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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Aquatakat

    Version: 0.87 | Updated: 11/25/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                _____   _                    _____                 _____  _
               / ____/ / /                  / ____/               / ____// /_
              / /__  _/ /   _____  ____    / /_  _____  _   _    / /__  / // /
             (__   //  _/  / _   // ___/  / ___// _   )/ /_/ /  / _   )/_   _/
            ____/ / / /_  / /_/ // /     / /   / /_/ / )_  (   / /_/ /   / /
           /_____/ (____/(___._//_/     /_/   (_____//_/ /_/  (_____/   / /
          _____________________________________________________________/ /
         /       Aquatakat's Star Fox 64 FAQ / Walkthrough v0.87        /
                                                     An "Aqua FAQ," made in Canada!
                  | Author:                               Aquatakat |
                  | E-Mail:                   aquatakat@hotmail.com |
                  | MSN:                      aquatakat@hotmail.com |
                  | Game:                               Star Fox 64 |
                  | System:                             Nintendo 64 |
                  | FAQ Type:                Full FAQ / Walkthrough |
                  | FAQ Version:              0.88 (public release) |
                  | Last Updated:                  October 28, 2002 |
                  | FAQ Size:                129 KB (132 500 bytes) |
                  | Written With:                           metapad |
                                I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Star Fox is a classic. That's why I'm writing a guide for it. Chances are, in a
    few years, someone will have a Nintendo 64, and it'll be the equivalent of
    having a SNES today. One of their friends will come over and look over the
    games. "Star Fox?" he will say. Intrigued, he'll pick up a controller and begin
    playing. After laughing at the low polygon count, he'll be hooked. Then this
    FAQ will be here waiting for him. This is because Star Fox 64 is a classic,
    will remain a classic, and everyone will love it as long as TVs can support RCA
    One more thing that I'd like to mention before we start. Notice: Star Fox. Hmm?
    Do you see it? The space? Because there is one. A space in the middle of "Star"
    and "Fox." That makes Star Fox. Not StarFox or Starfox, Star Fox. Don't let the
    logo sway you. This is how it is in the Nintendo web site, and in the game Star
    Fox 64.
    This is where I stick all of the updates that have been made to this FAQ.
    Browse away!
    Version 0.88 - November 25, 2002
       I'm just kinda adding a few more rankings and a little secret, but other
       than that, there's not much else. I'll get around to Area 6 eventually, but
       for now you'll have to live with the medal tips. Oh, and I AM going to
       finish the guide, Brian. ¬_¬
    Version 0.87 - October 28, 2002
       Well, I did the Zoness walkthrough. Wow, that's a long level... anyway, all
       that's left is Area 6 and Venom 1. ...I'm going to have a REAL fun time with
       those... as if Zoness weren't enough! Oh, and I'm starting to add the dates
       of completion to these updates. I just found out how useful they are. On a
       lighter note, I'm going to scare little kids for Hallowe'en. The power of a
       monster mask.
    Version 0.81
       Nothing spectacular. Just added some more rankings and a fixed what Hotmail
       did to the FAQ... stupid Hotmail. I'm zipping from now on! BACON! :p
    Version 0.8
       I finished the Sector Y and the Aquas walkthroughs, along with updating the
       start of the FAQ so that the version number is more predominantly displayed.
       Whoops... I should have done that first. Well, I guess alls well that ends
    Version 0.7
       This is the first release of the FAQ. There's not much to say except for
       almost everything is in it. Missions, bosses, strategies, secrets, tips and
       such are all included. While I was writing it, this FAQ went through many
       changes. Changes too numerous to mention, but I'll just say that the headers
       weren't always centred, the ASCII logo was quite different, and ANSI
       characters used to not exist.
                                    Copyright Notice
    Before taking ANY action in the redistribution or publishing of this guide that
    you think may be contradictary to any international copyright laws, you must
    read this copyright notice. All information in this notice was updated on
    October 6, 2002.
    This guide may not be redistributed in any form without the typed or written
    consent of Ryan Rosser, also known as Aquatakat. This given consent may not be
    reproduced in any manner, be it electronically or by hand. You may request this
    consent using my e-mail address, and if all conditions outlined below in the
    e-mail information section (near the end of the guide) are of satisfactory
    quality, I may grant you permission to display this guide. It will only be
    reproduced electronically in a plain text file. I have no wish for it to be
    displayed in a printed manner publicly, so it will not at any time unless this
    copyright notice is changed. Please note that you may print all or part of this
    guide for private use only. Finally, this guide may not be reproduced and sold
    for a profit at any time or place ever.
                                 Alignment Information
    This section is designed to make sure that you are viewing this FAQ in the way
    that it's been designed to be viewed. Otherwise, certain areas of this FAQ will
    be unreadable, such as ASCII diagrams. The following diagrams will only work if
    this FAQ is "aligned" properly.
                      ____________                   ____________
                     | WWWWWWWWWW |                 | ---------- |
                     | .......... |                 | __________ |
                      ――――――――――――                   ――――――――――――
    In the first box, there should be ten letter "W"s above ten periods. In the
    second box, you should see ten underscores (_) with ten dashes above them. If
    you don't see the boxes, or the text does not meet at the end, then I recommend
    copying and pasting this FAQ into Notepad or a similar program and changing the
    font to Courier New.
                                   Table of Contents
    •  Introduction
       -  Copyright Notice
       -  Alignment Information
       -  Complete FAQ Information
       -  Updates
       -  Table of Contents ;)
    •  Game Overview
       -  Story
       -  Characters
       -  Controls
       -  Items
       -  Radar Screen
       -  Frequently Asked Questions
    •  Missions
       -  Corneria
       -  Meteo
       -  Fortuna
       -  Sector X
       -  Titania
       -  Bolse
       -  Katina
       -  Solar
       -  Macbeth
       -  Sector Y
       -  Aquas
       -  Zoness *
       -  Sector Z
       -  Area 6 *
       -  Venom *
       -  Venom 2
    •  Bosses
       -  Granga
       -  Attack Carrier
       -  Meteo Crusher
       -  Star Wolf
       -  Spyborg
       -  Goras
       -  Star Wolf 2
       -  Saucerer
       -  Vulcain
       -  Mechbeth
       -  Shogun
       -  Mech Trooper
       -  Bacoon
       -  Sarumarine
       -  Gorgon
       -  Golemech
       -  Andross' Robot
       -  Star Wolf 3
       -  Andross
    •  Lists
       -  Characters
       -  Enemies
       -  High Scores
    •  General Tactics
       -  3D Scroll Mode
       -  All-Range Mode
       -  VS.
    •  Secrets and Miscellany
       -  Glitches
       -  Secrets
       -  Extra Arwings
       -  Different Paths
       -  Medals
       -  Medal Tips
    •  Conclusion
       -  Copyright Information
       -  FAQ Locations
       -  E-Mail Information
       -  Credits
       -  The End
    *  This refers to a section that is incomplete.
                           G A M E   I N S T R U C T I O N S
    These are all the things that you need to know before you start the game. The
    only thing here you could probably leave out is the story, but that would make
    the game confusing, now wouldn't it?
    If you must know, this story came directly from the instructions. I love to be
    able to do that.
    The Lylat System. This small group of planets enjoyed years of prosperity. The
    inhabitants lived in peace. That is, until Andross came into view. Andross was
    born and raised on Corneria, fourth planet of the system, and grew to be a
    brilliant scientist. Dr. Andross had been focusing all his time and energy
    researching biotechnology, but since Corneria was a peaceful planet this
    research went in vain. Over time, his mind became twisted, and his morals
    became demented. Andross went mad.
    One day, a weapon, secretly developed by Andross, was unleashed on the
    residents of Corneria. Andross had turned his back on his homeworld. Corneria's
    major cities were damaged. Luckily, Andross was captured by General Pepper,
    charged with treason and exiled to the planet Venom.
    Five yeras later, reports from Corneria's observation station had confirmed
    disturbing activity from Venom. General Pepper sent three members of the Star
    Fox team, James McCloud, Pigma Dengar, and Peppy Hare to investigate. When they
    arrived at Venom, Pigma betrayed his teammates and turned them over to his new
    master, Andross. Peppy barely managed to escape and returned to his homeworld
    to report McCloud's fate to his son, Fox.
    Consumed with hatred, Andross declared war on the Lylat system. Slowly, Andross
    has taken control planet by planet. Now, Andross is advancing on Corneria.
    General Pepper knows that Corneria's army alone cannot stop Andross. In his
    hour of need, he has turned to the new Star Fox team to save Conreria and free
    Lylat from Andross' evil clutches!
    Here are the controls of the game. I'm not quite sure why I put these in here,
    but there's some stuff excluded from the instructions. ...I think.
    Control Stick:  Move
    A Button:       Fire Laser
    B Button:       Fire Bomb
    C-Up Button:    Camera Angle
    C-Left Button:  Boost
    C-Right Button: Respond to ROB64
    C-Down Button:  Brake
    L Button:       Unused
    R Button:       Tilt to Left
    Z Button:       Tilt to Right
    Start Button:   Pause
    + Control Pad:  Unused
       When you push down on the control stick, you go up. Pushing up makes you go
       If you hold in the A button, you can lock on to a target just by moving your
       cursor over it. Then, let go of the A button, and quickly push it again. You
       will shoot a bomb-like thing at the enemy here on in referred to as a lock-
       on laser blast. If instead, you push B instead of A after you let go of the
       A button, then you will fire a lock-on bomb.
    Loop / U-Turn
       If you push down on the control stick, and the C-left button at the exact
       same time, you will pull a loop. If you press the C-down button instead, you
       will pull a U-turn. This is only available in all-range mode, though.
    Barrel Roll
       By double-tapping the Z or R button, you will do a barrel roll. This repels
       enemy fire, and, therefore, is very useful. Great to do if there are a lot
       of enemies shooting at you at once.
       There are a few different controls for when you use the Landmaster. First
       off, tilting moves you to the left or right... a barrel roll will not
       protect you from enemy fire... and if you hold the Z and R buttons, you will
       hover in the air! This can be really useful.
       When you use the sub in Aquas, there are a few things to note. You
       automatically lock-on, but you can't fire lock-on laser blasts. When you
       press B, rather than a bomb flying out, a torpedo will. You have infinite
    Every single item (or item-related thing) will be stuck in here. Simple as
    Supply Ring
       This is a silver ring that heals up your ship just a little bit. Sometimes
       useful, but if you have full life, just ignore it. They are usually placed
       somewhere where if you go for this item, you'll miss a better one.
    Shield Ring
       This is a golden ring that, if collected, will heal your ship more than the
       silver supply ring. And if you pick up three, your shield gauge will
       increase by about 1.4x. And if you somehow get three more, you will get an
       extra Arwing! They are displayed in the top-left corner of the screen beside
       your points. If you have one or two at the end of the level, they will be
       carried over to the next.
    Supply Star
       This is just like the supply ring, but one, it looks like a star, and two,
       it heals about HALF OF YOUR SHIELDS!! This item is a _real_ lifesaver!
    Laser Upgrade
       This item changes your lasers from a single, to a twin, to a hyper laser,
       each stronger than the other respectively. It has a "L" in the middle, and
       it has sides that look kind of like lasers.
    Wing Repair
       This looks just like a little pair of wings! :p They repair your wings if
       they fall off. This occurs when you run into too many things. Or just one
       thing on expert mode.
    Smart Bomb
       This is just a red octagon with the letter "B" on it. You can pick up to a
       maximum of nine, and you can shoot them with the B button, as well as
       detontate them before they hit a target.
       You can easily distinguish the checkpoint by the little, yellow word
       "Checkpoint" written in the middle. When you pass through it, it will heal
       most of your shields, and if you die in the same level you will appear here.
