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    Leon Scenario 1 Guide by Mr. Black

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/13/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ______  _____  ____  ___  _____  _____  __   _  _____
    [   _  \[   __]/ ___][   ][     \[   __]|  \ | |[_   _]
     | |_|_| | [__ | [__  | |  | || | | [__ |   \| |  | |
     |    \  |  __]\__  \ | |  | || | |  __]|      |  | |
     | |\  | | [__  __] | | |  | || | | [__ | |\   |  | |
    [__][__][_____][____/[___][_____/[_____]|_| \__|  |_|
     _____  _   _  ___  __         ______
    [   __]| | | |[   ]|  |       /  _   | 
     | [__ | | | | | | |  |      /__/_/ _/
     |  __]| \_/ | | | |  |        _/ _/
     | [__  \   /  | | |  |_      /  /___
    [_____]  \_/  [___]|____]    |_______]
    { BY MR. BLACK }
    - Version 1.5 (Final) -
    1) Introduction
    2) Version History
    3) Before you Start
    4) A Note on Herbs
    5) The Walkthru
    6) Epilogue
        6a) Challenges
        6b) Plot Bodges and Game Glitches
    7) The End (Legal Stuff)
    Resident Evil 2. A game that needs no introduction. 
    Wait a minute. Aw, crap, I just gave it one. What a waste of time.
    Incidentally, I've only just finished writing this guide for Resident 
    Evil 2, and it's the 3rd of August, 2000. Why so late? Because I wanted 
    to find EVERYTHING in the game. Of course, being lazy didn't help much 
    When I finally finished the walkthru for Leon's A Scenario, I realised 
    that it was pretty damn huge. So, instead of doing one big walkthru, for 
    both of Leon and Claire's scenarios, I'm doing each scenario at a time, 
    with it's own walkthru, and you're reading the first one now.
    *** In this document, the whole document is referred to as 'the guide'. 
    It is only 'The Walkthru' of the document section that is referred to as 
    'the walkthru' ***
    (note: this is a fairly big text file, and Notepad may not be capable of 
    running it. Try running it in Wordpad instead.)
    Version 1.0:    - Finished 1st draft of guide.
    Version 1.1:    - Added the version history section.
                    - Realised I'd bodged up with the names of the 
                      modified HANDGUN, SHOTGUN, and MAGNUM, and promptly 
                      changed them from COMBAT HANDGUN/SHOTGUN/MAGNUM to 
                      CUSTOM HANDGUN/SHOTGUN/MAGNUM. Just so you know.
                    - Minor modifications to walkthru section.
                    - Changed legal section according to Gamefaqs' 
    Version 1.2:    - Modifications to several sections.
                    - General tidying up of whole guide.
    Version 1.3:    - Change legal section AGAIN, from now on, I won't 
                      accept requests from sites wanting to post this 
    Version 1.4:    - Minor modifications to Walkthru and legal section.
    Version 1.5
    (Final):        - Realised there's not much else to do to this guide, 
                      and I'm perfectly happy with it. So I've decided to 
                      lay it to rest in it's final version and work on 
                      some other FAQS. I've changed it just a little bit, 
                      but I just want everyone to know that this guide 
                      won't be updated anymore. Sniff. Also, 
                      contradicting the comment in the introduction 
                      above, I probably WON'T be "doing" the other three 
                      scenarios, 'coz I've been bogged down with 
                      schoolwork and other FAQs. Sorry! :)
    Right then, plucky adventurers. I'll divulge a few tips that you should 
    at least browse through before you start laying waste to the legions of 
    undead that plague Raccoon City.
    1) Choose the right gun. Believe me, dispatching a zombie with a Custom 
    Magnum is *not* efficient. Sure, it'll kill him, but so will four or 
    five pistol rounds. Seeing as you get thousands of pistol ammo boxes 
    lying around, it's best to save the heavy ordnance for the bosses.
    2) Conserve your ammo. Loose off as many pistol shots as you want, but 
    beware - the next baddie is just around the corner. What are you gonna 
    do if you haven't got enough ammo to take care of him? Stare him down?
    3) Reload after every encounter. There's nothing worse than facing off a 
    Licker when your shotgun's empty. It's a simple matter of going to the 
    menu screen and combining the bullets with the gun.
    4) Heal yourself. Always have at least one healing item with you. Many 
    enemies have attacks that can easily finish you off in one go if you're 
    on low to middling health.
    5) Listen. True RESI experts will quickly learn what a baddie sounds 
    like. Identifying the bad guy by it's cries will make you more prepared, 
    and hopefully, with the right gun.
    6)Look. Check any suspicious looking pieces of scenery for various 
    items, ie: ammo, health, anything.
    7)Smell. Only joking.
    8)Dodge. The best tactic when taking on enemies isn't to engage them in 
    combat, it's to avoid them. Learn each baddie's attack patterns, and 
    rather than wasting ammo, just run past them. Note that this won't work 
    with certain enemies, especially the boss characters that you *have* to 
    9) Rest. It's okay to take a breather or two in RESI 2 to organise your 
    items. If you're worried about the zombies getting you while you muck 
    about with your item list, do it in a save room. In RESI 2 'save room' 
    is usually synonymous with 'safe room', so if a room has a typewriter 
    and item box, it's almost always devoid of enemies.
    10) Organise. When you're off to fight a boss or collect a key item, 
    make sure that you're properly kitted out for the task; for fighting 
    bosses take plenty of ammo, your best guns, and healing items, for item 
    collecting, take the same kind of things, but ensure that you've got 
    enough empty spaces to pick up whatever it is you're after. If it's your 
    first time playing, treat every boss encounter and key item collection 
    as a mini expedition from a save room. Before you go, kit yourself out, 
    go and kill the boss/get the item, then come back to a save room and 
    save your game. Perform the process again and again. You should find 
    this makes your life a whole lot easier.
    During your adventure, you'll enevitably come across three different 
    types of herb, namely Green, Red, and Blue. Now, these items are healing 
    items of average strength on their own, but to get the really good 
    results, you'll have to go all D.J. and MIX.
    You see, by using the Combine option in the item menu, you can mix two 
    of more herbs together, to create some slightly dubious-looking powders, 
    ready for ingestion. These concoctions are more often than not a vast 
    improvement on the single herb medicine-wise, but to get the desired 
    effect, you'll need to know what mixture of herbs does what. So, I've 
    compiled this nice little chart for your herb-related perusal:
    1 Green:                      Light healing
    1 Red:                        No use on it's own
    1 Blue:                       Cures Poison
    2 Green:                      Medium healing
    3 Green:                      Full healing
    1 Green + 1 Red:              Full healing
    1 Green + 1 Blue:             Light healing + Cures Poison
    2 Green + 1 Blue:             Medium healing + Cures Poison
    1 Green + 1 Red + 1 Blue:     Complete healing + Cures Poison
    See? Pretty self-explanatory actually, once you realise what each single 
    herb does. Remember, you can't put more than three herbs together in one 
    In the walkthru, I've given detailed information about more or less 
    whatever you come across, plus, where to find every item. However, for 
    the shocks and set-pieces, I'll place this precursor: 
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    for those who want to experience them for theirselves. Also, when 
    referring to a weapon or item, I've displayed them in CAPITALS, for 
    easier reference. Locations within the game have been displayed in 
    <BRACKETED CAPITALS>, again, for easier reference.
    Now for the walkthru. Prepare to descend into the ultimate horror that 
    is Raccoon City..... MWA HA HA HAAAAA!!!!! Ahem.
    Leon's 'A' Scenario
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Watch the intro to see how Leon comes to Raccoon City and meets Claire 
    for the first time. Exhilarating sequence follows as the stricken truck 
    hurtles towards them - and they escape just in time. Lucky, that.
