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    Codes by CurtMac

    Updated: 12/21/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: CurtMac@aol.com
    Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 20:56:19 EST
    Cheats for SOUTHPARK N64
    Choose "ENTER CHEAT" from the main menu.  Press left or right on the
    D-Pad, joystick, or C-Left & C-Right buttons to change the letter on
    the "Cheesy Poofs secret decoder".  Press START or A to enter a 
    letter.  Press B to enter the cheat.  If a code was entered correctly
    it will show which cheat was activated on the screen.
    BOBBYBIRD		Master cheat activated - all cheats enabled
    SCREWYOUGUYS		Show credits activated
    OMGTKKYB		All characters activated
    SLAPUPMEAL		Starvin Marvin activated
    PHAERT			Phillip activated
    RAFT			Terrance activated
    DOROTHYSFRIEND		Mr. Garrison activated
    CHEATINGISBAD		Mr. Mackey activated
    LOVEMACHINE		Chef activated
    CHECKATACO		Wendy activated
    FISHNCHIPS		Pip activated
    KICKME			Ike activated
    ALLWOMAN		Mrs. Cartman activated
    GOODSCIENCE		Mephisto activated
    STARINGFROG		Jimbo activated
    HAWKING			Ned activated
    OUTRAGE			Big Gay Al activated
    ELVISLIVES		Barbrady activated
    MAJESTIC		Alien activated
    THEEARTHMOVED		Level select activated
    VEGGIEHEAVEN		Skinny activated
    MEGANOGGIN		Big heads activated
    FATTERKNACKER		Unlimited ammo activated
    FATKNACKER		All weapons activated
    ASSMAN			Invincibility activated
    PLANEARIUM		Pen & Ink activated

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