Review by Dekar182

"Great game, but nobody can play forever..."

Gameplay - 9
Not only are the controls extremely simple, they are easy to get the hang of and just plain simple. The actual gameplay gets better as you go farther and farther into the game, but the only problem with the level designs is that there is way too many levels. Two hundred levels gets boring over time, but it's still a good game. Another thing I didn't really like was that I didn't see very many bosses, in the span of those levels you only fight two bosses. Plus you get some pretty fun powerups such as a Flamethrower, Three-way shot, etc.

Story - 5
The story was horrible, and considering the fact that the only way to know the story was to read the instruction book it was just that much more annoying. Ok, check this out: Your character is some dorky looking kid who runs around saving his family (the only family left alive, by the way) billions of times. The only cool thing is that he has a gun and he can blow stuff up forever because his ammo never ceases to spew from the barrel.

Graphics - 6
Not bad for a game of its age, but the enemies are extremely blocky and look about as real as cheap plastic dog poo. When you destroy and enemy it looks pretty cool, if you don't mind everything looking like it's made of glass and erupts into shards when hit by a flamethrower.

Sound - 10
What can I say? I like techno music. At first it seems kinda lame, but as you progress into the more difficult levels it starts picking up speed and getting much better. Once this happens you'll be all set for the rest of the game.

Replayability - 8
Although it may sound crazy considering the previous information, but I love this game. You may not think it as good as I do, but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I can sit there and play this game forever (or at least until my thumbs get covered in blistering pus-covered messes). So I think this is a good game that should be given more respect than what is given.

Buy or to rent? - I would definitely suggest renting this game before you go out and buy it. And if you like it, I wouldn't pay more than twenty bucks for it. And if you don't you only lose a couple of bucks

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/29/00, Updated 11/29/00

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