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    Track Editor FAQ by TripleX000

    Version: 4.0.0 b | Updated: 11/07/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      / ****  *****   *   *   *  ***  *     ***** \
     /  *   * *      *    *   * *   * *       *    \
    <   ***** ***** ***** *   * *   * *       *     >
     \  *  *  *        *   * *  *   * *       *    /
      \ *   * *****   *     *    ***  *****   *   /
        User-Friendly Track Editor Creation Guide
    *NINTENDO 64/ULTRA 64*
    Table Of Contents
    (Part One)
    1. Menu
    2. Controls
    3. How to use
    4. Peices
    5. Tips/Troubleshooting
    6. Glitches
    7. Ending credits
    8. Legal agreement
    9. Version history
    10. Best times
    Table Of Contents
    (Part Two)
    I. Menu
     1. Menu Funtions
    II. Controls
    III. How to use
     1. Part A
     2. Part B
      A. Module
      B. Pickups
      C. Adjust
      D. Save
      E. New
      F. Load
      G. Export
    IV. Peices
     1. Start Grid
     2. Straight
     3. Dips
     4. Humps
     5. Square Corner
     6. Round Corner
     7. Diagonal
     8. Bank
     9. Rumble Strip
     10. Narrow Strip
     11. Pipe
     12. Crossroad
     13. Bridge
     14. Chicane
    V. Tips/Troubleshooting
     1. "Track doesn't form a loop, or there's an upwards step..."
     2. "Track has too many starting grids"
     3. "Track too complex!"
     4. "Damaged or corrupted controller pak"
    VI. Glitches
     1. Camera glitches
      A. Spinner
      B. "Aero Gauge" Chinatown demo reverted effect
     2. Anaimation glitches
      A. Carts don't flip???
      B. Where's my car?
      C. Supermarket graphic glitch
      D. Be god
    VII. Ending credits
    VIII. Legal agreement
    VIV. Version history
    X. Best times
    Table Of Contents
    (Part Three)
    1. Menu
    This will explain ALL menu functions and how they work
    2. Controls
    A brief explanation of all the controls used in the game.  Always revise this
    if you're in a loss
    3. How to use
    Explanations on all the options in the Track Editer Menu.  There are two parts
    to this, Both will be explained before the chapter.
    4. Peices
    A small explanation on how to use all the peices.  The N64 version is
    incomplete, so some information came from the Sega Dreamcast version of such a
    5. Tips/Troubleshooting
    Whatever you call it, it's all the same.  I tell you how to fix all your
    problems.  If you know how to do such things, then I'm sorry I insulted your
    intellengence.  This is a user-friendly guide, and I have to do so for the
    right of all people... I better stop.
    6. Glitches
    Mess up the game!
    7. Ending credits
    My good-byes to you
    8. Legal agreement
    Pleas read before posting on your website
    9. Version history
    Updates and notes
    10. Best times
    For the seasoned vets.  Progress down to the very bottom for complete rules and
    *****reetings.  And if you have went through all of that drudgery, then welcome
    to masterpeice... *    Oops, wrong audience.  Ok, so building your own race
    track is very easy, only problem       * ***is...everything's not done.  Peices
    are missing, and... and that's all. For those with      *   *Dreamcast, you
    lucky bastards, I will list all possible varients.  Doing Banks seems
    *****impossible, but IT CAN BE DONE.  15 varients.  15 varients!!!  and I'm
    going to list them all!  Ok, that's overstating. After I'm done, I will be
    satisfied I done such a large guide.  Ok, so as I was saying...
    1. Menu
     *** k, So you want to make your own track?  Good.  Now, let's get the  basics
    down.  You got the *   *Re-Volt cart in?  Good.  Do you have an  Expansion Pak?
     No?  Well, find one because if     *   *you're smart like I am, you should be
    able to know that the Jumper Pak is not enough for    *   *half your "good"
    tracks.  Trust me.  It pays off.  Got your Nintendo 64 controller           ***
    connected?  Great.  On the Track Editor? Ok, Do you have a Memory Card?  No? 
    Sucks to you.  Go get one.  All your work's for nothing.  Ok, so let's "Start".
     Your Start button brings up the Track Editor menu, and here are the things you
    got that shows up on the right.  Don't like the format?  Me nither.  Get used
    to it.
