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    Extra Files Guide by marshmallow

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                      R E S I D E N T    E V I L   2
                   Extra Files Guide (N64/Dreamcast versions)
            Copied down by: marshmallow <marshmallow@planetn2000.com>
                             March 2nd, 2000
    In the Nintendo 64 (and I believe the Dreamcast) version of Resident 
    Evil 2, there are several new files and/or notes to read. Because of 
    this, I felt it was necessary to point out their locations, and their 
    message if you don't feel like starting a new game to find them. When 
    you collect these, they will appear underneath the "EX" file in the 
    pause menu, "EX" supposedly standing for extra.
     1.  Dario's Note
     2.  David's Letter
     3.  Op Instructions
     4.  Umbrella Memo
     5.  Journalist's Note
     6.  Jill's Note
     7.  Robert's Note 
     8.  Brad's Note - NEW -
     9.  Jill's Report - NEW -
    10.  Raccoon City Pamphlet - NEW -
    11.  Mercenary's Log - NEW -
    12.  Mother Virus Report - NEW - 
    13.  Credits Section
    14.  Legal Information / Contact Information
    I'm quite sure this is not all of them, so if anyone finds one I missed 
    or overlooked, feel free to send it in and I will give credit to you. 
    There certainly are plenty more spaces left in the "EX" options menu, 
    that's for sure...
     1.  "DARIO'S NOTE"
    Location: When making your way to the police precinct in one of the 
              first scenarios (Leon 1, Claire 1), you will find yourself on 
              a wrecked bus. At the front, where the driver is, you will 
              find a suitcase. Search it to find this...
    #FILE 05/16
       I can't help but wonder if anyone will read these words, but writing 
    them will help me maintain my sanity if nothing else.
       After I've become a meal for those undead monsters, will the G.I.s 
    responsible for sealing off the town laugh upon discovering my corpse? 
    So is this how it's supposed to end? I don't want to die, I'm just not 
       My wife, daughter, mother....My entire family has been killed. But 
    none of that matters anymore. Right now, my life is the only important 
    thing. That's all that matters.
       I never would have pictured my end to be like this. I had so much 
    left to do. Rather than becoming a salesman, I should have tried my hand 
    at being a novelist. It's what I've always wanted, but my mother would 
    only tell me 'you have a long way to go.'
                       Why did I ever listen to her?
       But this looks like the end for the great Dario Rosso, novelist 
    extraordinaire. Cut down before his prime...
     2.  "DAVID'S LETTER"
    Location: Inside of the detective's office (has several fans, and the 
              door that requires the Heart Key to open) search the largest 
              table, and you will find it eventually.
    #FILE 07/16
    My sanity is at its end...I still can't believe this is happening. We 
    lost another man yesterday. Meyer; one of our better marksmen. He saw me 
    panic once we were overrun by the zombies, but he came back to save me.
    When the time came to return the debt, I ran.
    I can still hear him calling out my name. I can still hear the screams 
    coming from behind. The sound of his fleshed being ripped from its 
    bones. I was afraid...terrified...
    It's the 27th. The fight to stay alive continues. I took out several 
    zombies who managed to break through the barricades. Now I'm cutting 
    through the chill with whisky, unloading my Mossberg on anything undead. 
    That shotgun's become a close friend of mine. I've blasted many a zombie 
    into fertilizer with it.
    We've lost 13 mean as of yesterday, in three hours we'll bicker over 
    trivial things in the meeting room. It's a total waste of time. When I 
    finish this bottle, my old friend Mossberg will be turning one last body 
    into fertilizer.
    Peace at last.
    I can hardly wait...
    Location: In the sewers, depending on the scenario you will have to 
              retrieve the Wolf Medal from the clutches of several 
              disemboweled bodies. Search some more around the gruesome 
              sight, and you should be able to easily find this file as 
    #FILE 03/16
    Orders for Special Agent Hunk are as follows: 
    Penetrate Umbrella research facility located outside of raccoon city. 
    Recover G-virus sample from Dr. William Birkin. You are authorized to 
    use any means necessary to secure this sample.
    Upon recovery, sample is to be delivered to Loire Village. Failure on 
    this mission is NOT an option.