    Extra Arwing
       This _extremely_ rare item will add one Arwing to your reserves. There's a
       total of three in the entire game! It looks just like your Arwing, except
       smaller, of course. Check the secrets section for a list of all the extra
    Supply Container
       This is a box with a "Z" type shape on it. When you shoot it open, an item
       is revealed. Right now, I'll tell you what will come out. If you have decent
       shields, and a single laser, you will get a laser. If you have below half
       shields, and a twin laser or higher, you will get a supply ring or a shield
       ring. I think it's random. If you have below one quarter shields, and a twin
       laser or higher, you will get a middle supply. If one or both of your wings
       are missing, you will get a wing repair no matter what (which can be
       annoying if you have less than one-quarter shields). If you have decent
       shields, both wings, and a twin laser or higher, you will get a handy dandy
       smart bomb.
                                      Radar Screen
    Can you believe that some people can't read the radar screen? Ha, ha, ha... oh.
    If you're reading this, then you probably can't... sorry.
    What is the radar screen? Well the radar screen is the little box that appears
    in all-range mode in the bottom left corner of the screen. It is semi-
    transparent or translucent (ooh, big word) with a blue tint. There are a lot of
    little coloured dots all over it. Let's explain what they are, shall we?
    There are little coloured triangles always flying around the screen right? Well
    these are your teammates. They are coloured depending on which one they are.
    Yellow is Fox (you!), red is Peppy, green is Slippy, and blue is Falco. Note
    that this radar screen is unlike most, and you actually move around in it. The
    point of the triangle is the front, and the other side is the back.
    Occasionally, you will see little white dots. These represent small enemies or
    sub-bosses (Sector Y). There are usually a lot of them and it's okay to just
    ignore their positions because you just shoot whatever's in front of you. The
    only place where this is actually useful is at Sector Y where it shows the sub-
    When you fight the Star Wolf team, you will see some black symbols. It's hard
    to describe them, but they're the only black thing that you will see on the
    radar that moves so it's pretty simple I guess. Monitor you radar and when you
    see one of these symbols come up behind you, loop or something.
    Finally, you have bosses. They are told by a large, yellow "B." At first it
    doesn't look like a "B," but let it turn around and you'll see. The top part of
    the "B" is their front. It's the part that's slightly smaller. Hey, how about
    a diagram? *crowd groans*
                     |  ______  <------------ This is the front. |
                     | |   _  |                                  |
                     | |  |_| |                                  |
                     | |   _  |                                  |
                     | |  |_|  |                                 |
                     | |_______|                                 |
                     |          <------------ This is the back.  |
    Occasionally, you'll see some other things on the radar, but they're self-
    explanatory. Off to the next section.
                               Frequently Asked Questions
    Here is some questions that are frequently asked. Read the contact information
    section if you want to send in a question yourself.
    Q: I'm in all-range mode. Why are there two arrows pointing inwards?
    A: This means that a wingman that is in your field of view needs help. The
       arrows are the wingman's color.
    Q: The Sector X boss has just reawakened. What do I shoot now?
    A: You shoot the part that its head thing used to cover. The small indentation
       that sticks out on the top of its body.
    Q: Is Slippy a boy or a girl?
    A: Beats me.
    Q: How many points do I need to get a medal on [insert level here]?
    A: Look at my table near the bottom of the FAQ. Also, you could consider taking
       a peek at your instruction booklet.
    Q: I got enough points in [insert level here]. Why didn't I get a medal?
    A: All of your wingmen have to be with you and fully functional. In other
       words, they can't have left the level for repairs.
    Q: How do I get to [insert level here]?
    A: Again, take a look at the bottom of my FAQ. There you'll find not-so-
       comprehensive instructions on how to get to each level.
    Q: I don't like being Fox in VS. Can I change my character?
    A: Yes, you can. Just plug your controller in a different slot. Slot 1 is for
       Fox, slot 2 is for Peppy, slot 3 is for Slippy, and slot 4 is for Falco.
    Q: I don't like being Fox in main game. Can I change my character?
    A: No, but you wear glasses and sort of look like your father in expert mode.
    Q: How do I switch to expert mode or the sound tester?
    A: Press left or right while main game or sound is selected. Note that you have
       to have unlocked these modes in the main game. It's amazing how many people
       don't know this.
                                    M I S S I O N S
    Here, I'll give a detailed walkthrough for each of the missions in Star Fox 64.
    I'll also tell you how many points you need for a medal, and which level each
    boss lives in (because of their names).
    This is the first level. I think that you may already know that, but it is. :p
    Well, anyway, you need 150 points to get the medal here.
    You start off by with a single laser, coming up to the city over an ocean.
    There will be a few enemies (one group gives you a laser power-up). Pretty
    easy. Right off the bat, though, a small ship chases Slippy. If you're having
    trouble, lock-on to it and fire. You should enter a chasm that leads into the
    city soon. In this chasm, there are a few enemies that can't hit you. They
    shouldn't be too much trouble.
    Once you enter the city, there will be some butterfly thingies to worry
    about. They will go down if you fire a lock-on laser at them. From here,
    everything is relatively easy. There will be a few enemies, and a big huge
    robotic thing that pushes down a building. If you speed up, you can get the
    laser that he's pushing the building down on top of.
    After that, some enemies will chase you. When Peppy tells you about them,
    you can pull a loop (or use the brakes) to avoid them. There will be another
    large robotic thing, and if you kill him you can get a bomb. After you pass
    him, you will see a small building-type hangar thing. If you shoot the door, it
    will open and you can fly through - collecting the item. Hey look, a
    checkpoint! :)
    After you pass through the checkpoint, Falco will be chased by some ships,
    and he can't get away from them. Ignore the enemies and fight the enemies
    chasing Falco. If you're having trouble, use the boost. This is a great
    location to test out your lock-on bomb. If you don't save Falco, you can't go
    to Sector Y, but who wants to go to Sector Y? ;) Well, all you do is just save
    After the Falco ordeal, there will be some more enemies and some more
    robotic things. These guys throw pillar things at you. Eee. Just avoid them,
    and avoid the fire of the enemies that you come to. You will eventually come to
    some more water. Yippee! I likes water.
    Here, if you want to go to Sector Y, you have saved Falco, right? Well, if
    you didn't I recommend retrying the mission. Well, if you have saved Falco,
    then fly under the arches that you see here. You need to fly under all of them.
    If you do, then Falco will appear, and he'll take you into a waterfall. If you
    don't, then Peppy will take you to the normal boss. First, I will explain the
    way to the normal boss.
    Well, after the water, Peppy will come up, and show off. There will be some
    firebirds. You should progress a little further, collecting the gold supply
    ring, and then you will make it to the boss, Granga. This is very simple, don't
    you think?
    If you take the other way, you will have to fight many more firebirds that can
    be taken down with a bomb. Some missile things will pop out of the ground, some
    more enemies will appear, and you will eventually reach the target boss. If you
    defeat this boss, you will "accomplish" the mission, rather than "complete" it.
    This boss is called Attack Carrier.
    Congratulations, you just completed Corneria. How does it feel to have
    completed the most easy level in the game? Pretty good? Just complete Area 6 on
    expert mode... then you won't think this an accomplishment. :)
    Ahh, Meteo. This is one of my favourite missions for one of two reasons: first,
    I like asteroids, and the boss is funny looking. ;) This mission needs 200
    points for a medal.
    You start off in a nice, little asteroid field. Destroy the asteroids for
    points, and try to get in the rings of grey asteroids if you want a laser
    power-up. After a while, Peppy will say, "It's quiet; too quiet." Then a
    plethora of butterfly things will come out. These guys are easily disposed of
    with a bomb.
    You will eventually see some a very large asteroid with a hole in it. Fly
    through, killing the snakes, and the hopper that you see. You have to shoot the
    snakes in the head to kill them. The hopper is very easy to kill. At the end of
    this tunnel thing, there will be three items. Aim for the bottom one and pull a
    loop. You should get all three. If you need another laser power-up, go through
    the circle of asteroids in the top-left corner.
    You will now see some really big asteroids, and Slippy comments. Simply do
    whatever your friends say, and avoid these asteroids to get out of here. After
    a while, you will see some more enemies. Just use a bomb against them (you will
    get a bomb in the large asteroids). You will get another bomb for your
    Right about now, some enemies will chase Peppy. Use a lock-on to take care of
    them easily. Right after they are taken care of, you will have to fight some
    more enemies that are very easy to defeat with laser things.
    You will now come into a large asteroid thing (some more enemies will be
    following you), and you should use a bomb to take care of all of the enemies
    that you will see. When you do, a cage will be erected at the end. Just fly
    straight through it. Some more enemies that Falco will destroy will appear
    Poor little Slippy will be attacked right about now. Just shoot the red backs
    of the enemies that are chasing her / him / it. You will see the checkpoint
    soon, and if you don't, get your eyes checked. :p Well, you know. Try to go
    through it.
    After this, there will be some enemies on an asteroid belt thing. If Falco is
    here, he will open a way to get a gold ring. After this, there will be a whole
    bunch of checkpoint things that are missing the word "Checkpoint." If you want
    to go to Katina, go through all of these. You can use the Z and R buttons to
    help you, despite your constant spinning here.
    If you want to go to Fortuna, then all you have to do is fly straight through
    the asteroids and enemies to the boss. This is very simple, although the boss
    can be hard if you don't know what to do. Check the *gasp* bosses section!! :p
    It's called the Meteo Crusher.
    This is a very simple mission. Simple, simple, simple. All you need is
    50 points to get a medal on this mission.
    You will start out shooting these little guys that are orange. It's pretty
    easy. Just keep fighting them. After a while, you will have to fight the Star
    Wolf team. These guys are pretty easy, but they can be hard if you don't know
    what you're doing. So, I'm going to tell you just how to beat them. In the
    bosses section, however.
                                        Sector X
    Sector X is my favourite level, and it's very easy too. All the points that you
    need is 150 to get a medal.
    At the start, fly through this wreckage stuff, and you will get to a nice hoard
    of enemies that you can take care of with a bomb. After this, there will be
    some more enemies that you should be able to kill with some lock-on lasers. It
    will remain this easy for the rest of the level.
    After you see the very quick spider-like enemies, a whole bunch of them will
    appear and start to cause problems for you. A bomb will suffice, but isn't
    necessary. After this, a plethora of extremely fast fighter ships will pass
    you. When a whole bunch of them appear, fire a bomb. The resulting explosion
    will take care of them.
    Now you will see a large armada of space mines. The best way to take care of
    them is to fire a bomb, but if you use the boost, you can fly above them if you
    go fast enough. After them, there will be three thingies, and if you kill them
    all, you will get a laser power-up. Yay, Christmas is upon us!! :p
    After this, you will go through this place where there is a lot of floating
    debris. Apparently, Andross took the base out. Well, what you should do now is
    fly to the top-left. It's the easiest there. When you come out of the debris,
    there will be one of those bee things for you to take care of, and there will
    be a *gasp* checkpoint!! Whoo-hoo!!
    When you pass the checkpoint, you will come up to a large wall. Don't worry --
    a hole will be blown through it for you. Fly through, and save Peppy who will
    be chased by a nice, little group of enemies. Yay. Kill them with extreme
    prejudice (heh, heh, heh), and simply follow the way until the path splits.
    At the path split, there will be two paths: one to the left and one to the
    right. If you want to go to Sector Z, go left. If you want to go to either
    Macbeth or Titania (*shudders*), go right. The left is harder than the right,
    and there are some enemies that you should take care of. First, I'll explain
    the right...
    When you first go to the right, go up as far as you can go and then go in a
    small crack on the top of the wall. There will be three easy enemies (and
    therefore points) to get. Keep going until you come out into the open spot
    where you should look out for auto-gun type enemies that will be shooting at
    you in groups. Lock-on laser blasts can take out these guys with ease.
    Around here, Peppy will also get attacked again. These enemies are a bit harder
    to take out, because they are all in a straight line right behind Peppy.
    However, they shouldn't give you that much trouble. Some more auto-gun type
    enemies will shoot at you around here. It's pretty simple. The ROB64 container
    is also around here, if you need it.
    Now I can go into the left path. This path is much harder to complete. When you
    start, enemies will start shooting from all around you. Most of the time, they
    can't hit you, so just continue on. There will be a large wall blocking your
    path. Every so often, a wall will open in front of you, and you can use the
    boost and the brake to adjust your speed so that you can make it through
    instead of becoming part of the wall.