    We'll talk about them in a second.  Now look at the controls, and then, we'll
    get started in the How To Use section.  Part A will show all the information in
    a non-stop format.  Part B will show all the options, in order, but Part B will
    show all option in a more detailed matter
    2. Controls
    A)Place Peice - Places the peice
    B)Delete Peice - Deletes the peice
    Z)Rotate Peice - Turns peice ninty degrees
    R)Rotate View - Rotates view ninty degrees
    C-Up)Raise Peice - Moves peice up one unit
    C-Down)Lower Peice - Moves peice down one unit
    C-Left)Copy peice - As shown
    C-Right)Choose Varients (If any) - Selects modified versions of any peice
    Control Stick)Move Peice - As shown
    Control +Pad)Move Peice - As shown
    Adittional controls:
    L)(in Adjust)Moves track - As shown
    3. How to use
    Part A
    *****o you want to use this to build tracks, right?  Right.  Anyhow, in order
    to use this        *    effectivly, you have to use peices, and make sure they
    either connect smoothly, or connect *****with a downwards step.  The Module
    menu, otherwise known as the peices menu, for now holds      *the key to the
    perfect tracks simply because you will traverse this menu 98%-12% of the
    *****time, 12% if you prefer to have all your peices, then copy, paste, and
    repeat.  It would be 8%, only if Copying and Pasting, or as I call it,
    cheating... Oh sorry, wrong guide... Damn me and my Attention Deficiet
    Disorder.  Anyhow, copying and pasting causes this little glitch, kinda like an
    invisible wall.  You have to enter  menu, just to be safe, the Module menu,
    then select an option (if any available) to deactivate this glitch.  There are
    also invisible peices that come up every once in a while.  You cannot use them,
    and it never really disappears from the Adjust screen.  Anyhow, the key to the
    perfect track (for Jumper Pak suckers out there) is to keep plenty of room to
    look, and remodel your track for many many adjustments.  Don't fill the whole
    grid. If you own an Expansion Pak, like me, then splurge on any remaining space
    you got!  the Exppansion Pak will eliminate the last of your problems, which is
    complexity.  Using adjust will adjust the size of your grid--Up to 14X14, or
    down to 10X10.  Holding L will let you reposition your track--If you got the
    room, you can move your entire track around.  Once you're done, then you can
    place powerups, or Pickups, as it's called in the menu.  Use these to make
    things messy.  You can place 20 (Again, lucky Dreamcast bastards), or 9 for you
    suckers with a N64, me included.  If you mess up to an unrecoverable rate, you
    can start all over.  Got a good track going, or stubbron to start over?  you
    can load up an old track, and continue to build upon it.  Finally, you'll want
    to Save and export your track.  once again, Sega owners are lucked out, as N64
    owners can only play custom tracks On Single Rage mode.  Once you tricked out
    your idea, and export it to your game, then you can let er' rip!
    Part B
    Module Menu will allow you to select a peice.  Pressing C-Left Will select a
    variation (if any) on that peice.  C-Up will allow you to raise, or move up, a
    peice, and C-Down will do the excat opposite.  C-Right will copy a peice so you
    have less trips to this menu.
    Up/Down - Select peice
    Left/Right - Select texture (If any)
    This screen will allow you to position up to 20 (Sega Dreamcast) 9
    (Nintendo/Ultra 64) to make your track more original.
    Control+pad/Control stick - Move pickup position
    A - Place/Delete Pickup
    We're back at the same screen, except we have different options.  You can
    resize the grid, or reposition your track (If room's available).
    Control+pad/Control Stick - Resize Grid
    Control+pad/Control stick+L - Move track
    Save your creation.  Needed before exporting
    (Note: The controls are without a memory card)
    Up/Down - Select option
    (Note: The controls apply if you have a memory card)
    Control+pad/Control stick - Select character
    A - Save
    B - Cancel
    Start from scratch.
    (Note: The controls apply if you modified a track/didn't save it)
    Left/Right - Select option
    Start from where you left off/Modify a track.
    (Note: The controls apply if you have a memory card)
    Up/Down - Select Track
    (Note: The controls apply if you don't have a memory card)
    Left/Right - Select option
    Load track into the game/test for glitches (Do not save first)
    NONE - N/A
    4. Peices
    The peices menu has quite a few peices.  let's take a close look at them. 
    Again, I'll make two parts.  with one giving a stream of information, and the
    other giving a close-up for all peices and variations.
    *****he start grid is your default peice.  you can only have one per track.  If
    not, then remove   *  nall other start peices excepr for one.  Straights will
    possibly be the mose used peice, and   *  the most adaptable, making it able to
    slant.  The slants range from one level rise/drop to    *  six level
    rises/drops.  The dips is a inverted dome peice that allow you to go down, then
        *  up.  Use slanted straights to make it deeper.  Humps do the polar
    opposite because they go up, then down.  You can do the same thing with
    straights.  Both have variations to make a more extream version of both peices.
     You can also use them to make a more bigger version of the rumble strip. 
