Review by DreThug

"South Park Go Kart Racing? I'll Pass!"

Before I got South Park Rally I knew that Acclaim was trying to get money by using the South Park License. Did it work? Probably. Is the game good? Not really. South Park Rally is a racing game (Like Mario Kart 64) but has many problems.

The graphics in South Park Rally are decent. There nothing to brag about, but nothing is wrong with them. All the characters look like themselves and each have a different type of car. The courses aren't bad looking but they are laid out really crappy. The intro reminds me of the first South Park game.

The gameplay in South Park Rally is crap. Although there are many different characters you can unlock, the courses to complete are frustrated. Have you ever got lost in a racing game? You probably haven't, but in South Park Rally it will always happen. There is a multiplayer mode, but it's even close as fun as Mario Kart 64.

The gameplay in South Park Rally isn't the only thing that's bad. The control is really weak. For some reason it seems that I didn't have enough control of the car. Turning was hard and the controls on the controller isn't laid out that good.

The sound in South Park Rally is great. There's all the voices of the people. In races, you'll hear some beep out words now and then. It's pretty cool to hear all of the voices from the show. The sound in South Park Rally is probably the strongest part of the game. I mean basically this is all that saved the game from pure crap. How can you not like hearing Cartman making his dumb jokes or Kenny making sounds like he's dying? It's just pure fun when you race. Now, if you turn down the music on your television you are better off turning off the whole game because then there will be no fun at all.

South Park Rally is a crappy racing game. If you have Mario Kart 64 or any other good racing games please don't buy this game. Although it has all of the South Park characters, the gameplay and control don't live up to the game. At all costs, don't buy this game. Give it a rent if you want but don't buy it.

Overall Rating- 4.9
Graphics- 5.9
Sound- 7.2
Fresh Factor- 4.2
Game Life- 3.4

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/09/01, Updated 07/09/01

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