    - ShOcKeR!!! - 
    You start the game with the HANDGUN, a terrible weapon that fires as 
    slow as anything and does minimal damage, but does well for the zombies 
    that you'll first encounter. It'll be your primary weapon for the first 
    part of the game. On easy mode, it comes with a stash of 120 bullets 
    (which will rapidly decrease, trust me) and 18 in the clip. 
    You'll also be in possession of the KNIFE, which, quite frankly, is a 
    pointless addition that does virtually no damage to enemies whatsoever. 
    Get rid of it as soon as possible.
    You'll instantly encounter your first enemy, the...
    MALE ZOMBIE - Bog-standard cannon fodder. They shamble around like, 
    well, zombies, and have a medium strength attack, which is to grab you 
    and start chowing down on your neck. If this happens, bash the fire, run 
    and aim buttons to push them away. Their other attack is to grab your 
    ankle when they're on the floor. Perform the same button bashing 
    technique, and you'll squish their head under your trendy trainers. As 
    for their toughness, they very resilient. They can take around five 
    HANDGUN bullets to kill, and that's on easy difficulty. If, however, you 
    aim for their midriffs with the SHOTGUN, you can literally blow them in 
    half. Then their top halves crawl along the floor to try and get your 
    ankle. Much later, when you get the MAGNUM, you can shoot their heads 
    off, killing them instantly. Yummy. They come in many cool flavours - 
    white shirt, denim jeans, cop, and on fire, to name but a few.
    Get moving quickly, as although these zombies are few in number, they'll 
    finish you off in no time if you hang around, plus they'll have 
    reinforcements from the burning truck. Dodge past them, the street is 
    wide enough for you to have room to manoeuvre. Make your way left, to 
    the end of the street, where it will branch off. There'll be few more 
    zombies here, but again, they're easy to avoid. Go into the <GUN SHOP> 
    with the black jeep outside.
    <GUN SHOP>
    As soon as you move, the shopkeeper will pull a SHOTGUN on you and 
    interrogate you. When he realises that you are a human, you can move 
    around the shop. Go to the counter nearest the window, and take the...
    HANDGUN BULLETS - You'll be seeing a lot of these. They add an extra 15 
    bullets to the ammo pool for your HANDGUN. They're hidden everywhere, so 
    check all over the place.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    The zombies burst through the window and put a grisly end to the 
    shopkeeper in a gory setpiece. The world is surely better off for it.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Thank the zombies by killing them with your HANDGUN. Make a tactical 
    retreat if need be. Move behind the counters for a better position. Once 
    they're all dead (look for the blood pools), move towards the shopkeeper 
    and inspect his body twice to find the...
    SHOTGUN - Almost infinitely more powerful than the HANDGUN, this will 
    finish off the zombies with one shot. However, ammo is scarce, so watch 
    out. It's best to save it for the harder enemies. If you do use it on 
    the zombies, aim upwards just before firing to remove their heads and 
    get a definite kill. Kick ass.
    Apart from another box of HANDGUN BULLETS near the other counter, 
    there's nothing else here. Leave via the other door.
    If, by chance, you didn't take the bullets in the gun shop, you'll hear 
    the zombies murder the shopkeeper just as you move away from the door. 
    Go back in to retrieve the SHOTGUN and HANDGUN BULLETS. You'll still 
    have to kill the zombies, mind, and they'll be in different places. 
    Anyway, run down the alley, but stop at the basketball court's gate. 
    Shoot through the wire mesh fence with the HANDGUN to kill the two 
    zombies standing within. You'll find that the door is unopenable, so 
    continue down the alley. At some point, another zombie will break down 
    the gate and come after you. Ignore him for now, and go to the end of 
    the alley, where you'll find a white van. Search it for HANDGUN BULLETS, 
    then kill the zombie and enter the basketball court. Run past the one 
    remaining zombie, and go through the door.
    Go up the green metal stairs and around the balcony. Go down again, and 
    climb up onto the dumpster. From here, pick off the...
    FEMALE ZOMBIE - The same as the male zombie, but for some reason, 
    slightly weaker. (Feminists - your quarrel is with Capcom, not with me)
    ... and her male counterpart. Run past the rest, and through another 
    door we go.
    Quickly now, run past the zombies feasting on the corpse and hop in the 
    crashed bus, taking no time *at all* to chuckle at the nice man in the 
    cafe with chair legs protruding from his abdomen. Hee, hee, hee...
    Ooh, spooky music. Firstly, check the back for some HANDGUN BULLETS. 
    Dispatch the female zombie on the floor with your HANDGUN. Proceed 
    through the bus, and kill the zombie with his guts hanging out. Seeing 
    as there's no space to manoeuvre, you'll more than likely have to kill 
    them both rather than dodge them.
    This bus is pretty gory, with smashed heads everywhere, so exit quickly 
    if you're of a nervous disposition.
    Several zombies litter this small section, so just run past them, 
    through the gate, and into the...
    Before we start exploring the main part of the game, here's a little 
    secret. If, by some marvellous gaming feat (hah!), you managed to get 
    here without picking up *any* items, there'll be a super-tough zombie 
    down in the lower passage here. (For those who care, this is Brad 
    Vickers, a S.T.A.R.S. member who was in RESI 1 and is killed rather 
    violently by the Nemesis in RESI 3) Upon defeat, he'll relinquish the 
    SPECIAL KEY, which can unlock a secret costume later on. Meanwhile, 
    either kill or avoid the two zombies on the grass. There lies the 
    splendour of the Raccoon Police Department's front door. Check the 
    hedges at the back for...
    GREEN HERBS - Standard healing stuff. Restores a fairly small portion of 
    your health.
    Enter the station, or, if you fancy a bit more death, examine the gate 
    opposite to reveal a secret screen containing some more zombies. 
    Pointless, but interesting nonetheless.
    Wow, isn't it huge? There's lots to do here, but for some reason two of 
    the doors won't flippin' open. Something must be done. Proceed first to 
    the reception desk where you can take some more HANDGUN BULLETS and 
    INK RIBBON - These come in packs of two or three, depending on the 
    difficulty setting, and allow you to save the game. When you have one in 
    your inventory, use a typewriter. Simple as that. 
    Try all three doors. The one that does open... er... opens.
    Don't get any ideas - the room's been trashed and there's a half-dead 
    cop on the floor. 
    - ShOcKeR!!! - 
    The cop reveals what happened, involving the RESI 1 incident and the 
    zombies appearing in Raccoon City. He's about to cop it, so he tells 
    Leon to go on and leave him, and to try and rescue any other survivors.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    The cop gives you a BLUE CARD KEY at the end of his speech, which'll 
    open those stubborn doors.
    The cop locks the door behind you (I don't know how he manages to get 
    across the room that fast), so that room's out of bounds for a while. 
    Still, you've got plenty to do. Use the BLUE CARD KEY on the computer to 
    open the doors. Go through the one on the left-hand side of the hall.
    Pick up the POLICE MEMORANDUM on the bench, and go to the box-like chest 
    in the corner. These chests (which are scattered across the game) are 
    used as a kind of extended inventory where you can store extra items. 
    Open it to reveal three..
    FIRST AID SPRAYS - These are invaluable, because they restore your 
    health to maximum. They are quite rare, unfortunately.
    Take as many FIRST AID SPRAYs as you want (they'll not be here on normal 
    hardness or above), get rid of the useless KNIFE, then... carefully... 
    slowly... walk behind the screen at the end of the room...
    - ShOcKeR!!! - 
    Aaah! What was that?! You'll find out soon enough... hahaha...
    - ShOcKer!!! - 
    The desk next to you is locked, so go through the door. We'll open it 
    later when we have the right key.
    This is where you'll meet that mysterious creature that you saw just 
    then. If you listen, you can hear drip-drip-drip... Arm your shotgun, 
    and move down the corridor. Round the corner you can see a dead body. 
