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"The game that never ends!"

Well, this is an old game for the N64, but it's a very decent game. Here's what I think of all the categories for this game.

Well, they aren't the best graphics in the world, but I think they're ok. It's easy to tell who's human, who's you, and who's the enemy. The backgrounds can be a little more detailed and the level structure could change a little, too. Generally, the graphics are pretty good.

The controls are just TOO easy. I feel sorry for anyone who complains that the controls are too hard. I was in 4th grade when this game came out and I still thought they were very simple and that was 5 years ago! Shooting in this game is just so simple.

The story isn't THAT great. You are a little bald kid, dressed up like some proffesor in a white lab coat. You're armed with a gun to kill aliens and save the last humans on Earth, your family. Again, not a great story, but it is acceptable.

Like I said in the synopsis, this is the game that never ends! How many levels are there? That's a good question. I was in the 100ths range when I couldn't beat this one level with the alien brains. When you progress through each level, the name gets worse and worse(not in a bad way, but in a way where it SEEMS difficult each time). That happens when you get to the 60s range of levels. Who knows how many levels there could be? On top of that, there are many powerups and different types of weapons you can get. You can go for high scores too. Many types of enemies await too. Levels don't take long at all. Gameplay is good.

The techno music is perfect for this game. It just fits it perfectly. The music changes as you reach higher levels. I wish it did vary a little more though. I don't have any problem with the sound though. it's worth leaving the way it is. Sound is generally good.

The game that never ends is SURE to have some difficulty in it. Thankfully it does. The levels get a lot harder then the previous after each one. So level 1 is not as easy as level 67, and so on. The enemies can be a little tricky too. The good thing about the difficulty is that you won't get discouraged if a level's too hard.

Well, the main game is very long. You'll spend a lot of time on that part. Once you beat that, what to do now? Go for high scores. After that, keep getting high scores!

Rent or Buy?
Nowadays, a rental could be more expensive than a buy, so you may just buy one for a really cheap price. It's a good game to entertain you for a week or so.

Best Feature:
Very challenging levels

Worst feature:
You play as a bald kid

Decent game, with only a few problems and it deserves a straight out 8!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/19/02, Updated 07/15/03

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