Review by shapeshifter13

"BEST GAME OF THE YEAR!!! (in my opinion)"

Graphics 10/10

I know that graphics aren't everything in a game, but they can be help for the gameplay. Rayman 2's graphics are the best seen on an n64. I've seen playstation graphics and I think Rayman 2's graphics is better.

Sound 8/10

The music in this game is okay. The music is sort of boring and you don't notice it very much. The sound effects are great though, when Rayman babbles if you read the text at the same it can sound like he's really talking. Another good example is when Globox sings his rain dance. I was humming that for 2 weeks.

Gameplay 10/10

Rayman 2's gameplay is sweet, from waterskiing on the back of a mechanical snake to flying over a river of lava while a fan shoves you forward. The challenge in this game is really high, i mean in one level you're flying on a barrel with really little space, or when your running across a bridge while a huge battleship is firing at you and the waters rising.

Plot 9/10

The plot is simple and easy to understand, the cinemas are really well done and the characters are well designed. The only problem is that the plot is targeted for younger children, but even so an adult can still enjoy it.

Rent or Buy

If you like platforms then you have to buy this game, it has everything and doesn't leach off of any game, even the first one. If you're not sure then rent the game first, you only need to play for 10 minutes to find out whether you like it or not.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/14/00, Updated 02/14/00

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