    Inspect it. "It's head seems to have been twisted off." Inspect it again 
    for HANDGUN BULLETS. Move further still, and you'll see blood dripping 
    from the ceiling into a puddle on the floor. Go closer, I DARE you.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Following the scary cutscene, the hideous creature drops down from the 
    ceiling to attack. Meet the...
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    LICKER - These monstrosities are tougher, faster, stronger and smarter 
    than zombies. They crouch right down on the floor, so you'll have to aim 
    down to hit them. They can attack in three ways. One attack is simply 
    where they crawl up to you and hack your legs. The second is to spear 
    you with their long tongue. The last, and most lethal, is to launch a 
    flying leap at you before slicing into your neck. This can kill you in 
    one go, but luckily you can tell if they're going to do it, because they 
    crouch on their hind legs before jumping. The best weapon to use is the 
    SHOTGUN. Two blasts'll send the bugger to mutant hell.
    Changed your trousers yet? Good. If you try to open the first door, 
    you'll find that it's locked, so carry on the way you were going, take 
    the handily placed GREEN HERBs if you were wounded in the fight, and 
    open the next door.
    What happened here? Seems like the whole place has been barricaded up... 
    Follow the corridor round halfway, and go through the double doors.
    This place has been wrecked, but there's plenty to get here. Take the 
    OPERATION REPORT 1 from the desk, and go behind the screen at the back. 
    Use the LIGHTER on the fireplace to get the RED GEM. This is essential 
    later on. Search the mess at the far end of the screen for some HANDGUN 
    BULLETS. Now, go back to the...
    This time, go all the way around to reach the...
    Quickly move towards the female zombie, kill her, and take her position 
    to finish off the other zombies that advance. Leave the one hiding round 
    the corner alone, he's easy to dodge. Instead of going up the stairs, go 
    round the corner that the zombie's hiding in, to find some GREEN HERBs 
    and a door to the...
    If you got the SPECIAL KEY from Brad Vickers, use it on the tall locker 
    here to get Leon's alternative costumes. One makes him look like a 
    street punk, giving him shades, a baseball cap, a T-shirt, and jeans (it 
    also makes him fire his HANDGUN sideways-on, gangsta-style). The other 
    turns Leon into a biker, with jacket and drainpipe jeans. You can 
    continually revisit this locker, so if you fancy a change of clothes 
    halfway through, all you need to do is come back here.
    The filing cabinet holds some HANDGUN BULLETS, and you should take the 
    OPERATION REPORT 2 and INK RIBBONs from the desk. This is also where 
    you'll come to develop any films that you might find, using them on the 
    developing fluid bath in the side room. Go back to the...
    Up the stairs to the...
    Ignore the first door, it won't open. Now comes a pretty cool little 
    puzzle. Push the red and blue statues onto the pressure pads at the 
    opposite ends, so that they're looking at the statue of the bloke in the 
    middle of the room. If nothing happens, make sure the statues are dead 
    centre by nudging them around until it makes a *clunk* sound. When it's 
    right, the statue in the middle will drop another RED GEM. When you've 
    got it, go through the door.
    Nothing to do here except polish off the three zombie cops. 
    Mmmm....satisfying. Enter the door with the S.T.A.R.S. sign outside.
    <S.T.A.R.S. OFFICE>
    Tons of stuff in here. The large cabinet in the top corner contains 
    another SHOTGUN, the small cabinet to the right of the right-most desk 
    offers a FIRST AID SPRAY, and the middle desk will relinquish CHRIS'S 
    DIARY and the UNICORN MEDAL. Take both, and Claire will appear and speak 
    to you. Now, if you want some hardcore secret stuff, listen up. Search 
    the top desk, the one that says: "It's trashed. Someone must have 
    searched the desk." when examined. Search this 50, yes, *50* times to 
    reveal a FILM, that can be developed in the <DARK ROOM>. It's a rather 
    sexy shot of a young girl in a tight vest crouching next to a 
    basketball. Once you've cleared this room out, exit.
    The other door requires a SPADE KEY, so we'll have to backtrack. Go back 
    to the...
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Tread carefully - this corridor is a lot more dangerous now. At two 
    points here, zombies from outside will thrust their hands through the 
    gaps in the boards to try and grab you. If they get you, tap all the 
    buttons quickly to release their grip.
    - ShOcKeR!!! - 
    Run through, and return again to the...
    Go up to the slab in front of the statue of the lady and use the UNICORN 
    MEDAL. After a brief cutscene, you'll be rewarded with the SPADE KEY. 
    Instead of going all the way back to the S.T.A.R.S. OFFICE CORRIDOR, go 
    through the other door that the BLUE CARD KEY unlocked.
    There are six zombies here. The best way to kill them is to aim at their 
    heads with the SHOTGUN, and see how many you can take off with one shot. 
    Finish the rest with your HANDGUN. Go through the nearest door.
    Kill the zombies, but watch out for the one playing dead on the floor. 
    Take the INK RIBBON from near the printer (you can't save here), and the 
    HANDGUN BULLETS from the dead guy in the small side corridor. Go then 
    into the small office. There's a GREEN HERB hidden behind the desk. Then 
    open the safe with the combination - 2236 (you should already know this 
    from one of the REPORTs that you've picked up). Inside, you'll find a 
    POLICE STATION MAP, and your first box of SHOTGUN SHELLS. 
    The door next to the dead guy leads to a fire escape which acts as a 
    thoroughfare between this and a higher floor. There's some GREEN HERBs 
    there, but the top door's locked. Fear not, as you'll have the chance to 
    unlock it later. Leave through the door by which you came in.
    There is yet another GREEN HERB next to the drinks machines. Go through 
    the other door.
    Don't worry, no spooky hands reaching through to grab you here, but 
    there are a few more zombies. You'll probably have to kill them, seeing 
    as there's not much room to manoeuvre through due to the narrow walls. 
    After the corridor's safe, you can pick up a new item, the...
    RED HERB - These don't do anything on their own, but as I described in 
    the "Note on Herbs", these can be combined with other herbs to form more 
    potent healing items.
    Two of the doors are locked, so open the remaining one.
    You can see items through the glass, but you'll have to make do with the 
    SMALL KEY on the desk for now. Now that you have this, plus the 
    essential SPADE KEY, make the trek back to the...
    Now you can unlock the other door. It opens into the...
    Search the shelves for a PATROL REPORT, the 'visual material' cabinet 
    for INK RIBBONs, and the other cabinet at the end of the row for some 
    ammo for your trusty HANDGUN. Then push the movable ladder to that self-
    same cabinet. Hop up and claim the CRANK. 
    Now to open another SPADE KEY door, back in the...
    The door in question leads to the...
    I'm running out of names for corridors now. Flatten the zombies with one 
    blast from your SHOTGUN. Down the spooky red-lit corridor, you can grab 
    some HANDGUN BULLETS from under the locker, but the real treat lies in 
    the small red desk before one of the doors. This can be unlocked with 
    the SMALL KEY, and inside you find the incredibly useful...
    HANDGUN PARTS - Combine these with the HANDGUN to form the...
    CUSTOM HANDGUN (C. HANDGUN) - A semi-automatic extension for the 
    HANDGUN. It can be set to AUTO (which fires three shots in one blast, 
    and, consequently, eats up three bullets) or MANUAL (one shot) in the 
    inventory. It's much more effective than the HANDGUN, so keep it on AUTO 
    all the time, unless I indicate otherwise. Okay?!?
    Now that you've acquired this cool gun, proceed through the door.
    Fiction or non-fiction? Hope you brought your library card. 
    This library holds a key item, but will only let you have it if you 
    solve a puzzle. The secret lies in those funky-looking bookshelves. 
