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"Go look for something else when it comes to entertainment. This is just for graphics."


You should not judge a book, game, or movie by it's cover. They never said anything about judging by it's name. Well, this game's title is almost as bad as the game itself. You shouldn't buy or rent this game unless you are actually trying to collect all of the N64 games that are out there.

Story: 6/10

When somebody asks you, you can pretty much say "blah blah" to them. Basically, it's a great escape. Some evil guy has captured some people and you gotta save them. It's pretty much a boring escape. The story won't grab you, but make you want to change the whole thing.

Game-play: 6/10

A nice, long game. This seems like it's gonna be a blast. Well, you'll only get the feeling that everyone gets when you are playing a new game. You start out simply sliding, an important thing in the game. There is not much action to it, but a bunch of puzzle solving too. The puzzles would be easy if you understand how the game works, but you never have any fun doing it. Combat is really bad too. You just shoot something they call "fists". You can shoot lots of them and the rapid fire shots of stuff will kill them all. But there is something that makes it less fun that you'd think. Every time some little attack hits, they start to look like you can see through them (which is seen in many other games). Then you have to wait for them to go back into normal condition and you got to get them again. It's a waste of time. Combat is way below anywhere within intense. Sometimes when you suffer a big one, you take some damage and disappear. Then you reappear at another spot away from where you are standing. This is messed up. I really don't think doing this is going to amazed or happy.

Control: 8/10

If you've mastered the way of the N64 controller, you will feel perfectly comfortable. Like always, make sure your hands are in good shape and not sweaty. Then read the instruction manual for game controls. Simple.

Sound: 6/10

There isn't much to it. You hear the same sounds throughout the whole game. The voices of some people are funny and the dialogue is completely made up sounds. They did do a good job of explosions.

Music: 6.5/10

It really fits into the game and is good to listen to once in a while. They can get boring really fast. People who are a bit older may find it really bad while younger players would probably like it more.

Graphics: 8/10

One of the best games with good graphics on the N64. Why can't all of the N64 games have graphics anywhere this good? You really can't go wrong with it. This is probably the only thing that's good in this game.

Overall: 6/10

I'm the kind of guy who likes to play action games and I looked foreword getting some action out of this. Sadly, it provides little entertainment. It would be a good choice for younger players. But for me, it's simply a bad choice.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/04/05

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