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    Weapon Guide by SilverSpot221

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                                    RESIDENT EVIL 2  WEAPON GUIDE 
                                           By SilverSpot221
                                            2010 - 10 - 23
    2.The Weapons
     2.1. Leon Weapons
     2.2. Claire Weapons
     2.3. Special And Unlockable Weapons
    3. Credits
    1. Introduction
    Welcome to my first guide. This guide will provide information
    on the weapons of Resident Evil 2. Enjoy!
    2.The Weapons
    Resident Evil 2 has a lot of weapons.
    Leon's weapons are far more stronger than Claire's,
    but Claire gets a Grenade Launcher with different
    rounds, which is pretty cool.
    The information will be shown in this order:
    Ingame Name
    Full Name
    Ingame Description
    Clip Size
    Where to find
    The tips will include the weapon's general strategies,
    as well as various other things.
    2.1 Leon Weapons
    Leon has a bigger selection of guns than Claire has.
    He gets a Shotgun and a Magnum, which are his main advantage
    over Claire's arsenal. His weapons are very effective against bosses. 
    He also has the ability to upgrade his weapons.
    [[ Knife ]]
    Full Name: Combat Knife
    Ingame Description: A combat knife. It could come in handy...
    Description: The knife, as CODE: Veronica states, is a veteran
    survivor's first choice. This is true if you're doing a knife 
    only run, but otherwise get rid of this thing as soon as you 
    can. It inflicts low damage, and is dangerous to use against
    stronger enemies.
    Clip Size: -
    Ammo: -
    Where To Find: You begin the game with this in your
    Tip: As said earlier, stash this thing in the Item Box once you get a chance.
    [[ Handgun ]]
    Full Name: H&K VP70
    Ingame Description: H&K VP70. Manufactured by H&K, Germany. It uses 9mm
    parabellum rounds.
    Description: The trusty handgun. It's a good gun to
    waste zombies or cerebus. Ammo is plentiful.
    It isn't strong though, so avoid using this on lickers
    and other stronger enemies.
    Clip Size: 18 Rounds
    Ammo: Hand Gun Bullets
    Where To Find: Leon begins with this weapon
    in his inventory.
    Tip: Great gun to use against weaker enemies. 
    [[ Custom Handgun ]]
    Full Name: H&K VP70 Burst
    Ingame Description: H&K VP70 Burst. VP70 with stock holster. Capable of firing
    three round auto bursts.
    Description: The Custom Handgun, also known as the Burst Handgun,
    is perfect for killing zombies and cerebus. The 3 round
    auto burst function is perfect for quick zombie kills.
    Clip Size: 18 Rounds
    Ammo: Hand Gun Bullets
    Where To Find: You will find the handgun parts in the locked
    drawer in the 2F Break Room. Combine the parts with the handgun
    to get the Custom Handgun.
    Tip: The burst function is quite effective. It has a nice knockback
    against zombies, but don't overuse it though, because it will chew through
    your ammo in a matter of time. Use manual mode if you think you're 
    [[ Shotgun ]]
    Full Name: Remington M1100-P
    Ingame Description: Remington M1100-P. It uses 12 gauge rounds.
    Smaller than a standard M1100, as it's barrel is cut.
    Description: A classic anti-zombie weapon. Ammo is scarce at
    the beginning of the game, but later on you will find plentiful
    amounts of shells.
    Cilp Size: 5 Shells
    Ammo: Shotgun Shells
    Where To Find:
    1) In the very beginning, when the gunshop owner dies,
    run to him and check his body twice.
    2) A Game: In the S.T.A.R.S office weapon locker 2F.
       B Game: On the reception desk in the R.P.D Main Hall.
    Tip: Save your shells by decapitating zombies.
    It can also strike multiple headshots if there is
    a group of zombies. Also handy against lickers.
    [[ Custom Shotgun ]]
    Full Name : Remington M1100
    Ingame Description: Remington M1100. M1100 full size semi-automatic.
    The longer barrel results in more concentrated blasts.
    Description: A powerhouse of a weapon. Highly damaging, and effective
    against stronger enemies, but due to it's sheer kick, it has a long
    recovery time.
    Clip Size : 7 Shells
    Ammo: Shotgun Shells
    Where To Find: You will find the parts on a dead body in the vacant factory.
    Combine the parts with the shotgun.
    Tip: By the time you find the parts for this, you'll
    have plenty of Shotgun Shells. This boomstick should be
    your main weapon during the lab part.
