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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by RJ

    Version: 5.75 | Updated: 03/26/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pokemon Stadium
    Version 5.75
    Copyright RJ 2000
    1) Updates 
    2) Introduction
    3) Controls
    4) Game Modes
    5) Strategy and Battle Tips  
    6) Pokemon Teams
    7) Wonders of the Gym Leader Castle
    8) Stadium
    9) Tips and Tricks
    10) Contact Info
    11) Credits
    1) Updates
    Version 5.75 - It has been about a week since my last update and there has 
    been many emails that been sent lately on things they want to add the the 
    site. I have been busy lately with work and so I really won't be able to 
    update the FAQ too often anymore so I would like to ask for everyone to keep 
    their questions and submissions until the weekends when I will have time to 
    check and update it. Thank you very much. The teams section and tricks 
    sections have a few updates so be sure to check those out and look at the 
    credits to see who sent these wonderful tips. But only posted the ones that 
    were most needed because some were repeats of the others.
    Version 5.40 - I got some new teams in the teams section and I also have some.
    Some more tips and tricks and maybe a strategy or two. Well, look at the 
    crdits to see who deserves the award for the strategies given.
    Version 5.30 - I have updated the tricks and tips sections with a few tips 
    thanks to a few people. Look into the credits to see who these people were.
    The teams sections has  also been updated as well. Look in the credits 
    for these people as well.
    Version 5.26 - I just had to change the credits.
    Version 5.25 - Okay, I have a few things to add to the FAQ. People are having 
    trouble battling Mewtwo so in a few days, I will to have a strategy on beating 
    Mewtwo. Well, the strategy section has been updated, thanks once again Mr. 
    Cactus. The tips and tricks section has been updated with more color tricks 
    thank to THOTHmiddel.
    Version 5.0 - A few updates here. I have updated the Strategy section. The new 
    addition to the strategy section was sent by Mr. Cactus. It provides 
    information on how to beat Mew on the hard mode. And we all know that Mew can 
    give us a hard time. Also add into the Strategy section some background over 
    some tips on beating psychic Pokemon
    Version 4.75 - Nothing much changed here neither. The Gym Leader Castle has 
    been updated with some tips on defeating Lt. Surge. Thanks ant330 for sending 
    this tip. The tips and trick section has been updated as well. Check the 
    credits for the person who sent this tip. He also sent in a Pokemon team as 
    Version 4.50 - Not to many updates here. I am going to finally confirm the 
    doduo mode for the game so I don't need any more emails on how to get the 
    doduo mode because it has been done. Thanks JoshuaToy for submitting the 
    solution to this mode. Also I have just had a hard fought battle in the Pika 
    Cup and have finally found another team that will be effective in that area.
    So check out the Pokemon Teams section for tips on that.
    Version 4.25 - I have just completed the Petit Cup I few minutes ago again and 
    I have discovered I a team of Pokemon that do really well. So go on over to 
    the Pokemon Teams section to check them out. I also have a part in the 
    strategy section on how to battle those pesky little electric Pokemon.
    Version 4.0 - Yet another addition to the Pokemon Teams section. This one was
    sent by Mew1515596. Thank you for the support of my FAQ. Mew1515596 also sent 
    a way to change the color of Mewtwo. The strategy section is being updated as 
    well on a few things.
    Version 3.5 - There are only two extra editions to the FAQ this time.
    I have brought back the Strategy section with a few tips to keep your reminded
    of. And there is new team of Pokemon that are being added to the teams 
    Version 3.0 - I have receieved more emails with tricks to add to the Tips and 
    Tricks section. Take a look at the credits for seeing the people who submitted 
    these tips. The strategy section is not complete yet. I have added some tips 
    for battling in the Pika Cup in the stadium section.
    Version 2.5 - I have added another section to the FAQ. This section is for 
    teams of Pokemon that I have found to be useful in the Stadium mode. If you
    have some good teams, send them and explain how they are good so I can put 
    them up in the FAQ in detail. Also, I have received more emails on things
    to put in the Tips and Tricks section. So take a look there for these updates
    and look at the credits to see the people have sent these excellent tips. And
    I will be working today to develop strategies to help everyone out.
    Version 2.0 - I have finally gotten some emails from people and have found out 
    how the secret pokemon tricks work and about how to get the doduo mode.
    Thank you mlmorris and SSJvegitaX4 for the tips. There are also tips on the 
    color of Pokemon depending upong the nickname. I also updated the strategy 
    area with some tips on burning. Also I would like to start a 
    new area in the FAQ where you can submit your Teams of Pokemon and why you 
    think they are effect. Please submit any teams of Pokemon you have used 
    lately. Include the attacks for them and anything else you will probably need.
    Version 1.00 - This is the first release of the FAQ, if you need extra some 
    help in any areas you can email me for help. Look at Contact Info for details 
    of getting in contact with me.
    2) Introduction
    Pokemon Stadium is the ultimate pokemon game for the N64. After a long wait 
    for the release of the game, Pokemon Stadium lets trainer fight their Pokemon 
    in full 3D. You can use Pokemon straight from your Red, Blue, and Yellow Game 
    Boy. This FAQ is going to get into the game a little bit and give some 
    strategies to beating your opponents and give you an upper edge in battle. So 
    move on ahead and read on to the next section.