    After the walls that you pass through, there will be a bomb near the bottom of
    the screen, but don't go for it. There is concentrated shooting there by
    enemies that you can see, but are difficult to shoot. Now if you want to go to
    Sector Z, you will need to have a _really_ quick trigger finger. There will be
    a large rectangular panel in front of you, accompanied with some more of that
    shooting from where you can't see. If you shoot the rectangular panel fast
    enough and it opens, you can go to Sector Z. Brakes are a godsend here. If you
    came here through Katina, Bill will help you.
    The rest of this area should be pretty straightforward. There are three other
    rectangular panels to shoot open, but you should be able to shoot them open
    with the assistance of Bill and your brakes. One last thing: after the second
    panel, there will be explosions all around you but they can be taken care of
    simply with slowing down and ascending, but not too much as to hit the roof,
    because it is entirely possible.
    Now you should be in an area where there is a large diamond-shaped tunnel with
    holes in it (if you didn't pass through all of the panels). Exit carefully
    through the hole on the right side and you should come to the spot where the
    paths come together. There will be a bee to kill, unless Slippy is out of
    commission. If _it_ isn't, _it_ will come back so that you can go to Titania.
    Now you will fight the boss. Where to look to do that I wonder... at least I'll
    tell you its name is Spyborg.
    Ugh... Titania. I hate this place. It's just creepy. Well, it should be the
    first place you use the Landmaster tank with. It needs a good 150 points for a
    At the start, you get dropped off by the Great Fox and your wingmen are flying
    overhead. Driving straight, you should notice a whole bunch of items near large
    pillars. Don't drive for the items. Drive as if you were going to go around the
    other side of the pillars. They will fall in that direction, and then you
    barrel roll to the other side to get the item. Here, I'll draw a diagram.
           | The pillar will ------> |P|  O <-- The item is usually a       |
           | fall to the left,        ―  /      gold or silver supply ring. |
           | but you go to the       ___/                                   |
           | right.                 /    <----- Barrel Roll to the right    |
           |                       /            as the pillar starts to     |
           |                      |             fall the other way.         |
           |                      |                                         |
           |                      |                                         |
           |                      | <---------- Follow this path.           |
    Now that I've gotten that nice, horrible diagram (oxymoron!!) out of the way, I
    can continue. There will be a nice long area of pillars and such, until you
    hear Falco (or Slippy, or was it Peppy?) say something about land mines. They
    are green and they are planted in the ground. Most of them are easy to spot,
    but some are on the wrong side of hills. These are very difficult to see, but I
    think there's only one group of them so you shouldn't get all jittery.
    After another pillar (one that doesn't fall this time), you will see bone
    structures poking out of the ground. You pretty much need to go into one, and
    I recommend taking the one to the right. But be warned, there's more land mines
    around here that you might want to consider shooting. Again, the brake helps.
    After the bones, large... things will come down. If you shoot their undersides
    quite a bit, they will be explode but this, as with most other things in the
    game, requires a quick trigger finger. Something that _I_ have. Don't worry
    when they fall. It doesn't do any damage if they fall on you. However, it does
    do some damage if you run into their legs. So, DON'T DO THAT! :p
    Now you should see a green machine with a flashing yellow screen on the top of
    it. If you get close, it will explode. If you shoot it, it will go flying, and
    if you shoot it while it's in the air, then it should be destroyed. There are
    three or four of these around here, along with some golden rings that you can
    collect if you barrel roll.
    Now, I think that there are some large thingies that shoot lasers at you. It's
    possible to destroy them, but you don't really need to. Use a boost to avoid
    the lasers, but they don't do very much damage. These guys shouldn't be a
    Now there should be a dip in the ground where there are a lot of land mines and
    some tanks that can only travel in a straight line. These shouldn't be any
    problem, but the land mines might. If you really have trouble, a bomb can
    destroy everything: tanks and land mines all. At the top of the dip, you can
    hover to reach an item in the air.
    There will be another big ditch and then you will see the checkpoint. Roll
    dutifully into it. In front of you, you should be able to see some more of
    those pillars. Go to the far right, because they will start to fall down
    towards you. Hover slightly over the fallen pillars and when you can use your
    boost, use it to the max because pillars will start to fall left and right. Now
    there should be two more pillars that fall down in front of you. Hover over
    these and get the ROB64 item that appears.
    Now you should come to a part where Falco asks for help. You don't need to help
    him, though. He'll eventually get the enemy on his own. On the right, though,
    you should see a gold supply ring. If you really want it, go right ahead.
    You'll need to hover to get it because of the steep hill it's on. Now you
    should be entering a canyon. Silly canyon. :)
    The canyon is all swirvy and all that. It's rather strange. Well, anyway, there
    are a whole bunch of robots on the sides of the canyon that toss boulders at
    you. To avoid them, you can either shoot them from afar, or keep close to the
    canyon wall that they are throwing the rocks from. There are three of these
    robots I think. After you've passed all of them, there will be some automated
    guns on the sides of the canyon. Simply shoot the aquamarine diamonds on the
    tops of them, and they will blow.
    As you leave the canyon, there will be more of those pillars that you saw near
    the beginning of the level. They will fall the exact same way, so I recommend
    revisiting my figure because if I stuck it here again, it will just be filler.
    Filler... ah, raiser of FAQ size... well, anyway, this is pretty much the end
    of the level. There will be some cactus things and then you will get a glimpse
    of Slippy in some claw things. They are the boss' claws. Shoot them for a while
    and they will pop down into the ground, not after trying to whack you to an
    early grave. Then you will fight the real boss, Goras.
    Another one of _these_ levels! Yay! They have the easiest walkthroughs. Well,
    this level needs a good nice, normal 150 points to get a medal. And if you
    fight Star Wolf, that's a really easy 150 points to get.
    When you start, the ground under you will be spinning, and you won't, so there
    will be some really strange effects that are very confusing. It's in all-range
    mode, so turn to your left and start shooting the tall pillar that you see. It
    is the easiest when you go to the left because you seem to go the fastest. When
    you play the level, you'll understand. If you need to, use the brake to slow
    down. Well, shoot the pillar and keep going. It needs a fast trigger finger.
    Start to go around in a circle...
    You will see the exact same pillars again and again as you circumnavigate the
    satellite. As you go, shoot the tops of all of them. There are six. Once you
    destroy all of them, the shield in the middle will drop, and a nice group of
    not-so-nice enemies will start shooting like mad. Fly around for a bit shooting
    them. Some of them can only be destroyed with regular lasers, and some of them
    can only be destroyed with lock-on laser blasts. Just keep destroying them for
    a while.
    When Peppy (I'm _absolutely_ sure that it's Peppy... or Slippy) tells you that
    he (it) sees the core, turn toward the centre and you will see a large pillar
    that came out of the hole the enemies are piling out of. Shoot the yellow
    squares that you see on it. Every time that you shoot one, it will fall off and
    a blue laser will start shooting straight out of it. Despite the huge amount of
    gunfire that you will encounter, most of it doesn't hit you so don't worry.
    Star Wolf may come down if you haven't defeated all of them in Fortuna. They
    are pretty easy, but you might want to consider looking in the bosses section
    under "Star Wolf 2." If there are four of them, it is considerably easier to
    get the medal, just so you know. Huh, that walkthrough was quite a bit longer
    than I expected it to be.
    Katina is one of my favourite levels mostly because it's easy. It needs a
    healthy 150 points to get a medal.
    You will be dumped smack dab in the middle of a battle. This battle actually
    has ships that are on your side, so be careful. The ships that you have to
    shoot are black, and they have red coloured jets. The ones that you have to
    avoid shooting are green and white and they have blue coloured jets. Shooting
    them has no real penalty, but you don't get points for ships destroyed on your
    side so there's no real advantage to it either.
    After killing about 10 or so enemies, the boss will come. If you want to get
    points, you can ignore the boss because more enemies come out of the boss.
    However, if you want to get it over with and go to Solar, refer to the bosses
    section under Saucerer for more information.
    Solar is different than all of the other places you go to. The lava and stuff
    will be flying around. You need a whole 100 points for a medal.
    Before we start, there's a few things that I'd like to mention. First of all,
    you will be constantly getting hit in this level because you're right by the
    sun. Secondly, the lava will pop out here and there and everywhere. Don't worry
    about getting constantly hit, though: there are tons and tons of items for you
    that you will be able to collect so that you can refill your guage. Well, now
    we shall start walking through the game with the walkthrough.
    At the start, fly straight and do your best to avoid the lava snake things.
    They are pretty easy. After a little while, Peppy will appear and fly around
    telling you to shoot the rocks. You should heed his advice and shoot them. If
    you do, they will break, revealing some exponentially needed items. If you fly
    a little further, there will be some more rocks to destroy.
    Soon, there will be a large swell of lava on the right. Fly to the *gasp* left
    to avoid it! There will be some more of those rocks that we love. By the way,
    you should see a shiny rock around here. They contain better items than the
    normal rocks. Again the lava snake thingies are around here. Actually, I think
    that I'll stop mentioning them for the rest of the walkthrough because they
    appear pretty consistantly from now on.
    Now you will see your first firebird. They're just like the ones from Corneria,
    remember? Anyway, there will be a few around here. Just flying around all
    pretty and stuff. Shoot at them. By the way, there are a few more rocks around
    you that you should shoot as well. You need those items, dear me.
    Now a large swell of lava will appear on the right, and along with it, some
    firebirds will pop out of it. Three, to be exact. Obviously you should shoot
    them and bank to the left as so not to hit the swell. Guess what? Another swell
    except this time it's on the right. More firebirds will pop out. Now you bank
    to the right to avoid the lava swell. Ooh...
    Right after you pass this swell, you can hear ROB64 calling for you. If you
    reply, you'll get an item. By the way, there are a plethora of rocks and birds
    behind the swell. The ROB64 item is stuck right in the middle, conveniently.
    Fire a bomb to destroy all of the rocks and birds that you can see, and you
    should be able to get the item from the carnage.
    Now there should be a large group of firebirds to test your use of the bomb. If
    you can manage to shoot the bomb so that you hit the lead bird, the resulting
    explosion should destroy most of the other birds. Right behind them is the
    checkpoint. Isn't that useful? Your shields should be lagging right around here.
    Around here, some birds will chase down Falco. He says, "I ain't your buddy!
    Go away!" So, make them go away. Shoot them down and avoid the few swells
    around here. There are also some rocks and I think that you may be able to snag
    a middle supply somewhere around and about here. Slippy will also need some
    help with the single ship chasing him / her / it. She can't take it anymore. :p
    Now you will see a HUGE swell! Fly to the right or the left and as high as you
    can to avoid it somehow. You might hit it anyway, however. Again, there should
    be a group of rocks around here that might lick your fancy. Right behind them
    there should be two swells that you can easily avoid by flying straight through
    the middle.
    Again, ROB64 will call you to offer you some supplies. After you _graciously_
    accept its offer, there will be some more rocks and a swell on the left to
    avoid. Behind this swell, you should see a group of firebirds to bomb. After
    these guys, look to the lava at the bottom. As you should see, there's some
    black protrusions. Bomb these. Notice how the lava gets all messed... get ready
    for the boss... Vulcain.
    Well that was Solar. What an imaginative name! ... ... ...*leaves*
    Ah, now were into a level I know like the back of my hand! This place needs 150
    points for its medal.
    When you start Macbeth, you should be driving along the side of a train. You
    have two choices here: either destroy the train, or destroy the small ships
    around you. The latter is easier, but the first gets you more points. There are
    small ships shooting you from above, and there are walls that you must destroy
    to avoid damage. If you don't destroy the train, it will dump a ton of rocks in
    your path, but that's avoided simply by driving around them.
    After the train speeds up, there will be towers with gun turrets at the top.
    These turrets barely hit you, but if you destroy them, sometimes you will get a
    bomb. And we all know how useful bombs are. Right behind them are some more
    turret-like enemies that you can destroy. They will give you supply rings.
