"A simulator, and a good one at that."

Introduction- This game has tons of style. Good physics, great graphics, and simulation yet fun style game play. This games history may be short, but it is growing. The original game in the series was called Pilotwings, which I just so happen to also own. It was a great game, with a lot of good game play, much like this one.

Game play- This is where the game comes all together. It has a simple learning curve, which is almost impossible to be annoyed at, whether you are a sore loser or an easy earner. What is the best about it is the fact that you have the option to just fly around and see the sites, which never gets old in Pilotwings 64. The last and final great detail is the number of characters and flying machines you can use, right from the start of the game. Final area score: 7/10

Graphics- Great! I just do not see how these developers can do it. This game looks really great, in any mode, at any time. Sure, it may not seem that great to a new system owner, but it really rocked if you were (or are) an old school gamer. I mean sure, it may seem very drab, dull, but then again, it is a Nintendo 64 game. Final area score: 7/10

Sound- Whirr goes then plane propeller. Whoosh goes the back pack rocket. Sure, they may not seem like much, but are really quite nice when you listen. And I have actually flown a plane in boy-scouts, and trust me, I heard both, and they sound the same to my ears. This brings us to the conclusion that either the developers recorded real plane engine sounds, or have the sounds just picture perfect, in a sound way. Final area score: 7/10

Replay ability- It takes quite a long time if you take your time and very short if you speed through. The good thing is, however, is that most people take there time, seeing the sites, which really never ends. That said, the game really never ends, sure, you can beat all the levels, but after three years of owning this great title, I still come back for more. Final area score: 7/10

Final Recommendation- This game is quite good, but know you ask the question, rent or buy? Well, not rent, because if you found this bad boy, it would be way below a rental. As for buying, I don’t see why not, because great games need homes, and yours could be one of them. Give it a chance, trust me, you won’t be sorry. Final area score: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/11/03, Updated 05/11/03

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