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"A very fun and challenging 'Flying Experience'"

Pilotwings...just the name gives me bad memories of a game by that name on the Super Nintendo. Sure, a lot of people liked it, but I was one of the people who didn't see very much in it. Why? The graphics were terrible (even for the SNES/Genesis age) and the gameplay was boring. Finally though, in comes PilotWings 64. Being a little bit skeptical, I decided to try it out, disregarding my past with the other game of this name.


Wow. For a first generation, launch N64 game, that graphics are GREAT! Sure, by today's standards they're crap, but if you rewind back in the day...Pilotwings 64 has amazing graphics. Smoke effects, some night lighting and great textures make this one game that should not be missed if you want to see what the N64 was capable of before it really even got started.
All the animations are fluid and everything looks different and unique from each other.

Graphics Score - 17/20
+Great graphics for a first generation N64 game
+Everything looks to unique and beautiful


Pilotwings 64 certainly doesn't skimp out on the gameplay factor either. The missions are varied between flying through rings, langing on platforms, taking pictures and a whole slew of others. The gameplay is so varied that almost every level seems different from the next.
There are also many different 'vehicles' to fly, such as a Gyrocopter or a Hang-Glider. Each vehicle handles differently and is entirely unique! The gameplay is fun, challenging and can get a bit frustrating at times, but it's all fun!

Gameplay Score - 25/30
+Very varied missions
+Unique and different vehicles to take to the skies!
+Challenging Gameplay
-Can get very frustrating at times


Hmmm...the control in Pilotwings 64 is the first thing that really starts to go wrong. Most of the time it seems to be very sluggish and non-responsive, especially in the Hang Glider. Sometimes you won't be able to do much very fast and it can get extremely frustrating. This is one area that could have used a LOT more polish.

Control Score - 10/20
-Very Sluggish controls
-Non-responsive Controls


I never rate sound as much in games, as, I never really notice it. Pilotwings 64 seems to fit that description fairly well, the sound is there, that's about it. There is some nice environmental sound, like the WHOOSH of wind, but other than that, not much. The music tracks that play are VERY annoying and will grate into your head every second that you play. Where's the mute button on the remote?

Sound Score - 5/10
+Good Environmental sounds
-TERRIBLE music track


Ah, you will be playing Pilotwings 64 for a long time! First, you have to beat all the stages, which will take quite a while, as the later ones can get pretty difficult, and after that you can go for all gold medals. Plus, there are fun and interesting secret stages to unlock! You will be playing this game for a fairly long time!

Replay Value Score - 16/20
+A lot of stuff to do and unlock
-After thats done though, there's really no reason to come back.


Reviewer's Tilt - Pilotwings is an enjoyable game, that, while the controls and music are terrible, the replay and gameplay more than make up for it.
+1 to final score



Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/18/03, Updated 04/18/03

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