    Now, if you go to the left, a bomb will appear out of nowhere. The camera
    usually shifts around here too, giving you a view of the enemies in the sky.
    Feel free to help your wingmen kill them, even if they are of no threat to
    you. Slippy will warn you about more enemies in the sky after the camera
    shifts back to normal. These are nothing to worry about. Just a few butterfly
    things and a few ships that fly away from you.
    Now there should be a nice, huge group of boulders rolling towards you. You can
    destroy them with a bomb or hovering over them (Peppy tells you to do the
    latter, but destroying them with a bomb works just as well). If there are any
    ships that you didn't destroy in the air and they flew away, they should be
    coming at you right now. Nothing a lock-on laser blast can't take care of.
    In front of you, there should be a nice steep drop off with a train bridge
    built to your left. If you want to go on the bridge, you can hop off the drop
    off, but _immediately_ start hovering as you do. Don't start hovering before
    the drop off because you won't make it. Right after you fall off, and not
    Any-hoo, after the drop off you should be in a sort of chasm with some rocks
    falling right in front of you. If you can't shoot _extra_ fast, then you should
    go to the left to avoid them. There are four, but the fourth comes down delayed
    and usually right in front of you with a complete disregard for personal space.
    :p If you are on the tracks here, you should be concentrating on destroying the
    train so you don't run into it.
    Right behind the rocks, there will be a group of enemies shooting at you. These
    guys don't have the best aim, and a lock-on laser blast should be plenty to
    destroy them. Right around here, Falco needs your help, but you should only use
    a lock-on blast to destroy the enemy following him so you don't risk hitting
    Now you should be going into a deeper chasm (unless you're on the tracks. If
    you are, keep shooting the train) where there are some more rocks blown off in
    front of you. If the first group were to tough for you, definitely move to the
    right to avoid them because they come down much faster. There are two enemies
    in the air to shoot until you come sharply up and back on the tracks.
    Now for a tricky part. There are some walls that form in front of you (not to
    mention the train, which you should keep destroying). You have to hover over
    them, but don't hover as high as you can. Just enough to get over the walls.
    Once you get past them all (there's three, and the third is extra high), there
    will be a checkpoint! Yay! Hover into it, but keep destroying the train.
    After you go around this wall, there will be a nice lot of silver supply rings
    that are easy to get. If you really need them, veer right and collect them.
    Some are behind walls that go up and down, so you will have to adjust your
    speed with the brake accordingly. Now there will be a building. First, go to
    the left near the train track until you are confronted with a wall. Then barrel
    roll right under a part of the bulding. Be careful not to hit the pillar in
    there, and continue on.
    Now there are eight switches that you are supposed to get if you want to go to
    Area 6. The area around here is pretty straightforward, so I'm only going to
    detail the location of the switches.
    1. Right in front of you as you pass the building.
    2. Right beside the first one.
    3. On the left side of the track near the fourth.
    4. On a building behind the first and second. It is easier to hover to get this
    5. On the left side of the track further down past the third and fourth. If you
       have Katt, she will shoot it.
    6. Behind a moving wall (shoot it to move it) on the right side after the
    7. On the left side of the track right after you start to fight the boss.
    8. On the right side of the track opposite to the seventh. If you have Falco,
       he will shoot it.
    Now you have to shoot the switcher box which is right behind the eighth switch.
    You must shoot the top part. This is pretty much the end of the level. If you
    miss any of the switches, you have to fight the boss and go to Bolse. While
    you're fighting the boss, Mechbeth, Falco and Peppy may get into trouble, but
    they will help themselves.
                                        Sector Y
    Welcome to Sector Y. This is the first of the "hard" levels, but it isn't as
    difficult as it may seem. It only needs 150 points for the medal.
    This mission starts you off looking at a whole bunch of robots flying around.
    These are just background effects, and can't be shot, except for a few that are
    more of a lighter colour. There are also some blue ships flying around here,
    but nothing a novice player can't handle. There will be some larger ships
    floating around here that are just part of the scenery. Sometimes the robots
    you can shoot will hide behind them.
    Soon, you will come across a large structure with two long beam-like things
    with a hole on the end. Ships will fly out of these holes. Just shoot a bomb in
    the middle and detonate when appropriate to destroy all of the ships at once.
    When you do, though, beware as the holes they flew out of will now spew energy
    balls at you. Just barrel roll as you come through.
    You are now flying between the beam-like things. Select a route, up or down, it
    makes no difference. When you go into one or the other, a whole bunch of those
    blue ships will be shooting the ground. Destroy them all before they get too
    close, and you will recieve a shield ring for your troubles. Gracefully exit
    this middle section and you will be back in open space.
    Notice a few structure with little gunmen on them. You can shoot each of these,
    but they don't pose too much of a threat to you just as long as you keep moving
    because they're gunfire can actually hit you. There will be many of these
    structures with little gunmen on them, so keep flying and do your best not to
    get hit by them.
    After a little while, Peppy will say "The enemy's coming from behind!" This is
    your cue to either fly to the bottom of the screen and brake or pull a loop.
    Either way, shoot the four or five of the ships and make your way forward.
    There will be two of those robot things flying around. This is where the path-
    split is. Either take up or down. First I'll explain the upwards route.
    Note the large amount off white missile ships and blue ships around here. Fire
    at them with a bomb and detonate it when it seems it's in the middle. This
    should get you the most amount of hits, and is easiest to pull off. They will
    catch you off guard, though, swooping down at you at an odd angle, so be
    especially careful.
    There will be lots of broken-up ships around here. Just fly through them and
    shoot the few small enemies that you see until you get to Slippy. He / she / it
    will start chasing some enemies, which you can take the kill of if you want to.
    After you see them, fly through some more broken ships and over a large one to
    see Slippy getting chased. There are tons of enemies here, but if you don't
    shoot them, they won't be able to hit Slippy.
    Anyway, now beware of tons of those little gunmen you fired at before. They
    appear in groups of two, each on one of those larger ships. Just fire a little
    at them when you see them, but their aim is rather innacurate if you can
    manage to keep moving. There are lots of these around here, but just keep
    flying past them.
    Now you will come up to two of thost large structures to fly in the middle of.
    There will be a robot flying around in there, and Falco will be shooting at it.
    It poses no threat to you, so you can ignore it if you want. Anyway, continue
    through the structures and fly to the bottom-left. A ton of blue ships will fly
    by. Just shoot wildly at them.
    Now Fox will say "We're gonna break through that fleet," and you will see tons
    of those gun ships around here. This is about where the paths come together, so
    now I'll explain the lower route. Remember the path split way up there? :)
    First you will see some of those blue ships flying around. They are easy to hit
    if you lock on. With them, there are two of those robot things that are also
    easy to hit. And when you see the group of 15 to 20 robot things, don't worry
    because they are only background. Don't even bother attacking them -- they
    don't do anything.
    After that there will be lots of gunfire coming from gunmen and those robot
    things. Two words: barrel roll. This is absolutely essential if you want to
    get out of there in one piece. Be especially wary of the one robot thing that
    is coloured red: it's rather quick, so you might have a little trouble. Hey,
    this is where the paths converge again. :P
    Just fly to the left and shoot around here because there are a lot of blue
    things flying around and if you shoot randomly, you're sure to hit a lot of
    them. After that, fly to the right and there will be some blue ships and
    *gasp* a gold coloured one just sitting stationary. Shoot 'em up. Oh, and ROB64
    calls you around here too. Oh, my... something's up ahead. Looks different.
    Well, on to the boss. Check the appropriate section. You know where it is. ;)
    Aquas is a fairly easy mission... the only problem is the control is a bit
    different because you are in the Blue Marine. Anyway, get 150 points if you
    want the medal.
    At the start, you will see two squid things in the distance. Fire some
    torpedoes at them when you get to lock on. Move onward and you will see some
    clams on the ground. Lock on to them and fire torpedoes to reveal the parts
    inside. Now there are some arches. Fly under them and shoot lasers and
    torpedoes like mad. Try to stay near the bottom because that's where all of
    the items appear. As you are flying under the arches, you will see a lot of
    squid things as you shoot. Hopefully, you are taking them down before they
    get the chance to attack.
    Later, there will be a squid thing that faces upward. This guy takes a little
    longer to destroy, but you get four points. Falco will tell you to shoot a
    torpedo to help you see. Good advice. Fly to the left and then the right and
    there will be some starfish that you should take down as fast as possible
    because they explode!
    Fly under the arch here and then start your assault on the humanlike fish you
    see with your torpedoes. They are taken down with two. Just be warned of the
    eel like thing that comes from behind. It takes a while to take down, just be
    patient as you are shooting it with torpedoes and lasers. There will be another
    one right after you destroy the first, and then you will see some ruins. Here
    the octopi lay.
    Destroy the latter of the ruins to get a shield ring, and continue on through
    some more ruins. There will be more octopi here, along with some squid that
    shoot at you. I suggest you shoot back. There are a ton around here, which make
    barrel rolls a VERY good strategy. Just shoot and barrel roll wildly, and you
    will be fine up until the checkpoint.
    Then there will be more octopi and an angler fish. Just shoot like mad, like
    you probably have been for the backend of this level, and you'll be just fine.
    Just be careful when Slippy says "Watch out behind you!" Move to the right and
    let the angler fish pass, and then shoot it down. There are a lot of octopi
    around here, so be extra careful.
    Now you enter a canyon with lots of starfish in it. Just fire at them with your
    torpedoes, one by one and be quick or else they'll explode in your face. You
    will see large electric beings that you cannot destroy, so don't even try.
    Continue destroying these starfish until you reach the end of the canyon where
    you exit, destroy some easy creatures and you are at the boss!
    The boss already? Well, that's a short level. Now to look up the Bacoon...
    UGH... now it's time for Zoness. I have a feeling that I'm going to have a lot
    of fun doing this walkthrough. Yeah, right. This place needs 250 points for a
    At first you are posed with a minimal threat. Just a few little things are
    skipping along the water, and some are flying a little above. Not much to worry
    about for a few seconds. But, out of nowhere, these large flower-like enemies
    come out for you to deal with. Just fire some charged-up laser blasts at them
    and you get some nice barbeque.
    Soon after, you will see a pillar poking up with a box on it. Fire at the box
    and collect your shield ring as a reward. Just fly a little further and you'll
    see the searchlights. If you want desperately to go to Sector Z, start shooting
    them down. Otherwise you can ignore them if you want, but shooting them won't
    make a difference and they're easy points. Anyway, around here there are a lot
    of little islands and not-so-hard to spot searchlights and enemies. Simple.
    Now for something slightly interesting. There will be some buildings on stilts
    around here. Fly under the stilts for the searchlight that you will see past
    one and a spider creature will go for you. Fire a lock-on laser blast at it and
    it's going down. Just don't forget to shoot the searchlight right after it,
    because it's easy to miss.
    Oh no... Slippy's getting attacked. AGAIN. :P Just fire some lock-on laser
    blasts at them and down they go. Sheesh, you think Slippy'd be able to get out
    of these by him/her/itself! ;) And hey, right after YOU get chased by the same
    type of enemy that was chasing Slippy! You'll have to pull a loop for this one,
    after which you can easily take it down.
    Hey, what's that I hear? It's Katt! Helping you out with the searchlights that
    are strewn about in this area. Just fire down the searchlights, with the help
    of Katt. Most of them are located behind the rocky protrutions around here, but
    they are still most easy to hit. Just remember that Katt goes for the left ones
    around here, and there's a bird carrying a ball of energy that likes to drop it
    on you if you shoot it. :)
    Afterwards, you will see the first of... well, I don't know quite what to call
    them. Large snake-like things are what they resemble. You can't destroy them,
    so don't even bother trying. Just try not to get hit and stay away from the
    "water" where they emerge and pop up. It sucks you down, which could be very
    detrimental if you are going for the searchlights later on.
