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"Everybody loves Rayman"

Ever hear of a game called Donkey Kong 64? You have? Ever hear of a game called Donkey Kong Country? Really? Me too! Oddly enough, the only thing these two games have in common is the name. Now we come to Rayman 2, a game that has more in common with DKC than it's 3D counter part.


Dare I say it? No, I can't....I just can't do it.....Bu I RAYMAN 2 HAS PRETTIER GRAPHICS THAN ZELDA 64! I'm so sorry....but it had to be said...I feel dirty....

Ever hear of a thing called backgrounds? Rayman has some of the coolest backgrounds I ever seen. Only Jet Force Gemini comes close. It IS a living cartoon...not a computer animated one, but a hand drawn one. Rayman himself is this cool looking cartoon character with no arms, legs, or neck and a big nose. (''Intruder! Intruder! Oh, wait, it's just a big nosed bush...let him past...'' Hehe) He has GREAT animation.

This game uses the 4meb Expansion Pak, and does a great job with it to. Low res mode is still impressive, but theres no reason to use it, frame rates are always smooth. The Cave of Bad Dreams as some really cool animation, I can watch those brambles pulsate all day...

On a completely unrelated note, seeing Rayman and the King Teensie do a Russian dance was about the silliest, and funniest, thing in this game.


Here is were Rayman 2 shines. Think Old School platformers, like Mario Bros and Donkey Kong Country, and you've got Rayman in a nut shell. (No this is Rayman in a nut shell ''Help me, I'm in a nut shell, how did I get in this nut shell? What king of shell has a nut, like this, it's crazy'')

The only collecting you do (for the most part) is these little Navi-looking things called Lums. Every few levels, you enter a room where to cough up a number of Lums (Theres 50 in each level) and the door opens. Lums are so plentiful that hardly never have to backtrack. But if you do, it's for about 15 Lums...

Rayman has a basic, if not limited, array of moves. He can jump, hover, shot energy out of his fists...and thats about it. It's all good, though, most of the game is about solving puzzles and old school ''finish the level'' action. It comes together really well, and it's in 3D.

SOUND 8/10

Music is snazzy. Most of the tunes are drum beats. It sounds pretty good, must it's nothing real memorable. In fact, the only music that stood out was the Intro and the Teensie theme.

Rayman and friends talk in this cool babble talk. I cracked up the first time I heard it.

STORY 7/10

Well, at least it's not a save the princess's a save your people from slavery story. Nothing special. The plot doesn't develop what-so-ever in the game.


I really have no idea, since I rented the game. I don't know what happens when you collect all 1000 Lums, so... I didn't beat the game, but I did get to the last level.


A bit on the easy side. Though some parts are REALLY challenging. Saving. You save to the controller pak, and only when you beat a level. Some levels are LONG.


And on the fourth year of the N64's life God said ''Let there be a 3D action platformer'' so came Rayman 2, and it was good. I have to tip my hat to the folks at Ubi Soft, this game is amazing. This is what Rare should have done with DK64. Imagine this: Rayman is riding down a volcano on a plum. (Yeah, it's kindda weird...the game WAS made in France, after all) You can't control the plum by moving, but it will move in the opposite direction you shot you energy beams. Now thats hard. Take a Donkey Kong mine cart level and make it were you can rotate around the track in any direction. Now thats cool. Take a Donkey Kong slide level and make it were you are being chased by a large monster, and you can't hit anything. Now thats fast paced.

Rayman 2 is the sleeper hit of the year. That, or maybe Rocket, also made by Ubi Soft. (I haven't played it yet, but I heard very good things about it.) Every level has at least one, or sometimes two, clever puzzles or challenges. On the down side, it wasn't very long. Oh well. The biggest surprise I had all year.

Buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/20/00, Updated 11/09/02

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