to challenge 30.  On the other hand, maybe you just want
    to give up now.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 8/10
    ---Challenge 30---
    Scenario: King of the Hill
    Arena: Skedar
    SimEnemies: BlondeSim (Dark)
                CassSim (Dark)
    SimAlly: JoSim (Normal)
    Weapons: Falcon 2
             Falcon 2 (scope)
             MagSec 4
             Dy357 Magnum
    HAHAHAHAHAHA!  So you've come this far!  HAHAHA!  Get ready for a rude
    awakening!  You need to realize that your NormalSim is USELESS.  The only
    advantage for having her is that you'll get an extra point if she's on the
    hill.  Other than that, she'll only draw fire.  If the Sims get the hill
    first, let them have it, cuz there's no way you'll get it from them.  Once
    they score, get Jo to follow you and run to the new hill.  You better have
    double maulers, cuz anything else is suicide.  Actually, even double Maulers
    are suicide.  The Sims will not be far behind, so find a good spot to hide 
    the hill, and fire before you even see the whites of their eyes.  The
    DarkSims are superfast strafers, so you need to be on the top of your game.
    Even experts will be stuck on this POS for weeks, maybe.  Practice, and try
    to find and exploit any weakness you find.  Good luck.
    To Win: 10 points
    Time: 10 min
    Difficulty: 11/10
    So there you have it, the Challenges guide.  The Challenges are extremely
    difficult, so don't expect for them to be a breeze.  The guide was the
    strategies that worked for me, but if they don't work for you, you might 
    to check out Marshmallow's Challenges Guide.
    ***The Super Cheap Trick***
    So, you've tried your hardest, and you still can't beat that stupid
    challenge!  You're at your wits end, and are about to go insane.  Well, this
    is for you less honorable players, who don't mind the lack of respect for
    cheating.  Yes, there is a cheat/glitch to beat the challenges.  How?
    More honorable players may want to skip this part…
    Notes: You need two players for this to work.
    First, create a scenario that is easy to beat (ex. Vs. one MeatSim in the
    Temple) and save it.  It's better if the time and kill limits are low, or
    Second, go to load scenario, and highlight the one you want, but DON'T 
    it yet!
    Have player two join in, and have him select the challenge that you want to
    beat.  Make sure that he keeps pressing "A" until his screen says "And
    Then, have player one load the scenario, and start the game.
    Viola!  The "Challenge" will begin, with the settings of your scenario!
    Simple beat the "Challenge," and your stats will say that you beat it!  How
    ***Unlocking Stuff***
    ---Unlocking Preset Games---
    Hold the Briefcase- 2 Challenges
    Pistol One-Hit Kills- 3 Challenges
    Capture the Case- 4 Challenges
    Tranquilizer- 7 Challenges
    Slow Motion- 8 Challenges
    Temple Explosives- 11 Challenges
    Slayer- 13 Challenges
    Cloaking- 16 Challenges
    ---Unlocking Scenarios---
    Hold the Briefcase- 2 Challenges
    Capture the Case- 4 Challenges
    Hacker Central- 6 Challenges
    Pop a Cap- 12 Challenges
    ---Unlocking Arenas---
    Complex- 1 Challenge
    Warehouse- 3 Challenges
    Ravine- 5 Challenges
    Temple- 6 Challenges
    G5 Building- 9 Challenges
    Grid- 11 Challenges
    Facility- 12 Challenges
    Villa- 14 Challenges
    Sewers- 16 Challenges
    Car Park- 17 Challenges
    Base- 18 Challenges
    Fortress- 20 Challenges
    Ruins- 22 Challenges
    ---Unlocking Weapons---
    FarSight- 1
    Grenade- 1
    Shotgun- 2
    Falcon 2 (Silenced)- 3
    SuperDragon- 4
    Laptop Gun- 5
    Remote Mine- 6
    Tranquilizer- 7
    Falcon 2 (Scope)- 8
    Reaper- 9
    Cloaking Device- 10
    Devastator- 11
    Proximity Mine- 12
    Slayer- 13
    Phoenix- 14
    Combat Boost- 15
    Mauler- 16
    Callisto NTG- 17
    Crossbow- 18
    RC-P120- 19
    DY357-LX- 20
    N-Bomb- 21
    Laser- 22
    X-Ray Scanner- 23
    *9. Surveying the Damage (Post-Battle)*
    So, you've finished your battle.  How did you do?  Sure, it can be that easy
    to find out what place you came in, but after the battle is over, and the
    smoke clears, where do you really stand?  You can see all of the statistics
    of the match, including point totals, number of deaths, and much more.