    French Division
    R&D Facility Head Manager
    Christine Henri
     4.  "UMBRELLA MEMO"
    Location: The Umbrella Memo is in the room in the east area of the 
              underground lab that requires the lab card key. It is also the 
              room where you need to get the base vaccine in Claire A. 
              (thanks goes to rebelxb@aol.com for this)
    #FILE 11/16
    Dear Dr. Birkin,
       It has come to my attention that we are currently experiencing a 
    shortage of APL-14. To counteract this problem I am asking you and 
    several other labs to donate five cases of APL-14 to our facility 
       For your information, we have discovered, that our base of the South 
    Pole, in Antarctica, is primarily responsible for this shortage. 
       We are currently taking steps to prevent this from happening in the 
    future. And don' worry, the Ashford's reputation is now irreparably 
       Your quick response is greatly appreciated.
    Joel Allman
    USA Branch
    September 15
    Location: In the brown hallway that leads to the room where you received 
              the Cog Wheel, there is a green door. Go inside, defeat the 
              licker if you must, and continually search the desk. Bingo...
    #FILE 12/16
       As I write this, my hands shake with both anger and fear. The 
    civilians of the town have been blockaded by the military. And though I 
    sigh for the survivors of the town, I still feel that it's the best 
    decision. They cannot take the chance of the disease spreading any 
       I am going to make it my top priority to discover what has causes 
    this incredibly dangerous incident. So far, I have only concluded that 
    the disease is not airborne.
     6.  "JILL'S NOTE"
    Location: Inside the S.T.A.R.S office room, search the desk near where 
              you received Chris' diary. Voila!
    #FILE 08/16
       It all began as an ordinary day in September. An ordinary day in 
    Raccoon City. A city controlled by Umbrella.
       No one dared to oppose them. That and the lack of strength would 
    ultimately lead to their destruction.
       I suppose they had to suffer the consequences of their actions, but 
    there would be no forgiveness afterwards. If only they had the courage 
    to fight...
       But it's true that once the wheels of justice begin to turn, nothing 
    can stop them. Nothing.
     7.  "ROBERT'S NOTE"
    Location: In the gunshop, search the counter in front of the broken 
              glass casings. You can clearly see it before even reaching it 
              (thanks goes to Kevin -- nivek81@hotmail.com -- for this one)
    #FILE 04/16
       How could this have happened Barry? The town's been overrun by 
    zombies and has literally become a nightmare on earth.
       As you know, my concern for this town us as great as your own. I have 
    waited for your arrival on the assumption you were still in the area, 
    but the threat of my shop being overwhelmed by zombies has become too 
       I've already distributed the majority of the weapons and ammunition 
    to the town's survivors, including the Raging Bull you special ordered. 
    I hope you understand, given the circumstances.
       At any rate, I have no intention of pointlessly sacrificing my life 
    and will be retreating to Stone Ville.
       If you get this message, meet me there. We'll go fishing...
    Robert Kendo
     8.  "BRAD'S NOTE"
    (Thank K JOHNSTON <mysti@escape.ca> for this one)
    Location: In the "B" game, make your way to the front of the police 
              station, where you would normally find the Brad Vicker's 
              zombie if you were to make it there without picking up any 
              items in the "A" game. Now, there is a small piece of paper 
    #FILE 10/16
       It's that monster in the black suit again! Why does that thing keep 
    chasing me?! What did I do? This must be someone's sick idea of a joke.
       If I knew things were going to end up like this, I would have left 
    the S.T.A.R.S. team a long time ago. But whining won't help me now. I 
    know I'm finished...
       Oh...In my hometown Delucia, I bet the flowers are in bloom. If I 
    could only see them once more before I die...
    - Brad Vickers
     9.  "JILL'S REPORT"
    (credit goes to Sir Raz: sir_raz@yahoo.com)
    Location: This is found in the filing room where you have to get the 
              square crank. 
    #FILE 01/16
    July 24, 1998
    Raccoon Forest:
       The following documents were obtained at a sanitarium owned by 
    Umbrella Corp.:
           "Umbrella Bio Organic Weapon Publicity Material"
                     Dev.  Code:  MA-39  Cerberus
                     Dev.  Code:  MA-121 Hunter
                     Dev.  Code:  Fi-3   Neptune
                     Dev.  Code:  T-002  Tyrant
       In addition to the above.  It is believed that several other B.O.W. 
    were created by means of accidental infection.