    First things first, take the RED HERB from the table, and go up the 
    stairs. Ignore the door, and keep going round to the damaged part of the 
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    The flimsy wooden floor collapses, dropping you into a hidey-hole. A 
    vain attempt by the programmers to scare us - by now, our psyches are 
    fractured beyond repair, we no longer experience emotions, and we're all 
    merciless, bloodthirsty killers.
    - ShOcKeR!!! - 
    Look at the panel on the wall. It shows what looks like a bird's-eye-
    view of the bookcases. Once you've checked it out, push the small red 
    button. It pushes the bookcase out of the way.
    Now, you have to move the other bookcases into the pattern that was on 
    the panel by pushing the switches and choosing left or right. To do 
    this, move the left two cases one space right. This should open up the 
    panel and reveal the BISHOP PLUG.
    Take the double door to get to the...
    This area is, obviously, above the MAIN HALL. There's nothing essential 
    here, so just kill the zombies and move on. You can, however, drop the 
    emergency ladder, if you want. This provides quick access to the lower 
    floor. The door on the other side of the balcony leads to the...
    It's another save point. Here you can take the INK RIBBONs, SMALL KEY 
    and the SECRETARY'S DIARY. Onwards...
    (This SMALL KEY can be used to open the locked desk back in the first 
    <WAITING ROOM>, which holds a less-than-vital box of HANDGUN BULLETS. 
    Whether or not you go and get them is up to you.)
    There are two zombie cops here - one normal and the other on fire. He's 
    been set ablaze by a burning helicopter, half of which is sticking 
    through the wall. Seeing as this is blocking the route, take the other 
    You can hear cawing, so it's obvious that there's some kind of bird 
    CROW - Simple to kill. They require one HANDGUN bullet to top. They 
    don't go directly for you either, but if you get too near, they'll start 
    to peck at your head. Tap all the buttons to shake it off.
    That blue door that you can see is the other end of the fire escape that 
    leads to the OFFICE, so you can unlock to provide a useful shortcut.
    Check the dead guy's body for HANDGUN BULLETS after you've killed the 
    crows near him, and move round the corner.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Several crows suddenly smash through the windows, inspired by Alfred 
    Hitchcock's 'Birds', I'm sure. Finish them off with your C. HANDGUN.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Continue around, and go through the white door.
    No need to waste time, so just run down the stairs to the...
    Essentially just a zombie-killing section. Head to the shed-like 
    structure at the end of the path.
    A tiny room, but with lots to get. There's INK RIBBONs (plus a chance to 
    save), HANDGUN BULLETS, and a key item, the VALVE HANDLE, which you'll 
    use several times during the game.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    If you try to open the other door, a lay-dee zombie and her boyfriend 
    try to eat you. Don't bother shooting them, just run.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Go back to the...
    Behind the wire mesh fence, there's a valve. Use the newly-acquired 
    VALVE HANDLE on it to overload the pressure in the water tank and burst 
    it, extinguishing the flames on the chopper.
    Once done, steal the HANDGUN BULLETS from the wreckage, and zoom off 
    back to the...
    Now that the fire's out, it reveals a new door. Enter.
    <ART ROOM>
    It's too quiet... Oh well. There are lots of hidden items in here, but 
    first, let's get another two key items. One is plain to see - the 
    DIAMOND KEY on the stack of crates. The KING PLUG is obtained by 
    slotting the two RED GEMs into the necklaces of the women reliefs. Once 
    you do this, the big statue's chest pops open (!) to reveal a secret 
    The really well hidden items are located in the big white china pot near 
    the door (INK RIBBONs) and the crates opposite (SHOTGUN SHELLS).
    Now, do you remember the <BOARDED CORRIDOR 2>? Good chap. Off you trot.
    The previously inaccessable door here can now be opened with the shiny 
    pink DIAMOND KEY.
    Take the CORD, FIRST AID SPRAY, then the ROOK PLUG on the SHELF. Take a 
    couple of steps back towards the door, and prepare to crap yourself.
    - ShOcKeR!!! - 
    One of the cleverest shocks in the game. A licker bursts through the 
    two-way mirror to attack you. Marvellous idea - credit to Capcom. To 
    kill it, point your SHOTGUN down and fire twice. 
    I remember the first time I saw this - I was watching a friend play, and 
    we both knew that it would jump through as we had read about it in 
    computer mags and suchlike. However, my friend says "It's okay. As long 
    as I leave the FIRST AID SPRAY, it won't jump through." Lo and behold, 
    despite his 'good idea', it *did* jump through, causing both of us to 
    have mild heart attacks. I never forgave him for that.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Get out of here, and head aaaalll the way back to the...
    Go through the DIAMOND KEY door here which will open to the...
    There are loads of zombies in a tight space. Use the SHOTGUN if 
    necessary, and watch out for the ones behind the row of lockers. The 
    lockers themselves contain SHOTGUN SHELLS and a FILM. This particular 
    film is a shot of a blood-covered dismembered arm floating in fluid. I 
    can just imagine it on the cover of the next issue of Vogue.
    Before you go through the next door, arm your SHOTGUN, as you're about 
    to face the game's first boss character.
    Remember this? Remember the wounded cop? Can you guess who the boss is 
    gonna be? Click.
    There's a GREEN HERB here, useful if you're wounded in the fight ahead.
    He's in the smashed up office, lying on the floor.
    - ShOcKeR!!! - 
    A pleasant close-up of the cop regressing into a zombie. Beautiful. This 
    guy's tougher than most zombies, and the fact that he's right next to 
    you don't help much. Fire your SHOTGUN immediately, then when he's on 
    the floor, finish him with the C. HANDGUN.
    - ShOcKeR!!! - 
    When he's copped it (excuse the pun), nick his HEART KEY. This key only 
    unlocks one door, but it leads to a vast new area.
    Take the MEMO TO LEON (that's you, remember) from the desk, and acquire 
    *yet another* set of HANDGUN BULLETS from the large locker.
    Toddle off back to the...
    Go through the HEART KEY door to the...
    Two GREEN HERBS are readily available, and there are SHOTGUN SHELLS in 
    the shelves at the end. The door needs a CLUB KEY, so we'll just have to 
    flipping well find one, won't we? Maybe it's down those stairs...
    (extra ammo saving tip - you see the green electric box? Use the CORD on 
    it to prevent some zombies escaping here when you next enter the 
    library. If I'm not making any sense, read on - I'll explain fully 
    This is easily the scariest section of the game. Firstly, meet an new 
    acquaintance - the...
    DOG - Whether it's a zombie or not, I'm not really sure, but it is 
    tough. Tougher than it looks, actually. It takes two C. HANDGUN AUTO 
    blasts to kill. Using the SHOTGUN is quicker, but not effective. They 
    have only one attack, which is to leap and bite you. Try to shoot them 
    in mid-air.
    There are three of them. Once they're dead, you are free to explore the 
    <BASEMENT>. There are three doors that you can open. The one at the left 
    end of the fork is not worth going through - there's a RED HERB just 
    inside the door and a save room at the end, but you'll have to fight two 
    dogs concealed in dangerous places. If you *must* go through, just go 
    through the door, take the RED HERB, and come straight back into the 
    Ignore the big, brown double doors - we can open them later. The only 
    door that you really want is the one that has the big 'Parking' sign 
    - ShOcKeR!!! - 
    A few steps in, you'll be shot at by a woman called Ada Wong. She 
    misses, but recognises you as a human and says she's looking for a 
    reporter called Ben. She'll help you move the big police van blocking 
    one of the doors, so that you can proceed. She'll follow you for a 
    while, too. 
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    There is a GREEN HERB a little to the right of the van, by a large gate. 
    Go through the door that was revealed when you moved the van.
    Ada runs off, so follow her. She goes past the door, to the fencey thing 
    at the end of the corridor. Before entering, take the HANDGUN BULLETS 
    from the table.
