Review by irvine2k3

Reviewed: 05/16/05

Playable but not your end all flight game.

Introduction - Simple non-Spectacular game for a well known system. Easy to pick up and play but its not the kind you would be playing non-stop for days.

Game play - Quite fun actually, well it is if you decide to ignore the missions of the game, they are just a waste of time and effort, the most fun to be had in the game is taking the Gyrocopter and flying around trying to land on famous places in the Little States level. Its entertaining, more so if you have a friend to take turns with. No co-op or even any multi-player , only 4 flight modes and 6 pilots (none of which are all that different besides looks.) Flight controls are simple and just roaming around is very fun. All in all its not too memorable but its worth playing.
Game play 7/10

Story - No real story here. Entertaining but no story..
(no score)

Graphics/Sound - Graphics are actually good, well designed buildings and landscapes, Character models are well done but could be better, even for this system.
The so voices are absolutely horrible in this game, the music is calm and almost unnoticeable and you wont notice if your TV is muted some times…Sound effects sound like gusts of wind more than engine noises. All in all its only slightly below passing in the sound department


Play Time/Replay ability - If your good you can beat the game fairly quickly 5 maybe 6 hours tops, otherwise you probably wont bother trying to go through all the game modes with the lack of any real rewards. Only real fun with this game comes from free flying (which I might add you have a fuel tank so it cant last forever.) and the cannonball mini-game. For a flight game it really does lack much reason to replay it. Maybe to try and make a few of your own challenges like landing a gyro on a oil platform or something but that’s about it.

Play Time:2/10
Replay ability:6/10

Final Recommendation - Try this game out if you have a free weekend it’ll kill some time without killing your interest in games. Rent it, Even with 64 games reduced price if you see this game for more than 20$ save your money. There is not to many 64 flight games but this one is almost at the bottom just because it gets old fast. If you want a good flight simulation look elsewhere.
Final Recommendation 6/10

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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