    ---Game Statistics, etc.---
    Most of the menus contain overall, and specific totals of the match, such as
    how many times you killed a certain player, and how many times that player
    killed you.  There are tons of pages of information here.
    ---Game Over (Personal Stats.)---
    Here is the coolest part of the Post-Battle stats menu.  On this menu, you
    can find out the weapon of choice (the one you used the most), what place 
    came in, and your awards.  The awards were an interesting aspect of
    GoldenEye, where everyone was designated awards, judging on their fighting
    style from the match.  They were carried over to PD too, so here's a list of
    the awards that you can win.
    Most Shielded- You had a shield through most of the match
    Least Shielded- You had barely or no armor through the match
    Marksmanship Award- You were the most accurate player
    Who Needs Ammo?- You carried little ammo through the round
    Double Kill- You killed two people simultaneously
    Triple Kill- You killed three people simultaneously
    Quad Kill- You killed four people simultaneously
    Most Dishonorable- You shot a lot of people from behind, and laid traps.  
    also shot unarmed people
    Most Honorable- You were an honorable warrior, only fighting people face-to-
    face, and fighting out to the death
    Most Professional- Like a PerfectSim, you didn't mess around.  You went for
    the headshots, dealt a lot of damage, and were difficult to hit.
    Most Deadly- You did the most damage, and killed the most people
    Shortest Life- You died a lot, and when you were alive, you weren't alive 
    Longest Life- You didn't die much, and when you were alive, you were alive
    for a long period of time
    Most Ammo(?)- You carried a lot of ammo during the round
    Ac-10 Award- You were very difficult to hit during the match
    Most Harmless- You did very little damage, and was basically the worst
    overall fighter
    Most Cowardly- CAMPER!  You stayed out of most firefights, picking of people
    from a distance.  Basically, you fought like a wuss.
    *Tallied Awards*
    Certain Awards are counted as a medal, and your statistics track them for
    you.  These medals are kept track of by 4 stars.
    Green Star- Accuracy Award
    Yellow Star- Head Shot Award
    Red Star- KillMaster Award
    Blue Star- Survivor Award
    ---Your Ranking---
    Once you win enough Medals, your ranking goes up a level.  There are 21
    rankings, and they are listed earlier in the FAQ.
    *10. War Stories*
    Once you've been playing Perfect Dark for a while, you probably have played 
    few matches that really stick with you.  Whether you came back from a
    devastating point deficit, or there was a game that really cracked you up,
    this is the place to share your stories!  I hope to one day open a forum for
    this on my website, but that could take a while, so here we go.  Submit your
    War Story to ZeroX2004@hotmail.com and it will be posted.  I will start off
    with one story, and start sending yours in.  You don't need to be an author
    to express yourself, so send in today!
    "Messenger of Death"
    An amusing story of a lucky win from a minor deficit.
    Author: ZeRo
       Not too long ago, I was playing with my brother and my friend Ryan Strom
    in the Grid.  There were two MeatSims in the mix, and Timed Mines in every
    slot.  You should know that Ryan is really good with Timed Mines, and I was
    down by 2 points with less than a minute left in the game.  I was in the
    large foyer with a MeatSim, while my brother and Ryan were in the other 
    duking it out.  The MeatSim took off down the hallway to the foyer that my
    brother and friend were in, so I knew that I needed to act fast.  The stupid
    Sim was running a few "game feet" in front of me, and I planted a mine right
    on its back.  The Sim, unaware of its imminent death, the MeatSim ran right
    towards my brother and friend, carrying its payload.  My brother and friend
    cried out as the MeatSim stumbled in, detonating a gigantic explosion, due 
    all of the other undetonated mines lying on the floor.  The explosion filled
    the entire chamber as the time ran out.  Of course, I won by one kill, but I
    was too busy cracking up to care."