    More enemies around here, and such. None of them pose much of a threat, just
    continue on until you see another searchlight. You will have to fly low because
    just as you come up to it, one of those snake creatures pops in your way. Do
    your best to maneuver into positions that will let you hit the searchlights
    while missing the snake-like creatures.
    Now there are some more little island things and more searchlights. This is
    some pretty standard stuff with nothing too difficult in your way. Just fire
    at the searchlights and before you know it, you'll see the checkpoint for the
    level accompanied by some more snake-creatures.
    Now for something a little different. A gate-like thing. Peppy will come and
    show you how to open the first one. Behind it is a laser power-up, and behind
    the laser there's a snake creature and a couple of searchlights. Fire away at
    them until you come up to some more gate things. Shoot at them like Peppy
    showed you. Just in case you forgot, here's a *ahem* crappy diagram.
          |       _           _                                             |
          |    __| |---------| |__ top                                      |
          |   |--| | SYMBOL  | |--| <------ Fire at either the top or the   |
          |   |--| |    HERE | |--|         bottom of one of these "wheel"  |
          |    ――|_|---------|_|―― bottom   structures to open the gate.    |
          |                                                                 |
    Anyway, behind the right gate, there's a searchlight so I recommend going for
    the right searchlight. There's another tricky searchlight almost directly
    after it that is also accompanied by our favoured snake creatures. There's
    another almost pointless gate and a crate with a gold ring in it. Now you get
    to see the wonders of the freight ships.
    You will see a ton of the aforementioned ships floating around here with boxes
    on them. Some of the boxes have items in them, particularly the ones that
    float conveniently into your path. After about three ships, Slippy will start
    showing off (SNES-esque if I don't say). Follow it through each one of the
    things it flies under and you'll get a laser power-up.
    There are some high platforms with tons of enemies that shoot at you around
    here. Simply fire away at them and the boxes that riddle the platforms. Some
    of them have needed items. Just be careful of all the things shooting at you
    because I can almost guarantee that there are a ton (hey, my memory isn't
    Now there are some long bridge-like structures about. Either fly above or
    below them, but I suggest above. Under them your more likely to hit the sludge
    and come flying into a bridge. However, above is full of enemies. Just pick
    one and fly through them. There isn't much guidance I can give you that will
    make or break this area.
    After you get past that place, there are some more of the sea-going tanks that
    I failed to mention earlier. You can shoot at them or collect the golden ring
    that's suspended in an overpass. Behind them, there are a few more searclights
    and a bird creature that drops bombs. That's about it. Now you're ready for the
                                        Sector Z
    Sector Z is a pretty difficult place to accomplish, or even get a medal on
    (despite the fact that you only need 100 points).
    You'll start out with a whole bunch of enemies closing in on the Great Fox
    which they just had to stick in the middle. Have a nice fight with them for a
    while and help your teammates and all that. After about half a minute, ROB64
    will call you and tell you about a missile coming from the left. This is the
    bottom of your radar. Fly down there and shoot the missle that you see, if you
    see it. There will be a large word "MISSLE" flashing above it. ;)
    When it goes, fly back to the Great Fox and have another fight with the new
    batch of guys that came. Wait some more and ROB64 will tell you about some more
    missiles that are coming. Fly back to the bottom of your radar, and *gasp*
    there are _two_ missiles coming! Shoot both of them down too and fly back for
    another fight.
    Finally, ROB64 will tell you about some more missiles coming. Head back down
    to face your *gasp* three missiles. When they're destroyed, the Great Fox will
    leave (why didn't they just leave in the first place?) and you'll be safe. Now,
    I'll do some "Missle Tactics" on how to shoot a missile.
    When there are tons of missiles all over and you don't know what to do, just go
    for one. The best thing to do is get behind the missile and use the brake while
    you shoot at it. If the missile gets really close to the Great Fox, I recommend
    you fire a bomb at it and hope you get lucky. If you're unfortunate enough to
    be in front of the missile, DON'T LOOP. Just use the Z or R buttons and go
    around that way.
    Well, that was Sector Z. Ready for Area 6? *sinister laugh*
                                         Area 6
    I guess this means I have to give you some tips. This level is pretty much
    hell-- er, sorry: "heck." Just try to stay alive, and barrel roll and such
    until you can get to the boss. Try to help Slippy or Peppy whenever you can,
    but Falco will be fine on his own. When you see a lot of dormant enemies, this
    usually means they'll explode. Be warned...
    ...So, I'll give you some tips. This level is pretty much just avoiding the
    huge amount of enemies that are stuck in here. The best thing that you can
    possibly do is barrel roll and bomb a lot. There are a large amount of path
    splits in this level. Some splits are easier and some aren't. Beware of the
    places that seem empty: pillars and such will tend to come out of the ground to
    destroy you. Just use the boost or the brake if you get in a tight situation.
                                        Venom 2
    This level is the other version of Venom (well, obviously). To get to it, come
    to Venom from Area 6. It needs 200 points for a medal. You can either get the
    medal here or in the first Venom. It will count for both, but the medal here is
    _much_ easier.
    First off, you start fighting Star Wolf 3. Where do you think you look for the
    information for this _boss_. *looks down* Oh. Anyway, after this, you will
    get to fly into a hole. There are a few paths to take but this one is probably
    the best: left, right, left, left, right, right. This will get you from dying
    with a few extra bombs, and upgraded shield guage and hyper lasers. You don't
    necessarily need to take this path, but it gives you the most items. Feel free
    to explore the rest. Now you fight Andross (not Andross' Robot -- Andross).
    Okay, okay, I'll tell you. Look in the bosses section! :p
                                      B O S S E S
    Here's the bosses section. All the bosses of the game are here. For each boss,
    I will tell you where you will fight them, and (from one to ten) the
    Ooh, Corneria's boss is so easy. You shouldn't have any trouble, but figuring
    out how to beat him might be a little hard. Good thing you're reading my FAQ,
    eh? This boss is in all-range mode with a difficulty of one.
    You will come up to the boss and he will be standing and looking menacing to
    you. Yes, _really_ menacing. Right now, you should start shooting his legs as
    fast as possibly possible. If you don't destroy them before you come too close
    to him, pass under his legs and pull a U-turn and try to shoot his legs again.
    If you can't _again_, repeat _again_. Eventually, he will fall down and you
    will be able to shoot his backside easily. If you shoot it enough, it will
    explode, destroying him. If you are _still_ having trouble, use a bomb.
                                     Attack Carrier
    If you beat this boss, rather than the first, you will get the chance to go to
    Sector Y. You will need to satisfy "certain conditions" to get to this boss. It
    is fought in 3D scroll mode with a difficulty of two.
    When you start fighting, lower your altitude because the boss will fly above
    you and if you're too high, he'll also fly through you. Eee. Any-hoo, look to
    the right section of him, and as it opens, start shooting it madly. When it
    closes, look to the left section and when it opens, start shooting _it_ madly.
    Rinse and repeat. After you destroy both, he will start flying away from you.
    Start shooting him madly again. When he gets far enough away, he will turn
    around and come back. Once he does, he will be firing pretty fast so you might
    want to barrel roll or move around or something. Rinse and repeat until shiny.
                                     Meteo Crusher
    What a nice, easy boss. May provide some difficulty for beginners, but
    nonetheless, an easy boss. It is fought in 3D scroll mode with a difficulty of
    This boss is fought in three "stages" -- the first being the shield. There will
    be a spinning shield on the back of the ship. However, there will be a crack in
    it. When a yellow triangle is revealed, shoot it. Oh yeah, if you shoot the
    shield, it will start to absorb your laser energy. After getting shot enough,
    it will shoot a green laser back at you. At which time, Peppy will say, "The
    shield is absorbing the laser!" Great timing. Well, any-hoo, keep shooting the
    yellow triangles until they've all been destroyed, and then watch out! The
    shield will pop off and come flying at you.
    Now for the second stage. There will be a large electricy laser that comes
    flying at you, but you will get some warning. After the first laser, a yellow
    diamond will appear in the center. Start shooting at it, and the laser will
    shoot again. Avoid it again. Now repeat shooting at the diamond. Keep repeating
    over again until the diamond is gone.
    Finally, the third and final stage. The ship will flip over, and the boss will
    say something (I don't remember what...), and some yellow rectangles will
    appear. Be careful, because there will be some circly laser things that come
    from the sides. The best way to avoid them is to pull a loop or use the boost.
    Again, rinse and repeat until shiny and exploded into bits.
                                       Star Wolf
    Now for the first time that you encounter Star Wolf: on Fortuna. These guys are
    always fought in all-range mode with a difficulty of four.
    First off, each one of them will go after a specific person on your team. Every
    time that you see laser fire come past you, pull a loop. Wolf will come past
    you and you will get to shoot him. You can't use bombs, because they are
    resistant to bombs. This should be a piece of cake, or pie, or some other
    pastry / baked good.
    Another nice, easy boss. Although, it has the potential to be difficult. It is
    fought in 3D scroll mode with a difficulty of three.
    When you start to fight it, be careful because it will fly right above you, so
    you might want to fly down a little. It will spin around and start asking
    about its "creator." Eee; creepy. When its eyes turn yellow, start to shoot
    them. It will start getting hurt. Yay! It has only a few attacks. It will shoot
    out of its eyes, which is easy to avoid. It will also start spinning around.
    Simply move up to avoid this as well. If you don't beat it quickly, it will
    shoot its arms at you (yes, its arms), which you can also easily move out of
    the way of. Keep shooting it until its life reaches half, where it will
    automatically explode.
    Now we can finally move on to the next boss. Wasn't that easy? Well, let's...
    wha--? The boss has come back to life? Wow.
    It should start going psycho and whacking at you as hard as it possibly can.
    While it's spinning, shoot at the place where its head used to be. It will
    begin to take damage. Now, if you want to go to Titania, take your time. If you
    want to go to Macbeth, shoot him as fast as possible! If you take too long, and
    Slippy gets hit, you will be sent to Titania (*shudders*). There will be two
    attacks that you should be wary of. Its random spinning, which you can go up to
    avoid. Then there's when it throws a panel at you, where you can either go to
    the top-right or bottom-left to avoid, but you'll probably be unsuccessful.
    Now we can move on to the next boss. Yay!
    Oh, my. It's Titania's boss. I'm _so_ scared. Actually, I am. This boss is
    rather creepy... with a difficulty of five, fought in 3D scroll mode.
    When you start to fight the _actual_ boss (you will see parts of it in the
    level), start to shoot the things on its arms. Don't shoot the one with Slippy
    yet. Be careful of its attacks. It will whack you with the two bottom arms, and
    with the free top one, it will shoot at you. Once all three of its arms are
    destroyed, the one with Slippy will open up. Now shoot the arm that she, or he
    or... it occupied.
    When it is destroyed, you can start shooting at the chest. The best tactic is
    to let fly a bomb and let the explosion do your main hit. There will be a few
    more attacks that you might want to consider. It will shoot a large beam at you
    that is not quite that easy to avoid. It will spin around at whip its tail at
    you. Hovering will take care of this. Once you destroy its chest, it will
    explode rather gruesomely. I guess the ESRB people didn't play this level...
    Well, that's the end of the boss. And, uhh... that's all. Go on to the next
    section already.
                                       Star Wolf 2
    Oh no. Not them again. Except this time they are in Bolse. What a great place.
    They are fought in all-range mode with a difficulty of five.
    First off, each one of them will go after a specific person on your team. Every
    time that you see laser fire come past you, pull a loop. Wolf will come past
    you and you will get to shoot him. You can't use bombs, because they are
    resistant to bombs. This should be a piece of cake, or pie, or some other
    pastry / baked good.
    Does this seem familiar to you? I sure hope not...
    Katina's boss is pretty straightforward. It is fought in all-range mode with a
    difficulty of five.
    After the enemies shoot around at you a bit, the boss will float over. Bill
    will (rhyme!!) say, "Enemy mothership approaching!" When it gets close enough,
    there will be an cut-scene showing more little ships flying out. Continue your
    dogfight with them until Bill says, "The hatchets are open." Then look on the
    underside of the boss and shoot the protruding hatchets that the ships are
    flying out of. You should be able to destroy at least one. Rinse and repeat.