    [[ Magnum ]]
    Full Name: Desert Eagle .50 A.E
    Ingame Description: Desert Eagle .50 A.E. A high caliber magnum pistol. It uses
    powerful .50 A.E rounds. By IMI Israel.
    Description: The classic Desert Eagle. It's Leon's
    answer to boss battles. Ammo is scarce, so don't go
    popping zombies' heads. Save it for the bosses.
    Clip Size: 8 Bullets
    Ammo: Magnum Bullets
    Where To Find:
    A Game: In the Night Watchman's
    room. Go to the area where the beds are.
    The magnum will be on the cabinet behind the body.
    B Game: S.T.A.R.S office weapon locker.
    Tip: As said earlier, this is a anti-boss weapon, so
    save those .50's.
    [[ Custom Magnum ]]
    Full Name: Desert Eagle .50 A.E 10 Inch
    Ingame Description: Desert Eagle .50 A.E 10 inch. 10 inch barrel is put on to
    D.E.50 A.E. It can fire .50 A.E rounds more powerfully.
    Description: The best weapon for Leon. Basically
    a Deagle with a longer barrel. It does insane damage, but
    you get the parts late in the game.
    Clip Size: 8 Bullets
    Ammo: Magnum Bullets
    Where To Find:
    (Be sure to grab the Weapon Box key in the Vacant Factory)
    You will find the parts in the B5 laboratory.
    The parts will be in the locker that has a blue light on it.
    Combine the parts with the magnum.
    Tip: Use it with the remaining ammo on the final boss.
    [[ Flamethrower ]]
    Full Name: Flamethrower
    Ingame Description: Chemical fuel flame-thrower made by Umbrella Inc.
    The fuel is fed from a small cartridge.
    Description: The flamethrower makes an appearance from RE1. It's not the best
    weapon, but it can come in handy against the plants. It takes up two inventory
    Clip Size: 100%
    Ammo: -
    Where To Find: In the lab's sleeping
    quarters. Check the locker.
    Tip: The Flamethrower isn't worth the two inventory slots it
    takes up. Skip it, unless you are running low on ammo.
    2.2 Claire Weapons
    Claire has a smaller choice of weaponry than Leon.
    Her main advantage is that she has a Grenade Launcher that
    can use various types of rounds. She can also get
    the Colt S.A.A, a neat six shooter.
    [[ Knife ]]
    ^ See "Knife" in Leon Weapons ^
    [[ Handgun ]]
    Full Name: Browning HP
    Ingame Description: Browning HP. Manufactured by
    FN, Belgium. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds.
    Description: Claire's handgun. It's only difference 
    from Leon's handgun is that Claire's
    handgun holds 13 rounds instead of 18. Use
    it against zombies and cerebus.
    Clip size: 13 Rounds
    Ammo: Hand Gun Bullets
    Where To Find: Claire begins the game with this
    in her inventory.
    Tip: Again, ammo is plentiful, so use it against
    the basic enemies.
    [[ Colt S.A.A ]]
    Full Name: Colt Single Action Army
    Ingame Description: Colt S.A.A. Artillery model. Used by
    cowboys in the wild west. Designed for a quick draw.
    Description: Claire's special obtainable weapon.
    Although it rips through zombies in seconds, it
    chews up ammo like mad.
    Clip Size: 6 Rounds
    Ammo: Hand Gun Bullets
    Once you begin the game, proceed to the R.P.D WITHOUT picking up
    any items. Once there go to the underground passage.
    You will see a zombie Brad Vickers. Waste him, then check his body
    for a Special Key. Proceed to the Dark Room in the R.P.D and use
    the key on the locker. It will contain an outfit and the gun.
    Tip: Though it's a nice weapon, it's a better choice to skip it.
    It's fast firing rate and small clip size mean you will have to
    reload alot.
    [[ Grenade Launcher ]]
    Full Name: M79 Grenade Launcher
    Ingame Description: M79 Grenade Launcher. Various rounds can be
    used. The cut stock causes a greater recoil. Made in the USA.
    Description: The Grenade Launcher is a classic weapon.
    It uses 3 types of rounds: Grenade rounds, Flame rounds
    and Acid rounds.
    Clip Size: 255 Grenades
    Ammo: Grenade Rounds, Flame Rounds, Acid Rounds
    Where To Find:
    A Game: S.T.A.R.S office weapons locker.
    B Game: R.P.D Main Hall, on the reception desk.
