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    Playstation to N64 Changes Guide by marshmallow

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    Wednesday, December 15th, 1999
                          RESIDENT EVIL 2
                   Playstation --> Nintendo 64 Changes
             Author: marshmallow <marshmallow@planetn2000.com>
       The idea of a two-CD Playstation game being ported to the N64 just 
    seems downright laughable. That is, until Angelsoft studios, working 
    closely with Capcom, discovered a new micro-code trick that would allow 
    them to compress the minutes of FMV, pre-rendered backgrounds, voice, 
    and other miscellaneous, space eating programs into a size that could be 
    put onto an N64 ROM with a decent price tag. Of course, it's not just a 
    straight port. They fixed a few things here and there...and I'm here to 
    show you the differences.
                          REVISION HISTORY 
    December 15th, 1999:
    * Added numbers 7, 8, and 9.
    1. Enhanced graphics all around. Everything, including the pre-rendered 
    backgrounds, are in high resolution thanks to the 4MB Expansion Pak, and 
    they look absolutely FANTASTIC! Character models have added detail due 
    to the N64's larger bag of graphical tricks, everything has added 
    polygons, and runs at a constant speed of 30 frames a second. The 
    backgrounds are sharp, and quite smooth. 
    2. New controller configurations to fit the N64 controller's unique fit. 
    After playing around with "1st person", for a few minutes, you just 
    won't want to go back to the "3rd" person controls unless someone put a 
    gun to your head. 
    3. Dolby Surround Sound, baby! It's just awesome to be able to turn 
    around and blast a Zombie to pieces, with the only warning being the 
    moans coming from your left speaker. 
    4. After beating a scenario, you can restart it and have an "item 
    randomizer" option turned on, that will randomize all objects in the 
    game. It's interesting, to say the least...
    5. New files, reports, letters, and other notes have been added to link 
    Resident Evil, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil: Code Veronica's 
    stories together. 
    6. With the good, comes the bad. The FMV, although very impressive, is 
    somewhat blurred due to the huge amounts of compressing.  
    7. In Umbrella's Secret Lab, the computer password for the fingerprint 
    pad is "NEMESIS." In the PSX version, it was "GUEST." Thanks goes to Neo 
    Darkshadow for this one.
    8. Inside of the fingerprint room of Umbrella's Secret Lab, there is the 
    corpse of a Hunter (enemy from Resident Evil 1). The PSX version lacked 
    9. The safe combination to receive the Police Station Map (and some 
    ammunition) is now '4542.' 
    Now, the question is...should you buy the N64 version of Resident Evil 
    2? Hmmm...
    - If you do not own a Playstation, then yes, buying it would be a good 
    - If the Playstation's controller makes your hands cramp up, or you just 
      hate the controls regardless, then looking into this version might not 
      be such a bad idea.
    Other than those, there is really no reason to buy it unless you're an 
    absolute hardcore RE fan. If you own both systems, you might want to 
    rent it just see the new files, the randomizer, and how different 
    everything looks. If you hated Resident Evil 2, then you won't like it 
    now, as they are both identical when you get down to the gist of it. 
    Because this is not an overly serious walkthrough or FAQ, I will not put 
    a legal section up. So, for all I care, you can put this in the next 
    issue of Playboy. Well, OK, OK, you can't make money off of it, and I 
    just have to add the following: 
    Copyright © marshmallow 1999
    All rights reserved
    Coming to the end, I must say that the future of the RE series is 
    looking good, and I can't wait to get my hands on Resident Evil: Code 
    Veronica, which is coming to the Dreamcast sometime next year. Now, if 
    they can just make a decent villain, I'll be as happy as a hungry Zombie 
    who has stumbled upon Rosie O'Donnel... :p

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