    Once they're all destroyed, Bill will say (Bill says a lot of things...), "The
    core has appeared! Stand by for attack." Shoot the pointy thing poking out in
    the middle of the boss as fast as you can (you might want to use a bomb). Note
    the time limit at the top of the screen. Apparently, you have a minute to kill
    the boss.
    When done, you are off to Solar. If you didn't destroy it, have fun with Sector
    X. Gee, that sounds so menacing.
    Ick. When you fight this boss, you're teammates will start going all, "THIS is
    the enemy bio-weapon?" And, "Andross is an insane fool..." This is fought in
    3D scroll mode with a difficulty of six.
    Right as you start, you should begin to shoot at its arms. They will start to
    take damage. Just keep shooting at them as the creature starts to use its
    attacks against you. It will shoot rocks out of its eyes (which are filled with
    some supply rings if you need them). It will swipe at you: horizonally and
    vertically. It will also pop into the lava and make it swell up. Use the brakes
    and fly to the top left of the screen. Sometimes it doesn't swell up as much,
    so you can just stay in the middle. Brakes are a useful tactic.
    Once its arms are completely destroyed, you must shoot at its head. Now there
    will be two more attacks to fend off. It will now jump out of the lava and spin
    small fireballs at you. They will come out in a funny diagonal pattern. It is
    extremely difficlt to avoid this, so unless you're pretty good at this game,
    you might as well just let it hit you. Then the other "attack" is him flying up
    out of the lava spinning but the fireballs won't fly off him. When he lands in
    the lava, though, rocks will come flying up in your face. Keep shooting its
    head until it falls off. ...How gross.
    Well that was the Solar boss. It was super hard, wasn't it? Really? No? Ah, I
    guess that's due to the fact that it's like super easy. ;)
    What a strange boss. And what a strange place to start it at. You actually
    start to fight the boss in the level, while you are trying to hit the switches.
    Oh, well... this boss is fought in 3D scroll mode with a difficulty of six.
    Once you start fighting the boss (told by the train driver saying, "I didn't
    expect to have to use this. You're _very_ lucky.") you should start shooting at
    its two body parts: its head and its mouth-like thing. The first thing you
    should go after is the mouth. It is the most dangerous to you. Just keep
    shooting until they're both gone.
    Right now, this boss has only two major attacks. The first is it powers up for
    a second and drops some pillar things in your way. They can be destroyed, but
    they don't give you any points so you should just go around them. The second is
    how it swoops down with its mouth open and grabs you up into the air for a
    little bit, and then drops you. This is why you should destroy the mouth first.
    Once you've destroyed its body parts, look at the train. A part of it will come
    up and a box will come out. When the part comes up, shoot the hole in it. The
    hole looks kind of like a microchip. When you shoot the hole, the boss will
    start going all crazy. This is your chance to shoot. Rinse and repeat until the
    boss is nothing but a pile of rubble sitting on another pile of rubble.
    Oops -- I almost forgot the attacks! Well, it has one basic attack right now.
    It will use its wings to fire large beams at you. The best way to avoid this is
    to use the all powerful hover and the all powerful barrel roll. The hover will
    probably be the best choice for this attack though, unless you aren't very good
    at this game. Then I'd vouch for barrel rolling it out of there.
    What a nice, simple explanation. Only took four paragraphs, you know. Really,
    it did. Right Kirby? <(''<) ...I just _had_ to stick that somewhere in this
    FAQ. :p
    Finally into the hard levels. Well, these levels aren't really THAT hard, but
    some of them are, and... oh, I don't know... but I do know this: This boss is
    fought in all-range mode with a difficulty of seven.
    Ah, this boss. What a strange boss. Any-hoo, when you start to fight (right
    after you've beaten the subbosses (see next boss)) you will most likely be
    facing away from the boss. You will have to rely very heavily on the radar for
    this one. Every time you can't see the boss, look on your radar and determine
    if you have to just turn or pull a u-turn. This boss is basically just a point-
    and-shoot boss, and he doesn't attack much. Badly aimed laser fire here...
    running into you there... but nothing really lethal. Don't worry, even though
    he is extremely fast, you can do it. Oh, and if he stops on his ship, go
    towards the ship, put on the brakes, and see how much plasma can be stuck in
    him in a few seconds. ;)
    Well, that was the boss. Pretty difficult if you have the aim of Allan (see
    credits), but other than that, an easy fight. Almost impossible to die here.
                                      Mech Trooper
    These guys come before Sector Y's actual boss. Why isn't it like that in the
    FAQ? Uhh... this FAQ is fought in all range mode with a difficuly of six. Wait;
    that doesn't sound right...
    As you start, they will be flying to the left and the right. Choose one and go
    after it. It takes five to ten shots to kill one of them. Be careful because
    they're really quick and they don't like being shot. However, they don't shoot
    very much and they can't really defend themselves except for moving around.
    Once one is destroyed, determine where the other is and find it. After it's
    gone, you will go fight the real boss (see above).
    Now that this boss is gone, I can write about another.
    Oh my! A giant clam! Well, what should I expect in a water level? A giant
    seahorse of course (rhyme!!). :p This boss is fought in 3D scroll mode with a
    difficulty of seven.
    Once you start, the clam should open its mouth and show off its eye. You can't
    shoot it just yet. When it closes its mouth, look at the top of the clam. There
    should be some hole thingies and snake-like creatures should be coming out of
    them. Shoot them off for four points each and there are three. When they're all
    out of the way, look back down to the open face of the clam. There should be
    two stringy pieces of flesh. Shoot them and they will turn green. Fire a homing
    torpedo at one. Then do the same for the other. The top of the clam will go
    flying (or floating) off.
    Now its time for the eye. Shoot the membrane that covers the eye, and watch out
    for the pearls that come at you from the sides. When the membrane is off, fire
    all you got at the eye in the middle. If a homing torpedo gets through the
    pearls and hits it, it will start to lose health. Rinse and repeat for a shiny
    destroyed boss that is fuller and more natural.
    Well, that was the boss. Very simple. Oh, and I almost forgot... hmm, I seem to
    have forgotten what I forgot I forgot. What?
    Zoness' boss is so funny looking. Hee. Any-hoo, this boss is fought in 3D
    scroll mode with a difficulty of eight.
    You start out with the boss shooting its black ball at you. Swerve to avoid it.
    When it finally pops out of the water, fire a bomb at its smokestacks on the
    top of the boat. They should start wiggling. Shoot some more bombs until
    they've fallen off. Don't worry if you start to run out of bombs: the pearls
    that are shot from its sides will give you bombs. Watch out for the fire stacks
    that come out and towards you as well.
    Now look at its sides where the bomb-pearls come out. Fire a bomb at one and it
    will fall off. Then as the ship turns, fire some more bombs at the crane that's
    attempting to pull it up. If you can hit it with three, it will fall off. If it
    doesn't get the side thing back, it will be gone forever!! :P Now the ship will
    turn back to its original position. I advise you to shoot open the pearls as to
    get some bombs for now. When you do, shoot the other side thingy and it will be
    lost in the ocean (...) as well. Then this guy will have a spaz attack! ;) Just
    shoot at him with whatever you've got: bombs, lasers, the whole shabang.
    Well, that was the boss and it was pretty difficult. Now let's move on to the
    next one.
    Ha, ha, ha! It looks just like the boss from Katina! But it's not. Hrrm... any-
    hoo, this boss is fought in 3D scroll mode with a difficulty of nine.
    You will start this boss with it open. Quickly shoot the three energy balls
    (they are red) until they are all destroyed. Don't worry if you don't; you will
    get another chance. When it closes, there will be three tentacles. Aim to shoot
    one of them. If you're pretty good, you can probably shoot two of them. It will
    disappear, revealing some small ships. When it reappears, you will get a chance
    to shoot the tentacles again. When all of the tentacles are destroyed, the core
    will open revealing the balls again. Shoot them and repeat until the centre
    turns red. When it does, destroy the tentacles and the core will open
    instantly. You will see it charging up. If you have Falco, he will say, "Watch
    out, Fox!" Quickly move to the bottom left. If you don't, you will have to
    determine when by yourself. A large beam will be fired at you. Now you will get
    the final chance to shoot the energy balls in the centre. When they are all
    destroyed, kill the core. When it's gone... kablamo!!
    What a difficult boss. Schma. Off to Venom 2... *suspensful laughter*
    This is that rock-golem boss thing. It isn't really that hard, but it is fought
    in 3D scroll mode with a difficulty of eight.
    This guy isn't too terribly difficult. Actually kind of fun. Well, when you
    begin to fight him, shoot its back, arms, and legs. They will all fall off. Be
    careful of the pillars that he shoots from the top, bottom, and sides of the
    cavern. Also be careful of the monkeys on the side: they move their arms up and
    down that could be a little dangerous. Just keep shooting its body parts until
    they have fallen off.
    After they have, go after the head. It will turn increasingly red, and it will
    finally fall off. After it's gone, go after just shooting it. He'll be all
    electrocuted and stuff. :p And pay attention to how it falls. "No-o-o-o-o..."
    Well, now you should refer to Andross' robot. Or should you? I don't know...
                                     Andross' Robot
    Lessus go after the robot of Andross. Collectively called Andross' robot. Hrrm.
    This boss is fought in 3D scroll mode with a difficulty of eight.
    Start to shoot this boss' hand on YOUR right. When it whacks at you, shoot at
    its eyes. When it goes to scratch them, go for the hand on YOUR left. Once it's
    destroyed, just go for the hand on the right. Be careful for when it tries to
    suck you up. Shoot a bomb in it. Destroy the right hand and go for stage two...
    Now this guy will be flying in and out rapidly. Just shoot lasers and bombs...
    it will eventually die, and you will have beaten the game! Or have you...?
                                      Star Wolf 3
    Star Wolf? Again? Here? Oh, well. You'll notice that they are all fixed up from
    Fortuna, and they're ready to fight in all-range mode with a difficulty of 10.
    First off, each one of them will go after a specific person on your team. Every
    time that you see laser fire come past you, pull a loop. Wolf will come past
    you and you will get to shoot him. You can't use bombs, because they are
    resistant to bombs. This should be a piece of cake, or pie, or some other
    pastry / baked good. Oh, and watch for the pillars and don't fly foolishly.
    Does THAT sound familiar? It better had... well, you're goin' it alone from
    here. That can't be good. Oh, and these guys give you a WHOPPIN' 51 POINTS
    It's the real Andross... looks a lot like the robot... hrrm. This boss is
    fought in all-3D scroll mode :p with a difficulty of nine.
    Start to shoot this boss' hand on YOUR right. When it whacks at you, shoot at
    its eyes. When it goes to scratch them, go for the hand on YOUR left. Once it's
    destroyed, just go for the hand on the right. Be careful for when it tries to
    suck you up. Shoot a bomb in it. Destroy the right hand and go for stage two...
    Aah! It's a-- better not spoil it. This should be interesting... when you start
    boost over the left or the right side of Andross. Turn in the direction that
    matches the side that you boosted off of and shoot the... (how can I say this?)
    white things with black things in the middle. Turn around constantly to shoot
    them until they are both destroyed. Then go towards Andross and shoot at the
    green part on his back or front... you can't really tell. Whenever he
    disappears, pull a U-turn to see him again. When he's done, follow your-- the
    other Arwing boosting constantly to get to the end.
    Game over... finally over... only took an hour, but it's finally over.
    Congratulations and all that. *walks away*
                                       L I S T S
    All lists that pertain to Star Fox 64 and don't quite fit in other places will
    go here.
    There are a few characters in Star Fox 64 that you should get to know, and
    how better to get to know them than in the Characters section?
    Fox McCloud
       This little fox lost his father to Andross, but he's now part of the new
       Star Fox team. He's the guy that you control for the entire game, except for
       VS. mode, of course.
    Peppy Hare
       He used to be part of the old Star Fox team, and now he's part of yours.
       What he does is tell you how to beat bosses, and he gives you general tips
       all the way through the game. However, those tips are no match for my FAQ.
