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"Perfect dark is a really awsome game!"

This game is one of the best gun games. If you liked GoldenEye007 you most-likely love this game. This game has fun challenges and and fun levels. You can play multi-player on the challenges and you can play 2-player on the levels. They also have this thing were you can be the bad guy and player two(or player one) can be the good guy and you just try and beat the level while player two(or player one) tries to help the other bad guys kill you!This game is pretty easy at the start. Just like all games it does get harder after each level. The levels are pretty easy except for the last one(in my opinion).The challenges are easy at first. You know the pretty simple stuff like just regular combat.When you get advanced in the challenges it gets really hard. There is a slow motion challenge where you are really slow and it takes you forever to die.I won't talk any more about the challenges so I don't spoil it for you all.The controls are pretty easy actually. The ''C buttons'' are used to ''Striff''(which means to move left or right real fast) and it look up and down. The joystick is to move around(like most games).The ''R button'' is used to aim the gun. The ''Z button'' is the one you press to shoot your gun! The ''A button'' is used to switch or bring out your gun. And finally the ''B button'' is used to reload your gun, and also change the mode that your gun is set on.The guns will automatically reload their self when there is no bullets in the barrel(in side the gun) but, it is handy to just press ''B'' after you get done shooting someone so that you will always have a lot of bullets to kill the SIMS(the bad guys). If you are like me, I want to read the back of the box before i buy the game. Well now you don't have to go to the store to read the back of the box because i am going to tell you what it says:
''Step into the dark...
As carington Institute's most promising new agent, Joanna Dark must uncover the truth behind the dataDyne corporation's recent technological breakthrough-- breakthroughs which could have serious consequences for mankind!
Over 40 advanced weapons! Shoot through wall, guide rockets by remote and cloak yourself to slip by unnoticed.

Highly intelligent simulants! Command computer-controlled teammates to attack, follow, protect and more!

Innovative counter-Op mode! Play as joanna while a friend takes controll of various enemys!''
and also this game works with a expansion pak. If you don't have an expansion pak you can only have 35% of the games features!

I would give the story a 10/10. The story is about a girl named joanna that works for a secret agenincy and the DataDyne(the bad guys) are trying to destroy the Carrington institute(the place joanna works at). You have to defeat the Datadyne people before they destroy the carrington institute.You also have to fight some aleins.

For the graphics I give it a 8/10. The graphics aren't the best feature on this awsome game. They could improve it by making their mouths move a little bit when they talk. And when you are playing multiplayer they could make the people look a bit better also.For the music i give it a 10/10. You can hear what the people say good and the music to the levels are awsome!! And the guns sound good too:)

For Replayability I give it a 10/10. After you beat this game there is really no end to the fun! This game is worth playing over again. Especially the levels. This game is too fun to quit!

This game is worth every cent. But if you are like me and always want to play the game first then go ahead and rent it. But I am just telling you that it is worth $50! I hope this Review helped you decide if you are going to buy this game or not!:)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/03/01, Updated 07/09/03

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