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"So, what really makes thi game bad?"

Firts off, here is a little bit about the story of the game. Your name is Brian.Your dad has been lost for months and you are worried. When you first start off the King trys to tell you not to go but you know you have to. He mentions something about a book with magic spells in it. A book of spells that the king thinks has been stolen from him. You then start off your journey to rescue your dad.

Graphics: Beautiful. Classic 3-D. There is almost nothing wrong with it. The enemies that you fight are so perfectly put together. The trees don't seem to have that,"Turn with you as you go in circles," look, even though they look the same most of the way around. All the towns are different (one is practically a maze). With so much detail that they didn't need, the looks are very appealing.Also, the spells are pretty clean and interesting.

Music: Two words: very clear. Hey, it may not be new age type of thing but it still is pretty clear and clean. What do I mean by clean? I mean that you can hear every note...that might be the same thing as clear but oh well...

Gameplay: Now here is where he score dipped for this game. Although it is very interesting and great to play at first, you soon realize that each time you die, you start from the last place you saved your game. The bosses seem to have an unfair advantage (The first one can take away, at most, 20 hp when you only have 50 hp.), and the spells don't have a set table (ie: fire enemy does not get hurt more with a water spell). You don't get weapon or sheild power ups. The only weapon you have through the entire game is a staff. However, with it's wide range of places to explore, that makes it fun but could be better.

Rent or Buy: It all depends on what appeals to you. RPG, music, graphics, ect.I would say, rent it first. If you don't like it, you can take it back and you only lose $5 instead of $60. So if you want to look into this game, rent first.

Last thought: Although this game is fun for about the first ten to fifteen minutes, THQ, if it makes a sequel, could have made a way better game and I hope that they learn from their mistakes. Maybe Squaresoft will make the sequle and it'll be worth buying. You never know. :)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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