    Tip: Use Grenade Rounds on groups of zombies.
         Use Flame Rounds on Plants and Bosses.
         Use Acid Rounds on lickers and licker B's.
    [[ Bow gun ]]
    Full Name: Bowgun
    Ingame Description: A powerful bowgun primarily
    used to hunt large game.
    Description: The Bow gun isn't actually powerful like
    it says in the game. It shoots 3 bolts at a time.
    Clip Size: 18 Bolts
    Ammo: Bow Gun Bolts
    Where To Find:
    A Game: 1) Once the gunshop owner dies, check his
               body twice.
            2) In the Powerhouse outside the R.P.D.
    B Game: S.T.A.R.S office weapon locker.
    Tip: This weapon shoots 3 arrows at a time, so it's
    quite effective for groups of zombies. When facing
    a single zombie, try to hit it from a short distance,
    so that all 3 arrows hit the zombie, causing
    maximum damage.
    [[ Spark Shot ]]
    Full Name: Spark Shot
    Ingame Description: High voltage gun to repel experimental
    animals. It uses spark shot rounds and has a range of 10 feet.
    Description: A nice weapon to fry zombies with. It shoots 
    electricity, and is quite effective against Birkin. It takes
    up two inventory slots.
    Clip Size: 100%
    Ammo: -
    Where To Find:
    You will find this weapon on a dead
    body in the vacant factory.
    Tip: Use it for the Birkin platform fight.
    2.3 Special and Unlockable Weapons
    There are a couple of unlockable weapons in RE2.
    They can be aquired by beating the game under certain
    conditions, or found in a minigame.
    [[ Sub Machine Gun ]]
    Full Name: MAC 11
    Ingame Description: MAC11. Manufactured by Military
    Arnament CORP. It uses .380 rounds.
    Description: The SMG is a great weapon for mowing
    down groups of undead. It's also quite effective
    on the Lickers, Bosses and Plants. It takes up two
    inventory slots.
    Clip Size: 100% / Infinite
    Ammo: SMG Ammo
    Where To Find:
    A and B Games: Once you get the Red Keycard, proceed
    to the Weapon Storage Room and use the card on the
    reader next to the door. Once inside, check the lockers.
    Unlockable: Beat the B game in under 3 hours
    with an A or B rank and you'll unlock the Infinite SMG.
    Tip: It's quite effective against almost any enemy.
    If you left the SMG for the B game character, a spare
    magazine can be found in the Culture Experiment Room in the
    [[ Gatling Gun ]]
    Full Name: Gatling Gun
    Ingame Description: A powerful weapon that sprays bullets
    into targets. I should be able to defeat any enemy with this.
    Description: The GG is a better weapon for mowing
    down crowds than the SMG. It's only minus is that
    it has a wind-up time, so make sure you keep your distance
    from an enemy. It takes up two inventory slots.
    Clip Size: Infinite
    Ammo: -
    Where To Find:
    Unlockable: Beat the the B game in under 2 1/2 hours
    with a A or B rank to unlock the SMG, R. Launcher and this killing
    Tip: Don't use this on faster enemies.
    [[ Rocket Launcher ]]
    Full Name: FIM-92 Stinger
    Ingame Description: A rocket launcher. One shot from this
    will kill any enemy.
    Description: The all-mighty rocket launcher is the perfect
    weapon for bosses and harder enemies. If you unlock the
    infinite ammo version, blasting zombies is obviously the
    best thing to do.
    Clip Size: 4 Rockets / Infinite Rockets
    Ammo: -
    Where To Find:
    B Game: During the final battle, Ada will throw you
    this weapon.
    Unlockable: Beat the A game in under 2 1/2 hours with
    a A or B rank.
    Tip: Once you get the infinite ammo version, destroy
    everything that moves.
    [[ Handgun ]]
    Full Name: Berreta M92FS
    Ingame Description: Berreta M92FS. Semi-automatic.
    One of a thousand.
    Description: The Berreta is only available in the
    Extreme Battle minigame, and can only be used while playing
    as Chris. This version of the handgun is capable
    of randomly popping headshots, which is pretty cool.
    Clip Size: 15 Rounds
    Ammo: Hand Gun Bullets
    Where To Find:
    Extreme Battle: Chris starts wit this weapon in his
    Tip: It's good for killing zombies during your
    journey to the R.P.D.
    3. Credits
    I would like to thank Capcom for making such a classic
    survival-horror game.
    Thank you for reading!

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