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"While long and somewhat boring, Pilotwings provides for weeks of entertainment."

While looking like any other flying video game, Pilotwings is definitely not your standard video game. It introduces a new level of flying, not just flying for fun, to kill something or somebody, or to accomplish different missions, but combining aspects of both fun and missions. There are about five different worlds, each being almost completely different from each other. You choose one of six different pilots, each with their own skills and weak spots. You then fly them through various missions and lead them to victory.

GRAPHICS: Three words: these graphics rule. It was almost as if the designers made this game to show off the graphcis powers of the N64. All there is to it.

SOUND/MUSIC: Can get kind of repetetive, but that happens to almost all video, and not to mention computer, games. It has one different soundtrack for each level, and many different sounds. This music and sound gets a B+.

CONTROLS: So simple, a baby could learn them. The analog stick flies up, down, left, and right, and the C buttons look everywhere and change viewpoints. The Z button is occasionally used to take pictures. The L and R buttons change viewpoints. Simple, right?

DIFFICULTY: Really hard, in my opinion. There are countless missions, each becoming progressively harder until it gets to the impossible point where only skilled players with years of experience can come close to beating it. This is a low point of the game.

GAMEPLAY: This is where most of the low points come into play. The game can get very boring and repetetive fast, if you don't play it a certain way. All you do is fly around in a handglider, a rocket belt, or a gyrocopter and shoot things. I normally base my scores on the gameplay of games, with only controls incorporated, becaues I don't think that the other stuff matters that much. All I can say is where is the fun in that??

REPLAY VALUE: Really good, the game is long and hard. Case closed.

OVERALL: Everyone will love this game, although some people more than others. I believe that most people will get all of their moneys' worth of Pilotwings 64 for Nintendo 64.







OVERALL: 7/10 (not an average)

FINAL THOUGHT: Seeing as how this game only costs about $19.99 - $29.99, you should pick up a copy soon. Unless you're a beginner at video games, you should enjoy Pilotwings 64.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/31/00, Updated 01/31/00

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