    3) Controls
    The controls to the game depends on where you are and what you are doing:
    In the main menus the buttons are:
    A button - Select things
    B button - Cancels Selection
    Control Stick - Use in the Kids Club
    Control Pad - Move Cursor
    L button - Change Boxes in certain modes
    R button - Change Boxes in certain modes
    C buttons - Flip through pages
    In Battle the controls are:
    A button- To battle
    B button - To switch pokemon
    Start - To run away from battle(you will automatically loose)
    If you select battle the controls are simple:
    L button - To cancel and go back to the strategy selection screen
    R button - To Check attacks and which buttons the attacks are assigned to.
    The attacks are designed to the C buttons by this order from the GB game:
    C-UP - First Attack
    C-RIGHT - Second Attack
    C-DOWN - Third Attack
    C-LEFT - Fourth Attack
    For example:
    In the Game Boy game if you had the attack in the following order:
    Quick Attack
    Then in the game, it would be like this:
    C-UP - Gust
    C-RIGHT - Sand-Attack
    C-DOWN - Quick Attack
    C-LEFT - Whirlwind
    If you choose to switch Pokemon, the order of the Pokemon are like this:
    C-UP - 1st Pokemon
    C-LEFT - 2nd Pokemon
    B button - 3rd Pokemon
    C-RIGHT - 4th Pokemon
    C-DOWN - 5th Pokemon
    A button - 6th Pokemon
    4) Game Modes
    There are several different game modes in Pokemon Stadium. Each on has rules 
    or fun things to do while you play them. The game modes are:
    Battle Now!
    Event Battle
    Free Battle
    Gym Leader Castle
    Pokemon Lab
    Victory Palace
    GB Tower
    Kids Club
    * There have also been word of other special game modes available. This modes 
    are available only if you have completed certain modes of the game. Check Tips 
    and Tricks section for details.
    The game modes will be explained in detail now:
    Battle Now! - This mode is available right after the main menu and this is for 
    anyone who is just ready to get into a pokemon battle. All you have to do is 
    select whether it is one or two players and get ready to battle. You don't get 
    to pick which pokemon to use during this battle, but that's okay because the 
    Pokemon chosen by the computer are a very well-balanced team.
    Event Battle - This is a two-player mode. This is a mode where you battle your 
    friends, with the rules according to the rules in the cups of the game. Each 
    player will have a Pokemon Game Boy game and a separate controller. This 
    battle is a 6 vs. 6 Pokemon Battle.
    Gallery - This mode is a simple mode where you are able to snap picture of pokemon. You 
    can print out your Pictures at Pokemon Snap Stations at your local Blockbuster Video 
    Stadium - This mode is the heart of Pokemon Stadium. This mode is where you will be able 
    to participate in the various cups in the game. They are the Pike Cup, Petit Cup, Poke 
    Cup, and the Prime Cup. Each has its own special rules. See the Stadium section for 
    Free Battle - This mode is where you are in a free-for-all battle. You can play against 
    the computer or you can play with your friends. It can also be a tag-team match where to 
    people can team up to face the computer or two people vs. Two people. You are allowed to 
    play according to the rules of the various cups or if you want to be really hardcore go 
    for the ANYTHING GOES match rules.
    Gym Leader Castle - This mode is where you play against the GYM leaders of the Pokemon 
    Game Boy Game. There is a lot more to this mode then you will expect as it will very 
    difficult as you progress along through the game. See the Wonders of the Gym Leader Castle
    section for details.
    Pokemon Lab - You can organize your pokemon and items in this mode. You can also take a 
    look at your pokedex and search through Pokemon you have selected. You can also trade with 
    your friends in this mode.
    Victory Palace - This is where you can see the Pokemon that won in the Stadium mode.
    GB Tower - This is where you can play your Pokemon Game Boy Games.
    Kids Club - When battle makes you weary, then make a stop here for a little bit of fun and 
    games. This a one to four player mode and is packed with fun. So come here and try out the 
    Where there are the basic modes for Pokemon Stadium.
    5)Strategy and Battle Tips 
    Well, I have finally gotten a strategy section back up, since yesterday. My goal here
    is to keep remind of the little things that are over looked in Pokemon Stadium. Look
    below to see what has been added.
    When you are choosing or training Pokemon to use in the Stadium, remember that Pokemon
    aren't limited to attacks of their own type. For example, I used a rental Starmie to 
    fight in the Pika Cup and this Pokemon knew Thunder. This was really handy because
    when I got to the point when I battle a lot of water-type Pokemon, it was really simple
    to win because the opponent was using many water-type attacks such as SURF, but it wasn't
    effective against Starmie and Starmie was damaging the opponent with Thunder. It was 
    really effective against the water-type and psychic-type Slowpoke and Slowbro. Since this
    Pokemon uses all water and psychic attacks most of the time. So when you are training 
    Pokemon on your Game Boy, be sure to have it well equipped with some attacks out of its 
    type. If you are picking Rental Pokemon then try to find some Pokemon that have these 
    abilities out of its type. It is a very important aspect to Pokemon.