    From the first vacant cell, you can take a GREEN HERB and a...
    BLUE HERB - These don't up your health, but heal poison. There are some 
    poison-inflicting enemies ahead, so it might be wise to take it.
    Go to the next cell, where you'll find...
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    ...Ben. Alive, too. He's locked himself in a cell to keep protected from 
    the zombies. Ada appears again and talks about her missing boyfriend 
    John. Ada runs off, Ben then tells you that there's a manhole in the 
    <KENNELS>, which can take you out of the city, but, as Ben says, "it 
    won't be easy".
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Take the MANHOLE OPENER from the cabinet, and travel back to the...
    Go into the door that you passed earlier. It leads to the...
    You can kill the dogs if you want, but they're trapped in their cages 
    and can't get you. Take the RED HERB next to the end kennel, and then 
    use the MANHOLE OPENER on the manhole cover to open an exit to the...
    Get out your SHOTGUN, as it's time to get jiggy wid da...
    SPIDER - Grotesque, vile, repulsive. These massive spiders will make 
    your skin crawl with their eerily realistic movement. They remain 
    dormant until you get too close, but when they see you, they're hard to 
    shake off - they crawl on the floor, walls, or ceilings to try and 
    either bite you or gob poisonous gunk on you. If you get hit by the 
    gunk, check your status in the inventory. If it reads 'Poison', then use 
    a BLUE HERB immediately, or else your health will slowly decrease. 
    Poison can't kill you, but it will eventually lower you to critical 
    health, where one hit will kill you. Spiders take two SHOTGUN blasts to 
    There's two spiders in this short section. Go up the stairs when they're 
    both dead.
    Simply pop through the first door to reach the...
    Take all of the PLUGs that you've got so far from the chest, take the 
    BLUE HERB from the floor, and go back outside to the...
    Into the next door we go.
    Fit all the plugs into the panel to find that you're one short. D'oh! Go 
    back to the...
    Hey! Ada's back. She offers to explore the vent, so you give her a leg-
    up. She crawls through the vent to the...
    Huh?! What's going on? Yes, folks, it's true. You get to control the 
    lovely Ada for a little while. She has a similar HANDGUN to Leon's, 
    except it fires faster and has a smaller clip of 13. She also has 45 
    On the other side of that door is the...
    Kill off the three dogs. Take the red lift in the cog-filled outhouse to 
    go to the...
    Take the SHOTGUN SHELLS, and go back to the...
    Take the door this time.
    Rip down the BASEMENT MAP from the wall, hop down the steps, and nudge 
    the crates around so that they're all up against the wall in a straight 
    line. Climb back up, and hit the switch. The water will rise, and the 
    crates will make a handy bridge leading across to a shelf that holds the 
    final station key, the CLUB KEY. Return to the...
    Ada will throw the CLUB KEY and SHOTGUN SHELLS back to Leon in the...
    You resume control of Leon, so pick up the items that Ada lobbed. Go all 
    the way back to the <BROKEN WINDOW CORRIDOR>, but take care whilst 
    traversing through the <BASEMENT CORRIDOR>, two flesh-hungry lickers 
    Unlock the CLUB KEY door at the top of the stairs. Go in, a marvellous 
    piece of kit is present therein.
    Take some SHOTGUN SHELLS from the third locker from the left, and then 
    look behind them. Gaze in awe. There lies the oh-so-groovy...
    MAGNUM - The best all-round gun in the game. Powerful, accurate, and 
    just damn good-looking. It does twice as much damage as the SHOTGUN, but 
    ammo is even rarer. It can hold 8 rounds, and you can find extra clips 
    of 8 rounds.
    Oh yeah, you can steal the WATCHMAN'S DIARY, too.
    For my next trick, I'll tell you how to open the penultimate key room. 
    It's miles away, in the...
    It's the futuristic blue door with the painting next to it. In you go...
    Is nothing sacred? Even this place has been trashed. There's a tricky 
    puzzle here. Firstly, use your lighter on the furnace-like thing next to 
    the three woman-shaped busts (oo-er). Then, turn the taps on the busts 
    in this order - middle, then right, then left. This knocks a G. COGWHEEL 
    out from the painting on the opposite wall. Take it, plus the FILM on 
    the desk right next to it.
    Now, we're off to get the final PLUG. It's in a room at the very top of 
    the cop shop, the CLOCK TOWER. Before we set off, make sure that the 
    CRANK and the G. COGWHEEL are in your inventory. Go to the...
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    As soon as you enter, there'll be a cutscene where you see hordes of 
    zombies pushing themselves through windows in the LICKER CORRIDOR and 
    the BROKEN WINDOW CORRIDOR. If you placed the CORD in the BROKEN WINDOW 
    CORRIDOR fuse box, the shutters will be down and the zombies can't get 
    in. Ha!
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Go through the door at the very top of the stairs.
    Go straight through the other door.
    Use the CRANK on the hole to lower the stairs, then put the G. COGWHEEL 
    in the assortment of cogs. Press the switch, and a big rusty door will 
    open next to you, revealing a dust chute. In a little hole behind the 
    door hides the elusive KNIGHT PLUG. The game then asks you if you want 
    to jump down the chute. Say yes, as it takes you back to the...
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    A rather sick cutscene shows Ben having a gobbet of flesh rammed down 
    his throat by some weird creature that looks strangely familiar... Look 
    at the filed Film A photograph to jog your memory.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    The game won't let you go through any other doors apart from the one 
    that leads to Benny boy, so tramp through that.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Although I think RESI 2's a smashing piece of gamery and all that, this 
    cutscene has more hammy acting than Charlton Heston himself. I will 
    demonstrate by relating it to you in a script fashion. Lights, camera... 
    Leon:	God, Ben, what happened? What was that sound?
    Ben:	Well, got the story, but, wouldn't you know it, I've flipping gone 
    and 	got myself inpregnated with a genetically mutated embryo.
    Leon:	Whoa, bummer.
    Ben:	Yeah. Turns out that the Chief of Police is a bit of a bent 
    copper. Read this!
    Ben:	Ouch, my chest. Oh well, time's up. Looks like I'm just about to 
    be brutally and violently ripped apart.
    Leon:	OK, then. Bye.
    Ada:	Hi, Leon. I'm off to the chemical plant. My boyfriend might be 
    there. Oh, yeah, by the way, what happened to Ben?
    Leon:	Ben? What Ben? Oh, right, him. Don't worry about it. Off you go, 
    then. I'll be with you in a tick.
    *EXIT ADA*
    Although *slightly* exaggerated, this is basically what happens. Utter 
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Read and file the MAIL TO THE CHIEF.
    Right then, we're almost done in the police station. All that remains is 
    to return to the...
    Go through the big brown double doors. They lead to the...
    Take the GREEN HERB and POLICE B1 MAP. Find the panel with the switches. 
    Flick the first up, the next down, then up, down, and finally up again. 
    This restores power to the card reader outside the <WEAPONS STORAGE>.
    Go back to the...
    Let's open the final CLUB KEY door. It leads to the gruesome...
    Run around to the cabinet at the end, to take the RED CARD KEY.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    The seemingly dead blokes around the floor spring to life! Send 'em back 
    to the other side with either the C. HANDGUN, or the SHOTGUN if they get 
    too close.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Return once more to the...
    Use the RED CARD KEY on the now-activated card reader to grant you 
    access to the fabulous...
    Ooh, sweet. First, scavenge all the ammo you can find. I count two cases 
    of HANDGUN BULLETS and one of SHOTGUN SHELLS. Then proceed to the 
    lockers at the end to discover the...
