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Reviewed: 03/10/00 | Updated: 03/10/00

Once again PC to console fails, but it is getting better.

Based on the Tom Clancy novel, Rainbow Six is the console edition of the highly succesful PC edition.

Story: You are a member of Rainbow, a highly elite and highly secretive anti-terrorism group, that must stop the terrorist organization called the Phoenix and its finalcial backers the Horizon Coporation, from releasing a super deadly form of the ebola virus across the planet.

Graphics: (7 out of 10) The graphics are good for the game and suit it. There is even a Night Vision mode that can be easily used and really enhances the graphics even in broad daylight.

Sound: (8 out of 10) The sound is very realistic, as it is in most games today. The Sound includes realtime shots, and even a little monkey that screeches when you are in the jungle.

Music: (4 out of 10) The music is the same level after level. It easily gets boring after the first few levels. The least they could have done is add some more variety, and get rid of the suspenseful theme, it gets your nerves of edge.

Difficulty: (9 out of 10) For those of you who thought that Goldeneye and Doom was to easy then here is your game. Depending on where you get hit one shot and your dead. But the mission objectives are usually the same, rescue the hostages. Which basically means that all the terrorists have to die.

Controls: (10 out of 10) The controls are very simplistic. Reload is the same button, firing is the same button, and there are no combinations. In a shooter what else could you expect. Although the button config is a little awkward, it's easily fixed.

Recommendation: For those of you like myself who have beaten Goldeneye completely. Then give this one a try. It will hold you over until Perfect Dark comes out.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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