    In my opinion, you should always check for speed when picking Pokemon. I was playing in 
    the Poke Cup and I discovered that even Pokemon that have disadvantages over other types 
    still can get a win, if they are used carefully. The main reason was because they had
    a speed advantage over my Pokemon and they were able to get many regular attacks. These 
    attacks also included many critical hits. The various electric-type Pokemon are always
    good Pokemon because they have fast speeds. Flying and Water types come in close with
    these guys as well. When you are picking Pokemon be sure to look for ones that have high
    speed. Even though you have a disadvantage, if you can always get the first hit then you 
    can cause some serious damage. For example, if you were playing with a Pidgey and your 
    opponent had an Alakazam and the Alakazam was on its last little bit of HP then you could 
    always use Quick Attack to get the upper edge and win because Quick Attack always hits 
    first. Now, if Quick Attack wasn't available then your best bet is to switch to the 
    Pokemon with the highest speed. If you are using a Pokemon that can Paralyze the opponent,
    then use it because Paralyze cuts the opponents speed so it should be able to give you 
    an advantage, plus it will sometimes make your opponent be immobile for a turn and that
    might be all that you need to get the upper wing at beating your opponent. So next time 
    you are picking Pokemon, look for one with a lot speed, but see if you can also find one 
    with high attack or special while you are at it.  
    Okay, I have looked at Pokemon Stadium a little more and I have discovered a little bit 
    more on ratings. Attack and Defense should go together when you are looking Pokemon to
    pick and/or train. Usually when you see a Pokemon with a high attack, it will usually
    come with a high defense. This is handy because while you are throwing out strong attacks 
    or lowering the opponents ratings then you have the extra defense you need to stay up. An 
    example of this Pokemon could be Dragonite. This Pokemon has a very high defense and isn't
    effected by fire,water,electric,and grass attacks, but can be easily knocked down with ice 
    attacks. You could use a Dragonite with Thunderwave to Paralyze the opponent, then you 
    could finish the opponent of with a hyper beam, if it has a low defense. So be sure to 
    look at the advantages of high attack and defense. The ratings of an attack is just as 
    important as its type. You can use a flying attack on a grass-type and still won't cause
    the right amount of damage just because the Pokemon doesn't have a high attack or 
    sometimes it can be because the opponent has a high defense. Remember this when playing 
    the Game Boy Pokemon especially.
    I know you have probably had a little bit of trouble combating those pesky electrict-type 
    Pokemon, so with the battle experience that I have had I will give you a little bit of 
    advice. The electric-types in Pokemon Stadium are probably among the most annoying types 
    to have and if you have one and know how to use them, they can be very effective, but for 
    now I will explain how to battle them. The electic-types in the game always end up having 
    something special that gives them advantages over types that are suppose to have an 
    advantage over them. Raichu is among some of these Pokemon. I was battling one in the Poke 
    Cup and I lost due to the Raichu having a body-slam attack that Paralzyed most of my 
    Pokemon and my Pokemon wouldn't move most the time. Plus the Raichu was very fast. I was 
    able to over come the Pokemon by using my own Pikachu that actually had a speed advantage 
    over it. I paralyzed it first then took the chance of switching to one of my Pokemon with 
    a strong attack rating and took it out. Most of the other electric-types aren't that much 
    of a problem. Your real worry will be Raichu, but the others you can easily get around. 
    Just remember that most of the electric-types will always have a speed advantage. Your 
    best bet will always be to cut their speed down to size first before they can kick in with 
    one of their strong electric attacks. Even rock-types can fall to some electric-types due 
    to some of them having Paralyzing attacks such as Body Slam. A Psychic-type Pokemon always 
    will come handy as well. Your best bet: Alakazam or the deadly Mewtwo. So good luck with 
    you journey of becoming a Pokemon Master
    This was sent by Mr.Cactus:
    This Mew is the hardest of all the enemy Pokemon out there.  Mew's moves are Thunder Wave, 
    Tri Attack, Psychic, and Softboiled.  This is a good strategy for beating him.  You should 
    have a Gyarados with Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, and Hyper Beam.  Also a Fast 
    Ground Type like Dugtrio would be helpful.  Lastly have an Exeggutor with Solarbeam, 
    Psychic, Sleep Powder, and Explosion or another powerful Normal Type Attack.  Next, send 
    out Gyarados 1st.  Use Thunderbolt on Starmie, and Hydro Pump on Rhydon and Tauros.  If 
    Exeggutor is sent out hit him with Blizzard.  You may freeze him.  If so good.  If not he 
    will use Psychic.  Now switch to another Pokemon.  He usually uses Explosion.  When Mew is 
    sent out switch to Exeggutor or Dugtrio.  Be careful though.  You do not want Exeggutor to 
    become paralyzed.  Use Sleep Powder on Mew.  Put it to Sleep, and choose either Gyarados 
    or Dugtrio.  Use attacks on Mew until he wakes up.  Repeat putting him to sleep, and 
    switching.  If Mew and Exeggutor are low on health you may want to use Explosion to take 
    Mew out.  After that finish off the other Pokemon.
