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"The best of the best of the best, Sir!! Rayman is back and better than ever!!"

Not many games I rank 9 and nothing's perfect but this is one great, fun, challenging, terrific, addictive game!!

STORY - 7.7/10 - This is 0.2 above average!! The same boring someone (Razorbeard in this case) trying to destroy things. You're job is to stop them. Tsk tsk shame!! Just a bit more oomf and it would've gotten a 9!! Why I ranked it 0.2 above was because it always showed the number of slaves on board Razorbeard's ship. Cool, eh!!

SOUND AND LANGUAGE - 9.8/10 - Have you ever seen a game that gives you lots of language choices (English, french, spanish, italian, and dutch) that no matter which language you pick, has great sound?? Most of the characters have funny voices like Rayman, Ly, Polochus, and more. Rayman makes cute ''Yeah'' sounds sometimes at the appropiate time!! The main music in the game is suspensful (especially against the guardians) and makes you anxious. The only thing I would like to hear more of is sound affects.

GRAPHICS - 7/10 - The characters and levels are formed between average and good but there's something lacking. It's lacking the oomf!! The camera angles get all confused sometimes.

CHALLENGE - 7/10 - Either too easy or too hard!! Rarely just right!! Personally a few of the levels took me hours upon hours to beat. One frustrating level reached the top and I was so annoyed that I got my dad to do it!! (don't laugh) Another time, I was stuck at one part that could take you under a minute for at least 40 minutes (no joke :S) The main fun challenge is collecting all of those yummy lums!! To prove my easiness, my 3rd time through the Marshes of Awakening (3rd level), I beat it in approximately 6 minutes!!

FUN FACTOR - 10/10 - What an addictive game!! I just can't get off it!! The adventure's fun, the lums are cool. Nothing's wrong!!

MULTIPLAYER - 0/0 - No comment!! I would've highly liked to see this in it but I didn't get to. Especially with those power fists heh heh!! It's worth putting this in!!

GAMEPLAY - 9.2/10 - Nothing when it comes to gameplay is perfect!! The adventure's cool!! Everything from flying kegs to tameable shells. From Ly the fairy to big chinned clark. From sleeping henchmen to lums with smiles. A wonderful adventure that everyone should go through at least once!! Some things are hard to control though. example - helicopter flyer in Beneath the Sancturary of Rock and Lava (A higher level) You may want to, or already have read my challenge section for more constructive comments.

REPLAYABILITY - 9/10 (personally) or 5/10 -(most people in my opinion)-
Personally, I would love to go through it again (when I can find enough time) but I still don't tink it's the type of game most people would want to replay

TO BUY OR TO RENT - -/- (unrankable) My comment: It all depends on you!! Some people say they beat it in 2 days so if you're a near perfect gamer, you may want to rent!! If you're not that great in general at games (like me) you may want to buy. Either way, it all depends on you and how attractive you think Rayman 2 is!! In general, rent before buy in case you don't like it!!

OVERALL - 8.4/10 - Too bad it couldn't be ranked up. I had a tough time on deciding 9 or 8.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/15/00, Updated 12/15/00

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