    We'll talk about that later, but now, let's talk about Square and round
    corners.  If you like suprises, the the square corner is suited for you. 
    nonetheless, round corners can be used, and they have varients that take more
    space.  There is the 1X1, the 2X2, and, excluding the missing corner, the 9X9
    curve.  these will be used for making turns on the track, which is needed to
    make the track complete, or "loop".  The Diagonal peice comes in several
    variations (One in the N/U64). the 1X1 Left, the 1X1 right, the 4X4 left, and
    the 4X4 right.  Use these to add some depth to your track.  Banks also add
    depth to a plenty of racetracks.  you cal also alternate different types of
    banks for one hell of a ride.  there are three variatons of these
    sub-variations, each doubling in slant height.  there it bank left, bank right,
    bank/straight left, bank/straight right, And the bank turn.  3x5=15 variations!
     But wait!  There's more!!!  The rumble strip is excellent for suprising
    players when they least expect it.  There is also a doubled variation of the
    rumble strip, so have fun.  There is more?  Well, The narrow strip is also
    another peice for suprising the opposition.  You can use the varient to have a
    wide opening with a narrow closure, or just use the default to cause havoc. 
    Pipes are fun.  No, really, they are.  Pipes have several variations. 
    Straight, Ninty degree, Four-level raise/drrp, and, for the lucky Dreamcast
    bastards there, the Half-pipe.  Now, are you switching to a dreamcast now?  No!
     Go for the PC version.   It's the most complete and fluidic version there is. 
    Bridges and crossroads are fantastic for lenghty tracks, but they're very
    different as they are very alike.  First of all, crossroads require no level
    change.  Bridges require some sore of level chenge no matter what.  Second,
    Crossroads are more versitile, as bridges have little versitility to them at
    all.  I still encourage the usage of bridges, though, because they DO work, and
    it you don't modify the top level hight much, you get a red glow when you're
    under one.  It strobes slowly, so it does look kinda cool.  I always use
    crossroads for multiple step pattrens.  I'll explain later in the Extras
    section.  Both are cool, and very useable, it's just that crossroads beat
    bridges 2 to 1.  The Jump peice has a unknown use.  Only people who devote
    their lives to this know the secret, if there is any.  I just rarely use it as
    a warning or as a decoration peice.  And topping it off is the Chicane.  If
    that wasn't good enough, too bad.  It's a straight with two triangle walls to
    bump into.  Very good lead taker for small R/C cars.  Well, that wraps up part
    A.  Part B will be more datailed.
    Part B
    Start Grid**
    Use: Default Peice, start positioning peice
    More uses: NONE
    Varients: NONE
    Required?: Yes
    Use: To continue track
    More uses: Use after a Bridge peice
    Varients: Level slant 1-6
    Required?: Yes
    Use: Pothole
    More uses: Use before or after a Hump for a wave effect, Or use after two
    opposing slanted straights as a cap-off peice
    Varients: Shallow*, Deep
    Required?: No
    Ues: Speed bump
    More uses: Same as Dips
    Varients: Low*, High
    Square Corner
    Use: Curve, to complete track
    More uses: Use two in succession to make a 180 degree squared hairpin.
    Varients: NONE
    Required?: Preference
    Round Corner
    Use: Same as Square Corner
    More uses: Same as Square Corner, only rounded
    Varients: 2X2, 8X8
    Required?: Preference
    Use: To shift from one section to another
    More uses: Swerve effect*
    Variations: Small left*, small right*, big left*, big right
    Required?: Prefrence, when needed
    Use: Straight/Corner peice slanted on one side.
    More uses: Start from a cretian hight, then alternate along the way down for a
    bumpy ride.  Spinout anyone?
    Varients: Left level 1-4, right level 1-4*, conversion left 1-4*, conversion
    right 1-4, corner level 1-4
    Required?: No
    Rumble Strip***
    Use: A bunch of potholes/speed bumps in a pattren
    More uses: NONE
    Variations: X2**
    Required?: No
    Narrow** ***
    Use: A narrow strip of road, used to constrict space to two average sized R/C
    More uses: If you can, move it one level down to get on top of the peice.
    Variations: Wide opening
    Required?: No
    Use: A cylic version of Narrow
    More uses: Put a High Hump in front of it, and if you got the speed, then you
    can propel yourself on top of it!  If you have space, then replace with a ramp
    made of straight peices to get on top for sure.
    Variations: Four-level slant, corner peice, half-pipe*
    Use: To increase length of track
    More uses: Make multiple-direction stairways and see if you can connect them. 
    Have fun with them.
    Variations: NONE
    Required?: Prefernce
    Use: Same as Crossroad
    More uses: NONE
    Variations: Increase top peice height
    Required?: Preference
    Use: Unknown
    More uses: Decoration peice, warning peice
    Variations: NONE
    Required?: No
    Use: Qbstacal peice
    More uses: Place a small ramp before it, and it can flip cars over
    Variations: NONE
    Required?: No
    (*-Dreamcast only)
    (<name>**-Texture unselectable)
    (<varient>**-Does not apply to carpet)
    (***-Varient texture preset)
    5. Tips/Troubleshooting
    "Track doesn't form a loop, or has an upwards step..."