    This was also sent by Mr.Cactus
    The Snorlax in the Round 2 Prime Cup is one of the worst Pokemon besides Mew.  First send 
    out a Pokemon that knows Sleep Powder (Make this your first Pokemon because he is usually 
    sent out first).  Put Snorlax to Sleep, and then hit him with attacks until he wakes up.  
    When he wakes up, put him back to Sleep.  Unless you are Parylized you should get the 
    first attack.  This Snorlax has Rest, Body Slam, Earthquake, and Self Destruct.  I 
    reccomend using an Exeggutor with Psychic, Sleep Powder, Solarbeam, and any other attack, 
    or a Ghost type.  This way you can have some strong attacks for him and the other Pokemon.  
    If you choose a Ghost type use Hypnosis to put him to Sleep or use Confuse Ray to Confuse 
    him.  Also do ot use Solarbeam on him at all.  If he wakes up while you are charging 
    energy you wll be stuck using Solarbeam.  Beware of Body Slam.  He uses this the most, and 
    it Parilyzes most Pokemon pretty easily.  He rarely uses Self Destruct though.
    Psychic-type Pokemon are among the most powerful because they all have high special and 
    they can throw out many devastating attacks. In your hands, they will give a good victory 
    if you use them right. In the opponents hands could mean trouble. I have had a lot of 
    psychic Pokemon problems. I lost the finals of the master ball tournament when I was about 
    to beat the Poke Cup. A Kadabra and Alakazam was the cause of this defeat. You should 
    always have at least one Pokemon that can defeat psychics. In the past, they said that 
    ghosts could beat the psychic-types, but the ghost's poison properties give it a 
    disadvantage. So there is only one type that can defeat them easily.. Bugs.  This doesn't 
    mean that you have to have a Bug-type Pokemon. Plus most Bugs that bug-attacks are also 
    poison properties(Beedrill). You want the Pokemon that has the most reliable speed and has 
    a bug attackā€¦ Jolteon. Some people really over-look this Pokemon when they are having 
    trouble with psychics. When you are battling sabrina or any type of psychic opponent, 
    Jolteon is your best friend. This is because he knows the handy Pin Missle attack and has 
    top notch speed. But not everyone will want to use Jolteon or maybe you don't have one, so 
    if you don't have one, you have to find a good physical opponent with an good amount of 
    special. Golem and other rocks-types have some of the best strength to be able to knock 
    out psychics but their low special and slow speed make psychics make quick work out of 
    them. You should consider maybe another psychic-type which has a good physical attack, 
    such as Body Slam, Take Down, or Double-Edge. Slowbro is a good Pokemon for this because 
    it can absorb most of the psychic damage without getting severely hurt because it is a 
    psychic type as well and can nail the opponent with a good physical attack. Don't attempt 
    to use fighting-types and everyone knows why. Raichu is fairly good if it knows Body Slam 
    because will more than likely get the first hit(it depends). You might paralyze the 
    opponent as well give you a bigger advantage. So be sure to watch yourself combating the 
    psychics. If you are still having problems beating Sabrina or any psychic opponent, let me 
    know and I will try to help you out a little bit more as I can. Just remember that we all 
    learn something new and I still have a lot to learn on combating all types of Pokemon but 
    as I learn them, I will let everyone know.
    6) Pokemon Teams
    This section is for teams of Pokemon that have been effective in the Stadium mode, but
    they might come in handy also when you head on over to the Gym Leader Castle. I will also 
    describe how these teams are effective in the game and what they should have.
    Here is an all around kind of team. They should be able to battle most types of 
    Pokemon if you use the right strategy:
    Charizard - Strong Fire-Type: Should have at least Fire Blast and Fire spin and among 
    Weepinbell - Grass-type that can use the handy combination of poison and wrap.
    Parasect - Another good grass-type: This Pokemon is effective because it can put 
    others to sleep with its strong Spore attack then finish it off with Solarbeam or
    you can switch to a Pokemon that has an advantage and can finish it off.
    Articuno - Best all around ice-type: With Ice Beam or Blizzard to freeze up most 
    opponents, its very fast speed, and using Sky Attack to help combat the Psychic-types,
    this is a Pokemon to always include in your team. Beware of electricity and fire.
    Kadabra - Good psychic-type: I picked him over Alakazam because for those who don't use
    the Game Boy for your Pokemon, you can have a good psychic-type that uses Psychic, plus
    can recover most of its energy with its Recover.
    Starmie - One the best water-types: Blastoise isn't as fast as Starmie. That is why 
    Starmie should be used. Make sure that it has Surf and Harden. You can use Recover 
    also if you want to help keep it in battle. 
    This team was sent by Mew1515596. This team is best Pokemon to use in fighting in the 
    Prime Cup:
    Mewtwo - its attacks should include: physic,recover,confusion
    Mew -
    Pikachu -
    Charizard -
    Blastoise - attacks should include: hydro pump,surf,bubblebeam,strength
    Venusaur- attacks should include at least solarbeam. 
    Here is another team that is useful in the Pika Cup only, but you have to be strategic
    with these Pokemon:
    Pikachu - Electric-type: It is mainly here for its speed and its good variety of attacks.
    Use should use whenever there are difficult water opponents. If you are still having 
    trouble then try a Raichu.