       During the course of the tests.  It was discovered that the contagion 
    is not limited to human beings, and may pose a hazardous risk to plant 
    and animal lifeforms.
       Effective means of controlling this contagion have yet to be
    Raccoon City Police Department
    S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team
    Jill Valentine
    (credit goes to Sir Raz: sir_raz@yahoo.com)
    Location: This is found in the library on the upper part near
              the 3rd floor.
    #FILE 16/16
    City Guide No. 12
    -A Brief Look-
       Hello and welcome to Raccoon City!  As you will notice, our city is a 
    clean and private town dedicated to families. Raccoon City has partnered 
    with our friends at Umbrella Inc., in order to generate unprecedented 
    growth and stability.  Umbrella Inc.  is a highly regarded and well
    funded organization that cares about its employees.  They have helped to 
    create many public facilities to make this city a safer place for 
      As we look to the future, I will continue to support Umbrella Inc. in 
    terms of new business developments.
      Please enjoy your stay in my lovely city.  Thank you.
    Michael Warren
    Raccoon City Mayor
     11.  "MERCENARY'S LOG"
    (credit goes to Mr. Cactus <WalknCacts@aol.com> for this one)
    Location: Start a "B" game. In the streets, before getting any items or 
              keys, you will find a hotdog stand in the background. Walk up 
              to it and search near the glimmering item. Ta da!
    #FILE 6/16
      September 1st,
       Following six months of intensive training, my body's edge had 
    returned. I was a good soldier, but they ordered my execution with no 
    reason given. I was tortured and forced to give a false confession.
       But on the morning of my execution, a miracle happened. The company 
    had helped me out, giving me a second lease on life.
      September 15th,
       I ended my vacation short and returned to the HQ office. It looks 
    like my UBCS unit's been called into action. Umbrella maintains its own 
    paramilitary unit to counter corporate terrorism and V.I.P. abduction. 
    In addition, they have nightmen who specialize in handling problems 
    caused by illegal operations. 
       I'm currently a member of the latter.
      September 28th,
       Dawn's here, but we're still slogging through this nightmare. There 
    are no provisions of any kind here. The undead walk the streets feeding 
    upon the flesh of the living.
       Given the choice again, I would rather have been executed. Death row 
    was a heavenly asylum compared to this place. 
       I've chosen to pull the trigger myself, in the hope that my dead body 
    won't come back to life.
    Location: In the "B" game, go to Umbrella's secret laboratory, to the 
              room with the G-Virus vaccine sythensither. On one of the 
              tables is a small, tan envelope: pick it up (beware, you'll 
              need to pick up a typewriter ribbon in the process).
    #FILE 13/16
       The Mother Virus was first discovered by Ozwell E. Spencer. And it 
    was him, who founded Umbrella Inc.. As time passed, Spencer's research 
    was succeeded to Dr. J. Marcus. However, Dr. Marcus abused his power and 
    had to be fired.
       Following Dr. Marcus came Dr. William Birkin. Dr. Birkin's 
    experiments delivered many outstanding results including the T-virus. It 
    is presumed that he will be finishing work on the more powerful G-virus 
    in the near future.
       Currently, research on the Mother Virus takes place at our 
    laboratories all over the world. In the near future, we hope to discover 
    many new viruses.
    Kevin Ventullo <nivek81@hotmail.com>: For the location of "Rebecca's 
    Note" and "Robert's Note". Thanks a lot!
    Joe Ferree <evil_duke_nukem@hotmail.com>: Robert's note, also.
    <rebelxb@aol.com>: For the location of the Umbrella Memo. 
    Sir Raz <sir_raz@yahoo.com>: The entire "Jill's Report" and "Raccoon 
    City Pamphlet" documents.
    K JOHNSTON" <mysti@escape.ca>: For information pertaining to the 
    location of "Brad's Note."
    Mr. Cactus <WalknCacts@aol.com>: The location of the "Mercenary's Log" 
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