    SUB-MACHINE GUN - It ain't all it's cracked up to be. Instead of an ammo 
    counter, the SUB-MACHINE GUN has a ammo percentage which drops after you 
    fire each shot. It starts at 100%. The gun itself is pretty weak - yeah, 
    it's rapid firing, but it's only really useful for a short section. And 
    another disadvantage - if you take it now, it won't be there for Claire 
    in her 'B' Scenario. You've got to ask yourself this: do you *really* 
    want it? 
    Yeah, go on. Leave Claire to suffer. The thing is, in the small section 
    that it's useful for, it's VERY useful.
    You should also take the SIDEPACK, which adds an extra two spaces in 
    your inventory.
    Time to fight the first proper boss. Tramp back to the <GANTRY ROOM>, 
    but first place the KNIGHT PLUG and SUB-MACHINE GUN in your inventory if 
    you decided to take it, otherwise bring along the SHOTGUN or, even 
    better, the MAGNUM.
    Remember that gribbly embryo that burst out of Ben...?
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Here you can see it rapidly grow and mutate into one of the ugliest 
    buggers you're ever likely to see, what I like to call the... 
    INFANT TYRANT - This hulking great beast is slow, but tough. If you've 
    got the SUB-MACHINE GUN - easy. Just fire at it constantly, and when it 
    pukes up the little cockroaches, (talk about this to your family at the 
    tea-table for a guaranteed conversation piece) aim down to splat them. 
    After about 25% of the SUB-MACHINE GUN's ammo has been emptied, the 
    monster should have taken enough lead to kill it outright. However, if 
    you've only got the SHOTGUN or MAGNUM, you should fire away at it, but 
    when the cockroaches get near, switch to the C. HANDGUN on MANUAL and 
    kill them with one shot. Then resume fire on the big guy. His bug 
    friends will crawl up you and bite you if you get too close. Shake them 
    off in the normal fashion - tap all the buttons quickly. If you get too 
    close, he'll swipe at you with his powerful claws, but if he gets that 
    close, you're doing summat wrong.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Once it's dead, fit the final PLUG into the panel, opening the huge 
    door. Welcome to the...
    <SEWER 1>
    It's Ada again! She'll have a chat with you, after which you should 
    immediately exit through the only other door.
    <SEWER 2>
    Nothing to do here except take some BLUE HERBs. Hop up onto the step and 
    go through the door.
    Another save room. You'll probably want the HANDGUN BULLETS from the 
    small red cabinet and the SEWER MANAGER FAX from the table. There's the 
    usual INK RIBBONS near the typewriter as well.
    After getting all that, there's a secret door here. Push the silver 
    cupboard out of the way to reveal a ladder to the...
    It's pitch black, so to see any items you'll have to light the two gas 
    lamps with your LIGHTER. The light will reveal a clip of MAGNUM BULLETS 
    on one shelf, and SHOTGUN SHELLS on another. Take both, and return to 
    Go down the red lift.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    A mysterious lab-coated woman stands in the corridor. Ada follows her, 
    but she gets shot at. Leon, in hero mode, dives in front of Ada and 
    takes the bullet. He passes out due to shock.
    -ShOcKeR!!! -
    So, you get to control Ada again for a little while. Go through the 
    <SEWER 3>
    Firstly, run to the top of the screen, where there's an alcove 
    containing some slaughtered marines. Remember this place, as you'll have 
    to return here later as Leon. Go up the ladder.
    There are two icky spiders in the <SEWER 3>, which you should leave for 
    now. Your HANDGUN isn't that great against them, so it's much better to 
    wait until you can wipe them out with Leon's more powerful weapons. 
    Besides, you don't need to go near them.
    As soon as you get up the ladder, RUN. If you wait around, loads of 
    giant cockroaches will swarm from a grating. They can finish you off 
    surprisingly quickly. There's another ladder at the end, so burn rubber.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    The weirdo scientist lady reveals her identity as Annette Birkin, and 
    Ada finds out that John's dead. Also, it turns out that the freaky 
    mutant thing that blew up Ben is Annette hubby! Bet she didn't expect 
    that when she tied the knot. There follows a lengthy cutscene which 
    tells all about the G and T-Viruses.
    Still don't get it? Okay, here's the deal...
    The T-Virus (in it's present, mutated state) is the one that turns 
    people into zombies. It has been transmitted to people around Raccoon 
    City by rats, after it's canister is dropped in the sewer.
    The G-Virus is the one that turns William into a huge mutant. It can 
    revive dead cells, and rewrite genetic structures. William injects the 
    G-Virus into himself after he's shot by the marines, so that he isn't 
    killed. Those marines were after the G-Virus for some reason, which will 
    undoubtedly be later explained.
    After the cutscene, Ada and Annette have a little brawl, which results 
    in Annette being thrown off the gantry with a truly pathetic scream.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Run across the thin walkway to a balcony overlooking some trash. Go down 
    the ladder on the left of the screen.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Ada, having climbed down the ladder, notices something splash in the 
    water... fade to black...
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    We cut back to Leon in the...
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Leon hears Ada's terrified scream. It seems as if the female cast is 
    being killed off one by one (that's not a plot hint, by the way. There 
    isn't some kind of woman-killing maniac running around - just so you 
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Leon recovers from the shock of the bullet wound, and you regain control 
    of him. Go the same way that you did with Ada, to the...
    <SEWER 3>
    Remember that grisly alcove where we visited as Ada? Go there now, 
    ignoring the spiders. Search the bloody corpses for a WOLF MEDAL and a 
    box of SHOTGUN SHELLS. Then, kill both spiders. The SUB-MACHINE GUN is 
    very useful here, but not necessary. The vent that Ada went through is 
    blocked by a spinning fan, so you'll have to go through the other gate.
    <SEWER 4>
    It's wise to move straight away, because there's a spider right above 
    you, ready to gob some unpleasant sputum on you. Run towards the screen, 
    avoiding the other spider, and jump onto the step. Go through the large 
    metal double doors.
    There's an infinite supply of BLUE HERBS in the flower box inside the 
    door, for use if you got poisoned by the spiders you just ran past. 
    You'll need to use the VALVE HANDLE in the slot to lower the gantry. 
    Make sure that once you're across, you use the VALVE HANDLE on the other 
    slot to raise the gantry to it's original position for later use. There 
    are GREEN HERBs on the floor, and SHOTGUN SHELLS, INK RIBBONS, and a 
    typewriter on the desk, for your own, personal, exclusive use.
    The door next to the desk leads to the...
    You're real close to another boss, but don't worry if you didn't bring 
    your most powerful guns. Run to the big brown door at the end of the 
    Ada's alive! But... what's she shooting at?
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    CRIPES! Bet you weren't expecting that!! That sure is one...
    GIANT ALLIGATOR - Blimey. How the hell are you supposed to kill that 
    thing?!?  No matter how many bullets you put in it, it just keeps on 
    It's actually very, very, easy. You COULD empty all your guns into it, 
    but this is a frightful waste of ammo. The sneaky way is to run back 
    through the corridor, and press the small red-lit switch on the wall. 
    This drops an emergency gas cylinder onto the floor. Take a few steps 
    back, equip your C. HANDGUN, point it at the alligator, and wait. The 
    alligator will scoop up the cylinder in it's mouth. Wait another two 
    seconds or so, then fire one shot.
    The gas cylinder explodes - and it takes half of the alligator's head 
    with it! Hooray! A seemingly impossible boss taken care of with one 
    HANDGUN bullet!
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Go back to whence it came. Flick the switch on the wall to unlock the 
    The right-hand rubbish pile has some INK RIBBONS in. Climb onto the step 
    to talk with Ada again and have your wounds healed. Go up the ladder, 
    and be quick about it.
    Go up the sloping walkway to find another dead guy. This one holds the 
    second medal, the EAGLE MEDAL. There's also a SEWER MANAGER DIARY on the 
    control panel. Now slow the fan down by using the VALVE HANDLE on the 
    panel at the base of the ladder and climb up into the shaft. Go through 
    to the...
