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"armless fun! (sorry)"

The irritating rayman has been captured by Captain Razorbeard's army of pirates and has been stored away in the huge prison ship, luckily Globox feeds Rayman some of his vomit, which induces some magical flying hurty balls for rayman to use as an attack. When rayman escapes his fat froggy friend Globox is nowhere to be seen, Rayman must recover his unlovable friends and stop the evil Razorbeard. I'm so enthralled.

O.k, so even if the plot is fairly standard, and the characters have faces not only a mother could love (a desperate one at that) This game is certainly impressive, let me tell you why.

number one, it's absolutely gorgeous! Especially with the expansion Pak, the Graphics are lush, crisp varied and atmaspheric, this is definitly the best third-party effort at platformer graphics ever! and it all flows so smoothly, it makes my mouth water, but lets not talk about that.

the sounds are the standard stuff, it's a shame developers don't take more time on this, because it can really help. The music is forgettable as are the effects, so no point talking about them. But heres another thing, for a game with a fairly small amount of speech, i'm sure the developers could EASILY have included voices in the game. Each character's voice is infinitely annoying. Rayman's hyperactive gibberish, Murfy's god damn AWFUL whisper and Ly's mystical whine. Overall the sound could have done with a lot of work.

the gameplay then, although it's fairly linear, it knows just how to handle linear. In this game there's no time for thinking, as you are running along a platform being shot by robot ships, jumping across sinking platforms or being chased by some little shrunken head in a hat. the game also includes just the right amount of combat, so as to balance it with the running and jumping. There are also just about enough variations in gameplay to keep you hooked. straying away from the format, is the unbelievably frustrating where you ride down a lava river on a plum, several times, you must race on a little running rocket, and various other things such as snakes. there are also some swimming sections you must complete, which are actually quite enjoyable.

Finally, the length of the game. Make no mistake it's VERY tricky in parts and you'll spend quite a lot of time in the final level, crashing that damn rocket (I know I did) but it never seems to go as far as wanting to never play the game again. JUST. So this is a mouth-wateringly beautiful, linear yet fast paced and action packed game of considerable length that is often great fun and often greatly frustrating, if that appeals to you, then I would definitly advise you to get it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/07/01, Updated 05/07/01

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