    Tentacruel - A handy poison and water type Pokemon. It has fair speed. It is mainly here
    to act as a back-up against some of the other water type attacks. This is true because
    it can learn some grass-type attacks.
    Starmie - The best water type: Just like above, it is a lot faster than the other water
    Pokemon. If you are training it from the Game Boy Pokemon, then give it Surf and Recover.
    You can use harden to help touch up on the surface, but would be better to use other
    good attacks such as Substitute.
    Abra/Kadabra - These are handy psychics. Use them in almost every battle because they have
    really good special attacks and will really kicks tail if you use it wisely. Abra is the
    regualr Pokemon that should be used, but if you have trouble then try to work up to use
    Gastly - A ghost Pokemon. It is here for one reason: It can't be hurt by most physical 
    attacks, which is good for you. In the mean time you can knock your opponent out with
    some of its attacks. Haunter is useful if you are having trouble. It is best to raise
    this Pokemon up with your Game Boy Pokemon.
    Geodude - A ground and rock type. It is here to defend against those super fast electric 
    Pokemon. The electric-tpyes are super fast against most others and should be taken down 
    carefully. Geodude is your best bet in the Pika Cup because it is immune to most electric 
    attacks. Its high defense will also help you get around some of the fire-types as well.
    Here is a team of Pokemon that will really help you out in the Petit Cup, try them out and 
    see how effective they are:
    Charmander - This fire type will help you with the bug-type Pokemon at the beginning. It 
    has the speed and the power to over come the enemy. If it is a rental Pokemon then it 
    should have the Fire-Blast move, if not thats okay any fire-type attack is effective with 
    Squirtle - Your standard water-type. He will be very useful against all of your opponents. 
    He has the speed to get through most Pokemon in the Petit Cup. The rock and ground types 
    are watch really make this Pokemon a winner because with Bubblebeam and its fast speed, 
    you can cause some serious damage.
    Pikachu - He is here to battle all water types and maybe a few flying types. His speed is 
    what makes him the winner over most electric types in the Petit Cup. He should know 
    Thunderwave and Thunderbolt or Thunder. He should always be at the top of your list at 
    certain points because you can use him to Paralyze the opponent and then cause a certain 
    amount of damage before you opponent end up making it faint.
    Sandshrew - This ground-type Pokemon is one of my favorite Pokemon. He has the average 
    speed and knocks down most rock-types, electric-types, and fire-types with ease. He will 
    also be able to easily knock down the notorious Gastly if you encounter it during the Cup.
    Oddish - Good Plant type. You should always have a good well rounded grass type Pokemon to 
    cause all some damage to the opponent with its sleep powered and poison attacks. This 
    Pokemon's defense isn't really high, so if you wish to have a bit more defense, goto 
    Bulbasaur instead, but I put Oddish over Bulbasaur because I think that Oddish's movelist 
    as a Rental Pokemon is better.
    Machop - Your fighting-type Pokemon. It is here for its brute strength and good defense. I 
    have used it for the various normal-type Pokemon. He usually can get the job done against 
    opponents with low defense. He will come in handy, you just need to find the situation 
    that requires him. He should at least have Karate Chop and Low Kick. 
    Here is the team that one the Pika Cup tournament for me:
    Raichu - Your electic-type Pokemon. He is here to battle your water-types and to paralyze 
    the opponents that give you a hard time. His speed is what makes him special and comes in 
    handy in the Finals of the tournament.
    Kadabra - This Pokemon is your all around Pokemon. He should be able to down almost any 
    other type. He was the Pokemon that won the Tournament for me by downing the opponents
    Dragonair and Clefable. So make sure you use his psychic ablilties to your advantage.
    Ivysaur - He is really just here for the back up. You could really go on well without it. 
    If you have a better Pokemon for back up, use it instead of this. I picked him because he 
    would be a back up for Raichu against some of those water-types.
    Vulpix - Your fire-type Pokemon. I would have choosen Charmander or Charmeleon, but when I 
    look at the speed ratings, this Pokemon had a faster speed. If he is a rental Pokemon then 
    he should have the Fire-Blast technique or the Flamethrower.
    Rhyhorn - Your Rock-Type Pokemon. I picked him for the high defense, but any other rock-
    type should do the trick. Just make sure his is armed with Earthquake to really cause some
    major damage. He also contributed to the final battle when he attempted down the Dragonair 
    at the end.
    Starmie - Water-type with speed and special all in one. This pokemon can even take 
    physical attacks quite well. I love this Pokemon also because he can learn Thunder and 
    usually has it when you pick it as a Rental Pokemon. He is good for combating the water-
    types because while the opponent is throwing water-type attacks and not causing so much
    damage, you can knock them out cold with the Thudner attack.
    This Pokemon Team was sent by Shuriken Zero, it is a good team to use in the Petit Cup:
    Gengar - His most used Pokemon
    Bulbasaur - 
    Charmander -
    Farfetch'd - This Pokemon was very own Pokemon.
    Geodude -
    Omanyte -  
    Here is a team sent by Pichu, it is called the Omega Blast Team: It is said the be one of 
    the most powerful teams around
    Mewtwo - fast
    Mew - Extreme and fast
    Pidgeot -
    Victreebel - Very fast
    Raichu - Very fast
    Gyarados - Very fast
    This teams was sent by Psyduck54:
    Mewtwo- He should Have subsitute,recover, Psychic, and any other good
    Mew- It should have Psychic,psybeam,and two other good attacks.