    <SEWER 3>
    There are now three corpses on the floor that weren't there before. 
    These are actually zombies playing dead. Run past them, through the 
    door, to the...
    <SEWER 4>
    Fit the two medals into their slots. This drains all the water and lets 
    you go through the door behind the waterfall.
    Terrfiying music. Just run along to the next door. You may be slightly 
    perturbed by the mysterious thud above you that you hear halfway across.
    The panel on the right of the tram must be activated before you can 
    enter the tram. All aboard!
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    The mutated creature attacks! It's on top of the tram, and it tries to 
    kill you by stabbing it's claw through the tin-foil-like roof at various 
    places. Stand still, and when you see dust above you, move away. Your 
    shots will hurt it, but luckily Ada shoots at it too, so you can run 
    around without worrying about shooting. Eventually Ada will finish it 
    off, and the tram will reach it's destination.
    - ShOcKeR!!!-
    Turn left as soon as you exit, and you'll see a flare gun. Use your 
    LIGHTER on it so that it fires a flare into the darkness. This makes a 
    flash appear for a moment, and the light reveals the 'twinkle' of a 
    hidden item on the floor right next to you. Pick it up, it's a W. BOX 
    KEY, which will later be used to get a *very* powerful gun. Open the 
    In the meanwhile, before you get the *very* powerful gun, there's 
    another gun for you to get, which isn't *quite* as powerful, but much 
    more fun. Take the left fork, fight your way past the zombies as there's 
    no moving space, and search around the corpse at the end for the SHOTGUN 
    PARTS. Combine these with the SHOTGUN to create the...
    CUSTOM SHOTGUN - This is COOL. It's my favourite gun on RESI 2, no doubt 
    about it. It's as powerful as the MAGNUM, but takes off more body parts. 
    As long as you get fairly close to your target, it won't stand a chance. 
    It'll fill 'em with so much buckshot that they wouldn't be able to stand 
    even if they still possessed the necessary nerves/bones/muscles.
    Take the other fork and go through the door.
    Test out your C. SHOTGUN on the zombies, taking the right fork if you 
    want some GREEN HERBs, and taking the left fork if you want the next 
    Usual save room. INK RIBBONS, chest, typewriter. You know the drill.
    There's also an oppotunity to stock up on ammo and health here. There 
    Exit via the medium of the door.
    There are some inadequate HANDGUN BULLETS in the oil drums, and a 
    FACTORY MAP on the wall. Could be useful.
    You can't activate the <LIFT CAR>, so go inside.
    <LIFT CAR>
    Steal the C. PANEL KEY and go back to the...
    Use the C. PANEL KEY on the control panel and press the button. You'll 
    automatically re-enter the...
    <LIFT CAR>
    The <LIFT CAR> starts up, and you descend into the depths.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    BANG! It looks as if Ada's met her match. But no! She's still alive! Go 
    outside to avenge her death... I mean, vicious wounding. Boss time...
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    After taking a few steps, the evil William Birkin, in hideous mutation 
    form, lobs a metal pipe at you and jumps down.
    TYRANT, SECOND FORM - He's slow, but powerful. His claws do a great deal 
    of damage, but as long as you keep your distance and keep firing your 
    MAGNUM, he'll go down easily. Have a FIRST AID SPRAY handy just in case. 
    You'll know when he's 'dead' when the music stops. Six accurate MAGNUM 
    shots is all it takes.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    The <LIFT CAR> stops, and you carry Ada off.
    A great place to rearm. After Ada's finished whining, take the INK 
    RIBBONS, GREEN HERBS and MAGNUM BULLETS that are in plain view. Then 
    there's some more SHOTGUN SHELLS in the locker. 
    Exit when ready.
    Take the only openable door.
    The left-hand route is the one you want.
    Go through the door with ice around it.
    Take the FUSE CASE from the trolley, and use it on the robotic arm. This 
    forms the MAIN FUSE.
    Take the FIRST AID SPRAY on top of the drum, and go back to the...
    Use the MAIN FUSE on the breaker in the middle to restore power to the 
    lab. Now take the right-hand route.
    Open the shutters by using the switch. This is your first encounter with 
    TRIFFIDS - Nasty plant-men. These things can grab you with their arms 
    (vines?) and spit the same poisonous acid as the spiders do in your 
    face. They can take up to two C. SHOTGUN shots to kill, but watch out, 
    as they can still whip you with their tendrils whilst dead on the floor.
    Kill 'em!!!
    Now take the right-most door. (The middle one won't open)
    There's two reports in here - one on the bench, and one by the computer. 
    Then look in the locker for the...
    FLAMETHROWER - A mostly useless weapon, but deals a lot of damage to 
    triffids and zombies. Like the SUB-MACHINE GUN, it has a percentage 
    count instead of ammo.
    Infinite supply of BLUE HERBs next to the bed, if you want them.
    Go and look at the dead scientist next to the vine-infested vent. To get 
    into the vent, either use your LIGHTER on the petrol on the floor, or 
    just fire one blast from the FLAMETHROWER. Then climb up in.
    Don't move! You're surrounded by...
    ADVANCED LICKERS - Basically normal lickers, but they're tougher, and do 
    more damage with their attacks. And they have hooks on their hands 
    instead of claws. And they're green. OK, so they're nothing like normal 
    lickers. They take 2-3 C. SHOTGUN blasts to kill.
    Kill them off, then search the large closet for two lovely boxes of 
    Exit via door.
    The triffids are back, so dispose of them duly. Then go through the most 
    left-most door possible.
    Retch at the sight of the massive grim-looking plant. Then kill the 
    triffid, take the GREEN HERBs, and hop down the ladder.
    Just go through the door, man.
    Go round the bend of the corridor, but when you see the highlighted vent 
    cover in the top of the screen, tread carefully...
    - ShOcKeR!!! - 
    A simple but effective scare, the advanced licker bursts out from the 
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Kill off all three advanced lickers in here, and take the multitude of 
    GREEN HERBs. They'll undoubtedly be useful after fighting all those 
    lickers. The big door won't open, cause it needs a M.O. DISK. We'll have 
    to get that later, so just go through the door at the end of the long 
    This is just a very big save room, but you can take the LABORATORY MAP 
    that's cunningly concealed next to the blue-lit computer underneath the 
    Door. Go through.
    Don't go down the corridor with the Alien-like eggs in it - the door at 
    the end won't open, and then you'll have just wasted time, won't you? 
    Simply take the RED HERB and go through the big door.
    Want to get that *very* powerful gun that I mentioned earlier? So be it. 
    Got the W. BOX KEY? Good. Use it on the locker with the blue lamp above 
    it. Ooh! Some MAGNUM PARTS! Can you guess which gun you have to combine 
    them with?
    CUSTOM MAGNUM - Just go through the automatic door, and fire it at the 
    zombie. You'll see what I mean. Impressive kickback, eh? Although the 
    zombie isn't the best test subject, trust me, this gun rocks. It's 
    *twice* as powerful as the MAGNUM, easily felling an advanced licker in 
    one shot. Cooool. Just beware of the horrendous recoil time.
    Wipe out all the zombies in this room. 
    You'd think, wouldn't you, that in such a big room, there'd be loads of 
    choice items to nab, but all there is is a LAB CARD KEY! Pfah. 
    Take it and leave.
    It's time to brave the egg corridor. Icky!
    Beware of the...
    GIANT MAGGOTS - These drop from the vents in the ceiling. They're mostly 
    harmless, and don't even heed to be shot - just stand on them and squish 
    'em. They do spit poison goo, though.
    Go through the door.
    There's a boss-type creature here, the...
