Additional ProgrammingJonathan Garrett
Additional ProgrammingChuck Karpiak
Additional ProgrammingJon Mayfield
Additional ProgrammingDave Smith
Additional Voice TalentNeill Glancy
Additional Voice TalentMarc Schaefgen
Character AnimationMichael Daubert
Character AnimationMike Janke
Executive Art Director (Acclaim)Matt Stubbington
Executive Audio Director (Acclaim)Rick Fox
Game ArtScott Brocker
Game ArtGregg Hargrove
Game ArtTrevor Lemoine
Game ArtKim Lum
Lead ArtistPeyton Duncan
Lead ProgrammerCarl Wade
Level DesignMat Kraemer
Level DesignChuck Lupher
Level DesignJustin Norr
Level DesignJim Richardson
Level DesignJoe Willis
MusicDarren Mitchell
Producers (Acclaim)Peter Wanat
Producers (Acclaim)Douglas Yellin
Project Managers and Lead DesignersJeff Everett
Project Managers and Lead DesignersNeill Glancy
Sound DesignRandy Buck
Sound DesignMarc Schaefgen
Voice TalentMary Kay Bergman
Voice TalentJose Brown
Voice TalentMike Deleon
Voice TalentKathryn Feller
Voice TalentIsaac Hayes
Voice TalentTrey Parker
Voice TalentMatt Stone


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