    Charizard- It should have Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Slash, and another
    Venusaur- Sleep Powder, Mega Drain, Razor Leaf, and Solar Beam.
    Blastoise- Hydro pump, Surf, Skull bash, and Strength
    Raichu- Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder wave, and another attack
    another pokemon that you should use instead of raichu is
    Zapdos- Thunder, Thunderbolt, Fly, and sky attack
    Pokemon should all be at level 100.
    This team was sent by Silverbolt7T:
    Charizard - Attacks -  Fire blast, flamethrower, earthquake,slash
    Articuno - attacks - ice beam, fly, blizzard, sky attack
    Mewtwo - attacks - psychic, barrier, recover, blizzard or thunder(bolt)
    Dragonite - attacks - blizzard, fireblast, hyper beam,thunder(bolt)
    Exeggutor - attacks - sleep powder, egg bomb, psychic,solarbeam
    Gyarados - attacks -thunder(bolt), blizzard, hyperbeam, hydro pump
    Here are some team tips thanks to Earthq3846:
    Hypno- My favorite Pokemon, EVER.  Has Psychic, Toxic, Flash, and Hypnosis.  It's speed 
    isn't good, but that's because I haven't experminted with the drugs yet :-D
    Omastar- I think Rock and Water is a GREAT combination.  He's got blizzard, Hydro Pump, 
    Surf, and Spike Cannon.  Too bad his attack and speed are a bit low, but since he is not 
    extremely weak to many attacks, and resists physical attacks well, I will probably lead 
    him off first when I get the game.
    INTERCHANGEABLE TWO (depends on situation and difficulty of fights).
    Chansey- It's HP and special are enormous!!!! It's speed is Ok, and even good if I boost 
    it with Carbos. Since its defense and attack are so low, and it takes 100 hp of damage 
    from minor attacks, I equipped it with Counter.  If anyone tries a major attack on me, and 
    Chansey survives without flinching, then its practically guaranteed to make the other 
    Pokemon.  To allow it to recover, I equipped it with Softboiled, and kept Sing on it in 
    case I leave out Hypno.  Also, there is Metronome, just for variety.  
    or, if I'm in the mood for a variety Pokemon....
    Hitmonchan- Sure, its special is crappy, but everything else is GREAT, especially attack 
    :-D.  It's equipped with Submission (fighting types need fighting moves!!)   Thunder Punch 
    for Paralysis, Ice Punch for freezing the pesky Psychics, and a Hyper Beam that took me 
    FOREVER to win in the Game Corner (I play my games without a gameshark.)
    And another set of interchangables, depending on if I'm in the mood for obnoxious cute 
    things or scary things that go boom.
    Pikachu (I can't evolve it, and I want it to talk.)  The only thing going bad for it is 
    its defense.  It's got Thunder, Thunderbolt (if I run out of Thunder) Pay Day to bring in 
    the money on Game Boy, and Mimic if I run into something with "Recover."
    If I prefer something scarier, I opt for 
    Electrode.  It's pretty well-rounded, and I boosted it with as many attack and defense 
    raising vitamins as I could afford (and I played this game for ten hours trying to get 
    enough money.)  It's got Explosion if I'm in the mood to kill, Thunderbolt, Flash (because 
    I like laughing at people who miss.) and Light Screen to block out Psychic damage.
    Ninetales- My second favorite Pokemon.  My firestarter has good everything, except attack, 
    which was easily countered with a few vitamins.  It's got Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Confuse 
    Ray, and Swift.  
    And my favorite flying one, Articuno.  Everything is great about it, but its level is too 
    high for the tournament :-(  Outfitted with the standard stuff, except for one thing.    
    Ice Beam, Blizzard, Fly, and Hyper Beam.  
    That's just one of my teams I will use when I buy the game.  I have another, better group 
    on Red (due to the Missingno. Cheat) but I prefer not to bash you over the head with that 
    7) Wonders of the Gym Leader Castle
    The Gym leader Castle mode is one of the hardest modes to complete in Pokemon Stadium and 
    you should always develop a good strategy. In this mode you will battle all the Gym 
    Leaders from the Pokemon Game Boy game. This includes the Elite Four and your Rival. Each 
    Gym Leader has three people under their wing which stands in your way of facing off 
    against them. I will mention what you need to beat the different Gyms Leaders.
    Brock - Use a strong combination of water Pokemon for him. His underlings will use Bugs 
    and other little types of Pokemon. Bring a psychic-type Pokemon for you to KO their with a 
    little bit of ease.
    Misty - Use Electric or Grass Pokemon to get the advantage over her. Her underlings have 
    many types so just pick in a matter of taste.
    Surge - Use Pikachu or Raichu with Quick Attack to battle Lt. Surge. Use the quick attack
    mainly on his Raichu though. If you use a rock-type, then he will more than likely
    use SURF on you. Thank you ant330 for submitting this tip. If you still have trouble with 
    Surge, use a FAST ground-type and make sure it knows dig to help it out because those 
    raichu and pikachu may deploy an unexpected SURF on you.