    Slippy Toad
       This guy will get in trouble right when you turn away, so you shouldn't turn
       away. :p Any-hoo, you should defend him, because he displays the boss'
       shield gauges when you are fighting them. Pretty useful. Too bad there's a
       problem of... gender distinguishment.
    Falco Lombardi
       This guy is supposedly the best flier on the Star Fox team other than you,
       but he's so annoying. He doesn't hesitate to mention your shortcomings and
       he's rather rude about it too.
       This little guy runs the Great Fox: your mothership. He's a little funny
       robot that resembles R2D2 from Star Wars. If you see a little C-button
       symbol at the top of the screen, press C-right and you might get an item
       from him.
    James McCloud
       Fox McCloud's father that was sold out by that pig, Pigma. Maybe he didn't
       die at Venom...? Eh, who am I kidding -- he probably did.
    General Pepper
       This is this guy that tells you what to do and where to go, but you don't
       really listen all too keenly. He talks to you at the start of each mission,
       but what he says is more often than not pointless. In fact, it's always
    Star Wolf
       This is the infamous leader of the Star Wolf team, obviously. He is the
       best flyer in the entire group, and he always goes for you when you meet up
       with him. He has a British accent.
    Pigma Dengar
       This is that evil pig that got a pay-day for selling out the old Star Fox
       team. His flying is third to that of Wolf, but he can still be a handful.
       When fighting the Star Wolf team, he attacks Peppy.
       Simply put, a no good chameleon that joined the Star Wolf team for a no good
       reason. His flying is second to that of Wolf, and he tends to attack Falco
       when you battle him.
       This is *gasp* Andross' nephew! Amazing, really. Well, he is the worst flyer
       of all of the Star Wolf team, but he goes for Slippy, making him the first
       one that you want to shoot out of the sky.
       This guy is supposedly your best friend from the Cornerian flight academy.
       He will be in Katina, but *sniffle*, he's invincible. If you accomplish this
       mission, he will also help you in the level after this one.
       This is, well, a cat. SHE (notice my emphasis on "she") has "something" for
       Falco. You meet her in Zoness, and in the next mission after, she'll help
       you out.
       Basically, this evil guy that is, well, evil. He wants control of the entire
       Lylat system, and that means taking care of you. He's obviously the last
       boss, and an easy one at that. ;)
    Here I'll list the enemies for you (in alphabetical order!). I'll tell you
    where they come from, what their names are, and how to defeat them.
    Angler Fish
       These fish have a light attached to their heads and they float around Aquas.
       Their only attack is bumping into you, which they handle quite well. Just
       shoot lots and they're gone. They give out a nice extra three points.
    Aquas Squid
       You find these just sitting in the Aquas ocean, waiting to be shot with your
       lasers. It takes quite a few shots to take down, but the three extra points
       you get is worth it.
    Bolse Fighters
       Hmm... I wonder where you find these? Anyway, they're a lot better at flying
       than the ships in previous levels and sometimes they use special shields to
       protect from bombs or lasers.
    Borzoi Fighters
       In Sector X, you see these things and they look like spiders... sort of. You
       only see them at the beginning and despite their speed, you can just lock-on
       and fire at them.
       In Sector X, you will find these in large groups flying around and shooting
       wildly. Their aim isn't exactly good, but it's enough to hit you if you're
       not careful. Usually the best tactic is to use a good old-fashioned bomb.
       You can find these in Corneria. They're orange birds that fly around and
       drop bombs that leave columns of fire for you to hit. Shoot them a few times
       to take them down.
    Flip Bots
       These are large-ish robots that flip around, showing you their weak, red
       insides, but quickly flipping around to show their reflective armour. When
       you can see their red inside, shoot like mad. These are one of the harder
       enemies on Meteo.
       These things look like little balls of lumpiness. When you disturb them,
       they pop out and start throwing energy balls at you. It takes two torpedoes
       to destroy them.
       These are large, red robots that roll around Corneria alone. They take a few
       hits to take down, but you usually get a prize for defeating them. They like
       to destroy the buildings there, and they get you five extra points for their
    Giant Spindly Fish
       You find these in Aquas where they fly from the right to the left of your
       screen. They don't attack so just shoot them as much as possible.
       The only enemy that you fight on Solar, and not a particularily good one,
       either. They just fly around and hope that they run into you, but that
       almost never happens. Just shoot them and bomb when in groups.
    Granga Fighters
       You will find these guys sprouting from Granga, Corneria's boss. They're
       small, blue ships that don't pose much of a threat, and they don't give any
       points either. Concentrate on defeating the boss quickly.
    Hop Bot
       There is only one of these in the game. It waits at the mouth of the first
       tunnel in Meteo, hopping around. Shoot it two or three times to destroy it.
    Invader I
       Found in Fortuna, these little orange ships fly around and sometimes they
       even shoot (very rare). You won't have any problems with these guys, of
       which I'm sure.
    Invader II
       Just like the Invader I, but found in Katina and they shoot a lot more, and
       with better accuracy. They appear in much larger numbers as well. Oh, and
       they're green. Can't forget that. :P
       The large spider-like Kani of Zoness require a lock-on laser blast to
       destroy, but they never pose any threat to you or your team.
    Killer Bees
       Don't bother trying to lock-on, it's impossible. These guys look like a mix
       between a bee and a butterfly. When they use that circly beam thing, try to
       stay in the middle of it and shoot like crazy. It gets an extra two points.
    Laser Cannons
       Mounted on Meteotian asteriods, the Laser Cannons shoot in random directions
       and rarely hit you. Not too much of a threat to the Arwing, but good to
       shoot down for points.
    Mole Missiles
       These guys pop out of the ground and drop back in on Corneria. They're green
       and aren't too dangerous, but get good points because they're always in
    Patrol Boats
       These speed along Zoness and don't really do much except attack you. Just
       fire a few lasers to sink them into Zoness' sludge.
    Robot Soldiers
       You can find these flying around Sector Y. One charged up laser-blast will
       destroy them, but you can use traditional lasers as well. Their shots are
       pretty well-aimed, but not that good. Most of the time, you get just one
       extra hit for them.
       You find these in Aquas, where they sit on the seabed and wait for you. When
       you get close, they pop up and look like octopi. Shoot them with a torpedo
       or your lasers before they come flying at you.
    Ski Bots
       You find these in the second lake at Corneria. They are large, red robots
       that ski along the water. They're not any threat at all, but if you destroy
       them, you get four points. It only takes one hit to take them down.
    Small Missiles
       You see these in Sector Y. You know, the small, white missiles that come at
       you and aren't hard to avoid. Just fly up. They're not very easy to hit, so
       you may want to stay avoiding.
       When you get close to these starfish, they tend to have a habit of exploding
       in your face. Shoot at them from a distance, and watch them explode from
    Spy Eyes
       These guys sit around Sector X and wait to be shot. You only see them on the
       sides and at some places. When shot, they shoot balls out in random
       directions that almost never hit you.
       This large dragon-like things that come up in Zoness cannot be destroyed,
       but are pretty dangerous if you run into them.
       These are the funny butterfly enemies that are blue and orange coloured. If
       you want to destroy them, just use traditional lasers. You might get hit if
       they shoot, but they near to never do that.
       The Troikas of Zoness pop out of the sludge and shoot balls of energy at
       you. To destroy them, use a lock-on laser blast. Just note that you can
       actually shoot the energy balls that come from them.
    Web Ships
       In Meteo, you will see these making webs that will hurt you if you run into
       them. They move pretty quickly, so the best way to destroy them is to use a
       bomb or a lock-on laser blast.
       These things fly around Zoness holding blue bombs. If you shoot them with
       normal laser fire, then you won't get anywhere. These things require a bomb
       to destroy.
       Be careful you don't run into any of these things in Zoness, because that's
       all they're good for. They'll chase you and Slippy, but that's about it.
       Just shoot a few lasers and they're gone.
                                      High Scores
    If you want, you can give me your high scores in this game and I will display
    them here. Make sure that the results that you send in are _believable_. If
    you are really ambitious, you can send me a photo of your results, a ROM image
    save file, or a DexDrive save (if those things work for cartridges -- not just
    Controller Paks).
    1. ??? - Andre
          Corneria: 204  Peppy:  7
          Meteo:    310  Slippy: 7
          Katina:   187  Falco:  7
          Sector X: 223
          Macbeth:  186  Arwings: ??
          Area 6:   387
          Venom:    228  Accumulated Total: 1725
    2. BPS - Brian P. Sulpher
          Corneria: 171  Peppy:  7
          Meteo:    325  Slippy: 7
          Katina:   171  Falco:  7
          Sector X: 205
          Macbeth:  158  Arwings: 21
          Area 6:   410
          Venom:    227  Accumulated Total: 1667
    3. CCC - Patrick
         Corneria: 181  Peppy:  7
         Meteo:    295  Slippy: 7
         Katina:   151  Falco:  7
         Sector X: 224
         Macbeth:  162  Arwings: 16
         Area 6:   359
         Venom:    207  Accumulated Total: 1579
    4. ATC - Aquatakat (aquatakat@hotmail.com)
          Corneria: 188   Peppy:  7
          Meteo:    299   Slippy: 7
          Katina:   156   Falco:  7
          Sector X: 180
          Macbeth:  146   Arwings: 18
          Area 6:   344
          Venom:    227   Accumulated Total: 1540
          -  Yes, yes I know. I suck.
    5. GUI - Guillaume? (da_darkcurse@hotmail.com)
          Corneria: 140  Peppy:  ?
          Sector Y: 124  Slippy: ?
          Aquas:    144  Falco:  ?
          Zoness:   221
          Macbeth:  151  Arwings: ?
          Area 6:   217
          Venom2:   227  Accumulated Total: 1224
    6. MRB - Marshall Mathers (stempenwolf13@hotmail.com)
          Corneria: 142   Peppy:  ?
          Sector Y: 122   Slippy: ?
          Aquas:    154   Falco:  ?
          Zoness:   220
          Sector Z:  82   Arwings: ?
          Area 6:   200
          Venom:    207   Accumulated Total: 1127
                             G E N E R A L   T A C T I C S
    These are simple tactics that you can use in most situations to avoid becoming
    part of the wall. Because none of the walls in this game were meant to be a
                                     3D Scroll Mode
    All of the tactics for 3D scroll mode. Since I finally found the instruction
    booklet, I now know the name. Isn't it just so good for me? For me?
    •  Go for items that are useful. For example, if you see a silver ring and you
       have full shields, don't get it. But a golden one could be useful if you
       don't have an upgraded shield gauge.
    •  Spend most of your time in the middle of the screen. Here you are at least a
       half a screen from enemies.
                                     All-Range Mode
    All-range mode is rather interesting. I know, have some tactics.
    •  Stay in the middle of the battle. There are more enemies here, ergo, more
    •  Listen for ROB64. Sometimes he is a lot harder to hear in this mode, so you
       must listen much harder than usual.
    •  Take care of your teammates. If they get into trouble and they tell you, pay
       attention and then save them. Sometimes it may be annoying, but it is almost
       always worth it. Unless it's Falco. I hate Falco.
    VS. (which should be Versus!!) mode is fun for everyone, but some of us want
    the upper hand. Good thing you found my FAQ.
    Point Match / Battle Royal
       -  Look for the items. They are probably going to make or break a VS. match,
          especially the bomb. Go for that bomb.
       -  Try your hardest to stay behind your opponent.
       -  Watch your radar. It provides extremely important coverage, unless
          someone is using the Landmaster, Character or flying low. That reminds
       -  Fly low. It will disrupt your opponents' radars. Most people have a
          tendency to fly high.
       -  Don't forget your G-Diffuser moves. The boost, brake, loop, and U-turn
          are always useful in a VS. Battle.
    Time Trial
       -  Stay in the middle of the battle. There are more enemies here, ergo, more
       -  Kill your friends. If their Arwings / Landmasters / Characters are
          destroyed / blown up / killed, they will lose all of their points and
          they will have to look at a nice 000. ;)
                      S E C R E T S   A N D   M I S C E L L A N Y
    These are all the secrets of the game, and the stuff that I couldn't find an
    appropriate place for. Ergo the name "Secrets and Miscellany."
