Review by Sour

Reviewed: 02/26/10

A Gateway for First Person Shooters

Wow what a door Perfect Dark has opened up for First Person Shooters! So lets start with the campaign, and then get to the real meat in this game.

At times within the campaign the terrain or buildings graphics were choppy, and kinda blended. But what can you expect for this type of console? The aliens in this game had very little vocal lines, and more so "noises" that were made which could have been dubbed up to at least offer sub titles, but it's more so just to show the interaction between the aliens and yourself. The other "humans" in the game walk very funny, very stiff like - and don't really interact very often. Probably the only downside is that the lips and voices for talking were extremely off and can be irritating after a while. But as I said before, this game was created back before we got spoiled with great graphics and voice overs.

The Campaign for Perfect Dark was fun, and entertaining however the biggest part of the game I see is the offline multi-player or the co-op abilities. Two players can play mini-challenges for up to 5 stars (depending on how fast it was completed, and the difficulty it was completed on) - for over 25 challenges which help in the massive replay value this game offers. That's just one of the great multi-player abilities this game offers. The other is a Combat Simulator you can use (with up to four people) against each other, or against "Sims" which are computer enhanced and used bots.

The "Sims" or bots offered in the Combat Simulator portion of Perfect Dark are awesome to use and provide a great amount of replay value. Some of the bots include the normal Easy, Normal, and Hard Sims - but they also provide "special" Sims such as "Perfect Sim" which is like a Hard Sim but extremely intelligent, "Revenge Sim" which goes after the last person who killed him, "Fist Sim" which only collects weapons and doesn't use them - and many more great Sims to use in your battles.

All in all this game is highly recommended. The campaign can be hard to follow, but if the co-op and the Combat Simulator are worth the purchase alone. You can easily spend dozens of hours in both modes without getting bored or tired of this game. I can't wait for this game is updated for a new console. This is a must buy!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Perfect Dark (US, 05/22/00)

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