    Erika - Use some strong fire-pokemon. If you don't have anything of those types then use 
    some psychic or flying-type Pokemon to get the advantage.
    Koga - Well some psychic and ground Pokemon will come handy the whole trip.
    Sabrina - A Jolteon with Pin Missle and a Beedrill with Twinneedle is what I used to bring 
    down most of her Pokemon.
    Blaine - Use some water Pokemon for him, but use a well rounded team of psychic and 
    fighting for his underlings.
    Giovanni - Use some grass and flying types to get the advantage through the hole Gym.
    Elite Four - Use Mewtwo to win. If not available use Vaporeon,Zapdos,Alakazam,and along 
    with a few other Pokemon of your choice to get the wind against all of them.
    Rival - You must use a very well-rounded team. Mewtwo will get the win though if 
    ?????? - As I have heard is that beyond the credits there is another opponent that you 
    must beat. I have had word that this special level 100 Pokemon Mewtwo so be ready for 
    anything. Use Freeze to get around it.
    8) Stadiuim
    This mode is the heart of the game. You will be able to compete in various cups in the 
    game. There is no specific strategy for none of the cups. So I will explain what the 
    various cups are:
    Petit Cup - This is a cup where all the cute Pokemon are able to battle each other. The 
    combination of the levels of the Pokemon cannot go higher than 80. Mew is not allowed to 
    participate. The Pokemon levels can be between levels 25-30.
    Pika Cup - This is where the weaker Pokemon can fight. Mew can't attend this fight and 
    there is no tips here. Strategy is the key here, nothing else. The Pokemon can only be 
    between levels 15-20 and the combination can't be higher than 50.
    Poke Cup - This the offical Pokemon League tournament. The levels are between levels 50-55
    and the Pokemon can't exceed a combination of 155. Mew can't attend. This is a very 
    difficult tournament.
    Prime Cup - This is difficult. This is a hardcore match where anything goes. Mew can 
    attend this very electric match up. There is no level limit so go here when you are ready 
    to kick some serious Pokemon behind.
    I have given it some thought and have decided to attempt to give you some tips on getting
    through the Pika Cup of the game. So take a look at the following tips below:
    Your best bet of winning the Pika Cup in the Stadium mode is to just simply raise up some
    well rounded Pokemon from your Game Boy. This is the only effective way of guarantee a win
    because your Pokemon that you raise on your own have a better chance of winning than those
    that the game has, this is true because you know what the Pokemon can do and you can 
    adjust to meet your needs as well. My best bet is trying to use a combination of 
    Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Geodude, and Mankey. These Pokemon will give you
    an a very well rounded team for the beginning part and are every well-rounded. You just 
    need to adjust them to where you can battle your opponent effectively. I got these Pokemon
    from using the Yellow version of Pokemon. If you don't have the yellow version of Pokemon, 
    then you should try to find some good substitutes for the two starter Pokemon that you 
    didn't get.
    9) Tips and Tricks
    Okay, this has finally been cleared up: to get the Doduo mode which you use to speed
    up the Pokemon Game Boy game, you have to beat the POKE CUP on Master Ball to get this
    Mode. Thank you JoshuaToy for submitting this. Thank you also SSJvegitaX4.
    You can get hard mode by beating the Gym Leader Castle and all cups on Master Ball. If
    you get this mode you can rent MEW. You will fight a level 100 Mewtwo when you beat Gym 
    Leader Castle and the cups on Master Ball to get hard mode. Thank you again SSJvegitaX4
    and mlmorris for submitting these tips.
    Depending on the name of the Pokemon, color will be different. Suppose a Golbat was 
    named Golbact3, then it could be a deep blue shade.
    Dodrio mode is a mode that lets you play your Game Boy Pokemon at x3 its normals game
    play speed. You can achieve this by beating both the Poke Cup and Prime Cups on the master 
    ball level. Thanks X-Calibur, JJ32285, and The Watcher7 for submitting these corrections 
    to me.
    If you register all 151 Pokemon in the the hall of fame, you get a special amnesia psyduck 
    which will come in handy as you battle. Thanks evenci for this one. Thank you 
    Paulman5@bellsouth.net also for giving me these tips.
    Surfing Pikachu is available to use in the Yellow version. It can be download to the game, 
    but it can be found somewhere in the "hard mode" of the game. Thanks Evenci for this one 
    too. You acheieve it by getting to the master cup of the prime cup level and you can't use 
    rental pokemon with this one nor can you use any contiunes. Remember that it can't be a 
    rental Pikachu that you use this trick with. 
    You can change the name of Mewtwo to twomew to get him to turn the color blue. 
    Thank you Mew1515596 for sending this code.
    Here are some nicknames submitted by Shuriken Zero to change the colors of some various 
    Mewtwo with darker purple hues: Orochi
    Greenish Pikachu: Anemo
    Dark Red Charizard: Inferno
    Orange Charizard: Ganon
    Greenish Meowth: Goten or Gohan (wasn't sure which one)
    These were sent by THOTHmiddel on color:
    depending on you'r ID number and name, color nick name codes work diffrently, but some 
    work no matter what those are.
