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Rayman 2 is a really spectacluar game. My friend has it and we've been playing it almost everyday due to the fact that we like it. Here's a breakdown on this weird, but very awsome game.

Gameplay: 10
I've noticed that every game I played has awsome gameplay. Especially this one. You throw orbs, float down with your helicopter move, and everywhere you look there is an obsticle that you must jump and climb then do something else. Really cool!

Story: 10
The story is pretty cool and pretty long. You have to fight Admiral Razorbeard and stop him from infesting the world with robo-pirates. That's pretty much all I can remember.

Sound/Audio: 10
The music in this game are sweet. And the sounds are kind of weird. Including when Rayman or someone else is talking. They just blabber as if they're retarded or something. Anyway, it's still okay.

Controls: 9
The controls can get annoying at times because of the camera angles. Sometimes if you try to go to a reachable place, you end up falling down an endless pit. Too bad, they could've done better.

Replay: 10
As I said before, this game is cool. You'll want to play it all day long since it's a long game and there are so many places to go with secret places in that place.

Rent/Buy: 10
Straight and simple: BUY!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/09/00, Updated 01/09/00

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