    So far there are only a few glitches that I've noticed. If you find any, drop
    me an e-mail.
    Ghost Asteriod
       In the Meteo opening cut-scene, you will notice how the Great Fox shoots
       some asteriods in order to get through. She misses one however, and it hits
       her right wing. If you look on the other side of the Great Fox, you can
       also notice an asteriod that should hit the other wing, but doesn't. Lazy
    Missing Point
       Here's an e-mail I recently recieved from Solidsnakemike@aol.com:
        > I found Out that Fox shoots a fighter in the begining of Sector X and you
        > don't get the point for it.   Try it.  Follow the Arwing that shoots it,
        > its Fox
       I investigated this, and it's true. There's an enemy shot, yet no point to
       be found. A similar effect happens on Area 6, but it's impossible to tell.
    Wow, a whole bunch of secrets are in this game. Well, maybe not.
    Characters in VS. Mode
       To get characters (toting plasma rockets) in VS. Mode, get the medal on
       Venom in expert mode. Press the C-down button at the start of a VS. match to
       access them. Not available in Sector Z.
    Expert Mode
       To get expert mode, get all of the medals in main game. It is accessable
       through the main game section. Press left or right while main game is
    Expert Training
       To train in expert mode, unlock expert mode and then switch to it on the
       main menu. Don't go into expert mode, but go down and pick training. Now all
       the rules for expert mode apply.
    Landmaster in VS. Mode
       To get the Landmaster tank for VS. Mode, get the medal on Venom in Main
       Game. Press the B button at the start of a VS. match to access it. Not
       available in Sector Z.
    Sound Test
       To get the sound tester, unlock expert mode. It is accessable through the
       sound section. Press left or right while sound is highlighted.
                                     Extra Arwings
    There are three extra Arwings in this game. I will tell you where all of them
    1. In Corneria's first boss (the one that takes you to Meteo), pull a loop
       through his legs and up and around this body. If you can manage it without
       hitting him, the extra Arwing is yours.
    2. In Sector Y near the end of the level, all three of your teammates will form
       a triangle formation. Fly up to turn the triangle into a diamond and the
       extra Arwing will appear in front of you.
    3. In Venom 2 when you start in the tunnels, fly in the following fashion:
       right, then left.
                                    Different Paths
    One of the most interesting parts of Star Fox 64 are the different paths that
    you can take. There are 15 levels (16 if you count the second Venom) but when
    you go through the game, you only pass through seven of them. There are certain
    conditions that you must satisfy to be able to go to the different levels, and
    this section explains just how.
       -  To get to Meteo, play through the level normally.
       -  To get to Sector Y, save Falco, then fly through all the stone arches at
          the second lake.
       -  To get to Fortuna, play through the level normally.
       -  To get to Katina, fly through all of the warp gates (blue checkpoint-like
          circles) at the end of the level.
       -  To get to Sector X, play through the level normally.
       -  To get to Solar, kill all of the Star Wolf team.
    Sector X
       -  To get to Titania, play through the level normally.
       -  To get to Macbeth, kill the boss before Slippy gets there.
       -  To get to Sector Z, open and go through all of the warp gates
          (rectangular gates on left of path split).
       -  To get to Bolse, play through the level normally.
       -  To get to Venom, play through the level normally.
       -  To get to Sector Y, don't defeat the boss.
       -  To get to Solar, kill the boss.
       -  To get to Macbeth, play through the level normally.
       -  To get to Bolse, play through the level normally.
       -  To get to Area 6, shoot all eight switches and then the switcher box at
          the end of the level.
    Sector Y
       -  To get to Katina, play through the level normally.
       -  To get to Aquas, get 100 points or more.
       -  To get to Zoness, play through the level normally.
       -  To get to Macbeth, play through the level normally.
       -  To get to Area 6, play through the level normally.
    Area 6
       -  To get to Venom 2, play through the level normally.
       -  To beat the game, play through the level normally.
    Venom 2
       -  To beat the game, play through the level normally.
    The following amounts are the amounts of points that you need to get a medal.
    If you get all of the medals, you can play expert mode. You need enough points
    as well as have all of your wingmen with you.
    Corneria:       150
    Meteo:          200
    Fortuna:         50
    Sector X:       150
    Titania:        150
    Bolse:          150
    Katina:         150
    Solar:          150
    Macbeth:        150
    Sector Y:       150
    Aquas:          150
    Zoness:         250
    Sector Z:       100
    Area 6:         300
    Venom (either): 200
                                       Medal Tips
    Here are some tips to get the medals shown in the previous section. This isn't
    a complete walkthrough, but merely a few tips you may want to consider. First
    are some general tips for getting medals that apply to all of the levels.
    •  Don't go for items that you don't need. If you have hyper or even twin
       lasers, you can do without a laser power-up. If you have full shields,
       supply rings should be ignored. You can use this time to kill enemies.
    •  If there are groups of enemies, use a lock-on laser blast. This will kill
       them with added points. For example, you shoot a blast that kills five
       enemies. You will get those five points, plus four (five minus one is four)
       for destroying more than one. This is a HIT+4.
    •  Go for a bigger, more difficult enemy if it gets you more points. Or go for
       a group of smaller enemies if it gets you more points. Think about these
       things. A prime example is Corneria, where those large robots that knock
       buildings over give you four points (HIT+3), but they are usually surrounded
       by thonz of enemies. If you can, kill 'em both.
    •  Don't use bombs where a lock-on laser blast can do the same damage. You
       can't get the HIT+ points with bombs. Only with laser blasts.
    •  Don't be afraid to shoot your regular lasers while a bomb or lock-on laser
       blast is flying away from you, but hasn't detonated. I know tons of people
       who just stop while a projectile is moving, but there are more enemies
       around to shoot at. That is so annoying.
    •  The faster you destroy a boss, the more points that you get. The max is
       HIT+10 or 11 points. The minimum is 1 point for destroying an enemy, but
       you have to take a _long_ time to get that.
    •  Miss your target with a lock-on laser blast. If you hit something else with
       the blast, but the resulting explosion still kills the enemies you get a
       bonus of two points.
       -  Find the holes in the buildings that will reveal enemies when you pass
          through them.
       -  The skating bots on the water give you four points each when you shoot
       -  There's an extra skating bot if you pull a loop to get the bomb on the
          second group of water.
       -  _Always_ take the path to Sector Y, because there are more enemies. You
          can change course if you want to go to Meteo.
       -  There are many places to use bombs to get lots of asteroids at the start
          of the level.
       -  _Always_ take the warp near the end of the level -- there are tons of
          asteroids in there that you can shoot with bombs, or lock-on lasers if
          you're fast.
       -  Destroying one of the Star Wolf team will give you 11 points.
       -  The inactive turrets around this level DON'T give you any points.
    Sector X
       -  If you don't have Slippy, _it_ comes back at the end of the level.
       -  Look on the sides of the level. On most sides, there are some inactive
          enemies that only shoot when shot at.
       -  The groups of autogun-type robots on the "outside" (right) after the path
          split can be destroyed in fours if you aim for the ones at the back.
       -  There are a few enemies that are hard to see behind the boss. While
          fighting, they will come closer and eventually pass you.
       -  The land mines DON'T give you any points so you can ignore them.
       -  The boulders thrown at you can be destroyed and the give you points.
       -  Don't forget the enemies at the top of the canyon and in the air.
       -  Don't destroy any of the Star Wolf team at Fortuna, and you can fight
          them here.
       -  The gun turrets on the ground give you points.
       -  Destroying the yellow squares on the core quickly gives you 11 points
          each. This, combined with Star Wolf makes the medal score very easy.
       -  When the boss comes, ignore it. More ships come out of the hatchets on
          the underside.
       -  When the core of the boss appears, that is your chance to destroy the
          hatchets on it's underside. They give six points each.
       -  There are a ton of clustered enemies. They usually travel in threes.
       -  The lava rocks that fly from the ground give you points when shot.
       -  Take advantage of the large groups of firebirds.
       -  Destroying a lava snake thing with a bomb DOESN'T give you any points.
       -  The larger rocks will burst into four when shot.
       -  At the start, concentate on destroying the train cars. They give you
          large points.
       -  Rocks give you points.
       -  Again, don't forget the enemies in the air before the bridges.
       -  You can land on the tracks at the dropoff. This puts you in position to
          destroy the train cars.
       -  Once you start fighting the boss, the things that fall down DON'T give
          you any points.
       -  Shooting all the switches and going to Area 6 gives you an instant 51
          points for destroying the weapon storage facility.
    Sector Y
       -  The robots give you two points each if destroyed with a powered up laser
       -  The white bullet-like robots DON'T give you any points, and are extremely
          difficult to shoot anyway.
       -  When the path splits between top and bottom, take the top route because
          there's a ton of enemies to bomb.
       -  You can shoot a bomb in the center when they come out and start to split
          between each other.
       -  You can tell if you're doing bad or good when Peppy tells you how good
          your doing, or if Falco tells you your doing bad (but he says things
          like "Fox... you're supposed to shoot them all.").
       -  The bosses give you 19 points if you destroy them all quickly.
       -  The best way to get through this level with max points is to press A, B
          and R or Z repeatedly together to shoot lasers, fire torpedoes, and
          barrel roll repeatedly.
       -  The fish with lights on their heads give you more points.
       -  The vertical floating creature gives you four points.
       -  The eels give you four points.
       -  There are many groups of octopi that come swimming at you.
       -  Destroying the pillars in the ruins DOESN'T give you points.
       -  You can't destroy the triangles of electric creatures.
       -  The openings on the top of the boss can be destroyed for four points
          each. There are three.
       -  The fish that shoot the blue-white balls can be destroyed with a lock-on
          laser blast; same as the spider creatures.
       -  Destroying the boxes gives you points.
       -  It is extremely difficult to destroy the birds that hold the blue balls.
       -  Destroying the searchlights gives you points.
       -  There are lots of small enemies close to the water that are hard to
       -  You can't destroy the large eel-like creatures.
    Sector Z
       -  There are lots of small machine wrecks strewn around the level that, if
          destroyed, gives you four points. Identify them using a lock-on laser.
       -  The missiles give you 11 points apiece.
       -  If you destroy enough of the little ships, another squadron will come,
          one after another.
       -  Come here from Sector X so Katt doesn't come. She usually destroys the
          missiles for you, and you don't get the points.
    Area 6
       -  Many, many, many enemies are clustered in this level.
       -  Destroying the stations strewn around gives you three for the disk-like
          ones, and four for the frigate-like ones. You can only shoot the cockpit
          of the frigate-like ones.
       -  You can destroy all of the missiles in one hit with a bomb.
       -  The spinning circle of enemies will give you a HIT+7 if you use a lock-on
          blast. You can do this twice and get a total of 22 points for some
       -  The space mines will give you points for being shot. Use bombs because
          there's too many for a lock-on laser blast.
       -  Always go to Venom 2 for the medal; the Venom you get to from Bolse is
          considerably more difficult.
       -  If you are quick, Star Wolf will give you 51 points for each of his men.
       -  Andross' eyes will give you four points each.
       -  Andross himself is scored like a normal boss.
                                  C O N C L U S I O N
    This is the ending of my FAQ. Didn't think it would come so soon, eh?
                                    Copyright Notice
    Yes, it's way down here, too. Well, if you must know, I just copied it straight
    from the top. I love Crtl + C.
    Well, do you guess that I have to do a little bit of copyright? Well, I do. So,
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       didn't know the bosses' or the enemies' names.
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       Andre, Brian P. Sulphur, Guillaume, Marshall Mathers, Patrick.
       Keep those rankings coming! Whoo!
    Ryan Rosser (aquatakat@hotmail.com)
       I reveal my real name... yes, it's Ryan. Quit laughing at me. X(
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    The end is here. *sigh* You knew it would get here, but now you can check my
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