    1. make lowercase of orignal name
    2.reversing names (like TWOMEW)
    3. useing simuler nicknames (MUK renamed YUK makes a green tounged muk)
    4. useing a nickname that is very far off from the orginal name (MEW renamed transport 
    made it purple colored instead of pinkish)
    THOTHmiddel also sent this tip:
    thats all I know for color, but thairs also secret pictures if you beat R-2 mode after 
    beating the 6 vs. 1 battle of MEWTWO, go to gallery then go to print, then hold R and L, 
    supposedly it will change to BONUS
    X-Calibur sent this tip on how to get all 150 pokemon into the hall of fame easily:
    just go into gym leader castle with a mewtwo, that has blizzard, psychic, recover, and 
    either barrier or thunder and bring in 5 other pokemon of your choice that u wish to be 
    regestered.  mewtwo should be in the front line and have him slaughter every pokemon the 
    elite four and gary has.
    beating them should be easy, use blizzard on lance's dragonair if he has one and if u have 
    thunder use them on lorlei and lance's pokemon for quick finishes.  for the others, 
    psychic them to death!!!!!!!
    u should be able to regester all 151 in no time if your able to just use a mewtwo to beat 
    them all.
    KRaZY dUvA has confirmed that you can also beat the PRIME CUP first instead of the POKE 
    CUP to received the doduo mode.
    PkMnWatcherTaily sent this wonderful tip:
    To miss any pokemon's attack, press C up, C right, Z all at the same time right after the 
    defending pokemon does it's attack, but before the camera angle changes to your pokemon.
    Dom Likes Pork sent this wonderful trick:
    If Your Opponent's pokemon uses wrap, fire spin, or another repeating attack, it can get 
    very annoying.  But if you switch your pokemon and the attack would have continued, it 
    doesn't, and your opponent does not get the free hit they normally get when you switch.
    VegetaIsTheBest and Gohan2000 sent this:
    Kids Club: Hyper CPU Difficulty 
    To unlock this hidden difficulty setting, select a single-player game
    against three CPU-controlled opponents. You need to win the "Who's the
    Best?" challenge five times in a row on HARD difficulty. This will open up
    the new HYPER difficulty setting for the CPU players
    sigelsias@earthlink.net sent this:
    Talking Pikachu 
    For a talking Pikachu, you need to upload one from Pokemon Yellow. Rental, Red, and Blue 
    versions will just be silent.
    Here are some more colors from Silverbolt7T:
    Multicolored pokemon
    Tyrannamon - Redder Charizard
    Myotismon - Blue Mewtwo
    Birdamon,Seadramon-dark blue articuno and gyarados
    Note:ALL letters capitalized
    One more things from Silverbolt7T:
    Helpful hint: According to my findings, Mew isnt stronger than Mewtwo. Apparently Mewtwo 
    is stronger in every way, but speed, and the Mew can learn ALL technique.
    * If have any tips or tricks or secrets to the game then email me and you will receive 
    some credit for sending the code.
    10) Contact Info
    You can get into contact with me by sending all e-mails to:
    You can send questions,comments, or if you see any kind of errors then you can 
    correct those errors.
    11) Credits
    GameFaqs - For posting up this FAQ.
    Nintendo - For making the N64
    sigelsias@earthlink.net - For sending the great tip on pikachu
    Nintendo/GameFreak - For making the greatest Pokemon game there is
    Pokemon Strategy guide - For reminding me of the ratings.
    scorchion@hotmail.com - For submitting the Secret Pokemon.
    His website: www.angelfire.com/ms/scorchion
    VegetaIsTheBest and Gohan2000 - For sending in the hyper difficulty code.
    Martial Arts Master - For submitting the color trick.
    SSJvegitaX4 - For submitting the Doduo mode tip to me. Thanks!
    X-Calibur - For sending the greats tips on registering all the Pokemon.
    KRaZY dUvA - For add a tip for the Doduo mode.
    JJ32285, and The Watcher7 - For sending the Dodrio mode tips.
    Evenci - For submitting the amneisa psyduck and surfing pikachu tricks. And for help 
    confirm the dodrio mode.
    Paulman5@bellsouth.net - For submitting the amneisa psyduck trick and also for helping 
    correcting the surfing pikachu thing.
    Mew1515596 - For submitting the Prime Cup team and to change Mewtwo's color.
    JoshuaToy - For finally solving our doduo mode problem.
    Ant330 - For sending the tip on how to defeat Lt. Surge a little more efficently.
    Shuriken Zero(Orochi Nanaki) - For the Pokemon Team and for submitting the Pokemon Colors.
    Mr. Cactus(WalknCacts@Aol.Com) - For the wonderful strategies. Thanks A lot!
    THOTHmiddel - For all the neat little tips and tricks.
    Pichu(olstad@pconline.com) - For the great pokemon team.
    PkMnWatcherTaily - For sending a very helpful tip on missing attacks.
    Dom Likes Pork - For sending in the wondeful trick
    Psyduck54 - For sending in the Pokemon Team.
    Silverbolt7T - For sending the teams and tricks.
    Earthq3846 - For sending the teams tricks.
    Copyright RJ 2000

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