    You will have the start grid, and your cursor will be placed on the last valid
    "Track has too many starting grids"
    Well, just remove all but one Start Grid to fix this problem
    "Track too complex!"
    For jumper pak users, you'll get this message.  Just try again, or reduce the
    size of your track.
    6. Glitches
    I know, I know, this was meant to be an Track Editor FAQ, but I just HAD to
    include this in here!  Have fun messing up your game!
    1. Camera glitches
    In any corner(, best on Toytanic), just back up in a corner.  the camera will
    be on top of you, and spaz out into some sort of spinning mode until you
    accelerate out of it.  very unusual.  Also, there is a varient of this glitch I
    would like to call Vibration.  Simply pull out a little and you got that camera
    glitch done
    "Aero Guage" Chinatown demo reverted
    This one's fun.  just build any track with pipe going downwards, and if you get
    on the top just right, the camera will shaking left and right, like you see on
    "Aero Guage" in Chinatown, going upwards to the finish line.  Sometimes, it
    will show the top of the inside of the pipe
    2. Animation glitches
    Carts don't flip???
    Sure, in the supermarket, the carts are counted as cars to a certain extent,
    but if you try to flip one over, then the game will only put it on all fours
    before it's even on it's side.
    Where's my car?
    ... It's gone!  In Toy World 2, if you find a yellow glow with nothing above
    it, then back up into it, and your car will vanish into thin air.  Only exiting
    this aera will fix it.
    Supermarket graphic glitch
    If you are in the right camera position, then the cart in view behind you,
    showing either corner, will vanish as well.  It does come back if you leave
    that position.
    Be god
    Someone did this with Pest Control.  Basicily, in Toytanic, all this person did
    was just hit the left wall, being on the right side of the hall, in the right
    place, and he was able to float over the pool.  Wow!  This person said that he
    hit the end of the wall.  It's very vauge because I read up on it two years ago.
    Manual Abort screwed up
    The Manual Abort in the game sometimes screw up on custom tracks at random.  If
    there is any set pattern or any way to cause it at will, please E-Mail me.  My
    address is located at the bottom of the Legal Agreement.
    7. Ending credits
    Well, you have all the information, so from Midway and it's devisions, along
    with porbe for the Dreamcast version, good-bye, and stick your nose to the
    grindstone!  If there are any DexDrive 64 users, you are encourage to share the
    love, and share your works.
    8. Legal agreement
    I, Brandon Lewis Bachman, am not an employee of Midway, its subdevisions, or
    Probe.  I am also not an employee of Sega, Nintendo, or any PC manufacturer,
    nor do I work for GameFAQs, IGN, GameSpot, Cheat Code Central, GameWinners,
    World of Nintendo, or any other reference for guides and cheats.  I also do not
    work for people who operate any search engings for guides and cheats, any
    available game console producers' websites, its links, or websites who sell
    this game under any available platform.  This guide, and its contents, will not
    be posted, modified or converted to HTML without my consent except to GameFAQs
    and its sister sites.  If you do not follow these terms, then you will be
    prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  © Brandon Bachman 2003.
    9. Version history
    I did the whole damn thing by myself.  I even read through it.  I will add Best
    times on here after the Version history or before the Legal agreement.
    Whoops, I forgot what the stars meant on the Peices/Moduals guide.  Hoo boy,
    will people reading this be pissed at me...
    Oh my god, I completly forgot MORE modifications.  Oh well, hope it's good
    Glitch update!  and as I promised... (Skip to next section)
    v4.0.0 a
    Version 4 alpha.  Almost final, but not quite yet.  I just don't feel it's
    complete.  I'll have beta in after I look through it a couple hundred times,
    and just see what's not right to me.  God I hate that feeling... Anyhow, I also
    added onto the ASCII art, and hopefully, I'll Polish this up and(finally)get it
    done with.
    v4.0.0 b
    (FINAL) Looks like I'm done here.  Seems as if I screwed up and made the big
    letters in small window, thus, messing up the letters.  I am sorry if this
    frustrated you.  It is now fixed.  THIS GUIDE NEEDS TO BE IN A MAXIMIZED
    WINDOW! +--+
                                             |  | <--- Maximize icon in ASCII
                                             +--+      (Also, double click on the
    title bar
                                                       [you know, that strip on top
    of the window?])
    10. Best times
    Post your best times here!  Only five get to enter into the record books, and
    if you top someone else's time, I will E-Mail that person's time you beaten. 
    This is to only encourage more playing on the game.  I WILL NOT ACCEPT TIMES ON
    CUSTOM TRACKS!!!  just put the Subject as "Best time - Re-volt - <course
    name>", without the quotes.  I got nothing here for now, so just send those
    times in, along with your E-Mail.

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