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Reviewed: 05/28/14 | Updated: 09/25/14

Not Mario Kart 64 good, but still a great game.

The Introduction

Yet another kart-racer has hit the Nintendo 64! Based on the hit Comedy Central series, South Park Rally was released on the Nintendo 64, with many great things to keep the player interested in the game. The game is not as good as the more well-known kart-racers like Mario Kart 64, and Diddy Kong Racing, but it's still a great game either way.

The Championship Mode

You first have to pick a racer to race as. You start out with Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Chef, Wendy, Uncle Jimbo, and Officer Barbrady. More can be unlocked by progressing through the Championship Mode, as well as new race tracks and race modes. Then, once you have picked your player, you start the annual "Rally Days" event. The races have many different modes, such as simple races: just drive over the checkpoints and race three laps and you are good. Then, there ae more unique modes, like the "Valentine's Day Race", where you have to find a bow and an arow pick-up and use them to hit all other racers.

There are also what I call "Collection Races", like the "Easter Egg Hunt Race", where you have to drive around, and collect twenty Easter Eggs before the others do, and avoid evil bunnies the hang around the track, as they will attempt to steal their eggs back from you. This also applies with the "Halloween Race", where you must fight the other racers for pieces of candy in a time limit, and you can only carry four, and you have to take them to a certain spot in the track. So, the one who has the most wins.

There are some secrets hidden around each track. Each track has an "Extra Credit" hidden somewhere around the track. These are used if you retry a race or lose a race. It costs you an Extra Credit to retry a race. Once you run out of Extra Credits, you cannot continue and you lose. On some races, there are "Golden Cows" and "Pot Pies" hidden in hard to reach spots in the track. If all of each item are collected, the words "Cheat Unlocked!" will appear on the screen. A new racer will be unlocked.

The Arcade Mode

This mode is where the fun is. his is where you can play all of those new courses and races you have unlocked. There are many combonations to try. You can play any race, on any track, any you can choose what set of CPU racers you want to race against in the options menu. You can play "Rally Days #1" race in the "Mountains" race track, or the "Christmas Day" race in the "Sewer" race track. This really helps the replay value. The same can be done in the Multi-Player mode.

The Game-Play

The Game-Play is similar to games like Mario Kart 64, so if you ae familiar with games like that, you should not have too much trouble with this game. You control one of many South Park characters in a little kart. The Control Stick lets the player turn, the "A" button goes forward, the "B" button goes in reverse, the "Z" button uses an item, the "R" button is the handbrake, and the "C" buttons have various uses, like dropping certain items, switching items, etc. The controls can be customized if you don't like the current control setup. Almost the entire controller can be customized. Only the Control Stick and the Control Pad cannot be changed, so the Control Pad has close to no use whatsoever.

The game has many pick-ups to use in the game. These can be found in blocks around many parts of the track. These have many different items, like Rats. Run over these and you lose traction of the car. Also, "Cheesy Poofs", which are orange projectiles that sends whoever is hit by the flying and drop any special items they were carrying. And, Terrance and Phillip Fart Boosts, which kind of explain themselves. These make your racer fart and zoom past and racers for a brief moment. That's just a few of them.

The game does suffer from some frame-rate issues at times. When the racers are all piled up on each other they frame-rate goes down a bit, or when the races are all in one spot it goes down. Sometimes it happens when you use an item. But, the frame-rate is usually barely unnoticable, so it won't bother you too much.

Although, unlocking new racers can sometimes be a problem. Most of them can be unlocked easily by beating a race in a certain way, others have to be unlocked by doing absurd actions in the race, like hitting a truck with a certain pick-up five times, or losing the "Cow Days" race without touching the cure, or even picking up a certain amount of boosts. Nobody would think of these actions, which makes unlocking these characters a challenge.

The Graphics

The Graphics were just great. The level designs were just amazing. They looked exactly like they would on the show. Each snow-covered pine tree in the outdoor race tracks look perfect.The racers look great in this game. Each and evey one of them. Each building in the game looks like they were taken directly from the show. The Graphics looked smooth and looked clear. The distance fog wasn't a problem either.

The Difficulty

This is a problem. At first, the game might feel hard, especially the first few races, but eventually once you get the hang of the game, the game gets way too easy. The CPU racers are not the best, so they can easily be defeated by you. Sometimes they will win, but most of the time they are just too easy. Sometimes the racers get stuck around the track. This happens quite often in the "Volcano" race track. Sometimes, the CPU racers keep trying to get across a river of lava, to where the goal is, but they keep getting killed and they keep respawning only to repeat the cycle.

The Music and The Sound

First, The Music. The Music was just fantastic. There ae only a few music tracks in the game, but each one sounds great. Especially the more unique ones like the song heard in the "Fourth of July Race", the song heard in the "Christmas Day Race", and the one heard in the "New Years Eve Race". The game starts with the South Park theme song from the show, and that one sounds just as great. Second, The Sound. They were great. The game features hundreds of sound bites of the characters from the show, all voiced by the actual voice talent of the show. They all sound great. There are also many sound effects, like tires screeching, cows mooing, fart noises, and many others. They all sound clear and are loud enough to hear them. They sound just great. Good job here.

The Fun Factor

There is a lot of fun to be had with South Park Rally. With the many Game modes, characters, and races to play, it's hard not to have fun. I give it a 9.


Yet another good kart racer was released for the Nintendo 64. With many good parts of the game, like the graphics, game-play, and the fun that can be had with the many game modes, this game is worth buying. I give South Park Rally 9 / 10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: South Park Rally (US, 02/29/00)

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