    GIANT MOTH - You can actually kill this freak without even seeing it. As 
    soon as you enter the room, aim your gun, and tap the 'right' button 
    once. Then fire your C. MAGNUM thrice. Bingo - one dead moth. If you 
    miss, and it gets close, it'll jump on your face and start biting you. 
    If it does this, shake it off and get medieval on it's furry ass.
    Go up to the computer and fire your C. SHOTGUN down once or twice to 
    clear the desk of maggots. Access the computer and enter your user name 
    as 'GUEST'. Then register your fingerprint. This won't do anything now, 
    but it lets you access a secret room in Claire's Scenario B.
    Go back to the...
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    *Another* advanced licker bursts from *another* air vent. Not very 
    imaginative, is it?
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Trek back to the...
    Open the second LAB CARD KEY door.
    Turn on the light switch first of all, so you can see all the zombies 
    lurking in the darkness. Then C. SHOTGUN them down. The M.O. DISK is on 
    the operating table, and there's also a FIRST AID SPRAY on one of the 
    Exit to...
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Annette appears, rants about the G-Virus and how Ada's a spy, then 
    suffers a rather hilarious death by way of falling masonry. You nick the 
    G-VIRUS off of her cold, dead body, and then there's a P.A. announcement 
    - the place is gonna blow!
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Go to the...
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    Ada threatens you with her gun - she wants the G-Virus. It appears that 
    Annette was right: Ada *is* a spy! Luckily for all of us, Annette 
    arrives (won't she die?!), puts a bullet through Ada's back and promptly 
    cops it. Ada falls off the gantry, but Leon grabs her arm. Cue 
    sentimental rubbish - soppy music, 'I won't let you go' kind of thing. 
    Leon does let go, and Ada falls to her doom. Leon gets rid of the G-
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    If you check Ada's gun afterwards, you'll find that it's not loaded. Oh 
    well, we all make mistakes. 
    Go back to the...
    Fight off the zombies. Quickly now, the lab *is* going to blow up, you 
    know. Insert the M.O. DISK in the computer by the huge door to open it.
    Go through the door at the end.
    Activate the lift by pushing the button.
    - ShOcKeR!!! -
    It's Willy again, and this time he's more vicious than ever. It's time 
    to put an end to this freak once and for all. Hurry it up, though, 
    because there's a time limit counting down until the lab's destruction.
    TYRANT, THIRD FORM - This form of the Tyrant won't last long. Fire your 
    C. MAGNUM twice to make him mutate again.
    TYRANT, FOURTH FORM - Vile. The Tyrant's mainly teeth now, and he jumps 
    around like a dog. He'll hop around on the tops of the containers, and 
    jump down occasionally to maul you. He picks you up in his gob, chews 
    you, then tosses you to one side. This ferocious attack takes you 
    straight down to 'danger' status, so avoid it. Three more C. MAGNUM 
    shots finishes him off, and he turns into a pile of oozing mush on the 
    The lift arrives, so take it.
    Just run to the end. Hooray! That's Leon's A Scenario completed!!
    Only another three Scenarios to go... and is the Tyrant really dead?
    After the cutscene and credits, you'll be ranked on how well you 
    performed, depending on several factors. The factors are:
    <The less of these, the better>
    Number of saves
    Number of FIRST AID SPRAYS and MIXED HERBS used
    Time taken
    <The more of these, the better>
    Number of reports, letters, maps, etc. collected
    I don't know the exact requirements for each rank, but to get the best 
    one, S, complete the game without saving *once*, or using *any* FIRST 
    AID SPRAYs or MIXED HERBs, in under 1 hour and 30 minutes. Tough? Too 
    damn right.
    If this is your first time completing a scenario, you'll be told that 
    you can now play the scenarios in the 'Hard' difficulty setting.
    Then, you'll be asked if you want to update your saved game. If you say 
    yes, then when you reload that saved game, it'll be at the start of 
    Scenario B, a much harder version of the game, in which you start on the 
    *other* side of the burning truck.
                                  - GAME OVER -
    Was that great, or was that great? Here's an extra section that I've 
    added, just for fun.
    Try these on for size if you found the game too easy...
    1/    Complete the game using only the HANDGUN and SHOTGUN (no 
    2/    Complete the game using only the HANDGUN.
    3/    Complete the game using only the KNIFE (impossible).
    4/    Complete the game without healing yourself at all.
    5/    Complete the game without killing anything except the bosses.
    6/    Try to make bullet holes appear on the screen.     
    7/    Get an 'S' rank on the 'Hard' difficulty setting.
    8/    Use a game hacker program or trainer to start the game without 
          any items. You can only use items that you pick up during the 
          game. (this is easy)
    9/	Complete the game without getting hurt *at all*. (VERY hard)
    10/   Complete the game without getting spooked once. (harder than it
    Here's a little section for all the tears in the very fabric of RESI 2 
    that I've found.
    - In the <INTERROGATION ROOM>, the licker jumps through from the 
    <VIEWING ROOM>, right? But if you've already been in the <VIEWING ROOM>, 
    and there wasn't a licker in there then - just how did it get in there? 
    Presumably, then, this means that lickers can open doors. Spook.
    - How does the Tyrant get into Ben's cell if he locked the door? It 
    didn't break through any walls or doors, because they're all intact 
    afterwards. That means that Ben actually *opened* the door to let the 
    Tyrant in! Dumbass.
    - How the HELL does Leon (or Claire, or Sherry for that matter) manage 
    to survive the whole Raccoon City incident without being psychologically 
    scarred or without having any mental breakdowns? I'm pretty sure that 
    experiencing all those horrors is MORE than enough to send you 
    hopelessly insane, and Leon wouldn't generally be classed as the 
    superhero type.
    - How does Leon survive getting shot *right through the heart*? If you 
    look at the cut-scene, Leon's back is facing Annette when she shoots 
    him, but when he lands on the floor, he has an exit wound right over his 
    heart. Therefore, the bullet must have gone in through his back, through 
    his heart, and out the other side. I take back what I said about Leon 
    not being a superhero - he's bloody invincible. 
    Resident Evil is a trademark of Capcom Co., Ltd. Capcom is a trademark 
    of Capcom Co., Ltd.
    Because I want to make this guide as full and complete as possible, I'd 
    very much like it if any astute readers would be so kind to e-mail me at 
    with any comments, corrections, or criticisms (hopefully, there won't be 
    too many of the latter). However, before you do so, read through these 
    next points first:
    1.   This guide was based on the PC version of RESI 2. Although I'm 
    pretty sure that there aren't any differences between this and the 
    Playstation version, don't go holding me to that. If I've missed 
    something out that was in the Playstation version, don't bother with 
    corrections. THIS. IS. A. PC. VERSION. GUIDE.
    2.	Alright, I admit it. At times, I can be tiresomely immature. 
    That's me. So don't bother e-mailing me criticising my jokes. I won't 
    change them. Probably.
    3.	I really don't want huge e-mails from RESI plot analysts slating 
    me for making mistakes on the "Plot Bodges" section, nor giving me 
    detailed background information. I haven't paid a great deal of 
    attention to the plot, and I don't intend to. However, a simple 
    correction will be much appreciated.
    4.	I will not accept spam, chain letters, or the like. They WILL be 
    taken up with your mail provider. Sorry to be so harsh.
    You can't go posting or linking to this without my permission. The only 
    sites that have my permission to post this guide are:
    and I'm not going to let any other sites host it, so don't bother 
    asking. If you DO see them posted anywhere else, please inform me. Also, 
    www.gamefaqs.com will NOT allow linking to the individual F.A.Q.s and 
    walkthrus (like this one) that are posted on the Gamefaqs site.
    By the way, although I've used my internet handle: "Mr. Black" as the 
    author's name for this guide, it's
    Copyright 2000 Alexander Hugh Clarkson
    And that's yer lot.
    By Mr. Black

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