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"Rivals Mario in brilliance."

On a system dominated by platformers, they all seem to play the same. Rayman 2: The Great Escape, though, provides plenty of unique twists along with breathtaking visuals and clever level design. Here's my review.

ESRB Rating: Everyone
No. of Players: One
Supports: Expansion Pak, Controller Pak.

Story: Razorbeard has broken the Primordial Core of the world, causing the 1,000 Lums of energy to scatter, and now the pirates are capturing the planets inhabitants. Rayman must escape and save the day.

Graphics: 10/10
One word can describe this game: stunning. The textures are some of the best seen on the N64. The framerate never chops or slows down, but constantly runs smoothly. Highly colorful worlds and characters also add to the experience. While it doesn't look as good as it does on the Dreamcast or PlayStation 2, it still has some of the best visuals seen to date on the console.

Sound: 8/10
I happen to like the music, although there isn't too much of a variety on this cart. The characters all mumble some strange speech, similar to that of Banjo-Kazooie, unlike speech in the PlayStation version, but this is just a minor problem. The sound effects are good, and you have them for everything, footsteps, jumping in water, etc. Nothing wrong here.

Control: 9/10
The game controls rather well. You can jump, shoot, hover, run, pick up items, toss them in multiple directions, and a whole lot more. Part of the game is knowing where to throw the plum, and this won't cause any confusion. The only problem is the camera, as it sometimes isn't in the best place. It's no where near as aggravating as Sonic Adventure's camera though, so don't worry about bad camera and character control.

Gameplay: 10/10
Like most other platformers, you collect items, and it might get repetitive to some players. But, there's a lot of variety in the levels and the gameplay is challenging, but never impossible. If you get stuck, there's always the Murphy blocks in the levels if you need help, he'll explain a lot of thing to you throughout the game. There are lots of clever puzzles too, such as riding a bullet through some impassible terrain. The level design is one of the best features of this game, and some of the best seen on the console ever.

Overall: 9/10
A great addition to your N64 library, although you may not want to get it if you have the Dreamcast, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, or Windows version. The only problem is the sometimes badly placed camera angles and some sparse sound effects.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/16/01, Updated 09/16/01

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