Review by Kajtek

"No point whatsoever!"

Um... what's the point of this game?!? Well, you fly around like a maniac, and then crash with some stupid screaming sound (I think that that's what it is). No, wait - you don't even crash! You just bounce around 'till the end of time. I have no idea whatsoever what to make out of this game, especially since I got it without an instruction manual. What's going on here?!?

Anyway, here is how I see the ratings:


There is none, like I said before. You just fly and die. Actually, it would be cool to see a guy's body in bits, but you don't! You just see their head stuck inside something. WHAT'S THE POINT?


Every object in the game has just one color. There is no grass. It's just a set of green boxes. And the forests? They're just greenish cubes. Why, the guys in the game don't even have faces, for crying out loud. I'm sorry, if I named all of the things that are wrong here, it'd take forever.


Finally, this game gets at least a one. The sound is really out of whack, but not as much as all of the other categories. It has at least some wind blowing, which got it a 1. Other than that, I'd rather listen in on somebody taking a leak.


We're back to the zeroes again. You have almost no control in where you go. You'll probably get to the place that you want quicker to by just standing there and letting the wind blow you to wherever you want to go. And the cannonball thing? That's just total insanity! You just press a button and the game does the rest.


I got bored in about 2.1754 seconds (I timed it). The game never changes one bit from the time you start playing it. There's just ten levels, which can be beaten in a matter of minutes. That's all. There's nothing beyond that, making this the worst game if you want to have fun for more than a few measly seconds.


If you start thinking about getting this game, you know you're going insane. KILL YOURSELF. There isn't any worse fate than playing this game. I wouldn't play the game if someone payed me a million dollars, so why should you? Save yourself by following my advice - DON'T PLAY THIS GAME!


I'd want to give it a zero, but I can't. Sorry, but the sound is the only thing that I can say even closely deserves to have a rating higher than the big goose egg.


Stick it in a safe full of radioactive explosives, submerge the whole thing in corrosive acid, then detonate.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 01/21/01, Updated 01/21/01

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