    "War is Hell"
    A story of a total and complete massacre.
    Author: ZeRo
    "I was playing the "War" scenario, and I was leading the Bad Guy army 
    against my brother who was
    leading the Good Guys, in the Temple   My army had set up a nice 
    fortification up top.
    I planted a Sentry Turret near the center of the upper room, and my troops 
    were covering
    different spots around the area.  We were up 97-94, so as long as we stayed 
    safe and held back
    my brother for the final minute, victory would be ours.  Out of the center 
    of the floor, a
    sentry gun flew through the opening, and landed next to me.  It went beserk, 
    spewing bullets
    across the room, slaying my troops.  Then, my brother made his move, coming 
    up through the far
    door, Avengers blazing.  I was defeated, so I commanded my troops to 
    "Protect" as I attempted
    my escape.  Unfortunately, my brother had placed a Dragon proximity mine 
    nearby, and it detonated,
    killing me and the remainder of my army.  Yes, my evil army had fallen to 
    the tyranny of my
    brother.  But defeat was bitter, and I defeated him in the next game.  So, 
    to anyone who has not
    tried my "War" scenario, I reccomend that you do so.  Trust me, you'll be 
    The following two War Stories are sent in by someone named "Agent Zer0."  
    "Agent Zer0" is NOT
    "Dark Devices"
    A story of what sounds like what would be hell, and a lucky win.
    Author: Agent Zer0 (Spunky9876@aol.com)
    "A few days ago, I was playing a game with 6 MeatSims and 2 DarkSims.  3 
    Meat Sims and 1
    DarkSim were on each team against me and my brother."  We had One-Hit Kills, 
    Hurricane Fists,
    Unlimited Ammo (No Reloads), Unlimited Ammo Sentry Gun, and Cloaking Device 
    were the cheats
    that were on.  In the beginning me and my brother each started out with a 
    cloaking device with
    unlimited time.  As soon as we died, the computer would take the device from 
    our rotting
    bodies.  So when we got re-born, we didn't know who had the cloaking device. 
    Eventually, we
    found out (the hard way) that each of the DarkSims had the cloaking on.  
     >From there on the game
    was living hell.  Luckily, we won."
    "Grid Rockets"
    A Cool Storyy with a neat idea for a minigame.
    Author: Agent Zer0 (Spunky9876@aol.com)
    "This game happened a long time ago.  The level was the Grid.  Perfect 
    Darkness was on.  8
    MeatSims (these guys are fun).  All Rocket Launchers.  No teams.  As you 
    probably know, with
    the cheat Perfect Darkness, each person starts with one Night Vision thing, 
    and the entire
    level is completely dark.  The first time you die, you are gonna hope that 
    no one took the
    night vision.  When you get re-born, you don't know where you are, and you 
    can only pray that
    you find a Rocket Launcher so you can fire it and see where you are.  Thats 
    the only good
    thing.  Whenever an explosion happens, the whole room is lit up for about 
    half a second.  It
    soon will get very hard.  You'll think the MeatSims are actually DarkSims, 
    because they can see
    in the dark.  Suicides will happen alot, especially to you.  This was so 
    scary that I never had
    the guts to play it again."
    "(No Title)"
    Author: AggroSk8er (AggroSk8er810@aol.com)
    "My friends (2 of them) were playing Capture the Case against 6 HardSims.  
    Somehow they got a huge
    lead after taking our case and getting the most powerful weapons (mind you 
    that kills score was
    on).  We were down by about 12 points with 3 minutes left.  My friend 
    finally found a
    SuperDragon and elected to guard the case.  He got about 3 kills while me 
    and my other
    friend were on our way to the case.  We picked off the Sims guarding the 
    case for a point,
    killed 2 on our way back, my guarding friend got a kill and we captured the 
    case, putting up a
    mear 5 behind but with a minute left.  After killing another Sim, we 
    disarmed a Laptop Gun and
    a K7 Avenger from him.  We had about 45 seconds left so we just ran to their 
    case, firing a few
    bullets at oncoming Sims.  I got the case and ran back with my friend 
    protecting me, he got
    1 kill and died.  We were down by 4 with somewhere around 30 seconds.  I got 
    a kill to put us
    down by three.  I captured the case for a tie, and we picked off the last 
    Sim that was trying
    for our case to get the win.  Pure luck, I think not.  Ok...I do think so, 
    but it takes talent
    to do such a thing."
