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Reviewed: 07/25/02 | Updated: 07/25/02

Great Game But WAY Too Easy!

Rayman 2 is one of Ubi Soft's masterpieces only it lacks challenge! The other aspects of the game are great but if they would have included a muliplayer and made it just a bit harder, the game might have gotten 10/10!

Graphics: Wow! These graphics are incredible! Most N64 games are blocky but these aren’t! All the backgrounds are original and look rich and glossy. It’s almost as if you were in a living oil painting! Truly suburb! The graphics are detailed from the explosions right down to the cute facial expressions on the Teensies! Completely astounding. 10/10

Controls: The controls in this game are great too! If you’ve never heard of Rayman in your life and someone handed you the controls and said to play, you could figure it out in 10 seconds. Unlike other games where it’s easy to push the wrong button, Rayman 2’s controls are all the right place. The thing that really impressed me was the swimming system. If you’ve ever played Super Mario 64, then you know how irritating it can be to jump out of the water in just the right direction. Rayman is the game that finally solves that. Great controls. 10/10

Game play: A great shining point of Rayman 2 is the game play. This actually a very long game! It may not seem that way but wait until you try to get every lum! Not just the length but also the quality. Fighting the pirates wondering if there are more waiting to ambush, navigating the simplistic linear levels in search of lums all adds to the effect. This is also a nice change from the standard over world and adventure games. Truly a multitalented game with strategy, adventure and simple basics for beginners! Great game play that will have you playing long after 12:00! 10/10

Sound: Ahh, some of the best music by Ubi Soft. The levels with the best music are the Canopy and Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava! Sound is what can help make the game better and Rayman 2 has lots of great music that you will be humming all night! The sound effects are pretty good but the one disappointing thing are the explosions! When the final ship blows up, it sounds like a pillow dropped off a 10-story building landed on somebody’s head. The sound lost one point for that but otherwise, great efforts all around. 9/10

Replay Value: Here’s an important section: the replay value. Can this game be enjoyed again and again? The answer is yes but only to a point. Without any cheats or other modes, Rayman drops pretty low here. The adventure was great through which makes you want to relive this masterpiece but since the levels don’t change, neither does the challenge. Once you’ve beaten the game, there’s not really anything else to do except look for the yellow lums. A big disappointment but it you’re like me, you’ll want to play the adventure over again but alas, that isn’t for everyone. 4/10

Challenge: The game was great but it could have been harder! Sure the precipice was hard but after that, the levels get easy all over again! Collecting the yellow lums isn't that hard either so in my opinion, the game could have been just a bit harder. 7/10

Overall: Truly a remarkable game. Rayman 2 shines in almost every department. If there was a multiplayer mode or reversed adventure mode or something like that the game would have got a better score but if you’re renting the game, then that’s a whole different story! This awesome adventure can be enjoyed again and again so dive into Ubi Soft’s latest masterpiece: Rayman 2! 8/10

Buy or Rent: Here’s the big question: should I buy it or rent it. RENT IT! This game is great and if you don’t patronize on the opportunity to try out this great game then you’re missing a lot! I wouldn’t suggest buying it because of the low replay value but if you love to re-enjoy a classic game then you should spend the $60 and nab this game for yourself! Otherwise your $5 will not be wasted!

Game Play 10/10
Replay Value 4/10
Controls: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound 9/10
Challenge 7/10
Overall 8/10
Total: 8/10 GREAT!!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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