    "(No Title)" *New*
    A cool new minigame idea.
    Author: Pure Canadian Kid (mr_x3001@hotmail.com)
    "I felt like slaughtering a bunch of pansy @$$ normal sims so I made 8 sims 
    on a FFA game in
    the Fortress.  The gun that starts just past the sliding doors on the bottom 
    level was a
    Tranquilizer.  I had a bunch of kick @$$ guns, but instead I took the puny 
    Tranquilizer.  I
    opened the sliding door and stupid sim was there, so I filled him up with 
    drugs and watched
    him walk off the edge.  I kept on doing it for the whole game (while I was 
    laughing my
    @$$ off at the suicidal sims).  The score came to something like -15 to 1 (I 
    killed one with
    a Dragon or something).  In other words, if you're bored pump some sims with 
    stuff and watch.  This also works on the G5 Building pretty well."
    As I said before, send in your stories to ZeroX2004@hotmail.com for them to
    be posted.
    *11. My Own Scenarios*
    This is a section for scenarios that I have come up with.  If you want to 
    send in yours,
    then I will post them, but don't take credit for anyone else's ideas, okay?
    Author: ZeRo
    In this scenario, it is all out anarchy!  There must be eight sims, 
    preferrably Normal or Hard
    sims.  It works best with two human players.  Split the Sims into two teams, 
    with the human
    players split evenly between the two.  One team is the "Good Guys" (Jo, 
    Carrington, Jonathon,
    etc.) and the other team is the "Bad Guys" (Trent, Cass, Blonde, etc.).  I 
    prefer using Trent,
    Cass, Blonde, Presidential Clone, and an NSA Bodyguard for the Bad Guys, and 
    Jo, Velvet,
    Jonathon, Carrington, and Elvis for the Good Guys.  Pick any weapons you 
    want, but be sure to
    include the K7 Avenger and Laptop Gun.  The level is your pick, but the most 
    fun to me is the
    Temple.  The limits are your choice, but dont put on score limits, and give 
    it a LOT of time.
    Feel free to experiment with commanding your army.
       Alternately, have Jo on the Good Guys and Trent on the Bad Guys command 
    an army of CI
    Soldiers and G5 Swat Gaurds.  The possibilites are endless.
    *12. Conclusion/Misc.*
    Well, it took forever, but Version 1.4 is finally finished!  I love
    submissions, so send em to me!  I especially hope that my War Stories 
    will grow in size, so please send them in!  You will be given full credit 
    anything you send in, so don't worry!  Look for my Turok 3 FAQ in
    approximately a month.  Happy Hunting!
    -ZeRo 8/11/200
    -Thanks to Marshmallow for writing that challenges guide.  It really helped
    me beat the challenges.
    -Thanks to GameFAQs for posting my FAQs
    -Thanks to Rare for making such a cool game.  If you read this (I doubt it)
    please explain the logic behind "Felicity."
    -Thanks to everyone who reads this, whether they like it or not, because its
    because of you that I do this.
    This entire FAQ is Copyright © 2000 by ZeRo
    This FAQ is intended for private use only, and may only be placed on your
    site if you email me for permission.  Feel free to print it out for your own
    individual use.  The FAQ may not be placed in magazines, books, or Player's
    Guides.  I will not stand for plagiary.
    This FAQ can be found on the following sites...
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Cheater's Guild (www.cheaters-guild.com)
    Games Domain (www.gamesdomain.co.uk)
    GameAdvice.com (www.gameadvice.com)
    Ground Zero (www.geocities.com/adamski316/groundzero.html) <---My site
    Perfect Dark© is Copyright Rare
    Above all, many people today feel that violence in videogames is 
    to violence in the world.  I feel that that's garbage, so lets prove them
    wrong.  Don't be stupid.
    "Life is short, so get up off your knees!"
    -Dying Fetus
       /ero   Z3RO666@hotmail.com

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